The Best Twitter Widget Plugins for WordPress

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The Best Twitter Widget Plugins for WordPress

Since its launch in 2006, the growth of Twitter has been phenomenal. Every year it gets more popular due to its adoption by mainstream media, celebrities, and of course, average Joes.

Twitter is a fantastic tool for website owners as it allows you to send an update to followers and announce your latest articles. You can also use Twitter to promote offers, share other interesting articles, network with fellow website owners, and connect with your audience.

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Thousands of Twitter related plugins are available for WordPress. Some good, some not so good.

In today’s article, I would like to focus on Twitter widget plugins. These plugins allow you to integrate Twitter directly into a widget zone such as your sidebar or footer; which will help encourage visitors to follow you on Twitter.

Please note that the majority of these plugins require you to create a Twitter application or an official Twitter widget in order to use them.

The Official Twitter Widget

The official widget from Twitter was not designed for WordPress, however it is still a great option πŸ™‚

Twitter allow you to display tweets from a range of sources including your own feed, tweets you have favorited, tweets from lists you have created, search queries, and collections. You can define the height of the widget and choose from either a light or dark color scheme. The widget contains a follow button to allow people to follow you on Twitter directly through your website.

Official Twitter Widget

The official Twitter user widget lets you select one of five sources of tweets.

To display the official Twitter widget, you need to add the corresponding Javascript code into a text widget. An alternative method is to use one of the many Twitter WordPress plugins that are available that uses the code from the official Twitter widget.

The Jetpack by plugin, for example, includes a Twitter Timeline widget that is identical to the one that Twitter provides.

In order to use the widget, you need to create an official widget and then use the ID number of that official widget with the Jetpack widget. The benefit of using this widget over the official one provided by Twitter is that it gives you many additional layout styling options such as border color, transparent background, and the the option of removing the header and footer.

Jetpack Twitter Widget

Jetpack relies on the official Twitter widget to function, however it offers more styling options.

Another plugin that aims to restyle the official Twitter widget is Twitter Widget with Styling. The plugin works well, though it not user-friendly in the way that the Jetpack Twitter module is. In order to style your widget using the plugin, you need to add a custom CSS file to your theme folder called style_twitter.css and style it manually.

Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin is another option that offers a lot of customization over what is displayed in your widget.

Though you may find the simplicity of WP Twitter more suitable. The plugin allows you to automatically publish updates of new articles to your Twitter account and integrate Sharethis sharing buttons into your design. It also includes a profile and search Twitter widget. The width and height of this widget can be changed. as can the border and link colors.

WP Twitter

WP Twitter gives you basic control over the style of your widget.

Simple Twitter Tweets

Simple Twitter Tweets is a useful Twitter widget plugin that stores Tweets in your database so that your widget will not be blank if the Twitter API fails. The plugin allows you to display your profile avatar, and a follow button with follower count, underneath the widget.

Simple Twitter Tweets

A simple Twitter widget that has many useful configuration options.

Recent Tweets Widget

Recent Tweets Widget is a minimalistic Twitter widget solution that caches tweets on your website so that your widget will not be blank if the Twitter API is unresponsive (which it frequently is!). The plugin allows you to define the number of tweets that are displayed and the number of hours that tweets are cached.

Recent Tweets Widget

Recent Tweets Widget is a simple and elegant solution.

WP Twitter Feeds

WP Twitter Feeds is one of my favorite Twitter widgets. I just love the layout it uses to display tweets.

It has many optional features that can be enabled including your Twitter avatar, screen name, and Twitter intents. The caching time for tweets can also be defined.

WP Twitter Feeds

WP Twitter Feeds is a cool plugin that displays your tweets in stylish boxes.

Minimalist Twitter Widget

Simple. Minimal. Beautiful.

If you are looking for a minimal Twitter widget, the aptly named Minimalist Twitter Widget is the plugin for you. It allows you to display tweets from a username or hash tag. The number of tweets displayed can be changed through the widget. You can also disable retweets.

Minimalist Twitter Widget

Minimalist Twitter Widget lives up to its name.

If for any reason you don’t like Minimalist Twitter Widget, I recommend trying Rapid Twitter Widget or Brankic Twitter Widget. They both offer a minimal style that is similar to Minimalist Twitter Widget.

Random Tweet Widget

If you consider yourself a risk taker, you might want to try out Random Tweet Widget. It will display a random tweet from your Twitter profile from a defined number of tweets.

This is a great way of displaying older article links and quotes from your article, however it may also display those late night drunken tweets that you would rather forget πŸ˜‰

Random Tweet Widget

Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?

Rotating Tweets

Rotating Tweets is a great Twitter plugin that displays your latest tweets in a ticker. It comes with a lot of customisation options that lets you change what is displayed such as retweets, source of tweet, time of tweet, and whether a follow button is displayed.

Rotating Tweets

Rotating Tweets rotates your latest tweets in a ticker.


As you can see, my list of favorite Twitter widget plugins was short, however I had to test around twenty five plugins for the purpose of this article. Many plugins did not make the list due to a poor design or due to not functioning correctly. This includes Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget, Tweet Blender, Twitter Widget with Tweet Reach, Twitter Widget Pro, Digicution Simple Twitter Feed and Advanced Twitter Embedded Tweets Widget.

My Twitter Widget was a plugin that I was initially going to list as I loved the design of the widget. However, the developer of the plugin has built in a credit link for medical jobs into the footer. It can be removed by deleting the code from the plugin, but I do not believe WordPress users should support developers who use sneaky tactics such as this. Still, if you like the look of the plugin, you could always delete the unnecessary link and use the widget.

If you found this article useful, I encourage you to follow us on Twitter @elegantthemes. We share updates of our latest articles and post great competitions regularly too.

As always, if you know of any other great Twitter widgets, please share it in the comment area πŸ™‚

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  1. Excellent suggestions Kevin, I’ll try one of the list.

  2. Sure you tested 25 plugins as WordPress has TOOO many of them to begin with and some are just not kept up to date enough to be useful.

    • There are only a hundred or so plugins related to Twitter widgets. And as you point out, many of them are outdated πŸ™‚

  3. I just installed WP Twitter Feeds! Only issue is my profile image appears to be broken. I’m at work so it may be an internet filtering issue. Can somebody pop over and see if it displays?

    Many thanks!!!

    • William your profie image displays on my computer

  4. Hi Kevin
    I use the Genesis Latest Tweets plugin on my Genesis sites.
    It works well for me but it only gets a 3.2 rating!!
    Maybe that’s because it takes a little setting up.

    • Some great plugins have poor ratings. If someone cannot configure a plugin correctly, they might give it a bad rating. I would fully support a change that would force people to leave a reason why a plugin had a bad rating.

      • Alas that is true of all reviews – one has to consider originator of the review and I second a mechanism that requires a skill level (albeit personally accessed & a reason).

        Kevin, I have gathered so much insight and knowledge from you ET blogs!

  5. Good write up! So many Twitter plugins that it’s often a nightmare choosing. I’m a fan of Kebo Twitter Feed myself, just because it has some comprehensive error logging and is pretty easy to set up and style.

    • Thank you for the support Chris. I originally made the plugin due to how frustrated I was with the current offerings for Twitter Feed plugins. I have learnt a lot since I first released Kebo Twitter Feed, thanks to all the users, and will be putting those lessons into a complete re-write soon.

      • Peter – I’ve installed it on a few sites I’ve built and also recommended it to friends. Definitely on my very short “essential plugin” list. Will look forward to the re-write. Keep up the good work!

  6. Excellent post and blog!! Pls give us DIVI blog customization ideas too.

  7. Great line up! I’ll have to check those out.

    Curious though, while you present plugins in the column style, do you know if any exist that stretch across the page? I’d love to adopt one in a unique style.


    • Hi Lisa,

      This was a summary of widget plugins. Widgets tend to be smaller areas of your website such as your sidebar or footer.

      While you can use full page widgets, very few developers create widgets that accommodate them.


    • I seen some sites with facebook facepiles the width of full pages, never a twitter feed though. I’m almost sure all you need is a twitter plugin that can adjust width & height to do that. I’m thinking, with twitter’s short posts, that the feed would only show one line per post looking pretty thin & shabby on the site… I’m kinda curious what that would look like myself now. πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you for sharing your twitter plugin list. I had a problem what to choose and finally used WP to Twitter that requires Twitter widget.

  9. Hi Kevin,
    I started putting together a new WP site and surprisingly I’ve had the most trouble finding a Twitter feed plugin. One simply displayed “@username” really large on the sidebar. That’s how useless some are. I thought I’d get a text/html plugin and grab the code from twitter. It worked fine. I then tried it with Facebook & Pinterest. All coding worked better than any plugin.
    I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea, knowing it’s not WP Best Practices. I just seen this post where you say “To display the official Twitter widget, you need to add the corresponding Javascript code into a text widget” So I assume it’s ok to use text/html boxes and code for social widgets. Right?

    Also, you say “add the corresponding Javascript code”. The code is actually 2 parts. The and the . I know the javascript should be placed only once per page, preferably in the head, then ONLY the should be placed in the text/html boxes for widgets and buttons. My question is… if your theme is built on Twitter Bootstrap wouldn’t the code have to be included in the build and you don’t need the javascript part of the code for any pages at all?

    – Mo’ Millis

    • I don’t believe using a bootstrap theme will save you from having to include the code on your website.


      • I gotcha. I just don’t want multiple javascripts firing on the same page & slowing down the loading time. I’m not very in depth with the knowledge of themes. Thanks for the advice man.

        • No problem.

          I don’t know for sure. I would have to check the code of your page to be sure of whether it is.

          You can always run your code through a validator such as to see if anything is up. Plus a speed tester such as will let you know if anything is slowing down your website.

  10. Thank you for mucking through all these and finding the best ones…. and have to say there are way more “bad” than “good”…. Detail links for WP plugins are less than forthcoming with all the info needed to make an informed choice…. I don’t respond much, well, ever before this – but I have saved all these types of emails you send in a folder marked ” Word Press Wisdom” πŸ™‚ all for those special times when expediency is of the utmost necessity and no time for trial and error – keep’em coming!

    • Thanks Brenda. I’m glad you have found these articles useful πŸ™‚

  11. I used Rotating Tweet and its great! πŸ™‚

  12. The only reason I read this blog is to find out when divi 2.0 will be released. It’s been quiet for about a month, and I don’t believe ET is following the 1 theme per month release schedule that was promised when I purchased my lifetime membership…

    This site is becoming more about spreading awareness via blog and social media for their preexisting content, than it is about pushing out new content. I didn’t pay for an expensive blog membership.

    • Kevin is not on our dev team, and his work on the blog does not affect our theme release schedule. These informational blog posts are completely free resource that we provide to the community because we think they are useful.

      If you are not interested, simply unsubscribe, or subscribe directly to our Theme Release RSS feed to avoid all other content.

      We do not promise 1 theme per month, and I apologize if you were given this impression. You email us to request a refund. If you are past the 30 day refund period, simply mention my comment in your email and your refund will be granted.

  13. Thanks for the great writeup Kevin. I’m even more interested in the newsletter slide-in widget being used on Elegant Themes now. It’s awesome how there are different offers presented depending where on the site you are. I also love that it doesn’t completely go away when you close the panel.

    Is there a specific plugin being used for this? If it’s a custom solution, Elegant Themes should definitely consider releasing it as a plugin.

    • Nick mentioned in a comment in another post that it is a custom solution. Though he also indicated that if there is enough demand for it, he may release it in the future. πŸ™‚

  14. One thing I’ve noticed with WP Twitter Feeds is the tweet dates are sometimes wrong. For instance, I just sent a tweet and the widget says it was sent 5 hours ago. I noticed this happening yesterday as well. It seems like once the tweet is out there for awhile, the date corrects itself.

    • Thanks “William”, I Appreciate you letting everyone know about your experience with my plugin. I do my best to test plugins and hope you will get more useful plugin.

      Please get a minute to rate or comment for plugin. πŸ™‚

  15. Good list of Twitter widget plugins. I also have one that I created to display recent tweets. It’s similar to the Recent Tweets Widget plugin you mentioned, but doesn’t have the twitter icon and styling – allowing the recent tweets to display in an unordered list in the sidebar and are easy to style with css.

    You can check it out here:

  16. You have given nice list of twitter plugins for wordpress..

  17. nice list of plugins, but i use official twitter widget. its best for me

  18. Nice list! I just purchased Twitter slider & User card for WordPress and works very well! I hope you like it!

  19. The first one is pretty sweet! Thanks for the post!

  20. Excellent! Thank you Kevin!

  21. nice plugin kevin.
    i like the card style of it.
    thanks for suggestion.

  22. Could you recommend a twitter plugin (or two) that allows multiple twitter accounts?

  23. Real helpful discussion. I’m looking for a plug in that allows me to display my Twitter notifications (not my Tweets) on my WPblog. Anyone have any suggestions or work arounds?

  24. Are any of these multi-site friendly? I didn’t see any indication but I scanned pretty quickly.

    Side note – I really like the direction the blog has taken this year —

  25. Hello Kevin, they plug ins you mentioned, do they integrate well with the Divi 2.0 theme? Is it easy to make them seamlessly fit into the theme? The reason I’m asking is because Divi is a very elegant theme and I would not want to take away from it by installing a Twitter plug in that does not fit the design. What is your experience?

  26. @Kevin,

    Nicely done!

    If you ever decide to expand this awesome plugin list, I’d love get some feedback from an expert. You can find our Twitter Retweet plugin @

    Again, thanks for sharing!

  27. I’ve been going through a lot of twitter widgets now, but I need one that doesn’t catch my tweets but others tweeds. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  28. Fetch Tweets is also very good!

  29. Hi, thanks for the recommendation. Now i can choose what widget that I need. thank you

  30. anyway, do you have any recommendation for twitter plugin for my blog ? I need the lightest one due tot he limited bandwidth. thanks

  31. Of all the options, what is the most lightweight? I need super fast loading times, so the lightest is best. That would be a HUGE help.


  32. Hi thanks for this post…Was Seeking out for a nice WordPress Widget for WordPress πŸ™‚

    I chose WP Twitter Feeds from your list.

    I am gonna implement it in one of my Blogs.

    But I got a doubt. By Caching, Do they mean that they won’t call the API while the Cache is Available ?

  33. Thank you very much, Kevin! I’m using the WP Twitter Feeds Widget right now and I’m quite happy with it, as it is also suitable for a german website (no need to translate it first)!

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