How to Style Your Bloom Email Opt-Ins to Match Your Site’s Design

Last Updated on September 22, 2022 by 6 Comments

How to Style Your Bloom Email Opt-Ins to Match Your Site’s Design
Blog / Tips & Tricks / How to Style Your Bloom Email Opt-Ins to Match Your Site’s Design

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  1. Hi:

    Is it possible to use Bloom for something other than an email opt-in? I want to use the functionality of a Bloom pop-up/fly-in to grab our audience’s attention when they visit our site, but I’m not trying to get people to join our email list, we want them to donate money, so we want a teaser to let them know about our building renovation project – which seems to fit nicely in one of of the Bloom templates with an image, but we want the button to take them to a web page where they can sign up to donate money to our fundraiser.

    If Bloom is not the right solution for this, can you tell me which module or plugin I should be using in Divi to accomplish this?

    Thanks so much!

    • +1 from me.

      Bloom’s awesome, but there are times where I’d just like to use it for a popup or flyin message (“We’re closed over Christmas”, for instance), rather than install another plugin.

      I’ve managed to hack that together using the CUSTOM HTML option rather than a mailing-list choice, but it would be great if it was super easy to have something like this in your custom html:

      Okay, got it!

      and that became a standard bloom button centred at the bottom that closed the popup. (Yeah, I know there’s the X in the top right, but the more obvious it is for users, the better!)

      You’ve got a plugin that handles popups, fly-ins, multiple triggers and options and all sorts of other lovely stuff- why not allow it to just show a message, rather than be so focused only on mailing-list signups?

  2. I’m glad you’re pointing out how annoying it is to style Bloom properly (you need to use a lot of !important if you want to divert more from the default design). It’s a great tool, but it’s very annoying to make it look the way you want it to look.

    • I have to agree. Although Bloom is a great tool, it does take quite a bit of CSS knowledge to get the field spacing to look good depending on whether you are creating a narrow sidebar optin, a popup or a 1 column optin and there are no helpful hints on the long page of choices to start with.

  3. Awesome. Now if Bloom could only do MailChimp groups it would be almost perfect. Almost.

  4. A Great Reminder B.J. and very nice explanation. I enjoyed it, thank you.

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