5 Best WordPress Sports Plugins

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5 Best WordPress Sports Plugins

One of the most popular kinds of blogs to start using WordPress is a sports blog. Whether it’s a fan blog, a fantasy league website, or a news and commentary site, WP is a fantastic platform. Now, there are a ton of WordPress sports plugins out there, too, which can help you focus your site and its content to exactly what your audience looks for in your niche. We want to take a look at some of the stellar ones that can really up your game.

1. Football Pool

WordPress sports plugins

Some fantasy sports fanatics want to see stats and how their players are doing and that’s it. And others, want to run their own leagues and be in charge of the whole kit and caboodle. This plugin will let you do pretty much everything you want to control. Add players and tournaments, calculate match outcomes, insert venues, and so much more. Shortcodes control most of the rendering, so your tournaments can match your styles perfectly. You can even plot out the player scores on charts. So get ready for the trash talk…and be able to back it up.

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2. SportsPress

WordPress sports plugins

Another option, if you want to run a whole fantasy league is SportsPress. You get individual profiles for everyone including staff, statistics across the board, iCal integration, and  club vs club or player vs player modes. The plugin saves archives for later use and lets you track information from season to season. With premade templates for different sports, SportsPress pretty much covers the range of what almost everyone needs. It’s highly reviewed, and does exactly what it says it will do. And if you’re coming from another manager or platform, you can take your exported data and import it into SportsPress via CSV.

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3. Team Rosters

WordPress sports plugins

Not everyone who needs WordPress sports plugins wants to run a fantasy league. Or even be involved in fantasy sports at all. Many folks play real-life sports and manage real-life teams. Whether it’s high school, little leagues, or even the majors and minors and collegiate or professional teams, those teams need a web presence, too. Which is why you need Team Rosters. Everyone wants to have their time to shine, and this is it. You can give individual player bios, player statistics, team information, and basically anything else that your team would want the world to see. Using Team Rosters is a fantastic way to promote your team or club, too. Using this plugin alone, you can run and entire team website, no matter the level.

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4. Football Formation

WordPress sports plugins

A big part — maybe the big part — of sports is the strategy. You need to analyze the other teams and your own. Your players need to visualize the formations and where they need to be on the field. They need to see what they did right and how to replicated it. They need to see how the other teams did something right and how to replicate it. And they need to see where everyone did something wrong and make sure they never, ever replicate it. And this is one of the WordPress sports plugins where you can absolutely make your team’s game better. The only real downside is that it is a premium plugin. But it’s only $17, so your team can all pitch in a buck, and it will be taken care of.

Price: $17 | More Information

5. JoomSport

WordPress sports plugins

Rounding out the list of WordPress sports plugins is a premium entry called JoomSport. The plugin isn’t a one-off purchase like many are — there are subscription plans that you can choose from to suit your needs. The services starts at $10 per month, but it does a lot. You can do player bios, photos, tournament brackets, schedules, stats, and honestly about everything the above options offer individually are packed into a single package. It’s almost like it’s own sports platform rather than a plugin. While this one can be used for fantasy sports, it’s designed for league management and running tournaments in the most efficient and beautiful way possible. While it is named after Joomla and their original product, the WordPress plugin is what you care about. The price is affordable, and if you’re running this for a real-life league and not fantasy, the plans would fit into most budgets.

Price: $10-$60/mo. (depending on plan) | More information

Final Score?

As you can see, just like the sports world itself, the WordPress sports plugin ecosystem is pretty diverse. From fantasy football to analyzing the statistics and formations of your own players, you can do it with WP. Whether you just need a simple website to focus on your players and their personalities, or you want a tactical display where you can defeat your competition, one of these WordPress sports plugins is for you.

The premium choices may have more options and features, but there are plenty of free plugins out there that work incredibly well and give you enough customization that your budget doesn’t have to limit your sports projects. No matter what you choose, you will absolutely find what you need in one of these plugins.

What kind of sports site do you run that these plugins could help with?

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  1. I run a tennis related site.
    There were some good plugins showing live scores from ATP and WTA but they are all abandoned now.

  2. What about some good Sports WordPress themes (not the ones in Themeforest though…)?

  3. We purchased SportsPress… and my husband who tried for months trying to set it up for testing with a client who is a AAA hockey club in Ontario, Canada is so not happy with it. He said it’s clunky for some of the basic functions, like accepting hockey applications and roster submissions from the front end and for working with teams that have the same name, but in different age groups, we have to add a number in front of the team name, which looks absolutely stupic, because Sports Press has no way of identifying the age group for the team name. Support takes 2 days. But they did offer a paid service to import team names in for us at a ridiculous price per team.

    He’s trying JoomSport now, hopefully it’s better.

    • Try teamsnap, they offer a wordpress site that integrates with their app and we love it for our hockey association

      • My partner checked and this is on a per team basis, monthly which won’t work for the tournaments. But thank you for the suggestion.

    • Update: Partner checked JoomSport and it looks too much like a Joomla site and very restrictive on what could be done. As of right now, he’s going to continue mucking around with SportsPress, but we’re likely to stick with the current platform (not integrated with WordPress) for the tournaments.

  4. This is an area with a lot of opportunity for development. When I was searching for plugins or software for sports related sites, most of it was from outside of the U.S. and geared towards soccer. Each had some good features but there was nothing that put it all together. I ended up creating a custom package using PHP.

    • Hey Team 218… we did the same, wrote a custom php system for our client who is a AAA organization in Toronto, Canada, where the teams can register themselves, upload their official rosters, then the tournament organizers can assign the teams to the age divisions, create the schedule and at tournament time, display the scores and standings by day, by age group including division breakdown.

  5. I have been eager to see a Sports-related layout pack for Divi. I run a site for a gym, and would snap up a gym-layout with photo (not pictures) and video elements in a heartbeat!! Then I could use one of these plugins for their tournaments and stuff–BOOM, done!

  6. B.J.,
    Can you please maybe do a post about NFL American Football Fantasy leagues.
    Are there Plugins for it, and also how to get stats from NFL without breaking the bank say if you wanted to build your own site and did not want to use or pay for a service to run your league. Do to some custom ideas you may have that you want to implement for your league and site?
    Thanks, Karl

  7. What about some running or cycling event related plugins? Different age groups, different events, etc? Some suggestions please.

  8. I run a fantasy league and I use SportsPress, but I have found that it doesn’t have all the capabilities I need. I can use it to list clubs, match results and individual players statistics, but I haven’t been able to use it to actually run the fantasy league. Users need to be able to draft their own teams based on a budget, prices and other conditional rules. A fantasy sport plugin would also need the ability to assign points to users based on their team’s performance, and create a leaderboard of users. Currently I’m doing all of this manually.

    Do you have any suggestions for how you would use the existing features on SportsPress to run the fantasy part of the fantasy league?

  9. I am a high school baseball coach. Are there any good plugins out there for Divi running a high school baseball team? I know there are Websites for this but would like to have something on the school website.

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