Chameleon Now Fully Responsive

Posted on April 16, 2012 by in Theme Changes/Bug Fixes | 72 comments

Chameleon Now Fully Responsive

Some of you may have been wondering why our theme production has slowed down a bit over the past month. This is because we have been focusing a bit more on updating and improving our current collection of themes, instead of producing new themes. The more themes that we create, and the more members that we have, the more important I find it to make sure the themes we have are fully optimized. If you have been checking the changelogs, you will have noticed quite a few backend improvements over the last month that have been pushed to all themes. In addition, we have been re-visiting some of our most popular designs, and where possible, have been updating them to be responsive. With the huge influx of mobile devices, responsiveness has become extremely important, allowing your website to automatically adapt to smaller screen sizes.

The first theme that we have made responsive is Chameleon. If you view the theme on a mobile phone/tablet, or your resize your browse window, you will notice that the theme changes dramatically to best display your content at each size. If you don’t want your website to be responsive, or you are using plugins that are not responsive, we have added an option in ePanel to disable the feature.

I hope that everyone enjoys the new functionality. You can expect more of these updates in the near future!

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  1. Great stuff. It’s good to sit back and relfelct on the things you have done every once in a while instead of blindly pushing new themes.

  2. Awesome news Elegant… Thanks!

  3. Superb! I am in the process of switching to responsive themes, so this is much desired extension of an already very versatile theme. Great job!

  4. That is great news! I love the chameleon theme and responsive is a very welcome addition! Throwing out themes for the sake of it is an amateur move in my opinion you already have awesome themes and making them consistently better places a very wide smile on this customers face 🙂 🙂 Keep up the good work ! ! : ) : )

  5. This is a great tool. I make church websites, and now I have a mobile option that matches the WP theme. Great work! Thanks for you dedication to great products!

  6. Awesome! I use this theme in one of my blogs. Thanks.

  7. Thanks Nick. I’m working on a project with Chameleon now and my client’s customers are affluent having all the latest i-this and that + androids. I’m new to elegant themes and love how well they are built under the hood,:) Thank you!

  8. Awesome! So when can we expect to see the updated theme in the downloads section?

  9. I just loaded up the new theme and it works like a champ. You guys rock! Keep up the awesome work. 🙂

  10. great work!!!


    please make NOVA responsive….pleaaaaseee 🙂

  11. Thanks for the update Nick..
    I was wondering if the HANDHELD Plugin (theme) takes care of most mobile viewing problems?

  12. Issue: One thing I noticed is that the logo is not scaling down with everything else on the page.

  13. Great news! Instead of Evolution, Daily Journal and now Chameleon, I hope the rest could be in fully responsive too. Elegant Themes rock!!!!

  14. Thank Nick! That is awesome news. I really like your design style!!

  15. Nick

    Please take a look at the shortcodes – they don’t work on a mobile device properly.


  16. Good step taken.

    Can you work on having working solution for dummy data install ?

    Yes, you do provides xml file but they are not working like your demo site.

    Better place placeholder images rather than dummy images.

    Doing so, you can significantly reduce the common questions that are being asked in forum .

  17. Awesome news Elegant… Thanks!

  18. It’s really awesome with responsive design!

    Well done! 🙂

  19. So the last version of Chameleon is already responsive?

    Or do we have to wait until the next update?

  20. Great news. Keep them coming !

  21. Awesome. I’ll update the the theme right now.

    • version 2.4 is not responsive yet

  22. Like like like! Great to know that there is so much support. I was beginning to think there was no more theme production.

  23. When we be able to update themes, automatically through wp dashboard?

  24. Sorry to pour cold water on all the enthusiasm but I would rather have had a decent theme than these excuses.

    It is impractical to expect your fancy themes to be able to be dispayed well on mobiles and what is usual is to have a script that redirects to a mobile site in a sub-folder.

    So when will we be getting a theme and can we have a taster?

    • Hey James!

      In addition to ET’s own “Handheld,” I’m also currently using the free “WP Themes by Screensize” and “Theme to Browser (T2B) Control” plugins…but having a responsive layout built-in is so much more preferable than adding yet another third-party extension!

    • I find a fully responsive design to be a much better option that trying to use a third party plugin to redirect your website to an alternate mobile layout. Chameleon will display great on mobile phones now, that’s the point, and you can expect it to do so.

      • @Nick,

        I concur. Plugins=slow, shaky sites. You’re on the right track Nick. The hard work has already been done, and in the meantime, the interwebs have exploded with tablet traffic. I would hate to see the great themes you’ve worked hard on become obsolete because you’re concentrating on new theme roll outs.


  25. InStyle! InStyle! InStyle!!


  26. Couldn’t believe it when I saw that the new blog post was announcing that Chameleon is now responsive! This is EXACTLY the news I was hoping for – a fully responsible and flexible design. This is great for internet marketers wanting both standardisation and customability across multiple modern sites – thanks!

    • Some people are so easily please, you would think that world peace had been achieved.

      • Hey, come on now, who do you think buys $39 themes anyway?? =D

  27. This totally rocks.
    I’m not a user of Chameleon, but I’m glad existing themes are being updated (rather than shelved as-is for posterity). I’m inclined to say that updating the existing themes is a more strategic move than generating new themes, so you have my complete blessing (for at least the top 25 themes).

    • For what it’s worth you have my blessing as well, but I have faith in ET whichever direction you guys go.

      Just keep the passion alive and I’ll have no complaints.


  28. Great news, as I have a client who likes the Chameleon theme but wanted it to be responsive! Are you going to be making all the other themes responsive as well?

  29. Good news ! Responsive is the future !

  30. There seems to be issue with the silder, cant change the type from cycle to nivo.

  31. Wise decision, Nick. I wanted to call you genius, but that wouldn’t be suitable. Visionary, yes. You will have great success in industry. Much larger than you might imagine.

  32. its great to hear, but when we get all the themes responsive

  33. Looks awesome!

  34. Coool, thank you so much! 🙂

  35. Hoping, there will come up more of responsive designs.
    Responsive is the future.
    You do a great work.

  36. Al I want, eStore and Boutiuqe to get responsive, they both are your one of the most popular and only e-commerce themes 🙂

  37. The Version 2.5 that I found has bug issues especially with the slider. So far, that is all I found. Has anyone else found problems with this theme.

  38. Hello,

    Please note that if you enable Responsive Layout, the Automatic Slider Animation won’t work any more (type cycle, period 5000)

    • Does anyone know how to detect if the page width is 100%? If so we should be able to leave the slideshow active and the page is less than 100% for ipads,etc leave slideshow turned off?

      • find js > et_flexslider.js and change:
        if ( 1 === et_featured_slider_auto ) {
        to if ( 1 == et_featured_slider_auto ) { – then responsive will work with slider

        • I replaced the following but the slideshow still would not rotate when the responsive layout was enabled.

          if ( 1 === et_featured_slider_auto ) TO

          if ( 1 == et_featured_slider_auto )

          Did I miss something? Thanks for any help with this.

          • Any confirmation on this would be great – I’ve noticed autoplay stops on responsive too. Would be great if played at 100% size at least.

          • I can confirm that the above works for me … using Charmeleon 2.5 and wordpress 3.4.1

            THANK YOU!!

  39. Hi, I have been traveling the world for a while and am using Chameleon as my theme for my travel blog. I’m stuck on version 2.1 and every time I have tried to update it keeps telling me the package is unavailable. Any advice and how I can get my theme updated to 2.5? Thanks!

    • The built in WordPress updater doesn’t work, but you can download the new version from the member section and manually update the theme that way.

      Just be sure to back up your current version if you’ve changed anything if you aren’t using a child theme.

      • Thanks Chris, I appreciate the advice. I’ll give it a shot!

  40. AWESOME!!

  41. Would it be possible in the near future, that the Aggregate Theme become Responsive Layout, too?

    Of course, the Chameleon looks very good and even better with the usage of the responsive Layout, but i prefer the Aggregate because of the look with the Slideshow on the index. It looks more like a cool portfolio Theme than the Chameleon does.

  42. Chameleon is one of the best looking ET themes. due to the social web icons and smaller header. Like it a lot.

  43. I’m having trouble with the update. I updated wordpress and the template and now I have no pictures on my website. I’m a photographer, so pictures are kind of important. I’d appreciate any help.


  44. I am only just building this site in Chameleon, but already have a sub-page to the top level ‘What we do’ page.

    In ‘navigation’ in the epanel, I have ‘show dropdown menus’ enabled and ‘Number of dropdown tiers shown’ is set to the default 3. All pages are ticked in ‘Exclude pages from the navigation bar’.

    But when I mouse over ‘What we do’ in the navigatio bar, no dropdown appear showing my sub-page.

    Any ideas what’s wrong?

  45. Awesome 😡 I am waiting for this great news so long

  46. Awesome Theme at attractive Price

  47. Awesome! I use this theme in one of my blogs. Thanks.

  48. Chameleon is great theme. I love it. I am planning to use it soon for my next website.

    I will recommend this theme.

  49. Hi, I recently installed the Chameleon template and I have a problem with the blog categories. I created a Category called blog and added it to the main navigation. Then I added all blog posts to this category, as well as to the ones that describe them best. When I go to the Blog category, it shows me a list of my blog posts, but not all of them and there is no button or clickable text like normally (more blog posts, older entries or anything like that). Where are my blog posts? Can you help me out here? Thanks so much!!!

    • If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  50. Chameleon is not fully responsive, nor is Aggregate. I cannot resize the text size on my phone with the typical swiping I use on other sites. The font is too small. Is there any way to fix? I was halfway through a build using Aggregate before I realized that users cannot adjust the text size on their mobile devices. Frustrating!!

  51. this is an awesome product!

    one ?. Is there any way to remove the “navigation” menu at the top, while using responsive layout?

    I would prefer to just have a straight scroll down page without any active links at the top of home page.


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