The Month in WordPress — July 2015 Edition

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The Month in WordPress — July 2015 Edition
Blog / Editorial / The Month in WordPress — July 2015 Edition

Yup — that’s right. Another month has come to a close.

As I’m writing this, I’m enjoying the sunshine and a bit of summer fun here on the West Coast of U.S.A. (Yay, summer!)

This month (as usual) has been another great month for Elegant Themes and WordPress enthusiasts alike. And just when I thought the world of WordPress couldn’t be any more intriguing, intricate and slightly elusive, July went and proved me wrong.

This month has presented the WP community with a lot to talk about, and we’re going to dive right into it.

This Month in WordPress

Automattic-ally Surprising

Automattic vs Chris Pearson

Automattic vs Chris Pearson: An interesting story

If you’ve been following along in the WordPress news throughout the month, then the unfolding story of Automattic buying the domain is probably nothing new to you. In case you’ve missed that little tidbit from this month, here is the lowdown.

In 2014, Automattic made the move to buy the domain from a third-party for the price of $100,000.

Previous to this purchase, the third-party had been in negotiations with another prospective buyer — Chris Pearson.

When news came to light that Automattic purchased the domain name and were using it as a forwarding domain to another website, Chris filed a cease and desist order on Automattic.

Now, on the surface, this may seem quite confusing, so let’s color in the gray areas.

Chris Pearson is the owner of DIYthemes which homes the rather popular Thesis Theme. The Thesis Theme was one of the first big themes to hit the WordPress market, and as a pioneer in the WordPress community, Chris is known by more than a few.

Chris never registered the Thesis domain, however, he had in fact registered Thesis as a trademark.

With the purchase and usage of the domain by Automattic, Chris’ trademark legally required him to order a cease and desist; and since Chris believed this domain was bought in “bad faith” he wanted the domain transferred back to him.

Though this situation in older than this month, the news of it only gained some spotlight in July.

On July 8, 2015, Chris lost the legal case against Automattic, and since then they have issued a petition to cancel Chris’ trademarks. The situation has caused quite the stir, but most people seem to be taking Chris’ side in the situation.


Because this seemingly insignificant situation isn’t the only time Pearson and Automattic have gone head to head. Back in 2010 Chris and Automattic’s Matt Mullenweg got in a heated debate about the way Thesis was licensed. In that situation, and in Chris’ own words, “got defensive and… was a jerk .”

As a result of his actions, Chris got a lot of backfire from the WP community and lost a lot of respect.

At the time, I was woefully ignorant about software licensing, and I felt as though I was being backed into a corner and asked to accept something I didn’t fully understand. Instead of handling it in a measured, polite manner, I was a jerk.

I made a mistake, and I paid dearly for it. ~ Chris Pearson

Chris openly admitted to being in the wrong, but that encountered seems to have scorched any good graces Matt may have had for Chris.

According to Chris’ article that he published about the situation, following his public argument with Matt, things got a little messy:

…Matt did whatever he could to further damage what was left of my business. His most blatant effort in this regard was making a public offer to buy Thesis customers the premium, GPL-licensed Theme of their choice if they quit using Thesis.

A rather costly argument indeed.

Then flash forward from 2010 to 2014, during a WordCamp event in San Francisco, Matt openly admits to using the domain as a forwarding URL for one of Automattic’s blogs.

The only statement on record as to why Automattic would be interested in purchasing the domain is as follows:

We’re happy the panel ruled in our favor. We think is a cool, generic .com that could be used for a variety of things. Just because you have a small WordPress theme doesn’t mean you have a right to seize generic English word .com domains. ~ Source

Although Automattic spent $100,000 on a “cool, generic .com” domain, many within the WordPress community have strong opinions about an ulterior motive.

As stated earlier, after Chris lost his legal battle, Automattic is now requesting a cancelation of his trademarks.

Although this long dispute has been about the way Chris originally licensed his theme, many feel as though this has been a childish move that puts a black mark on Automattic and the WordPress community as a whole.

As more details come to light, more are sure to add their opinions to the mix.

Has Automattic gone too far this time or are they in the right? If they win this trademark cancelation, what ramifications can be foreseen for others in the WP community?

Feel free to add your comments at the end of the article.

New WP Update Means New Default Setting for Pages

July also saw the WordPress 4.2.3. update.

This update fixed 20 bugs found in the last core update, but what many didn’t know is that now WordPress will have comments turned off by default for all Pages.

This is something many have been waiting to happen for a long time now, so go and do your happy dance ’cause it’s finally come true.

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Wrapping It Up

Holy frijoles!

This month has been one of the most interesting months of 2015. There were so many great articles and stories that it was hard to capture all of them in this month’s roundup.

So let’s turn it over to you.

What was your best read this month? What other blogs do you love to read? What’s your take on the Automattic vs Pearson situation?

Let thy comments flow-ith!

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