ePanel Updates + Integration/Localization

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ePanel Updates + Integration/Localization

Integration and Localization

We have been working hard this month performing some updates to the ePanel Theme Options page, as well as continuing to integrate the new options into my older themes. As of today ePanel has been added to 6 new themes, including eGallery, GrungeMag, Influx, StudioBlue, WhosWho and InterPhase. These themes have also been fully localized, which means every theme using ePanel can also be easily translated using WordPress’ MO and Po files. There are only a few more themes to go, so after the next batch release all themes will be officially up to date! In addition to integrations, we have also udpated ePanel with new functionality and some much improved code structure.

ePanel Updates

1. Better, More Organized Code – While many of you wont notice this change, a lot of work has been done “behind the scenes” to organize the option’s code. This should make things much easily for developers to understand. In addition, we have completely separated ePanel into its own subfolder and set of files, and given it its own version number. This means that future updates can be made to ePanel alone, without obstructing any changes/customizations you have made to your theme.

2. Ajax Saver – To make things more convenient, we have updated the options page with an ajax saver. This means that whenever you save your settings, the page will not refresh and you will not loose your current position within ePanel.

3. WordPress 2.9 Thumbnail Integration – All themes have been updated to take advantage of the thumbnail feature added in 2.9. You can now use the “Thumbnail” box on the right of the post editor to upload and choose your thumbnail image. This is a good option for those looking to bypass the timthumb.php script previously used to resize the thumbnail images. You can still choose to use the thumbnail custom field as before, or enable “grab the first post image.” It’s up to you!

4. Minor Tweaks and Bug Fixes – Many minor tweaks and bug fixes have been made. I wont list them all, but its safe to say we are always scouring the support forum and implementing fixes whenever a bug occurs. With the isolation of ePanel, future bug fixes and tweaks will be all the easier to perform.

While I am a designer at heart, I also recognize the importance of functionality. I will always strive to strike a balance between creating beautifully looking themes and beautifully functional themes! Speaking of beautifuly themes…we already have 3 new themes in the works, so stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for more info!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Very nice cool features looks extremely nice

  2. Hi Nick,

    Is it just a case of copying the new files over the old ones if we want to update our theme versions? I know your configuration is stored mostly in the DB and that this won’t get touched so just wondering what the update process is.


  3. I have the same question as Chris.

  4. Looks great…You’re themes will always have the best control panel of any. Great work!

  5. Excellent work Nick! I love the orange code 😉

    I am wondering to about the upgrading process as I have just upgraded 2 of my blogs and added the epanel to them and I had to do lots of work to move all the code from the old version!

  6. Cool, WhosWho and Studio Blue are getting updates, two of the themes I have used in old times, haha. Hmm, now, go and update 13th floor! :p

  7. I have a heavily customized theme, I assume I should not upgrade?

  8. Will these new updates to epanel be something I can get for the theme I’m currently using?

  9. Nick, nice to hear about the updates 😀

    I’ve got a little question though, in your recent themes you sometimes forget to add a description or an option does the opposite (for example: Exclude category from navigation bar, but when you do put the green image on them, they appear in the navigation bar). Can you fix that too?

  10. Thats great news. Your sites are so well constructed!
    I am in the middle of doing major customizations to the Lumin theme. How can I integrate the new epanel and upgrades without losing my changes?

  11. nice work as usual 🙂

  12. well done, nice work and want to try new whoswho now.

  13. Nick… that is sweet-awesome. Gotta say it took me a bit to navigate the epanel, but it wicked. I hope you’re making great bucks with Elegant themes. I recommend you every chance I get.

  14. Just found your site–via JQuery. This is all new to me … expect to have my first website up this spring, and thinking this may be the best route for me.
    I’m such a newbie! I’m guessing ePanel is where one adds content and/or modifies the theme one is using for their site. yes/no?

    Some great looking themes here. Good on ya!


  15. Could you please update the changelog in the download area !
    It is very confusing not to have any clue on whether you have an updated version or not.

  16. It would be nice if he updated his own comments.

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