5 Great Plugins For Sharing Your Instagram Feed With WordPress

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5 Great Plugins For Sharing Your Instagram Feed With WordPress

It is amazing to think that Instagram is less than four years old. After being launched in October 2010, it only took two months to reach 1 million users. Six months later the service had 5 million registered users and only three months later it had doubled to ten million users. This encouraged Facebook to purchase the company in 2012 for $1 billion dollars. Today, the service boasts over 200 million users.

The service is simple, yet addictive. The Instagram app allows anyone to take a picture or video, enhance it using a filter it, and then upload it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Many celebrities have become Instagram junkies, including the weird and wonderful James Franco and the always controversial football (soccer) player Mario Balotelli.

In addition to sharing your profile page with others, Instagram allows you to connect to the Instagram API and display your uploaded images on your website. This is not only a great way of sharing your images, it also encourages other Instagram users to follow you.

In this article, I would like to share with you five great WordPress plugins that allow you to share your Instagram profile and photographs with your website readers. Please note that to connect to Instagram using these plugins, you need to login with your account and acquire an access token.

Simply Instagram (FREE)

Simply Instagram is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate images from your Instagram account into your design using a widget, or into your content area using a short code. It includes an option to display images and video using the lightbox alternative PrettyPhoto.

The plugin also allows you to display a follow link to your Instagram account and detailed stats on your photo uploads and followers. Visitors can also view your images using a slideshow.

Simply Instagram

Simply Instagram is a versatile Instagram plugin that lets you share images in a number of ways.

Enjoy Instagram (FREE)

Enjoy Instagram is a flexible Instagram solution that lets you display your images in a grid or a carousel. The plugin is optimized for mobile devices and offers touch support to mobile users. Users can also view images in lightbox mode.

It allows you to display images from your account using a widget or short code. Instagram hash tags are also supported.

Enjoy Instagram

Enjoy Instagram can be used to display your Instagram images in a carousel or in a grid.

Yakadanda Instagram (FREE)

Yakadanda Instagram is a free Instagram plugin that features an images widget and a profile widget that shows off your profile statistics. You can also display content using a short code and pull data using hash tags.

The plugin is responsive and lets you change the speed, height, and frame rate, of image scrolling. It supports WordPress Multisite too.

Yakadanda Instagram

Yakadanda Instagram features a cool profile widget that promotes your account.

Instagram Theatre ($12)

Instagram Theatre is a feature packed premium Instagram plugin that lets you display images in thumbnail grids, lists, full screen mode, and more. The plugin can pull images from the popular Instagram feed, hash tags, multiple users, and location.

It has a responsive design that looks great on any mobile device and there is support for the lightbox alternative Fancybox.

Instagram Theatre

Instagram Theatre can be used to showcase your Instagram images to visitors.

Instagram Photo & Video Gallery ($7)

Instagram Photo & Video Gallery is a premium Instagram plugin that caches images on your website to ensure that they are delivered to visitors quickly. It can pull images from an Instagram user or from a hash tag.

The plugin has support for high pixel density devices and visitors can brows images using a lightbox gallery. You can customize all aspects of the widget including the image size, column count, and follow button.

Instagram Recent Photos Widget Pro

Instagram Recent Photos Widget Pro gives you a lot of control over how your Instagram images are displayed.

In truth, there is not a huge amount of difference between the Instagram plugins mentioned above from an output point of view. The real difference lies in the customization options that they offer and whether additional features such as profile widgets and support for hash tags are included.

I recommend checking out the above plugins if you are looking for a way of sharing Instagram images on your website. You may also want to check out the following alternatives:

I hope you have enjoyed this brief look at great Instagram WordPress plugins. If you know of any other great Instagram WordPress plugins, please share them in the comment area below 🙂

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  1. I’m never really interested in instagram widgets but there are clients who demands for a widget. This will come in handy at that time.

    Thanks Kevin for the write up.

    • You’re welcome Jay. Any time 🙂

  2. Do any of these work with Divi?

  3. Lovely! When did Elegant start posting for the weekenders? 🙂

    • We had some extra posts this week, enjoy 🙂

  4. Nice collection kevin !!! Just use instagram plugin for clients. Mostly used Simply instagram plugin. Didn’t use any premium plugin.

  5. Nice article and suggestions Kevin. I’ve looked around for hours and have tried out many different Instagram plugins myself and have come to favorite Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram. But haven’t heard of some of these other ones you listed. Thanks for sharing!

    To answer Jeff’s question about working with Divi, I’m currently running four sites with Divi & Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram and haven’t had any hickups at all.

    • Hey!

      Have a look on this new widget http://elfsight.com/instalink/.

      It’s simple and with most needed options.

      We’ll glad to hear your opinion about it.

      Thank you!

  6. Thanks for the post–one of my current clients put a high emphasis on integrating their Instragram. Is responsiveness built into any of the free plugins, or at least easily adapted within a responsive theme?

  7. These are cool plugins. I just started using instagram for the readers on my new website, it’s addictive, but I think Twitter is worse!

  8. Hey Kevin!

    Thanks for suggestions. For me Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram is working. It works like a charm.

  9. Good collection of Instagram WordPress plugin resources.

  10. Indeed, the service is very addictive but thanks for the plugins that can make the addiction work for us 😉

  11. Hi, kevin. Thanks for a great post. I am searching for a widget that might output slider images in one column(small thumbnails,vertically aligned), along with a section of current/recent image(second column) with imgae text(third column). I could not find anything like this so far. Could you guide me? Or towards a tutorial for building a custom widget?

  12. Thanks for steering me toward Enjoy Instagram. I tried three other Instagram plugins that simply didn’t work which was awfully frustrating, but Enjoy Instagram did the trick.

  13. mgg I really don’t like plugins, I think widgets are much easier to set up!

  14. Kevin, Thanks for the post. In regards to Shopify site. Do you know of one off hand that doesn’t redirect to a new tab when clicking image. I have tried snapwidget and websta – both send you to a garbage page. Looking for one that keeps you in the site and on the page. thank you, A

  15. Hi Kevin,

    Great list you got there! I am no big fan of Instagram (yet) and I didn’t know there are soooo many Instagram plugin for WordPress!

    Going to check them out and who knows right?

    Thanks for sharing buddy.

  16. Hi Kevin,

    Very good collection of Instagram plugin. This will help me if client request for Instagram installation on their wordpress site.

    Thanks for Sharing this

  17. nice collection, thanks for share!

  18. Great plugin roundup. I’ll have to check these out!

  19. I need a plugin that will allow me to add an Instagram Caroussel to the bottom of my page, like http://www.revolveclothing.com. Any tips? Cacheable is an asset!

    • Hey! WP Social Media Slider could do that with a little bit of customization. The templates in WP Social Media Slider are fully customizeable, and they already bring in all of the Instagram data (multiple sizes of images, username, etc.) I maintain it, so feel free to ask any questions if you’re interested!


  20. Still think Instagram Feed is the best plugin yet but it’s not even on the list.

  21. We’ve expanded our platform to not only include Flickr slideshows but also Instagram slideshows as well. It’s a free online slideshow creator that generates html embed codes with some cool background and caption options!

    Feel free to check it out!

    Sincere Regards,

  22. Slight newbie here — but do these widgets work on wordpress.com or just .org? Thanks, very helpful article!

    • Hey Lauren, no biggie. Everything this blog writes about has to do with WordPress.org. The major difference between WordPress .org and .com is that .org is free, open source, and self-hosted. The .com iteration of WordPress is a hosted product by a company called Automattic–which was created by Matt Mullenweg, the initial creator and founder of WordPress.

  23. Thanks for the great article, but still trying to find a instagram/fancybox plugin like instafeed that will play instagram videos in the popup window. Is there any think like that our there?

    • Hi, Thor!

      For such purpose I recommend to check Instagram feed InstaShow. I use it myself to display Instagram photos and videos and to open them in popup – everything works fine!

      Hope, it will help you 🙂

  24. Hey Thanks for the post,

    Yeah I’ve just started a coffee blog where I will be mostly posting through instagram. I’m working with my developer and we looking at which plugin to use for a Full width instagram grid or photo tile on my home page.

    We’re thinking of experimenting with Enjoy Instagram but any other recommendations would be helpful


  25. Alpine PhotoTile used to be the best of its class, but regrettably, it’s no longer being maintained. It may be worth updating the post to that effect.

  26. Anybody know of a way to insert and Instagram widget into a module so that you can get a horizontal full-page end-to-end look similar to photo gallery?

    Have seen it on other sites that are not made with Divi, just wondering if it’s a doable

  27. Echoing Tanya, I’d also like to know if it’s possible to do a horizontal full-page gallery with Divi made up of an Instagram gallery (auto updated).

    An example is on the bottom of the home page for http://www.blankitinerary.com

    Thanks for any info!

  28. I am working with a client who wants the instagram feed to automatically update in real-time without having to refresh the page.

    Any suggestions??


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