ePanel Batch2 + Theme Sneak Peeks

Posted on October 18, 2009 by in Theme Changes/Bug Fixes | 136 comments

ePanel Batch2 + Theme Sneak Peeks

In my ongoing efforts to improve the functionality of my themes collection I have been continuing to integrate ePanel into my designs. If you missed my last post about ePanel (the new elegantthemes options page) you can read about it here. I am releasing the updated themes in batches of six, and the second batch has been uploaded today. The new themes that have been integrated are: Basic, ColdStone, LightSource, eGamer, eVid and Cion. If the theme you are using isn’t on the list don’t worry, the rest are soon to come!

Theme Sneak Peeks

For those of you who are getting bored with this ePanel stuff and want some new themes, don’t worry, I already have some great new designs in the works! If you aren’t following me on twitter or facebook and missed my preview screenshots here are some sneak peeks:


I know it has been a long time coming, but I have finally started working on Glow again, and this time I am going to finish it! If you remember my initial sneak peek you will notice that I have changed the design quite a bit. For whatever reason the first version never felt right to me, but after playing with it for a while I think I have settled on something worth completing.


For a while now I have been receiving requests to make an eCommerce theme that is compatible with some of the most popular shopping cart plugins, such as wp-ecommerce. This is the inspiration for my new theme, eStore, which will allow you to integrate ecommerce plugins to create a fully functional online storefront.

Let me know what you guys think about the upcoming designs, I appreciate your input!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Glow looks amazing, Nick. I want it now! Nowwww! haha.

    • Me too think so i wish you can release it before the e-storre theme

      • same here,
        cant wait for the estore theme so I can use it for my eshop 🙂

        • YEAH ME TOO!!! I got the Glow Theme @ I love it!!! Though I completely modified the background and banner, it feels so professional ;D I get more and more views each day. I’m so grateful for it.

      • I also prefer to go first the eStore theme. I love it

    • This is really a good news!! I shall await for the e-store to be published.

      Actually, I tried coffee-cup but, getting an integrated one with e-business and e-store shall be amazing.

      When can we expect this e-commerce theme please?

    • WOW! Looks amazing! when is available?

      • Hi

        Could you please let us know, during which period approx. eStore theme gets published.

        It is really tempting, as we have great use of this theme!!

        Thanks in advance


  2. These are wonderful news.
    I am extremely pleased with the ElegantThemes: since I subscribed there have been numerous innovations and enhancements, such as epanel, and these new themes are awesome!
    thank you from a very satisfied customer!

  3. Very cool new theme, no regrets to let my subscription been renew 🙂

  4. Hmm… Great themes! 🙂

  5. Both look great Nick, can’t wait to test them both out 😀

  6. Wonderful templates, can’t wait to get the e-store ! ;P keep up the good work Nick

  7. Now that’s what I’m talking about! I want the eStore theme like NOW!

  8. Thanks for making these so affordable. Where is the donate button if we want to say thanks again with more cash?

  9. Both are excellent themes… especially Glow! I can’t wait for you to finish them!

  10. Yes!! I’m waiting for that ecommerce theme 😉

    ePanel is great also. Good news

  11. I am LOVING the new eStore theme! Can’t wait to put it into play! Thanks for all you do.

  12. I love the layout of eStore. If I already didn’t have an eCommerce website, I would consider using that one for my site.

  13. I’m a big fan. Big. But, can I say that the stitching part of the design of many of the sites, seems, like it is well, misplaced, in my opinion. The stitching looks like it is from my levi jeans or some other clothing item. And in some scenarios, that is a great idea, but it might be a bit too narrow for the niches that are using the templates. Right. This is just a minor criticism or feedback. But something that I felt strongly enough to mention because there were some theme color schemes and themes that I’d use but for the stitching. Like, nursing, for instance.

    Look, I haven’t logged in for a while, and if I’m mistaken about this because the new options panel allows for more variations of the themes, then, well, as they used to say in Saturday Night Live, ‘Nevermind.”

    • Well I have 26 themes available, and only 1 of them has a stitching effect (eBusiness). Also, eBusiness comes with 9 color schemes and only 3 of them have stitching. So I don’t really think this is a problem with my collection, but maybe I misunderstood your comment.

      Even so, I will be sure to include various color options with eStore, just like I do with every theme, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

      • I think people only look at “preview” site, which normally has only one color scheme variation.
        Maybe they not realize there are many colors to choose in almost all your themes, besides many other options too.

      • hi there,
        great job on the estore theme, what do i have to do make the addtocart dropdown effect to work with eshop. thanks!

  14. This looks fanstastic! I’ll ask the most basic question: If I want ePanel running on my Coldstone theme, does that mean I would need to re-download Coldstone? Not sure how to activate the option otherwise. Apologies if that was articulated and I just misunderstood.

    Thanks for all you do Nick.

    • Yes you would need to re-download and re-upload the entire theme.

      • Good to know, if you could please amend this fact to whatever updates you make on the blog – that would be much appreciated. It took me like an hour and a half to figure that out. No offense – still love the site and all the themes. You’re awesome!

  15. Estore looks great, is there any other colour options, and add to any like you tube, twitter ?

  16. Hey Nick, is there private beta or any beta around of the wp-ecommerce, i have my shop online so maybe i can be useful por that i love your themes, and that new one LOOKS VERY PROMISING, GRATZ and hope news very soon..

  17. Wow! Great work, I love the modifications you did, actually I was waiting for something new to come out!

  18. I love the store design!

  19. Like Glow !
    That is cool theme

  20. Waho, these 2 new themes are absolutely GREAT !
    The more the time goes on, the more your theme seems solid and nice.

    Congratulation for your work and thanks a lot to let we access to your themes for such a little dollars.

    I’m a very satisfied customer since one year.

    ps : could ou tell us when we could access to the 2 themes ?
    Thanks !!

  21. Excellent theme!

  22. I really like the estore theme. Keep up the good job

  23. Ohhhhh! Good idea…an e-commerce theme is what i need and it come with my prefered colors.
    For Glowtheme, i think…
    Christmas is near, what do you think to put a stylesheet with some colours/images for this event?

    A great “ciao” from Italy 😉

  24. I really love your work – thank you very much!

    Do you know, when eStore theme will be available? I would like to use it for my one online project.

    Best regards from the Czech republic! 😉

  25. Hi Nick,

    Some fantastic new themes coming out. I especially have my eye on the eStore one as it looks kind of ‘travelly’.

    I’m a long term experienced traveler, drifting my way around the world. So if you punch out a rugged kind of travel theme it’d more than make my day.

    My current page at http://wheresclint.com is a modified version of your eNews theme.


  26. Both themes are awsome! Bring them on! 🙂

  27. I’m booking forward to all the themes being ‘epaneled’ so I can sign up 🙂

  28. Both graphic projects are amazing Nick, just like all your past works, congratz!

    I was looking for an eCommerce-style theme and now I got it! 😀

    When are you going to release them?

    Best regards!

    • It’s hard to say, as I am working on so many things at once (ePanel/Glow/eStore). Most likely Glow will be the first to be released, as it is less complicated than eStore. I would estimate that it will be completed in a coupe weeks.

  29. Both sneak previews look fantastic and the eStore looks as though it could be a great site for some clients.

    Are you looking at any more CMS page based sites?

  30. Glow is perfect for a new site I am working on, cant wait to get it. And eStore looks great, i could find a lot of uses for it.

  31. Obviously I love this website.

    Is the ePanel-compatible eVid theme available now, or are you announcing that it will be available?
    In the changelog it says the last update was made in Jun 30, 2009.

    Thanks for your great work Nick!

    • It is available now, sorry for the confusion. If you re-download the theme from the member’s area you will notice ePanel has been added.

  32. Glow is a very useful theme, and I like the new featured slider on top. Could you integrate this one on other theme or release it as a plugin/addon? I found it very functional to many theme without content slider.

  33. These are incredible. I can’t wait to see this stuff in action. I can hardly wait to customize the new Glow theme. You are an amazing theme designer and I’m very glad that I am a member here. Thanks again!

  34. PS.: I’m counting the days waiting for the release of the e-store theme. ; )

  35. Glow looks great and eStore will be very interesting. I like very much your designs ….

    I personally think that you are working on too many things at the same time, so finally we all have too many expectations and you probably have too much pressure.. it looks that nobody of us can live without ePanel, Glow and eStore … but how was it a couple of month ago ? Not so bad I think.

    You should keep in mind that locations or/and translation is a very important issue. I know how hard can be to review the whole thing to add a feature like that or like ePanel. Perhaps you should put this on the front before adding new wonderful themes to this great collection.

    You also can ask for help if you need it.

    Thanks and well done.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I certainly plan to localize my themes. This is something I plan to look into after ePanel has been fully integrated.

  36. Amazing work, each theme is amazing, any chance to have similar themes matched with vbulletin (waits for people to hit him) reguardless I’ll be renewing when the time comes up, very happy with subscription.

  37. AWESOME WOrk! I am glad to be a member here! Simply love your themes. All my blogs run ELEGANTTHEMES!

  38. Very nice i must say! I love the Glowtheme!

    Can I say something about eStore? It is good for garage sale or sell bakery online. For other sale like modern appliance, tech items, etc. it will need a smooth interface or not as rough as this one.

    Hope I gave some feedback from another person’s perspective..

    • Hopefully I will have time to integrate some alternate styles (similar to eBusiness), so this shouldn’t be a problem.

  39. The themes both look good… waiting for Glow and eCommerce!

  40. E-store looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it ready!

  41. i like your work nick but i wonder you spent too much time working on ur themes and they really look great but why you dont the sidebar area of your themes looks like its not part of the theme !!

    i think you should add more styles to your sidebar area

    but in general , YOU RO0O0OCK

    • Thanks for the suggestion, but I guess it’s personal opinion. I feel that the sidebar’s flow pretty well with the design 🙂

  42. both are great work nick..
    cant wait to use your e-commerce theme..
    well done..congratulation!!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I will take a look at the plugin!

  43. Estore looks great. I’m in the process of making a new estore website. I would love to use this theme.

  44. Please, if possible, consider in your future plans to develop a theme compatible with the features of BuddyPress.
    Thank you very much

  45. great work, thanks a mil!

  46. Wow, you’re amazing! Can’t wait until it’s released!

  47. Love the ecommerce theme, but agree that a more modern style would be useful for selling tech products. would be great if you can come out with at least one additional style for tech, as I would use this on 2 sites I plan to launch.

    Great work, and without doubt the best value theme club on the net.

  48. Not sure what your obsession with the jagged paper cut thing is now… but I personally think that it looks extremely out of place with Glow.

    The previews you showed when you first started working on Glow nearly a year ago looked much more cohesive in my opinion. However, since you’ve got thousands of mindless drones telling you it looks awesome, I’m sure it will stay as it is…

    Like the store theme though.

  49. Hey Nick, thanks for updating eGamer. Just installed it and I’m loving the ePanel (much better than ‘One’ of your more expensive rivals!).

    The eStore theme also sounds very interesting, I’m keen to give it a try when it’s ready.

  50. Lightsource fresh install

    Broken or Bug

    No Results Found

    The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post.


    • This just means you don’t have enough posts. You have 2 posts, and they are both already being displayed in the Featured Articles section.

      • so how many posts do you need? I get the same problem!

        • If you need help please open a thread in the support forum and we will assist you.

  51. I’m drinking the kool-aid Nick.
    Love everything you are doing. Love that eVid theme. Can’t wait to upload it with the new epanel. can I simply swap out the theme without destroying the work I’ve already done on the site?
    do you have instructions on re-installing a theme without losing your data?

    also, really looking for a WP ecommerce theme. You would make a killing in this area, as an ecommerce retailer there are little to no retail WP-themes. I know you got a lot on your plate. So just keep this suggestion on your radar for some future time.
    Request : beauty products layout ecommerce theme that allows for 3rdparty link integration (like 1shoppingcart.com).

    you da bomb!

  52. I wait for glow too
    E-News where i use, could be a little more stylish in the header. Glow looks more perfect an i will try it.

    Great work, and kind regards from the swiss alps

  53. I can kiss you right now for these updates

    You are The Man of the Year in my book.

    If your ever in my area the drinks are on me.

  54. WOW, what a tease!

    I can’t wait for the e-store, will it have a few color variations? I will use it for my jewelery store.

  55. Amazing work! can’t wait to see a completed Glow theme

  56. Me too think so i wish you can release it before the e-storre theme

  57. Brilliant!

    I would really like to see a rather basic version of eStore. Don’t get me wrong, your themes are brilliant and beautiful, but sometimes it takes a good amount of time to untheme your theme 🙂

    The Twicet theme has a number of rather advanced looks, but the first option is very basic, and rather easy to retheme.


    One final note, I really like how you highlight the page navigation over the blogging component for eStore. If I’m really going to run a small business from a theme, most people are going to want the basic information… not read my blog.

    You are amazing!

  58. Very nice. Lovin’ the estore theme. Hope that it will allow for all page based and also Amazon affiliate ease of use too.

    Great work, don’t stop.

    • I agree brent! I would really like all of elegant themes to include full width page based features as for the most part I want to hide any reference to blogging from wordpress

      Blogging is an “optional extra”

      Really looking forward to estore I think it looks cool … but I would still completly reskin it

      Thanks guys!!!

  59. The eStore theme is gorgeous. Will you have to use the e-commerce plug-in for that theme or will we be able to use the theme for a straight blog as well?

  60. Nice themes for sure! Would it be possible for you to have a “non-stitch, non-tape” variation included with the eShop theme?

    • Yeah, I plan to include a few variations, similar to what I did with eBusiness.

      • Awesome! Thanks and looking forward to it. 🙂

  61. I’m refreshing this daily to see if perhaps I’ve missed the release of GLOW!!! Any hints on when this will be released admin?

    • I can’t say for sure, but hopefully within a week.

      • sweeeeeeeeeet!

      • so cool. i will be happy if it is have the same features like ebusiness. like resizing thumbnail in index and post page, and trackback shown seperately.

  62. hey admin,

    don’t forget the epanel batch3 please.

    i need the new influx theme…

  63. eStore!!! Waiting on it! Cool beans. (Hope it has a red or black option)

  64. keep up the great work you have been doing, i am really looking forward to your Glow theme, it looks brilliant.

  65. when is the next theme release?
    i think i can use estore for my main blog but am more interested in glow, release it already!!!!

    • Glow should be ready within a week. *Should* be 🙂 Stay tuned!

  66. Just downloaded the ePanel for my theme… and wow. I am blown away. Simply stunning. Your themes are easily the best quality available for wordpress in every way I know.

    Great job man, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks 🙂 I am glad you are enjoying the new options page!

      • Is there an ePanel for eBusiness yet ?

        • Yes, eBusiness has already been integrated with ePanel.

          • don’t forget epanel batch3 please!!!

  67. I like the Glow one but not the eCommerce one.
    I think the eCommerce one looks like elegantheme revamped ecommerce style, and has too many very specific details that does not give any room for use on a wide range of project.

    Glow is great and is more of a general style that may appeal to a lot of webmaster.

  68. I like the new estore theme. The colors remind me a little of one of the earlier themes (EarthTouch). I like the shades used in this theme. It contrasts what you commonly see in most theme stores (which are usually – detached, in a business sort of way)

    This theme is very warm and inviting.

  69. eStore looks amazing. I have a ton of uses for that one already.

    Keep up the good work and hopefully the eStore will come soon!!!

  70. I love the little shop. Looks fun!

    I do too many client projects with Magento and would love to use you little shop for a personal project.


  71. Looking forward to the new templates. I have been following your progress and was just wondering if you have a timetable?

    Have a couple of sites that would absolutely ROCK with the GLOW and eStore templates.

    No pressure. Just curious.

    They look AWESOME and the ePanel is the slickest.


    • Glow should be finished by Monday. eStore, on the other hand, may take a while to develop.

      • we are waiting 🙂

  72. Is the top the menu and the area below the logo the category section.
    Just want to mention that I got confused at first.

    Would be nice if you could have a section where you can decide if you want the top, “bottom” or both menus at the same time.


  73. Ahhh forgot to mention which theme I was talking about, it’s the Glow theme.


  74. Pleeeease – Release the eStore first 🙂

  75. If I had better knowlage with php, css and html I would with no doubt help you with the themes.

    To do the ePanel to all the existing themes and at the same time do Glow and eStore is quite much on your shoulders right now.

    • cool, you wait or you look in member area, it s out 🙂

  76. hey, Nick, your eStore theme layout looks very cool. could you maybe make one non store version, without prices?

  77. Wow, eStore looks really fantastic! I just want to comment that I think the header might look just a little too “grungy”, but I know it is a fine line between making something “ordinary” and something beautiful like you usually do.

    I would personally wish you would finish this one up fairly soon, it would be PERFECT for a project I am working on these days!

  78. Amazing work! can’t wait to see.

  79. hallo,

    do you have any release date about epanel batch3 ?

    i’m looking about influx theme with epanel support.

  80. I am interested in eStore for my Xmas domain. Also if possible can you add few education related themes? I would like to get few.

  81. The problem with your WordPress templates is this:
    It’s hard to pick which one to use!
    They’re all nice. I’m glad I found this site. It has inspired me to finally get off my butt and switch to WordPress from another – time consuming – platform.

  82. Yall’s themes make me wanna have more than one website. That eStore theme is fantastic!

  83. Do you have any idea when “estore” will be released? I’m dieing to get it.

  84. Great job man, keep up the good work!

  85. Hi! I’m a elegantthemes member. I’m waiting for your e-commerce theme. So, hurry up!!

  86. E-store looks amazing!

  87. I like the eStore!!
    When will it release!!!

  88. When will release ESTORE theme?? 😀

  89. The Estore we have now and that estore look very different. Any chance of that making it’s way to us?

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