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  1. Great post, love the details and all of it makes sense. A great guide for everyone

  2. This is an excellent resource! Thank you.

  3. Will you be connecting ConvertKit to your Divi Bloom opt-ins? I recently switched over.

      • Nathan B. Weller

        It’s on our list. We’re working from most popular to least popular.

        • ConvertKit is becoming very popular and it becomes urgent that you integrate it 😉 Thanks for your help.

  4. Will you be connecting ConvertKit to your Divi Bloom opt-ins? I recently switched over.

  5. Great ideas. What about a contest entry?

    • Great idea.

  6. From my understanding, the Divi email subscription module won’t let you only do the “email” field. It’s compulsory to do the “name” field in addition?

    • You would be incorrect.

      It only allows for email address.

      Both the optin plugin and Bloom are extremely disappointing. Not near the quality of other ET stuff at all.

    • It’s the opposite Ron. I just checked and created an email optin form, which has First name, Last name and Email, with no option to remove the name fields.

      • Hi Ron and Clint. Using Bloom, choose Inline Form. Pick a Tempate style that shows just the single line. Then in the Form Set Up, you’ll see a drop down where you can choose ‘No Name’, ‘First Name’, or ‘First and Last Names’. I also looked at the “Below Post” form and when I selected a template with a single form field, it only shows the email address.

        • Nobody is talking about Bloom here. Pay attention.

  7. Great post!

    Bloom is working great for us, and we are getting good signup-rates. Any plans to add exit-intent to Bloom? The time-daleyed optin can be a tad obtrusive (although working great!).

    Keep up the amazing work!f

    • I’d love to see exit intent added to Bloom but haven’t heard anything.

      It seems to be the only feature that is really lacking when compared with its rivals.

  8. Hello Joe,
    Its nice post. There are some creative ideas to grow email list. We can even do a giveaway of any premium theme.
    Keep posting such articles.

  9. Really Great! Helped me a lot! =D

  10. Excellent ideas for generating sign ups. I especially like the double optin, which eliminates the need for using the ‘locked form’ feature in Bloom.


  11. Great! Improve newsletter list is one of the most important actions in each inbound marketing strategy! Thank you

  12. Great information. For marketing we need email list and this strategy to build a successful e mail list.

    Thanks 🙂

  13. Great article.
    Email list is something on which everyone should focus on. As, we can easily get some affiliate sales too.

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