How to Create Contextual Email Opt-ins with Bloom

Posted on December 3, 2017 by in Tips & Tricks | 15 comments

How to Create Contextual Email Opt-ins with Bloom
Premade Layouts

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  1. Excellent article !! … The Elegant Themes and MailChimp alliance is infallible !!

  2. Does it include Exit Intent option yet?

  3. Great article, thank you!

    P.S.: The link to should be non-SSL. They don’t appear to have SSL setup/setup correctly so it’s throwing a block page and then a 403 if you choose to go past that. 😉

    ~ Corey

  4. Bloom is good for collecting e-mail addresses. But can I also use it for other things – e. g. popup with custom message/image (ads, info). Will be great if U share a completely blank template – custom HTML (image, text) witout any footer, headres, input field… Now I have to adjust it by hiding unnecessary elements (eg. CSS and “display: none;”)

    • That is probably my favorite part of Bloom, too, honestly. I use it for notifications more than email collection, haha. 🙂

  5. I like Bloom and I‘d love to use it. But unfortunately it‘s still not compatible with ActiveCampaign Double Optin 🙁

  6. Somethings I expect from ET is to allow Bloom to completely blend with Divi theme so that it comes out natural to site visitors. I mean it is better to make Bloom frame nonconspicuous.

  7. Please… Add Drip integration…

  8. Personally, I find the Bloom templates confusing. There are a lot of them, but nothing to differentiate them. You can see that there are some different colors and different images, but they pretty much all look alike. Once you choose one, you can alter most everything, so why pick one over another. They are also all presented in the same shape. Why not some bar shaped ones, Some wide rectangles, some tall rectangles? I think the templates would be more useful if they were in categories or at least similar ones grouped together. Any one else have this problem?

    • Yes! And we need a slim option!

      • +1 on slim option! I’m so tired of workarounds for this.

        And exit intent. Disabling Bloom on mobile to avoid the Google penalty sort of invalidates the purpose of the plugin.

  9. There really needs to be the option to enable dismissing the popup when clicking outside the area rather than just the X. Another great feature would be ability to add trigger points on pages for calling and dismissing specific popups. Overall I think bloom has a lot of potential. I can tell I’ll be getting a lot of use out of it.

  10. Hi,
    How can I choose a specific segment in a MailChimp list ?
    In MailChimp, a can create a segment in my list (I use one list because of Woocommerce), with some conditions as “Signup source”, “Add method”, “Add URL”. For a purchase, it’s easy (condition = purchase product) but for a free product (to grow my list), it’s not.
    How can I configure MailChimp segmentation conditions ?
    Thank you for your help !

    • The last time I looked into this, it was impossible. I had to create multiple lists, and periodically merge the lists, assigning Group segmentation then. This is a major API weakness with Bloom that you can’t specify a Group in a list.

  11. For my clients with limited budgets (eg: can’t/won’t pay subscription fees for high-end popup managers) it’s disheartening to be unable to provide a good mobile email collection solution. When will ET focus some attention on Bloom and the Google pop-up penalty?

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