All Of Our Themes Are Now WPML Compatible

Posted on April 3, 2013 by in Theme Changes/Bug Fixes | 47 comments

All Of Our Themes Are Now WPML Compatible

I am happy to announce that our entire collection of themes has been updated to address WPML compatibility. WPML is the industry standard for creating multi-lingual websites, and for those customers who are looking to cater to various demographics, you will be excited to find that our themes now work flawlessly with the plugin. We have also updated our ePanel options so that they can be translated using WPML and the String Translation plugin.

We noticed the request for WPML compatibility gaining traction in our Theme Suggestions forums, and I’m glad that we were able to satisfy the request! If you are looking for certain features to be added to our themes, don’t forget to post a suggestion in the member forums 🙂

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  1. Great news! And what’s best is that now epanel can be translated as well. Thanks a lot!

  2. Well done! That was a must, really happy about it.

  3. Yay, my question is answered. Themes of Elegent support WPLM from now!

  4. That’s great. Now we can translate all themes of Elegant Themes to any language easily. Thanks.

  5. It’s awesome new, I’d love your all WP themes and I’m promoting ElegantThemes on my new site, again, I think my readers will love your themes too.

  6. It has been useful feature for WordPress…

    Great update.

  7. Great News! Future themes also compatible with WPML?

  8. Yay good news! 🙂 That’s great!

  9. You have our thanks as wordpress user

  10. A good news for all elegantthemes’s customers

  11. well done ! thank you

  12. Thank you very much indeed! That was an essential feature for all of us targeting non-English speaking audiences.

  13. Very, very, very good news ! and thank you for the translation of ePanel !

  14. Good news, elegant themes team make a great wp themes

  15. Sorry about this comment but I have to say: “Finally”.

    Up to this moment I have had to use a few creative hacks to translate some of your themes. I am glad that you have made them all WPML compatible.

    Good job.

  16. these are indeed great news 🙂

  17. Great, great news!

  18. Indeed a wonderful step taken. One more greatness of your themes.

  19. This is great, that is why I love Elegant theme.

  20. Hi!! great News, is that means all of themes support RTL?
    Thank you

  21. Awesome it’s nice news!

  22. Now please make all ur amazing themes “responsive” 😀

  23. It is great now we can built of site in Hindi also. Great way to work on different languages.

  24. Great news! Its essential to make WordPress themes WPML compatible and glad to know that Elegant Themes did the same.

  25. Great news!

  26. Well done, this could help with some of our clients in other territories.

  27. Great news ! I used for the moment a plugin, Localization, to traduce all themes but WPML is really powerful for multilingual website.

  28. Strategic move Nick…you just open doors to my local community to get online using your stellar designs.

  29. That is a great news.


  30. eleganttheme ROCKKKKKKKKKKKS

  31. That’s great, Nick. I had some issues with translating my site to russian, now it should be much easier. thank you.

  32. Great feature, really useful

  33. That greatly reduces my anxiety when clients mention it! Thanks ET!

  34. Awesome news! You guys make great themes, and the WPML compatibility – that just puts them over the top!

  35. The wpml plugin is inside all your themes or ….you give us only the compatibility with wpml but then we must buy the plugin from WPML site?

    thank you so much

  36. Can you tell me if the Elegant Themes shortcodes plugin is WPML compatible?

  37. I’m with zack…
    Does it mean RTL support?

  38. Hi guys!

    I am afraid, there are some issues with Divi when using WPML (not possible to translate the contact form: name, address, submit-button etc.; not possible to translate the search-field; full-width-menu issues).

    The problems have been mentioned in the WPML-support and in the elegantthemes support as well.

    WPML is very clear about it: There are some compatibility issues with Divi and Divi does not appear on the WPML Compatibility List.

    See here:

    Are you intending to do something about it? I have used WPML with Nimble Theme and everything seemed to be working perfectly, but I am having issues with Divi.

    Thanks for your answer.

    Kind regards

  39. Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful article.
    Thank you for providing this info.

  40. Great news for elegant themes lover.great job.thanks

  41. This is not compatible with the Version 2.5.3, it can’t open the module customizer with wmpl plugin active.

  42. RTL????????????????

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