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Divi Is Finally Here, And It’s Our Most Powerful, Flexible & Beautiful Theme Yet

Posted on December 11, 2013 by in Theme Releases | 965 comments

Divi Is Finally Here, And It’s Our Most Powerful, Flexible & Beautiful Theme Yet

We have been working tirelessly for over three months on Divi, and it feels great to finally release the most powerful theme we have ever created. Divi is the smartest, most flexible theme in our collection. Its advanced page builder and collection of robust modules allow you to create pages from the ground up, giving you complete creative control over your website. Whether you are creating a new online portfolio, an eCommerce storefront, or a new home for your business, Divi ships with everything you need to make your vision a reality.

Divi is completely different that any other theme you will find in our collection. With Divi, everything is built using the builder. Each piece of your website is a building block that can be customized and arranged in any number of ways. This method leads to complete control, and truly unique and dynamic pages. Where you have been confined to a single layout structure with our previous themes, Divi breaks down the design into individual elements with unlimited possibilities.

Live DemoFeatures Info

The Advanced Pagebuilder

Divi will change the way you build websites forever. The advanced page builder makes it possible to build truly dynamic pages without learning code.


Robust Modules

The builder comes packed with tons of great modules, and more are on the way! Combine and arrange them in any order.

Countless Options

With the numerous options that come with each Divi Module, you can control the appearance and functionality of every element on your website.

Drag & Drop

The Divi Page Builder functions on a drag and drop editing system that allows you to customize and arrange your design with ease.

Video Backgrounds

Let the creativity flow with video backgrounds in your sliders and in any section of your website.

Premade Layouts

We’ve included a ton of premade layouts that you can get started with. Just fill the sample layouts with your own content for a quick and amazing looking website.

Save & Load Layouts

Save your favorite layouts for future use throughout your website.

Export & Import Saved Layouts

You can also export you saved layouts and import them to different WordPress installs.

There’s Something For Everyone

Divi supports eCommerce, Portfolios, Blogs and so much more.


Stunning Portfolios

With Divi’s portfolio module, you can show off your work anywhere on your site. Choose from our premade portfolio layouts, or create one entirely from scratch!


eCommerce Integration

Combined with WooCommerce, Divi has what you need to get an online store up and running in no time. We’ve included a couple of premade store layouts, and the store module lets you sell anywhere on your site.


Gorgeous Blog Layouts

Divi comes with various blog layouts to choose from that you can customize to your every need. Using Divi’s builder you can place blog posts anywhere within your website.


Business Savvy

Need a professional looking site for your business? Look no further. Divi’s wide range of business savvy modules lets you easily create serious yet modern looking designs.


Fullwidth Beauty

Divi’s fullwidth section attributes allow to build truly amazing pages. With fullwidth images, videos, color backgrounds, and a little bit of imagination, the possibilities are countless.


Elegantly Responsive

Divi’s layout has been designed with mobile devices in mind. No matter how you use it, and no matter how you view it, your website is going to look great.


The Customizer

Divi makes it easy to adjust every aspect of your website. Quickly change your website’s colors and choose from dozens of web fonts.


This Is Just The Beginning

Our main focus for the initial release of Divi was create a strong foundation that we could easily expand upon in the future. Our builder has been built to scale, making it easy for us to add more modules in the future. The module set you see today is just a glimpse into the future of Divi’s awesomeness :)


The 12 Days of Divi

Along with the official launch of Divi, we will be releasing a Divi related blog post for 12 consecutive days. We are kicking it off with the official launch of Divi and a free Lifetime Membership giveaway. The winners will be announced in our 12th Day of Divi post. Enter today for a chance to win one of 10 free Lifetime Memberships!

12days download divi


    • Finally, the sky’s no limit.

    • Can’t wait to try it! Divi was built for novices like me!

    • I have been waiting so long for this!

    • This is amazing!

    • Awesome theme

    • Yes, thanks guys WOOHOO!

  1. Thank you for the hard work guys. This looks the business. 😉

  2. Congratulations! This is ET Christmas gift for all of us (clients). Divi is unique.

    • Thanks, Luis!

      And Happy Holidays :)

  3. great! now I need to renew my subscription….

    • I just did…

    • Yeah, me too! I’ll need to renew now!

      • If I try to upgrade, it shows my expiry date as 2011. Anyone have this issue?

      • Congrats on the renewals! Enjoy 😉

  4. DANG! Nicely done. Well worth the wait. I can’t wait to try this baby out :)

    • Thanks, Tim!

      Seems like your style will play nicely with Divi :)

  5. Divi is looking great just like all the other themes you create, although this seems to be the best of the lot! Can’t wait to test it out!

  6. I am grateful for the new theme. I knew this would be a great pure and radical change, a new approach, minimalist. Thanks to all the team at Elegant Themes for making this wonderful dream a reality. Thanks Nick!

  7. Looks fantastic

  8. Awesome!

    Building website shall be easier like never before!

  9. Looks pretty fantastic! Can’t wait to give it a test drive.

  10. AWESOME! I have been waiting for this one for a while! It looks fantastic! I can’t wait to use this!

  11. Beautiful! I’ve been waiting for this release post since you first showed what you were planning with Divi. :) Now to go install and check it out!

    Oh yeah, thanks for another chance to win a lifetime membership – you guys are great!

    • Thanks, Courtnay!

      Hope it was worth the wait, and good luck in the giveaway contest!

  12. This looks fantastic, I cant wait to start playing with it!

  13. This new theme is so exciting! Cannot wait to try it out!

  14. Awesome! Time to refresh my web-site’s layout 😉

  15. Amazing job, thanks guys!

  16. Awesome. Love the content builder :)

  17. Elegant Themes provided me with the tools (Foxy) to produce a great website that helped promote my book to a successful run on Kickstarter a few months ago. I have waited for Divi, stunned by the teasers, and gleefully collected the generous freebies the ET team has produced to tide us over until today’s release. With Divi you have really knocked it out of the park ladies and gents, and it’s currently uploading to my server for me to dive into later.

    I’ve a huge new website coming to promote the book and Divi gives me every tool I could possibly need, and I’ll be happily promoting ET on that site when it launches. Great themes, at a great price, with great support. I hope that the negative comments that some ungrateful idiots had previously been posting were ignored for the hot air they were.

    Another great release, dammit it, it might be the best release ever from ET, congratulations to all :-)

    • Thanks for the kind words, Nick.

      Glad to hear it was worth the wait, and that you are enjoying the ET freebies. Stay tuned for more!

  18. Looks awesome! Great job ET! Will try it out soon!

  19. Awesome theme, and great service guys!

  20. This looks fantastic and I can’t wait to start playing around with it to see what I can do with it.

  21. This is just stunning, thanks a lot for your effort, your work just allow me to be a developer with beuty themes

  22. Looks amazing… looking forward to trying it out… thanks!

  23. Thanks guys for the great work. Well worth waiting for it !

  24. Looks superb and i’m about to become an ET member for the first time.
    The only negative i can see is the lack of different header options, is that likely to change with future updates?

    • Definitely :) We have so much planned for the future of Divi.

      • Almost there for sure. Impressed! Even from 1.2 to 1.4 (in the span of a few weeks) – most of the things I was wondering about. But yes, more header options, and it would be nice to have secondary (or more) navigation menu areas as well.

        …and while I’m at it, the ability to inject code in the head on a per page/post. Another theme I have used,had that ability using custom fields and it was very nice to have that granular control.

  25. Great looking theme guys! I’ve just started a new project and this looks perfect! Really looking forwards to trying it out.

    As far as module suggestions: I’d love to see a social media module. Something that would allow me to add prominent social media icons to the page to encourage following and sharing!

    • We will definitely put it on the to-do list, Lee :)

  26. Oh, this looks really amazing. This will without doubt be my new go-to-theme for every new project. Move over Canvas/Woothemes.

    • By the way, is it WPML compatible?

      • Yep, it’s WPML compatible.

        • Does WPML works for the sliders, widgets, etc as well?

  27. I’m not commeting because the promotion. I am really in love.

  28. Fantastic looking theme!

    • great theme

  29. This looks stunning! Can’t wait to try the page builder. You should build a custom lead generation form as a module. something which lets me put a typeform/wufoo form in a page self-adjusting to it’s placement. Now that would be cool!

  30. Cool theme!
    Is there a possibility to see Easy Digital Downloads integration?

    • We’ll certainly keep it in mind. We have lots of plans for the future of Divi.

      • hi Nick,
        we already bought divi theme, you got woo commerce themes also, but i am looking for easy digital downloads themes. let us know if u releasing it.

        • I also use divi in many of my sites and I’m also interested in an integration with easy digital downloads as well.

  31. Support of Woocommerce! Yeaaaah!

  32. iTunes, Spotify, etc integration would be fantastic modules, by the way.

  33. This is amazing! It’s going live somewhere soon! Not sure I can think of anything to add from the top of my head at this time…looks like you can do anything you want with Divi.

  34. Best of the best WordPress themes, now with one of the future best framework theme. In the future maybe you can add more woocommerce options and tools. Thank you for your hard work!

  35. Looks great! Can’t wait to use it

    • Can’t wait to try it!

  36. What more could I ask for! I can’t wait to use it! Thanks Santa (aka Elegant Themes)!!

  37. It truly looks the business!

  38. And what BuddyPress? Have you tested your theme with this social networking plugin? Just curious.

  39. Amazing!

  40. I’d love to see post types. =D

    • I second post types! :)

    • Post Formats are on their way :) This should be one of Divi’s first new additions.

      • Is there a known release date updates with the post types?

        I really need it.


    • Totally on board with this!

  41. Thanks! I have been waiting and I look forward to helping my clients take their online businesses to the next level with your clean themes.

  42. I’m looking forward to testing this theme out. Will this work with Buddypress?

  43. We’ve been waiting a long time for this! Thank you!

  44. Divi has raised the bar. The builder makes designing new layouts a breeze and is pure eye candy too.

    It’s not cluttered and is very well designed.

    My suggestion for an upcoming module would be a nicely styled HTML5 audio player with playlist functionality.

    • I heartily second that!

      REALLY looking forward to testing this out next week!


      • Glad you like the builder! An audio player sure sounds like a worthy addition :)

  45. Wow, this is great. You guys rocks!

  46. Looks amazing. It is making me want to come back!

  47. Magnifique
    Easy to use :)

  48. New design looks fantastic – can’t wait to try this out on one of my new sites!

  49. Amazing. Waiting to try it out !!

  50. It’d be great if the next module is integration with Exchange by iThemes.com – their new shopping cart plugin is AWESOME…and I’d love to use it with Divi. :-)

    • ++1

  51. Interesting. Makes WP into Squarespace…

  52. Looking forward to trying this out after I win my lifetime membership! *wink wink*

    For new modules, how about a Webcomic module? I know a lot of webcomics use WordPress but quite a few of the theme options out there are either clunky to set up or kind of fugly.

  53. This looks awesome! Your building blocks concept will allow anyone to create the perfect site for their clients. Thanks!

  54. Very interesting concept combined with beautiful design !! Thanks for making this :)

  55. Yeah. Christmas has come early.

  56. When I tried the Demo it appeared all I got was a full page slider. Sure it ‘slides’ nice and smooth, looks good, but with no indication of having to scroll or swipe downwards could lead to visitors skipping by.
    Looking forward to the updates to this one.

  57. I am looking at Divi and cannot help getting amazed every few seconds. What have you done ! This is pure awesomeness !

  58. This is what I’ve been waiting for- flexibility and robust e-commerce integration. Congratulations to the team on the release.

  59. Awesome new theme. Thanks!

    I’d love to see something for digital downloads too (as well as digital purchasing maybe??) and for the newsletter signup I’d love a little feedburner integration!

    • Total agreement: digital download support (like Etsy) and feedburner.
      And headers are an overall weakness in all the ET themes I’ve tried, be nice if you could address that with this theme.

      Even so, Divi sounds fantabulous and can’t wait to play with it. Thank you.

  60. Divi looks great! I can’t wait to start using it. A super flexible theme with your great support team is an awesome combination.

  61. YOU ROCK! Just in time for our own business to use!!! EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. This’ll make me a member again! Thank you ET!

  63. Hello Nick,

    Congrats on this theme, it’s worth the wait ! Long life to Divi and good job again !

  64. This looks like a really useful theme!

  65. Another idea for a module. Image hover effects like you have about half way down this page.


    Where you hover over an image and an overlay with new content is displayed.

    That would be perfect.

    • I would love this feature!! There is nothing good/responsive that does this easily. Just a hover image option is all the image module needs.

  66. Wait a looong time for this! And worth it!

  67. Hi, there is no need to post this but the ecommerce section in the demo doesn’t seem to work! Nothing gets added to the cart! :(

    • Sorry about that will. That’s because I forgot to configured our Cache plugin. WooCommerce will work great with Divi :)

      • Perfect! i was just about to ask about that integration for my site :)

  68. Wow, amazing theme! Loved the video – who created the video for you?

    • Thanks Ronen,

      The video was created in house by Nick and me :)

  69. Fantastic theme! Can’t wait to use it!

  70. This looks great! I’ve checked out other theme developers here and there just to stay at the forefront of WordPress themes, but always come back to Elegant Themes. None better, and Divi looks like the best yet. Clean, simple, professional — that’s what my clients like and that’s what I can always deliver thanks to Elegant Themes. You guys rock. Looks like Divi is another winner! Thanks!

  71. Just starting to use Elegant Themes and love your products. Great job on Divi. Looking forward to exploring that further.

  72. This is a beautiful looking theme. My vote goes for a secondary menu in the footer section

  73. AWESOME….Like always! You guys ROX !!! I can imagine how happy and excited everyone is. Good job ET comrades :) xoxoxoxox

  74. just seen the video and looks awsome !!

  75. automatic theme updates? Having to uninstal and reinstall is a pain.

    • I second this, need auto update of themes. You can at least do it with Divi.

  76. Great Theme ! Very nice flexibility ! I would suggest more flexibility for the header as a future improvement. And thanks for the game as well.

    • We will definitely be looking into adding more header options and functionality in future updates :)

  77. on the first glance:


    thx Nick & the whloe et team!!!

  78. This truly looks awesome! Could you also include some free Christmas cookies with it? 😉

    • Stay tuned 😉 over the next eleven days we will be adding to the excitement with Divi related blog posts!

  79. I’ve been going through the Live Demo and the Page Layout samples are AMAZING.

    Mind is blown thinking of the potential with this theme.
    Thanks guys, your efforts are appreciated.

  80. Tiene una pinta buenísima… ¡gracias!

  81. Beautiful, Nick! I was desperate for Divi to be released a few weeks ago, as I’d just contracted to have my site built. I chose Kriesi’s Enfold theme since Divi wasn’t ready yet. In the end it seems they’re somewhat similar. Maybe I’ll come back to ET as a member now that Divi’s an option! 😉

    • Forgot to mention that my site won’t be completed for another few days…just in case you go to check it out.

  82. Brilliant! Looks like it was worth the wait. Hopefully there will be lots of video tutorials for us to fully understand the power of Divi. Perhaps it should been called Devi ( – http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=devi Goddess – A female being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by a people.)

  83. This is really super news, totally excited to start playing with DIVI!


  84. Looks nice – will you add support for other e-commerce systems?

  85. Wow! Well worth the wait, it looks fantastic. I’m so curious about the page-builder.

    • P.S.: Is there also an option for a One-Page-Layout? (Maybe i overlooked that)

  86. So excited for WooCommerce!

  87. Looks great!

    One feature I’d love to see in the Builder is a way to label each Module. It get’s hard to keep track of what’s what when you have a complex layout.

    Speaking of the new Builder, will it be available separately? I’d love to use it for some landing pages :)

    • That’s already a feature :) Each module as an “Admin Label” option that will change the label’s module in the builder.

      • Is the Admin Label going to be added for the Post modules as well? I currently only see it is available for the Page modules. Thanks!

  88. Great surprise for Christmas, it looks beautiful. I can’t wait to try. Bog thanks guys for hard work.

  89. I’m really excited to start using Divi! Glad you guys didn’t rush this release.
    I’m really hopefully you’ll start adding to the cool shortcodes collection now and I look forward to more theme, built on the Divi framework.

  90. Hot Stuff !!!

  91. Wow!– This is like an entirely new platform for theme development. Awesome!

  92. Outstanding theme! Couldn’t have come at a better time either, I’m in need of totally revamping my own site and this will work great.

    Looking forward to this : )

  93. Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre ! Modules we need: an elegant “back to top” arrow. Don’t see “archive” and “sitemap” in the demo. No “read more” in the blog ? Really nice. I’ll try it on an active site this week ! Tanx Nick !

  94. Excellent work. Another great theme from the Elegant stable.

  95. Once the bugs get worked out, I am stoked to see what people are able to create! Nice job!

  96. Looks Amazing. Excited about this, good work guys!

  97. Hi! Great work! Do you supply a demo content like the one in your website?

  98. I love the new template! It’s very flexible. As for modules, a “Logo” module would be nice to create easy to customize logos.

    • Yep, I’d like to see the “logo module” too! :)

  99. Just viewed the demo on a iPhone 5 and the main slider doesn’t rendered and the slides are not touch aware so can’t move between slides ?

    • Actually the slides will render correctly – we just forget to setup the module with a background image! I have updated the demo, so you can re-load the page to test it out. On smartphones, a background image is used instead of a video.

      As for swiping, this is something we will be adding in the future. For now, you can use the circle navigation at the bottom of the slide.

      • that works, great news

      • Hi Nick, I really love the Divi theme its great in so many ways! One problem I’ve encountered though is that the slider wont show a “read more” button when rendered in portrait mode on an iPhone for example. You only get the headline and as such you cant get into the slide show articles.

        It works in landscape mode on the 5S as the broader resolution then renders the read more butten. Have the same problem on your demo as on my own blog.

        Is this something you guys are aware of? :)

        Best Regards,

      • I can’t get the slides to change automatically on my home page, is there a special setup for this?

        • The slider module has an option for automatic rotation.

          • Nick,
            I am trying to find the automatic rotation option for the slider module but can’t seem to find it. On my Samsung Galaxy phone when viewing my site in portrait I cannot see the text within the slider slide. Love this theme but this is my only peeve :(

  100. GREAT WORK! Looks awesome.
    It was indeed well worth the wait! Congrats & Thanks 😛

  101. Thank you very much for this beautiful website!

  102. Wow! Well done. I am getting ready to launch a blog based on Lucid, but now I’m contemplating a switch to Divi prior to launch.

  103. WOW. Best theme ever. I’ll try it tomorrow! Great work, guys!

  104. Wonderful! This is a huge leap forward, Nick, into a semi post-theme, all-widgetized-anywhere, future.

    Looking forward to new modules — including a reservation-oriented one??

    FYI, the demo has a typo here: “Perpetual Updates: Divi is here to say…” instead of “stay.” Of course, like the Monkees, Divi certainly has a lot to say about the future of Web development. I think it’s definitely here to stay, too! Thank you!

    • I, too, would LOVE a reservation module (for hotel rooms, booking wedding photographers/videographers, etc.)

      Thanks for so much potential in this new theme!


      • Thanks for the suggestion! its been added to the whiteboard 😉

        • Fantastic modules but are there any plans for a Business Directory Listings module ? That would be great.

  105. (¯`*•.¸ wOw ¸.•*´¯)

  106. This theme is worth the $39 a year membership alone! Great work guys!

  107. A new charming baby in my cot @ Christmas! Thanks ET for making us hero!

  108. Really a step forward.
    Great work and excellent gift for Christmas.


  109. Don’t have any idea for the next module but whatever youre trying to do… keep doing it !

  110. It is stunning! One question though- what about page loading times? How the theme performs? 1 thing I was looking for is to easily add phone number in the header, as well as opt-in form and to keep responsiveness:-)

    • I am in agreement with Marta. Need a way to add phone number AND address to the header area. We are a local body shop and those items are key to people that find us on the web. Having the phone number HIGHLY VISIBLE is a must when someone has just been in an accident and needs to get in touch with us immediately. Other than that, this is the perfect “theme of my dreams”! Thanks for all your hard work…it will truly pay off for you. Best wishes for a very prosperous New Year!

    • SOLUTION. Here’s what I did: In your photo editor (Photoshop, in my case), simply take your image for your logo, anchor the image on the left, resize the canvas to stretch out enough width to add an address, keeping it at the same height. You’ll have a long, skinny image canvas. Then you can put your address information in there to the right of the logo. You can make your address and phone information in whatever color and font you like. Save the image and upload it as your logo on the General Settings page.

      If you use the Fixed Navigation Bar (in General Settings in Divi Theme Options), the address information will shrink just as the logo does. You can either choose not to use a fixed navigation bar; or else, when making the logo/address image, make your font large enough to where you don’t mind it shrinking as the page is scrolled.

      Very nice and beautiful theme, Nick. I agree with whoever said modules may be the future, not themes. Divi is quite an innovation.

      • An addendum to my advice above: I discovered my solution works for the desktop version, but makes the logo and contact information almost unreadable in mobile mode. I have the same need to have the address / phone number in the header, so I will continue trying some other solutions. In the meantime, I’ll keep it looking nice for the desktop version. Pretty much any small business needs their contact information at the top of the page, so it would be nice to have an easy solution built into the theme, one that wouldn’t take too much vertical space in the header.

      • Okay, real solution for getting your address (or any other text) in the header this time, and no shrinking your logo illegibly in the mobile version. This solution is probably nothing to you guys who do this for a living, but this isn’t my day job.

        First create your child theme. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do a search. Check out the WP codex, or the ET guys have a post on it.

        Next, copy the header.php from the Divi theme folder into the Divi-child theme folder you created. So you should have two files in your Divi-child folder: style.css and header.php.

        Edit style.css in the child folder to include this code:

        #myheadertext { float: left; -moz-transition: all 0.2s ease-in-out; -webkit-transition: all 0.2s ease-in-out; transition: all 0.2s ease-in-out; margin-bottom: 18px; margin-top:5px;}

        You plop it down right below the line that says “Theme customization starts here.” You may have to adjust that margin-top to whatever works for you. I had two address lines using H6 (header 6 text), and this worked for me.

        Next, edit the header.php. This is where you’ll put your address and phone number information. The code for my address looked something like this:

               My Name    |    555-867-5309       1234 Main St.    |    Any City, Florida    54321

        Where do you put it? For me it worked to put it right after the first . So do a search for in header.php, and drop it right in there.

        Hope this works for anyone else who needs contact information in the header. And perhaps you ET guys can help us by including this in the General Settings in future updates. Thanks, I still love the theme!

        • Thanks Brad! Can we see the site you added that to?

      • Actually that is not something you want to do. The phone number and address have to be text for SEO.

  111. I don’t want to tempt fate but it’s as if you can forget about new themes now and just concentrate on new modules… 😉

    • Amen. I, for one, welcome our new un-theme-based overlords.

  112. Had a gutt feeling that this would be released!

  113. Awesome! Can’t wait to use it!

  114. This is incredible!! a massive OLE from spain, it works with WooCommerce also, I just can say thanks :)

  115. Could be just the ticket for a new project. Nice work!

  116. Looks great, can’t wait to try it!

  117. Elegant themes has amazing products…love the ease of use and how I can try out different themes so easily. Thank for doing such a great job!

  118. lol… just to let a comment i had to scroll down for 15 seconds ^_^ seems like your theme is… THE wordpress theme 😉 downloading ^_^

  119. This is gorgeous – tempting to change themes. Love the full width slider and the nice responsive design.

    My site has a feminine feel and if I had to suggest any additions, it’d be the option to round the corners of images – rounded is feminine, squared is masculine. It’s a small thing that makes a big difference. .

    I know you can do it with CSS changes, but……. since you asked, there’s an idea.

  120. About new modules ideas:

    1. I´d love to have the chance to change backgrounds for each row.

    2. I´d to have a module for third parties shortcodes integration.

    3. I´d like to see an API where third parties can add their own modules or plugins integrations. For example, I´d love to use layered sliders like Slider Revolution or Smart Slider plugins.


  121. Love your product! Always so fresh and seem to be on the other side of the cutting edge. What software or service did you use for the explainer video?

    • Thanks, Jennifer!

      The video was created by us in house :)

  122. Incredible work!! You guys are brilliant, thank you so much!!!!

  123. Advanced search???

  124. Thank you Nick! I have been waiting for so long, and please tell me more about the giveaway, what i need to do for win one of the Lifetime Memberships?

  125. Can’t wait to try it out! Any social media modules, e.g. a built – in twitter feed which suits the theme’s looks would be greatly appreciated!

    • Thanks for the suggestions, Eris! :)

  126. Great result Nick. The next module I’d love to see is a simple Banner module for promoting pages, features and other sites. Functionality for both static and animated banners with fade in of a set with each image able to link to different pages would be ideal.

  127. BRILLIANT! FANTASTIC! &…WHOO HOO! ( as you younger generation say…lol )

    1st class theme!

  128. A great job with this new theme, will start to use it as soon as possible 😀

  129. Wow!! No doubts that I will use it to refresh my website.

  130. So exciting – can’t wait to try it!

  131. This is a great looking theme… the demo is super impressive! I hope that I can make my sites with this theme look just as stunning… Thx.

  132. awesome

  133. Great work guys! Just in time for my next project. Can’t wait to take it for a spin!

  134. Looks great!

  135. Can’t wait to try this out on my Paranormal blog, oh and of course I would love a lifetime membership too 😉

  136. Love it, flexibilty is excellent, can use this on so many different types of project.

  137. Looking forward to build new divi-sites during the xmas time :)

  138. Great! I think I now have reason to keep my membership! :)

    Less than a month ago, I signed up for the Developer’s Membership. I was excited, even though I had few issues with some elements of the themes. Eg. Technically all themes’ headers are the same, and some full width layout issues. I signup anyway because, I thought, I could use my css, html5, php and other web design skills to customize the themes.

    Unfortunately, every theme I tried didn’t give me the desired result due to the limitations placed on them. I ended up going back to a non elegant theme which gave me the result I wanted.

    I was considering to cancel my membership and ask for a refund. I never knew about “the coming of DIV”, so I wasn’t expecting any thing to keep me waiting or staying.

    With this release of DIV and the features description I see, it looks very promising. So, I’m going to keep my membership and will try DIV today. I’ve downloaded the theme from my membership area and will give it a test ride.

    Thanks for the hard work.

    Hope this is indeed “Our Most Powerful, Flexible & Beautiful Theme Yet”!

    • I’m stoked on Divi too! I’m not really sure what you mean regarding other ET themes being difficult to customize. I customize them all the time. With a little CSS knowledge, you can do a whole lot.

      • Yes indeed Tim, With CSS one can do a whole lot.

        I was not really saying “ET themes being difficult to customize”. What I’m saying is that, I wasn’t able to get the desired result for my project using the ET themes I tried. But I was able to customize another non ET theme and got the result I wanted.

        I think this was just specific to what I wanted, which ET couldn’t give me for that specific project.

        I’m currently working on the new Divi theme for a new website. The results I’m getting is just adding fire to my excitement. :) :) :)

    • I am sure that the theme will serve you well, and it will only get better and better as time goes on. Thanks for giving us another chance :)

      • Yes indeed, after five months I can say the theme has saved me well, which made me to upgrade to ET lifetime membership. Keep up the good work. Thx.

  139. Add a “MAD MIMI” module! :)

  140. Wow, this is AWESOME!

  141. wow …. this looks truly well put together – amazing job! .. itching to get my hands on –

  142. I just downloaded the powerful Divi and will be working overnight on my server to nurse the charming baby. But now, I’d love to see a revolution slider in your next add-on. I’m grateful ET for this!

    • Now I’m going to take your membership. The Divi looks fantastic and the builder is great… I need to test then.

      Thank you, really!

    • Thanks for the suggestion. Revolution slider is not something we could include in our themes due to licensing incompatibilities. However, we could potentially add support for those who have purchased it.

      • I second (or is it third or fifth now 😉 the request to add support for Revolution Slider to the theme. I understand the licensing incompatibilities. But for those who have indeed purchased Revolution Slider and would love to see its shortcodes supported in place of the built in slider it would absolutely kick Divi to the next level. I can envision Divi detecting it Revolution Slider is installed and if so have a spot in the “full width slider” area for the shortcode to be entered. Dare to dream…

  143. Looks cool!

  144. OMG. I JUST finished installing Vertex and now I want this one instead. I’m not sure whether to thank you or give you the stink eye. :-)

    • Sorry :) Vertex is great too, maybe use Divi for your next project?

    • LOL – I’m in the EXACT same boat! Just finished customizing Vertex for a project, and now only to see THIS amazing beauty. :)

  145. Great Work!!! I’m a member since 2 years ago, and this is the most beautifull theme you have made!

    Good Work!!

  146. Finally, a great refresh. Used some similar themes (prestacore frameworks), but with the added support of Elegant themes, this is gonna be a thrill :)


  147. I got excited about the video background but it doesn’t seem to work on an iPad or mobile device?

    • Right now videos do not work on mobile devices. We display the slider’s BG image instead. The reason for this is because iPhones do not play the video automatically, but instead open the player in a new window, which is a bad experience for your visitors.

      • I am really excited about the possibilities of this theme, but I just checked the demo site on an ipad and the slider was really glitchy. It wasn’t moving at all (so the second and third slide were not displaying) and it started moving between thin and thick images really quickly, such that the rest of the site moved up and down really fast. Is there a way to fix this. I’d love to use this theme for a couple of projects, but if it won’t display on an ipad I’ll have to find a different theme. Thanks!

        • If you open a ticket in our support forum with more details about your iPaid, IOS and Browser version, then we can better assist you.

      • Was this ever resolved? It’s the end of 2015 and this was written two years ago. I see it’s still not showing on mobile at present.

  148. This might make my last purchase from Shane redundant. Damn and blast! 😉

  149. Damn, I just started building a website using another theme and now it looks like I may need to restart using Divi. This looks stunning. Thanks for your hard work.

  150. Impressed… and I mean IMPRESSED in capital letters. I was checking out all the possibilities you mention above and played around with the demo site. This is indeed a whole new ball game which makes your clients getting more value then they actually pay for your themes. Totally awesome. Really looking forward to see this in real action soon on one of my own websites. Really appreciate all the hard work that has been going into this theme, because that is very clear: some people worked really hard to create this piece of awesomeness. Thanks to you all for giving us such a great new tool.

    • Thanks Jacobus! We did work hard on Divi, and it was painful at times to not be able to give our customers any new themes for so long, but I knew that it would be worth it in the end :)

  151. Wow, that is fantastic — Divi is the theme I’ve probably been waiting for without knowing. Love it, looking forward to see even more modules coming out.

    • In addition the WooCommerce support is stellar — I have two projects in mind where I could use Divi already. Really excited about it.

  152. So worth the wait. Absolutely gorgeous. I never ever cease to be amazed by you and your team. looking forward to putting this to work for me!

  153. Looks great. I will definitely consider it the next time I start building a website.

  154. Looks like the best theme ever! Thank you so much for this one! Definately gonna take this baby for ride.

  155. Hi, great. We were waiting for a while and now it’s here. thanks

  156. Awesome, just about to start a new site so will have to give it a go.

  157. “The Future of Cool Just Got Hot!” This is amazing! Thanks ET!!!

  158. This theme looks amazing and so many options inside, modules… I have no idea how module is needed more.

  159. Is the elegant icon font intergrated into Divi out of the box?

    • It’s used for various parts of the design, but we plan to integrate it into the builder more directly in the future. For example, giving users the option to chose icons for their blurbs.

  160. This looks great – thank you! I can’t wait to build the first website with it!

  161. This Theme is awesome! I am not sure if you already have, but a module for more Interaction can be an idea for the next time… like Newsletter interaction (e.x. send mails with the same design) or a user management integration with a simple login area for user to create their own posts, events …. (I know it not so easy!)

    • Thanks for the suggestion John. A styled login form is something we could potentially add in the future.

  162. Absolutely stunning guys!!!!! Already converted my site over and loving it!

    • Psst…you forgot to change the logo.

  163. Installing now, Can’t wait to get started on it, hope the side panel size is easy to change, good work

  164. HO HO HO! You must have sneaked a look at my Christmas list! :) V. Happy!!!!! Thank you x

    • Merry Christmas :)

  165. Do you have an AJAX portfolio option like the Flexible theme?

    • +1

      • +1!

    • Not yet, but that’s something we can definitely explore in the future.

      • YES to this. So much of Divi is a leap into another level for your themes. An AJAX portfolio with filtering, using something like Isotope, is a natural and necessary part of that evolution. I’m very, very impressed with Divi, in both design and function. Full marks, SO well done even in version 1. And yet that one issue may be enough for me to look elsewhere…

        Other wishes: it would be great to be able to change some basic styling, like margins and padding, to modules from right inside them, without custom CSS.

        (Don’t take this as much of a criticism when you’ve just pitched a winning game in the big leagues … but I also hope your Theme Options panel is due for an update soon. It’s looking awfully old, confusing and clunky now.)

  166. Definitely the best theme yet! Very nice :)

  167. I had top of my list for 2014 “Redesign my OWN website,” and now I know what theme I’ll be using! Love the look of your demo.

    • Good luck with the new design Laura, I am sure that the theme will serve you well :)

  168. Congratulations! You definitely have another winner on your hands ET!

  169. DIVI theme looks awesome – you’re really upping the bar in the premium WP theme space. Nice work!

  170. It’s amazing!! I love your themes, Nick!!

  171. WOW! You Guys Just Made My Day! Super impressive, the possibilities are endless! I’m going to be up all night! :)
    Thanks so much!

    • Sleep well lost 😉

  172. I home insert parallax effect in next module

    • Thanks Chris. We have a parallax option for background images that you can apply to Sliders and Sections in the current version.

  173. Hi guys, congrats on the new great theme. I’d say this was the missing piece and I’m really glad we have it in theme collection.

  174. This is beautiful!

    Btw, if using video in the header, will it effect the load time?

    • That depends on the size of your video. The higher the quality and the longer the video, the higher the file size will be. The higher the file size of your page, the longer it will take to load.

  175. Looking forward to trying out Divi. I’ve just started playing with builder-type themes and this one is going to be on my short list for sure!

  176. Wow! Best new year present ever!

  177. There should be an event calendar module,

    • Thanks for the suggestion Brian.

      • A calendar is an essential item for property rental and hotel websites

    • This would be an awesome (!!) addition to the ET offering. Big +1 on the event calendar module!

    • I second that! :)

    • Any Calendar Plug in for this yet? It will be awesome if we have this.

    • +1 on the calendar module!!! Any news on when that might be included? 😉

  178. Looks excellent. Looking forward to blocking off a few days asap to upgarde my sites

  179. Pretty amazing! Well done! You are awesome! :)

    I have only one question. Will be possible to have diferent headers option? I mean second menu in center, or inside diferent place for your logo, banner ads etc with. It will be very helpfull.

    Only that missing, but this is realy nice jobs, thanks!

    • Right now there is only one header option, but we will be adding more options in the future.

      • Thanks!!

        Good to hear that. Will it be possible to use menu inside the module? (like tabs, pictures, etc. – in the future of course)

        I’m so glad that you have created something like this.

  180. I have to say- this theme looks incredible! I have been meaning to update my personal site for awhile and this has given me just the boost I need to go ahead and learn more about ET and Divi.

    Great work everyone!

    • Thanks, Kristina.

      Divi is great for personal websites and blogs :) let us know if you have any questions along the way.

  181. As always stepping up the game with developing another “KICK BUTT” THEME! Great job to Nick and the gang!

    • Thanks Michael :)

  182. hi there,
    can we set up portfolio layouts for wordpress normally posts sections?

    • Right now the portfolio module only works with the Project post type.

      • portfolio layout is beautiful and we want to use for our old wordpress posts. do you think make this?

  183. My brain is spinning thinking about all the possibilities I could use Divi for :)

  184. Been waiting for what seems like a long time for this. Excited to try it out for myself!

  185. This is quite different than the usual template that you guys have created. Its great to see something new & innovative from you guys! A fundraising module would be nice. I know that sounds weird, but it would be really nice for those of us helping with non-profits or other projects trying to raise money to simply put a module that collects money (via paypal or whatever) and ads the amount to the progress bar.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Matt. No suggestion is weird if it would be useful :)

      • hi, is there any other way for a plugin to handle payments with Paypal behind the webshop of Divi? and if so.. which plugin do i use best?

        • I am also curious about this! I am trying to set up a shop with PayPal.

          • What this ever resolved? Would be great to have this module but it’s not clear it’s been done yet.

    • Great suggestion, Matt!

      +1 on that! :)

    • A VERY good suggestion for non-profits – +1


  186. looks awesome. thanks for all the hard work. Good job on the preview video as well

  187. Beautiful. The background videos also seem adaptive? Please note I get these ‘errors: event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.’

    • Thanks, we will take a look. Videos are adaptive. They size down as your screen size is reduced.

  188. Thanks for the good work!!!

  189. Looking forward to more things with DIVI, looks awesome, have to start working with it right away.

  190. HOLY CRAP Batman! THIS is what I’ve been looking for! I think I may have found my ultimate theme! Will be testing it out this week! In the mean time, I am liking the sales page option under “Page Layouts”, however a Landing Page module would be a great addition. Just something I am in need of 😀 Just a simple page with no menu at the top.

    • Nice suggestion, Kimberly!
      It’s really difficult to find nice designs for landing pages these days. Not even mentioning to be integrated into a website.

      +1 on this! :)

    • Thanks for the suggestion Kimberly. In the future, we plan to produce a “blank page template” that would remove the default navigation bar. Then you could use the builder to create separate landing pages, or other things like coming soon pages, 404 pages, etc.

      • This is great! Thanks Nick! :)

      • Is there an easy way to create a custom 404 page with the Divi theme?

  191. Absolutely appealing and practical for business. I will be changing to Divi immediately. Definitely, a social media module would be handy.

  192. LOVE LOVE LOVE this new theme! I notice there is a “sales” page option under pages but what I’m looking for is more of a Landing page that doesn’t have a menu bar. I forget which theme you have that is similar but something like that would be a great! other than that, I totally cannot think of anything else at the moment! cannot wait to get my fingers and eyes and mind all wrapped in to creating a new home for my blog with this this theme! Woot woot!

  193. Wow, you simply created a amazing theme! Your top one, for sure. Time to renew my subscription, too

    • For buttons, please create an option that can trigger a modal window that can accept HTML and Shortcodes.

      • Thanks for the suggestion Snappy.

  194. Wow! Congratulations ET on your efforts! Thank you for working tirelessly to bring use this beautiful work of art. I noticed things went quite so I had a feeling you were working hard behind the scenes. I so much appreciate your efforts and the themes you provide us with. I will defenetly be renewing my subscription and taking my business to new hights. Thank you so much!

  195. Life just got easier for hundreds of thousands of website owners.

  196. It was well worth the wait. It’s everything and more than I imagined you’d create.

    One feature set that will be extremely helpful to my businesses. Will you have a membership site component or suggest good plugins to work with it?

    Incidentally, ElegantThemes is far and away the best investment I’ve ever made purchasing any service online. The excellence of what you provide is so far out of proportion to what I pay that it dwarfs the offers of other wordpress theme providers. Most important, I’ve been able to get my wordpress sites up, functioning and looking great amazingly fast using ElegantThemes and the sample content you provide for formatting. Thank you, thank you, 1,000 times thank you.

    • A good suggestion, Bobshoe!
      It would be really helpful to have a membership site integration or a forum like IP. Board and alike. Thanks!

    • Thanks Bobshoe, it’s already great to hear success stories from our customers. For a membership site, using a third party plugin would be ideal, as that probably isn’t what a theme should be dealing with. You want to keep your members separate from the theme in case you ever need to change themes. For paid memberships, I think WooCommerce would be able to handle it.

  197. Looks great! For more modules, can you add an advertising/affiliate module and perhaps directory/review/ask modules like Elist/InReview/AskIt templates?

  198. Divi is a great gift! So many features. I am very happy! :)

  199. Merry Christmas to Me from Elegant Themes. Love this new theme. I’ve read through all the comments and it is obvious you have a HUGE winner.

    SO-o-o-o-o-o-o, how hard will it be to change from the Memoir theme to Divi? Because my site is developing beyond the original concept, I would LOVE to move to Divi.

    • Switching should not be hard at all. The posts you have created will appear when you create a page with a blog module, or on your homepage if you have it set to display your most recent posts.

      • Thanks Nick! I must have been a very good girl this year. ET Santa just gave me another gift. Thanks!

  200. This looks like it has a lot of potential. I’m going to play around with this. Thanks for the ongoing innovations.

  201. Fantastic. Well done ET.

    • Thanks for putting in the suggestion!

  202. Unbelievable. ET never fails to astonish me with its sheer generosity and value for money. I can’t wait to test this out.

    • You won’t find a better deal anywhere :)

  203. Great theme, so much potential

    I would love to see a module that allowed a calendar in which we could define upcoming events for each month which could then link out to a particular blog post / page about that event.


    • +1

      • Thanks for the suggestion, Nick :) this appears to be a popular request.

  204. Great theme with so much potential, nice work!

    Would love a module to add a calendar/schedule in which we can define upcoming events which would then link to a post/page about that event.


  205. I’ve always loved Elegant Themes… You’ve just added another element to that adoration, lust.

  206. Great job guys! Happy to see you keeping up the development. More themes = more happiness!

  207. Amazing Theme. Very Flexible.

  208. Once again ET does it big. Go big or go home as they say! This was probably the best move to make going forward for continued success of ET.

    This theme has everything you would possibly need to build a site. I have used almost every theme of ET’s and this DIVI them by far is the best.

    Wish List:

    1) Built in Icon Fonts (to use for blurbs and anything else)

    2) Epanel option for entering in a phone number; either under the logo, next to the logo, or opposite side of the page to the logo. Not everyone has a blog, and many business’s need their phone number on their site on the top of the page, and most are not code savy enough to edit the home.php or header.php file, and then style it with CSS.

    3) Option to use other animations like here –

    4) Music player, mp3 player, ability to add playlists

    Nick, great job, much appreciated, and keep up the good work…


    • Thanks Justin, these are all things that I see Divi supporting in the future. Built in icon fonts for Blurbs is on our to-do-list. We also hope to introduce various heading formats, one of which would certainly include the option for a phone number. Music plays, as well as audio post formats, in on our list as well :)

  209. Wow

  210. Looking nice! I’d love to see more homepage options and a lightbox galleries :-)

    • Thanks, Ana.

      A simple gallery module sounds like it could be a great addition :)

      • Ah yes, I was already looking for that.
        But preferably some module that not only accepts images in the lightbox/fancybox/whateveryouwanttocallitbox, but also video (also embedded) and text. or a combination…

        I’m not asking too much, am I? 😉


    I’ve already gone through all of the videos on the readme page and those are fantastic too! Highly recommended for anyone interested.

    Thanks for your excellent work on Divi… :-)

  212. Downloading! Can’t wait for the tutorials.

    Everyone’s making useful requests, so I hope to see how this will continue growing!


  213. OMG! Divi is the MotherShip of all Elegant themes – thank you Nick & team!! :-)

  214. A social icon module would be great. I’m really looking forward to using this theme on my next project. Worth the wait!

    • Thanks for the suggestion. In the meantime, the text module supports all of ET’s normal shortcodes, and you can use them to input social media badges.

  215. Again, Elegant Themes proves that they are beyond the competitors. Thank you for all your effort!

  216. Incredible!! Totally love it after watching all the tutorials!! YEAH!

  217. It’s cool and as well as giveaway also…

  218. This theme is awesome. My clients are going to love this. I love this. No more waiting on them to make a decision on what theme they think they like. We will just build their site to look like what they want and start with Divi. 😀

  219. Feel the love Nick.

    People are very happy!


  220. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /data/41/2/46/33/2046033/user/2241270/htdocs/blog/wp-content/themes/Divi/Divi/et-pagebuilder/et-pagebuilder.php on line 391

    What is causing this?

    • Please ignore… operator error!

    • Sorry about that. For anyone who experienced this, the problem has been fixed in version 1.1.

  221. Niiice :)

  222. Wow! Fantastic theme, really worth the wait. Thanks for all your hard work!

  223. I´d would be nice to have a advanced search module that you can configure widly, not only category and date.

  224. This is a simply stunning theme! I think adding some modules that dynamically pull content in from social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) would be pretty awesome!

  225. awesome work……waiting for the result……happy for whoever wins!

  226. keep up the good work guys :)

  227. You know what? This is just AWESOME! I was looking to revamp my website for quite long but was holding myself back from purchasing a template, just because of the unique Theme Builder coming up from Elegant Themes. And when I first saw the theme, I was like WOW. I had shortlisted similar themes for purchase but now, I know where to get my theme from. Great Work!

    • Glad to hear, Rahul! Good luck with the revamp :)

  228. Wow. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. It looks fantastic. Nice work Nick and team.

  229. How did you know Divi is exactly what I asked Santa for this Christmas? It was totally worth staying off Santa’s Naughty List for this awesome gift!!! Thanks, ET.

  230. Hi guys ! We have been waiting during a long time, but the results is really awesome ! I’ve just one suggestion ! I’d reaaly like that the portfolio module can works with other custom post type created with a plugin like Custom Post Type UI. I’d also like filterable portfolio. With these options, Divi will be really perfect!

  231. Awesome multi-featured theme by elegant theme lab !! As you’ve asked that which module do you suggest :

    1) I would like to suggest you to create an RSS reader module (not a widget)..
    It can fetch RSS feed of particular URL and make it drag and drop familiar, so people can display dynamic content on any page of the site wherever they want to display it.

    2) As it is the WooCommerce supported theme, It would be better to add My Profile, Login and Signup module with new design !

    Hope it helps your elegant coders :)

  232. AWESOME. It’s a great theme / foundation. So exited to see how Divi will expand in the future… child themes? Builder funcionality for all ET themes? Who knows…

  233. It would be awesome to see a fuller font library, connection to google fonts if there isn’t. I would love to see blog preview along side the mega menu function.

    All in all this is a very wonderful theme with so many possibilities! Amazing guys!

  234. Very nice theme. Going to have to give it a shot.

  235. This theme is awesome. it is great to work with Elegant Themes

  236. First of all, I am simply blown away by the creativity of ET Team :O
    Divi is that one great theme that will fit for every singly type of website that a user plans to host. The simple drag and drop layout along with the amazing set of modules makes me fall in love with this beauty!

    I would like to suggest the addition of a Social Integration Module because you know social market is on the rise today and everyone wants a part of it.

    Thank you for this wonderful Theme and for this wonderful contest!
    Hoping to win one membership :’)

  237. Amazing! Looking for a Google Adsense Module.

  238. Now this just took Elegant Themes to a whole new level. Divi is stunning! Congrats guys. :)

  239. AMAZING!! Thanks guys, you might just have made history…

  240. Awesome!

    Is it Retina-ready?

    Again, awesome!

    • That’s a great idea. You can also just use the built in audio player that comes with WordPress. Simply upload an audio file, and then place it within a text module.

  241. I am waiting to implement paragraph annotation on this

  242. Excellent Work!!

  243. Really Awesome Nick !!! After long time finally Divi is live. I like so much Divi, specially slider and lazy loading functionality.

    And besides more nice Giveaway with the release of Divi.

  244. Beautiful theme! Thank you for making the future web sexier!

  245. True to your high standards looks very impressive… great job!

  246. O-M-G…
    I had followed from afar the spoilers about Divi, but this… This is just beyond everything I had expected. You guys are rockstars. I stumbled across a gorgeous theme that I was this close to buy, but didn’t, I studied the Genesis framework, went through all themeforest stuff, but yours has… well, everything :-)

    I hate you guys, spent 2 months building 2 websites, now I have to go all over it again, because there is NO WAY i will do a website without using yours.

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!

    PS: since everything is responsive to the the bones and it goes way beyond the Elegant Builder plugin, does it mean you plan to make the Elegant Builder plugin responsive in the future too ? 😛 i saw quite a lot of requests for this in the forums.

  247. Awesome Job guys!!

    I’d love to see newsletter functionality.

  248. Wow!
    My God!
    Nick, this time you…..have….well….done pure awesomeness!
    This is amazing!
    It was worth the wait!
    You say that it works with WooCommerce shopping cart. Is it possible in the future for it to also be compatible with Cart 66/Cloud swipe? That would be cool!

  249. OMG! This theme looks a-fricken-mazing! Just started watching some of the video guides (which are REALLY useful BTW). Looking forward to using Divi in the future :)

  250. This is great theme that I ever see. It would be nice if can show more info on the ecommerce integration.

  251. In short, Divi will supersedes previous themes because of its power, flexibility and beauty. One word: AWESOME!!!

  252. Have to say I think this is your best theme yet, love the clean and elegant design and the various modules – I’ll be signing up soon!

  253. Superb ! Great ! Wonderful !

    Just noted that, on the demo, once I clicked on “Page Layouts” and selected one of the proposed layout, the menu sub items do not show up anymore.


    • Correction : it only applies to “The Basics” items (page layouts).

  254. Awesome work guys!
    It seems that it answers all our wishes.

  255. Hi there, elegantthemers!
    My first impression: great job! I will need a week or so to work me through all the options. But it all seems to be very straightforward… Thanks a lot! And happy xmass-time!

  256. This looks fantastic!! I’ve been waiting for this. I was rebuilding my website using the Foxy theme, but I think I will be switching to this :-)

  257. Awesome Theme and Features.

    Definitely building websites with this theme.

  258. It was worth the wait ! I spent a lot of times yesterday watching the tutorials and waiting for the download link to appear !

  259. Hi ET Theme,

    This really awesome. I like simplicity and flexibility. How about to add up another module for map.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Elyas. It’s been added to the To-Do-List 😉

  260. Great stuff! Would we be able to have the sidebar for WooCommerce? If so, I’m buying this soon!

  261. What a mighty mighty theme! Great work!

  262. A great tool. Congratulations to Nick and his team for this awesome work!. Greetings from Spain

  263. DIVI looks great! Would be nice to have a module for adding fonts from different sources like google, typekit and so on. Also a module for customer/member – login could be useful.

  264. The theme looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks guys!

  265. And now it’s going to be a GREAT Christmas! God bless you Nick, and your team! :)

  266. Absolutly superb, this theme is a game changer as I see it. Already my head is spinning on witch projects I will use this :-)

    Agree with @Slava, Easy Digital Downlaods integration would be highly appreciated!

  267. Using your templates is fun already and now this.
    Altough it Looks a bit like a apple commercial (at least the movie) it seems to be great and a quick look at the PSD-files made me even happier :-).

    Keep on rocking.

  268. Awesome theme. I am impressed. Worth waiting.
    You and your team have done a good job.

  269. Whoawww stunning new theme ! Some many possibilities to custom it. Thx for the hardwork !

  270. Really nice work ET! This is a real innovation! Are you planning in upgrade the Page Builder plugin with this new Advanced Page Builder Plugin? It will be very wonderful!

  271. Elegant – like your company name.
    Can’t wait to get my hand on this theme. Divi is a kick-a.. theme

  272. A question comming up with all those great new features.

    Will you ever update any of the older themes with this great new features?
    Just because, sometimes I wanna start out with a older theme cause it seems to fit better, but don’t wanna miss the great features.

    Once you’ve used them, it’s hard to deal without, right? :-)

  273. Seems very nice! Good job!

    Will the builder work in other themes to? All the earlier themes seems old now :) But whit the builder they are still interesting. And what about themes that comes, will the be based on Devi?

  274. Great theme Nick, right now I’m using Origin theme on my site but, now I want to use Divi, can I achieve Origin type of layout (auto-load) from the front-end? Does the layout builder allows such modifications?

    Thanks :)

  275. cheers!
    I’m speechless…

  276. WOW! so now I know what I’ll be doing over the holidays :)
    Looks too DIVIne

    • Cheers! Happy Holidays 😉

  277. I really honor Nick and his team for being so courageous to invent the future! I’m so happy you kept strong in order to create this amazing theme which already revolutionized the entire market. Thank you very much!

  278. Wow, Suburb! Will def be using this on a bunch of upcoming projects.

  279. Some more image display options, like fancybox, lightbox and every other fancy display :) but keep up the good work

  280. Guys, you are awsome! Theme is amazing!

  281. I can sense the relief from you guys, well worth the wait. Great job

  282. Great theme,Looks amazing with lots of features.

  283. Late, but latest release! Fantastic design and happy to see lots of new options and love the one “Divi Builder”. :-)

  284. Yo Nick.

    I think you’ll have a new customer 😀
    Awesome theme Nick. Two thumbs up for your great job

  285. This looks great. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

  286. Again an amazing new theme, even with a wonderful shop integrated.

  287. Looks fantastic. Great work, guys. Thank you so much. I think I’ll be using this for an upcoming revamp of my own site, and probably with several of my clients as well. Keep it up!

  288. amazing job well done. Will use this to rebuild our company website.

  289. It looks flexible and powerfull, ideal as the beginning of any proyect based on wordpress.

  290. Fabulous – You guys rock! Cannot wait to put this theme through its paces – have a batch of projects I want to implement with this theme – been procrastinating on purpose for this Divi release.

    If it lives up to half of what is advertised this will be the only theme I ever use!

    Guess what I am doing for Xmas?

  291. After a quick look I HAVE TO SAY I’M IMPRESSED… well done

  292. Bon difficile d’imaginer – pour l’instant- de nouvelles fonctionnalités avant d’avoir pris en main DIVI.
    It’s hard to imagine new features ! Before I must try to explore DIVI !

  293. I´m now using divi with an actual client.

    One problem I´ve found is the text of the slider, it should have an option to insert it into a box. In real world customers pictures for sliders aren´t so elegant and tidy.


  294. A-MA-ZING!
    I did not know about the upcoming launch of Divi, so it was a very welcome Christmas surprise! Can´t wait to see what the future brings in terms of new modules and updates.
    Two quick questions, Nick:
    – will it be possible to translate the back-end?
    – will it be possible to build our own modules?

    All the best!

  295. just a word, it is wonderful

  296. Looks really great! Can’t wait to work with the theme!


    Compass Creations

  297. wow great, atleast ET is following trends now too… pagebuilder & modules are must have options!

  298. This is phenomenal. It continues to amaze me how generous you guys are (and how patient when people suggest millions of ideas!).
    I would happily pay for another tier of membership just to access this! Have just installed on two of my sites and look forward to seeing what I can create!
    Thank you so much guys for all the work you put in for this, it definitely seems worth it.
    Im loving the apple style advert btw!
    Cant wait to see what the future holds with ET.

  299. Really cool! I would like to have a positionable “floating” image or module item available in this theme, maybe even some nested one, placeable somewhere in pages.
    It could be really useful!


  300. Very nice work. Divi is a beautiful piece of work and I’m excited that it’s built in such a way as to make improvements easy.

    Couple of questions…

    How do you install this as a child theme, so that upgrades are simple and don’t wipe out code hacks, etc?

    I see a number of little animations in Divi, but I don’t see where these are offered as features. Are these your own little hacks or are they available within the theme?



    • Regarding the animations I mentioned, I’m specifically referring to the Home page (just before the footer) where you see:
      Are those included?


      • Very good question… did you ever get an answer. I can’t even get the main slider to animate.

      • These are simply animated GIFs that were added using the image module. Such an image needs to be created manually using animation software such as Adobe After Effects.

  301. Would it work in conjunction with the yoast plugin?

  302. Most awesome theme ever!

  303. Looks awesome Nick. Going to spend the next few days having a play with it.

  304. I wonder how much Divi would have made on ThemeForest..LOL

  305. I wonder how much Divi would have made on ThemeForest..LOL

  306. About the rating system, if I may… There are the boxes for the name and email but nothing tells the visitor what they are for – and they have to be filled. Then an error comes and what you have written so far disappears. I guess it should work like the comment box (also with a captcha module we have for the contact form).

    But enough complaining: a truly fantastic theme at the first sight. Congratulation!

  307. What about Post Types?

    Great theme Nick and congrats to the team. I have been waiting for this one since the day it was announced. Yeah, gotta go and try it out. 😀

    • Thanks Asif. We will be adding Post Formats as one of Divi’s first updates.

  308. Congratulations to the ET team. Can’t wait to give this a whirl.

  309. Great theme – I’m not sure if Divi does this already, but integration with BuddyPress and a magazine layout would be really nice. Along with some integration for opt-in forms. Would be great to have a theme that has this built in, sure others do it but maybe you could do it better and take away the need for mailing list related plugins altogether.

  310. Oh my god at last! After the long wait!

  311. Where is the sample content located for this theme?

    • I am wondering about sample content also?

      Unsure what the function of the Project custom post types is, and sample content would be helpful in figuring that out.

  312. I would love to see a ratings module added.

  313. Honestly, I don’t know what to ask for. It seems to be the theme I’ve been waiting for for a while now!
    Thank you Elegant theme !

  314. Looks great guys, they just keep getting better!

  315. Very excited to think about the possibilities of this theme. I hope it will be easy to develop modules for the theme ourselves too.

  316. hey, great theme! i’m kind of worried about one thing though – is there a possibility to convert the layout made using the builder into regular html? What happens if I want to change the theme? Will all my layouts reset? I wish it could be converted easily to allow for more flexibility.


  317. You really made me very excited for this theme and now I am a little bit underwhelmed. The available features are almost the same, if not less than the ones from the Goodwork Theme by Ruben Bristian. His theme is more expensive than your membership, so I guess i shouldn’t complain. Also you are saying this is just the beginning, and I guess it is a good foundation. So what I will try to do is give some constructive critisism:
    The main thing I am missing is an improved Admin Options Panel. I was very dissapointed to see your usual ePanel again. It has become a bit outdated and offers few options. I don’t understand why you still use it to define the Navigation Items. The native WordPress Menus are far better. Also I would have liked to see options that would let the user make changes to the blog layout, like change the size of the Blog Thumbnails (I don’t like the huge thumbnails at all), change the excerpt length, etc. without having to change this in the code. It would also be very nice to let the user choose which category uses which kind of blog layout and things like that. This would have been a feature I haven’t seen anywhere else.
    The Modules are all quite nice, but I haven’t found anything unespected or innovative.
    I am also a little bit disapointed by with the basic widgets, like the recent posts widget or the search widget the styling isn’t just simple it’s basic and laking attention to detail.
    I like to modify my layouts quite a bit, but this layout is too restrictive for me to make the simple changes I would like without having to spend ages to figure out the code. But it doesn’t offer enough options for me to use it without having to make changes to the code.

  318. Is an excellent theme!
    You would add a social networks module to Divi next.

  319. It’s been a while since you have released a theme. but I am really happy that finally you have released a finest theme in recent time.

  320. Great!

  321. Very Impressive theme, looks like a lot of hard work went into it. In the next few blog posts can you go into detail as to how we can customize the theme from the backend coding wise. Unless you plan on having a very thorough read me. Maybe you can highlight some coding features, in a post.

    Example: What hooks or functions can we call?

    Also how is the performance? I’m worried with such a builder that it would slow it down , would it not require more renduring from the theme?

    Great work on the theme

  322. I love the flexibility that you have provided with this theme!

  323. Hi Nick

    I have 2 suggestions.

    1. A masonry blog style with infinite loading or paging

    2. A list style of blog with columns and a cute round thumbnail.

    3. Unlimited sidebar

    4. Ability to assign each page with different sidebar

    • Thanks for the suggestions. Actually, Divi already comes with the ability to create unlimited sidebars, and to place those sidebars on any page, anywhere on your page using the Sidebar module :)

  324. At last the gallery with rebound and shadow is gone

  325. Just in time for a new site I am putting together – can’t wait to try it out! Thanks guys!

  326. This looks promising from a blog, to a store, to a business site this seems to fit every major type of business with the ability to tweak it to perfectly fit your own. Looking forward to spending some time with this.

  327. The Best Gift for my birthday :)

  328. Thanks Nick,

    I know this one was a freaking bear, but it really appears to be a great tool that will solidify Elegant Themes as my main web design component for years to come. Fantastic.

  329. I’ve used Elegant Themes for a while but never as my first choice because I don’t like the options panel or (generally speaking) the lack of custom post types. But, this new theme is amazing. With WooThemes doing all it can to upset their loyal club subscribers, I think this theme has changed everything. I can seriously see me moving wholeheartedly over to Elegant Themes now. Well done, Divi is brilliant.

  330. Fantastic theme!

  331. One word. Amazing.
    I’m going to work on it today. 😀

  332. Fantastic theme! I’d love to see a social media module added.

  333. Awesome! Looks amazing can’t wait to give it a spin on my website!

  334. it seems to be terrific!!!

  335. Hi Nick & The Team! :)

    First of all, thank you for creating the one and only MASTERPIECE that already makes a history right before our eyes!

    It was definitely worth the wait and couldn’t come in a more appropriate time than now. It’s going to be my best Christmas ever! :)

    I have spent more than an hour reading all of the comments above and so many great suggestions have been offered. I can only add a couple of my own to that long list:

    1. I would love to see a custom video slider module with playlist, so the videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Wistia can be integrated into it.

    2. A Landing Page layout would make it completely versatile as it’s so difficult to find beautiful landing page layouts on the market, not mentioning being integrated into the website itself.

    Apart of that, the Divi is the game-changer in so many ways. It’s even easily beats PageLines DMS system. And it’s all in one magnificent Elegant Theme! :)

    Thanks you guys for making it happened in such a unique way!
    Greetings from London and Merry Christmas to you all! 😉


    • + 1

  336. It’s wow working with the page builder and I love the invention of Section, Row, Column and Modules. Its the best page builder so far and I built a lovely test site within 45 mins!

  337. You out did yourself on this theme. At least at this point there isn’t much you can’t do and you’re only limited by your imagination. No other themes come close to what Elegant Themes offers!

  338. Divi is looking great I cant wait to start building on these great foundations. I would like to see more custom post types in the blog for video, audio, quotes, and slide shows.

  339. Wow! The divi theme looks great, as does the content editor.

  340. This looks great, looking forward to giving it a try.

  341. would love some guidance on image sizes as there is quite a few sizings used 1080×534, 400×400, 800×600,320×240 etc

    • I second this. A doc for suggested image sizes would be great!

      • To follow up, here’s some dimensions picked up from the forum:

        1/4 Image: 225×169
        Full-sized Slider Background: 1920×600
        Full-sized Slider Overlay Image: 512×880
        1/4 Blurb Image: 97×71
        2/3 Image: 784×833

  342. Awesome it is

  343. Where was this theme when I was rebuilding my page last time?
    I’d love to see social media integration as the next module.

  344. It would be nice if there was a CSS code field in each section, row, and module.

  345. En cuanto pueda, a primeros de año, tengo que hacerme con este tema para el blog!!!

    Un Saludo.

  346. The Divi theme looks like the best one out there! May need to redo my site – again!

  347. responsive, rave, rated, reviews +1

  348. Divi is the direct result of pairing two talented WordPress designers together where they each feed off of the others talents. I can really see the Kenny Sing influence all over this theme and let me tell you…it’s a beautiful thing!

    Kudos on introducing The Finest Theme On The Market To Date (and I don’t dish out compliments that easily). Even the theme manual is complete.

    WoW! This is fabulous to the core!

    T H A N K S . . . I L O V E. T H I S. T H E M E

    • Thanks, Aicia!

      We’ve had a lot of fun building this theme. And it’s only going to keep getting better 😉

  349. This is Awesomeness. Was waiting for Divi for so long and finally its like Wonderful :)

  350. Add two column full width posts… just like they are in newspapers and magazines :)

  351. This looks really promising. Great great work guys.. Can’t wait to use it.


  352. Love it thank you for the great work….

  353. I have no idea what module would be good to add. I’m totally new to this. This theme looks awesome. Saving up to take the plunge as a lifetime member!

  354. This theme is beautiful! Many thanks!

  355. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to start using this theme!

  356. Wow, 40 seconds of scrolling before i can gave my reaction.
    Great work guys, to bad for my wife i have to play with these new theme all weekend!

  357. A theme that looks great across multiple platforms is a must. Thanks!

  358. Great looking theme! I’m very happy to see a clean and visually appealing WooCommerce integration. This is definitely something to be proud of. Thank you for your hard work!

  359. Superb job

  360. Divi is so powerful, may never need another theme! Well done.

  361. Excellent job! Can’t wait to test it out…

  362. Love this new theme. More than awesome!

  363. Great addition to the collection!
    I L.O.V.E. Elegant themes! A friend of mine pointed me in your direction a couple of years ago – I’ve never regretted it once!!
    Can’t wait for a chance to use DIVI soon!!

  364. Hi Nick and Elegant Themes…
    I spent all night working on our first DIVI website….
    I’m loving the new way of design.

    Don’t forget to tell people about these great features:
    1. Create a layout and SAVE it for reuse!
    2. Export a layout to use in other DIVI websites. (GENIUS)
    3. Adding Widget areas in the layout AND adding additional named widgets, right in the widget area!

    Great Job Guys!

    Thank You !

    P.S. I’d love to see additional slider functionality, along with more control of slider height, positioning of images, adjustments for image alignment in the image module. Also, a way to adjust margins between modules, rows, and sections.

  365. I can’t wait to try this theme – love all the components and responsiveness. I really like the video backgrounds.

  366. i commented 😉 :
    great as usual !!!

  367. THANK YOU!!! Best theme ever! You guys are awesome!

  368. The next module to add to Divi next, would be a kind of Author google Box

    • Wow, this theme looks like the best one to date. I can’t wait to try it out.

    • FANTASTIC idea – looking to integrate Google Authorship retroactively on previous clients’ sites now, so it would be very helpful in Divi.


  369. Can’t wait to try this one out :)

  370. Really cool. I love the whitespace!!!

  371. This theme rocks! Very good looking and super versatile!
    Looks very complete, but maybe it would be more perfect if there were:
    – more header options
    – and more options in the e-panel. I think with this theme e-panel could have a little update with more options to complement this theme.

    There is only one thing I have left to say is: THANKS!
    Wonderful Christmas Present! – Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks for the suggestions Don. We plan to add more header options in the future.

      As for ePanel, we tried to strip away as many options as possible. Most of the options for the theme are now within the individual modules themselves, which accounts for Divi’s flexibility.

  372. Excelente! Maravilhoso! Felicidades e parabéns pra vocês por este novo fenômeno de tema.

  373. I can’t wait to start using this on some new sites, and re-vamping a few old ones as well. Very nicely done ET!

  374. Wonderful theme, I just joined elegantthems and now I realize that it was a well spent coin 😉

    (about the modules sorry, I hardly know what a module is :( )

  375. I have been eyeballing ET for a long long time and am in need to put up several sites over the coming weeks. This theme is over the top and makes the decision so much easier 😀 Thanks!

  376. Awesome! Just when I thought Vertex was my web’s best look, here comes Divi … and here goes my vacation :)

  377. I’m blown away by how awesome this theme is! Truly amazing! Can’t wait to play with it!

  378. Excited to check this one out. What’s not to love about a lifetime Elegant Themes membership?

  379. It’s gorgeous – total game changer! I’m looking forward to using it!

  380. Love what you guys do, and I’d be pumped to win a lifetime membership. I always welcome additional functionality for sliders, including ability to customize appearance and user interaction.

  381. I’d like to see Vertical Response integration for the newsletter signup module, instead of just MailChimp.

  382. Absolutely stunning. I would love to see a new events module that would be robust!

  383. looks like a great theme.

    Having some issues for the moment.
    – with the slider settings: On iPhone and below the slide image and text and button in the slider get lost. Only heading is visible.

    – I find only text possibility in the header, rather small, no images possible?

    Am curious how this theme will work out in the near future. Thanks!!

    • I just found the very good documentation! That will help!!!

      Thanks and great creating!!


      • Can you give us the answer or a link to the documentation that will help us ? I have the same issue :/

        Thanks !

        • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in the support forums so that our team can assist you.

  384. I would also love to see an event’s module in the future of divi! Theme looks amazing as is though!

  385. Love your good work guys. And the best part for me being a medium to low level techo in the web space is that your support is fantastic. Thank you.

  386. Awesome direction. Would like to see Bootstrap support added,

  387. Great Work! starting to play with it :)

  388. I’d love to see more slider options, including have a list of slides the user can click on with options for it on the side or along the bottom.

    Looks great and the flexibility is interesting!

  389. A surprising change. Congratulations.

    • We spent a lot of time thinking about how our builder should work, and I think it turned out great. We also created dozens of video screencasts for our documentation that go over every module and more :) Once you get the hang of Divi, you will be building unique websites faster than ever before.

  390. My client’s already installed this on his site, so stoked!!

  391. Great theme!

  392. Nick & Team… Congrats on weathering the storm of frustration as we anxiously awaited this theme. Well, worth the wait! You all have done a great job.

    I’d like to second the request for options allowing for squeeze page design:
    – Menu-less headers

    …and an MASSIVE thank you for integrating video and image animation in such a beautiful way.

    Oh, and please continue value added blog posts like your “CSS tricks”. Posts like that are gold for those of us that are CSS noobs.

    Thanks again :)

  393. Well that’s a hell of a good theme. Great design really! I’ve been wanting to work with one of your goodies for some time. And your final statement about expanding the theme in the future does it for me :)

    A few improvements you might want to take into consideration would delight me such as :

    – Retina support (at least for the logo which is pixelated on iOS)
    – Post types to enable video as a featured image
    – Portfolio item with a simple slider in case you have more than one image to show
    – Responsive fullscreen (not just full-width) slider with video background for the home page.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Agreed, great suggestions.

  394. Works wonderfully, very impressed. Is there a way to make the slider automatically slide?

    • Not yet, but we will add this option in a future version of the theme.

      • A layered slider (revolution slider) to bombard my competitors please NICK.

      • Thanks – that answered my earlier question. I look forward to the update. I hope it has a way to tell it to only do a certain number of loops, as sometimes sliders get crazy.

        I am also mildly concerned with not being able to change the slider height. Those can often overpower some important things just below them. I could see some cool effects with a slider the same width but just shorter height, so the next “tier” of homepage items shows clearly too.

        Thanks to the dev team!

  395. This theme’s and functions are looking great!…

    Good job team… can’t wait for more 😉

  396. Great! I am so excited about this!

  397. Congrats on the release, guys. It really does look promising. Made me sit back in my chair and contemplate how this could be useful to me now. Well done.

  398. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but it looks awesome. Thanks for all your hard work.

  399. I’m just playing around with Divi so far, but i really like it!

  400. Amazing Theme… Congratulations

  401. This looks absolutely amazing! I would recommend another module, but I think you’ve covered them all !

  402. This is an amazing theme!!! You guys have way overdone yourselves this time!!! Wow!

  403. experimenting with this fantastic theme on a couple of sites.its taking some getting used to and thinking outside the box.

  404. I have never seen such a beautiful work

  405. Wow!

    I think Divi is the only theme I need now.

    I know the ET home page wont look so flash if it says
    Customers: 213635 & 1 Theme

    But with Divi, one theme is all you need.

    Well done on this one guys. I hope to see more development with modules etc and maybe some consideration for true flexibility in the logo space at top of page.



  406. MAN! That is the most amazing thing that I see in a long time! OMG!

    * I really can’t know which module your guys should add, everything that I wanted is there already.

  407. I am excited to experiment now that I have explored. I can’t imagine what more modules can be added. I am sure something will come up. :-)

  408. This is fantastic. I have been struggling with another theme trying to make it just how I want it, then you release this. THANK YOU

    • This is exactly my sentiments as well!!! Great timing

  409. Awesome!
    Divi is worth every minute we have waited for a new theme in the last months! Great work! Thanks!

  410. Excellent! I can’t wait to try it.

  411. Great work guys!

    Please add a review module with an option to add boxart for games, music, gadgets ect.

    A module for representing diffrent poststyles …maybe something like this, which also shows a review with boxart.


    Best regards and good luck with sales, evne if i dont think you need it 😉

  412. I worked with elegantthemes years ago, I always surprise with the new features of Divi theme, It is the best I can see in WordPress functionality

  413. Great new update theme, i have tried when i login and see Divi theme. i try at localhost first. very nice and responsive lover 😀

  414. Help! Can’t install with Buddypess plugin. Fatcow hosting.

  415. Wow! Super excited to try out Divi. Sounds amazing.

  416. Wow. Brilliant theme. Smart yet simple to use.

  417. Hands down theme.

  418. awesome themes, would love to start using for my websites!!

  419. Hi guys,
    Well done on a fantastic theme! Divi is definately looking future proof and flexible, two things I highly value in a theme.

    My suggestions for the theme would be some more subtle effects like button rollovers.
    THanks for the hard work, and thanks for releasing this before the holidays 😉

  420. Liking what I see so far. I have two suggestions.

    Add a module for embedding an interactive Google map. Good for contact pages of local brick and mortar businesses.

    It’s not a module, but I’d love to see a theme that supports vertical side menu navigation instead of the typical horizontal, and still look good on mobile. My last client was adamant about having their menu beside their content, under a giant banner image. I couldn’t use any of your themes for that. Ended up using the Gantry Framework, and a rather tacky hack job involving three menus and hiding/showing them based on screen size. If I could just click a setting in Divi’s options and viola, I have side navigation, I’d be in love.. in case another client asks again.

    • you can with Divi…try it out.

  421. Great theme to close this year!

  422. Estoy deseando probar este theme!!!, por lo que veo ofrece muchísimas cosas!

  423. i’m speechless!!

  424. Really nice work!
    Since my WP skills are fair at best… can you compare the features of the new Divi Builder vs. the existing Elegant Page Builder? Thanks!

  425. new theme looks awesome. gotta check it out.

  426. Dont you have already 87 Themes? Thats why I missed DIVIS first lauch, because in the frontpage stays still 86 Themes:)

  427. WOW AMAZING….. Great theme and fantastic code…
    Divi is the Most Powerful, Flexible & Beautiful Theme in 2013 :)

    The most interesting is speed of divi loading page, it’s very fast.. I love it

    Great work! Congratulation for ET Team….

  428. I would love to use a mind-map as a menu, where coordinates could be user-defined and assigned to any post.

  429. Great job, really like it. Beautiful and clean, admin with module is just perfect for me. Thanks for all documentation and stuff like icons, witch are also perfect. Divi will be one of the best theme ever!

  430. This is just awesome.

  431. Excellent work – you just you convinced me to me to be your customer!

    Best regards, Krzysiek

  432. Looking good – Can’t wait to use it !

  433. Fantastico tema! Flipandolo aún

  434. Perfect design. Useful theme.

  435. Congratulations, and thank you for this christmas gift !

  436. I would love to get this membership. Thanks guys!

  437. Will certainly be playing with this soon. Already getting tons of ideas.

  438. Can’t say what I think needs to be added, because out of the box this looks pretty fantastic! My website is in such dire need of an update, I cannot wait to try Divi! Simply wow!

  439. Grandioses Theme! Module ideas? Sooo many already…maybe something like a calendar or event countdown… or “social networking” features ??? You will surprise us anyway – that´s for sure! :-)
    Waiting for the next innovations – Peter

  440. Wonderful theme! Really elegant! Is there any module for adding carousels? Like there is one in estore or styleshop homepages?

  441. i am really excited to try this theme out! i think i will use it for my own portfolio first!

  442. Wow! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for for a few of my websites.

  443. Looks amazing!

  444. Congratulations and thank you for this amazing piece of art!

  445. Absolutely wonderful gang. You’ve outdone yourselves and over delivered on your promises of a great site.

    Thank You!

  446. How do you enable CSS for modules?

  447. Awesome builder.
    Does the portfolio support masonary layout?

    I anticipate that Divi is going to enjoy frequent updates. It is very crucial that you develop auto-updates for the theme. WordPress is now updating automatically. Make it seamless for us.

  448. Divi: Vini, Vidi, Vinci …

  449. I don’t have suggestions on what to add, but I’m ready to go beyond the basic theme a VA setup for me years ago, hoping this one might be what I’m looking for!

  450. Please add price list module in the next update of divi!

  451. Divi is amazing! It has endless possibilities.

  452. Love it!

  453. This looks like a nifty theme… I will have to come up with a blog to use it on :)

  454. This is really something unusual and useful. Looking forward to more! :)

  455. Awesome!

  456. My #1 dream-wish for new Section Module Settings option. This would be totally awesome!

  457. full width google map would be an awesome addition to divi modules!

  458. Want it! Need it!

  459. Options to show/hide the header/footer or post title or any combination.

  460. it looks just beautiful!, I can’t wait to try it :)

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  465. Do
    … with Divi !

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  468. Crowdsourcing module so you can run a campaign from your theme.

  469. Perhaps this is not a module per’se, but having a footnote system would be nice (for those clients who write articles).

  470. Very nice Theme! Great great job guys!
    For me, a module to manage images libraries


  471. I’m happy to say, it was worth the wait!! I knew it would be…

  472. I’m so totally blown away by this theme that I’m probably going to change my website to it as soon as I have some spare time! Awesome job, guys! I haven’t had a chance to read more in depth, but if there isn’t one already, I would love to see a video module where we can either embed a video from Vimeo or YouTube, or a self-hosted video (with an html5 player). :)

  473. Amazing!, great X-mas Gift!

  474. Great theme. Infinite possibilities!!!

  475. This is a great theme and amazing price. The next module would be to have a Social Media section in the header so that we can customize with our social media channels (pinterest, eventbrite, nextdoor, LinkedIn, etc.)

  476. I love the flexibility and options on this theme. I can’t wait to start playing with it!

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    You should add a map module !

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  481. Divi es un gran tema! Flexible y amigable! Ya lo estoy usando y es realmente una maravillosa y muy versatil platilla. Quizás lo único que se me ocurre se pudiera agregar es un módulo para dar mayor flexibilidad a la diagramación del menú, pero creo que así como está el tema es extensamente flexible. Coloco la traducción de mi post, esperando que la entiendan!!! Saludos!!!

    Divi is a great theme! Flexible and friendly! I’m already using and it’s really a wonderful and very versatile template. Perhaps the only thing I think could be added is a module to allow for flexibility in the layout of the menu, but I really think that Divi is already really flexible. I hope you understand this translation I did of my original post in Spanish. Greetings!

  482. Great that we have not Divi after such a long time and as the Divi-divi tree here on the island of Curaçao it is really fascinating!

  483. A nice module for the Divi Pagebuilder can be a Social Media widget, like a Facebook Like box or similar stuff…

  484. Very impressive! I’m trying to figure out the best way to migrate an existing site to Divi. Any suggestions?

  485. I found the bottom of the comment section!

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  488. Hi Nick,

    You might have missed this question earlier.

    There are some neat little animations on the Home page of the live theme demo (just before the footer), where you see:


    To the right of each an animation repeats. Is the ability to do that stuff included with the download of Divi, or are they your own customized additions?



    • Hi Jerry,

      I saw Nick answer this on another blog post. Those are animated GIF’s you’re referring to. The ET team created the GIF’s themselves. There’s quite a few software apps that let you create GIF’s like that: Photoshop, After Effects, Fireworks; to name a few.

  489. I found something very bad in my opinion:
    When I use the builder there are two missing features which are very important:
    1) you cannot change the column type once you have created a section
    2) You cannot have a section with split columns inside. Let me explain: I need a 1/4 – 1/4 – 1/2
    but after every 1/4 -1/4 I need to insert a 1/2 divider below. this is impossible to be done…
    With the elegant builder plugin this is doable simply adding the possibility to drag COLUMNS TYPES together with the modules..
    3) Also I tried the slider.. I have no clue how to resize max height of the slider.. which is way too big. I tried playing a bit with element min-height values in the CSS but no luck (I also tried removing that and using a max height value instead.. it only applies to the text area in the slider.. :(

    • +1! I saw this glitch as well while using the intuitive builder. I wanted to shorten the column length but can’t and once I have a column you can’t change it but have to delete it and insert a new one. Well, I believe in ET for a stunning update of Divi.

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  499. really great theme. love it.

    It would be great to be able to choose an independent background color for the row also, not just for the section, to keep e.g. blurbs better together on a background image or color.

    Also possibilities to change colors and sizes of fonts would be VERY helpful!

    excited for the further developments. Thanks!

  500. Divi looks like the perfect go-to theme / framework!

  501. Way to take it to the next level guys… Wow. :)

    Here’s a ‘next module’ suggestion: How about a way to choose between various collapse methods for scaling? Some times, you might really need the mobile version to have all the images, scaled down, while other times, an all text version for mobile, with a link to go to web version, would be better.

    • Great idea!

  502. I would love to be able to use this for real estate… a cross between Divi and Elegant Estate. I would sure make my job easier! Let me know if you would like a mockup of what I was thinking

  503. I’ve been waiting for this for ages ! can’t wait to try this out ^_^

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    Headers are an overall weakness in all the ET themes I’ve tried, be nice if you could address that with this theme.

    Even so, Divi sounds fantabulous and can’t wait to play with it. Thank you.

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    Thank you~

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  511. Truly awesome. I love it. Question: Is there anyway to set the Fullwidth Slider to auto play?

  512. Great new theme, looking forward to exploring it.

    Like a few others have mentioned, an events module would be a great addition. Most of the sites I build at the moment need event management. Each one I do needs a different setup so something flexible to allow: calendar and/or event list views + custom fields for each event + optional event bookings + optional event booking payments. Either all as one module or related modules that work together.

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    I have been waiting to see what you’d create – and hoping it would be video friendly… but THIS has WAY superceded my expectations… so stoked!!!
    What a christmas present… THANKS GUYS!!!!

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  515. Is it possible to make one-page layouts with divi?

  516. Ok, now I “found” something that would be cool the be supported. How does/will Divi play with Plugins such as Pods (or other CPT Plugins)?

  517. A massive amount of comments! That’s a terrific work you guys, and finally made it. Despite the improvements and the fixes (according to others’ words), I truly congratulate you for the results.

    Keep working hard!

  518. More than a theme DIVI is a brutal framework!

    Congrats for the work guys!

  519. Loving it, it’s clean, structured and very slick. Would love to see auto animation in the sliders if possible (haven’t found this yet)

  520. Something I would really like to see with this theme and it may already be available, but is there like a review module? Give posts (reviews) ratings? That would be great.

  521. I’d like to see some social media modules.

  522. This is the Word Press theme I’ve been looking for, but not finding till now.

  523. Just played with it, this is great, but am I missing something or I can’t use the PageBuilder on regular posts? Seems I can only use it with pages or projects.

    How does it align with the ElegantBuilder plugin?

    • I’m looking for this as well. Can we use the PageBuilder on regular posts somehow?

    • The Page Builder is only meant for building pages. Using the builder on posts is not feasible due to how blog posts are typically structured with fixed widths and sidebars.

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    I hope you can make it support to BuddyPress
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  528. Hi Nick,

    Divi is just great, i used it and i found it amazing! As i said in another comment, would be nice some social modules to integrate tweets or facebook pages. Another thing i would like to see on Divi (if i didn’t do anything wrong) is to have the possibility to make it dark. I didn’t found a way to make the background dark instead of the default white.

    thanks for your great work 😉

    • You can make the background dark…look well and see the color customizer ok?

  529. great them, I have been busy for days.
    @ things, please tell us the best image sizes for all the different elements, plus if you could make changing the colours easier across all sections. unless there is a way and I have not found it yet.
    like making all the text backgrounds a single color, or all the header backgrounds etc…

  530. The time I’m saving with Divi’s modules is amazing! Big problem now is what to do with free time …
    Any chance for a Post Builder?

  531. It would be wonderful to have a slider on par with Revolution slider :)

    • +1!

  532. Counters are nice, BUTTT line charts, bar graphs, and circle graphs would be killer.

  533. Looks great! Thanks.

  534. Although divi seems to have many features I would really like to see a form builder with built-in features like captcha, calendars etc… How about that?

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    Great job.

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    I don’t have any words to describe it. Thanks a lot, Nick and team !!!

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  540. Really like Divi – a suggestion for the Slider module: Configurable graphics for the Left/Right arrows and Control circle buttons.

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    I truly love this theme. Considering using it on a huge website I’m working on!
    Will it be possible to use the pagebuilder for “Articles”/”Blogposts”?

    And if the answer is yes: how soon? :)

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    Looks great.

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