Divi 2.4 Will Be The Biggest Update In Divi History, And We Are Calling For Your Suggestions!

Posted on May 13, 2015 by in Theme Sneak Peeks 1,135 Comments

Divi 2.4 Will Be The Biggest Update In Divi History, And We Are Calling For Your Suggestions!
Blog / Theme Sneak Peeks / Divi 2.4 Will Be The Biggest Update In Divi History, And We Are Calling For Your Suggestions!

Last month we gave you a Sneak Peek of our upcoming Divi 2.4 release. In that post we hinted at some of the huge features we are working on for Divi 2.4, including the all new Divi Library and Advanced Module Design settings. In fact, Divi 2.4 (despite what its version number might suggest) is turning into the single biggest Divi update we have ever made!

One thing we neglected to mention in our last post is that, in addition to big improvements to the Divi Builder, we are also loading the WordPress Customizer with a ton of new options. These options are going to give you a whole new level of control over your website. We have already integrated some pretty impressive stuff, and we are just warming up! Take a glimpse below at just a few of the new options you can expect in version 2.4 😉


We aren’t stopping there (not even close), and before we do, we want to make sure that we have thought of absolutely everything. That’s why we are looking to the Elegant Themes community for suggestions. We want to know what kinds of tools you are dying to have. What customizer options would be useful to you? What can we do to save you time when starting your next Divi build? Just to clarify, we are looking for ideas related to WordPress Theme Customizer settings, which are design-focused settings that affect your entire site (such as the options showcased above). The more great ideas we receive, the more amazing controls we can add.

So please drop your suggestions in the comments and help us help you. We can’t wait to hear all the great things you come up with, and most of all we can’t wait to get back to work on Divi 2.4. I hope you are as excited as we are!

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  1. Can’t wait for this release! Thanks for the hard work. Some suggestions:

    – Create a forum section where users can upload their divi templates so others can download and use them for personal use. This may result in a large community helping each other with designs, and may reduce the amount of support threads created.

    – Make an easy way to change the colour/font for ONE specific module on the site

    – Make an easy way to upload custom fonts which aren’t on the preset list

    – Have an option to overlay images (e.g. full width slider) with effects, such as scan lines

    – Make an easy way to change the colour/design of Google maps (I see lots of other WordPress themes with this feature). Also, a way to add a custom pin image (e.g. your company logo)

    – Have a full width testimonial slider module (text only with background image). A lot of WordPress themes have this feature.

    – Have an easy way to change the colour of the contact form (text box background, etc)

    – When you include the preset templates, please include the images as well (I understand this may require you to purchase the license for the image). It makes it a lot easier for us to edit, thus less forum threads created.

    – ***Make mobile versions more condensed*** For example, if I had a 4 colume section with a blurb icon in each column, it only takes up 1 row on the computer. On mobile, you have to scroll down A LOT just to get past the 4 icons because it displays 1 at a time. Perhaps see if it makes sense to display 2 icons per row rather than 1

    • I second 0303’s suggestions

      • Me too!

        • Me, too, too!

          • Me Three

      • Yes, please.

        • Agreed.

        • Agreed.

          • Yep, absolutely.

            • Me too!

              • AGREED ! great ideas – esp. color/font flexibility & forum ideas – can’t wait for the new options to be released – thanks everyone !

                • Those suggestions get my vote too! 🙂

      • Me too!

    • “Create a forum section where users can upload their divi templates so others can download and use them for personal use. This may result in a large community helping each other with designs, and may reduce the amount of support threads created.”

      Always been a fan of this idea. There are a lot of free and commercial resources on the Facebook Divi page, but as a whole they are scattered and difficult to track.

    • Great suggestions, 0303! I love them! Ditto to all! Can I add a few, if you don’t mind?
      – add more animation options (clients love these if they are tactful/not flashy and work smoothly)
      -add hover action options for images (like fade on hover, b&w on hover, etc.)
      -SO relieved that the demo looks like you are finally allowing the logo in the header to be resized! It is way too small for many types of logos!
      -add modules where you can create tiles of images and of text and can make these flush with each other or adjust the gutter between them easily
      – make it so we can choose the button colors (bkgr/text/hover text) individually)
      – make it so we can add small icons to buttons
      -make image presentations (grids/collages) where we can add and resize the areas of them and they adjust to compensate for it in a way that is simple but that will re-size for devices, too. In other words, where there are maybe 3-4 sizes that they can be and they will work/adjust to each other to make it work if I, for instance, want to make one pic larger, three medium and the rest small. I think Picasso has a collage feature like this, and many themes do. I would also love if tiles in these collage layouts can be added that have colored backgrounds (ones we can choose) that we can add text to. And we can link images/ text tiles if desired.
      -make it easier to make changes in theme colors. There are maybe 5 scheme color choices, and I do not like most of them. Not many clients want a red, orange, pink or green website schemes. Or let us choose the color/type of green/orange/red/etc. I love the blue, though. Suggestions may include: greys, black/greys, burgundy/wine/deep red.
      -a library of icons that are easy to choose from and change colors of (not just in blurbs)
      -Ability to add a link in the full width header
      -Ability to also add text (along with image to a map pin) and the image animates by enlarging on hover
      -Ability to add more fields to the contact form

      • I second 0303 and Sheri’s suggestions.

        AS of now I’m working on a project and my customer want some coolish effects on images, mainly on hover.

    • All good suggestions there. I second all those also

    • “– Make an easy way to change the colour/font for ONE specific module on the site

      – Make an easy way to upload custom fonts which aren’t on the preset list”

      YES! YES! YES!

    • Couldn’t agree more. Especially the font option part.

    • Agreed with you, especially with the mobile view point.
      The mobile version became way too long as it’s wasting space by putting blurb on each row even when there’s still space to put in another blurb in the same row, like in tablet view.

    • Yes, yes yes!

    • Me too!

    • Whilst I agree with most of the comments raised above, the one I don’t is when you ask “Create a forum section where users can upload their divi templates so others can download and use them for personal use”. We already have the “Divi Theme Showcase” pages where you can see other people’s work, but surely what you are asking is for other people to do the hard work so you can use their templates for your own use, hence saving the time and effort other professionals have taken to build them? People get paid to do that! Bit cheeky and lazy if you ask me. Why not just look at the excellent showcase ideas then build your own site with features based on the best bits from them. I find them very useful, especially when you have a day when you get “Brain freeze” and need a bit of inspiration, but gain much more satisfaction doing them myself.

      Otherwise some great suggestions, thanks.

      • I disagree that it’s cheeky and lazy to suggest a forum like this. There are many people who design templates so they can share them with others for free. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who do things simply for the sake of helping others. It’s okay if you don’t want to participate in this type of forum, but there are plenty of people who would.

    • Good suggestions but I think most of these would need to be implemented in the modules themselves. Not the theme editor. i.e. Googlemaps, Fullwidth testimonials.

      I would suggest:

      + An option to select a custom font for each menu.
      + An option for changing the alignment/order of the Contact-info block & Secondary Menu
      + Add an extra Widget block to go alongside the header logo/menu (So many times I have needed to edit header.php just to put in some additional info/logos)

    • I like these suggestions as well.

    • I tried creating a one page parallax responsive site, and after adding a blurb, I wrote content into the text box, and chose the “read more” tag, and it didn’t work. I read through blogs, and accessed support, and there was no solution.

      Please fix.

    • Agreed!

    • Totally agree with all, great tips! Especially the last one about condensing the mobile version. This is definitely up for improvement!

    • ***for mobile***
      I wish an option to choose how to list menu order in the responsive menu – primary then secondary or secondary then primary.

    • Please, a module with Google Maps…and something about dealer ship ( like car demon)


    • Strongly support ALL of 0303 and Sheri’s and Pedro’s lists. If you do all of these awesome insightful suggestions the theme will be incomparable. ANd….
      Full custom color options for fonts and backgrounds and THEMES too limited now
      Easy to customize size for any module width and height
      Easy to customize contact form – size/colors/as many fields as we want
      Complete hover function over buttons and images
      Allow me to make my own custom table/tile design inside any module
      Allow me to upload my own custom button designs

    • Me too, as well…

    • Me too!

    • Great sugestions!

    • Looking forward to this new update. I love all the new features you’re showing so far.

  2. Real Footer Color

    The footer previously had some sort of effect on it which made its color different than the one that you picked in the customizer, It would be nice to be able to remove that effect so the color you picked would actually be the resulting color

    Logo in center of header

    A lot of clients ask me for this, basically where the logo is in the center of the header, and the menu is on the left and right of it, i imagine this isn’t an easy task, but im guessing it could be accomplished having separate menus for the left and right

    Separate image for logo on mobile

    The majority of times I use a logo that has a lot of width, and it looks good on the desktop, but it breaks the mobile header, would be useful to able to specify a different logo for its use in mobile, and if possible modify/visualize its changes in the customizer, currently have to do it in code and guess the dimensions

    Module for CODE

    I use a lot of paypal buttons and other similar widgets, I insert them using the text module and the text editor, the problem is that when I need to modify something else on the page, it usually modifies the code for some reason and breaks the functionality, in the forums they suggested to disable the visual editor when working on these pages, but its a pretty big hassle and its super annoying when it breaks and i have to regenerate the code, perhaps a module wouldn’t be the best solution, but having something that would allow me to place code and for it not to break would be super duper handy

    Project Slug

    Projects are awesome since you have the modules to view them in grids and stuff, but not being able to modify the /project for the addresses is kind of a deal breaker sometimes, for example if im using it to showcase travel or housing, it doesn’t really make sense for the user for it to be /project/house-example, it would be nicer if it could be /housing/house-a

    Widgets inside menu !

    being able to add widgets, like a contact form to a menu would be great !

    Thats all I can think of at the moment, I’m a huge fan of DIVI and can’t wait for the next version to drop ( also really excited about extra!) keep up the good work !

    • I second… Third, and fourth +

      Logo in center of header
      Module for CODE
      Widgets inside menu
      Separate image for logo on mobile

      I would also like A MINI DIVI just for the header area…

      Just have a few options like logo, menu, sidebar, and text area…

      That would be fun… That would be something to practically think about after the DIVI plugin is released right??

      • Module for CODE… a must. the text editor is no place for code. It always gets broken in there.

        • Yes please a Module for Code!!!!

          • Another vote for code module. It’s just too hard to keep it from breaking in the Text module.

          • I agree

            • Yes please!!

        • I agree with the code module.

          Back to the customiser. Move all of the ET ettings to that from the ET EPanel into the customiser? makes it more streamlined to do things like add a logo, favicon etc.

          Adding a load more colour themes to the customiser, say maybe another 10 or 15.

          • So much agreement. That tiny box for custom css within ET ePanel is so small, it’s tough to go back through the code that I’ve added and find the right styles and make adjustments. We need something that has some decent viewing space.

      • Module for code can’t be suggested enough!

      • Another vote for a code module. PLEASE.

      • Another +1 for anything to do with the logo options. I love seeing that in Divi 2.4 we’ll be able to increase the height and size of the header so that a variety of logo sizes will fit without messing up the overall navigation bar. So any extra options for logo adjustments like the ability to do nav links on both sides of a centered logo would be fantastic too.

    • YES – Module for CODE, PLEASE!

      For those looking for a temp solution, I’ve been using a plugin called ‘PS Disable Auto Formatting’ which prevents the p tags being added all over the place.

      It removes them from all content though so you have to add them manually or disable the plugin to get the formatting back to regular content. Very annoying, but less annoying than constantly having to fix code that’s been changed automatically.

      A module for code would change our lives.


    • Hi Nick,

      Another firm vote for the Code Module that would completely change the way we integrate custom coding…

    • Completely agree with the

      Logo in Center
      Separate Logo for mobile
      Modules for Code

      Those are essential features!

    • “Logo in center of header

      A lot of clients ask me for this, basically where the logo is in the center of the header, and the menu is on the left and right of it, i imagine this isn’t an easy task, but im guessing it could be accomplished having separate menus for the left and right

      Separate image for logo on mobile”

      I would like to see this taken a step further, and have built-in options to place the logo Left, Centre, or Right, with the option to have either one menu, or two menus, one either side of the central logo. One of my clients has a logo which looks great on the right hand side of the page, but crap on the left because the logo character is looking to his left.

      Also, a second, smaller, image size for the logo on mobile devices should be a given, unless Divi 2.4 can automagically resize the images to suit the device, which should also be possible in this day and age.

      @Eileen Lonergan, that is a great tutorial, but it shouldn’t be necessary to jump through so many hoops to do it, it should be built-in.


    • Yeah… Text module doesn’t always work well and breaks the code. Happening on a big project right now. Had to use revision and lost 30mins of time coding. Starting to right off screen first.

      Please get a code module.

  3. the ability to hide a module and only display a module at a certain breakpoint. So we can get rid of things that don’t make sense and replace them with more tailored mobile modules.

    I also agree with the logo options mentioned above. It helps every site not look the same.

    • I Think Brandon has made a serious point, Divi must have the ability to hide modules when it comes to show up on mobile devices, this way it will be much easier for the developer to build extra friendly mobile sites.

      Also the mobile version must provide the flexibility to redirect one or more or all of pages to a certain page.

      Also something would be nice if there was an option to add text instead of logo [like about every theme has]

      Mobilegeddon? You bet.

      • The option to add text instead of logo would be great! +1

      • Brandon And Philippe have got the main suggestions I would back up. Everyone is posting great suggestions but I can easy make moat changes with Css but I would need to make a complete overhaul to really make the mobile version more friendly. The ablitly to hide sections would be awesome but the ability to combine pages would be amazingggg!!

    • Lol. I always have to set of mobile CSS and apply a “.nodisplayphone” class. This would be way more helpful if that were built in.

    • +1 This would be a huge help!

    • Love Brandon’s suggestion.

      • also +1.

    • Good one, Brandon!

      +1 for this one!

    • Elegant Themes support helped me come up with a solution for this, but it would be nice if it was a checkbox! 🙂

      We created a hide-on-mobile class that I put into the Custom CSS area, but later moved to my style.css

      @media screen and (max-width: 900px) {.hide-on-mobile {
      display: none;

      When there is a module I don’t want to see on mobile, I put “hide-on-mobile” in the “CSS Class” area at the bottom of the module.

      • Brilliant, Dawn. Thank you! I second the check box idea.

    • brandon’s suggestion would be great for mobile, better control over colour without customising as per 303’s suggestions, footer colour control in template.
      Great feedback everyone.

    • 1+

  4. That little animated gif MADE MY DAY!! That’s the stuff I always end up having to change by hand in a child-theme!


    Make the “phone” and “email” links in the secondary navigation customizable — for example, sometimes you want email with no phone… sometimes you want email and Instagram.

    Load in all of the social media & font icons in every part of the theme. You should be able to add an icon easily from anywhere. Most of my clients want Facebook, Twitter & Instagram… but I’ve had to do Google +, Pinterest, as well as lots of non-social icons from the child-theme’s CSS. It’d be awesome to just have them “handy.”

    Allow the “Projects” to be renamed — at least in the URL. For example, on https://ilovedatelady.com/ I use “projects” for their products pages so I had to alter the .htaccess file so that the URL for the page ends up being https://ilovedatelady.com/products/ That would be awesome to just “rename” it.

    That’s the main things I have… and even if they’re not done what it looks like you’ve done already is AMAZING! Thank you for all the coffee you’ve drank, nights you haven’t slept, and important pop-cultural moments you’ve missed to get this done!

    • I agree 100% on the social icons. Having just the few seems very limiting to a very socially active world.

      • Please add Xing. I’ve asked for it since the first release of Divi. 🙂

        • yes please add xing!

          • Yes please add more social icon options or the ability to add more and use fontawesome icons. I have tried to add more to the top email/phone bar but it is very hard.

          • Yes, please add XING and researchgate.net as well,
            Super that we are asked for feedback

      • Please add the new social network tsū! Thanks!

      • 1+

    • I really want the Social Media icon(module) option as well.

    • Agree on Social Icons… have all available to turn on or off as needed.

    • Please also include LinkedIn!

    • Agreed on the social media icons — illogical to make linking to it easy in the design but limit the number of pre-made, themed icons to just a small portion of the most popular social media services.

  5. You guys are amazing. These updates look incredible. I have more of a bug fix I’m hoping for. The Number Counter shows NAN when it’s not playing well with certain Plugins (FoodPress in my case on a large restaurant chain site I’m building). So, I’m hoping that gets resolved with this update. Otherwise, I’m just excited to see what you’ve come up with.

    • Amen Sista!

  6. Instead of sliders to increase font size, grid size, etc, It would be nice to have input boxes.

    • I think sliders would be fine but allow us to have fine control over the ‘number’ by allowing us to nudge the slider using keyboard arrows for finer granular control. Plus show the ‘number’ that it is, eg: font pixel size.

      • Agree, the added numerical value is always a big help.

        • numerical values all the way.

    • I agree. I have used other plugins with these sliders and can’t always get the precise size I want. Unless the slider is very accurate, I would prefer input boxes, maybe with up and down arrows to adjust sizes.

      • Thumbs up for input boxes or nudging with keyboard arrow keys or some other way to specify sizes precisely.

    • YES!

  7. My suggestions:

    1) Add aligncenter CSS class as default to images.

    2) Add a custom field for the footer links code into the ePanel so that you don’t have to create a child theme if you change the footer links.

    • Yes! Agree.

    • Yes. Totally agree with point 2.

  8. It would be great to have the ability to edit divi pages, post and other options on a mobile device. Even on my Note 4 I can’t edit any of page builder options or even save. I get request from clients all the time and it would be nice to have a way to edit divi on a mobile phone.

    BTW, I can’t wait for this update!!!! ETA?

    • I agree…I would like to know exactly what size I have set for the fonts. Especially since its so easy now to zoom in/out of web pages.

    • Yes! iOS is a game-like challenge to alter content and then find the save/update buttons. Sure, I have a desktop but am on the road a lot and carry an iPad on which I can do everything from AWS to enter DNS CNAME records on remote servers, but it is harder to change a word on a web page through builder.

      I love DIVI and will not stop using it. I recommend it to every client. Good work.

  9. Make it so we can easily adjust the height and padding for sections and rows.
    An option for semi-transparent backgrounds behind text or overlays over images.
    A preview mode for custom css applied in the epanel
    Logo in the centre of the nav menu
    mobile-specific settings in the epanel
    adjust the border style and radius of images and text modules
    upload your own icon in blurbs
    Be able to put text over images
    adjust the columns and padding on the footer
    more blog layout and design options & page builder for posts!!
    more easily adjust logo size

    can’t wait!

    • I second “An option for semi-transparent backgrounds behind text or overlays over images.” Full-width image with a logo, top/sidebar menu, widgets and footer menu that all sit on top is a common request.

    • like!

    • Improved padding/margin options on modules and their contents. +1

      • YES! Ability to change padding/margin options on individual modules AND sections.

    • BIG ditto on Sherri above! Especially the semi transparent backgrounds on sliders, full width, etc.
      Also need to fix the header1, header2, header3 font sizes… seem to be inconsistent.

      Also would like
      -would like to be able to preview the saved / loaded layouts in the page builder so you know which one to pick.
      -to have more control over fonts.
      -ability to change text colors rather than just “dark and light”
      -would like to be able to load “saved layouts” on multiple sites within multisite network.
      -ability to duplicate a page
      -more options for header size (height and width)
      -ability to link slider images
      -add module for pop up window
      -ability to use the “read more” on all module types: testimonial, learn more, blurb, etc. I’ve tried inserting a readmore tag, but it doesn’t work.
      -would also like the creating a child theme option, since I’m not a coder.
      -better documentation for the divi options e panel. And all the css options throughout the theme.

      • “ability to change text colors rather than just “dark and light””

        YES PLEASE.

        • Yes to “ability to change text colors rather than just “dark and light””

          That’s a big limitation as it is now.

    • Yes!!! I would truly love this… “easily adjust the height and padding for sections and rows.” I often wind up with too much space between things.

      • +1

    • Great suggestions Sherri!

    • +1 on margin adjustments.

    • Absolutely support improvements on font size/color editing options, as well as ability to easily adjust section padding — so much wasted space between my sections I’d love to condense to shrink page lengths as I desire them and avoid lots of user scrolling past rows of “dead air” on a page.

  10. 1) Divi child theme theme addition
    2) Font and icon expansion pack
    3) Media organization (folders in library)
    4) Photo/Video filters so that they don’t have to be done offsite.
    5) Better divider line style options (diagonal, pointed, etc).
    6) Overlaping modules so a video or photo can be between module backgrounds.

    Many of these things can be rectified via css or offsite but suggestions for those of us who rely on divi a lot :).

    The new update looks to be great!!

    • Hi. I love the concept of adding the place for the child theme right in the divi and then have the code writer to help with his. This would make it so much easier for those of us who are not quite expert.

    • I would love to have a registration system module so that a website for workshops or seminars could do everything right through the module.

      • Yes, yes and yes … so many good ideas around to make a great tool even better!

    • I agree with most everything here (I don’t DISAGREE with any, some I just don’t understand!)

      To ME the most important thing would be the automatic creation of a child them, holding the parent them inviolate. Like a library element.

      Library of sections, stylings and settings would be good, too!

      Can’t wait.
      But I have to. Michael Vincent Smith said it best, “Fullness comes when waiting is.”

      • Agreed Randy… automatic inclusion of a Child Theme! Essential for safety.

        Third Party Child Themes may not have the incentive or capability of keeping up with what seems like quite a few changes coming with DIVI/Extra (i.e. beyond upcoming 2.4… there seems to be a lot more happening down the track perhaps), thus it would be good if ET created at least a very basic child theme?

        Perhaps options like Dan Mossop’s DIVI Booster could then fill the gap between the Child and the Parent for those who want other tweaks without having to do CSS et al.

  11. And OMG Please Please Please make “No Animation” The default setting!! Pretty please!

    • I could not agree with the “no animation” default setting more!

    • Yes please!!!

    • Ditto.

    • I second that. Please


      • Oh my, yes! For all image and blurb modules.

    • Are you referring to the image module?

      • I’d guess Sheri means for all images & icons (Blurb Module).

        It’s nice that they can be animated but I’d guess most people only do so occasionally and most of the time use them as static.

        • Oh, and my own wish…

          The text module and price module (and maybe others) really fowl things up when switching from text to visual.

          Paragraphs are lost and any custom DIV or SPANS added in text view often just vanish!

          • Rick, the weird handling of paragraphs when changing between text and visual modes is likely due to WordPress’ autop formatting feature. It’s meant to make it easier for people who don’t know what they’re doing but ends up muddying the waters for those of us who do!

            • Ah, I see, thanks for clarifying that Zach. I suppose there is no escaping that then except the Code Module maybe? But then one loses the convenience a little I guess.

            • Would be nice if elements in the builder would be sensitive to “ESC” and “Enter”.
              I could work SO much faster if I didn’t have to fiddle around with the mouse to close a dialog box.

          • the code module would have to be the best idea today…. I get so frustrated when I build a page and then something gets automatically reformatted when editing another part of the page. Especially when I build a site and the client wants to edit things or load a pre-built layout that I have created.

        • Yes, exactly. Anything that can be animated, great, but leave the default at no animation for everything. That would be so helpful!

      • I love the animated blurbs and images etc.

  12. How about a booking system module for services?

    • Strongly agree with Andrew B.: a services-oriented booking module would be a great addition!

      • That would be awesome!

      • how about ability to integrate bookings with google calenday so eventualy can sync with other devices

        • +1!

    • +++++

  13. Oh, and text styling options for full width headers.

  14. Please make it easier to change spacing between sections.

    • +1

    • Change spacing… please please !

  15. 1- In order to really use the admin label for every section (that I think it is awesome), I think it would be good to place the admin label on the top. It is really boring when you have to scroll down so much to only place a name. Or if it’s a Text Module, Blurb, the theme be smart enought to place the heading or the title that you’re providing into the admin label.

    2- The Theme Options page (ePanel) it would be amazing if it can be wider, cause some options are in the bottom. The other cool thing would be to place a Save button on the top of the ePanel too, or floating on the right of the page, so you can easily make faster changes.

    3- Add the icons for Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest by default in the new update. Place them in the ePanel you can say if you want to display them or not.

    4- The new option of setting everything on the left by default, I think shouldn’t apply for Blurbs or Call to actions.

    5- In the ePanel would be good to have an option to re-size the slider.

    6- Everytime that I used the bullets with Divi, in the text section, they never work. Usually we need to place a code so we can see them indented.

    7- It would be amazing if we can have more than only 4 columns. It is really useful to have more than 4+ column.

    8- The image module, it would be amazing if you can align it to the center.

    9- Sometimes when you have an image with animation (left to right), and its the last thing on the page, the image doesn’t display because there is not more scrolling on the page.

    10- The Call to action it would be really good to have an option to open in a new tab.

    11- In the ePanel have an option to specify the height of the logo, so you can do it bigger or smaller however you want.

    12- In the Blurb Module, have the option to display the image on the right.

    13- Blurb Module it would be really cool if you can specify or select between sizes for the image and icon.

    I know most of this things you can do it with CSS or php, but it would be really nice to have it built-on already in Divi.

    • point ONE is my TOP-VOTE. if a customer has to update a page it would be great if this is on top. and: it would be great to have a way of configuration taking the HEADLINE —-automatically— als the admin label. this would be a real timesaver….

    • I want to second all of these great points by Oscar…. and highlight ePanel suggestions… scrolling gets tiresome when working all day. Would be great to condense options in the ePanel (utilize more width, less padding, and save button stay visible) as well as in the modules. Plus have the text module be more like the default editor were the kitchen sink stays visible so you don’t have to scroll back up to click H1, H2 etc etc. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE RELEASE. GOOD JOB! PS- there is a plugin called “page builder” and I love how you can click and drag to resize the columns. I love how it is also a plugin so I am not married to the theme. I have had clients love your theme but are scared to be stuck with it because of the page builder option… I know you are going in that direction so I hope to see it soon.

    • Oscar is good. Oscar is wise. Listen to these suggestions.

  16. Give every section, row, column, module, and every element of a module, the ability to have a CSS class or ID.

    Agree on “No animation” being the default

    Ability to easily add additional classes to the visual editor

    Ability to easily add additional fonts, and have these fonts be available in the visual editor (in addition to header and body selection in the customizer)

    Reduce the CSS, JS and hooks so less is loaded unless activated

    • I concur…I’d like to see all elements have the ability to enter a CSS class or ID!

  17. Very excited for the sliders to help with sizing everything! Will there also be an easy way to change the menu bar from shrinking when scrolling down? And to change the size of the logo placement in general.

    Another tip may be to help make things as customizable as Squarespace. I currently have two websites, one on WordPress and one on Squarespace. While I’m just beginning with Squarespace and learning what it is I do and don’t like about it, it is nice to be able to see changes in real-time.

    Also, more customization in the footer. I ended up creating my own since I wasn’t able to create the one I wanted however, this means I have to add it to every project/page (I’ve saved layouts so that helps but I still need to update every page if I wanted to make updates). I’m sure there are ways to change this but not one easily done or understandable by someone who doesn’t have the most knowledge in html and css.

  18. Oh – and stop trying to make it perfect. Release it so that we can get the Extra theme going. I’m desperately awaiting Extra.

    • Can I just use every vote I’ll ever have right here? Anxiously awaiting Extra, as well. 🙂

    • Agree! Please, just get it out now. You can fiddle with it and release 2.5 when you’re done.

  19. I’ve heard a TON of people not switch to DIVI due to “lock-in” with the custom formatting for posts/pages. Some sort of export or un-divi-fy functionality for people moving off of the theme might encourage front end adoption? just a thought. it’s a huge concern of mine for clients in the future.

    • Colin there some post in their blog section about it. It is coming soon. Just search on the blog and you will see 🙂

      • That’s great news. It’s what’s been holding me back from switching to Divi.

        • My experience with Divi is such that leaving it for another theme would be unthinkable

          • Me too. I will kill any client who wants to switch out of Divi.
            But anyway the barrel is still fully loaded 😛

    • I love Elegant Themes, I love Divi, and I’m excited for the new release!

      That said, per this blog post:
      If you use the Divi theme with WordPress, it better be forever.

      …I too am concerned about being locked into Divi (or any other Elegant theme) for the rest of my days. Using builders that output only shortcodes is a nightmare waiting to happen down the line.

      I know it’s tricky, and it may be asking a lot, but I would love it if all Elegant themes would move toward “Make” from The Theme Foundry. It sports a page builder that outputs clean HTML and CSS instead of shortcodes. It also provides a host of action and filter hooks to customize the theme even further.

      With these features, it wouldn’t be such a nightmare to switch themes, and it wouldn’t be necessary to have an export or “un-divi-fy” function because you could simply copy the HTML and CSS right from the site.

    • MVC is what is needed. Also if you design for an editor it is terrible for user roles and permissions granularity. You may have your data stucked in the design. I really don’t know what can be done about this.

  20. Ability to copy/ paste/ move sections between pages.

    • Yes. As well as the library function.

    • Second this! So often want to copy a module or section to another page.
      • Would also like an on/off toggle for modules development testing.
      • Also would like to turn off modules based upon device being used.
      • Ability to set a background color for any module, especially text or titles. And if on the list, padding, etc.
      • Contact form to have drag and drop fields.
      • Page builder header and footer. Make the menu a module.
      • Easy way to set thumbnail sizes.

      Thanks! I agree with others…release sooner without the kitchen sink!

      • I third this!

    • +1

    • Agree with this suggestion very much! It would save me a lot of page hopping/editing across two or more tabs to accomplish the same result.

  21. 1 – Widget modules that can be placed and create a widgeted area anywhere on a page.
    2 – Custom Menu module to build mega menus that can hold images within the drop down
    3 – More options on the divi contact form module such as drag and drop field options.
    4- Download/Upload file module with Divi styling for distributing or accepting end user digital content such as mp3, jpeg, pdf files etc.
    5 – Control module for setting access conditions to the Download/Upload file module recommended above.
    6- Option on the divi builder page save, load and export functions to do so with out linking to any content.
    7 Option right in the Divi settings panel upon set up to input basic footer info such as Copyright notice, automatic year update, designed by XXXX etc.

    • Yeah it would be great to customize the footer credits without having to create a footer.php file in the child theme and re-coding

    • Ditto! Excellent points.

    • Everyone is having such great suggestions here, so many that I would have never thought of as I’m real newbie with Divi. My urgent need right now would be able to place widget anywhere in the page. So definitely second that… and so many others as well.

    • THIS – hands down

      Option right in the Divi settings panel upon set up to input basic footer info such as Copyright notice, automatic year update, designed by XXXX etc.

      I constantly have to keep manually updating this. No way I’m getting into child themes just to avoid the hassle (that’d be more of a hassle IMHO) but the fact that I have to edit code every time an update is pushed out to modify designed by, add copyright, etc. is just silly. Time for this to be editable! 🙂

      • Yes to footer edits staying put! Thank you!

    • +1 all the above suggestions re: resetting header/logo dimensions and footer content editing.

    • The ability to add more widget areas is a great idea. I missed it. A widget area below the blog posts. And an option for aticky sidebar widget.

  22. We would love to see a page builder based Header and Footer editor.

    It would also be nice if we could easily load our own icon fonts to be used in the Blurb Module.

    • I second the header and footer editor!

      • Definitely be able to change the copyright etc in footer without delving into php files

        • +1

    • I 100% agree with this. My only complaint about Divi and other themes like it – although there are very few quite as good – is that the Header and Footer are fixed is a certain design. It’s quite limiting. Sometimes a client wants to put stuff in the header on the right like a phone number, icons etc and have the logo on the left. If there was a widget area there, that would solve the problem instantly. The way Divi is today, all the wiste built with it look the same because they have the same 1 or 2 variations of the header. But being able to build and customize your header with modules or widget areas would sail Divi out of this world in my humble opinion. Also add the ability to have a transparent header overlay over an image or slider. Give this some serious thought.

      • Great ideas Damien. I also suggested the same idea about the header being able to have different areas for modules like a logo, text, graphics, widgets, etc. I also love the idea of a “transparent header overlay” too!

    • I second this, too!

    • I am very new to Divi, so these may already be there and I haven’t discovered them, yet:

      1. Ability to change main nav backgound with images. ie so you could have have tabs for the nav links or be able to upload a background (including rollover and selected state) for a button and the header (ie a texture or something).

      2. a decent lightbox function for the gallery. Images that resize according to the display.

      3. Ability to link to a URL/page from a gallery image.

      Thank you ET! I am really enjoying Divi.

    • Couldn’t agree more! The ability to upload custom icon fonts is crucial. I need to use other icons regularly and the image upload hack just makes me sad.

    • +1 Page builder for Header Footer. We’ve already hacked divi to do the footer but would love it to be official.

    • Yes please…

  23. Mega menus – uber menu style would be great to have. At the moment the menus are not that great!
    Also, there should be a module for Search which could be customised using different filters and styles otherthan default wordpress search option!

  24. Looking through my child themes I see a lot of my custom css being under Menus. Looking at different Divi sites, a lot of the menus look very similar. I would love to see a better menu builder that provides additional functionality and customization similar to what Uber Menu and other plugins provide, especially a sticky menu. Additional options to format the header differently would be awesome as well.

    • Ditto! I mucked with CSS quite a lot to squeeze out the excessive white space, etc. and make the menus look more appropriate for a content-rich (versus image-rich) site.

    • I agree with Mark that some more customizations should be possible on the menu’s since they all look the same: logo left and menu on the right with some slight variations. Our company site redeisgn basically uses a top heading with some components and the menu underneath it but it’s not native Divi.

    • Yes! Better menu builders, with more design flexibility. For example, I love the level of control they offer in woo canvas; custom fonts (w/ b/i/u), colors and BG colors, with/without corner rounding… and all that. I’d love to have these options in both header and widget (custom) menus.

  25. Form module – where fields could be added easily would be great to have.
    I’d get rid of all the form plugins 🙂

    • I second this one… custom forms would be great.

      And as previously mentioned, custom menus.

      • Form module …. amen!!

    • The ability in the form module to insert custom form code so that any service can be used, not just MailChip and Aweber.

  26. Hi!

    You recomment to watch http://condiviso.coop/ for what they did with Divi.

    There i like most, that the top-menu is transpar

  27. Can anything be done about these common Google page speed issues:

    Minify JavaScript
    Minify CSS
    Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
    Remove render-blocking JavaScript
    Optimize CSS Delivery

    • Ditto.

      Having more of these specific options built-in would mean eliminating all those plug-ins we use to try sort this constant speed issue.

      • Would also like that to be there out of te box.

  28. Hi there, looking forward to the new divi! Here are a few from me.

    1) Please can you add icons for main social media platforms into the secondary menu (and as a global setting) not just Facebook, Twitter, google +. Would love to see – instagram, pinterest, youtube, vimeo – basically the same options you have in the social follow module.
    2) Would also like to put the social follow widget into sidebars rather than have as a separate module only please.

    1) Please can you also make these pages pretty! I would like to see images and text listed in the archive/category pages please. I had custom css to show the thumb and text but it doesn’t seem to work anymore!
    2) Also to be able to choose layout – so thumb image on the left with excerpt text wrapped etc.

    1) Be able to choose the width of my main image when I choose full width layout.
    2) Would love an option to be able to put a module at the end of a post too (such as newsletter sign up or call to action box)

    Thank you

  29. Hi!

    You recomment to watch http://condiviso.coop/ for what they did with Divi.

    The thing i like there most, is that the top-menu is transparent after the site has loaded and fades in in full color and stays on top just after beginning to scroll down.

    This effect i would like to see integrated in Divi too.


  30. … to have image/slider-modules that fit the height of the whole screen (full width height (100%) ) would be great too.

    • +1 for this!

  31. What I’d love to see is the ability to have chosen colours ‘bookmarked’ into the colour picker. So that every time we build a new section we can just select the background colour from pre-made choices instead of having to have the hex code every single time. You’ve already got 6 or 7 colours there as standard, what about giving us the option to have our own choices too?

    • 1+

    • Yes! This seems simple, but it would be a huge time saver.

      Copy, Paste, Copy, Paste, Copy, Paste.

      Why not put in a clients color scheme once and be done for that project?!?!?!

    • Agree!

    • Agree!

  32. One more!

    I see you are working on sizing etc. but I would love to be able to choose if I want my navigation menu to be transparent or a % of transparency (to show background image/full width header image etc) and then be able to adjust accordingly when scrolling or on another page. i.e. option to then say navigation is white on scrolling. This site does this perfectly: http://devapremalmiten.com/

    Thank you

    • +1

      Another exemple: http://www.liferay.com/es/
      Background transparent header but changes when scroll down. It’s cool, oh yeah! 😉

    • Ask and you shall receive!

    • This is being added as we speak 😉

  33. Add a telefon field for telefon on contact module.

    Check the Divi Booster plugin and add those funcationalities in Divi 4.0.

    can’t wait.


  34. Font size, line height and color for body, menu etc

    Some global defaults for site wide animations would help.

    Easy Child Theme creation for the non-dev ones that need a just a few update-safe customizations.

    “Hide on mobile” option for module or even sections.

    Person module enhancements with Filterable/Sortable Person directory(ies) and person details pages.

  35. Not sure whether it is the reponsibility of you guys or Woocommerce but I would really like to be able to choose self-created categories in the Shop module…. it really would save so much time.

    Maybe even allow integration of the page builder in Woocommerce product pages too …. i might sell my grandmother if you can promise that 😉

    • I’m asking for exactly the same thing 😀

      It would be IMMENSELY useful.

  36. Thank you for divi. It’s great!! Like really great.


    Page Builder:

    1. module settings for rows. ie, allow rows to have css classes and ids assigned

    2. allow section modules to be saved individually or in a group, not just on a per page level. ie, if there 3 section modules that a user created and wants to save for later, allow them to be saved, without having to save the entire page as a layout ( or by working around and creating a duplicate Page in wp, loading the entire saved page layout and then deleting unwanted modules…)

    Module Options:

    1. Gallery module that would provide an option to pull from the Project Featured Image OR a Post Featured Image. Along those lines, being able to select Categories and Tags to include from both Project AND / OR Posts would be very convenient. Many of my clients put the majority of the content into posts but want to be able to display a grid or carousel gallery of the images from their Posts.

    2. Image or Gallery module that ties into social media sites and will display FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or whatever app’s photos in different display styles: gallery, grid, carousel. I have a lot of clients that ask for this.

    3. Full width sliders or Section Backgrounds: Have some sort of min-height option so that images display as desired at different media queries / screen sizes which could resize accordingly for the several different break points that Divi’s responsiveness….”responds” to. Maybe if user sets a min-height for the full size of the image, then it can scale the min-height:img size ratio accordingly. Maybe that’s too involved, but I read a lot in the forums about people’s full size images being cropped wrong and I end up using a lot of css to work around it.

    4. Portfolio Module Settings: allow control over the size or crop style (square, portrait, circle, etc) of the images uploaded / pulled from the Project Post’s featured image. Oh and remove the “skills” feature for Projects or at least have it be off as a default option

    5. Calendar Module!!!! – that links in with google calendar or other online calendars.

    Additional Options:

    1. I do this manually fairly easily, but it seems that if Divi could create a child theme for users via a one click option or something that would be extremely helpful.

    2. Don’t know if this exists already, but it would be nice to have some sort of Sitemap creator that would generate a sitemap Page (not an xml page) but an actual wp Page that is just an of links based on menu items. Having the option to select which pages to include in that would be helpful.


    1. can Divi put my 10 month old back to sleep when he wakes up at 3am? That would be epic!

    • Yes, yes, yes …. a thousand times yes for David’s request for a calendar module!

      • I agree that a calendar module would be very handy.

        • A calendar module would be fantastic

  37. Fonts! I need fonts! One website I run needs a display font, and the other needs a professional aspect, which generally means serif.

    I’m also presuming that this update for Divi bodes well for a release of Extra soon after.

    • Typekit support would be a great addition, but may fit better as a plugin?

  38. Thanks for asking for feedback, Nick.

    1. Customizer and E-Panel settings export. I would often rather export a child theme + settings from both of those areas rather than move a whole site.

    2. Ability to save modules / sections for reuse without saving whole page layout.

    3. One click checkbox to hide sections on mobile.

    4. Button shortcodes.

    5. Additional fields for the contact module

    • Oh, and the ability to select categories in the WooCommerce module grid as you can do with a blog grid currently.

    • Ditto on the Reuse of modules/sections/rows…or at least the ability to turn it off (HIDE it) and turn it back on again. I do this with custom CSS now but would be great as an option in the module builder.

      The ability to easily assign a module to multiple pages/posts/menu items within Page Builder would be great also.

  39. In Divi page and project, if use Page Builder, so auto disable comment. Sometimes this is contrary to the wishes of the user. I hope Divi 2.4 can custom enable or disable about comment.

    • +1 for comments being enabled for pages 😉

  40. 1. Allow us to put in custom CSS into a individual section and module

    2. Allow category pages to have full 100% width. (remove the right side column)

    Thank you for asking. 🙂

  41. This might sound like a silly thing, but it would be nifty to have a selection of *nice* dividers and, perhaps, flourishes. No themes I found have anything like that built in and digging through vectors is a real time consumer.

    Something like this would really set Divi apart and make it ‘Elegant’, which would be fitting.

  42. This looks awesome! Here are a few areas that I’ve had to spend time on with CSS or immediately come to mind.

    1. Create Menu button – many of my products ask for a CTA button in the menu. I normally have to use CSS, but it would be cool having this linked within the Divi options.

    2. Footer flexibility – being able to place the text left, centered, right

    3. Form, subscribe button editor – would be nice to add fields to existing contact form

    4. Sticky menu module – I’m using the Enfold theme and love how I can assign a unique secondary menu on any page. This is great to create a sense of sub navigation that is unique to each page

    5. Font control – It would save time if there was a panel to control headers, nav menu, quotes, .etc sizes, font-family, colors.

    6. Font chooses are synced to the latest available on Google Fonts

    • I second the additional Google Fonts list! I have a non-profit that uses fonts not listed (Available in Google Fonts) and I really didn’t want to create a child theme to over-write the base font … so that would be fantastic.

    • I agree with all that Mike just suggested!

  43. Pre-release it and more comments will come.
    To get a sense of what is new, we won’t know until we take it out for a drive.
    – Built-in custom CSS or child theme editor if possible.

  44. For full width pictures, the ability to position them how we want them to display. Right now when you upload an image it just resizes the picture.

    The ability to position that picture the way we want it would be great.

    • Great idea on resizing pictures. Also, allow the sliders to be resized with resizing guides and the pictures/videos to adjust according to the size of the slider.

  45. Pre-release is very important. You will never release it if you wait to have every addition. I agree with the comment that once you pre-release more comments and suggestions will come. My concern is I have 3-4 websites I have to build and I don’t want to start until I have the grid system that you will implementing in the new release. Any hints on when we might be able to get started? Thanks for the updated blog!

  46. These updates look great.

    One thing I’d love to know is will the vertical navigation in 2.4 be scrollable with the rest of the page?

    At the moment its a bit of a deal breaker if some of the content in the vertical navigation gets chopped off the bottom of a screen, and can’t be viewed when the user scrolls down a page.

  47. Haven’t used Divi for a long time. And maybe I am wrong on these but can we have a slider that word from the blog. From what I remember when you added a slider you had to add the content from in the slider. Maybe a way to size the slider for us challenged people. Ohhhyeah and have this wrapped up in the next week. Lol kidding kidding, unless your gonna do it lol

  48. You asked so here it goes… (some may already been pointed out earlier):

    – google maps module with skins choice and pins placement with pop-up content or any kind of support info

    – slider with more options (layer capability, text over control and layer, text background boxes to improve contrast with images, form inside slider, multiple links per slide)

    – content option to open in a popup, iframe, lightbox mode

    – contact forms with more layout adjustments options – field size and aspect, gutter size, type of fields, color adjustments

    – horizontal scroll navigation

    Hope some will become available in the next release. Not only my suggestions by also others before that will take Divi to a all new level. The more one can control the design aspect of the site, the bigger will be the number of people choosing Divi theme for their projects.

    Great work guys. Great, great work!

  49. And one issue I ran into recently – with a slider, you can create a link for each slide to a page.

    But with the portfolio module, you can’t create a link from each portfolio panel to a page – it just goes to the post for the project.

  50. I would really like to see alternative menu styling options available, including a mobile only look using the hamburger icon.

    • and additional button styles, please 🙂

    • Definitely a need for this. Having the option to put the main navbar under the header (instead of in the header) would be great. Along with this would be the ability to add other things to the right header area (text, social media, etc). Right now the only way to do this is to put the page builder on every page and add a menu to the top. And even then it doesn’t happen on posts.

  51. Compatibility with retina displays would be sweet!!!

  52. I would love the ability to have dynamic full-window options like the revolution slider allows – where regardless of how big the browser window is, whenever a visitor comes to the site, they see only the first row (for CTA), then scroll.

  53. 1. Be able to put modules within modules (a photo gallery in a toggle module)

    2. Auto play for photo gallery slider

    3. Save and import individual modules

    4. Create/edit contact form fields and settings

    5. Footer settings so we don’t have to add/edit modules on every page

  54. Oh and also a possible release date. Would hate to wait a year for this like we currently are with Extra.

    I think most of us would rather have Extra first. 1 year of waiting for a new theme would drive anyone crazy…

    • +1

      • +++1

  55. It would be great if you can add to the menu a category and that item show subcategories. And when you hover the subcategories it shows a thumbnail of the image. Take a look at the “Articulos” section in http://revistavidanatural.com 🙂 that is a momizat template that it is amazing.

    Author pages

    The chance to have a ad banner in the header.

  56. Include both RGB and HEX in color selection.

    Allow child theme CSS to override colors set in the customizer to eliminate to need to use !important or more specific classes.

  57. Also allow option for footer to be layered above the vertical navigation/header, as well as option for vertical navigation/header to scroll with content statically.

  58. I’m really looking forward to this release! Thanks for the hard work. One suggestion:
    – all sliders should also have a numeric field

  59. Thanks for the opportunity, Nick. 🙂

    CTA buttons – the default animation and ‘>’ is nice, but very characteristic and instantly brands all Divi sites. A couple of quick options to change *all* the buttons site-wide to one of several minimal styles would be very useful.

    Option to remove (or edit) all inner shadows and borders from sliders and images, and make transparent (so it easy to have text-only sliders).

    Add an image via the text editor – default to open in lightbox.

    Posts to look identical to pages by default (width, borders, etc).

    Toggles/accordions – simple selector for choice of icon ‘+’

    Image/portfolio hover – simple selector for choice of icon ‘+’

  60. I’d like to see slider options especially for mobile. I make sliders look good for the desktop screen and I think a lot of people do that then on mobile it changes in ways we dont have much control over. For example the focus point on my main image on the slider is on the left and header and subtext are on the right and it looks great on desktop but on mobile the heading gets centered and the subtext disappears and I’m not really happy with that. With so many people using mobile I’d like it to look as good on mobile as it does on desktop.

  61. I’m really looking forward to this release. Thanks for all work you have put in. One suggestion:
    – I would prefer to have that numeric value (next to the option/control slider) visible all the time, so I won’t have to adjust the slider to see what value it has already set.
    – Plus, when it is visible all time, you can choose if you want to change the value with the slider or if you want to fill it in by yourself.

  62. One thing that would be nice is a little easier customization of the overlay
    content for full width sliders and video. Love that its now easier to add overlay content, but often I seem to have difficulty placing the content in the right spot for the composition of the image or video. And in the case of sliders, it would be nice to be able to adjust the content placement per slider image, as opposed to 1 global setting for the whole widget.

  63. Great !! look impatient Divi 2.4 megamenu could add more options and more options for the texts and pictures of the slider , position and size images , title and text .
    Divi is really nice

  64. -Hover effects on menu items
    -Transparent navigation menu
    -More social media icons available in the secondary menu & footer
    -Logo between menu items

    • +1 on hover effects for menu items and transparent navigation menu

  65. Portfolio: I would love a Divi Project gallery that is sortable, but allows to have independent gallerys open up in a lightbox.

    Also – the sliders would be a bit more intuitive on mobile if you could slide with swipe, instead of having to press the arrows.

  66. Thanks for allowing us to throw some ideas out there.

    Divi Slider Module

    1. Connect To Blog – It would be awesome to be able to connect the slider to recent blog posts. So that we can set it to pull the image and header from recent posts or categories.

    2. Responsive – It would be nice to have an option to keep the image and the description in mobile views without having to override it with CSS

    3. Background Image Control – I would like to be able to set the image to start in the upper left hand corner to the visible area so that I have more control over what is shown and what is cut off.

    Single/Post Pages

    1. It would be nice to have a few more header options for the post pages

    Category/Archive/Search Pages

    1. It would be really awesome if we had the option to show a title on the category or archive pages. Right now if I link to a category page, the visitor does not see what category page he is on unless he/she is looking at the url.

    Nick, overall I am extremely pleased with Divi as it is. Whether these features get added or not does not change the fact that to me this is more of a framework than a theme. I have been able to do just about whatever I want with it. So my thanks to you and all the ET team. You guys & gals are amazing and am stoked to be a member. Cheers!!!

  67. My suggestions :
    ⁃ easily adjust the height and padding for sections and rows.
    ⁃ display a slider with text (titles/excerpts) and images of featured posts and pages
    ⁃ don’t try to be too perfect, and don’t wait too much for releasing the new version of Divi

    Thanks for asking for feedback

  68. My biggest suggestion would be an improved slider. It’s never “felt right”. I don’t even know how to describe it. It just needs to be more robust overall. I have a theme from 5 years ago that gives me 20+ options for slider slides. Center, Left, Right, framed, not framed, bottom weighted, top weighted, picture + text right, text left + picture, text above image, text below, etc, etc. You get the idea.

    I know some of those options are there (image alignment, for example), but the whole “settings underneath settings” panel just needs to be rethought and retooled. It’s not as easy and strait forward as it should be.

    The homepage slider is, often times, the first thing a visitor sees. It should have the most options available for configuring/designing impressive images/slides. It’s pretty much my only nit to pick when it comes to Divi. Everything else has been a pleasure to design with.

    • Agree! So important.

    • I’d love the option for different frame shapes around the slider as well. For example, not everyone wants a straight on all sides rectangle around the slides. (For example, I had to do some serious hacking of my clients’ WordPress theme to create the shape they were looking for.)

      Some people like an elegant arch on top, or an off-kilter parallelogram or something with a little more personality and flair. It would add some variety and allow designers to get creative with their home page designs.

      I don’t know if you could set it up so that we could “pick a shape” from a list of options, along with desired color and thickness of border (or no border, just the image inserted into or behind the shape) and have the slider display that way, but it would be fun to see if it’s possible. Of course, we’d have to make sure our images are the right size and all that, but I’d just love to see the possibilities.

  69. love add Google Fronts in their new update menu iteam

  70. Nick,

    Thanks for the updated blog! Will we get next week the outcome of suggestions you are going to implement on short term and which ones on long(er) term?

    1. Custom Menu module to build mega menus that can hold images within the drop down
    2. Support for BBPRESS so look and feel fits automatically the rest of website, based on ePanel/Divi-builder settings.
    3. Gallery module that would provide an option to pull from the Project Featured Image OR a Post Featured Image. Along those lines, being able to select Categories and Tags to include from both Project AND / OR Posts would be very convenient. Many of my clients put the majority of the content into posts but want to be able to display a grid or carousel gallery of the images from their Posts.
    4. Portfolio Module Settings allow control over the size or crop style (square, portrait, circle, etc) of the images uploaded / pulled from the Project Post’s featured image.

    Any hints on when we might be able to get started?

  71. can you please update the one pagers to have active menu colors!!!!!!

  72. More options on the ePanel:
    – Blog – Insert “author info” below the post.
    – Social – insert more social icons (eg: linkedin)

    – Shortcode for the default Divi button.
    – Customize the footer bottom text.
    – Separate font color for each section (top header, header, body light, body dark, footer, footer bottom).
    – Blog – Option to filter blog posts by Author (no just by category).
    – Blog – possibility to create Galleries with lightbox.
    – Video autoplay when clicked on the PLAY cover (youtube)

    Mobile – better mobile experience
    – Show images and text on the slider
    – Resize the layout for 100% width on cell phone.
    – Separate logo size for mobile
    – Header – separate menu height for mobile
    – Header – mobile menu width 100%

    Plugin Integration – make more easy some plugins experiences:
    – Create a tutorial to integrate Divi with W3 Total Cache;
    – Create a tutorial to use BuddyPress with Divi.

    Not an Elegant Themes and Divi problem, but:
    – Ability to customize the WP Iris palette (default color picker palette).

  73. First and foremost, a true image slider would be nice. I’m talking about a slider that is just for images (maybe with simple text overlay) that adjusts to the size of the images and is full width. This shouldn’t be too hard for your talented team to pull off.

  74. Just one:

    Make modules easy to ENABLE and DISABLE, this is as easy as doing a display:none on the togle ! and will save us HUNDREADS of hours of tweaking.

    When I offer on my site promotions I custom made a module for showing video and stuff, but when promotion is over i have to manually remove the module and then manually re-add it again (all over with custom css clases inside)

    Would be A LOT better if the module had a simple “toggle” that says “enable and disable” so you can easily DISABLE the module for not showing up but still be present on the page builder !


  75. Support for Bootstrap for things like the Grid etc.

  76. I would love to be able to easily put an ad in the header area.

    Also even though Divi is clean looking, there are still lines that frame the posts, sidebar area, etc. I’d like the option not to have those lines at all. Just white space.

  77. Is it worth the continued wait for Extra or should I just use Divi as it seems that you are morphing all your features into one product.

    I’ve had a news blog site I’ve been waiting to update from Magnificent since October.

    Thank you

  78. I would suggest with the Call To Action buttons, an option to open the link in a new window.

  79. Text color more then. Dark or light.

    • +1 and the option to highlight with a color, transparent if possible.

  80. Add a “reveal box” that id’s the divi element so those with child themes and target an individual page element…in fact that would be next great step – control over the div’s on each page from within the builder…

  81. Please, please, please can we edit the text (the Elegant Themes and WordPress credits) in the footer. Please. Really, please. I’m sick of creating child themes with copy-and-pasted footers.

    At the very least, can if be filtered so we can modify it without having to create a copy of the footer in a child theme.

    On this note, please can the update be really clear if the footer code does change as I’ll need to update several child themes.

    Such bad WordPress practice and my only real issue with Divi. Please fix.

    • There is a plug in that has just hit the IM market — WP Rebrandr — that allows one to remove ALL WP branding, footers, colors, etc.

      Something like that would be a help to Ross W and I’m sure others.

  82. Please work on the color management.

    allow us to choose transparent colors.

    The colors from the main settings should be available everywhere.

    • +1 on a general color palette you can reuse in the modules. Now I need to look up the values all the time.

      • I agree with Stijn. It needs a lot of time to find back a value that u used before.

        Make the header more flexible. so u can create more different headers.

    • Transparent color is a MUST…

    • +1 Here. I will add that we’ve hacked divi to allow for whole sell selection of new color pallets. 1 click and ever color on every module is new and fits.

  83. Nick and the ET team!
    Thank you for all the improvements and constant support!

    I suggested this several time and I would really really love it if ET enabled comments on pages (pages created with page builder). At the moment I have to play with code in order to have the comments show up on pages but it’s not responsive and just looks horrible on certain platforms. I am not exactly sure why you disabled comments on pages but not on posts. Please enable them.

    Thank You!

  84. thats hot!
    i’m so busy working on a project right now, but couldn’t resist the title .. i’ll be back here to read it again thoroughly 😉

  85. Thanks.
    If possible please add LMS module. Thanks from all your efforts.

  86. Integration as standard with GetResponse where currently Mailchimp and Aweber seem to be the only options.

    • Yes, +1 for GetResponse integration! It’s pretty much a must to support them I’d say, they’re huge!

  87. +1 for an easier way of managing custom fonts

  88. I’d love to see more options for different kinds of pullquotes and blockquotes. It’d be nice to put a pullquote to the right or left of the regular content in a tidy square, for example.

    • Good point! Styling pull quotes takes a lot of custom CSS.

    • Great idea, would love that too!

  89. – I would LOVE To have widget areas in between posts in a grid. Like every 3rd or 5th post or so there could be a widget area for a gallery image or ad or whatever else comes to mind. Very very few themes offer that kind of option although it would be way more useful to have widgets between posts than restricted to a sidebar. I would buy Divi in an instant (!!) if you give me that feature.

    – One other feature would be to choose background color of posts on the homepage (the excerpts) depending on category or post type. But category would be better imo.

  90. I would LOVE to use TypeKit fonts right in the customizer. Also, I would LOVE to choose my TypeKit fonts and sizes right in each module.

    Thanks. Really excited about Divi 2.4

    • I second this. Typekit integration would be really great. I don’t know how you’d pull off selecting it in the module, that seems pretty complicated. But, even an overall integration in the customizer would be just fine.

  91. 1. Customize thumbnail width and height mansory blog option
    2. Set up width and height tags for SEO purposes

  92. Looks good, what I would like is a full true easy to a complete front-end builder…if you had that I would renew my expired subscription.

    I did not renew because I could not build with your current builder.
    So I went to find someone who has one and taught me to use it
    which was easy, fast, and effective.

    Please do what others are not able to do…not just what others have done.

    A completely easy full front end editor to work with all of your themes.

    That would sell me, or at least get my respect and the money out of my pocket and into yours.


  93. Could you add more options for different kinds of pul lquotes and blockquotes. It’d be nice to put a pullquote to the right or left of the regular content in a tidy square, for example.

  94. One more thing I would LOVE to see built into all your themes is the “Q & A” sort of interface that’s used in the theme of the same name.

  95. Wow – so many great suggestions above, I didn’t have time to read/scan them all. So, please forgive me if I duplicate something.

    I’d love to see better photo control for full width slider background images.

    I’d love to see the ability to clone modules and easily transfer from page to page and perhaps even site to site.

    I need to create a resource library much like Google Drive (without the editing tools) or iCafe. Love to see that incorporated.

    My apologies again if this has been covered or is duplicate. I’m a big fan of Divi.


  96. Make it possible to upload logo in this file format .eps / .ai / .psd

  97. You can had a button customiser, color, font, shadow, gradient color…
    An image for the background menu and not only a color.
    Thanks for this awesome theme !

  98. Please…Oh Please…Please…More options for the Contact Form. At a minimum include a Tel Number field and if possible options for checkbox and radio buttons.

  99. Sorry
    For speed website purposes

  100. Full Width Module Addition – please add a simple text option to enable additional plugins.

    All Module Padding – would rather control my own padding between modules.

    Logo – Ongoing Issue – Allow for size, placement and padding of logo.

    Header – in addition to logo option, would like header to be modular driven as well! Ability to insert social icons, phone, call to action site wide.

    Thank you for asking us!

  101. I think the DIVI theme is a fantastic theme, but one area that I would like to see drastically improved upon is to be able to easily design the post template as easily as one can design other pages using the builder. Because of DIVI, I have this elegant site, and then there’s the post template which is sorely lacking the inherent beauty of the rest of the site.

    • I second this!

  102. More logo options as far as sizing and positioning.

  103. I definitely throw my vote behind more menu options and alternative menu positions.

    Other than that, just easier adjusting of margins, padding, etc.

    Amazing stuff, though. Developers’ lives are about to get a lot easier!

  104. I would love a widget area next to the logo when the logo is above the menu (or in the header) for contact information, etc.

    Thank you!!

    • Couldn’t agree more. I’m rebuilding our company site and one of the standards is the logo on the left, social icons on the right and only underneath that you have the menu. Not something which is available out of the box with Divi

  105. At the risk of repeating something someone else already said: greater and easier control over search results and archive templates.

  106. – dotted shadow/blur effect to backgrounds
    – justify in text allingement

  107. Nice! For recommendations, add the same features as the CSS Hero plugin would be great.

  108. Looks good already!….

    Hope it will make a lot easier to make it possible to adjust the logo on top. And all colors in the theme adjustable.

    But for now it sounds and looks good so far 😉

    Keep up the good work guyz…

  109. Divi is already awesome, can’t wait for the update. I have a couple suggestions:

    – Ability to turn off Google Fonts completely and/or ability to configure Adobe Typekit instead.
    – Ability to choose slider text placement, left, right center, width, etc.
    – Slider responsiveness is a little weak, that can be tightened up too. For instance, maybe a second slider that kicks in to replace original at the smallest browser width. I’m already doing this on some sites via CSS, but integrated solution would be cleaner.
    – Kill the ePanel it’s essentially useless at this point.

  110. The polar opposite of my love for Divi is the annoyance of the built in search behavior.

    When a user clicks on the search icon the focus should shift to the text field so we can immediately begin typing the query.


  111. Full Screen, responsive slider

  112. Hi,
    please update page builder for posts
    please update comments to page

    Thank You Nick

    • I read through and commented on some other people’s posts. Here’s what I didn’t see (and I’ll keep my comments just to the customizer).

      1. Good UX. You guys do a great job at this, don’t compromise on it as you add features.

      2. 1 Click Color Pallet changes. For non-designers to load a new color pallet and have it work with every divi module.

      3. Move as many settings out of the ePanel into the Customizer as makes since.

  113. Hi!

    Ditto on easier Admin labeling. Maybe make it editable right in the module layout?

    We would love the option to not automatically make all sections fullwidth. What I mean by this is when you set a full width slider at the top of the page, it makes all the background colors for the proceeding sections fullwidth. I’d prefer the option to make those proceeding sections to have bars on either side so these aren’t so heavy visually.

    Also ditto to no animations being the default! I love the animations personally but my higher ups always nix them.

    We love divi SO much. Excited for the updates, keep up the great work!

  114. I would love the ability to alter single posts with the Divi layout editor.

    Affixing modules or run of site functionality to the bottom of posts would be a huge help!

    The other changes look just amazing, can’t wait to try it out.

  115. Slider – Don’t distort our images on mobile devices – A full screen slider option – Have you thought about bundling revolution Slider or similar into your theme like many other themes do?
    Logo – Allow a tag line to be added below or next to the logo without having to customise the header.php file.
    Gallery images – Allow thumbnails to be portrait and landscape, don’t crop the images to fit your design, something like the Jetpack Gallery works really well.

  116. I think I may have posted this in the first round, but I would like to see the map module expanded with a way to customize or style the pins, and give them attributes that can be seen when expanded. A way to import pins from csv or xml would be awesome as well.

    I saw fonts mentioned a few times….an easy way to implement Google Fonts would go a long way.

    Hopefully there are some changes to the slider in the works to make it easier to get “right”?

    Awesome work guys, can’t wait to see it.

  117. Dunno if it’s already mentioned (or existing) , but a real forum would be nice and the possibillity to import from other main forum software (SMF, Joomla)

    An Easy review system for products or services.

    And and.. An transfer system form an another Elegant Theme. Or A site builder so you can change or transfer easily to de gr8 Dive theme!

  118. We’ve been using DIVI for a few months and really like it. A few points:

    Make the modules usable for various post types. “Blog” module should be able to display pages or posts or custom post types. Same idea with Portfolio, etc. No reason to limit what types of posts can be displayed with the modules.

    • I concur – support for CPTs and ACF would be amazing – its the thing that has moved me away from using….

  119. I’ve seen different suggestions about the slider module, but I would stress it more, especially:
    1) the opportunity to set slider’s image area size (height/width)
    2) the ability to choose an overlay effect and change its value
    If these would be included in the Customizer panel it would be great! 🙂

  120. I’d like to be able to put captions under photos.
    I’d like to be able to hover over a bible verse reference (like John3:16 for example) (soulreminders.com) and have a box appear with the entire verse written out.

    Divi is amazing. I’m not a designer. Just an end user who is learning as I go. Your support team is incredible too. Eager to see the new improvements.

    • I am creating this by embedding Javascript, but it requires technical knowledge to apply to your site. Totally agree here, CSS or Javascript tooltips are needed in Divi

  121. I love all of the changes, but honestly, the one thing that would make Divi more useful in Production sites is the ability to copy, paste, and archive modules. I would settle for being able to make them active or inactive and then I could copy layouts as a template. I would love to be able to create a call to action that I could use anywhere on the site. I also have some “Run/Walk” sites where the sponsors are pretty much the same from year to year, but change sometimes.

    Basically, without this function, you have to develop every page from scratch even though you might have some elements on other parts of the site.

    • Second that!

  122. Hi! Great news!
    My suggestion: give us breadcrumbs in DIVI.

    • Indeed!

      • Yep! Breadcrumbs!

  123. Great improvements, no doubt about it! Thanks.
    Probably doesn’t fit in your request for feedback but, sizable focusing sliders like on the Apple website are beautiful.
    More and flexible forms.
    A customizable login screen would be great.
    Membership module is greatly needed.
    Really want to get rid of many common plugins.
    Can’t wait to get going with the new Divi.

  124. As many commenters have previously asked. The possibility of having more control over paddings within modules is very much in demand.

    Specially the slider module. If the padding on a slider is messed with, it will ruin its mobile display.

    The same issue happens when font sizes are changed, but thankfully this issue is beign addressed in this new release. Thank you so much guys.

  125. A header right widget section would be useful.

    The option to have the navigation menu have its own color palette instead of taking on the header color.

  126. Export preferences module (similar to Avada): after tweaking the interface of a child theme, it would be great if this can be exported (for safety) or imported.

  127. Full with image header background with menu on top, and let the menu be aligned left, center or right and maybe logo in the center like another option.

    This is not what you’re asking but the ability to save blocks (parts) of pages to be inserted in another page is a must taking in count the source code can’t be edited / copied. Once I created complex blocks I had to rebuild all over again in another web page. Hopefully this is the “Divi Library” you mentioned.

    Icons in menus and more control over menu design?


  128. Hi,
    Great idea to ask your clients! Not sure everything is appropriate to what you mean, but I`ll leave the things which will be most useful for our company:
    1. Fullwidth portfolio titles appear over the items or under them all the time, not only on hover;
    2. More hover effects on all modules – they make the sites alive;
    3. More flexibility in positioning slider title and description and more effects on text appearing;
    4. More columns per row;
    5. Breadcrumbs – it is not in the design, but is very useful for users

    This is from us. Thanks for the opportunity, and hope soon we will see the release!

  129. My first suggestion would be to fix Monarch and Bloom 🙂

  130. A lot has maybe been covered, but two areas that I would love to see are:

    – Better customization of just the menu.. Such as ability to change fonts (without CSS), move logo around (not just center and left, but maybe in between the menu) and some hover effects (maybe a bar on top, bottom).

    – Images on blog posts. For some reason, this is really lacking and I always see this question posted. Like what size for images, etc etc. When inserting a featured image on blog post, and if it’s big, it takes up half the screen! I’ve had to download another plugin to fix this issue. Would be nice to see the ability to size images to what you want so there is no more guess work.


  131. Videos in the portfolio module that open in a lightbox for both video/pictures….and have the ability to mix pictures and videos in the portfolio.

  132. I’m assuming with the disclaimer that you’re only asking for the customization suggestions that effect the entire site, that you’re probably not asking for customization suggestions about the modules, but I’m going to give it to you anyway, because you guys are already addressing all of my issues w/ footer, etc.
    1.)It would be ENORMOUS for my site if the number counters and bar graphs could go higher than 100 (like up to whatever we want, at least 1 million, because I work with big numbers), and also if they could represent not only percentages %, but also dollar amounts $$ (like a little toggle that ask whether you want the number to be a dollar amount, percentage, or just a number by itself. That way I could use the bar counters as monetary values like a graph showing compare and contrasted figures for my client. I have graphs that I could use as a flat image, but it really pops out at you when the graph is animated.
    2.)You guys are awesome! I will likely never use another theme on any of the sites I build from this point forth. GO DIVI!

  133. Wonderful work you are doing.

    I would be delighted if posts had all the pagebuilder functionality that pages do.


  134. Looks like a few people have already said this so I’ll say it again just in case.

    Logo in the center of the menu, where it can hang above and below the nav bar, not just float in the center and create a massively thick nav-bar.

    More control over that background images in the main slider. The way it forcefully scales them up and pixelates makes this completely useless. Control over the padding in this as well.

    Section dividers that I can have a color or background image in that I can control the individual height of that as well, even if it’s a percentage adjustment.

  135. Visuals have a more significant impact with website visitors. So the ability to create, adjust and display graphs would be a nice addition. If this already exists, please give me some direction about where I can find it. lol. Thx

  136. Thanks for the update.
    Lots of great suggestions here. I would add I’d like to see:

    – The ability to change the copyright text in the footer without having to code it
    – A customization of the Subscribe module (I prefer to work with only two fields: name and email address)

  137. Good job!

    I can’t wait to test the new functions. What i’m missing within the standard functions are:

    – Good gallery (flickr integration with collections and albums)
    – Events manager (pages and widgets)

  138. Hello,

    At first, welcome to divi 2.4, and great job elegant themes. I use it for all my clients projects.

    1. a more explicit SEO function than the actually, for pages and articles

    2. more options design for the blog home page (color and include icons in post meta, posts width and width of featured image)

    3. more options design for the filterable portfolio (color of category menu, space between thumbnails, number of thumbnails in line)

    4. mode options design for the fullwidth portfolio and carrousel (number of thumbnails projects,1, 2 or 3…).

    5. options to design the category page of articles and archives.

    6. more options for the contact form (create custom fields, color of input and label)

    7. less js ans css files ? minify ?

    and sorry for my bad english. (french webdesigner) 🙂

  139. Not sure this falls under the customizer, but I’d love to see newsfeed widgets that could pull content (EG a tagged paragraph, the first three list items on an events page, etc) to another page. So that an index or overview page could have a series of teasers linking to pages with more in depth info.

    I am in love with Harmony’s “Upcoming Shows” item, and I’d love to have an event feed on the front page that automatically updates as the calendar turns..

  140. – logo placement… left, center right …
    – fixed height header
    – set header size
    – set fixed logo
    – set the logo shrink en max size
    – retina support / images / favion
    – possibility to load font awsome icon font in the blurb modules
    – sticky menu when using not using the fixed header
    – header options like used in the Bloom demo (transparency on scrol)
    – Widget area in header above menu
    – Different grids per screen size … think about Bootstrap grid… (.col-xs- .col-sm- .col-md- .col-lg-)
    – more customised column widths… sometimes more than 4 colomns would be apreciated… again the bootstrap grid is an nice example.
    – Custimizer options such as the Divi Children Plugin offers for sidebar, but also adding new row CSS blocks (check: http://divi4u.com/divi-children-plugin/)
    – Megamenu options with widgets, more column control… (check out UberMenu from SevenSpark for ideas: http://wpmegamenu.com/)
    – More slider control… height… layers… (check Slider Revolution for ideas: http://revolution.themepunch.com/)
    – More grid possibilities … on hover… (check Essential Grid for ideas: http://essential.themepunch.com/)
    – check out Divi Booster Plugin for missing options (check: https://www.wpthemefaqs.com/divi-booster-the-easy-way-to-customize-divi/)
    – check out divi module editor for additional options (check: http://gritty-social.com/divi-module-editor/)

    Maybe i’ll come up with more lateron…

    Best regards,

  141. I would love for the media (photos) area to be arranged in folders that would allow images to be added to at a later date.

    Modules for the header and the footer.

  142. I just got invited to check out a tool called “WP-Clickster”. The tools has features that I think DIVI should have by default.

    For example:
    * Auto-create pages like “About, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use…etc).
    * Auto-create legal pages like “Earning Disclaimers, Anti-Spam, Affiliate Discolsure..etc”
    * Make it more SEO Friendly by using the Permalink settings (use post name instead of numbers/dates)
    * Delete all existing pages (Hello pages, example comments…etc) for brand new sites, prior to creating DIVI pages.

    I would LOVE to see these features in DIVI by default.

    • Ditto. Just bought it.

  143. Thanks Nick.

    I, like Geno above, look at divi as more of a framework than a theme, much like I utilized canvas before I jumped-the-woo-ship. 😉

    That being said, an admin feature I’d love to see is the ability to save ‘modules’ for distributed/repeated use on multiple pages, rather than reinvention/redo. Not sure of its degree of difficulty, but done in a fashion similar to saving layouts would be a significant time saver.

    — Michael

    • That’s what the Divi Library is all about, so you can expect this and much more 🙂

  144. Please automate the Gallery, with adjustable timing for each slide!

  145. Sorry . . . I should have remembered to add this suggestion: An option to move the text/image on the slider from center to right or left would be wonderful. On the websites we have developed with Divi, we have often added code to move the text/image on the slider to the left/right so the background image can be seen more clearly.

    I would also recommend the full page slider. Your theme is beautifully written and is very attractive. Thank you for all of the work you have put into it!

  146. Hey guys, it would be nice if you would add some animation possibilities.

    Appearing of elements upon scrolling, but als disappearing of elements when scrolling back. More advanced parallax possibilities, horizontal navigating between elements within a row. So mixing vertical and horizontal navigation.

    Would blocks layout like within Qards from designmondo be possible?

    • i agree, more parallax choices with side to side animation on scroll.

  147. Universal Design Elements –

    – Ability to have a “hidden” menu that appears on scrolling. Already accomplish with CSS, but would be nice not reinventing the wheel every time… and not have to deal with adjusting individual modules placement as a result.

    – Turn off Shrinking header menu, and quick options to adjust initial size and final size. Again it can be controlled by CSS, but why would you want to.

    – Universal Padding adjustment. Would be nice to have options for a skinnier layout, without messing witth CSS

  148. – Full width text header that allows the use of shortcodes.
    I’m really those full width text headers right now.

    – More options for the Archive page would be great too. It’s been a real pain to create custom templates that only shows posts of certain categories and their parents while maintaining the beautiful layout.

    – Slider text responsiveness could use some improvement.

  149. First of all – AWESOME! I cannot wait for divi 2.4. LOVE this.


    1. Everything font related. More fonts. Font size. All the options distinguished by where the fonts are located.
    2. Sidebar styling.
    3. Divider styling. (Beautiful ways to break up sections)
    4. Everything social media related. Icons – Please please let us add the missing icons we want. I’m a writer, I NEED goodreads in my social icon stack. Location! I want supreme control over where I place these.
    5. BLOOM (newsletter) integration. I have seen a significant increase in newsletter signups since bloom. Its been a game changer. Now, we need a beautiful way to get newsletter modules in the headers, side bars, footers, and other modules. I know we can do that via the short codes that bloom generates, but they don’t always render wonderfully, and the shortcode methodology feels a bit clunky. (love bloom)
    6. Better / more color themes. The ability to for us to place hex colors for each text type etc. is great, but some of us are color dumb, and so to have a few more stock color schemes would be nice.

    Can’t wait for 2.4!

  150. Divi builder on posts, not only on pages!!!!!!!
    Also, a centered vertical divider layout option, so we can design two individual column sites.
    Overall, more and more customization tools.

    • Amen to that.

    • Your wish is my command 😉

  151. Please separate the logo / header area from the navigation so that the nav can be styled independently.

  152. An easier way to update the footer text. 🙂

  153. Great news.
    – Just wanting a seamless update from the current version of Divi to the new one, without a manual update and having to rebuild our websites we have made in Divi.
    – a clear tutorial video for how to use new Divi
    – any tips for what things we currently have to CSS code for, such as logo height, and what to do when it is an option in the new Divi. I assume we just delete the code
    – an option to add widgets to the top header/navigation bar
    – more customization option to the top header/nagivation bar and the ability to make it transparent so a full width photo background can be seen through it.
    – option to add columns and rows to gallery module in Divi
    Thank you for all your hard work. 🙂

  154. * Make the blog look more beautiful.
    * Customize default WP widgets to fit into the theme.
    * Add Typekit font support.

  155. I’d love an easy way to insert unique content and design to /tag/-pages. Maybe through an editor mode like on pages. This Will bedre absolutely brillant for SEO purposes.

  156. Thanks for asking for input!!!
    1. Flexibility on columns/rows in blog grid layout.
    2. Child theme built-in for customization (for newbies like myself)
    3. Options to configure the look of archive/category pages
    4. Ability to embed a widget in a post/page
    5. Flexibility on whether title or featured image is first on posts.

  157. I honestly love Divi. It’s made me way more productive on WordPress than I’ve ever been. And that’s saying a lot because WordPress is already awesome.

    I echo all of the above suggestions. But, I’d like to add that Divi does make me nervous when it comes to its heavy reliance on shortcodes. It feels like lock-in when I have to tell my customers that if they switch away to another theme, they’d better be prepared to budget for revamping their content. There has to be some way to make Divi not seem so proprietary and allow content to flow between different themes.

    • Concordo também .

    • I’d like to echo Rob’s comments here on shortcodes. There are a number of sites that I’ve not been able to build using divi, simply because of the lock-in issue.

    • Hi, Nick…I know my other comment was removed 😉 but I also echo Rob’s concerns about shortcodes. I’d like to see Elegant Themes move toward outputting clean HTML and CSS instead of shortcodes.

      I’ve been a loyal Elegant Themes customer for some time, and I plan to remain one. However, changing themes sometimes becomes necessary, so clean code that plays well with other themes would really skyrocket Divi and the rest of your themes in value.

    • I agree. I discover after purchasing Divi that it messes codes and doesn’t allow to switch to other themes. I have then heard of Beaver builder (https://www.wpbeaverbuilder.com) and Make by the Foundrytheme (https://thethemefoundry.com/wordpress-themes/make/) that do let your code be intact so you can use other themes later on. Need to check them.

      If Divi repair this, I will consider it again, and probably will chose it due to the productive team and community behind it.

      My other suggestion is that Divi incorporate an option following Google material design, so that everything is preset to follow those design rules (still allowing to edit them later).

  158. More than four columns per row please.

    • Yes! Adding 20% (5 columns + options) would be huge.

  159. Wow, you got a ton of feedback on day one!

    My main concern is around typography. Please allow more control for font selection, font sizes, uploading of web fonts from Google, Fonts.com and web fonts. Color control for font specs, like H1s can be different than H2s, etc.
    And custom control of fonts by module in addition to the overall site CSS would be grand.

    Everything should be easy like the rest of the module controls, no coding in the CSS, no coding period. 🙂 That’s what we pay you the big bucks for!


  160. Its probably been mentioned, but I’d like to stress it one more time:

    A way to control the size and position of feature images, both on posts as anywhere else. Right now the default size is huge everywhere.

    And seeing Extra come out soon. 😉

    Keep up the great work!


  161. The ability to modify the footer copyright information and the ability to have multiple language website integrated.

  162. -ONE:

    It would be appreciated if one could place text EASILY any where one needs on images or slides.


    Image captions -very small-sized font- when you place an image on a page or project (to credit the author of the photograph, the painter, etc).


    The ability to change font sizes, styles, etc, PER MODULE, ROW, ANY SINGLE ELEMENT, not just for the entire site. Same for margins, paddings, etc.


    Some way to identify the id or classes of any element and their properties inherited (parents), so that you can address them with CSS code.

  163. Oh I would super like full website template option please. I designed a layout on the homepage with a slider and sidebar and footer and I wanted to just apply this the whole site without having to make it in every page. I have a 26 page site with sliders on all pages and i had to save the layout and then go page by page to add it to the site. I would be great if under templates on the sidebar in pages, we could apply one of our saved layouts from the Divi builder please. 🙂

  164. All great ideas above… here are a few repeats and some I didn’t see listed-
    • better google maps integration and opportunity to customize marker
    • more options for the slider module, such as text at the bottom in a solid area that doesn’t overlap the image
    • being able to copy single modules between pages
    • linkedin, pinterest, etc as default social media icons
    • more options for fields (such as radio buttons/multiple choice) in contact forms
    • and a biggy as far as i’m concerned- built-in navigation between projects. now that only exists in the basic project layout, not in any of the other project layout options. creating custom navigation within projects is time consuming.

    Thanks and I look forward to the new release!!!

  165. How about moving the animations available for the image module over to other modules? Add animations for text modules, etc? (obviously, setting to ‘no animation’ as the default).

  166. Please, please, please add some search page customization!

    • YES!!!

  167. 1. Add more social media icons like Yelp, Vine, Sound cloud, foursquare,friendster etc or give some feature where user can upload their own social media icons under social media tab.

    2. Footer Customization area, where user can right their own customized footer text.

    3. WordPress Admin Login page Customization settings.

    4. More options to adjust the width of the sidebar in case of one sidebar.

    5. Options for Logo for various screen sizes.

    6. Theme responsiveness for iMac and alike big screens.

    • Second 4-6

      Especially 4, need to be able to easily set the width of the content and the sidebar

  168. Easier control of padding and margins in all units, rows, columns, and sections.

  169. Great work 🙂

    I’ll be happy to have easy options to:
    1. position text on slides in the slider (in % from top/bottom/sides).
    2. limit slider’s slide height with automaticaly adjust the text & button position (because now it is not in % it messes up on tablet & mobile views).
    3. add custom css to each slide without need to run to Divi custom css (also to any other element can be nice).
    4. add icons to menu item with option to align left/right & even icon menu without text.
    5. to choose page width in %. & each element width in %
    6. built in child theme creator.

    Thanks & Enjoy Life 🙂

  170. – I use S2Member shortcodes that prevent users who haven’t paid from viewing certain parts of a page. In Divi, I can open a short code in one module and close it in a different module.
    – When I use an achor link, the navigation bar hides the top of the content. When the anchor url originates from the same page, it scrolls appropriately. When it originates from a different page, the nav bar blocks what should be the top of the content.
    – It would be nice if I didn’t have to label each module myself and the modules automatically labeled themselves based off of the title or first few words in a module.

    • Maybe that could be a toggle option?

  171. I’d love more font control (various sizes and various google fonts) on individual modules. Handing coding them is such a chore. Thanks!

  172. Please make the contact form work! And/or include a SMTP plugin with it. I had to delete the Divi contact form altogether because it was unreliable (sometimes worked, sometimes didn’t!). Contact Form 7 plugin works like a charm. I hope Divi’s will too!

    • I agree. At the very least you need to make the ‘from’ email address editable in the same way as the ‘to’ address is, so that at least the form in it’s existing guise is usable.

  173. I am not sure anyone has said it but a way to use the blurb icons everywhere, like menus or lists and things like that would be nice.

    • You can partially do this with the Elegant Icon Font but since your code is sometimes stripped out of the text module, it’s not easy to integrate it. + some hover over control of these blurb icons would be nice.

  174. I’d really like more options for the blog module…more layout option and the ability to customize what the posts will look like. Maybe I want the featured image to be below the title,or to the left or right of the text. Or to have better pagination, or an actual button the “read more” link…

    And the ability to hide modules/rows. That would be really be useful for sites that only want to show content at certain times. Or if I’m working on a module and I’m not done yet I can save it and get back to it later without it showing up on the page…

    But this update is looking awesome, can’t wait for it!

    • Oh, and about the blog module, an option for setting the fetured image as the background image for each post would be nice 😀

  175. Show/Hide Module based on a user’s type (Admin, author, or any custom type created).

  176. The new features already slated for 2.4 are awesome. Why not implement those ASAP and add the new features to 2.5.

    • Brilliant idea. Little and often is much better than these big bangs. Too much change all in one go can spell disaster.

  177. I’ve love a module for the code. Also easy access to change the title and meta descriptions for each page. I’d also love the ability to put edit color, style, and just direct html in the headers or titles of sliders and other modules.

    Love Divi! Can’t wait for the update!

  178. Ooh I’m so excited! I’d taken a hiatus from doing web design stuff for a bit, but I’m currently redesigning my portfolio to turn it into a blog. I’m kind of regretting starting on it now, as it probably would have been better to wait for Divi 2.4 but oh well.

    The main feature that I would request is the ability to customize the SINGLE POST and PROJECTS pages, as well as the CATEGORY/ARCHIVES pages. The blog module that we have can only be used on custom pages, and when you use the WordPress settings to set a certain page to be your “Blog Posts” page, then it overwrites the Divi Pagebuilder. Same goes for when people click on a category, it takes them to a page that can’t be touched with Divi Pagebuilder.

    Also is there any kind of timeline for 2.4? I know you can’t say a specific date, but maybe a rough estimate?

  179. Hi, we always respect the folks at Elegantthemes and thank their expertise and dedication to top themes. For us being a news driven site, we would love to see a POST type widget in the customize area for the homepage. Allowing to pick either a category, all category or specific tag word. This would complete the theme for us. Great work!

  180. The following features would be useful for us:
    1. The ability to specify the height of the header/banner.
    2. When the header style is Default (the logo is left-aligned), have the ability to align the top navigation menu to the bottom (currently it is in the center).
    3. The ability to have the body’s width be different from the header. For example, the header can be fluid, but the body can have a specific width (other than the default “block” width)
    4. The ability to have the mobile menu to initially shows just the items in the top navigation menu and allow each sub-menu to be expanded when its parent is the active item in the top menu (the last item in the top menu that was clicked on).

  181. 1. Make the fluid grid an option instead of a total replacement to preserve compatibility with modified themes using the old breakpoints.

    2. Be able to apply the Page Builder to custom post types and even blog posts! That would be incredible!

    3. A page build for the blog layout – so it applies across the whole blog and can be easily customized using the Page Builder. Probably one template for archive pages and one for single posts.

    3 part 2 – Doing the same for the default page layout would be great too.

    4. The ability to create custom modules of our own to use in the Page Builder! This would be a dream come true! Love the Page Builder, but sometimes I need my own custom modules that I and my clients can add.

    5. Fix the issues with the Page Builder where when you go to code view and then hit save it screws up the formatting.

    6. Fix the issues with the Page Layout loader where it adds an extra line on top in the text modules.

    • YES on Page Builder / Custom Post Types. My site uses CPTs extensively and switching to DIVI has caused no end of trouble because of the inconsistency between pages and CPTs.

    • Markdown support. I have Jetpack installed with Markdown support, but all my DIVI modules seem to require pure HTML

    • Ditto number six above. This is definitely an issue.

  182. – bbpress and buddypress integration
    – custom image/video background overlay with effects
    – customizable Google maps (color, pins)
    – full-width testimonial slider module
    – centered logo in header
    – classy project timeline
    – media organization
    – overlapping modules
    – child theme

    Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  183. Most of these have already been covered, but these are the things I’m commonly tweaking via child theme files/custom CSS:

    Blog index settings:
    – Ability to specify size/alignment of featured images, rather than just having one giant featured image option (eg: max width/height, align left, etc). This would affect all blog index pages, category indexes, full width blog module settings, etc… globally.

    – Easily edit footer credits
    – True footer color (no opacity)
    – Icon options for Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

    – General section padding (.et_pb_section, .et_pb_row)
    – Default page templates/layout. For example would be nice to have ability to default to full-width (no right sidebar) layouts for new pages without having to edit child theme files.
    – Super minor: Would love to see some of the features from ePanel pulled into Appearance > Customize, especially those that relate to overall layout. For lazy people like me, it’s a minor nuisance to go into select “Fixed Navigation Bar” or toggle social media icons on/off when the rest can be done through the Customizer.
    – Overall button styling (perhaps dark and light versions)
    – Ditto on exporting Customization settings to another Divi install!

  184. Please give us more control over text attributes in the Text Module. I’d like to have more options for kerning and leading and spacing between lines and indenting at this level — unless there’s an easier way of accomplishing this w/o having to get in the code or add a widget!? Thanks!

  185. ++ For the new customizer, absolutely excellent ! Way to go guys!

    One thing I’d like DIVI to have, is the ability to customize as percentage (or in pixels) the parts and sections added to a page with page builder (like elegant builder does).

    Another good thing is the sizing of sliders to better handle images added to them, but not that big deal.

    Any other additions to DIVI would be a plus.

    Thank you guys for such great work and effort to make DIVI the one and only tool, fast and elegant as its meant to be!

  186. I think do a Woocommerce Category Menu module is a great idea.

  187. Some great suggestions here. One that I didn’t see that I’d love to have is more easily manupulated header. If someone wants to put up say, a 1080 x 250 header image, the present customizer isn’t very intuitive.
    The ability to add a transparent partial overlay (maybe 1/4, 1/2) to the header from the customizer panel would also be great.
    I’m a fairly new user of Divi, but have fallen in love with it already. Very nice work!

  188. My votes:
    – Opacity (transparent) settings on all colors
    – Logo in Menu Center
    – More options for Blog Pages…

    Thank you!

  189. Hello Nick,

    Thanks for the open suggestions for Divi 2.4

    – Option Panel completely improved and redesigned like Monarch and Bloom.

    – Retina settings best practices, including all size displays for common and modern devices.

    – Child Theme Ready : intuitive and easy to use for non dev.

    – Full Screen complete display setting (100% width and height) for sliders and video background, that accept easily Youtube and Vimeo URLS with clean display ( no control buttons, bar, et.)

    – CTA Buttons with open to a new window option

    – CTA Buttons with complete design customizations

    – Contact Form with complete layout design and display customizations : boxed fields, lined fields, minimalistic style…

    – Footer Credits with auto update year, and ease to update content via e-Panel or Customizer.

    So, I know your commitments and hardworking for improvements and shift level about Divi and Extra are a huge challenge for you guys, but it will be-great to practice pre-release or open beta strategy. Otherwise, I am afraid that will be waiting one more year for both.

    That is very frustrating, and energy consuming for all the community including you guys. I tell you this as a former member of ET, that follow you regularly thru your Blog, and specially waiting for Divi and Exra for strategic projects with clients, that your both templates can be a serious respond versus Squarespace and some ThemeForest templates themes selected.

    The thing is, we cannot delay our launch schedule project, waiting your release with no ETA clue ; as we can not back to ET if we forced to choose Squarespace or ThemeForest Theme, because we didn’t have pre-release or beta test to experiment and see where exactly we going with such competitives Divi and Extra Themes.

    I support and respect all your hardwork, but let us be honest : don’t try to be absolutely PERFECT (I know we all want), so pre-release or beta test strategy is the only solution to reach an idea of “Perfection”. As you know it is the same thing to reach the “Horizon”. A lot of us waiting Divi and Extra for too much time, because of projects and/or clients huge expectations and repercussions for strategic decisions. I know I am not the only one in that situation.

    All my encouragements!


    • I second your thought as the new version of Divi should be ready in ten days or so. Taking onboard all this (useful) ideason a couple of weeks before launch doesn’t seem doable or feasible.I would have stickto what I could deliver on a given time then take care of the main improvements suggested (but maybe this is just me…).
      On top of the several interesting suggestion I would add the possibility to use a vime, you tube video instead of an mp4 so to save bandwith,hosting space and more importantly loading time. It should have installed also the feauture to not show related videos or titles, looping and more.
      Thank you for your hard work, this is a competitive world and staying on the edge is not easy…

  190. Very important: A module for CODE.

    I use some javascripts on my page, but with the normal Text-Modul the script is reformated and don’t work.

    DIVI is great! Thank you for this great work!, Can’t wait for the new release 🙂

  191. When in a Text Module, if you have any length of text and you need to do formatting of said text, you have to scroll up to get back to the formatting tools in the Text Module. Any chance of keeping them stationary as the text scrolls up & down?

    BUILT IN Child Theme

    Geeking out about the new version.

  192. Add facility to incorporate chinese fonts traditional and simplified without the need of google fonts.

  193. Looking forward to the release! I’d love to see White Label tutorial videos that are specific to Divi and that developers can either brand or use with no branding & be able to embed into the Dashboard, similar to the way WPMUDev or WP101 works.

  194. By far, the thing we’d like to see improved is the editor. It’s intimidating for any client we build a website for to see lots of boxes and they don’t know what to touch and not touch. It’s kind of delicate because, with one wrong move, all the content is gone.

    It would be great to be able to hide the layout block and have a standard editor show up. Maybe tie that to a certain block. If you did this, it would be huge!

    • To begin with the strongest improvment I expect : it should be the editor.
      In visual mode the menu-icons disappears when editing a long text (when scrolling) : unacceptable !

      For the other things DIVI is fantastic

  195. Vertical centering please.

    Example: a Call to Action that centers automatically horizontally *and vertically* in a browser window or tablet/phone screen.


    Opacity controls.

    Example: semi-transparent Call to Action backgrounds.

  196. Hello Nick,

    Thanks for the open suggestions for Divi 2.4

    – Option Panel completely improved and redesigned like Monarch and Bloom.

    – Retina settings best practices, including all size displays for common and modern devices.

    – Child Theme Ready : intuitive and easy to use for non dev.

    – Full Screen complete display setting (100% width and height) for sliders and video background, that accept easily Youtube and Vimeo URLS with clean display ( no control buttons, bar, et.)

    – CTA Buttons with open to a new window option

    – CTA Buttons with complete design customizations

    – Contact Form with complete layout design and display customizations : boxed fields, lined fields, minimalistic style…

    – Footer Credits with auto update year, and ease to update content via e-Panel or Customizer.

    So, I know your commitments and hardworking for improvements and shift level about Divi and Extra are a huge challenge for you guys, but it will be-great to practice pre-release or open beta strategy. Otherwise, I am afraid that will be waiting one more year for both.

    That is very frustrating, and energy consuming for all the community including you guys. I tell you this as a former member of ET, that follow you regularly thru your Blog, and specially waiting for Divi and Exra for strategic projects with clients, that your both templates can be a serious respond versus Squarespace and some ThemeForest templates themes selected.

    The thing is, we cannot delay our launch schedule project, waiting your release with no ETA clue ; as we can not back to ET if we forced to choose Squarespace or ThemeForest Theme, because we didn’t have pre-release or beta test to experiment and see where exactly we going with such competitives Divi and Extra Themes.

    I support and respect all your hardwork, but let us be honest : don’t try to be absolutely PERFECT (I know we all want), so pre-release or beta test strategy is the only solution to reach an idea of “Perfection”. As you know it is the same thing to reach the “Horizon”. A lot of us waiting Divi and Extra for too much time, because of projects and/or clients huge expectations and repercussions for strategic decisions. I know I am not the only one in that situation.

    All my encouragements!

  197. Lots of great suggestions here. I am just starting a new Divi site now, when do you think 2.4 will launch?

  198. Better help for custom CSS, especially a glossary of DIVI-specific tags, although a glossary of standard HTML tags used with CSS (such as and ) incorporated into DIVI would be helpful, too. Hotshot developers might not benefit from such a glossary but for us mortals that need a little help to make use of Custom CSS, it would be a great help. Yes, what you’re attempting to do with DIVI 2.4–eliminate the need to use Custom CSS–is even better. But it’s unrealistic to assume you can completely do away with Custom CSS, so a little more help for us who are neither newbies nor hotshot developers should be something I hope you’ll make a consideration.

  199. I see sections and rows eight sliders are already there… so I would just suggest something similar for the slider (both full width and standard) image area size, height and width, although I see this is also been suggested by others in the comments… so I guess that’s a common wish 🙂

  200. I have read most of the suggestions of others and I see that 2.4 will have some of my suggestions already, and some of mine are the same as other people, but here are my ideas that I think are the most practical for you and better for us.

    Edit Subfooter without altering php
    All Google Fonts Access (big need)
    Phone numbers are automatically hot linked
    Make Content in Slider Text field resize but not disappear in phones.
    Add Option for a menu that only slides open on scroll down.
    Resize but Do Not Crop Image option in carousel
    Widget font and lines and BG styling options
    Individual Header styling options
    Contact Form Styling options
    Make EPanel a little more responsive
    I can’t find a three column option for layout
    Option to turn off shrinking header
    Padding adjustments features
    More control of Post Thumbnail sizes or style

    Thank you for listening. Divi is a terrific theme. Getting better.

    • If only there’s an inline text or image editor on the front-end; saves a lot of time instead of having to keep on updating pages.

  201. Can’t wait until the new release!!

    Maybe add the ability to customize the height of each section, no matter if it is video or not.

  202. I need to have Divi optimized for BuddyPress and for bbPress.
    I need to have the Divi Page Builder in Post and in all custom post type editor.
    I need to have a module to insert php code and html code.
    I need to set the width to sidebar module because I have some widget to insert in full row.
    I need to have a real estate builder module and a real estate search module.
    I need to insert more different marker style in the some maps (for resturants, B&B, hotel,ecc), and to create a path joining the points of the various makers.
    I need a module to display the post from the multisite network sites.
    I need to have a timeline module to display the selected category posts horizzontally or vertically.
    I need to insert a ccn email in contact form.
    I need to have a booking module.
    I need to have the Event custom post type, with a calendar module to display the events.
    I need to have a seo module integrated.
    I need to have the related posts module.
    I need to have a mosaic image gallery with pagination.
    I need to share at the same time the post to all my social netwoks profile.
    I need to have 6 columns.

  203. Thank you. I like to design my posts and pages with the Divi page builder however, it does not allow recipe plug-in to be used at the same time.

    I run a food blog and whenever I need to write a recipe I have to give up the beautiful page builder function in order to have the recipe function.

    It’d be great if the new design can incorporate a recipe builder function or allow plug-ins from other company. Thank you.

  204. Sizable, border themed pop-up boxes with custom shortcodes capability please. Similar to your Bloom plugin but blank templates, ie without email opt-in functionality. Even better if the Divi page builder and components could be used to format the pop-up content.

    Keep up the amazing work. I’m really looking forward to this next Divi release!

  205. Hi,

    As with alot of people, I would like to see more options in the header area, text module beside logo, centered logo with menu on either side, that kind of thing. I find most customisations I make with Divi starts with the header module.

    Also would like to see better gallery options, where we can have a justified image grid (like justified-image-grid) for galleries.

    The sliding carousel that can be used for projects should be extended to news posts, where you can showcase posts from a certain category. A much more elegant solution that the existing blog layouts.

    I would like to see some improvements made to the full width slider. You can see yourself in the forums how much your customers have struggled to utilise this, and I feel that your slider offering falls behind other similar frameworks.

    A big thing for me, as others have mentioned is the responsiveness of certain modules. For example, I don’t like the way a row of 4 blurb modules switch to one in a row when the browser width is reduced beyond certain breakpoints. I would like the ability to decide when that happens, and at what breakpoints. I would also like the ability to decide how many columns a row has at the different breakpoints, similar to how bootstrap works ( a class for small /medium / large).

    Lastly, I would LOVE to be able to switch certain modules on/off for certain breakpoints. (e.g. using PageBuilder create modules with one row in each rows, the first shows on wider screens [798px +] and not on narrower widths, and then the reverse for screens smaller than the breakpoint (where row 2 shows, row 1 does not).

    Lastly, I like hearing about what is coming down the pipeline, but if the past year is anything to go by, it could be months before we see Divi 2.4, which just becomes frustrating. A bit like hearing about EXTRA which was previewed months ago, but we are still waiting to see a release?

  206. Hi,

    As with alot of people, I would like to see more options in the header area, text module beside logo, centered logo with menu on either side, that kind of thing. I find most customisations I make with Divi starts with the header module.

    Also would like to see better gallery options, where we can have a justified image grid (like justified-image-grid) for galleries.

    The sliding carousel that can be used for projects should be extended to news posts, where you can showcase posts from a certain category. A much more elegant solution that the existing blog layouts.

    I would like to see some improvements made to the full width slider. You can see yourself in the forums how much your customers have struggled to utilise this, and I feel that your slider offering falls behind other similar frameworks.

    A big thing for me, as others have mentioned is the responsiveness of certain modules. For example, I don’t like the way a row of 4 blurb modules switch to one in a row when the browser width is reduced beyond certain breakpoints. I would like the ability to decide when that happens, and at what breakpoints. I would also like the ability to decide how many columns a row has at the different breakpoints, similar to how bootstrap works ( a class for small /medium / large).

    Lastly, I would LOVE to be able to switch certain modules on/off for certain breakpoints. (e.g. using PageBuilder create modules with one row in each rows, the first shows on wider screens [798px +] and not on narrower widths, and then the reverse for screens smaller than the breakpoint (where row 2 shows, row 1 does not).

    Lastly, I like hearing about what is coming down the pipeline, but if the past year is anything to go by, it could be months before we see Divi 2.4, which just becomes frustrating. A bit like hearing about EXTRA which was previewed months ago, but we are still waiting to see a release?

  207. 3 Suggestions:

    1. Allow user to change social medial accounts/icons on the ePanel

    2. Include a Child Theme with the package

    3. Allow user to alter the content of the footer (copyright text, etc.) in the ePanel

    • Definitely like #3. Anything that can be dome without using a Child theme or altering theme files would be very usefull

  208. Images with animation used in projects aren’t SEO friendly. Google does not see them.

    — Seamless integration of Breadcrumbs via Yoast SEO plugin

    — Blog/Category/Tag/Archive Layout options along with option to set Default size and placement of images (top/bottom/side)

    — Also for SEO, Custom Category Pages
    —- Mimic main blog page (or options)
    —- Display Category Title (on/off)
    —- Display Category description (on/off)
    —- Display Tag Title (on/off)
    —- Display Tag description (on/off)


  209. Easy to Customize footer text for copyright so you don’t need to change the divi footer.php file or create a child theme just for that.

  210. pbdermatology.com/providers
    I would love the ability to zoom in/out and crop images in the Person Module Settings with a fixed size.

  211. I think you guyz have to release the New DIVI it very soon!… (tomorrow)


    Look at all the comments….

    They almost all can’t wait any longer 😉

  212. Customizable color of pins for Google Maps!

    Thank you.

  213. Please make it a no-brainer to do the following:

    * add social media share buttons to the blog / testimonial modules.

    * adding unlimited custom fonts and have the names show up in the drop downs.. instead of header1, header2, etc…. this could be a preference for those that prefer it the old way.

    * a full-width module that automatically animates the images provided… I think this can only be done with video, unless I am missing something.

    Thank You

  214. I mainly use divi for my blogs, but divi has very few blog layouts, It gives us more flexibility if we have more pre defined blog layouts. 🙂

  215. two things I would like to see would be:
    1. Add the ability to add inline CSS with any block in the builder
    2. Easily change the footer attribution

  216. For me, my ideal: Text Footer customizable and integrated child theme…Cooooollllllllllllll

  217. LOVE this update guys, between the post and the comments I’d say that covers the features I’d like to see. Sorry if I missed it, ETA on release date?

  218. It would be amazing to have an easier way to use the “fullwidth portfolio slider.” This is such a powerful tool to display images to clients both on mobile and desktop versions and it’s such a massive shame that we need to do the complex process of creating portfolio pages then setting a featured image, and having to do this with every single one. Then on top of all that we can’t make it so when a client clicks on one of those images they get directed to a page of our choosing, it forces them to go to that blank portfolio page.

    This is a powerful way to show images but man, it’s so unfortunate that it’s not setup to be able to use as a gallery! I was comparing many themes before I bought this one and THAT SLIDER was the reason I chose Divi. Please find a way to adapt that somehow cuz it was a huge disappointment to find out how limited it is only after I had already made the commitment. Thanks!

    Oh and Ifor one would like more common font options. Every theme I’ve ever used had helvetica in it yet this one does not? Thanks!

  219. Text columns. Real text columns, not the workarounds presented by plugin and shortcode.

  220. I agree on the header and footer styling options.
    I agree on the better conversion from mega menu to mobile menu – too much menu and scrolling in mobile.
    Child theme is critical if divi is going to update this often – which is great – so make the child theme readily part of the download/install.
    Please add the ability to add more social channels without editing the php.
    Ability to copy and paste a module from one page to the other would be great.
    Ability to capture conversion URL for form submission for Google Adwords conversions.
    Ability to have form submission data save to a database in addition to emailing – or better integration with contact form 7 and have it adapt to the divi styling.
    Number counters are cool but buggy and can’t be used for large dollar amounts like $23,555.00.
    Better epanel – it’s really not as robust as others out there, maybe the theme customizer will help this? Would cut down on the editing styles in the child theme for more customized designs.

  221. I want to start by thanking Nick and the ET team on creating such an awesome tool. Truly, it makes creating an awesome site super easy. THANK YOU.

    Divi issue…
    My most frustrating issues with Divi are the image limitation. I can pretty much work around the other elements with CSS and suggestions other users have made, but images are a major hurdle.

    Gallery vs single image with lightbox zoom…
    Please, I beg you, do something that allows both portrait and landscape images to be used in galleries without cropping the image to a square space. I have clients who are artists. The only solution now is to individually show each design and have the visitor click to zoom in simply because the gallery will trim the art otherwise. The problem with this is – the visitor cannot scroll to the next image as they can with a gallery. So they must close then zoom in on the next one. Also, with the column # limitation, the preview image is larger than necessary – but it seems you are addressing the column width issue. (YAY!)
    But please, the gallery needs to be able to handle both portrait and landscape images. Projects are not an option because you can’t scroll through them as you can with a gallery.

    Image information…
    With the above suggestion, can you possible add an option that allows for a few lines of text to be displayed directly below each image?
    The gallery currently allows for the ‘title’ to be displayed. However, additional lines of text (such as the caption text on the next line in addition to the title) would be awesome. This way, additional art information can be provided (year published, availability, etc)

    The full width header…
    I would love a way to define the height of the fullwidth header. Right now, it’s too tall.
    It could possibly be me – but I have a very difficult time determining which size image would work best for the header. It seems part of the image is cropped often times and that varies based on browser size or device used.
    Could you possible have a setting that allow you to align the image to start upper left hand side? That would help immensely.
    Right now, I’m using a meta-slider as an alternative to give me greater control of height, but I cannot use it full width because of the Divi restriction for that section type.

    Thank you so much for creating such an amazing tool!

    • I agree about the portrait images in the gallery!! I also have many artist clients and this has been a huge issue. I LOVE DIVI but really need a portrait option for the gallery thumbnails. Thanks!

  222. Haven’t read every comment so sorry if someone already suggested this… it would be great if you could include SEO plugin type data directly into the theme instead of having a separate plugin to have to use.

  223. My suggestions:
    A complete setting page/tab for rows and every insertable modul (like in Visual Composer):
    – margin
    – border style and color
    – padding
    – background color
    – background picture with other options: no repeat, repeat, fit…

  224. One of the BIGGEST, MOST IMPORTANT things you could possibly add is a more comprehensive COLORS section.

    Right now, you have 5 “Schemes”, Default, Green, Orange, Pink and Red. You need to have more, and they should be more usable. You should have Dark themes, and you should have carefully selected complimentary colors for the other color-bearing elements in the Colors section.

    In addition, you should really have more color-bearing elements in the Colors section, like default page body section color, for example, default colors for page section types, colors for blurbs and accordions, that kind of thing. Using complementary color schemes that follow rules like Adjacent, Triad, and Tetrad would be great. But in addition to selecting a scheme like White or Black, Red, Green or Blue, you should have a switch for Light and Dark. This way, a Red scheme can have a Light background with Dark Text, or a Dark background with Light Text.

    For the vast majority of us, color schemes are a huge mystery. I use Paletton.com to define schemes but wouldn’t it be nice if you incorporated something that would allow developers to define a complimentary color scheme that applied site-wide? With the Colors section of the configuration, there are so many elements that could be represented and are not. I wouldn’t even mind having to plug all of the hex codes in myself manually for a color scheme if more of the things that need color were available in the Colors section.

  225. I would really like the ability to customize the Nav Bar more.

    NAV Bar options I’d like to see…

    * Change color of text and background without code
    * Add Image to background of Nav Bar
    * Change Font of Nav Bar Text
    * Ability to make Nav Bar sticky, even if there is a picture or slider above it.

  226. – footer content edit
    – divi builder available in posts
    – more fullwidth modules: text, gallery, etc
    – slider height customize
    – possible to turn off arrow on button hover (or more button style)
    – more menu style (hover etc.)
    – possible to fullscreen image/section
    – semi-transparent menu/header bar
    – in portfolio hover two options: link to project and zoom image
    – new module: text/content carousel (eg. for customer review)
    – more customizable form module (more fields etc)
    – more search-box style
    – more maps style (grayscale etc)
    – video from youtube as background


  227. Is it possible to make the hover symbol (the ‘plus’ sign on the project thumbnail) customizable ? Or maybe able to choose from a few?

  228. Ability to copy settings from one module to another would be helpful. Like the copy style functionality in Photoshop. Like on an image, the animation setting, the remove space below setting, the alignment, etc.

  229. I would love to the ability to re-position the main navigation menu to where I want it to be (i.e, at the very top of the page) in a box or full width layout.

  230. Holy crap!! The ability to change the entire content width so easily??!! That’s freakin AMAZEBALLS!!!

    I’m not even going to put my suggestions cause based on this long scroll already I’m sure everyone else is covering everything lol, I can’t wait!! Thanks ET!!

  231. Let us easily customize the margin/padding between sections please! 🙂

  232. agree with a lot of suggestions especially – allowing projects to be renamed so you can use the project pull throughs ie on the grid but send them off to specific URLs not just project pages.
    Also ,more header options, transparent header, logo options. At the moment all divi sites look the same in the header area.

  233. Please may we have a drop shadow option for titles over images.

  234. 1. A choice of whether to use Text or Logo (image) for the title.
    2. An easier way to change the footer text and links.

  235. Built in ability to make child themes.

    A module that does a magazine type layout would be great too.

    Really enjoy using Divi, and appreciate the blog and tremendous amount of information you guys share about WordPress, websites, business and in general rockin’ the digital world.

  236. Menu Access – Would love to give editors access to menus rather then rely on plugins

    Editor Amends – Consider that normally we are web designers using Divi to create a website we hand over, when we hand over there are certain elements of the site we want them to control

  237. More options for your slider. Ability to let video play on mobile.

  238. I am not a designer or a professional web developer – I am a bootstrapping startup that uses divi so I do not have to pay for development. I cannot tell you how much I love the theme and how it has made bootstrapping so much easier
    Also I cannot thank the facebook divi theme group run by Eileen Corrigan Lonergan for providing so much valuable help with DIVI

    My suggestion from the newbie non-pro side is to please make it so I can cut and paste modules – it is extremely awkward to have to same the layout and then reproduce it later. Please – just let me cut any module I want and paste it anywhere else I want
    Thank you

    • I cannot thank the facebook group run by Eileen Corrigan Lonergan ENOUGH
      sorry for leaving out a very important word

      • Thank you Michael! And thank you for your contributions to the group. I am happy you are getting as much out of it as I am.

  239. re: What can we do to save you time when starting your next Divi build?

    the ability to save module setting as we save page layouts. love divi, but if i decide I want to add a module to layout B that i already have in layout A, i have to recreate the module. would be cool if i could just import it into Layout B.

  240. I wonder if it is possible to have a light box image that calls another image instead of itself. For instance a logo that calls an AD into the lightbox. Seems like there would be a lot of uses for that. You might have another way of doing that already, I just haven’t found it yet.

    I am doing a makeover on my website using DIVI so it’s a mess right now.

  241. Formidable perspective !
    Je rêve parfois d’un Divi plus leger !
    – Limiter des tonnes de css et js dont on peut ne pas avoir besoin sur certains sites comme WooCommerce par exemple. Je souhaite que DIVI reste un modèle d’ergonomie et ne devienne pas une “Rube Goldberg machine” !
    – un design léger ouvert à un avenir du web qui ira peut être vers la simplicité, un jour on aura certainement assez des sliders…
    J’aime l’idée que quand je fait un site avec DIVI, il ne ressemble pas à DIVI.

    Si vous préparez un thème enfant tout prêt d’y prévoire des Custom Post Type, pour que DIVI soit aussi tourné facilement vers nos clients quand nous livrons un site.

    Un builder réversible (si une page construite avec le builder doit devenir une page simple qu’on y retrouve le code nettoyé). liste des modules plus petite, idem pour pour la liste des layouts.

    Plus de styles de menus.

    Télécharger les polices choisies.

    réglage des colonnes en %, mais je crois que c’est en cours.

    Vous faites un travail formidable, j’attends avec impatience.

  242. 1. Text Module Settings: have tool bar always visible at top when you have to scroll down on pages with long content. It is so annoying to constantly have to scroll up just to add bullets and bold a line of text, etc.

    2. Have Divi magically remove the /wp from URLs upon installation.

    • Hey Dennis,

      On your #1 comment, I’ve noticed the same thing, but just yesterday, realized you can click the Full Screen (distraction free) mode and then work with the tool bar at top.

  243. My respect for the developers and designers, and thank you

  244. – a Contact-Form with custom fields or better: a form-builder for all kinds of forms
    – a Downloadmanager for wrapping files depending on the content of the folder
    – more logo and menu placement options (i.e. logo top left no resizing and menu below full width with different background…)

  245. Please, it would be nice if page builder Modules could be named just for the page builder interface (even if they don’t have a title, such as a full width image header) so that when a Divi site is passed on to the lay-people who will be editing it, they know when they look at the page builder interface what section they should click on, and what it contains. For example, a “text” module could be re-named for what it contains, such as “class description” or “Prof. Bio” or some other descriptive name.

    • You can already edit modules and give them a name that shows up in the editor like you say. Being able to name Rows and Sections might be an idea though.

  246. – I am sooo glad you asked for suggestions because –

    1. it shows you care about your customers
    2. It will help give you and your team more ideas

    I think one of the things that lacking in many wordpress themes is simple code (or a theme that’s light weight yet functional & looks great)

    Right now I am using Astro and the theme just flies – http://learn.c-wellpics.com

    1. So I believe as DIVI grows your team should find ways to make it run
    better with less clutter and plugins (not saying that’s how it is now) but at
    the end of the day a theme shouldn’t be 10MB – 20MB but clean and

    2. I also believe it’s important for developers to start to learn the basics of
    CSS so as you modify the theme is should indicate what happens in the
    back in i.e. if I change the header (there should be some tool tips
    mentioning very basic CSS info so one learns what’s actually happening.

    3. Typography TYPOGRAPHY some sites just look clean I didn’t realize it
    was the fonts all along & the proper use of white space (not just google
    fonts) I hope we have px control over font placement.

    4. Allow users to create layouts and submit to a repository on Elegant
    themes (just XML code or whichever code you’d like to use) this can
    encourage folks to learn and help show off DIVI even more.

    5. I feel as though there should be a release in the world of design where
    anything that’s possible in CSS can be turned on in the front-end vs.
    doing if DIVI could be the start of that, that would be awesome!

    6. PSD file included with DIVI where someone can design a look and then
    Export CSS to DIVI and achieve the same layout (this way what the client
    sees he/she gets.



  247. Wow just posted this blog today and already soon many responses. I agree with many of the suggestions . Just being adding more customization built-in to Divi, instead of having to delve into the php and css,would be great! More full width module options would be nice. One of the suggestion in previous comments that I did not see was ability to use a video clip for the site background instead of just an image.

    Divi is already the most awesome. I can’t even begin to imagine how wonderful it will be next.

  248. I would love to be able to hover or hang the logo down into another section a bit, also and the ability to have the logo go above into the phone and social section while re-sizing which it looks like that is coming. I currently use padding and such in CSSHero for this and it makes sites not seem so square and its different then most other builders allow except Devhub it is built in now.

    I really appreciate you asking the divi community and wow look at these responses. I approve them all. Took me over 1/2 hour to read this far. Thanks to Divi I will be catch up with my work in no time.

  249. I am absolutely in love with and so grateful for the Divi theme!
    1. Renewable time counter that can reset on a schedule
    2. To be able to move things around in the slider: because centering does not always center.
    3. Also in the slider, being able to expire a slide would be awesome since I use it like an announcement board.
    4. better integration with buddypress

    all that would be awesome, thanks again guys! yawl are doing great!

  250. Wow! You just posted this blog today and already soon many responses. I agree with many of the suggestions . Just being adding more customization built-in to Divi, instead of having to delve into the php and css,would be great! More full width module options would be nice. One of the suggestion in previous comments that I did not see was ability to use a video clip for the site background instead of just an image.

    Divi is already the most awesome. I can’t even begin to imagine how wonderful it will be next.

  251. Page Builder on Posts is all I would ever want 🙂

    Very excited for this update!

  252. I would love to see more header options.
    1. Centered Logo moving over to the left when scrolling down.
    2. Transparent header until scrolled down.
    3. Option to have a smaller version of logo on mobile.
    4. Option to change the size 2nd nav items.
    5. Be able to add extensions to phone numbers.
    6. Be able to add Icons and images to mega-menus
    8. add monarch to 2nd nav

    I would also like to see some body options.
    1. More full width modules or be able to use columns and all modules to make a full screen experience.
    2. Option on modules to hide on mobile.

    and some general wants.
    1. a front end text editor would be awesome.
    2. Less problems with speed etc on the googles PageSpeed Insight.
    3. An address module that uses schema for multi site business.

    Thanks for all your hard work on this theme.

  253. I would love to see a feature with which I can personalize the contact page. The option to ask for more information like adress, telephone number, age, etc… This would help me sooo much. I know we can use plugins for that but it never works that fine with the theme. It would be just perfect to have this integraded into divi.

    I really hope you’ll add this feature. I know a lot of people who whould die for this.

  254. This is all very exciting. I don’t envy you trying to read/assimilate all this input. I’m wondering if someone is also culling ideas from the Divi FB Group’s WishList? https://www.facebook.com/notes/divi-theme-users/divi-wishlist/614412928688307

    My latest edition there was a desire to be able to easily customize the search results page & the 404 Page Not Found Error page. They should automatically match the site and be easy to configure.


  255. I come back to ask the same things that asked previously:

    1) a child theme packed with Divi and every theme
    2) retina support at least at logo level
    3) implement a real mega menu

    have a good work on Divi and hope to see soon Extra too

  256. I love these new updates. AWESOME.
    Divi is incredible. In my work experience I would like to change the main menu, the header, having more design variants. some detail on buttons, some color to pass the mouse over the menu, and some more details would be perfect!

  257. Would it be possible to have some sort of comprehensive CSS library that detailed/explained every single piece of customisable CSS element within the theme?

  258. Modules for full width gallery and full width image!

    Code module.

    Module for colored text block (I’ve been using testimonials as a work around)

  259. First must say I am DIVI FAN BIG TIME. GR8 stuff.

    My suggestion is that when working with layouts even if I have saved and given it a name i can’t see which layout I have chosen once i am working with it.

    Also additional widget spaces like for advertising in the header and sidebar. If you can even make them rotate and connect it to a certain time frame would be bonus. (Responsively too.) Also have the visibility as per page, post, category etc.

    Different colour blocks for the menu buttons.

    Having a background picture with the menu and every other function transparent over the picture or background image.

  260. The update looks very good ! We are rebuilding our company sites with Divi and can’t wait to get my hands on the new version. What I would like to see improved:
    – more flexibility for the menu (placement, hover over)
    – better slider options, a bit too weak compared to some alternatives
    – Divi support for blog posts
    – I would like to have more control on how images scale themselves compared to other images in the same section without actually caring about the picture dimensions too much
    – being able to copy modules between pages
    – more modules related to events, a calendar would be one of them but I’m also thinking about a registration form module

    Looking forward to use the new release !

  261. – Call to Action buttons in NAV BAR or on TOP (HELLO BAR anyone)

    – Ability to edit the location of social icons above NAV and or phone number

    – Better spacing between modules, the space between modules by default is huge…please allow us to reduce this easily

  262. – More Menu placement options
    Be able to move the Menu to the Footer.

    -More Form Options
    Form Builder

    -More Colour Options

    -Include Standard Child Theme

    -Horizontal Sliding Page
    Thus be able to have the Menu on Left or Right

    -Customization of Upper Menu with Social Media Icons

    -More Social Media Icons
    Custom Icons

    -Fix Map when scrolling over it. So it does not zoom

    -More Add options built in
    Custom Adds

    This theme is great guys! Well done so far.

  263. I’m excited to play with the new builder! One thing I’d like to see is an easier way to change the default area that typically says: Design by Elegant Themes powered by WordPress. I’d love it if I could put copyright info there without having to go into the Editor.

  264. The ability to don’t need a child theme, I mean to have it somehow automated in the theme.

    So every time that there is a new update, all the changes that I did will remain, without the need to make a child theme or just redo the changes.

  265. Hi!

    Great job!

    I would love to see an option to add custom thumbnail dimension to an image.
    To collaborate. If I have image size 1024x768px and 768x1024px would be great if I could determine the size of thumbnails…


  266. Not sure if these have been mentioned or addressed in your updates:

    The ability to change fonts within the module. I sometimes like to use 3-4 fonts in my design and just learning CsS makes this difficult for me.

    More options in the full length rows section with an HTML element.

    The ability to “time” animations in images, blurbs and counter modules.

    Choice between blurb, testimonial, on top of sliders instead of just text.

    Custom sizing for galleries so pictures don’t pop up larger than each other.

    All these things may already be easy to do. I’m just learning this.

    Timed pop ups with custom text.

  267. Option to switch on a second button (in slider for example) with interface controlling button style (button one should be able to be a different appearance to button two), button(s) placement (locations and whether side by side or above and below etc).
    Thanks 🙂

  268. Let us control what HTML heading (H1, H2, H3 …) each headline should use. Right now I have to overwrite each predefined heading using jquery which isn’t ideal.

    We need control of the HTML headings, also for better structure.

  269. I like to design my posts like my pages with the Divi page builder.
    It is so sad that I have to give up the beautiful page builder function in my blog.

  270. Hello Nick,

    I am looking forward to the new Divi. For me there are a few things that could be improved:
    1) There should be a choice for each module for the headline hierarchy
    e.G.: the contact module has a h1-headline per default. Thus, integrating the contact form additionally to whatever site creates two h1-headlines on one page. This, according to the SEO-rules, shouldn´t be.
    2) There could be more options for the contact form. Now, in order to avoid the h1-headline mess, I have to integrate contact form 7 as a plugin, which is nice but Divi´s contact form design has more sex appeal.
    3) Again the headline hierarchy thing: Blurbs and every footer headline has h4 per default. This can be managed by putting a text module with h3 before footer-section and blurb section. But it would be helpful to have a choice for the headline type.

    I am really looking forward to the new version and I hope my suggestions are helpful.



  271. 1. More control over how large the logo can display without custom css.

    2. More control over sliders including automatic replay if desired.

    3. A separate Home Page slider with separate customization tools

    4. The ability to define a custom color scheme without having to use custom css code.

    5. More control over display of secondary menu/upper bar including font size/color control

    6. This wouldn’t necessarily be part of the customizer but more control over the contact form would be nice, including custom fields, required fields,etc.

    Thanks for the great ongoing work!

    Rick B

  272. Full screen background video and images would be nice – the plugins I have used are all pretty flakey

  273. One big request: The ability to give visitors a logged in/membership experience. I only want to show certain pieces of artwork for download to visitors who have subscribed and created a brief online membership profile (name, email and password to start).

  274. Your Divi theme is awesome and I’d like to see the same functionality spread out across your other themes. Call it the Divi Framework or something more imaginative.

  275. 1. Mega Menu with the ability to add pictures and icons on it (should be great if this option is also added on Extra as it’s more needed for Publications and Magazines, or e-commerce sites)
    2. More icons style (Icons are great but limited)
    3. Additional Social Media Icons without the need to edit the template (Google+, Facebook and Twitter is a bit limited)
    4. More Divider Styles
    5. Additional modules to boost our creativity!

    And make it SEO friendly……
    Can’t wait to see the release of Extra! Hopefully in 2015:).

    • ……………….and the ability to define a custom color scheme without having to change all the existing css code!
      Would be great to have also more options to customize button colors etc.

  276. 1. One of my main headaches is when images on mobile disappears and I have to go into the code to have them show up. It be nice if there was an option to hide images on mobile.

    2. Also adding additional form inputs. And the option to make form templates. There just isn’t a great plugin out there that is compatible with Divi. I always use Contact Form 7 and there is just so much code customizing to make it look seamless with the theme and it’s painful.

    3. I also would love the option to make links open in a new tab!

    Keep up the good work!

  277. Really great ideas coming forward and congratulations on the changes in 2.4.

    However, but an early release is the MOST important thing for me as some of the suggestions now coming forward may take more time to implement and presumably can come in the next update.

    My wish list is:
    – retina ready with easy to use options for size etc.
    – ability to readily replace logo with image or slider (needed right now)
    – easy uploading of custom fonts (needed right now)
    – PayPal integration (needed right now)
    – easy customization of credits part of footer
    – integrated child theme
    – doing whatever to result in faster loading times

    Please can we have an early release. I have two builds starting and could use the features we have seen already.

  278. Improve Search Functionality

    Divi’s current search functionality is not acceptable for a premium theme.

    Furthermore it is incompatible with search plugins, like Search Everything.

    Please, please, please remedy this issue with next update and include the ability to search all content within our Divi themed websites.

  279. Need to be able to create flames that grow and glow brightly when a user hovers over a text module or item in navigation menu. Also, add Comic Sans and Papyrus to available font options.

    Only kidding, of course. Excited for the release.

  280. The ability to resize how the site displays the logo.

  281. The ability to resize how the site displays the logo.

  282. Sorry if it’s been suggested already, but I would really like to see the Divi Theme Options ePanel done away with and integrated into the customizer, it is really confusing to have multiple places to configure the design, it should all be integrated into one customizer.

    • It would be nice to have settings options for Rows, not just Sections and Columns.

      I second the padding control. It’s the first adjustment I need to make, especially if I’m not designing the layout.

      I also like the idea of one place to make all customizations. Lose the epanel, and I’ll be smiling.

      And, while there are plenty of plugins for forms, it would be nice to have the ability to edit the forms, similar to what Grunion forms used to do.

  283. Hello, I am dependent on the DIVI user in wordpress, my knowledge is not that big, I’m still learning, but I think the theme could have a size of manual adjustment to the sidebar on page okay because we can use the creator pages, but in posts can not easily adjust the size that is always the same.

  284. have video background just cycle once option
    have divi be able to replicate all your other themes!
    control over video speed – speed up, slow down
    Layers that sit on top of a slider where you can position anything you want!
    Type layers over a slider, and place anywhere on slider
    menus that can change depending on what part of the site you are on
    Audio player that plays from page to page with no stopping of music
    How can I create a page with out header on a particular page? Can I have a blank page?
    Form builder that is responsive, and lets you add additional fields
    how to reduce height of slider when there is a lot of slider text
    use PNG TEXT for dynamic text on left side
    Contact form text
    Edit the design of bullet in a bulleted list
    More control over featured images!! current set up is not good!!
    I love CCS class on page builder module. How do I do the same thing on default page
    How to adjust document margins
    How to get rid of WELCOME TO SVEND DESIGN in browser title
    Why are featured images so big in WordPress/DIVI
    Would be nice to quickly make a copy of a section vs. Save Layout, load layout, to save a step
    Flexible DIVI blank page templates
    Make DIVI sites pass GOOGLE DEVELOPER Molbile Site Anaylzer Better!
    Child theme plugin
    drop shadows under module sections
    have a place to keep track of added code, so if you do an update, you know where to re-update
    be able to add fields to DIVI form, at least a little bit…
    rounded corners in things like contact form outline (not square)
    lots of extra space at end of a text block? why? how to remove
    Width of drop down menu’s BUG
    Footer plug-in
    long menus not working BUG
    move image nav arrows in closer
    weird outlines on portfolio images, right and bottom get cut off…
    Ability to add caption to alt image added
    Ability to have alternative headers, with different logo and nav
    Ability to place objects, graphics, text blocks, anywhere you want
    Ability to work with BIG TYPE
    Image maps!!
    have a 2 picture grid and a 6 image grid vs. just 4
    when in certain modules, give us a list of current links within site!
    if you make edits on a page, and you did not update, add UPDATE to this warning popup
    when staging websites, you put in staging URL’s – would be nice to have an easy update URL function

  285. I would love to see DIVI have the features of customizing everything without having to do coding! I really would love it to be Adobe Muse like so it can be customizable for designers, not just coders.

    • That would be a Dream come True 🙂

  286. Maybe not what you’re looking for, but the ability to have ads, especially in the header. Additionally more layout options and more granular selections for the layout of blog posts would be great.

  287. a way to easily move the secondary header below the main navigation would be awesome.

    Transparent Header would be great for fullwidth background patterns/images/slider

    not only columns in footer, but column width – instead of of just three 1/3 columns, have the option for 25%/50%/25% or 50%-25%-25% and so on.

    Lastly, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE work with the text editor module to reduce interference with third party plugins. That is one of the biggest issues i run into with Divi. As soon as I find a plug the works perfectly with my idea, I install only to find Divi is incompatible.

    That’s just my 2 cents. Other than that love it, and can’t wait for the release.

  288. Option (toggle switch) to make Mobile version of site look the same as Desktop version.

    I personally think the layout of the content on the mobile version always looks terrible. Especially hate the mobile menu that hides the menu items til you click on it.

    Phones and tablets are huge these days. Would rather just display the real site layout.

  289. Would be really great to have any option to change layout of an article and cathegoris that display posts.


    No suggestions please….I need this now, I don’t want to wait for all these suggestions to be implemented.



  291. Oh and ability to use third party fonts and icon fonts. I have purchased several hundred dollars worth of font and icons, and can’t add the font files without issues.

  292. Better SEO!

  293. We’d love to see the following:
    – ability to make phone number in header clickable in mobile
    – ability to determine which column shows up first under mobile browsers: currently by default this is the left column, but it would be lovely to be able to select this manually
    – option to place logo in the center of the top navigation menu, rather than having to do this with custom CSS
    – better slider options which don’t require shrinking/stretching an image: current solution is Meta Slider, but this could be built into Divi
    – more customization options for contact forms: current solution is Contact Form 7, which offers much more flexibility than straight Divi

    Thanks so much, and looking forward to the new release!

  294. While in the customizer, Choose view > Desktop, Tablet, Phone

  295. Hi guys. You are making a really good job!
    Everything is great, nice and extremely functional.
    But have a little thing that I’d like to see on this theme. A way to add Ad Banners. This is very important for us who need to put some kind of Advertising on the site of our clients. Think about it.

  296. The ability to ‘park’ modules on a page without having to remove them if a section is not relevant right now but will have to be rebuilt later.

    Also the option to move or copy sections / modules to another page.

    • +1

  297. Accessibility built in (inc back end) 🙂

  298. ePanel is not really efficient, I’m like Divi but Salient is also a good alternative (more powerful).
    I’ll see Divi 2.4 with a real integrated generator elements into posts and pages
    and also internationalization

  299. Nick, I know zip about coding and all that stuff, which is why I love Divi. But there are a couple things I wish for:

    1. On the blog. I don’t want staggered grids and I don’t want enormous images. I want a simple thumbnail image on the left, then the first few lines of the article with a READ MORE button. I’ve tried the instructions and videos and I can’t get the thumbnails to work. I finally gave up and just adjust the size of images trying to create uniformity. Now I’m trying to figure out how to use the featured image and have the image appear on my post without seeing it twice. (I realize this is my ignorance and those informed could probably do this in a snap. But I can do many other things in Divi being ignorant. I’d love to be able to do this,too.

    2. On the images. I do book covers and 4 across is too big and the only way I’ve been able to work around it with my limited knowledge is to use a text box and put the images in it. Then I can link the images to their respective book pages. I really wish I could divide the 4 columns into 8 and make the images a link without having to do the text.

    3. In the Library, it’d be really helpful if I could attach a link to the image. Since I can’t–or don’t know of a way I can–I’m having to manually insert the image and create a link every single time I place the image.

    Being able to divide the Library, so to speak, into sections would be really helpful, too. (Again, if there’s a way, I don’t know it.) It’d save a whole lot of scrolling time finding images I’d used for articles, book covers, things I reuse all the time. It seems bogged down now and that would be an awesome perk.

    4. I don’t know if this is possible, available and I’ve missed the memo on how to do it, but it would be wonderful if when one creates a gallery, one could add a link to the individual images in the gallery. For example, I have a gallery of 8 or 10 photos. When viewing the gallery, click on the photo and it takes to the URL specified. That would be fantastic. (I tried the grid, I tried the carousel and neither worked. The gallery gets the images a good size, but I can’t insert links on the images.

    Please take all these suggestions with a grain of salt and full awareness I wouldn’t know a line of code if I got smacked with it. Still, with all my shortcomings in tow, I have been able to create a pretty neat site with Divi and for that I am really grateful. Perhaps all these things can be done. But if so, I haven’t been able to figure out how.



    Need the ability to have flexible headers.
    I would be a dream to have 4 sections in the headers like
    Logo | Menu | Social | Search
    Phone Number | Menu | Search | Social
    any way we can mix it up.
    That would make my day and Divi would be the only theme I would use if
    I had this functionality – with everyone else input as above of course.

  301. Feature freeze this puppy and get er done. The fact that your asking makes me believe that you are no way close to release … let alone Extra.

    • “– Editor
      ° having a bigger editor page for writing text”

      Yes: Why not having an option to have a full screen editor on demand (a checkbox or a button) and a non scrolling menu

  302. Nick

    Super initiative to ask for our advices. We love your DIVI and wish for an even better one.

    My five cents :

    – Full-width image module, full width slider module
    ° don’t try to be too flexible. Just allow us to define our own size. I i want a full width slider with 1440 x 960, it should be possible.
    ° position the text and moving image at chosen coordinates within the background.

    – Editor
    ° having a bigger editor page for writing text

    – Post
    ° the post template should be editable just like a page (builder works also for post)
    ° each category of post could be identified for CSS differentiation. ET support proposed a mod, it should become standard for the full community:
    <div id="main-content" class="cat_name; ?>”> you will understand what I meant.

    – Easier CSS modification like porposed by CSSHero plugin. Suggestion, find an agreement with the folks at CSSHero, they are awesome about CSS tricks.

    – More options to tailor the menu bar (main, and second menu)

    – Blog / Post
    ° have the capability to display title before featured image (or not) without having to modify the php code (lost during upgrade)
    ° easy resizing of featured image

    – Image module
    ° new pictures placing options like a matrix (4 images in a row x 2 or 3 rows). In fact what could be done with portfolio but simpler. No need to create projects…. Jsut placing images where we want in the module.

    – Responsiveness
    ° more comment in the CSS to understand why ET developpers made special CSS definitions.

    – ePanel
    ° needs to be rewamped !
    ° some options are impossible to understand ! please be more explicit

    – Child Theme
    ° everybody will use a child theme. Propose a simple one as a chikd theme-template that will simplify the setup and prevent lots of questions to ET support !!
    ° identify, serialize “screenshot.png”, they are all the same and we don’t know who is who with several DIVI in the wp-content directory.

    – Splash screen (like the one on the right of this page) fully part of the DIVI. No plug-in.

    Waiting eagerly to 2.4.

  303. How about….

    The ability to assign different size and typeface families to headings, tags, elements, classes, etc…

    The ability to easy select any font from the master library of Google fonts.

    • YES pLEASE!

  304. Hi! I would like to mix one page web with “normal” web. I mean, have links in the head page and use secondary pages as one web page.

    Another think: have text effects as Socialmood: http://socialmood.com/


  305. The ability to set a timer on a layer or group to show up at a particular time.
    Or to build a section of items and hide them as group to be turned on at a later time.

  306. Would love to be able to add a few page links to the copyright bar (terms, privacy etc) directly from the customiser. & choose a hex code for the font colour and hover over colour without having to create / modify the footer.php file.

  307. Thank you Elegant Themes!

    I am finally returning to website design. Only created one DIVI site last year. More to come this year.

    My Wish List (from what I remember since I last used DIVI):

    01. Change space between modules
    02. Tutorial: CSS ID & CSS Class
    03. One-Click Child Theme Creator (I don’t really “get” child themes)
    04. Save/Copy/Past Modules
    05. Change Logo Size/Position
    06. See Previews/Updates in real-time.
    07. Global Edit feature for reused modules
    08. Image Database Management
    09. Tabs: Live View/Text View/HTML View/CSS View
    10. Breadcrumbs
    11. Bookmark Colors/Fonts
    12. Make Transparency Layer Over Images (to make Text readable)

  308. Very good suggestion for all,

    I would consider far the issue of h1, h2 when it gets a title in percentage form name among others, without realizing generate these labels, please take into account such details.

    Alex MM – Peru

  309. FYI – Has anyone else had an issue using plugin’s like “Revive Old Post?” The plugin keeps finding my tags and unplublished pages as if they were old posts.

    I put this hear because, maybe this is something with the way ET organizes our content (stated above). Thoughts?

  310. I agree with everything that has been said. I work with a lot of authors and for those that I’ve used the Divi theme with, they love it because it’s easy for them to update.

    I agree with the social icons, especially pinterest, instagram, tsu, goodreads, linkedin, etc. I’m currently testing a child theme to use with Divi that does allow me to add some of social buttons mentioned. I’d also love an easier way to manipulate the header. Currently, I create a header and then use it in the logo spot with some extra css coding to help give the sites a different look.

    I’d love for the blog to work like all of the other pages when it’s being used as the posts page. I hope the new Divi 2.4 makes it easier to resize the sidebar and that it work across platforms.

    I also agree about the footer and everything else as stated earlier.

    Can’t wait for the next release.

    I love this theme and so do my clients.

  311. Vertical Sections with row sub divisions would be great !

  312. Great work already done. Thanks

    Please, see some suggestions :
    Make a audio player easy everywhere playing in everypage and small
    Please put WeChat and Sina Weibo logo as users sharring
    Please give us a Chinese theme translation

    All the best


  313. Divi is awesome – This update looks really exciting! Can’t wait for the release.

    My wish list (sorry if these are duplicates of anyone’s):

    I would love to get away from 3rd party plugins which may or may not work with Divi and since I will not give up Divi – it can be stressful. . So some of these wishes are dealing with that issue.

    1. I would love to have the ability to add additional boxes in the visual area of a page/post like a color box: to be able to add solid or gradient backgrounds, shapes, etc. where I can put in text. (Like SWOT or Block diagrams)

    2. In conjunction: a content duplicator – if I use the boxes and text again in another post or page – just duplicate what I have already designed and paste it in the new post/page. Then adjust color/shape/text if needed.

    3. option for a dark theme without having to use a 3rd party child theme

    4. integrated child theme

    5. Control over logo placement and size in header (drag and drop it anywhere and scale it to whatever size you need) 🙂

    6. More social icon options

    7. the ability to create folders in the media library to sort uploaded media

    8. fully customizable video slider – with skin options, transition effects, text effect, lightbox options

    9. ability to set anything on a page/post to open in a lightbox

    If in the future you are looking for something “new” to create – I would like to request a forum plugin fully compatible with Divi and powerful to the max AND a directory plugin which allows me to create as many different directories as I want and put each directory on different page.

    • Integrated child theme would be nice!

  314. Very good suggestion for all,

    I would consider far the issue of h1, h2 when it gets a title in percentage form name among others, without realizing generate these labels, please take into account such details.

    Alex MM – Peru

  315. Thanks for giving us the chance for raising ideas to improve Divi..

    IMAGES are to big on blog pages.
    Its hould be the possibilitiy to set images sizes for post images in the ET-Settings. I ask for this, as there are many bloggers who still wants communicate with the text of an article. When watching a post with Divi, all you see is the post images. You can take Chameleon Theme as an example. Post previews and size of post images are quite well.

    Would be nice to add custom names to the fields.

    Thank you to the Team

  316. Wow, there is a lot of brain power here – am already a super satisfied customer, all these things are the cherry on top. Thanks Nick & Team!

  317. I just bought Divi to update my current website to a better theme, however I must say that I am a little disappointed and have the following suggestions to add to any update of this theme.

    1. I want control of the headers more. I want to be able to set text left, right, centre, or drag it to a position where it looks the best depending on background image. More dynamic headers with more functionality would be more appealing!!

    2. Background images need to be more constrained in height, I think they are too deep at present. If there was a control to determine the height that would be better!

    3. I want to be able to able to add social media icons into each post automatically. I don’t know if you can already do this, but I haven’t got into the theme that much yet!

    4. The ability to be able to use different sized typefaces and styles as well as a better leading system, so the spaces between lines isn’t so tight.

    5. In page image scaling would be good too with a drag and drop facility.

    6. Retina-ready image display.

    7. Search Bar in the top end plus other different options where you can include it.

    8. Footer menu – being able to put contact details in so where there needs to be a new line then this can be done. Also options for telephone, email, fax symbols etc that you can add to these.

    9. A bigger choice of more useful widgets

    10. Built in SEO similar to this would be great … http://codecanyon.net/item/premium-seo-pack-wordpress-plugin/6109437

    11. Organisation of the media library – a tool where you can put things more in order or in separate folders would be ideal.

    12. Something to create easy forms, ie quote form with radio buttons for different choices that a customer will want to make.

    There’s possibly more ideas that will come to mind as I run through the theme, but I think these few comments will do for now!! Please let us know when this new update is due out. Thanks.

  318. The Divi theme is awesome! This may have been mentioned earlier but it needs the ability to hide certain menu links on certain pages like Drupal 7 has built in. I was surprised that I couldn’t hide page menu links for the same page that you are already on.

  319. Add or make more immediate, filter functions for research products (either T-shirts, plates, or real estate)
    Modules, or entire projects, adapted to different economic sectors; in my case, real estate. More or less, Divi, implemented with the features of Elegant Estate.

    [Use Divi, and then you can die]

  320. Main menu look like buttons, not like text link. Will be great.

  321. Hi,

    Still working on first Divi site, please forgive if I mention things not appropriate for general settings due to my limited experience so far with Divi! 🙂

    My suggestions are:

    *Anything to help improve options for displaying or playing videos, namely videos hosted on Amazon S3, produced w/Camtasia 8.x/Fuse. Ability to have end of one video tease the next on the playlist (like on Youbube), ability to have a “Sign Up Now” or similar pop up at end of video.

    *Membership site integration, like with DAP.

    *Don’t know if and when it would be helpful in light of the 2.4 feature set, but anything to help develop the site in conjunction with Dreamweaver CC 2014.

    *Anything that my improve using Woo Commerce.

    *Possible improvements to save/auto-save options

    *Convert localhost sites to select web hosts (like LiquidWeb), if applicable

    *Site versioning: be able to revert/switch to different sites

    *Anything to help A/B split testing and track results (similar to LeadPages)

    *Anything to help with retargeting

    *Ability to copy CSS for use in matching an external help desk subdomain to the look of the main site

    Thank you!


  322. Hi,

    Thanks for the hard work and dedication! I think you make art!

    My suggestions:

    1- Some functionality for download files
    2- Design builder within post (Only available with page, not working with post)
    3- Ability to modify font color for fixed block (only available two option dark and light)


  323. being able to customize if post, search, page will have the sidebar and being able to create a custom post page model and a search page model with the builder.

  324. Retina ready is a must for portfolio sites of any kind. Have had to use another theme for this reason more than once!

    A redesign of the theme options panel would be another great improvement, but is not a deal-breaker if it doesn’t happen. But retina-ready is a must!

  325. The framework is missing a most basic choice — to have the primary navigation BELOW a header graphic. I use Divi Booster for this currently, but it glitches a bit.

  326. I’d love to see the ability to copy and move all types of sections from one page to another.

    I’d also love more flexibility with what the portofolio module could be used for, ie not just project pages but posts and also woocommerce product categories

  327. In a rush so maybe this has already been mentioned –
    ability to lock content in some way so that end users can’t accidentally delete blocks of content on their pages, also ability to have more control over margins, padding etc between modules.
    Keep up the great work! 😀

  328. the most important thing I want to see is the text editing box in EVERY module act like it does in the WP editor — the editing bar stays put while the box itself moves — the parallaxing thing I guess. It gets really annoying when you have written a lot of text and you have to scroll back up to bold text or change it in any way.

  329. I cannot wait and would like to see this lists implemented (some are duplicates of what I’ve seen in the current comments). But, before I do, I really can’t wait to be able to change the spacing between rows!!!

    1) I’d like to see at least a list of examples of where the colors in the customizer go. I have no idea what some of those descriptions mean (how they’re actually applied within the theme).

    2) The ability to create a Page with the WooCommerce categories (or SKUs or Tags or whatever) I select on that page via a module. I’d like to add text at the top of shop pages, but not being a coder/developer (just an artist trying to do it all!), I have no idea how to do that.

    3) The ability to add global and overriding tabs on Product Pages (yes, I’ve got the plugin, but maybe this can be done directly in Divi-VeryNearInTheFuture – yes?!).

    4) Have Simple Lightbox lay over the entire header area. I currently use Divi Booster to fix it, but it’s not fixing it (only the very top Menu greys out, but not the logo area or the Menu area below the logo area).

    5) Widgets anywhere! Yes!

    6) Support : a collection of CSS/PHP codes for changing things that can only be changed via these methods. This would reduce support for common needs and allow your customers to find what they need easier and faster. This would include a sorely needed listing on how to change the Footer!

    7) Ability to reproduce a module on another page.

    8) Ability to reproduce a page to another page.

    9) Ability to pick how I’d like customers to see how products are sorted. A checklist of selections would be great!

    10) More Menus – and allow them to placed (as widgets would be fine) in different areas of the site).

    11) More control of the Gallery (Portfolio). I’d like to showcase my custom work but need to add a lot of text with each picture – that needs to be styled and not just show as a huge paragraph.

    I’m sure I’ll think of more once I hit the “Submit Comment” button, but this is it for now! Thank you Divi Team!

  330. Nick,

    This is simple really. I don’t want to use an options panel at all, espcially that narrow one included with Divi. Move all theme settings to the customizer. I haven’t played too much w/ Divi since 2.1 I think, so I don’t know exactly what improvements have been made, but it’s time for me to jump back in. Can’t wait for the 2.4 release.

    Thanks for the al the hard work!

  331. Footer customisation please.

  332. Hi Nick and team,

    Great work already sofar i can see. Still very glad I made the choiche for ET when starting my business.

    A lot is mentioned already in the wish lists above.

    But I would really like:

    A better menu behavior when building a one page site.
    When you navigate via the navigation bar to a section the menuitems should highlight the chosen menu item. The actual version of Divi does not do that. It only highlights the home link. Thats confusing for users.

    Sliders on mobile should be able to show the slider image on mobile too. Not just the background image.

    Full frame video background

    Diagonal and rounded section borders

    pagination in blogs

    Flexible widget areas

    And if possible 100 % compatibility when updating a site build on the previous version of Divi based on a child theme.

    I am looking forward to Divi 2.4 and Extra


  333. Sorry didn’t read everyone’s comments above me, but since you requested ideas in relation to the customizer:

    – An expansive typography customization would be nice.
    – A way to customize the copyright footer line so that those of us that change it, don’t have to update it each time the theme is updated.

  334. – typekit integration would be awesome
    – vertical auto-hide menu (toggle open/close)
    – full-screen menu (click to open/close)
    – double header/menu stacked on each other
    – widgetable dashboard (see the Ken theme – it’s a really nice feature)
    – margin/thick border all around site (http://artbees.net/themes/ken-demo/freelancer/)

  335. 1. Section to change header.php and footer.php code
    2. Actually pass the Accessiblity standard like the demo does or provide documentation on how to get it to pass. The demo passes but noone in the forum that I’m aware of has been able to get it to pass WCAG 2.0 AA requirements.
    3. Backwards compatible to not mess up current designs or a way to update the old code in a way that it doesn’t mess the design up. Either would work.

  336. I would love to add a background image to the top of my page with the logo and then place my nav underneath.

  337. Hi Guys!

    Wow, so many requests…

    Do you realize that if Nick & Team should add just half of what’s suggested you would have to be a very young person to live long enough to see the release of Divi 2.4.


    Jan E.

  338. Ability to save all customizer settings

  339. I have some sugestions:

    1) I would like to control the HEIGHT for the SLIDERS and HEADER modules

    2) I would like to control the SIZE AND POSITION of the IMAGE in the background in a full width slider and normal slider.

    3) I would like to control the POSITION of the TEXT and IMAGE in the SLIDERS.

    4) I would like to control the SIZE, PROPORTION and GUTTER between thumbnails in the GALLERY MODULE.

    That for now.


    • YES YES yES to controlling the height of the slider. Making that adjustment in CSS is a pain

  340. Thanks for the question Nick!

    1. A fast loading blog. I have yet to see any divi site load the blog quickly
    Google cares about speed and so do users.

    2. Only loading code that is actually used.

    3. The ability to add or construct nice looking opt-ins and place them anywhere on the site.

    4. The ability to design landing pages, home pages, post pages each in different ways – from one column, two columns to no columns.

    5. A release of 2.4 sooner than later.


    • I Completely agree! I love divi and use it for all my work as of recently because of its simplicity and documentation for the end user. But page speed is becoming more of an issue as of recently.

      Serving mobile cropped images instead of CSS sized ones would help. So would a minify option for all the code. I say option because I don’t want it to be minified in development. 🙂

      Thanks again for all the support and this great theme!

  341. There should be an option where you could improve the look of the menus.
    An example would be this plugin: ubermenu, here the link: http://wpmegamenu.com/

  342. I agree with all these suggestions. Especially, an included child theme for easy customization, the ability to easily add new fonts, the ability to save individual modules so they can be copied from page to page, footer info as an e-panel input (like copyright info and changing the Elegant Theme/WordPress text), more social media choices in the e-panel (instagram, pinterest, tumblr) – maybe even a way to add new social media icons and links directly into the e-panel, it would be great if Monarch and Bloom were part of Divi…maybe a way to use images in the navigation menu. I think I am up to about 10 Divi sites now and I love this theme, so knowing that you are making it even more powerful and adaptable is super exciting. I am sitting on the edge of my seat awaiting the arrival of 2.4.

  343. I’d like to see an option to easily open a new link in a new tab when the link is in the main menu header. Currently I have to do this by editing theme JavaScript files which can be quite cumbersome.

  344. Please put the image dimensions in the info links.

  345. Apology if this has already suggested:

    In Page Builder, when the number of sections or rows in a page increases, it becomes cumbersome, when one wants to go back to them, to find which section or row is what. One has to go back and forth and open few sections or rows to find the one needed to edit. There should be a method to identify each section and row before being opened.

    • there is an ALT text input field in each section.. naming your sections / elements couldnt be easier in my opinion.. just click the options icon on each section , scroll down and find the default text of the type of element selected and change it to .. well anything.. I regularly keep my page layouts and elements organized with this method and export layouts across sites rapidly with no confusion simply by naming these section with the provided field. 🙂 hope that helps

  346. Option for backup and restore all WordPress website like backup buddy.

  347. – Full Screen complete display setting (100% width and height) for sliders and video background, that accept easily Youtube and Vimeo URLS with clean display ( no control buttons, bar, et.).

    _ Social icon for musician, labels and band as soundcloud, bandcamp, beatport, itunes and all other related music social network. You’re realy in late about this feature, keep in mind it can be a big market.

    _Video background that accept Youtube again and again

  348. It would be really helpful to have a full width section with the same module selections available as a normal section. i.e. fullwidth image module, text module etc. I would also like to be able to copy and save as duplicate pages.

    • I would love to see the functionality to duplicate a page added also!

  349. _ Social icon for musician, labels and band as soundcloud, bandcamp, beatport, itunes and all other related music social network. You’re really in late about this feature, keep in mind it can be a big market.

    _Video background that accept Youtube pleaaaaase and responsive.

    _Slider à la revolution slider customer really appreciate that.

  350. I’m really hoping this version addresses some of the issues with the gallery and portfolio image sizing errors that have been discussed in the forums over and over… but I understand this thread is about the customizer. here are a few suggestions:

    – the ability to swap in specific alternate font sets from google, typography.com, typekit… I currently do it with css but it would be great to just have it pull them in natively. I have been using typography.com a lot lately.

    – More control over button style – again, I’ve gotten used to writing css for buttons, but if their style was controllable, it would be way nicer.

    – control over full width slider heights – having the sliders based on the description height only works well when all the descriptions have the same content. when the sliders are bumping the page up and down, it creates a serious usability issue for anyone trying to read below the slider. An option to allow sliders to be a minimum height, or to have all slides based on the tallest slide would be great.

    – options for number of columns in the footer – 4 is not really a perfect option in every case, and the 4 column footers don’t really translate well in the phone sized responsive versions. The ability to predetermine the number of columns would be great, from 1 – 6.

    – the ability to add additional items to the social icons areas. nearly all of the DIVI sites I have built have required adding something into the social icons in the footer. restaurants want yelp, some people want email, others want their phone number with an icon… being able to click a + and add more would be way better than editing the footer.php.

    – an option to NOT include the WP customization CSS in the head of the page – often times, the css that is generated by the customizer over rules css in a child theme, and this is a pain. It also uses !important in some places, and this is lame. Sometimes I just want to shut it off, or at leas let it load before my child theme css. my child theme should have the final say.

    • I also meant to mention… the fluid grid sounds great. HOWEVER, i am terrified that if I update my existing divi sites to divi 2.4, that the layouts will change or break. PLEASE include an option to switch to the old non-fluid layout when upgrading. Please please please. I don’t want to leave sites un-updated, but my clients will go bezerk if their site design changes unexpectedly.

  351. I forget to mention Google Font support

  352. Header Slider: currently Title and subtitle only offer dark or light font colors.
    Request ability to choice any color you want to standout from the background image. Currently, to change the color, I have to add a Custom CSS (time consuming).

  353. left/center/right justification options on the Image module

    open link in new window/tab option for Call to Action module

    True full screen/window options (height & width)

    Ability to easily adjust slider height and select FULL screen (height/width) option in full-width sections

    Expanded font options in Customizer (ability to assign different fonts & settings to each font selector, H1, H2, etc.)… I often add the Easy Google Fonts plugin and/or the Google Font Manager plugin

  354. These are the things I customize the most:
    1. font size, mostly in header, but sometimes in body
    2. header and footer background images which then leads to
    3. header and footer text colors
    Not applicable to theme settings, but I’d really appreciate a blog post slider or carousel (with fullwidth capability) added to the Divi modules such that I could call the post content by category and it would display the last x number of posts.

  355. I don’t know if its been mentioned but I’d love to see a feature where you can decide which sections will appear the side navigation. You might not want every section as a stop point so the ability to choose would be awesome.

    Really can’t wait for the update!

  356. Forgot, I have one more request for the backend (Page Builder mode).
    When you have many rows in as in a single page design, you cannot tell what row is what. I have to look at the preview and count how many rows down is the row I want to edit, than go back in the page edit mode and count down the same number rows to make sure I am editing the correct row.

    Request a way that each row has some kind of title, so you can quickly edit the correct row without going back out to see the preview.

  357. I would like to see Divi have more flexible options in the epanel, with all of the options accessible in the epanel, especially in the paid versions. The flexibility of the options in Avada’s theme options is fantastic. I prefer Divi to Avada, but the options in the epanel are not as good.

  358. I am excited to see the updates, and thank you !!! I am sorry if already mentioned. My recommendations are:

    1. More button options – shapes, sizes and colors.
    2. Call to action for headers – easily for non coders
    3. Easily change font size, bold and color within text boxes without code. (Not necessarily the whole text, but highlighted text segments.)
    4. More interesting text boxes – round, rounded corners, rectangles,
    5. Easily integrate icons for call to action/button with a menu, without code
    6. Drag and drop option for buttons and call to action boxes for correct placement in images and headers

    These would be amazing in a perfect world! Thanks for listening and asking! 🙂

  359. – Copy & paste module contents from one page to another.
    – Flexibilize columns so you can change layouts already filled with contents.
    – Advanced style options in every module. We’ve to deal with so many CSS customizations, and many modules has very few options.
    – Let the contents survive a theme change.

  360. Hi there – I love Divi and its brought me success with clientele and investors. So, I feel its time to add my 2cents to make it work more in my direction in my opinion, and I hope that these suggestions make it and helps others too. 🙂

    1 | Draggable elements for Pad based on the go layout designers.

    2 | Logo custom positioning

    3 | SVG integration and simplification (omg does one struggle with complex paths, if there was a evenODD or something like that plugin Id blow my nose)

    4 | Unity 3D integrations (as a game developer and Web4 imagineer I am at the forefront of clientele requests that are insane and ridiculous, if there was a way to easily allow Unity3D new canvas buildout method to be integrated into a section it would greatly reduce any sort of time wasted currently in implementation.

    5 | in page layout previewer ( for colaborators that dont want to test load, how about a modal preview of the layout when selected before its added to a page)

    6 | DiviDownloadManager

    7 | DiviEmailCampaignManager

    8 | Seperate CSS section in Divi options

    9 | Customizable contact form with mapbox integration

    10 | customizable person section with more options on positioning of elements and so forth

    11 | MORE DIVI !!!!!!!

    • btw you guys rock

  361. If you read nothing else I share below, I would ask to have the kind of controls offered by http://www.csshero.org/ for CSS and dimensions.

    Things I often find myself wishing for are:

    1. Ability to control the menu positioning, font size and other specifics related to the presentation.

    2. The slideshows are fixed in so many ways and it would be great to have an option to customize more of that layout and appearance, including what is hidden in mobile vs desktop, etc.

    3. For those using the stock social media icons in the footer, would be great to have the ability to add more social networks (of course we can just use monarch, but not in the footer) also the option for those links to open in new window without hacking/creating child theme

    3. Contact form could be better if we had a way to name/label input fields and choose those which are included/used, as well as control the colors. Over different color backgrounds I have run into issues with CSS and it seems it could be easier built-in.

    4. Overall more CSS controls and drag/drop within the pages, being able to drag to set widths vs. fixed widths and portions.

    5. Control more of what is visible in mobile vs desktop (some important things get hidden)

    6. For SEO would be nice to have more control over which elements are H1,H2,H3, etc. and not have duplicate H tags for those which fewer are more important to SEO.

    • I wrote almost similar suggestions below, before i read this..
      those are vital points for producing different / unique looking websites, easily.

  362. It just occurred to me that Nick might say ‘Yes’ to a lot of these and we won’t see the new Divi for 2.4 years. lol 😉

    • Hahaha – so true, we’re almost approaching the 1 year anniversary of the Extra theme announcement. To be fair, there has been some progress with into of Monarch, promise for a stand alone Divi Builder plugin, etc.

  363. The sky’s the limit? I think the gallery is the limit. When i asked about your gallery you told me to buy a 3rd party plug in which cost more than your theme? I bought a different theme.

  364. I think responsive images throughout would be incredible so we serve small images to mobile users. Integration with picturefill!!

  365. Hi,
    some ideas …
    some of these ideas could replace third party plugins that I use regularly (SEO by Yoast, slider revolution, Contact Form 7, TinyMCE advanced, …)

    – divi builder available in posts
    – module to insert php and html code.
    – shortcode or module to insert
    – a real estate builder module (ElegantEstate ?)
    – and a “real” search module (with filters).
    – an availability calendar to show and manage availability
    – a Booking Calendar module, for events, availabilitys (concert, date/night reservations, BandB, vacation rental)
    – multiple marker types (color, shape), and get routing information from Google maps Module
    – a seo module integrated.(like yoast, but liter)
    – slider height customize : sliders options, like “revolution slider”
    – more fullwidth modules: text, gallery
    – more customizable form module (more fields like CF7)
    – PayPal integration
    – a flexible header / footer
    – possibility to have portfolio with the posts (not only with projects)
    – better integration (CSS) on mobile devices (exemple : 4 blurbs can be displayed on one line (instead of 4) on phones or tablets)
    – an integrated system backup and restore (with Dropbox, FTP, local directory)
    – … that’s all for the moment 😉


    • Great suggestions..
      But i wouldn’t replace WordPress SEO plugin.
      SEO is not a fixed thing to build, needs a company by itself dedicated for that job/updates…

    • + 1 and could be cool if the advanced form module also supported conditional elements (for instance when you click on a certain checkbox other form fields appear of disappear.

  366. I would like more videos on customization of DIVI. I don’t have coding experience but love to build my websites on my own. I did watch a YouTube video on how to create funnel page and learned something new.

    Based on what I have learned, DIVI is the theme for those that don’t code.

    Keep up the great work, but offer some video tips for us beginners that want to build our own sites.


  367. Divi is designed to have white background and is not tested on coloured backgrounds. At its present form Divi will not work when the background is set to anything but white. Almost everything is required to be adjusted by custom CSS. This should change.

    As an example: h1-h6 is hard coded to be gray. This is absurd when you allow the text colour to be changed on the customiser. Set the background to gray on the customiser and see if you can read the title of the single post? You will understand what I mean?

    • amen! divi is still primarily a white desktop theme. sections should be transparent by default. ET should at LEAST provide a white on black theme option which would FORCE them to find all the place they’ve hardcoded white :/

  368. dump the e-panel, it’s awful, and put everything in the customizer.
    it’s really bad right now because it’s not obvious which options are in which.

  369. make it more obvious what dimensions ‘good size’ images should be!

    change to percentage based dimensions and fix mobile. your container width is hard coded to 280px on mobile which is ludicrously narrow.

    you need to do better with handling logos that aren’t the size and shape of your tiny divi logo.

  370. Amazing what you do guys! Really amazing!!

  371. I’m so exciting for new update!

  372. Divi is the best theme I have ever used.

    I would looking for some more customization option for Header Main Menu items (specially in menu design). As per my view, current menu looks very simple. Need to give some more options for design & customizations, so we can select different kind of menu designs.

    Or, you can give different header section themes. So admin can choose different header. Header would have different logo options & menu design options.

    Eager for new version release….

  373. Whoa, there must be a thousand suggestions here *not* related to the WordPress customizer…

    My suggestion would be some extra options for the menu –

    – Option to have 1 or 2 menus in the header. If 1 header then it operates as it already does but if 2 menus are selected then you would be given two choices: 1) if logo is centered then you can have menu left and menu right (effectively splitting the menu and having the logo between – lots of requests for this); 2) if logo is not centered then it would be useful to have the second menu just below the header which would act just how the secondary *top* menu acts now. This would be useful for sub categories or maybe even product categories for shops.

    – Option to add a call to action button in the menu: some sites now have a ‘buy now’ or a ‘get started’ button on the end of their menu. Would be nice to be able to add a custom button like this that is in line with the menu.

    – Different options for mobile menus – would love a switch that allows me to change the mobile menu to either drop down, slide out etc.

    – More default theme colours 😉

  374. The ability to target links, pages, posts, widgets etc to open in a configurable popup.

    Option to show or hide each element at different screen sizes, e.g. don’t show a stack of “blurbs” on devices like phones / iPods but show a different element “such as a call to action”. If on a medium sized screen perhaps we would show only 2 blurbs and on a large screen we’ll display 4 etc. Also a different menu choice for small screens so we can provide more targeted links per device.

  375. 1) Ability to add ANY social media/ custom social media slots.
    2) Ability to build custom forms. PLEASE!! Most free plugins out there are awful.
    That’s all I can think of right now! Divi is quickly becoming the only theme I use, but these certain limitations direct me to other themes on occasion.

  376. It would be amazing if you had a front end visual drag and drop section like Wix(I hate them, however they made a good enter face)
    Thanks for all yall are doing!

    • This is our plan for Divi 3.0. It’s a huge project, but definitely on the way!

  377. Like many I have issues with mobile display, in my case the slider.

    Would it be possible by using a User-Agent test, have an entirely different home page displayed? So you would essentially incorporate a mini “mobile builder” into Divi Builder.

    I’d like to not have to do away with the slider entirely but instead point the mobile version at more appropriate dimensioned images.

    This would also allow for a straightforward (to the user, not you the developer ) way to incorporate the other suggestions regarding mobile logo and so on.

    On a completely different thought, would it be possible to leverage page templates into alternate themes, so for example, an Op could have all the goodness of Divi, but for his store page use ET Boutique by installing it into a “page templates directory.” I get that most of what is in the ET library can be rebuilt with Divi, but there are some rock solid beauties in there that it would be great to use out of the box for their dedicated purpose — and I’m not a coder or designer so I need all the help I can get!

  378. Here are my suggestions:

    – Add the ability to use graphics for bullet lists, such as a green check mark and a red minus sign

    – Add the ability to select where the sidebar goes (left or right) for the entire site, not just on a page-by-page basis

    – The ability to change the height of the navigational dropdown menus, and change the colors of the dropdown menus

    – The ability to change the look of navigational dropdown menus, instead of the default look

    – Someone said to add additional line breaks, and I second this, and would also like the addition of line break options between sidebar widgets

    – The ability to modify the “Read More” link on Home/Archive page excerpts, such as changing the wording

    – The ability to modify sidebar widget titles (font, size, alignment, etc.)

    – The ability to set the size of images used on the Home/Archive pages

    – The ability to change the footer links without having to use a child theme or modify code

    – The ability for sidebar navigation to have one category drop open when a link is clicked, sort of like how Amazon does

    Thank you for your consideration.

  379. Lots of great suggestions! I have one simple one.

    – put the copyright code for the footer in the control panel!!

    so many time it is the ONLY reason we need a child theme.

  380. Oh, I have two more suggestions:

    – Add Pinterest as a social icon

    – Add the ability to incorporate slide pictures in one of the navigational menus, like this (sorry for sharing a link to a non-Elegant Themes theme but this is the only theme that I know of that does this and I am currently using that theme for one of my sites specifically for that feature, even though I’d rather use one of your themes): http://pro.weavertheme.com/demo/sliders/

    Thank you.

  381. Each of these has been mentioned already, but here’s my wishlist:

    1) Enable/disable modules
    2) Copy, paste and archive modules
    3) Easier to change padding between sections (globally and per module)
    4) Mobile – More compact by default
    5) Built in child theme
    6) Contact Form module – More fields
    7) WooCommerce – Select specific categories
    8) Divi Builder available in posts

  382. More options for subscribe now module.
    Color, size, fields, etc

    Divi is awesome.

  383. On mobile have the slider photos and text appear by default.

    Have the social media icons open in a new browser instead of taking the person away from the website.

    Make it easier to update the theme. Allow uploading the updated theme’s zip file like it used to be.

    Have an option to resize slider and resize blog post photos.

  384. Thank you for asking for suggestions. Here are a few:

    * Since there is a place to enter custom CSS in the Divi options area, often the only reason to create a child theme is to set the credits. The ability to edit those in the theme options area would be nice.

    * There are some issues with BuddyPress and BBPress it would be good to address..

    * Ratings modules (back-end and front-end).

    * The ability to create a “template” or layout for the blog, categories, and archive pages. Or it we are talking about the customizer, showing / hiding featured image, various meta items, and placement and size of the thumb of the featured image.

    * My understanding is that the builder will support CPTs. It would be nice, if possible, to provide control of placement of CPT fields in the builder layout.

    I too am surprised that you are asking for ideas this close to launch (assuming a month or so from the post in late April). glhf

  385. -Projects created with Divi Builder are similar to projects created with the Default Builder (location of titles, comments section, link to previous and next project) I will need a lot of help from technical support to achieve that look

    – animation can easily cancel the main menu, in which the logo menu shrinks and goes up to start down the site.

    – They used to hide modules without having to delete

    – and facilitate the addition and use of custom icons in modules such as modules blurbs (and to regulate their size).

    – more design options in the mega-menu, (number of columns, icons, etc ..)

  386. I want search bar to be included as module, including options to customize it. While we’re on that, how about module to create and customize form. Just a simple one would be ok. I just need the form to be in line with the theme.

  387. Although these may have been mentioned before (and my already be included in the new version), these are what would be important to my clients and myself.

    1. The ability to adjust the size and depth of the logo and the header section.

    2. the ability to add different content to the header, including a logo, text and widgets. It would be great if there could be different sections (left, center and right) to place different content into the header area.

    3. More functional sliders such as those offered on the Avada Theme. The ability to add layers and content, and adjust it’s positioning within the sliders as well as being able to adjust the size of the slider image.

    4. The ability to change the look of the navigation menu between text and different styles of buttons, as well as the color and size of the text and buttons.

    5. The ability to change the main color of the website background, as well as the ability to change the background colors of the different text and content modules and sections as well.

    6. Have a child theme automatically included along with the main Divi theme.

    7. Being able to (easily) use other fonts besides the heading and text fonts.

    8. The ability to easily change the margins and padding of specific elements via a user interface or easy CSS styling.

    9. The ability to change the styling and layout of blog posts, including the sizing of the images.

    10, the ability to make custom forms and being able to change the colors of the form elements.

    I’m sure I will think of more later, but these are my “Top 10”!

    Can’t wait to see the new Divi! Thanks for all your hard work!

  388. More options for phone number placement in the header to make it more prominent. After all the point of the website is to get people to contact us.

  389. I’m not a technical person, but love the ease of WordPress and especially Divi. I have built two sites using Divi and trying to override CSS and using child themes just to change footer colors, change the “Powered by WordPress” and those types of things would be great if those could be made easier to manage footer colors, default text, etc.

  390. – Hover action options for images (like fade on hover, b&w on hover etc).
    – Ability to use CTA Modules in sidebar widget areas. i.e. Using a shortcode instead of html or a dedicated widget.

  391. Excited about the new release!

    More control over the look of the blog pages, and the blog module. Right now the only options are one large picture with a bit of text underneath or grid format. Would love to have them listed with slightly smaller picture so I can see multiple posts on the screen.

    More ease with adding feature images – sometimes the get cropped, sometimes the entire picture is shown, sometimes the picture shows up sideways on mobile devices or when imported into Facebook.

    Video posts don’t always aren’t recognize properly with the jetpack plugin.

    Looking forward to being able to reduce the space between rows! Great job guys 🙂

  392. Really would like to be able to stream YouTube from the full length header with the option to auto start or not and with option to pause with one click to header.
    Also have the option to not show video header on mobiles with option to change for another element, either static header or perhaps something like Revolution slider.

  393. I’d love to see a logo placement editor and maybe the ability to add custom code to the header or a widget in the header.

  394. *****If their was one thing I really would like changed it is this..

    Every time the theme updated its takes away all my customized footer information and replaces it with the default Elegant Themes information. While I can see the advantage for Elegant Themes I really find this annoying and not very professional.

    • Mark – copy the footer.php to your child theme directory and make your changes there. Then theme updates won’t over write your updates.

  395. Divi is really geared towards Chillboys which is totally fine. But I’d like to see some more features for us funboyz out there.

  396. My only request is for a little control of the placement of ads in the epanel under the Ad Management tab.

    I really have no idea about programming and code, so if this place could have more options, that is something I’d really appreciate. Other than that I love Divi and Elegant Themes have really delivered on it!

  397. First of all – this is looking very promising. Thank you for the update.

    The thing I find myself customising the most (with classes) is removing the padding with each section. I find there is too much padding above and below the content of each section. The ability to minimise this would be fantastic.

    Kind regards,

  398. Great to see that your team is still updating Divi.
    One problem that I have with Divi is the Slider.
    Maybe make some options or setting that we can finally make the slider to display properly without being cut off or resized.

    The row height and section height would be a great addition, if it’s added on the Page builder so we can define the height for each individual row and section, it would be excellent.

  399. I’m really struggling with the leading/line spacing on header styles – most seem to be set to single, which looks really ugly. Would love for this to be easy to change. I’m assuming you’re also allowing us to adjust the depth of slider and heading depths with this new update.
    Also with the ePanel social media buttons that you currently have for Facebook and Twitter & Google+ – can we please also have for LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube? Thanks.

  400. Hi I have different suggestions,

    1. Modules for different businesses, e.g. for a video based educational website, course module that displays all courses contents etc like lynda.com
    And similarly modules for each business.

    2. Add options to customise whole layout including footer for individual designers as its a pain doing same routine for each and every website, creating child themes. Why don’t you give a child theme along with and option to make changes to it in divi settings.

    3. Looks of all DIVI looks same. Allow customisation to a even larger extent, like I remember DRUMBEAT software that allowed me to place any element anywhere on page just like you would be able to draw on paper. This gives flexibility in designing and what’s in photoshop can reflect exactly on website. I mean free form flow of layouts.

    4. Its a pain that customisation and divi settings etc all are seperate, cant we Integrate all settings under one title itself, where you can change all aspects of layouts.

    5. Changing colors and selecting colors via css can be made using color wheel. Also if you can add color wheel into layout to select color combinations it would be a great help.

    6. Many things don’t work on touch screen Androids when editing website on a tab. Please rectify those problems, its fun to edit websites on tabs anywhere.

    7. Add fonts selection.

    8. Add visitor counters, etc small modules for easy access and implementation without running for plugins that are needed frequently.

    9. Integrating stock images selection from inside divi would be fantastic with additional charges for such an option.

    10. Why not instead have a DIVIS own stock library where DIVI community can upload images so others can use without any copyright issues.

  401. Please provide us the following updates:

    – Ability to change the button/text color & style of slider with ease instead of coding.
    – Ability to change the wording of the footer with ease instead of coding.
    – Include Pinterest, Linkedin as a social media follow.
    – Allow more fields for contact form.
    – Allow zoom function when viewing images in gallery mode.
    – Allow changes to the TOP Header Email/Phone number style
    – Allow change in slider height

    That’s all I can think of now. Hope to see some of this request implemented.

    • What kind of style options are you looking for with the phone number and email address areas?

      • For @ in email addresses should be altered with some javascript animations.

        especially because showing @ for emails in the pages will also effect the SEO.

        something like only phone icon and when hovered the email will appear (by default the @email will stay in hidden state).

        The same with Telphone and others. by doing so, we can add more space for other items such as skype, whatsapp etc to the navigation bar and many other places

      • It would be great to insert a link to contact page with clicking on the phone or e-mail.

  402. I would like to see category.php and single.php management tools. As it stands now those two files no longer exist in Divi, and programatic control of layout for category page and post pages is nearly impossible.

    While I really appreciate much of what Divi offers, the lack of control of category views and post control is problematic.

    Divi should support these views with the builder functionality.

  403. More control over typography (size, color, additional fonts, etc.) would be great.

    More full-width modules.

    More options in the slide module.

    A short-code that lets you adjust the size of the font in regular text without having to do it using CSS.

    If the text widget in the footer area had some built-in controls, similar to those at the top of where you enter text in a page or post, that would be awesome!

    But more than anything else — I know you want it perfect and there’s a long list of wishes here, but please don’t wait 6 months before you release this, now that you’ve got us all excited about it. I’ve already promised a client something I can’t do in the present version and I don’t want to make her wait forever for it.

  404. Hi, I’d like to see the the customisation functionality like Akal Multipurpose WordPress Theme. This is awesome for non coders as you can change individual heading colours and styles along with button colours to hex codes etc You can alter the menu style and orientation and so much more. I know some you can do with Divi already but the theme mentioned takes it to a new level.

  405. I already thought Divi was amazing! It’s changed my life but the new release is gonna change it again — woohoo!!

  406. Here’s my 2 cents:

    Multicolored Navgation Menu option – ability to customize the navigation bar with individual colours – for example, Home is white text in a solid red tab, contact – is white text on a blue tab etc. etc.

    -ability to set the opacity or focus of images on slider modules. It’s not always easy to get text to show up on some images

    That’s it – awesome product that keeps getting better. Thanks!

    • “-ability to set the opacity or focus of images on slider modules. It’s not always easy to get text to show up on some images”

      +1 to this!

  407. Please move the ADMIN LABEL for modules next to or directly under the TITLE area. It’s annoying and a time waste to scroll down to the bottom of every module area to edit the ADMIN LABEL.

    Thanks for the updates – We love Divi as it is although we’re excited about the additional efficiencies that we’ll have with 2.4!

    • Thanks for the suggestion Jonathan. It sounds like you use the admin label quite heavily, but I think the average user will use the admin label option less often than the other default options within the module, which is why we put this towards the bottom.

      Anyone else care to chime in?

      • Definitely looking for that! It’s more on the client side that it comes tricky, if you wanna make everything clear for a client, you have to label just about everything. People don’t use this feature much precisely because it’s low on the module. I believe it is a small UX issue that could save designers and clients lots of time and headache finding out which is which.

        Alternatively the one feature it misses is the ability to copy the title of the module automatically in the admin name area.

      • Yeah, this would be handy to have. Can be a pain to scroll down every time to edit it.

      • Never used the Admin Label ..

        • I always use the admin label, and scrolling is a pain.

      • I’d agree – once page gets big enough and uses lots of the same module types (lots of Blurbs for instance) I’ll go in and update the admin label, and I agree it’s a bit annoying to have to scroll through each one to the bottom to get it updated. Or if I make a mistake, or need to change how it’s worded, etc. Not a huge deal but yeah I’d upvote this. 🙂

      • I always use the Admin label and I don’t think it’s a problem for it to be at the bottom.

        I’ve kind of memorized the placement of the options within each module and having that at the bottom makes it the last stop on my mental checklist as I’m entering content.

        • OMG Yes please move this! It is super annoying. Once you have more than 5-10 modules you have to start using labels big time.

      • Well you can look at it both ways Nick.

        Here’s a suggestion sir, how about if and when a ‘title’ for the Blurb etc is entered then that automatically overwrites the “Admin” label? The same way a new Slide automatically takes what is used for the “Heading”…

        That way even if people don’t normally bother to change this the page will still make more sense for them when returning to edit something.

        • One good things is that we have integrated a priority system into the new Divi Builder, which would make it very easy to re-order these options in your child theme 🙂

          • Cool! 😀 😀 😀

          • …Except we’d rather not use a child theme, if possible.

            Here’s an idea: for all modules that have a “title” field, just display that in the page builder, unless we alter the Admin Label default. That would save us a bunch of time copy/pasting the title into the admin label. Then we’d only be using the Admin label on a few modules like Text that don’t have the title field…. Would still be nice if it was up at the top on those ones though.

      • Ditto

  408. Buddy press integration please!

    Would it be possible to design the same type of drag and drop page builder with the buddypress template pages (member profiles, group pages, activity, etc.)?

    • Yes, Just make it compatible with BuddyPress! I mean… it’s not hard for us to tweak… but you guys always give it that ET touch.

  409. I dunno if this has been addressed already (almost 600 comments above this one…eek!) but the only real feature I would *love* to have is:

    …the ability to build a layout in the builder, with a shortcode for post content, save that layout and have Divi use it as the default post layout. So that users could write and publish posts like normal, without having to interact with the builder, and WP just uses the pre-defined layout and inserts the post content into it.

    Basically, the ability to build a default post template with the builder.

    • Interesting idea. In theory, what types of things would you be adding above and below your post content that you would want to appear on every post on your site?

      • YES very interesting. Endusers should not have to use the builder at all.

      • Yes, I agree. It will be a “post template”. With this feature it will not be necessary to place widget areas on the blog posts. You will just have to create a template with the builder.

      • I vote this one. DATA shouldn’t be in the design. If you as administrator manage the website for Editor users I believe your users want simplicity. It would be excellent if DIVI as framework give the power of MVC and users roles/permissions more granularity. How to? Plugins is the answer. Themes shouldn’t mess with your DATA but they can be prepared to understand Plugins. And these should present your data with current theme, even if the theme is white and black without css or javascript, no bells and whistles. On the other hand the theme will give all the shine to your webapp, not only website as it might be viewed by other protocols, applications and devices.
        I imagine this a very hard project to achieve but shouldn’t it be the way? 🙂

      • I support this one as well. Would be nice if we could use it for a number of various pages/CPT’s. For example: WooCommerce products, and the WooCommerce Shop page. It would be sweet if we could build one template, then have all products displayed the same (with options like how many related products–it’s ridiculous that it’s stuck at 2–or whether or not to include a sidebar).

  410. I would love to see a calendar/events module with different views, etc.

    • Could’t read all of the hundreds of comments, so maybe my suggestions appear elsewhere:

      – a customizer option to define a custom color palette. You typically use the same colors all over the page (e.g. backgrounds, highlight color, marking good/bad options in the content, CTA colors, blurb icon color …) and every time have to put the hex code in manually. Would be much easier using a predefined color palette.

      – a calendar module which can be fed by Google calendar.

      – an option to edit/overwrite saved pagebuilder-layouts

    • Yes! Calendar Events Module with different views!!!!

  411. A true “dark” theme option. You can get close with the current customizer settings but too much is hard coded to be a bright white them. If you want to build a white-text on black-backgrounds site, it’s just too clunky right now.

    I forgot to say on my last comment, but I too LOVE Divi – regardless of any slight frustrations its been a dream to work with and I can’t wait for the updates!

    • Thanks for the suggestion Greg. It sounds like we should add the ability to customizer the default “light and dark” text colors, as well as add a new option to adjust the default content BG color.

      • +1 on this! A dark theme would be nice, but if it were easier to specify font colors of all parts and change the content area background it would not be necessary.

      • The problem with Divi now is that you have hardcoded a lot of the elements’ colour foreground or background.

        This means the background option in theme customiser either cannot work (blog grid view) or creates unusable output (headers on grey backgrounds as your h1-h6 is hard coded to grey!).

        ALL backgrounds should be transparent and all text elements should follow the customiser text colour setting.

        This is really not a feature request but a bug removal request.

  412. Please do not neglect the Maps Module. It would be very helpful if we will have the ability to:
    1. Change the Drop Pin Colors
    2. Substitute the Drop Pin Image with our custom-made Drop Pins (PNGs)
    3. Change the map size and width

    It will also be very helpful if we can Nest Modules:
    1. Add the maps module inside a Blurb or Text Module
    2. Add an Image Module inside Tabs
    3. Add Tabs inside Text Modules….. etc.

    Well… you know what I mean 🙂

    • I searched and didn’t see it at the time, but how about the ability to lock the map at a particular zoom so it doesn’t zoom when trying to scroll past it.

      On some screens, it seems almost impossible to get past a map!

      • Yeah, that’s true! Whenever I’m scrolling and there’s a map, the browser stops to finish the Zooming in or waits for me to click somewhere else before I can continue scrolling up/down.

  413. There are a lot of comments, so I’m assuming you might have already gotten these suggestions, but I’ll make them anyway.

    I would love the following:

    1) The ability to shorten or lengthen the synopsis size
    2) The ability to change size of the Featured image
    3) Have an ad spot under the left navigation area if you so choose
    4) Easier customization of product thumbnails and thumbnails for projects & portfolio

    Thank you!

  414. I’d love the option to make h tags take font sizes of other h tags (e.g. A title has an h1 tag, but has the appearance of a h2 tag).

    I’d also love CSS options similar to those in Design Palette Pro.

  415. Divi is great. It would be extremely useful to have an dotted overlay feature for the image/video slider. To help contrast text.

  416. More flexibility with the category selection for the Filterable Portfolio module please. At the moment if you select a parent category for a filterable portfolio then the filter that displays on the resultant portfolio only shows the parent category, not all of the child categories. The alternative is to tick each of the child categories in the module but then, as you add categories over time, you have to keep adding them to the module! Same for the Blog Module please.

    Doing this would make Projects so much more useable for managing various sets of data.


  417. Hi Nick, just wondering if this post should have come a month back. then you had time to work on integrating more of these points. I was hoping the Divi 2.4 and Extra will launch by May 3rd week (your one month promise!)

    However, here’s what I would suggest additional to seriously cool suggestions above…

    Full DIVI integration with BuddyPress – esp make your Customizer control everything on BuddyPress including design, colours, fonts, module placement with a mobile-responsive focus.

  418. Hi guys.

    To add up on what was mentioned, I think divi is in deep need of a modular grid system module. A module where images/links can be added with possibility to modify the size of each (could be done automatically on image ratio) and display in different sizes without padding. Plus a nice overlay with data that can be added easily, and color changed accordingly

    Alternatively that could be a new display for the projects or another custom post type, but I’ve had lots of clients asking for something displaying this way (lots of people are looking at The Grid project and get inspired…)

    There should also be a functionality to display customers content on the overlays of the project carousel module, that has been requested a lot of times as well but requires quite heavy editing.

    Finally, I think full support for svg is indispensable since it’s slowly becoming the standard. That includes easy svg fallback for IE and older android version.

  419. The ability to add fields to the contact form!!!

    Please if you are doing a major release this has to be in it.



    PS: I love Divi

  420. Hi guys,

    I love a lot of the suggestions. Here are some of my favorites.

    1.) Module for code.
    2.) Nav menu sizing options.
    3.) Built in Child Theme option.
    4.) Make it easier to resize the sidebar and that it’s mobile friendly once resized.

    Thanks for all you guys do! It’s truly amazing!

  421. One more:

    The ability to add svg’s to the inbuilt icon set.



    • 1+

  422. Simply. Love Divi.

    Please allow a background color in the text module.

    Please fix the issue with Google maps in tabs module.

    • plus, what’s essential to almost Any website;

      more control / customization options for the MENU

      the SLIDER doesn’t have any animating options, except the default one..?

      add/remove fields / customization for CONTACT FORMS.
      actually; I really think ET should consider building a FORMS plugin at some point..

      * customization is a MUST for Divi, especially with the growing number of users, one might think if what they’re building will somehow look similar to a couple dozens more websites 🙂

  423. Hi Div 2.1 is an excellent theme – no doubt about that. I do believe that its Slider is too inflexible. For instance, I do not like the default height of the slider and it does not have enough straightforward options to adjust its size. This needs improving in Div 2.4.

    Thank you.

  424. More than four columns per row please.

  425. Create the possibility to change the main colors and secondary color for each page

  426. add the option to customize the height size of the header images in blog posts.

  427. • having the option to have the navigation background semi-transparent / or completely transparent and the header slider / picture visible below it

    • possibility to have no outer line of the slider

    • adding googlefonts and custom fonts easily

    • calendar module which is highly customizable regarding design (with every second website I need this and have to work with the plugin Events Manager whoch is ok, but it is a headache to customize because the look, as I’m not a hardcore programmer but more of a designer. (Of course this is something not quickly possible to programm, but maybe something worth for Divi 3.0. 😉 Sure lot of clients would be very happy about this.

    • Having the option to easily place Social Media Icons (Facebook, …) in the Navigation or on the very left or right of the page. Or even inbetween content.

    These are the most important ones to me. Divi 2.4 looks awesome!

  428. Hello,

    I love Divi and use it all the time!

    I would love for there to be a way to save single modules and use them in other pages (like you can do with the page layouts).

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  429. On a website that uses a structure of 3/4 x 1/4 columns throughout multiple pages, I often get frustrated having to change the content of the 1/4 column regularly. Unfortunately the content cannot be used by a sidebar widget as I rather want to use the awesome Divi structure. Within the 1/4 column I have added countdown timers, and you can imagine how many times I need to change the times when it changes every month, over 10+ pages.

    My suggestion is to make a ‘default’ template builder page, and then within that you can change your content for that “locked” 1/4 column. After you have built this structure, you can save it with a name and select it for a page as you would choose a custom Template that you have created.

    This will make it a lot easier when changing content on 10+ pages, especially if you want to change the displayed content every month.

  430. • total freedom of the font colour, especially in the slider, and not just black or white.

  431. That’s a lot of post. I havn’t read them all but here is what i really would like in DIVI:
    A possibilety to add rounded corners to all modules. And being able to how round they shall be in pixels.
    I love DIVI. :-).

  432. Most important thing is twitter bootstrap like grids or just add bootstrap.

    so we can have more than one jump from desktop to mobile.
    things like 4 columns for desktop 2 for tablet 1 for mobile or even 2 for mobile
    until divi has these feature it can hardly be called responsive.

    half responsive at best 😀

  433. I’d suggest an ability to add custom module in the Page Builder.

    Right now, it is impossible to add new custom module without modifying the Theme’s javascript code, since the modules list is hard-coded into the script. Some action or filter might be useful for this.

  434. Wow!

    This looks awesome and I have been using Divi for many sites. The best template ever.

    One thing I always have wanted is a better way to handle fullwidth images, and headers. They do take to much space, so that endusers has to scroll down to se the content below.

    I allso want some way to compress the space between modules, they sometimes takes up to much whitespace as well.

    Keep it up!

  435. Dying for a real Front end visual composer integration like the one by the Codecanyon. Or your own. Designing a website and not seeing in a real time what is done is the biggest brake. Having to publish first and then refresh the page just to see what happened is not good solution to build webpages fast.
    This solution http://www.mioweb.cz/ is interesting but it is only in Czech lanuage and lack of many functions… Just scroll down and look how they use front end visual composer.

    • Hi Marian,

      A front-end editor is our plan for Divi 3.0!

      • -That certainly would be cool!

  436. Hi there, great Divi and great work 2.4 update.
    I’m sorry but I have no time to read all the interesting comments (I read only the first twenty).

    About Divi Slider: I would have more customization’s possibility, above all pixel height…

  437. Floating text formating toolbar in text module as when you have long text you have to scroll up each time you want to make a formatting change

  438. 1) One important thing is let us be able to make our own header menu style. Divi is limited to only one design type of the header menu. Let us be able to upload our own menu style.

    2) Let us upload custom button styles

  439. I believe that insert into the page creation module an option for inserting a search bar that is customizable . you can change its size and dimensions. I work a lot with virtual and feel this shortage shops, even to find plugins with search bars . I believe that would be a breakthrough for all users who use the Divi for virtual shops .

  440. I’m a graphic designer here in Argentina. I don’t know a lot of web but I can see the future trends in web design, so I’ll give you my self-effacing opinion.

    ATENTION: please use the example links attached in some points to under stand:

    1) Transparent header, to let see the slider behind it. Example image: http://oi58.tinypic.com/33ojtpz.jpg

    2) Masonry portfolio

    3) Individual grid control to get narrowed text áreas (upcoming trend). Example image: http://oi59.tinypic.com/dpzi8p.jpg

    4) New Module: Fullwidth image/text. Example image: http://oi58.tinypic.com/w2ly89.jpg

    If you want keep in the design trends fight, those are the most important that I see coming!

    Best regards!

  441. Greater navigation bar flexibility. Logo to be re-sizeable and positioned left, centre and right. Ability to have Navigation overflow above the main navigation links in the top right corner. Mainly used for things like News/Careers/Blogs etc. This helps to keep the main navigation as clean as possible.

  442. This seems like a “no brainer” but in text editing mode (versus visual editing mode) on the “Text” module, display the WordPress default edit icons (bold, link, etc.).

    I would also appreciate a Divi parameter to set the default maximum site width (in pixels) and the default sidebar width (as a percentage).

  443. If you get this far down the list:
    I’d be happy to see many of the suggestions above built as additional plugins or a child extension pack, I also wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for it as it would save some considerable time for me, this way the core theme could be kept smaller and the extras could be applied to your other themes too.

  444. Hi,

    I would recommend the ability to add a second button on the slider, and also the possibility to add custom post types and searches.



  445. Hi,

    I would recommend the ability to add a second button on the slider, and also the possibility to add custom post types and searches.



  446. I tend to add the most asked for hacks to my site http://www.divithemeexamples.com/divi-theme-resources/ so I guess anything on there has been repeatedly requested (mostly in one of the Divi FB groups) … again, common requests have been built into plugins such as the divi booster and Divi module editor, so anything in there would be a common request. Very much looking forward to what Divi 2.4 will bring and seeing the cool websites it will be used to build…:)

    • it’s an interesting site mate ,, keep it up 😉

  447. To improve the galleries of images. Thanks…

  448. I love DIVI’s design elements and use it on several sites but I hate the Elegant “builder”. I prefer a drag n drop builder like BeaverBuilder and VisualComposer.

    If DIVI came with a drag n drop builder like BeaverBuilder and templates like it has, then I could stop having to use it and use pure Elegant DIVI instead!

  449. I’ve only just started using Divi and it has a really nice feel about it but the page builder would really benefit from having the option to + and – the element width on the element window (i.e. 1/3 1/2 3/4 etc.) I had this in another builder and it’s so much quicker and more flexible than changing the entire layout?

    It would also be really great to be able to have a text / code option in the fullwidth module. I have been trying (without much success) to integrate third party sliders and Adobe Edge animations. Obviously the ability to embed Edge AOM files would be unbelievably cool! 🙂

    Multiple layers in the fullwidth slider would be nice so you can animate separate text and images (not to mention timing / movement controls.)

    Good work folks. When’s the update coming – can’t wait… 😉

    • Hi Kevin,

      We have something planned that will address the column structure change. Basically, you can turn any column layout into any other layout type without having to create a new row and drag all of your modules into it!

      Also, fullwidth code modules is on the way 😉

  450. Hello,

    I love Divi to create corporate sites and I commend you for your great work and willingness to always improve.
    But what hurts me the most in this great theme is the blog layout that is frankly not great, so I would greatly appreciate to provide easily customize the blog section in order to make it even more attractive.

    Thank you in advance,

  451. a recurring countdown timer for the timer module.

    useful for restarting automatically a discount every 24 hours as an example

  452. More columns
    Fine column size controls
    Type leading and para space controls
    Ability to globally control toggle box, set to open on desktop/close on mob.
    Padding controls
    Option to change ‘project’ to something else to make relevant permalinks.
    More menu options as in ubermenu
    Option to turn on/off functions/elements/display etc. on mobile

    Many said already. And many thanks for great job thus far.

  453. Better integration with woocommerce, with stand alone shop customization options!!!

  454. Hi team, i really love you. And I’m very excited to hear this for second time.
    Its very important to take suggestions from us, very valuable. Thank you.

    Divi is a great tool to make amazingly wonderfull websites. 🙂 You are perfect, it really changed my web design life.

    I only want two thing for myself. I really need it on Divi:

    – There is a good mapping system on Divi now. But i think you can add categorized pins, or layers, and it can become a great mapping system. I really need this. If you can do something about that, it can be better than EXPLORER Theme. I have a whole project on this. If you make it. so much people get advance of it.

    – Better buddypress integration.

    I thank to you with my heart.

    Best regards,

  455. I would like more control over header section – pleased to see that you are addressing that. Still need ability to separate Primary Menu from Logo. Ability to have no background so that browser background shows through.

    Ability to add shape, image or text boxes which user can control appearance of including adding text box to a shape box. Ability to control background and text in text boxes (add background colour/image and remove background entirely).

    In Divi page builder – thumbnails of the different layout options.

    Open Source documentation so site builders can contribute to each other quickly.

    I’ve built 2 sites with Divi and almost love it!


  456. I would like more control over header section – pleased to see that you are addressing that. Still need ability to separate Primary Menu from Logo. Ability to have no background so that browser background shows through.

    Ability to add shape, image or text boxes which user can control appearance of including adding text box to a shape box. Like to control background and text in text boxes (add background colour/image and remove background entirely).

    In Divi page builder – thumbnails of the different layout options.

    Open Source documentation so site builders can contribute to each other quickly.

    I’ve built 2 sites with Divi and almost love it!


  457. How about better integration of for instance the contact form 7 plugin? So you can style the elements so they match with divi (i know this is possible now, but it would be could that it would be integrated with the sliders as the animation in this post shows.

    Also support for multiple columns in contact form 7 would be appreciated.

    I would like it if the DIVI theme also supports a (mail chimp/campaign monitor) template you can customize so your e-mail campaigns represent the style of the website.

    And the suggestions in this post are ALL appreciated of course 😉

    Keep up the great work, can’t wait for 2.4 version


  458. The option to add text instead of logo would be great! It’s a must-have feature in every theme 🙂

  459. Ability to customise footer – number of widgets, text colour, height.

  460. This may have already been mentioned, did not read all of the comments. I would like to have more font options. Specifically, at a minimum, I’d like to be able to define one font for heading, one for the menu, and one for the body. Thanks!

  461. Being able to have different galleries that open into a lightbox would be a BIG plus.

  462. More control over the blog, much in the same way you can control the design on standard pages. The diversity of the design seems more restricted on the blog as opposed to other areas. Would be good to have more control so each Divi blog section can look completely different (if so desired).

  463. Totally agree that page builder functionality for the header and footer would be a great addition. Also to be able to set the main navigation menu to full width.

  464. An extension of the video slider with the possibility to add extra information on the video’s and the possibility to show the videos in a larger pop-up screen

  465. Hi,

    thanks for the hard work on Divi. Such a great theme! 🙂

    What I miss are more widget areas such for the 404 page and the header. With this functionality in mind you could customize all areas of the site. That would be great.

    Thanks a lot,

  466. Hi,

    thanks for the hard work on Divi. Such a great theme! 🙂

    What I miss are more widget areas such for the 404 page and the header. With this functionality in mind you could customize all areas of the site. That would be great.

    Thanks a lot,

  467. – Use Font Awesome icons in Blurbs
    – Ability to expand / collapse sections in the builder.
    – Ability to save sections to the library so they can be imported later. Right now I have to save the whole page, load that into a temp page, delete unwanted sections, save what’s left and then import into another page.

    • Ability to save sections is something we are addressing with the new Divi Library 🙂

      • awesome !

    • I really, really, really hope the Font Awesome option for blurbs will be done.

  468. Oh… and customise the footer text.

  469. Please facilitate the slider image showing on mobile phones. Currently just the slider background shows and slide title but not the link – if you could make this work that would be useful too but image is important even it it has to be static – see example below where skateboarder should come in.

    Same on this website


  470. Please facilitate the slider image and link showing on mobile phones. Currently just the background picture shows and slide title. Even it it has to be static – see example below where skateboarder should come in.

    Same on this website


  471. Slide image doesn’t move in Firefox – just comes in static. Works in Safari and Chrome. My little skateboarder should slide in.



  472. I haven’t had time to read through all the posts and comments so someone might have already posted this but the slider section needs to be responsive as it is cropping the slider image depending on screen size which is very frustrating. Looking forward to the new updates thanks Nick.

  473. i vote for:
    -easily resize logo in the default header layout (logo left, menu right) and then if you say increase logo size to height of 150px, the menu auto shifts to be centered vertically with the new height

    -change button colours individually (beyond theme accent colour) so being able to set text, outline, hover background, hover text

    -customize footer text

    -# of footer widgets

  474. BussyPress compatible pleaaaaaseeeee <3

    • aand bbPress compatible pls!

  475. Looks great to me

  476. Some kind of “Safety Net” to avoid deletion of modules and such by accidentally clicking the “x”

    • I agree.

  477. Have Facebook, Twitter, G+ at top of page…

    Need the others… Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube


  478. I forgot to mention up few missing basic features like:
    1. add what’sapp to social media options
    2. add option for vertical/horizontal menu module to section
    3. add option to use any wp widget as a module.

    Thanks again & Enjoy Life 🙂

    • Yes, add What’s app to social items.

  479. A few things come to mind:
    1) Ability to control the padding between sections (common customization question in support forums) – either at a per page level or site wide level
    2) Add font size controls in the divi text editor
    3) Ability to add background colors to items like text boxes that don’t have these properties

  480. Thanks for asking! Would be great to be able to control social media icons through the cusyomizer,and also to have total control over fonts and colors (if we don’t already. sorry,brain is a little fried). And more layout options! And it will totally rock if you could give more control over the header – ability to have it scroll normally, and control over the resizing of the header elements! Pretty please!

    Thank you.

  481. I would love to see a “comments module”, where recent comments can be displayed in various ways… avatars, round/square/sizes ect. Display X amount of words in the comment.

    I would also love to see a bbpress integration. To make Divi more community friendly.

    Can’t wait to se what you guys do next. Thanks.

  482. Sorry if this has been mentioned before but there are 683 comments and I couldn’t read them all. I would like the ability to change font sizes for different devices. That is one font size for mobile, another one for tablets and another one for desktop. Also, more ad spaces and the ability to reorder items on mobile so that sidebar items do not always appear at the bottom.

    I understand that not all of this can be done in Customization but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I have seen a few people ask for mobile-specific control over font sizes and spacing, and I think it’s a great idea! I think we can add this to 2.4 before launch.

      • Nice that will be great!

  483. The possibility to place an image with Lightbox-effect INTO a module, for example the accordeon, tab etc.

  484. Hi,
    1. a way to decrease/increase easily all the margin-padding values of the different sections/modules.
    2. possibility to give a specific height to the pictures of a slider in order to resize proportionnally all photos and get them all on a nice row.
    3. possibility to add custom pictures instead of blurbs icon.
    4. possibility to get more colomns per row.

  485. What I can come up with is:
    – More customisable contact module, additional fields, set obligatory fields and set custom message subject.
    – Make a slide on fullwidth slider clickable, now only option for a link is putting a button.
    – Calendar module that connects to google calendar.

  486. Congratulations Nick, new record in post, I am very impressed to see so many people. congratulations !!

  487. The ability to choose any font color aside from “Light” and “Dark”

    Custom Slider options

    -Custom slide transition


    -Mobile friendly text size

    -Mobile friendly promo button for slides and in general.

    -The ability to have a background and text go over the background with a
    transparent option for the text background.

    The ability to have a boxed layout on a specific page and not the whole site.

    The ability to change the mobile menu font color and background color

    More font icons

    Icons for the main navigation

    Extra margin/padding on the sidebar. Often the text from the sidebar sits right on the divider line.

    2.4 – You guys should hire Luis Alejandre from Divi Children, Dan who created Divi Booster, and Geno Quiroz, Im sure these are more people likes this guys but they are a super awesome resource to our community.

    • I like your suggestion about Mobile text sizes. I think we can add an option to customize Mobile font sizes and section heights independently from the desktop version.

      Looking into it right now!

      • You guys are awesome and I can’t wait for 2.4!

  488. So exciting! You asked for it and it looks like you are receiving your next 3 years worth of ideas haha— I would LOVE to choose the size of the blog index page and actual page feature image- either full width or thumbnail size- A lot of my client don’t know how to resize photos and after I build their blog their FULL width images on their blog pages look horrible- if it allowed the smaller image traditionally seen on blogs that would be a HUGE help!

    Thank you for your work!

  489. ****Breakpoint layout options for mobile tablet and desktop.****

    It would be incredible to be able to select a completely different layout and content for the device that is viewing it. Mobile in general needs customization and tweak settings.

  490. Just wondering if it would be possible to utilize the boxed content width updates but still have the full screen capabilities for navigation bars, sliders, etc. at the top?

  491. Also, more design flexibility/user customization for WooCommerce design!

  492. Your themes stand out from the crowd, but I feel that Elegant themes place much too much emphasis on Blogging posts and not enough on site pages.
    I have not used Divi because everything appears to clunky and large. I would need control over all aspects of size and space of the Divs, as with Dreamweaver, before I switch.
    Thank you for this opportunity

  493. Select option to show/not show element when viewed in mobile view

  494. Great job, I am so excited for this release!!!!

    You guys are fabulous 🙂

  495. 1) A way to have modules shared between pages. To insert a module as I customized it on another page, and to be able to change it across all pages in a blink of an eye.

    2) An option to make the floating side navigation have words, icons or both. The dots help nobody.

    3) EVENTS!!!!!!!!! I’m sick of fighting a 3rd party calendar plugin to attempt to work. I would pay you handsomely to create your own event plugin that plays well with divi.

    4) List view for blogs. For some more technical sites, I need to simply have a list of subject lines and dates that take up the least amount of room.

    5) Max size option for images. Some divi sites I hand over to a rookie, and they end up having a thumbnail the size of a bus.

    I’m giving you this feedback because I care. Keep up the awesome work!

  496. Hi, great news this update of the Divi!
    It would be great if there was an option in theme settings that allow or prevent the free movement and deletion of page builder modules according to user roles levels. Customers often make a mess in the page builder and prevent them from moving and deleting modules help enough. It would be interesting if there was also an option to disable or enable the “Use the standard Editor” button on the page builder, because customers often click this button and lose all the created page.

  497. My Suggestions:
    1. Option to hide top header.
    2. Option to change Footer credits
    3. Option to place Logo at Different Positions (Left, Right, Center)
    4. Option to place Image Any where we Want. by default Image will be placed at left side of column, give option to place image at Left, Right, Center.
    5. Option to change logo size in header.

  498. Awesome suggestions. I’d like:

    1) The ability to toggle the visibility of a ‘loaded’ section (hide) or a configured module within a section, instead of having to delete & rebuild, or copy & scrub, or move elsewhere and then move it back.

    2) A few more built-in slider styles.

    3) Sticky menu option.

    4) Flexible column width, like Elegant Builder has, or convenient margin/padding adjustments.

    5) When duplicating a module, have it appear immediately below the one being duplicated, rather than at the end of the layout.

  499. Love all the suggestions. Mine is a simple one. How about something that RESTRICTS features?

    1. We do a lot of customization behind the scenes for branded sites that shouldn’t allow users to change certain things (colors, fonts, etc.). Much easier to enable/disable things than add a bunch of overriding with css !important

    2. If I’m not using woocommerce why not provide the capability to remove the styles, functions, scripts and other associated data for it?

    Mobile users would especially benefit from this as it reduces bloat, bandwidth and page load.

    Keep up the great work!

    • +1! Fully agree.

  500. about the header… just enable it to be organized with the builder!

    • and for the footer too.

  501. The ability to have more than 4 columns in a section. Sometimes if I want 6 icons on the same row, it would be nice to be able to do that without writing a bunch of CSS.

  502. 1. Change sliders and headers height easily
    2. Mega menus with pictures
    3. Child theme
    4. Sliders with more options like slider revolution
    5. Chage buttons colors easily
    6. Forms with more options like contact form 7

    I have a DIVI and WordPress course in spanish here: http://www.cursowordpress-online.com

    Por si a alguien le intersa aqui hay un curso de DIVI y WordPress en espanol: http://www.cursowordpress-online.com

    Anyway Divi is realy amazing!! Congratulations!!!!

  503. The ability for coders to create modules (and share AND sell) using an ET API?

    • Sounds like a cool idea! We have lots of ideas around this, and we hope to build a stronger community around Divi in the near future. Once the Divi Library is live, such a community would be much more useful.

      Perhaps we can even sync modules to the cloud and share them with each other from our dashboards 🙂

      • Sounds great. Thanks Nick.

    • Ahhh, EXCELLENT IDEA!!

    • 1+

  504. SHORT KEYS.
    Such as Esc to exit the builder, etc.

    The current video backgrounds occupy the full video width and height on the page. There should be an option to choose video positioning options such as “top center” “top left” “top right” “bottom right” “bottom left” “bottom center” “center center” “center left” “center right” of the video. By such options, the designer can choose a certain portion of the video to be visible in the background or in the slider of a respective section.

    The same with the slider. the videos occupy the entire width and height of the video. we can’t control the width and height easily using the builder. This should improve. For example, I have only a single TITLE that is placed on a background video. Now the problem is that I can’t fit the video to small size or play only a portion of the video in the background of the TITLE.

    • Short Keys isn’t something I have thought of before, thanks for the suggestion! It’s certainly outside the scope of “WordPress Customizer Options,” but perhaps we can think about this for Divi 3.0.

  505. 3/2 matrix layout or blurbs

    I couldn’t find a layout in divi builder that provides me 3/2 blurbs layout.

    for example, 3 blurbs in one row and 2 blurbs (in the center and of same size as that of the above 3 rows) in th second row.

  506. I would love to be able to copy or drag repetitive modules from page to page. I do a lot of events and the sponsor strips at the bottom are a nightmare since the logos dribble in up to the last minute. Right now I have to add them by hand. (Or, maybe a “Save this Row” feature so I can update in one place – and it will update all the pages.)


    • Hi Tracy. We have something planned for 2.4 that is going to save you a ton of time in that area!

  507. Having the ability to adjust the height of the full width slider would be great!

    • You will be able to adjust the height of individual sliders, and adjust the default height of new slider modules (and every other module for that matter!)

  508. Can’t wait for new release when??? I’m waiting for granular settings for all the modules color, sizes, animation off by default, Google map colors choices and more pins. My list
    1. A new table module
    2. icon pack that can be added to any element including menus
    3. the code module mentioned by so many
    4. Basic subscribe form that uses your designated email for people
    that don’t need the whole marketing campaign integration

  509. Suggestion:

    1. Transparent menu so it looks like it is a part of the home slider (this is a trend in web design and It is hard to believe you do not have this)

    2. Full screen sliders (another trend in web design)

    3. Ability to add more than 4 columns in any row (including footer)

    4. Ability to add Overlay semi transparent white or black color layer to images when they are us a a row background. (Right now I have to edit my images in photoshop to add a overlay color so the text can be better read) I

    5. Visual composer (I think this is a too much to ask but for beginners it will be great if they can see live how their site is looking)

    6. More shortcodes built into the divi module.


    • Working on transparent menu right now! Should be ready for launch.

      As for a front end editor, this is something we plan to tackle in Divi 3.0!

  510. Hello Nick,

    Sounds great. If you haven’t already thought of it, another extremely valuable feature would be the ability to update a saved layout and choose to automatically update any pages using that layout.
    This would make it possible to tweak a layout that is used by hundreds of pages without having to reload the newly modified layout manually from each page.
    Is this also in the works or a possibility?


    • We have something like this planned that isn’t yet announced. But let’s just say that you will be able to do exactly what you are asking for 🙂

  511. It would be great if the logo at the top could be made just a little bit bigger, it seems you need a magnifying glass to appreciate a logo

    • Logo height options area already integrated into 2.4 🙂

  512. Hello Nick,
    very nice to ask us, if we have some proposals for the Divi Theme! Hopefully not for the Version 2.4, because 3 weeks to go for the launch is a very short time :- )

    Yes, we have something, but do not want to go to each detail.

    First: Would be nice, to see a Demo Version of 2.4 first, this will make it a little bit easier for new proposals.

    1) Shortcodes should be revised completely, as an example: Flat Buttons
    2) The Customization board should be revised completely, the old version from the very fist beginning of Elegant Themes is very poor for today.

    All other details have already been mentioned before.

    And please, what all your customers need is: not every 2 weeks a Theme Sneak Peek, what we need is a clear roadmap with clear timelines. Otherwise it is not possible to plan and realize projects.

    Many thanks in advance and wish you all the best,

  513. Hey Nick…. After the DIVI plugin is done I was thinking we need a NEW and great plugin just for POPUPS.

    A fully responsive, easy to use, plugin to display content the BLOOM plugin is not for.

    WordPress is lacking a GREAT plugin for this and I know the people at elegantthemes can really do one up good.

  514. Ditto to several of the suggestions above: I would like to see the option to have the menu as a module, so we could place it lower on a page if desired. For instance, some clients want a header much like some of your other themes, with a big graphic on top and then a simple text menu underneath. Along with making the menu a module, I’d love to have a simple one-click to turn the built-in menu off.

    • Hi Daniel. There is already a Menu Module actually, and it works as you describe as far as I can tell 🙂

      • Don’t forget to make the menu module to have a unique ID. At present you cannot differentiate it from the other menus or use multiple menus that needs customisation indipendantly. It is a simple code change, but important.

      • Hi Nick,

        At present, the Menu Module doesn’t include the logo (or at least the option to include a logo) which has presented problems when creating different landing pages.

        Some landing pages need a limited menu (as opposed to no menu), but having the logo present is still important.

        Thanks for all the hard work you all do!

        • +1 being able to include a logo in the Menu module is needed.

  515. Here are a number of items I’ve had to get CSS code to do in the past. It would be great if these were incorporated into your theme without having to insert special code:

    Ability to insert padding between grid and carousel portfolio images (in your demo, it looks like you may have done this already?) Even with CSS code I received from Divi support, I think the appearance of my portfolio is lacking at http://goodcopyfast.com/portfolio

    Ability to make images that accompany blurbs consistent sizes without having to resize the images or insert special code.

    Ability to change font colors, such as the color of the font in the portfolio title.

    Ability to change color of the magnifying glass/search icon.

    Ability to remove author and date from page search results.

    Ability to change color of the titles that appear on pages within the site.

    Ability to choose whether or not to display the title that appears on pages within the site.

    Ability to adjust logo height (I think you’re already adding this).

    Ability to type in a website title and subtitle instead of a logo.

    Ability to change header color.

    More icons!!!! For example, a spiral, a handshake, etc.

    Ability to not display logo.

    Ability to make the words in a slider do this cool effect, shown here: http://www.roxmedia.com/

    Thanks for listening!

  516. Suggestions:
    (disclaimer – if im repeating whats already in the update or in this thread, im sorry – wow! what a long list of ET fans!)

    1: Allow for the IMAGE MODULE to position images left, right or center.
    2: Allow for Sliders and Sections to Have 2 Background Images – for more parallax creativity and/or to add special effects (color screens, motion graphics, etc)
    3: Add a “full width” option to image modules – so images can expand the entire width and height of section.