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A Closer Look At Extra, And Why It’s Going To Be Our Best Magazine Theme Yet

Posted on July 30 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 365 comments

A Closer Look At Extra, And Why It’s Going To Be Our Best Magazine Theme Yet

Last month, we announced the development of a new theme, Extra. Until now, we have given little detail about what this new theme is really about, and what type of things we are hoping to accomplish with it. Today, we are excited to give you a sneak peek at some of the great features that Extra will offer.

Custom Homepage, Layouts, & Categories

Extra will give you control over your index pages like never before, allowing you to completely build your homepage and category pages from the ground up. This will let you break away from the standard, prebuilt category pages, allowing you to create unique experiences on a per-category-basis. This is a killer feature. Shouldn’t an author’s blog look different than a more massively-aggregated news category with a constant influx of fresh articles? If you had the choice, would you structure your product review category differently than your homepage? Unlike any other theme, Extra will let you make those meaningful choices.


Header Options

With the content heavy nature of magazine style websites, we know that your header plays a large roll in how users navigate and access your posts. Extra will let you display a primary menu, a secondary menu, social media, links, and advertisements along with logo orientation options, and unlimited color choices. Did I mention we are building some gorgeous mega menus as well?


Rating Systems

Extra will come with two different rating systems out of the box—a system that lets you add a product rating to any post, as well as a user rating system. Both of these features are perfect for fostering reader engagement.


WooCommerce Integration

Extra will be fully compatible with WooCommerce and will allow you to easily create an online storefront that integrates perfectly into your website.


Post Formats

Extra will support article, audio, gallery, quote, video, map, and link post formats. Turning your website into a media rich experience will be easier than ever.


A Strong Foundation

Under the hood, we put a lot of effort into making sure Extra will function on a strong and responsive grid system, while also allowing for extremely diverse layouts. We have put a ton of effort into the tiniest of design details.


What Is Extra All About?

Extra is a magazine theme, and it will focus on the features that matter for online publications. We have some great magazine themes in our collection, such as Nexus and Lucid. We want to take the idea of these themes and add on a new layer of customizability, while at the same time building a foundation that can be expanded on for years to come. I hope you like what you see so far. Let us know what you think :)


  1. This looks great! Keep up the good work!

  2. Aw yiss!

  3. Amazing! Really stepping it up… This was what I always felt Divi missed to be perfect…

    Yet I still dream of a theme with this level of control for all post types (meaning a mix between divi and this), with minimal styling (and CSS documentation for custom styling), and flawless support for WooCommerce shortcodes… So close…

    • Exactly! When will ElegantThemes come out with a theme that, not only does everything you listed, but will also write my content for me!?!?!

      I should literally have to do nothing once I install an ElegantThemes, theme!

      Also, the fact that ET hasn’t come out with a theme that can bake me an actual, vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, is pretty disappointing.



    • Agree 1000%

      • LOOKS SO AWE$OME (and yes would agree with this)! Y’all Raised the EG Bar to the POW!!$ level

  4. Awesome … is there an expected release date?

    • Yes, is there a release date estimate? We have been waiting for a theme like this for a long time. We’re about ready to hire a wordpess expert to migrate a theme called Multi-News but this one looks like a much better option for us. Hopefully we can wait it out.

      • Yes, when?
        This will be what I’ve wished Divi was…

        • Exactly. This is what I wanted out of Divi. I can’t wait until Extra is done!

    • Can’t wait to test it hope we won’t have to wait for ever :)

  5. Very excited by all this and really looking forward to this new theme!

  6. Oh my goodness it looks amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on this theme and start cranking out some websites!

    Will probably redo my burger blog, as well as have a new option for all our partners that want a news time website.

  7. I’ve been putting off giving up our church web site in The Source for a year. And this looks like the reason why. Next week???!

    I can’t wait to see it.


  8. That’s definitely going to be a sweet theme!

  9. what is the link to the theme – i couldn’t find it…

    • This is just a sneak peek, and the theme has not been released yet.

      • Hi Nick,

        Would you be able to provide a timeline or release date at this time? I was just about to go with the nexus theme for an online magazine that I’m building.

        • Hi Nick, can you still add the option of ‘color coded categories’, so the category menu, header font, links, drop cap and other elements can have a dedicated (easily assignable) color?

          Hope you can!

  10. Witing for Extra to be released, I am holding a magazine proyecto just wating to use Extra instead of Divi.
    I hope we can add feedback once we get it, to add features missed (In case there is one)
    Keep up the good work!

    • Damn Mac autocorrect! :P

  11. I can’t wait. Any hints on a release date?

  12. Great job Nick(and all of ET as I know Nick has a great team behind him) Is it just me or do you find yourselves using only ET as your goto source for web development? I used to have to comb through many themes when I acquired a new client, not anymore… Keep building those walls higher Nick! I for one am loving it.

  13. OMG I literally can not wait! So excited! this is exactly what I am looking for for my next project.

  14. Another big hit coming up!!! Looks great guys, congratulations and keep on spoiling us for many more years

  15. Will Extra have any ‘Long-form’ content/design functionality that’s been adopted from the NY Times ‘Snow Fall’ design, and now seen in other magazine themes?

    • This isn’t something that Extra will support on release, but it’s definitely something we can loot into in the future.

        • Haha, whoops.

      • Thanks for the consideration Nick! I’m looking forward to this theme for sure!

      • I would also love to see a “Snowfall” option. I was trying to adapt Divi to do many of the same things for my interactive book but I will now wait for Extra – though I wish you could tell us whether it will be a matter of weeks or a matter of months.

      • Nick, it would be interesting to see how you balance advertisement placement for a magazine with content (text+photo).

        Together my wife and I run a food blog, and we’re contemplating a change. However, just a thought… with EXTRA – can we place photos on the side of the content, instead of the usual above the content. Here’s an example… http://d.pr/i/URgD and how to place on the front page http://d.pr/i/sU5y

        Keeping all advertisements (large square) & social media below the picture because people see that first (F-pattern)

      • ‘Snow Fall’ design is great for us story tellers. It’ll take story telling so much more immersive and powerful, granted that it’s “light” enough on the website to make it free of glitches. Regardless, I’d love to see a Snow Fall design incorporated to non-1.0 release of Extra, for sure!

        • What about snowfall can’t you achieve on Divi? I’ve found it to be incredibly flexible.

          Ditto on the timeline request: I’m about to launch a new project and it would be great to know is this theme will be out in weeks or months.

      • +1 for this too. There are two aspects to this that matter to me:

        1. An outstanding Snowfall/Medium/Aesop Story Engine style single-story layout, with any of their strong media features. That should not be a tall order, and would be brilliant.

        2. Medium-style commenting. That might be a lot harder, but it really changes what a theme can accomplish, and someone’s going to do it and draw a crowd.

  16. I want to say that it would be important for me that EXTRA has the same Top-Menu like DIVI because I would need to connect both themes this way. I hope this is possible.

  17. When ? when ? when ? when ? Quick ! Quick ! Quick ! ;-)

  18. I’m already loving it and waiting for release day.. I’ve 2-3 sites running on WPMS wid lods of CPTs.. Wanna see how it work there.. Good luck guys..

  19. This looks awesome. How long do we have to wait?

  20. Looks like this might be a great theme for a content heavy Community site…? Any anticipated release date for Extra? (I’m in the site planning stage right now.)

  21. Seriously, I can’t wait no more please, please release that soon :)

  22. Looks fresh! Love the new layout builder interface you’ve been using for these new themes. Almost like you took what you did with the Convertible theme and re-engineered to be awesome. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you cooked up this time!

  23. This seems the right theme for my new travel projekt. YES!!
    Wanted to start it 1. September.

  24. Looks fantastic as always Nick. I have some Genesis sites I will be switching as soon as that comes out.

  25. Mega menus? That’s awesome!

  26. This looks awesome. Can’t wait to try all the functionality you’ve put into this theme. I think I may be my first client to use it!

  27. This theme looks FANTASTIC. I couldn’t use Divi for my project because I needed a robust magazine style theme. Valenti was the closest thing I could find to do what I needed to do… until now.

    Any hints on when we might see this theme released?

  28. will it be possible using Page Builder abilities for constructing landing pages in Extra as it possible in Divi?

    • If you are looking to build landing pages, then I would suggest using Divi. Extra is not about pages, and it wont have the Divi page builder. Instead, Extra will be focused on what Divi doesn’t do as it applies to online publications.

      • Please Nick, don’t left the advertisement outside the box, I mean, flexibility for that kind of module that can help to monetize a website.
        Thank you

      • Will you be able to use the page builder plugin?

        • Thinking that Divi page builder (the no1 WP pagebuilder) should be mangled into Extra…another two-edge swiss knife!
          Or you still want us to work with the first page builder to manage static pages for Extra? Many options…gash!

      • Ideally, it would be perfect if the current (non responsive) page builder plugin was updated to Dive standards so it can be used in any theme. Although Extra will be for online publications, having a page builder that can be used to create other types of pages would be beneficial.

        I hope Nick and team consider revisiting the idea of porting the page builder functionality into a new plugin that can be used for all themes. It would make life so much easier.

        Not complaining :), after having used the Divi page builder, not having it on other themes makes custom page creation a nightmare.

        Hopefully after Extra and Monarch are done the team can re-visit the stand alone Elegant page builder (over due for an upgrade) and the Hand Held mobile plugin too.

  29. Hi Nick,
    awesome theme but before you finish it it I would like to ask some features, valid for Divi too.
    1) grid width at least 1200 px, more is better, screens now are large, even tablet ones and if you can make it fluid should be the best (fluid means that if the screen is over grid size it enlarges proportionally all content).
    2) retina support
    3) a child theme packed with the themes

    the following isn’t for Extra but for Divi

    4) a sticky bottom menu, equal the top one but at screen bottom.

    Thanks and have a good work ;)


    • Hi Marco,

      If you are interested in a Divi child theme, you may want to try my free Divi Children plugin. It has been specifically developed to create child themes of Divi, and its next version will be soon released with a lot of new customization capabilities. You´ll find details about upcoming features on my blog.

      • Hi Luis,
        thanks but I create childs by myself, anyway I’ll take a look to your plugin.
        As this is a good practice for every theme and it’s suggested by ET too, I don’t understand why they don’t join a child with each theme, isn’t a big deal and it’s really useful for many ET users, so I asked for the feature.
        Thanks anyway for the offer and best wishes for the plugin.


      • I tried your plugin out of curiosity Luis, Deactivated my own child and activated yours.

        Totally broke all formatting, even after adding my own customs.

        Is the plugin meant to give you an all fresh start, removing next to all formatting from the main theme?

  30. This is the type of leadership in innovation I have come to expect from ET. This truly looks like nothing I have seen before and to say I am excited for it is an understatement.

  31. I am just about to launch my website therealwinejulia.com, which is a makeover of my old site WineJulia.com. I purchased a membership with y’all and I’ve downloaded the theme Deep Focus, but I’m thinking EXTRA us the way I should go. I transferred everything over from my old blog (it’s been a nightmare because my old admin refused to give me FTP information and insisted on uploading everything into a zip file – which was missing months of work within a couple years; as well as, missing an entire year. Everything us in there and just about ready to go, but EXTRA looks like it’s just what I need, even though I’m not starting from scratch and I have over 420 articles…should I wait? When is the anticipated release date?? Please, please give me an approximate date so I can make a decision. Each day my site is down, I’m losing readership. Should I wait or launch with the Deep Focus theme? Help!!

    • Julia you don’t need ftp, your data is stored in a MySQL database. The easiest way to get your old data would be to install a data backup plugin on your old site, make a backup and download it locally. It’s a good idea to back up your data anyway.

      Alternatively if your old site has phpmyadmin you can back up your data from there.

  32. This is the theme our next website is waiting for :)

    • J. Duncan, VERY good questions! :)


  33. This is very exciting! You guys blow me away! Thanks!

  34. Looking great Nick, didn’t expect any less from your website ninja team!

    I would like to see Social Sharing built-in for different media types.

    So not just the usual ability to share a post, but the ability to share an image (hover over it and you see sharing icons). This would allow an easy way to share to Pinterest for example.

    Or easily share a video once it finishes playing (again social sharing icons appear on the video).

    This kind of sharing ability would be super awesome. Hope to see more of the Theme soon. Thanks Nick.

    • Yes, I totally agree! Please do this!

  35. Wow this is really cool! Please when is it going to be ready. I do need something like this for my online magazine platform. Kudos!!!

  36. Watching an ET sneak peek is a bit like watching a trailer for a film.

    The difference is that the film trailers show you the best bits and the actual film can disappoint but the final ET themes never disappoint.

    Looking forward to this one guys.

  37. Awesome!

  38. Really looking forward to this theme. Have used your themes for some time now, and they are very reliable.

  39. Looks good, keep up the good work!

  40. Great! I just launched a webstore based on Divi with an integraded magazine. Would love to make a multisite with Divi and Extra combined!

  41. Any estimate date?

  42. There are a couple of features I’d love to see. One is a grid instead of a slider. I’m so done with some of the sliders I’ve seen that make your eyeballs spin. Kind of like nexus but with no wide border or sliding panels.

    Another is a review system based on points (say, a 10-point system) rather than just stars or percentages. If the star system is used, then there will hopefully be 1/2 point options. Too many star systems I’ve seen don’t have room for half point. For instance, that restaurant that’s *not quite* perfect and deserves a 4.5 instead of a 5 rating.

    Will a portfolio option be available in Extra?

    I was hoping to go a minimalist style of theme, but I have too much stuff! I can’t wait for this to be released! I think I can remain “clean” but still be able to display content.

    Again, like others…WHEN? WHEN? WHEN? :-)

  43. Looks fantastic! Keep working guys. Can’t wait to see it in action.

  44. Looking forward to it.. I am hoping to re-configure my news site when it is ready!!

  45. I built my new book site with Divi, but this could be perfect for The Astonishing Adventures 2.0 later in the year, man you guys just get better and better :-)

    • Nick – your site is *great*! I thought you might want to know you have a broken image; on your author page, the Kickstarter logo/image is broken.

      Beautiful site!

      • Many thanks for the kind words Nicole, and the heads up on the link, been busy writing and didn’t notice :-)

  46. I’m very excited about this theme now! I’m using Divi now, but it is technically a blog that would benefit from magazine layout. Can’t wait. The suspense is killing me.

  47. That sounds quite amazing and if make assumptions based on what you’ve done so far with DIVI my only question that remains for now is: What’s the ETA ?

    Kudos team!

    Andre Foisy, eMC
    Owner Publisher @

  48. Nick, Very cool! I hope buddypress and bbpress will be supported as well. Can you confirm?

  49. Just a teensy question. Will this theme be as in need of beautiful pictures as the other news themes you guys already offer? I was really digging the other ones, but as I don’t put thumbnails on most of my posts, I’ve gone off them rather quick…

  50. Will it run on ie8? A mess on Divi…

    • IE8 is no longer something we support. In order to build beautiful, modern themes, support must be dropped for very old browsers.

      • Let’s be honest, Internet Explorer (any version) should no longer be installed, on any computer, for any reason. It is a blemish on the entire digital world.
        Those people who are so eager to hang on to it need to be aware that the future of the internet will not be taking them into consideration.
        IE vs Chrome/Firefox/etc is the equivalent of MS Paint ’95 vs Photoshop CC.

        • Dan – Hahahahaha! I agree completely!

          • Start blogging about IE quack browsers and you will unleash another genius in Microsoft! That’s what we want…

            Holy moses! its been long I viewed sites on IE what’s happening?

  51. This theme looks like it will be awesome! Do you have a rough timeline for the release that you can offer (weeks away, months away, etc)?

  52. Awesome!! I can´t wait!! estimated release date? :)

  53. It seems a good effort from your side but on the surface it is not different from many other news/magazines themes that are available in the market. I was expecting something more modern and ground-breaking from you, like Divi, not only with the front page layout but also with the single story pages.

    • We can’t pack everything into the first release, otherwise we would never finish it. Luckily, just like with Divi, we plan to continue to to update Extra with more and more great features. I could see single page stories being something we look at for Extra 2.0.

      • Single page stories means ability to mess with the layout of each blog post or something dofferent?

  54. I cannot wait for this to be released. I have been waiting for a magazine theme that would suit what I am looking to do with an online fitness magazine I am planning on launching. Loving what I see so far!!

  55. .. can’t wait :-) … thanks !!!!

  56. I hate tantrums. But I want it now! I need it! I’ve been good! I really have! Please, please, please, please!!!!! Pretty please. I said PLEASE!

    All kidding aside — this looks like an awesome theme and I can’t wait to work with it.

  57. Divi rocks so I can’t wait to see extra!o

  58. My interest is definitely piqued! As a beauty+lifestyle and fashion blogger, having something that I can customize in any way is definitely something I am interested in.

    I have a few questions, hopefully they can be answered here:
    1) Are we able to use Ubermenu with this theme?
    2) Are we able to use another page builder? Like Visual Composer as well?
    3) What about options for in-built SEO so we don’t have to download extra plugins
    4) Does it include a portfolio?
    5) It’s fully responsive right?

    Thanks for this sneak peek! Definitely beautiful :)

    • Hi Shae, I’ve been inside elegantthemes community more than a year plus and ET comes with a number of features you’ve listed. Since our latest theme is Divi which set a paradigm shift on how modern WP themes are built, I can attest that Extra will come with

      -Strong SEO feature-Yes
      -Visual Builder-not sure but you will be able to customize your mag home page with extra cat builder, probably. Check out Divi with her sterling Page Builder
      -Ubermenu-not sure for extra, maybe loot in…
      -Portfolio-always with eleganthemes and beautiful and I expect this in extra
      -Responsive-first thing on the table with current themes

      Although there are some semi-vital features left out in Extra at the moment but once suggested, it may be loot in the latter update.


      • Thanks! I’m hoping Nick will also be able to confirm more about the Visual Composer and the UberMenu – because I love those two, and it’s nice to still have them as options.

  59. Well done Guys! Looks nice!
    So with this theme is it actually an ecommerce enabled theme, or does it just allow products to be sold?
    Can this theme be used for a shop with quite a number of products? Would this theme work better for this than DIVI?
    I hope it will be a fast theme :)
    Great Job … love your innovation.

  60. Thanks Nick and Staff!!!!!

    All the support & The user friendly themes
    Have taken not only my business to another level, but ALL of those I have built sites for.

    Cannot wait to dive into this new them. Right now I am rocking DIVI & it literally has paid DIVI-DENS.


  61. Another great addition to the already nice group of Themes.

    While Divi is awesome, I have to say that feature to use videos as backgrounds was not so easy to use. It’s hard to find video with 1400px x 600px, and yet be clean enough for the title and button to be readable. Not a Elegant Theme’s fault, of course.

    I’m looking something to replace my Aggregate Theme. I love its many features, specially the widgets in the homepage. Maybe Extra will have that touch too?

  62. Very excited about this! Definitely highlights the value of an Elegant Themes membership!

    Will be interesting to see how you setup management of review criteria – e.g. whether criteria are added per post or whether criteria are centrally managed and then selected per post. Hoping your review module allows an ‘overall’ rating (for both editors and users) without having to specify criteria for simple reviews where multiple criteria and an average are over the top and / or not desired for commercial reasons.

    And very excited to see if the theme supports any advanced loop ordering including assigning fixed loop locations to some posts, loop filtering on views or a manual ‘priority’ value that could be assigned to posts etc. etc. It cannot be understated how important this sort of functionality is in the publishing industry to ensure high value content is in the right place even while fresh content is added.

    Re header / menus will be interesting to see how they would cater for a large number of categories which is required by some publications, we find few WordPress themes can handle this elegantly.

    I might be a bit late for feature requests but one feature that we have only seen on a handful of WordPress themes but which is common on commercial publishing platforms is the ability to have featured ‘headlines’ (different from both the post name and url) that appear on articles typically on home pages and other featured areas.

    Looks great! Can’t wait!

  63. This theme looks wonderful!
    Can you also make it compatable with Jigoshop?

  64. This one I’m really looking forward to!

  65. Way to go Nick, you rock! Cant wait to try this one!

  66. Nick, please make it compatible with WooSensei, to sell courses.

  67. can’t waiting more….it’s awesome…

  68. This looks great!
    The long-awaited, and this is what I want!
    Hope to publish as soon as possible!

  69. I love it already! Please release it ASAP 8-)

  70. Just awesome Nick!!! Can’t wait more for EXTRA. Can Marquee News ticker is built-in?

  71. Extra looks charming and I will love it for her builder. Please Nick consider these in your first release;

    Option for;
    fullwidth and box layout with bg customizing
    multiple page post slider
    recent, popular comment tab
    ability to feature any post in the slider using tag
    allowance to use our animated layerslider using shortcodes
    maga menu news ticker sticky widget
    allowance to move carousel and even to the widget sidebar
    Section technology used in Divi to allow us either make a sextion full or with sidebar
    a test module like Divi should be integrated into Extra builder
    bbpress and buddypress compatibility-Divi lacks this in styling…

    or make a survey just like Divi to let us choose the features because we know you are vast in this.

    Another elegantthemes to set the pace…

    Cheers :)

  72. Hi guys! Extra looks just awesome. Looking forward to try out this theme.

  73. Nice work. Love Divi for many of my sites but I need an article based theme for several other sites so I really hope this theme is comparable to Newspaper by tagDiv. Things like unique article types, block layout system and a superb ad layout system is crucial for a great mag/newspaper theme. Also since these type of sites tend to be large or get large quick, some of the code optimization tools like tagDiv uses to get good page speed scores would be a great addition as well. Perhaps some additional seo features geared towards magazine content.

  74. Great to see the development of this magazine theme!
    I notice a great demand for this kind of themes in my environment.

    Have you considered to include an offset option when displaying articles from the same category in multiple columns on 1 page?
    This is the only functionality I was missing in your other great theme Divi..

    Really looking forward to the release of Extra, it could be again all we need :-)

    • Hi Nick,
      It’s looking perfect for my site rebuild, is there a demo we can view?

      You guys kick ass when it comes to value for money, Love Elegant Themes

  75. From better to even better!

  76. Now I was forced to use Sahifa, for one of my sites. I hope your new theme will be better.

  77. This is the theme i’ve been waiting for. I’m glad the theme will have the mega menus and can’t wait for the release.

    Is it going to work – like Divi – with the sidebar(widgets) element drag and drop on the front page?

    And any other – besides the rating part – user features. Fx. Latest comments, most comments, last seen users, ect.?

    How about BBpress integration? Any amazing ways to display forum activity like latest post.

    Again. Can’t wait for the release.

  78. Integrate SOCIAL SHARING buttons in the post grid ;D

  79. It would be awesome if members could get a beta to test with and then feedback to you guys.

    Thanks Nick

    • I second this motion! I’d love to be a beta tester for Extra as well. I’ve been holding back to switch to Divi…now I know it’s because I’m waiting for a post-centric team like Extra!

      You guys got me hooked when I read the line about Extra “will let you break away from the standard, prebuilt category pages, allowing you to create unique experiences on a per-category-basis. This is a killer feature. ”

      As a blogger with multiple topic segments, showcasing each category in its own style would no doubt be so delightful. My gosh, I am so excited.

      Thank you Nick and the Elegant Themes team! You guys know we are so excited already.

      Keep up the great work,

      • edit: “…post-centric THEME…”

        Too excited = greater probability of typos

    • I’m glad to see that others are posting themes that they have been considering/are using because of a need for a “real” news theme from ET. The one that I like but won’t use because of several reasons, not the least being that it’s on Themeforest, is http://themeforest.net/item/extranews-responsive-news-and-magazine-theme/3102218. I love the adjustable grid because when I redo my site, I still want a slider function, but I don’t want it to overshadow the (very important) content.

      ET is long overdue in making such a theme, but it seems to be coming at just the right time for many of us.

      Of course, the question is WHEN!!

  80. wow! i was just searching a theme for my new website and could not find the right one i like. i am going to wait for this release – it looks perfect for what i need! love the flexibility, hope it’s coming soon!!

  81. Hi Nick & The Team!

    You just cannot fail to put a beaming smile on my face again and again! :)

    Cannot wait till it’s released!

    Thanks for all that you do!

  82. Ah! I can’t wait for it to be released. Just give it to us then make updates haha.

  83. Ooh! Looks mighty interesting!

  84. 90% of the magazine themes for WP have support for Buddypress. I hope that Extra will this integration.

    Don’t know why ET does not like Buddypress

  85. Will it be possible to export a page builder layout from Divi and import into Extra? Debating on whether or not to wait a little longer for extra to remake my personal site (a blog/magazine) site or if I could begin making it in divi and switch over to Extra without having to completely redo the layouts. Thanks!

  86. Custom Homepage and Custom Category Pages…

    Why not Custom Tag Pages and Custom Search Result Pages???

  87. I’m a fairly new member to Elegant Themes. The upcoming Extra theme looks like what I’ve like to build my site with because the others miss some aspect of what I’m looking for. As a friendly suggestion, I’d like to at least have some sort of indication when a new theme is coming. thanks!

  88. Nick, I’ve a project right now requiring a magazine template and EXTRA would be perfect. I’d love to put my client off a short bit. Any sense of release date?

  89. I can’t wait for it to come out! When will this theme be ready? I am looking to using it for a client’s website.

  90. I look forward to playing with your newest creation, but my real reason for visiting today is to thank you for the amazing consistent content you create on this blog. These days my WP work is mostly a sideline but my email feed of articles from the ET blog continually gets my attention and keeps my head in the game.

    Guys your free articles are every bit as good as most paid subscription content I’ve seen, better than many. They are certainly a value greater than my Theme subscription price and you just give it away .

    Elegant Themes is not only the place to go for outstanding themes, but a great destination to learn all things WordPress. Thank you ET.

  91. Its great to see really good development from Elegant, being just joined a little around a month ago just for the Divi theme to test it out, to seeing this Extra theme being developed puts my faith in my money being spent well.

    As for the Extra theme i think this will change the typical platform for magazine sites that everyone visualises as a standard. I really do hope that Extra can rip the field apart with new abilities and maximum freedom when setting up a site.

    Yes Divi has its bugs and so does every theme out there, but with Development on Divi and Extra being built off that type of framework you are going to have two awesome themes / Frameworks.

    Cant wait to test this out ET.

  92. Nick
    Awesome theme from what I can see from your article! I notice you are sidestepping all the comments prompting you for a release date. I cannot wait. I have started Whispergreen Photographic Weekly, and I believe this will definitely fit what I have in mind at least 90-95%.

    So let me join the others, when is the planned release date?

    I have only recently joined the members area, started using your themes. you documentation is superb, especially for me as a newbie.

  93. I really thought you guys would flop and could not meet expectation after Divi. I was so wrong you guys have a great team and creative minds. I will renew my account soon and probably use extra; good job guys.

    By the way is the entire menu fixed on this theme or do you have the option to just make primary or top fixed?

  94. Looking forward for this new magazine theme.

    I start a blog magazine a couple months ago with the Nexus theme but I was not so happy with the final look. http://freebeee.net/

    I think the – Extra – theme will be the lucky winner!

    • Yes, I had the same issues with Nexus. Could not get it to do what I wanted – I liked the look, but it wouldn’t fit.

      Love your logo!

    • Zisis,

      Maybe if you remove one of the header logo’s. Because two logo’s is too much. Remove the horizontal background (behind the slider), and instead of the solid yellow color, use another background, which can be found as freebee on ET website. Make sure you add some clear/logic menu items in the main-menu, so navigation becomes clear to users.
      Now start added some more content.

      You can also wait for the new Extra theme….

      Good luck.

  95. Really loving the direction Elegant Themes is moving towards with their themes. This looks amazing!

  96. PLEASE please please let me somehow select which widgets or widget areas show up in mobile screens versus full size. Right now my site renders not very good on tablets and I need to use WPTouch on smartphones. Thank you!

  97. We switched a number of sites to Divi when it came out, even more with Divi2. We’er excited for Extra, because it’s appropriate for the sites we didn’t switch over. We have subscriptions to numerous other theme clubs and creators that we’ve been letting lapse because of your superior offering.

    • Divi and Extra will not be compatible, since Divi is built from the ground up using the Divi Builder. You can think of it like Divi is the Divi builder. If we have a theme that was compatibility with Divi, it would just be Divi :) Extra is an entirely different theme with a different purpose, and switching back and forth between the two themes wont be feasible unfortunately.

  98. This looks great. Just in time too, I think I can use this for a restaurant review site I am working on and the theme the client chose is beyond hopeless! Hurry up!

  99. i know you dont want to give any estimated time on arrivel- dates. but because of some of us are planning already to include this theme, could you not just give us a very very unspecified noncommittal undefined month of your estimation ??? just an around date….we promise we wont give you any negative things if you cant make it to this date….but please it is just about …this year, next year, december ????

  100. Looks Great, but 2 Questions.
    – Will there be a simple Way to “import” the DIVI Pages to Extra?
    – Will there be an Option to save the “Divi Theme Options”? Means is there NOW a simple Way to switch to Extra, work on it and switch Back to Divi when its not Work?

  101. Will it be possible to export a page builder layout from Divi and import into Extra? Debating on whether or not to wait a little longer for extra to remake my personal site (a blog/magazine) site or if I could begin making it in divi and switch over to Extra without having to completely redo the layouts. Thanks!

  102. Wonderful. When you are going to release this theme? I hope this theme will have flexibility like Divi. One thing I would like to suggest is to make the sidebar bigger in width so that square shaped image ads can be placed easily.

  103. Lots of people are asking the same question: What is the anticipated release date for this new theme?

    Any chance we can get a response of some sort to that question?

  104. Nick any chance this will support masonry js?

  105. This looks like a fantastic theme! We can’t wait for this to be released. You guys produce some amazing themes and never fail to astound us here at Vivid Clouds. We are differently glad we to out our life time membership with you as it’s been worth every cent.

    Keep up the good work.

    Also looking for some feedback on our website around usability, content, design etc at http://www.vividclouds.co.uk all feedback welcome and appreciated. Please email us at feedback[at]vividclouds.co.uk

  106. Nagging on the when when when bandwagon. I’m slowly pulling all of the things I need for a site relaunch together, and would like to know when – at least the month! – the Extra theme will be released. All of the themes I’m looking at now – even on {{{shudder}}} Themeforest – are clean, magazine-style themes.

    Please don’t make me go there! Please give us a release date!

    • With this constant waiting on promises to be delivered it is becoming a bit tedious talking about how many themes you have on offer. FACT – only one (ONE!!!) new theme has been released in the last year.

      You insist on showcasing the upcoming theme (EXTRA), but after nearly 3 months from the first sneak peak still no sign of it?!?!?!?!

      You need to get your act together ET – one theme a year is not good enough. Divi is OK (still too many issues) and could not realistically be compared to fluid template builders like Headway because the design is limited to the templates loaded by yourselves, so it is still a theme/template and the only one released since last summer!!!

      I used to use ET themes for 80% of my WordPress sites. Now it is down to maybe using Divi if it suits the purpose of my client, otherwise I am using Headway or buying a more suitable template on envato or elsewhere.

      I know many other developers feel the same way and are losing the faith. Many people have asked the question when Extra will be ready. I would like to know the same, but more importantly I would like to know if you plan on releasing more than one theme a year!

      And stop trying to sell us DIVI as a one-size-fits-all remedy for developing sites – it has too many issues for that to be the case !!!

      • I am sorry you feel that way, but this is the direction we have chosen to take the company. We will continue to spend more time on our products that we have in the past to ensure that each new theme brings something new to the table.

        We already have 87 themes in our collection, all available for less than the price of 1 theme at other theme companies. Pumping out new themes every month that aren’t significantly different than the ones we already have doesn’t improve the membership.

    • We don’t give release dates because it’s often not possible to give one accurately. I can assure you that we are working as hard as we can on all of our new products.

      • Nick, I don’t think most people are asking for an accurate date. Many just need to have a ballpark timeframe for planning purposes. Days, weeks or months is more than adequate I would think.

        If you were to say “Extra is about 6-8 weeks out” and it took you 9 or 10, I’m pretty sure it would be acceptable by most of us, especially if there is clear communication when you realize it is taking longer than expected. Of course you’re always going to get the idiots that complain but they will complain regardless, that’s just the way they are.

        Speaking for myself, I’m in a position where I have a site that is in the works, I’m using Divi but Extra really seems to be a better fit. If i knew Extra is a month or two away I’d be able to make a decision as to whether or not to continue with configuring Divi or just put that project on hold, move onto something else and wait for Extra.

        • Extra should be ready within 1-2 months. Hopefully closer to 1, but you never know.

          • Thanks Nick, I am going to put off purchasing a competing theme and wait for Extra now that I know the rough time frame. And if Extra is delayed that’s ok, that’s my risk :-) Cheers!

          • Thanks for the response Nick. Now if we can get people to read it :)

          • Hi Nick,

            Looking forward to the theme. I think it would be good for you guys to put a roadmap together of up-coming themes and plugins. Of course timelines can change but still a visual representation would be nice.

            Looking forward to Extra!!


          • Nick thank you for the time frame. I myself have really been looking forward to using this theme on a non profit site I’ve ran for many years.

            I appreciate that you are producing quality over quantity. That is the way of the future and we must forgive those who can’t see outside of the America culture of “more more more”.

            Keep up the good work!

  107. I was going to ask about the release date for Extra but I see this question has been asked several times!?

    • Nick answered right above your comment. 1-2 months

  108. I am working on a magazine/news project.. about to start building. I would LOVE to know when Extra will be released, so I can wait.. or keep on looking for another theme.. please please let us know this look awesome!!

    • As I mentioned to William, Nick answered right above your comment. 1-2 months

  109. I am working with a client and this theme will be perfect. Is it ready yet? Are we there yet? ;)

  110. Can not the same as the increase Slider presentation and select it ?

  111. I am a big fan of the Explorable ET, I love what you did with google maps and the ability to sort maps according to built-in taxonomy (ratings and classification).

    I see that in the new theme Extra you are introducing google maps as a Post format, will it also allow integration with categories and possibly custom taxonomies?

  112. Can I request a feature? Since this is going to be a magazine style theme, it will be nice if it had bbpress support, something like this: http://mightymag.djwd.me/forums/

    I don’t know, maybe I am being selfish.

    • +1 – definately got buddypress in mind for this !

  113. EXTRA looks amazing ! I am currently using Divi but I am really keen to move to EXTRA as I feel a magazine-style theme is more suitable to my website. I was thinking about trying out Nexus but quickly changed my mine after reading your original post on EXTRA. Can’t wait till you get it out. :)

  114. Nick, and the team at Elegant Themes.

    You guys do fantastic work. Please take as much time as you need and don’t let the demands of other customers encourage you to release a half baked product. Quality takes time, and quite frankly I’m sick and tired of wadding through the complete crap magazine themes from other designers.

    I need this to be good. Good Luck guys.

  115. Hi Nick & Team,

    Just went through the “Monarch” Plugin post and got reminded of this theme being currently built. Can’t wait for both.

    Thanks for making the interweb a prettier space with your elegant and stylish themes.


  116. Awesome.. Waiting for release date. :D

  117. Yup.. Still waiting. It’s been about a month so since Nick said a month (or maybe two,) I’m hoping it’ll be soon.I hate to do it but I have to agree with the above comment from James O’Sullivan that Divi isn’t for all projects. Yes, it’s an extremely flexible theme, and it’s amazing for many different project types, but for magazine and text heavy sites, Divi isn’t the best fit. I’ve got two projects with which I’ve tried Divi, and I just couldn’t get it right. Extra on the other hand sounds like would be a perfect fit. Here’s to hoping it’ll be released sooner rather than later.

    • I completely agree with you. Divi is a very nice theme for a lot of sites, but some weeks ago, I tried to check the UI of my site with 3rd party people, and only 1 or max. 2 topics (out of 6) were discovered within 5 sec using Divi.
      A magazine theme should push all the 6 relevant topic to the reader, without any search or menu usage.
      We are waiting for the release :)

  118. Yes, when *is* Extra coming out? Please give us an update so we have some idea. Are you looking for beta testers? \o. :::raising my hand:::

  119. While the wait is killing me, I can’t wait to see Extra launch. Pair that with Monarch, and I don’t think Im going anywhere but Elegant Themes for myself, current and future clients.

    Here’s hoping there is atleast another update post about both products soon, just so we know whats what.

  120. I keep checking back up on this post… daydreaming… hoping this theme has released. OH, I WANT IT SO BAD!

    • Ha. I thought I was the only one who had this post on speed dial, stopping in every few nights to drool and dream and hope that Extra was being released. Theme tease!

    • I am excited about this theme and can’t wait. I hope it is released SOON!!!!!

    • hahaha, I thought I was the only one, but it looks I am not. What I do is check the blog every night before go to sleep, sometimes a couple of times within the same day.

  121. I’m also checking every days this post with the hope of an awesome news but nothing… Hope to see the theme live in a few days or maybe a new sneak peek on it could be cool as the Monarch plugin too. Else Good job ET team!

  122. Yep, I keep checking every few days – is there a notification list?

  123. A don’t often comment, but I now feel like a kid on x-mas eve.
    Glad I am not the only one that has the itchy refresh trigger finger.
    I have all these ideas and content ready for this theme.

    So, I will ask like many other. Any new update or current sneak peak?

    Just constantly checking this page and the member area for updates.


  124. I want this theme for my website. when it is available please tell me.

  125. Bueller……..Bueller…….Bueller…..

    I have a client waiting………and waiting…….

  126. There’s a huge issue with transparency here, and I think it’s going to end up costing ET customers.

    Obviously, we all love the company. But we have clients too, and we have projects coming up, and the lack of communication makes it impossible for us to plan projects or communicate with clients in any kind of professional way.

    Other theme vendors do a much better job of communicating.

    This isn’t a criticism as much as a plea. Your designs are great, but please up your communication game or you will alienate your developer community.

    You design social widgets, so you should understand the importance of communication.

    Communicate, please.

    • I agree. In most cases we get in “one to two months” type of answers. That timeline for Extra has already passed. I’m fine with waiting for them to get it right, but an update would do wonders for the community. I could respect Extra is going to take one more month because of some bugs found recently. It’s a lot better than complete silence.

    • I agree. I am a recent Elegant Theme customer, and I have been waiting on Extra to start a new project because Nexus was missing some elements I’d like, but the lack of communication on updates, at least, on the release of new theme is not a favorable method for customers. I’m starting to feel as if I may have to result to purchasing a theme elsewhere, when I’ve paid for membership here which is a very unfavorable resolution to have to result to. This along makes me insecure about continuing my membership. With all due respect to Elegant Themes, I concur, not criticism, but a plea.

  127. What dimensions will the logo and featured images have. Editing images will give me something to do while I wait for the theme release.

    • I’ve worn my thumbs out twiddling them.

      Come on – let us know – pretty please.

      We’re all on our knees out here….begging for some information.

  128. I’ve been checking back on the progress of this theme, and four months later (yes, it’s October 2014) and still, NO theme. You announced this “Extra” theme in June! Oh well, at least it’s very easy to cancel the annual subscription considering you haven’t added any new plugins either (nor have you added any new features to the four plugins you offer). ET, you’ve slacked off.

  129. While I’m waiting for Extra to be released, I would like to suggest a feature idea I saw a few days ago on msn.com’s new site. Their site design looks a LOT like your Extra theme (perhaps you “inspired” them –LOL).
    But on some of their category sections, they’ve designed them to scroll. It’s an EXCELLENT way to organize a lot of content (my news site is extremely content heavy. I’m still with you ET, just tired of waiting for the Extra theme to be released). But take a look at msn.com’s new site design that they just debuted a few days ago (their design reminds me of Extra, but you announced your theme long before they updated their site).

  130. Hi guys,

    I was hoping ET would surprise all of us and launch this theme October the first. I’m very curious about the launchdate of this theme. I think we’ve been waiting long enough for this one. Please give us an update!


  131. Hello Nick Roach
    I guess that October will be a beautiful month
    Wallis as well as Nick? ^_^

  132. more than one year has passed and the only themes elegant themes has released is DIVI and divi 2? 2 themes in more than one year?
    Where are the new themes?

  133. Maybe it will be November then?

  134. Extra is taking “extra” time. I bet is going to be a great theme. Nick said it might take between one and two months. Maybe around October 15-20?
    But yes I agree with most people here. An update would be very nice.

    • All I can say is that we are working as hard as we can on both Extra and Monarch. Much like Divi, Extra is a very big project, and giving ETA’s is difficult to do. At this point I can say that Monarch will likely be finished before Extra, and that they are both getting pretty close to being finished. We will probably release Monarch this month and Extra early November, but I can’t say for sure. It really depends how beta testing goes, and what challenges we run into.

      • Thanks so much for the update Nick!

      • Hi Nick,

        Thanks for the update on the release dates. I agree with some of the comments above. Transparency is important to customers. I’ve been using and enjoying your themes and plugins for many years now but the frequency of the releases is much less, even though we read you have growth in your team. Seems that site is becoming more a How-to resource for wordpress than a premium theme release site.

        Also, setting expectations that are under-promise than over-promises is important. This gives you opportunity to exceed expectations should you deliver before timeline.

        Sorry but as I am in the consulting field this is something that i’ve learned many years ago. If my techies tell me they can do something in two weeks, I will tell the client it will take 3 weeks, not the other way around. Anyway just a bit of constructive advise.

        Still waiting keenly for this great theme and plugin.

      • Appreciate the update. I’m hanginging on for Extra. Thanks, Nick

  135. Estimated release date of the new Extra theme:

    I have checked all release dates of the last couple of years. Except from the Explorable theme, all themes are announced on Wednesday/Thursday. But before the actual release date, there is also a ‘Countdown-blog message’ which is typically announced on Wednesday/Thursday as well. The ‘Countdown-blog message’ is most likely two weeks before the original release date.

    So all in all this mean we are at least three weeks away from the final release date of the new Extra theme.

    Of course take this post with a grain of salt, since Nick will know much better…

  136. Nick,

    What realy would help if you release 0.9 with a clear note this release is NOT for commercial/production websites purposes. In this way we can help you testing and we are able to learn better the new Extra theme in advance.

    In the mean time you will get feedback about the quality of the product.

    I think there are many people (me as well) who would love to help you beta-testing.

  137. Hi guys, i think you could update your old themes with a builder like DIVI, meanwhile EXTRA comes out !!

    Is it possible?

  138. Eagerly awaiting this template so I can start my next project. I know great things take time to make, but my inner child wants to use this template soon.

    Hoping the wait is worth it!

  139. Wait a second. Am I reading these comments right? There is no page builder to this theme, and there is no way to move your site from Divi to this theme in any reasonable fashion?

    That is really really crappy news if I am understanding all this correctly.

    • That’s the case for now, but we are working on some ideas for allowing elements built with the Divi build to live outside of the theme. However, due to the nature of the Divi builder, which allows you to fully construct everything about your website from the ground up, it’s not exactly practical to have this “fully built” website exist inside of a completely different theme. Just by way of example, try imagining the whole Divi Demo website existing inside of the small content area of this blog post. The result would be something that looks out-of-place and squished, and the idea of “full width modules” make no sense outside of a theme like Divi, in which the page is actually a blank canvas. This is why the Divi builder was made part of the theme itself.

  140. Any ETA on the release of the best damn Magazine Theme EVER?

    • It’s hard to say, but I can say that Monarch will be finished first, followed by Extra. Monarch should be ready in 1-2 weeks.

      • Hey Nick, thanks for the updates. Have you / ET ever considered developing a custom form plugin? There are some decent ones out there (Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms), but they’re all lacking in one way or another, or you have to pay exorbitant amounts of money.

        One thing I appreciate about ET is your straightforward design, and I would love to see what you could come up with for custom forms.

        Something to think about. Keep up the good work.

        • Hey Nick,

          Excited about the new theme. I know it isn’t quite ready yet, but would it be possible to do another blog post showcasing a few of Extra’s features in a little more detail?

          I certainly don’t mind waiting for the great quality themes you produce (Divi is fantastic), but I’m in somewhat of a holding pattern on a couple of projects where I think waiting for Extra is the way to go, but I can’t tell for sure without knowing more about its features and capabilities.

          The more information we have, the better. It helps us plan for upcoming releases.

          • +1 on this idea, thanks.

        • Personally, Gravity Forms has been the best investment I made after becoming a WordPress user/developer. It might be expensive, but what I’ve been able to do with it has saved me lots of time, money and allowed me to create applications that I never imagined possible.

          What I’d love to see is for ET to provide default ET stylings for Gravity Forms. That would save time for me.

        • Use Quform -> very flexible and cheap :)

        • Use Quform -> very flexible and cheap :)

      • Hi Nick,

        Any further news on Extra? I know you will be bugged out of all comprehension with how often this is asked, but it would be really good to know some further details. I have a project that needs to have some answers very shortly, and while I’m happy to wait for the theme, I need to know more details – especially about things like average page load time, author pages, page view counts, the new mega menu and how many levels etc. If I cannot answer these then I will need to work with Valenti over on Themeforest as this is the closest theme I can find. Personally I’d prefer not to as I’m an ET fan – but without any real insight to the new Extra theme, I am being forced into making decisions I’d prefer not to. Please provide an update, if only some REAL ‘closer look’ with DETAIL on the new theme.

        Many thanks, and keep up the good work!

  141. I’m really excited about this new theme arriving, the timing will be perfect for updating my project.

    Thanks to you and your team for putting a lot of time and effort into creating a tool that will be useful and purposeful for your customers. We appreciate it!

  142. Hey Nick, any chance of another sneak peek? The pictures from the sneak peck look awesome!….. any chance of seeing some more?

    maybe a look at a home page and more from the up coming extra?


    Keep up the awesome work guys

  143. I think some of the wording on Elegant Themes needs to be updated. Great themes but the releases have slowed drastically.

    I know DIVI is now the corner stone but the KISS principle can still be applied to several others who are just looking for some nice designs based on genres. I miss that on Elegant themes.

    The recent blog posts are excellent though and I’m enjoying them. But really, some more themes within a year are needed.

    Or a bigger update to DIVI. Custom Pages would really boost its standing. I don’t understand why it’s not a part of DIVI.

    Meanwhile I’m guessing we won’t see EXTRA until Christmas?

  144. I know the question of when this will be released is getting old. However, is there any general dates such as what Month at this point? I am trying to decide if I hold off on a project and wait for this theme.


    — Dave

    • Hi,

      I am with Dave, been reading up on this and it appears your social plugin will be released first however, it would be great to have a rough ETA as to when this will be released i.e 2014/2015.

      Then, we can plan accordingly on projects and do wha we need to.

      Nevertheless, the work is really appreciated and thank you very much,


      • I am always reluctant to give ETA’s on release dates, because they are almost never accurate. All I can say is that we are working as hard as we can on the theme, as we do with all of our products, and Extra will be released as soon as it’s ready.

  145. Well since Monarch is released, lets hope all the work now focuses on Extra, and maybe another new theme or so. Elegant Themes has become terrible about timely releases of new themes, as many agree on, more emphasis should have been put on getting Extra out before Monarch. Sure a cool social media plugin is important so many, but far more people are looking at this theme for their development and project needs. One theme a year is of little value, especially when you never have any idea if and when its coming, and not beta testing or good previews.


  146. Has anybody asked about when this will be released … ? I was just wondering ;)

  147. What’s the latest on Extra? Can’t wait to put it into practice.

  148. can’t wait to try it out !

  149. Hi,

    I’m really looking forward to the release of Extra, but have one question if you don’t mind – will the user review option be available for custom post types as well as posts?

    I’m thinking of combining the theme with Easy Digital Downloads for a download site and this would be pretty useful!

    Thanks for all the hard work

  150. True it’s been forever, I am so ready to switch to some other themes. ET is getting much less serious and this reminds me of that endless announcements of Duke Nukem forever that went on for years…

    • Good things take time. Much like Divi, which took over a year to get to it’s current form, Extra, is a very big theme with a lot of moving parts. We are working hard to get everything finished, and the theme will be released as soon as it’s ready.

  151. Can’t wait for this. Not sure why everyone is complaining though, good things take time :)

    • Good things do, indeed, take time. But when release dates come and go without any sort of communication or transparency as to how much longer we are to wait, it is frustrating. I don’t mind a great theme taking six months to develop, but when there are no significant updates or insights into the process, we are left waiting indefinitely.

      My problem is that I have clients, for whom I hope to develop projects based around Extra, and they’re asking me when they can see initial mockups. If Nick and the team provided updates, I could pass them along to my clients. Sadly, however, I have had to move on with other themes for three projects recently simply because I don’t know what’s going on at ET. I could have waited four or five more weeks, but as far as I know, Extra isn’t coming out until 2015.

      I don’t mind waiting, but I don’t like waiting in the dark.

      • All I can say is that we are working as hard as we can on Extra, and it will be ready as soon as it’s finished. It’s very difficult to give an ETA, and I am always reluctant to do so. As you can see, when I guess it’s almost never accurate.

  152. will Extra have the ability to do podcast?


    • It will be possible to create Audio posts using Extra’s Audio Post Format.

      • Hey Nick, any word on Extra’s release?

        I’ve been a paying member of ET for several years, and have even referred friends and colleagues to your website, but am seriously considering not renewing next month.

        The lack of communication is very discouraging. I don’t mind waiting 6 months – even a year – for a great new theme or product, but it is difficult to plan projects around a theme release when I can’t get anyone to communicate with me about how the project is coming along, especially as previous projection dates come and go without a word.

        You do great work, and that’s what keeps me coming back. However, at a certain point, the inconvenience caused by the lack of customer service outweighs the benefits of the product, and when that happens, it doesn’t make sense for me to renew my subscription.

        • I am sorry that Extra is taking so long. It’s equally difficult to estimate the completion of a project, which is why we are always hesitant to give any ETA’s. We are working as hard as we can to finish it, and it will be released as soon as it is ready. I wouldn’t suggest planning a project around a product that doesn’t have a release date.

          • Hey Nick, no need to apologize for product development time. We would just appreciate an occasional update.

            Would it be possible to do another sneak peak, giving more details as to how Extra will look and function?

            I certainly don’t plan my projects around your releases, but when I can use an ET theme instead of building my own framework from scratch or taking a chance on a pre-made theme from Themeforest, I do so because I really do enjoy your work.

            But lately I’ve had to move forward on projects that could have waited another month or so, simply because I have no idea when Extra is coming or what exactly it is going to do.

          • Nick, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the hard work from your team and you. I personally would rather wait for a product that is built properly and not churned out before it’s ready because of demand. I’m embarrassed to say that I went to a WP site and bought a pretty snazzy theme for $65. and when I went back a few months later for updates… it was gone. No updates or help available.
            $65. down the drain. Ugh! I appreciate the value and beautiful work you produce.
            You guys are a class act! Thank you!

  153. Hello Nick Roach
    What are the new happy news?

  154. Ok, time’s up. Where is EXTRA?

    • Still in the works. There’s a lot to do, and we are working hard doing it. All I can say is that the theme will be finished as soon as it’s ready, and we are trying to make it sooner than later.

  155. Hi there,

    Very excited to start building with the new theme! Is there already an update when the theme will be released? For a new project this theme looks perfect. But if it will take longer than a week, when Extra will be released, I sadly have to use another theme. Is there an indication?

    Thanks in advance!

    Keep up the good work,


    • I would not consider Extra for a project until it’s released. We are working as hard as we can to finish the theme as soon as possible.

  156. Sadly, I was now lost 4 project this year, waiting on Extra.

    • Really? I think you need to look at your business practices…… why would you base projects on something that’s not yet available.

  157. Let the countdown begins for Extra….

    • +1

    • +1

  158. There are news about Extra?

    • You’re kidding rigth? :|

      286 Days
      06 Hours
      05 Minutes
      41 Seconds

      • It will be ready before that :)

        • Thanks for replying Nick. I keep checking my email everyday for the one announcing the arrival of the new “Extra” theme! I know, it will be worth the wait.

          Hoping it will arrive this month.

  159. Never let me leave Elegant themes again

    I had to use another theme since extra wasn’t out yet. despite its great reviews on themeforest its slow. just plain slow. i never have these problems with any elegant themes despite using many of them and older ones

    eagerly awaiting extra

  160. Any news or estimation date?

    • Anything?

    • We are working as hard as we can, as we always do, and the theme will be ready as soon as it’s finished. There’s a lot to do, and these things take time. I am always hesitant to give any sort of ETA since it’s never accurate.

      • Any word, Nick?

  161. I think the biggest problem with this post is that it was written nearly the last day of July.

    So people can also count that month as when this wait started.

    Which is coming up to 5 months.

    Any time soon would be ace if it’s anything as good as divi.

  162. So dying for this to release! Monarch has been brilliant. We have some big plans for Extra and already 2 projects waiting on it!

  163. Has Extra fallen into a black hole?

    • We are still working as hard as ever on Extra, and it will be released the second it’s ready.

  164. Are there any reason to believe it would make problems changing my template from Divi to Extra when it arrives?

    I am just working on a live testsite with Divi. The content would suit best i a magazinelike template.

    I do not expect pagedesign and special effects to be transferred, but I am just afraid Divis special way of doing things could leave me with any trouble.

    An answer could influence how deep I will work on the existing testsite:

    No, I did not ask when Extra will be finished ;-)

    • Pages built with the page builder would not transfer over, but all of your posts would work great in Extra.

  165. Divi was so fantastic that we are impatience for know your new work! We have our hopes on Extra for a new job.

  166. It would be better if we never knew Extra was in the works. Having to wait four months without any word on a release date is torture. :'(

    However, it does look good thus far. :)

  167. Perhaps we will see “The 12 Days of Extra” in December ;)

    • You’re more likely to see “The 30 Days of Extra Waiting” in December.

    • In all seriousness though, great themes take time, there’s just no way around that. I just wish we could get a status update every now and again.

  168. Waiting for this theme. My blog needs all the extra’s. Hope the ETA will be in 2014

  169. Can you release a beta version, so we can start to work and set-up websites and then upgrade to full version when it’s ready?

  170. Nick, can you just give us a season or month you are shooting for?

    • +1

      I so absolutely love ET themes, and have continued to hold back on projects so I can work with this theme.

      I completely appreciate what Nick says about “it’ll be released as soon as it is ready” and that we shouldn’t plan projects around a theme with no release date. But from a business principle, can I recommend that ET follows some of its own advice? Don’t announce the “coming soon” arrival of a theme until it’s ready? That way you can build up anticipation but knowing that all you have left to do are tweaks – you can then answer questions and prepare your eager audience for what is to come. But to blindly announce a new project and then get irksome with the (after 4+ months) impatience is a little short-sighted. I speak as a loyal subscriber, but if I treated my subscribers this way, I can guarantee that I would lose a large proportion. My recommendation, don’t announce until you are ready – or on the very least give additional details as they come on board. I did not subscribe to ET for tips on wordpress usage – I can get that for free. I subscribed because I believe in your product. Sadly, I am unsure if I am getting that value. Before you say how we are getting the multiple themes under that value banner – that is all well and good (though a number are outdated) – but the function of a subscription site is to provide regular updates and keep subscribers interest going (your own wordpress advice leads to this). Don’t provide a teaser for something you cannot then fulfil in a timeframe, but rather manage your productivity and advertisement better.

      All that said, I am really looking forward to finding out more details about this theme. But I hope you take on board your customer experience. Perhaps a change in your model to reflect your changes in product creation are I order?

        • Yep. It’s getting ridiculous.

          • Didn’t Nick mention that it will be out in November? I think it was a comment somewhere…. but yep it’s been 4 months of waiting…. I am sure it is a great theme…

            • Unfortunately it’s been almost SIX full months. They made the announcement June 11, 2014. I don’t think we’ll be seeing “Extra” til 2015; a lot of people take time off from work around this time of the year.

      • A massive +1, Telstar! I passed on upgrading my account with the Cyber Monday discount, waiting to see how this plays out. I really want to upgrade, trust me, but theme announcements are waaaaay to early in my opinion based on the actual theme release.

  171. Hello Nick. Will Extra be released in 2014?

  172. Just wondering for those that have not been able to wait for Extra what themes (whether Elegant Themes or otherwise) they are using instead?

    And does anyone have advice on how to approach use of an interim theme and hopefully make migration to Extra less painful if that happens?

    I am thinking about using this for a project that can’t wait any longer.


    • That looks great Andy. It may well be better than Extra turns out to be.

      If Extra is anything like Divi there will be bugs at first, so my advice would be to go for it sir.

  173. Hi Nick, longtime customer here. Is there **any** news / update on Extra? Could we at least have a more detailed sneak peak blog post about it?

    I know it’s tough, and we all deal with the same problems with our own clients, of not knowing quite when things will be ready. However, it is bad form to simply ignore customers and leave them in the dark.

    Every time we have to seek out or purchase themes elsewhere, ET becomes less and less valuable to us. Every time we ask for updates and are ignored, ET becomes less and less valuable to us. Eventually, there is no incentive to subscribe.

    You tell us not to plan projects around the themes you’re working on – but then why are we subscribing? Isn’t that the point of a subscription service, to have access to regularly updated content or material?

    • +1

      • +1 for the comment. I’m not talking about the service/support though.. but about how you are making things work. ET has two themes this year. Not even child themes with additional designs are released. For the same reason, I joined other life-time theme clubs for a much better price this time. :( ET rocks but rocks are falling now :( Hope ET looks into managerial issues and rectify them soon.

        • I think ET / Nick has really let this slip. ET 2 years ago was great. Since DIVI it’s just slowed to a halt.

          DIVI is flawed. I won’t repeat what other people have said about it in the comments. But compared to other frameworks it’s lacking. I say that as a supporter of ET.

          ET needs to keep producing regular themes. Most of what’s in the catalog here is dated now. So many old ones could be upgraded. But are not.

          The lack of clear communication in regards to Extra or other new themes has clearly made ET Clientele annoying/sad/angry whatever.

          Nick, in all fairness get the finger out.

          Reply to every comment. Yea, there’s 300 but show some respect to the people who paid their hard earned cash into ET.

          Tell us what’s really going on?

          Have all the developers quit?

          Is ET closing down?

          Is Extra a mess that’s can’t be fixed?

          No matter how many times you say it’ll be ready when it’s ready … it’s bad for business. You don’t tell clients that.

          Anyone reading through the comments can see October, then in a couple of months, then the snarky comments from you.

          Get over it. Just be honest and tell us what’s going on?

          • I don’t mind that ET switched to developing bigger, more advanced themes instead of cranking one out every other month. I’m just upset about not knowing what is going on.

            It’s like going to the movie theater, and the theater expecting you to buy a ticket without telling you when your movie starts. So you buy your ticket, you wait an hour, another hour, three hours. You ask the manager when the movie will be starting, and he says “it’ll start when it starts.” Do you continue to wait, not knowing if it will start in another hour or another eight hours?

          • +1

  174. I see a lot of frustration here, which is somewhat understandable. However, I think it’s important to remember that you’re paying for a higher quality of theme, an entire portfolio of themes, and support and continued updates for those themes.

    Overall, I continue to be happy with ET, though I do find the lack of communication a bit discouraging at times. Nick, I think if you were just more transparent about what is going on with new theme development, we would all appreciate it. People shouldn’t be upset with a new product taking time, but sometimes we’re left to wonder whether or not progress is being made at all. And people also shouldn’t plan projects around theme releases, but it should make ET feel good that people enjoy your themes so much that they do so anyway.

    ET is still by far the best value around. Theme support is top notch, and even though theme production has slowed considerably, the quality has also improved significantly. I hope Extra meets the high standards set by Divi, even if that means a couple more months of development. I look forward to (hopefully) many more themes to come.

    • +

  175. For the people who’ve been postponing projects or delaying clients because of the perceived “delay” in the release of new themes by ET, I would respectfully suggest that no serious website developer relies on just one theme company. My wife and I are freelance developers for small businesses and use several theme companies because there is no one theme to solve every need. There just isn’t. Plus, the pricing structure of ET gives quite a lot of quality. Even if there is only one new theme per year, I’m not going to cancel the ET subscription. It’s a great value.

    To be effective in the website business you need a wide array of theme options. There are many great theme companies. Get to know them, kick the tires on their products, and add the ones you like to your stable. A shallow theme bench is not where you want to be.

    Regarding the perceived delay in the release of themes, the error ET made in my opinion is in announcing the release at all. It’s human nature to share with others when you’re working on something great. But, in the software business it’s not the best play. It’s better to keep a LOT of wiggle room in any announcement of a product. NEVER give dates or even projected time frames until after the product is already done. And, always over deliver.

  176. The Divi1.0 theme has been released on 11th Dec 2013. So hopefully Extra will come on the same date this year…..

    • No! don’t bother about dates. let it come the next second of its completion..

  177. So is this what we need to expect now from ET? One new theme a year? We’re paying a premium for _themes_ not one theme! It’s ridiculous. Please launch this already!

    • We are working as hard as we can, and that’s all we can do. I would recommend canceling your subscription if you don’t find it useful. Right now our focus is on creating fewer products, but having those products add true value to the membership.

      • We have received so much value from ET and we are still receiving great support. We can count on updates for the themes and plugins ever launched, all this for pocket change.
        Guys let us put our focus on the great value we get from ET. Divi alone is like a 1000 themes. I understand the Extra theme is taking time to launch, in the meantime what can we do on our part to add value to the ET community? Let us share our ideas on to use the great tools we get from ET

        Either business strategies, theme customization etc.


      • Hello Nick.

        I know it must be quite frustrating not being able to release the long awaited Extra theme while having people complaining about it and asking for a release date. My sincere apologies.

        Is there any way we could help?
        There are many among us who are willing to help beta testing Extra, providing the much needed feedback.

        God bless and keep up the good work!

        • AGREE 100% with Sergio, I would love to do BETA testing during the upcomming holidays.

          • Same bere!
            Maybe you could just release a beta version so we can start studying the theme and help you with debug…

      • Nick!!

        Enough is enough friend. Constantly suggesting that the release will be soon but then not releasing anything is not working in your favour.

        I don’t think you are realising people’s frustration.

        Your focus is great, I like quality over quantity. But still the focus needs to have deadline otherwise the focus is meaningless.

        • So you suggest that we set and deadline, and if the theme is not ready by that deadline we just released it anyway in a form that is completely unfinished and broken? All we can do is work as hard as we can, and release the theme when it’s finished. There is nothing else we can do, and there is no magic wand that I can wave to make the theme complete. We need to spend the time to finish it, and that’s exactly what we are doing.

          Furthermore, Extra is not the only thing on our plate. We also finished Monarch, and several version of Divi. Getting Extra finished is a top priority, but it’s not our only priority.

          • Hi Nick. If you read through the comments, most people are upset with simply being left in the dark about the development process.

            How about simply doing an Extra update on the blog each month, letting people know how it’s coming along, problems you’ve run into and are fixing, and telling us a little bit more about its features and capabilities?

            I understand development taking a long time, I build themes from scratch for clients, and it is very difficult and time consuming. The difference, however, is that I keep clients updated on the progress (every week, in my case). That way, when I don’t meet previously stated deadlines, they aren’t surprised or upset, because they are aware of the progress being made all the time.

            As a customer, it is hard to hand over money to a company that refuses to communicate or be transparent with you, and then when they do, they say things like “cancel your subscription if you don’t like it.”

            Good products take a lot of time, effort, and energy – we get that. But keeping people updated and informed doesn’t. I think that is where most of the frustration is coming from.

            • Excellent suggestion Marcus

            • Well said.

            • (‘Well said’ referring to Marcus’ comment)

              • Nick(ET),

                I agree with all the comments here. As we are in love with your themes, please don’t say to cancel our subscriptions. When a lead like you make such statements, it’s actually a very bad sign for ET itself.

                However, take your time, if not now may be after two years and we shall wait; :) but be sure of defining “the best theme on the planet”. If the theme doesn’t meet the requirement, quality shall no more be a surprise to attract new customers into the club.

                with a hope to see your second theme for the year 2014.
                keep up the good work.

                Thanks and Cheers

          • I trust ET!
            go on, guys!

          • Did you read my comment? It would solve many problems

            “Nick, can you just give us a season or month you are shooting for?”

            Not asking for a timeline

            • *deadline ^

            • We were shooting for 3 months ago, so obviously our estimates are a bit pointless. It’s almost impossible to know how long a project like this is going to take, but we are getting closer every day.

              • Well thats good information to know. I think the sneak peaks are awesome, just give some sort of update every 2-3 months to feed the theme addicts. lol

  178. Can’t wait to see this theme! I know it will be great! Take your time Nick, I know you guys will do an amazing job. I’d be willing to do some beta testing on my sites if you had a beta release….just a thought.. Anyway really looking forward to it!

  179. Lots of complaining on this board. Guys, be cool. It’s a new theme. They’re excited about it, we’re excited about it, and it will be out when it is ready. There have been new plugins, new themes, continued fantastic support, etc. We were given a sneak preview a few months ago and people are acting like they deserve to have it as a stocking stuffer at Christmas. Just chill out.

    We’re excited about the possibilities of the new theme, thanks ET!

  180. I have to say ET have gone downhill in last 2 years.

    Divi is bug ridden and unusable. Last decent theme was Nova.

    No idea what all the supposed new devs are doing other than writing blog articles that I could pick up elsewhere – I didn’t join for them. Makes you wonder if they are just relying on customers renewing. Sad I used to recommend them, but now I would not.

    I am not – having seen my renewal just come up. There’s no communication and nothing new that I can use at the moment.

    • Well, we’re all eager for Extra and disappointed that it hasn’t arrived, but to call Divi “unusable” is unfounded and uncalled for. I’m running Divi on at least four websites, all with completely different, advanced configurations, and it performs like a champ. I don’t even need to expand on that, because its virtues are literally world-famous.

    • Over the past two years ET has grown as lot. As for Divi, it has become our most used product by a mile.

      If you are experiencing any problems with Divi, please open a support ticket so that our team is aware of the problems and can work on fixing them. Each time we release a new version of Divi, we knock out as many bugs as we can.

  181. I never comment on anything, but I have to say ET has a bunch of customers that are straight up ungrateful babies. I am shocked how many people rely on ET to bring them business and to keep there “blogs” afloat with a new design? Like it is the silver bullet to all the prayers they have. There are so many people that shouldn’t be in business if they rely on another business to make them successful. This is crazy first-world problems if I ever could think of any.

    ET team and Nick please stay true to your direction of making less product that works great! It is probably best if some of the ungrateful babies cancel anyway because it is less maintain and less customer service to deal with. After all it is these sad whinny people that are going to be the most disappointed when you finally do ship Extra. Holy smokes this is just sad.

    • Elegant Themes screwed the pooch on the way this entire thing has been handled. Lack of transparency, lack of communication… This is a textbook example of how not to do it.

      There are a lot of professionals here that know damn well this kind of project management would never fly with our own clients: “No, I don’t know when it will be ready. I’m working as hard as I can. It’ll be ready when I finish it. If you don’t like it you can leave!”

      Our frustration has been a result of the good will many of us felt for the company. But, with responses like Nick’s, there’s not much good will left. You want us to leave, we will.

      • I agree. I used to be a fan. But treating customers who pay like this is unprofessional.

        I’ve yet to meet a developer who says “it will be ready when it’s ready”

        If I said that to a client I wouldn’t have a client.

        I think ET has lost its developers. These new blog posts are Elance type posts.

        Transparency is lacking and ET is losing the great reputation it once had.

        I saw Review the other day but had to pass it up as I no longer trust ET. We’ll be going with another companies themes.

        ET has lost its way. In this day and age I just don’t get how a company can make mistakes like this. An honest update is all people are really asking for. It’s not hard. It’s something we pay you for.

        • When I say that I don’t know when Extra will be ready, that is the most honest update I can give you. We are working as hard as we can to finish the theme, and it will be released as soon as it’s ready. If I knew when it would be ready, I would tell you. I am not trying to hold back information.

          Extra is not the only thing on our plate. We have released new version of Divi, Monarch, and various other theme updates. It’s a difficult balance, but I promise that we are putting a lot of effect into finishing Extra as soon as possible.

          I don’t know what information I could give you, or what information you are looking for exactly.

          • ET is truly an amazing WordPress themes club. We can’t expect anything more than your efforts that you keep. Thanks.

          • Nick,

            It’s like you really don’t get what we are saying.

            Seriously. Ball park dates here?

            Extra (completed): 3 months, 6 months, 1 year?

            Aside from Divi and Monarch I don’t recall any other updates this year?

    • Really is that your business model.

  182. Hello,

    After reading a lot of negative comments on this post regarding the release date and misunderstood concepts of creating a decent theme (or any good work for that matter), I thought I’d share my thoughts as well on the subject:

    *I’d rather have a finished product than a broken one.. And always prefer quality over quantity.*

    To ET Team;
    I think you’ve been doing great, already have Divi updates and Moarch plugin released, I believe Extra will be another milestone.

    To everyone who put their hope/project/client on hold waiting for the release of a theme by someone else, I don’t think you’re serious about your business to approach it this way.

    p.s/ I always try to post suggestions in the forums for Divi (collecting what others have suggested and what I found missing while working on different projects) hopefully you’ll consider them at some point.

    thanks & good luck


    • monarch plugin*

    • It is really good business to announce a product over 7 months ahead and fail to provide any real information except “will release when ready and if not satisfied ask for a refund. Will your opinion be the same when a year goes by with the same information. Even Microsoft is not this arrogant. Best not even to release the news. What it really boils down is if you do not desire DIVA no new theme has been released in a very very long time.

      • I think it’s a valid point, and possibly Theme Sneak Peeks just aren’t a good idea at all. The point of the sneak peek is to keep people informed, but it only makes people angry.

        Moving forward we will likely withhold Theme Sneak Peeks until the product is ready, or forgo Sneak Peeks altogether.

  183. I’m having a bit of a hard time believing that ET has no idea when Extra will be complete. After years of theme development they should at least know how much more is left to be done. (I’m thinking at this point that Extra is actually complete but it’s more of a legal/financial/business reason for the delay.) But if they really don’t know then I’ve lost hope of of it being released before 2015.

    That said, since Divi was released I’ve developed about a dozen websites this year on Divi and have not used anything else. When Extra is finally made available I’m pretty sure these two themes is all I’ll ever need for all my websites and that’s a really exciting prospect.

    I’m a loyal ET follower and will remain that way. Keep up the good work guys and I will continue to wait patiently.

    • We are not holding anything back on purpose. Extra is a big project and it’s not finished. As soon as it’s finished, it will be released. It won’t be finished in 2014, but I hope it’s ready ASAP in 2015.

  184. Hi Nick,

    first of all quality is more important than speed. Take your time to release a good product. I was also searching for a magazine theme and decided to use one from a different vendor instead of waiting for Extra. After Extra is finished i will probably move to it.

    On your last post, you said “When I say that I don’t know when Extra will be ready, that is the most honest update I can give you”.

    I am managing a team of software developers and such an answer tells me the following: The project is out of control, too much features for one release, quality issues, too less resources, no appropriete project management, ….

    You should always know where you stand, i.e. 100 features in total, 40 done, 60 to go. On average, we can implement 10 per month. Expected release date is…. If you want to meet a specific release date, you can skip some of the nice to have features at the end and deliver them in version 2.0. In my team, SCRUM project management method really helped.

    You also wrote “I don’t know what information I could give you, or what information you are looking for exactly.”

    In my opinion, your paying customers (i am also one) want to hear the following answer:

    a) Full transparency strategy
    In total 100 features, 60 is done. Expected release date is i.e.feb 2015. Show some screenshots of the finished features to keep the Extra-Hype running.

    b) No transparency strategy
    We exactly know where we are and with current progress we can meet the expected internal schedule, but it is ET’s philosophy not to announce release dates of unfinished products. We announce it, when it is finished.

    I can really feel with you and you make awesome products, but with your answers, customers start to loose trust in your company.


    • Nothing is out of control. We are a small team, and Extra is a very big project. Divi took 6 months for v1, and a whole year to get to its current state. Extra has now been in development for 6 months as well. The difference is that during this time we have also completed an entirely new product, Monarch, and released several new version of Divi.

      Our goal is not to release Extra quickly, and the release date is not a huge part of the development process. We have a set of features that need to be finished, and as soon as the are finished and the theme is complete, it will be released.

      In the meantime we are working on other products as well, testing all themes for WordPress 4.1, working on more Divi updates. We have a lot on our plate, and we are doing our best to make sure we get everything done to the best of our ability.

      I regret releasing the Extra Theme Sneak Peek at all, but at this point as I can say is what I have already said many times. I am sorry that Extra is taking a long time. It’s a big project and we are doing our best to build it right.

      • Nick,

        Providing sneak peaks would be better if they are released only a few days or a month before release. Sneak peaks are the only hope that you are alive working on something really hard.

      • Dear Nick,

        All these members, complaining about the fact that Extra takes so long, have perhaps expectation you can’t prove.

        I also was responsible for a team of IT professionals, developers and maintenance engineers. What I know is that good and regular information keeps your customers quiet.

        If you work hard, and that’s what you telling, but you don’t give the right information, the majority of your customers will think that you don’t do enough. Or in this case think that you are out of control.

        Giving information during a project, and that is what Extra is, is essential for your result.
        Keeping your customers happy.
        And happy customers will keep you happy. :-)

        Nick, ET is making wonderful themes. Your customers have all the faith in you.
        But learn of all the complains who are made.
        Don’t defend yourself.

        • Running a team is not the same as running a business. He has every right to defend the way he runs his business. He is a free agent and really doesn’t owe them anything. They got what they paid for when they signed up.

          His customers didn’t pay him to develop this particular theme. He has more to consider than a few existing customers complaining about something like this. The same customers that are complaining may end up sticking around just because the project ends up awesome. The project will probably end up awesome because he’s not letting the complaints change his strategy.

          Nick, feel free to defend your strategy. :D

  185. Understandable and the reply goes a long way to help any frustrations. I think most who post here only wanted a detailed reply more than anything. Thanks.

  186. Why is this theme for so much people sooooooo important?! Be patient or search somewhere else on the internet. Making themes is just lot’s of work…. ET, keep up the good work ;-)))

  187. Development is hard. Anyone who’s done real work on a real website (not used a prefab template as-is, and called themselves a developer) knows that. The first 90% of the work takes the first 90% of the time. The other 10% takes the other 90% of the time.

    And sometimes the edge cases, the user experience issues that turn up in real world use and the advances the technology and competitors have made along the way take still another 90% of the time…

    The details ET is still sweating to get right will make the difference between a theme you want to use and they can support long-term, and one that only looks good as a preview and you won’t use. Leave ‘em alone to do good work.

    If you’re looking for something to read while you wait, I highly recommend the second answer on this page, by Michael Wolfe (startup founder, no relation to me): http://www.quora.com/Engineering-Management/Why-are-software-development-task-estimations-regularly-off-by-a-factor-of-2-3

  188. I think the people on here complaining have a real nerve. The fact that the delay of the theme is “holding up their projects” shows that they are not very skilled or capable to taking matters into their own hands.

    If you do not like wait……….build your own themes.

    Divi knocks the competition out of the park by a country mile and it more than worth the wait and is also worthy of only one theme a year. The membership fee is the cost of one decent theme, so I do not think having a membership is a waste of money.

    All the complainers on here need a real wake up call.

    • @Terry O’ Connor… you said it best. I wish I wrote that myself.

      Taking matters into your own hands is like a basic requirement of life sometimes. Like knowing where your shoes are and how to tie them all by yourself. Basic life skills people.

    • Nick your themes have tripled my business in 2 short seasons!!!!! I really do not think there is anything more I need to say!! but

      T ` H ` A ` N ` K ~~~ Y ` O ` U !!!!!

    • @Terry O’Connor

      Well said! The people commenting are feel so entitled, it’s ridiculous.

  189. I normally don’t comment on many posts, if any…

    However there is something about this one I find so annoying that I feel the need to speak up… it’s many of the people commenting on this post. I don’t know why they feel so entitled to receive this theme on their timetable. When you sign up for elegant themes you get everything you pay for right away. You pay a moderately low price for a ton of themes. There is no promise of future development other than if they do release something or update an old theme yours will be included. The complaining is not justified.

    To those who said they had a project waiting on this theme, I can identify. It looked like a good fit for a project I have had on the back burner… however it was one of my personal projects. I would never try to base a professional project on a theme that is not released yet. If you found yourself in that position I feel empathy, I too thought about starting at the proposed release month, but in the end elegant themes owes me nothing.

    I think there are many like me, who silently support elegant themes. The complaining parties are always the loudest. We believe in what you are doing.

    Some of the most successful software developers take a similar approach to the one Nick is taking here. It is done when it is done is a powerful strategy for quality control. Think of successful companies like Blizzard Games… they release previews for their games well in advance but nothing stops them from sticking to their own schedule and working on a project until it is truly finished. The other “developers” talking about how this is “out of control” may have their own experiences, but that does not make them definitive experts on development. I’m a firm believer that development takes time and it is done when it is done.

    I doubt they will offer us sneak peaks in the future… which is really too bad. I find them interesting and useful for very very very tentative planning.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is:
    ET: keep up the good work.
    Haters: quit complaining.

  190. Nick, keep up the great work. Take your time and do it right.

    Since you’re clearly working hard on Extra, I assume you’re not going to release a page builder for custom posts or posts inside of divi?

    If not, I’d like to make a humble suggestion: find some way to incorporate these two themes together.

    I love page builder as the heart of displaying site content. Since a blog or custom post type is the blood of a site’s content, creating an entirely new theme that focuses on that content makes me, as a divi user, feel a bit left behind.

    Regardless, keep up the great work!

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