A Sneak Peek Of Divi 2.4, And Why It Will Be The Most Fantastically Fluid & Flexible Divi Yet!

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A Sneak Peek Of Divi 2.4, And Why It Will Be The Most Fantastically Fluid & Flexible Divi Yet!
Blog / Theme Sneak Peeks / A Sneak Peek Of Divi 2.4, And Why It Will Be The Most Fantastically Fluid & Flexible Divi Yet!

Not long ago we announced our plans for the future of Divi, Extra and the Elegant Themes product line. In this post we talked about the steps we are taking to make the Divi Builder more flexible than ever, allowing its functionality to be extended into a stand-alone builder plugin and become the backbone of our future themes.

The first step on this exciting path is to re-imagine the Divi Builder to be more flexible than ever before. This first round of updates will first be realized in Divi 2.4, which is already well underway. Today I would like to give you an update on the things we are working on for Divi 2.4, all of which I think are incredibly exciting!

Global Settings

With Divi 2.4, we want to create a new set of global settings that will help reduce some of the headaches that people have been experiencing when adjusting site-wide elements, such as the height of the navigation menu, the logo, or the content area as a whole. Divi 2.4 is all about making the theme more adaptable and significantly easier to customize.


Fluid Grid

The backbone of Divi 2.4 will be a completely re-coded grid, built to be entirely fluid and percentage-based. All fixed widths are getting the axe, along with the time-consuming effort it takes to modify them. The result will be a Divi that looks exactly the same on your Desktop computer, but responds in a much more intuitive way to mobile device as well as your Child Theme modifications. It’s this fluid grid that will allow the Divi Builder to work anywhere, whether it be within a blog post or an entirely different theme! These are big sweeping changes that take time, but the result will be well worth the wait!


Advanced Builder Settings

Not only will Divi 2.4 be fluid, it will be flexible. And when I say flexible, I mean flexible. We are adding advanced design settings to every single module, and these settings will allow you to quickly edit anything and everything about each module without ever touching a line of code! Custom colors, fonts, sizes, padding, margin and more. If you can do it with CSS, you will be able to do it with Divi’s Advanced Design Settings.


The Divi Library

We have something else really exciting coming in Divi 2.4, and it’s called the Divi Library. The Divi Library is an extension of our Saved Layouts functionality, and the features we are adding here are going to make building new sites so fast you will wonder how you ever lived without them! We have much more to announce about the Divi Library, and more exciting plans for its future, but those details will have to wait ๐Ÿ™‚


I hope this gives everyone a clearer picture about what we are working on behind the scenes, and why we think it’s important to tackle these updates before completing Extra and the Divi Builder Plugin. We are laying the foundation for what will continue to be the most powerful and easy-to-use WordPress page builder on the market.


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  1. Great theme, i like the demo. I will look to use this on my next site if possible

  2. Much Needed!! I left for X Theme, now it seems I maybe coming back! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can’t wait to see how this works out…

  3. Wow ! The silence here is deafening ! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Any countdown available ?

    • I mean, Nick said all signs point toward June 10th (year was not mentioned… kidding… ๐Ÿ˜€ )
      But 5 days later we don’t have any news. Even the community is quiet !$
      Just wondering…

  4. Hello Nick,

    It would be great if we could have a more powerful video / slider option. Videos in slides are currently small and it would be great to have a mixed media slider that could accommodate a splash-screen style video.

    Thank you for all of your hard work!

  5. I have not launched my site yet because I wanted to wait for the new Divi updates, but I am very curious about the menu options as someone mentioned earlier. Are we going to be able to split the menu allowing for a graphic in the center?

    Also, I would like to see a social media option that controls the amount of postings appear on your site. I like the icon, but I would like to have my post appear without having to add another widget or plugin.

    • Yep, new inline centered logo option will be available. As for social media controls, these aren’t in the scope of 2.4 at this time.

  6. Hi,
    Not sure if this is mentioned already, but would love to see a custom button builder. Currently there is only the standard colour options – red, blue, orange etc, but it would be great to be able to build own colours without just changing one of the other standard colours through CSS.

    I am new to Divi and this could already be in place but I haven’t been able to find it!


  7. I really am in a betwixt whether to go ahead with the existing Divi version for my next site or wait as we no indication whether we’ll be waiting a matter of weeks or many months.

    I understand the purpose of putting out feelers but if the new Divi version will be rolled out as an early christmas present then I guess it’s time to boot up the old version for now.

  8. Do you know when Divi 2.4 is published ? The new features look very interesting !

  9. will it be RTL?

  10. Hey, Thats is great news! The Header Section is the only thing i head troubles with. The rest of the Theme is just great. Thanks!

  11. Looks great waiting for the update.

  12. One of my main feature requests for the new version of Div would be the ability to externalise my CSS. The new functionality you’ve revealed sounds extremely exciting and if you are planning on running a beta test group then I would love to be able to participate.

    Keep up the good work!


  13. Hi,

    Very excited and am looking forward for Divi’s new version.
    Here are a few things I would love to see come alive.

    1 – Be able to insert Image or a slider with Paralex effect above the Header. Here is an example:

    2 – For Side Bar Nav I want to create an option to Hover State where I could have a Label with the Section Name. On click it will be jumping to that section. Wanted to include illustration but can’t attach it here

    3 – Filters are available for all Portfolio styles.

    4 – Have visual tool (without going in to CSS changes) to control the height
    of the Slider’s Image height.

    Thank you,

  14. Really looking forward to seeing the new Divi version. One thing I would really like to see would be better and more functional slider options, such as those offered on the Avada theme. Hope to see the update soon!

  15. Hi Nick:
    Any updates on when the release might happen?

  16. Great and Wonderful.
    Thank you for this great theme.
    If possible please add LMS module to this great theme and I think it will be so kindness to education and teachers. Regards.

  17. Looking forward to the Global Settings and the Advanced Builder Settings, as I have had to modify the css in the child theme to make custom settings. Maybe now it these changes can be done on the fly.

  18. I would love to see the option available to be able to send blog posts to the slider widget.

    • If Divi 2.4 doesn’t have this feature, there is a plug in called Master Slider that has the feature and it is very nice.

      • Can it be used with divi’s slider module, or does it have its own?

  19. Have to say this looks absolutely amazing Nick. Now the hard part is the wait!!

  20. Excellent fast loading theme and your new monarch plugins and bloom plugins are awesome to add with this . however i wish there was a more straight forward solution to adding your logo and adjusting the wXh of the logo in main page
    jj from http://start-a-website.info/

  21. Does the filterable project module have the ability to add videos and not just pictures yet? Can’t wait for divi 2.4

  22. Do you anticipate releasing this in the next month? I ask because I’m using Divi for a project right now, and would hold off the launch date if major updates were about to be made.

    • Yeah we are shooting for about 1 month.

      • 1 month from today (May.7th), or 1 month from when this post was made (April.22nd)? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. So excited for this new update! I’m wondering if there is any scope for more column flexibility? I would find it very useful to have the option of separate background colours, images and video for each column. Similar to what you see at this site: http://dna.ancestry.com.au/

  24. Okay, I understand.
    This must be kept secret till the day…

  25. I Think I just discovered Divi 2.4 !

    It was just under our eyes for so long, we could not see it !
    But everything is there :
    – auto color transitions
    – module opacity
    – fluid grid
    – and much more….

    Just here : http://elegantthemes.com/preview/Bloom/

    Resize slowly your browser window and watch how the grid is clearly featured !
    Now there’s hope… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. can’t wait โ€”ย the percentage based grid will be a big one for me .. never quite understood the use of fixed widths in the current grid so yhis will be a very welcome addition

  27. will it possible to create a custom page for post ?

  28. YES!!!

  29. Loving the new features; hopefully I can alleviate the need for so much custom code..can’t wait!

    • I agree, I have had to use more custom code than any another theme.
      What You See is All You Get… with Divi. Looks great on the Demo but if you want to customize aside from colors/basics you will be coding or forced to download a plugin called Divi Booster. Any theme that has an unaffiliated plugin that was made to support the Divi’s relentless bugs and fixes will most likely run into a lot of problems and issues.

      Divi Customers will probably be waiting a year for this “improved version” theme to be released. ET seems to be mostly “Over Promise and Under Deliver” OPUD announcements. Like their Extra theme they announced about a year ago. They still talk about it like the Elegant Themes Extra theme will be released any day.

      I guess they think their customers are a bunch of novices or too dumb to catch on. Who knows maybe Divi 2.4 will be released by May 31 as they hinted in the comments above. Maybe Extra will be release in 2018, I am not holding my breath. Good Luck out there!

  30. Looks great. Really like Divi and looking forward to the update for next site. Also for Extra to finally start my own blog!

  31. I wish it were available now. Need to start a site in a few days for a client that want’s to use a rather large logo in the header which won’t work well with the current Divi version. Looking forward to seeing 2.4 and what it can do!

  32. I have love using Divi and would love you to add SCHEMA.ORG functionality!

  33. I’m wondering if there will be some more option about how to display the featured image of a post. Right now you can only decide to show it or not, can’t easily edit how big it should be, aliging it, work on it without using CSS…

  34. Hello, i don’t know how much of that is possible, but i would really like future themes to take the google insights ( page speed ) factors into consideration.
    Load content above the fold first, optimization of css etc… that would be wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

    thank you.

    • I 100%, whole-heartedly agree with this… not because I 100%, whole-heartedly agree with Google on their decision to dock what they deem as non-mobile-ready sites off their Search results, but because our clients do. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Their page speed insight scan is pretty intense.. and unrealistic in a lot of situations (Anyone else laugh when it says you need to save your photos smaller to save Bytes of space… as in less than 1kb…?)… but if that number is lower than their certain threshold every body is sad.

      Can you help us out in that front Nick?

  35. any ETA on the release.
    I keep using the soliloquy plugin to fit the slider and would like to know if I can bypass this in future DIVI child themes. Thanks

  36. How about an easy way to add a table with columns and rows? Many times I need to put in tabular data on my pages. The pricing table does really do exactly what I need.

  37. This is exciting. These will take Divi to a whole new level! I can’t wait to try it all out!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Roughly when is it being released?

  38. When??? As I jump around with this good news coupled with caffeine!!!

  39. I’ve always thought that elegantthemes was just a bunch of classy templates for minimalistic fans. Then i saw Divi and directly purchased a plan.

    Probably the best and the most flexible template ever, all cms included!

  40. Wow! Great news. Waiting for 2.4!

  41. Great job ET team !!

    Divi 2.4 , Will it be responsive with apple watch?

  42. Hey nick,love the divi theme builder way more than the old website builder, will you guys be making it compatible with other themes?

  43. I can’t wait for this! Looks fantastic.

  44. The only negative feedback I have is as a design that I can’t edit the base plate with my own branding, potentially losing clients.

  45. anything that makes my life easier as a designer and not a coder is great. Thanks Nick.

  46. Hi.
    Retina ready?

  47. Very excited for the new Divi 2.4! When will it come for download? I love all your themes and support is awesome! Thank you guys and gals for an all around product that is well done.

    http://www.ElegantThemes.com ROCKS!

  48. I can’t wait! I’ve been telling my clients about the new features + everyone is super excited!

  49. Nick,

    Really looking forward to this. Please could you explain in next week BLOG in more detail the roadmap towards Extra? I would like to know more on how Divi Builder can be used with the new upcoming theme Extra. Can I already start building my new website based on Divi Builder and then later enable the new Extra theme on top of it?

    • +1

  50. Looking forward to it! Any rough eta on a timeframe for release? Was planning on developing a new Divi site, but may wait until this is out.

  51. I love Divi so much. Since I found it, I’ve never used another theme and probably never will.

  52. It would be nice to be able to hide/unhide sections. Any chance that will be in the release?

  53. Outstanding as always. I’m upgrading to the lifetime membership. No one else comes close in their support, version updates, or quality. I couldn’t be happier with you guys, and I’m looking forward to Divi 2.4!

  54. Really looking forward to this. Especially divi library function. WTG!

  55. How about fixing some of your old templates first? I still get cut off heads because I can’t make a photo crop to the top in DeepFocus.

    • I think divi builder will be across all the templates. It is currently a plug in for them all.

  56. My clients really love this themes layout and visual appeal. I am also very happy with my purchase and love the sleek look of the theme!

    As well as great customer service! to solved my few problems to reply answered quickly – 5 out of 5 stars for sure!

  57. Some of my clients are asking for a more mobile friendly theme. Is there a way to make Divi more mobile friendly?

    • Use jquery mobile.

  58. I think that’s great, but I still think you’re behind services like SmugMug. You should take a moment to play with their site-building tools and have your mind blown by how intuitive and simple it is while still allowing for complex custom coding for every single element.

  59. Awesome news!

    … and still hoping Divi will unable comments on pages using page builder ๐Ÿ˜‰

  60. Nick

    I’m very excited by the features you’ve mentioned in the forthcoming update. I was wondering with such a huge jump from the features in 2.3 to 2.4 why didn’t you call this Divi 3? Or is there something even more significant planned for Version 3 when it is released?

  61. Apologies for posting this again, but I think an ET blog post explaining the implications of the following decision is required as a matter of urgency:

    The WordPress Theme Review team made a major decision this week to enforce the use of the native customizer on new themes submitted to the directory. Theme authors who want to include customization options will no longer be able to create their own settings panels but will be required to follow the new customizer standard, effective immediately.
    April 22, 2015


    • Our themes are not hosted on WordPress.org.

  62. Wow. Can’t wait for the new update.
    you guys rock!!

  63. I am very excited to learn about the “new and improved” Divi, I love Dive and now it will be even better – more to love!!

    I hope there will be more leeway to have a larger logo that can include a tagline that is easily able to be read. Now I have just been making a separate section for the logo and tagline.

    Also I would appreciate more info on sizing images and videos for the various modules.

    Can’t wait for the roll-out!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  64. May I request you to please make the buttons more modern. Thanks!

  65. Once updated, will I have a bunch of editing in my css area to do since I have a bunch of css code for my logo and header etc?

    • If you have drastically modified your header, then I would suggest testing your Child Theme with Divi 2.4 before updating your main site.

  66. Any luck on pagination of the shop page? ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s what’s highly needed!

  67. Hurry up please! DIVI library sounds great!! Can you check the look to share any content on facebook? Cause when I share any page or project on facebook only appears a logo of my webpage…thanks!

  68. The footer is my biggest complaint. It’s the only part of divi that is pretty much set in stone unless you customize it or create a custom footer with a row on every page. I notice you can now saves rows which is cool. But If I make a custom footer, and have to apply it to every page, that means when I make a simple change to it, I have to go thru and change EVERY PAGE! Do you have any plans to make the footer more customizable like the rest of the theme?

    • I know there are a lot of people here that are resistant to using a Child Theme, but that’s really the fastest and easiest way for you to do what you’re talking about.

      This isn’t just a Divi issue to do with the footer, etc. it’s just best standard practice to use a Child Theme on ANY WordPress site. Elegant Themes has a blog post that shows an easy way to make your own Child Theme in under 1 minute or there a lot of really easy WordPress plugins that make a Child Theme for you with just one click.

      Hope that helps a bit?

      • I always build with child themes. But it’s the benefit of making it easy for clients to change too. Currently, I can change the footer with custom css/html/child theme. But it would be a 100 times faster and easier if the interface for it were different and more flexible like the rest of the pages rather than a few widgets that are already predefined.

  69. Can wait to see the new Divi 2.4. This is exciting stuff. Elegantthemes rocks! There is no other WP theme better that ET, and it’s affordable.

  70. Will we able to hide certain modules on specific devices? For example you wouldn’t want a divider on mobile screens. Will I be able to hide the divider in that case?

  71. DIVI LIBRAY ROCKS!!! Genius idea and extremely needed!!!

    I can’t wait to see it in action!!! Great job ET team!!

  72. I would like to see some ability to adjust blog layouts. For example if you are displaying all the blog posts for a certain category we have the ability on how they are displayed.

  73. There are no more words. I am so pleased I found Elegant Themes several years ago. My 60’s compliment for Divi is . . . . “bitchin!” Thank you for the creative thinking that you and your team invest to make our work look bitchin!

  74. Quick question: Will the number of available columns be increased for this new version?

  75. for once im really excited about this update
    I have updated divi to two of my websites , but only did some minor tweaks because of my limited knowledge of all this

    But these diagrams show things are going to be pretty simple to adjust.so cant wait to upgrade with this version

    thanks a lot for making this better

    jeff http://start-a-website.info/

  76. This is actually ALMOST cooler than Han Solo & Chewbacca showing up at the end of the Star Wars Episode VII trailer!!!

    • Noel, it made me laugh big time! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Agreed! May the Divi force be with you Noel ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. This is great news, I’m looking forward to these changes.

    Two requests, in case they’re viable at this time:

    1. The Divi Library is a great idea and I’ll use it a lot โ€“โ€“ but it would be especially useful if the Library’s contents could be used in other, new sites (or, maybe in future, if Elegant Themes could somehow facilitate low hassle site cloning โ€“โ€“ but maybe a multi-site Library would make this necessary?).

    2. It would be great to be able to lock and unlock individual Builder modules, or maybe overall page layouts โ€“โ€“ for example, allowing text + image only editing, etc., in a way that’s more fine-tuned than WP User status levels currently allow for.

    I would pay extra for this โ€“โ€“ an advanced form of CMS capabilities incorporated into Divi, that could help avoid the problem of end-users sometimes (unwittingly) ruining a site’s design.

  78. Can’t wait!!! I love Divi ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. Are you taking requests – please can we have a site-wide header module for these people with big logos. In this same module please can we input an opt-in, clickable phone numbers and social icons and/or other clickable links? Kind of like the YouTube channel headers… and many, many others.

    I’d be very grateful. Many of my clients have huge logos – might as jam up other stuff next to them.

  80. Sounds great! Thank you!

  81. Nick & The Team!

    Thank you for yet another promising update!
    I can’t even imagine how many possibilities and opportunities are going to open up quite soon. What you and your team do is truly life-changing!
    I just feel like whenever I am in San Francisco in the future, to pop in to ET office to say Hi and shake your hand, Nick! It has to be done! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for everything you do!

  82. Exiting stuff – looking forward to play around with Divi. You guys are doing an amazing job. Best!

  83. This gives me such mixed emotions.

    SOO happy for the develompent! It seems to include almost everything I want butโ€ฆ OH THE AGONY(!) of waiting!

    It’s almost evil of you guys to dangle this in front of us, just out of reach.
    Truly looking forward to this upgrade. ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. Woohoo! Divi Library! You read my mind, thanks ET.

  85. I love you guys already. And your great work. Can’t wait to update to Divi 2.4. Even if it will require some extra work to adapt existing page to Divi 2.4, I don’t mind as for a reward we will get even better and more responisve web page.

    Keep working guys! Bravo!.

  86. Looking forward to seeing 2.4! Silly question, when is the release date? Cheers

  87. The updates look great, can’t wait for the release…

  88. Sounds great – any indication of a launch date?

  89. I got chills … I want to cry! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Simply great!

  90. For me the most useful addition would be to have greater functionality with the full width slider. With an image background, it would be helpful to have text boxes that can be semi-transparent so that the writing can be more easily seen against the background. Also to have greater flexibility in the font sizes, number and positions of the comment boxes. I don’t know how to do this using child themes, so automation is preferred!

  91. Great news! I hope the accordion module is fixed as the search within them did not work in earlier divi versions.

  92. Sorry for beeing a bit off topic, but I am very new on Divi. Would it be possible to use the builder in future within blogposts?

  93. I cannot wait! Is there an eta on these exciting developments?

  94. Great stuff.

    Sounds more like Divi 3.0 than 2.4, can’t wait to try it all out.

  95. Gracious! Powerful as ever, Divi page builder is simply democratizing web designing/dev as WordPress is democratizing online publishing and business! Can we also recreate or extend in design Bloom’s Divi site with this update or we need to wait when its ported to plugin? Also, I used child theme mostly and the epanel to customize Divi, hope the update won’t affect the tweaks in there? In addition, based on this fluidity concept, would ET create some templates as he did with the previous release to gain traction? Finally, would there be option to have different header menu design and most especially options to have a fullscreen slider? I don’t have problem with the epaneI (may need some revamping though) since Divi will have its option modules in place and I know Divi is more than the Swiss army knife right now…its simply going nuclear to her competitors! Thanks a billion ET.


  96. Sounds good. Can’t wait to see the result.

  97. DIVI forever!

  98. We are very thankful for your great artworks. Greetings from Germany!
    JP Julpe

  99. Can’t wait!

  100. Sounds great. I like Divi and have made a couple of websites with the Divi theme. It is awesome to work with and customize and it sounds like it will be even better with the new release.

    One thing I would like to be able to do with Divi, is to sort products from multiple criteria, such as product categories and so on, in the shop module. Just an idea for future work.

    Keep up the good work.

  101. Hi NIck,
    sounds great.
    But a little question, belong to all of your Themes.
    Is there an easy way to save and export all the Work on the ePanel?
    I use Divi for a while, an cofigure on a long way all the settings fitting my needs. Now i would give Extra a chance.
    But theres no way back. If i switched the Theme, i loose all my settings.
    So please insert an Buttone like “Export settings” AND an second one, “Import Settings”.


    • +1 for that.

      And an idea / request:
      When I write a new post and create a new category for it it automatically shows up in the top menu, b/c it gets automatically enabled in the Options > Navigation > Categories. So I always need to go there and disable it.

      It would be great if by default a newly created page or category would be disabled in the ePanel.

      • Isn’t that an option in the WordPress Menu section?

  102. Will there ever be something beond divi?

    • like something Extra? (pun intended!)

  103. Are you guys also cleaning up your CSS to get rid of all !important modifiers that currently make it hard to make adjustments?

    Also, if at all possible, make the text module’s editor window scroll inside the ‘text area’ so that when you’re typing a longer text, the toolbar remains visible. Right now it’s kind of a pain to get to the buttons (insert media, links, styling, etc.) when you’re at the end of a longer text.

  104. Awsome funktions!

  105. Great News.
    Top of wish list: Video Portfolio

    • Ditto!

  106. Very excited about this and plan to build more child themes for Divi. Great work!

  107. In Divi page and project, if use Page Builder, so auto disable comment. Sometimes this is contrary to the wishes of the user. I hope Divi Builder Plugin can custom enable or disable about comment.

  108. This looks fantastic, Cannot wait to use the new features.

    Any chance in the future of having easier entry points to create customised modules. Or even a tutorial on how to do them currently?


  109. Wow, can’t wait!

  110. Love the Divi theme.. One major drawback is the odd re-sizing of the slider images. Depending on screen width, it will either display the image in proportion or crop it noticibly. Not good if your slider image contains text and half of it is missing because the overflow is hidden. Otherwise I’d give it close to 10/10

    • Totally agree Mark. Love the theme but had a bad time with all the issues you mentioned on the home page slider with the last Divi site I built. Even their tech support had no idea why it was magnifying and cropping the images the way it was, and had no clue on how to fix it.

      Really hope they can fix this.

  111. Hello

    I bought elegantthemes and themify, I like the elegantthemes plugins but themes I like from themify, they have more costumize & them options, one of the main good options what I like from themify & I would suggest you to add too, is a option to eneble and disable the responsive design, I wish elegantthemes them divi would get this future

    • Thanks for suggesting ! Those guys seems to be really excellent too ! Their new infinite image scrolling plug is crazy ! Bookmarked !

  112. sounds great…can’t wait

  113. I’m really excited about all this! Thanks to you and your team for continually improving and also for listening to your customers, I know I really appreciate it!

  114. I love Divi and I can’t wait to see all of these new features! Great work!

  115. Heck yeah! I love DIVI! Can’t believe it’s getting better! Would you believe our website is so good that some of our clients were disappointed when they saw our office? Lol. They said they expected something waaaay nicer because of how our website looked! Long story short, we’re getting a new office and divi is the bomb. Thanks Nick for the update.

  116. Really looking forward to Divi 2.4.. when it comes to WordPress theme designs, you guys rock.

  117. Please, please, please … among all the great enhancements within the Text Module in text editing mode (versus visual) please add the standard WordPress editing icons/controls.

    Also add a parameter to let users set site width (in pixels).

  118. I would love to see the ability to deactivate and reactivate modules and different elements to see what the page would look like without deleting a module or element.

  119. Awesome! I’m most excited about being able to modify the header/navigation. Almost all my client sites required modifying the header for things like phone numbers, taglines, etc. In my perfect world, the header would have its own configurable sections just like the page edit interface. And, with the new fluid grid system…wow. I’m stoked. You guys are awesome!

  120. Please Oh please Oh please tell me that Divi will stop cropping blog post featured images that are 16:9, with this update?!?!?!

  121. SWEEEETTT!!! Always love updates from Elegant Themes =)

    Since you guys are working on updates, I do have a suggestion that could significantly reduce the designing time. I’m not code-savvy enough to know the magnitude of this request but I don’t think it can hurt to ask.

    Is it possible for some sort of “instant preview” option when we’re making changes to the CSS? For instance, with the ability to adjust margins, paddings, etc, I find myself even doing manual CSS edits that I have to keep hitting the Preview or Update/Refresh-page buttons to see the changes.

    This is probably the name of the game with web design… however, that would just feel revolutionary to have. I have no idea how this would be implemented or if it’s even possible with elegant themes but just wanted to entertain this idea =D

  122. It looks awesome! I can’t wait to try it.

  123. I am ver excited and looking forward to the new 2.4 updates.
    Having doing it on my blog, and next to my company website, everything make it so simple and easy.
    Of course, I am not a tru blu web designer, so this is definitely good enough for me. =)

  124. Love the Library and the Advanced Settings by Module!

  125. Yesssss, finally an expansion for the saved layouts for reusable layout, Nick you should also consider having a section for members to be able to share their layouts.

    I also love the fact your extending the modules section to be customizable that is perfect (though not a new idea) it is really needed as i tend always have to add heaps of custom css to divi.

    My final suggestion, that ePanel needs a good upgrade mate, seems outdated these days….

    Thanks for your hardwork cant wait for the update.

  126. Divi is one of the reasons I signed up for lifetime. There is nothing like it that is so simple to use. And it just keeps improving.

  127. The only reason I’m not using Divi more is because I’m still waiting for them to have it more WCAG 2.0 AA friendly for web accessibility are they working on that in the new addition as well. I get a lot of business from Canada and they passed a law in January of 2014 about all sites in Ontorio with over 50 employees requiring WCAG markup. As well as in the US any government contractors are required to have it so would be a huge benefit if the markup was made to be WCAG 2.0 AA friendly. There are also new lawsuits in the US coming out against major companies not having a WCAG 2.0 AA website due to employment opportunities under ADA. So this add on would be able to keep everyone legal as well as expand the market to those with disabilities.

  128. Ability to save sections…? Awesome…!!!

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ That and more!

  129. I have a client right now who needs to export his rather extensive blog listing from his old site. Should we wait until after the new Divi 2.4 update to do this? His existing blog site is the classic small image to the left or right of his post. What should we expect to see with his blog when we update? (I’m developing his new site with current Divi 2, sans child theme for now.)


  130. How about the Maps module? Will it have customizable Colored Drop Pins as well? Been struggling with this all this time.

    • Right now we are focused on CSS customization options, but that’s definitely something we would like to add in the future. It would be part of the general map settings, and not these new advanced design settings.

  131. Well, it looks like a lot of work Iยดve been putting into the new Divi child theme Iยดve just unveiled today is going to be in vain since Divi 2.4 seems to be bringing out of the box many of the customization options Iยดve been including in it.

    But anyway, Iยดm happy about Divi getting better. Iยดll think about new improvements, thereยดll always be room for them ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Great work there Luis! I just read your post and Engined looks really promising as well. Divi 2.4 coming or not.

  132. This is going to be amazing!!!! Canโ€™t wait for this release. I have been using Divi since the first release and now donโ€™t use anything else. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  133. You guys are winning!

  134. Sounds awesome, the design possibilities with Divi is already great and seems like its going to get a LOT better.

    One thing i miss with Divi is dynamic functionality and diversity. I would Love to have more options in the blog and portfolio module, A way to work with custom post types, taxonomies and custom Fields. And changing the order and how these are displayed, both as a list and single post/project. And categories, it would be amazing to only display posts that has category x and y and not show all posts in both categories.

    Hoppfullt Divi 2.4 Will more options for the dynamic content. Either way, looking forward for the update!

  135. Wow judging by the amount of comments this is a long awaited updated.

    Can not wait to use with the new version when released. Like many others being able to now adjust margins, padding and overall spacing between modules will be great!

    Looking forward to seeing what other tricks it will be able to do.

    Thanks for the update Nick.

  136. I hope it will be as flexible as Jupiter, by Artbees. To be honest DiVi is a bit outdated in my opinion. But lets hope it turns out to be useful again, without having to use a third party plugin for more styling options etc.

  137. Very cool! My only issue has been with slider size/pics as it pertains to full width sites. If I missed anything in the comments about that apologies, but it would be great to have more control on a “fluid” height/width with the sliders.

    Other than that no complaints, not even that I’m complaining. I have about 10 sites and Divi is on 7 out of the 10 of them. The others are to experiment with other themes and so far I’ve found nothing that comes close to the Divi platform.


    • Yes the slider is a major pain point. Especially when you are using images that you want to show the actual content and not just use as a background. Be great to see an update to the way the slider works and handles full width and even full screen images.

  138. Very excited about this update! Divi just keeps getting better! ๐Ÿ™‚

  139. Does this mean I will be able to change fonts and spacing between lines without css?

    • Yep!

      • Oh, that is incredible awesome! I have been waiting for that!

  140. Thank you for the new sneak peek! Looking forward to working with the added functionality you’re setting out to implement in the near- and long-term!

    I’m curious: will future versions of Divi, Extra, and other themes come with a re-designed epanel? You’ve implemented some superb back-end UI and functionality with Monarch and Bloom, and I’m curious whether the epanel will receive similar upgrades.

    • Yes, we will be re-designing ePanel in the future using a similar style to the Monarch and Bloom settings panels.

      • Nick, that is so great to hear! I love how both Monarch and Bloom interfaces look, so if the similar interface will be implemented for ePanel that would be just incredible.
        Also, want to suggest a feature/function when ePanel will be overhauled, to create a flexible CSS editor that would be similar to some well-known code editors like Atom/Sublime.

        So it would be able to highlight relevant CSS properties with its unique color for easier recognition and would most importantly have a search function with the editor that would help to search through CSS and find particular property much quicker as it’s so time-consuming to scroll through 2-3 thousand lines of code just to find some property that needs modification.
        It would be such a great help to make the whole CSS workflow more effective and efficient.
        By the way, Atom text editor is Open Source and extremely hackable so would be a great option to consider for ePanel integration? – https://atom.io/

        Once again, Nick, thanks for making so many incredible things happen!

      • That’s awesome. Love how well designed those are. Hopefully all settings will be in it, instead of some in “Customize” and some in ePanel?

  141. Awesome โ€ฆ is there an expected release date?

    • It’s hard to say, but maybe in a month or so.

  142. Another great update Nick – really like the direction Elegant is taking and can’t wait for Extra.

  143. Divi is already pretty great, but good to hear so much is still in the pipeline.

    One quick question – will 2.4 make the vertical menu scrollable at all? At the moment it’s quite limiting when it can only ever be as high as the screen.

  144. Woild you consider standardizing any color selectors toward RGB (or both with HEX as an option)? Currently, most areas ask for the HEX code, however, when viewed on the site it is usually in RGB, although I am not positive if that is something Divi is doing, or rather the browser, either way having both options would allow the avoidance of using a hex to RGB converter frequently when experimenting with colors.

  145. Saved sections, saved modules, saved rows, you make my dreams come true!

    Don’t care if it takes another month or two, take your time.

    Thank you very much,


  146. Greetings ET!

    This is seriously fantastic news! You guys are totally awesome. These changes will take Divi and the site’s it creates to a new all-time high watermark. I’m hoping for lots of new controls and settings in the Tabs Module, especially tab and body background color. Thanks Nick & team!

  147. Hello and thanks for the great work. One thing I think is sadly missing is the possibility to add videos for background from youtube (or other video hosting services); this option would greatly enhance site speed andsave hosting space..hany hint if this can be implemented?
    keep on the excellent work!

    • +1! Fully Agreed.

      • Ditto!

        • YES, please. I was hoping to see this in the launched version; but no such luck.

  148. This sounds fabulous! I’m just about to create a new website. When will this be available? If I bought the current version of Divi, would I automatically get an upgrade or should I wait?

  149. Hi Guys and Nick in particular.

    1. if it is not too late would it be possible to have the ability to place a slider in the logo space above the menu so that it acts as a changing banner which appears on each page? I see this as providing an important design option and have one site to start soon where this would be a real boon. We have managed to fudge this in one case by using an animated gif but the image quality is not desirable.

    2. What about the Divi update being “Retina ready” as a very large number of people now seem to be using devices with higher resolution screens?

    4. What about having some way to preserve the existing footer when a theme is updated? Footers are places where copyright notices and other important things are placed such as “Designed and Hosted by BuildBusiness Internet Marketing” and it is a real nuisance for the footer to be overwritten by a theme change if you have not set up a Child Theme.

    Also, but less pressing, I agree with an earlier suggestion that the Divi theme come with a child theme which we can edit and add to as the need arises.

    What do you think Nick and ET?

    • For #1) if you have DIVI for the header area you could do something like that…


      If you did the website using nothing but the blank page template you may find what you want.

    • For #1) if you have DIVI for the header area you could do something like that…


      If you did the website using nothing but the blank page template you may find what you want.

    • For #1) if you have DIVI for the header area you could do something like that…


      If you did the website using nothing but the blank page template you may find what you want.

    • Re: #4

      You really need to use a child theme.

    • Martin for the footer preservation you may want to use a child theme, one of the easiest child themes out there is “Divi Children”, it does what you need.
      Also I was looking for #3 ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Sorry about the missing 3. Rats!

    • Great recommendations but what happened to #3? ๐Ÿ™‚

  150. Thrice-cool! As we speak here in my state.

  151. This sounds wonderful. Can’t wait. I would like to know the answer to Mathijs Lemmers’ question.

    Thanks again for all of the hard work.

  152. Awesome Nick! The end seems near ๐Ÿ™‚ – You way want to consider hiring Luis Alejandre to your team, he’s figured out what the community needs and is building some incredible solutions for us to compensate for functionality needed in the field where not everyone is a CSS expert or has access to all the resources you do ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Ability to rename Projects to what ever we want so we can leverage the page builder – there is a lot of cool functionality for filtering etc. showcasing those posts but they don’t necessarily need to be named “projects” in the slug/url.

    2. Ability to activate builder on all post types officially (instead of child theme hacks) and use built in features for our CPTs.

    3. Custom Pins for each entry for maps module

    4. Child Themes from your team like the Monarch and Bloom pages while we wait patiently for Extra.

    5. An organized how to section in support instead of having to scour through 100’s of posts to find answers so we don’t all keep asking how to do the same thing over and over again – and then get 5 different ways of doing that.

    I’m sure there is more in my head but this is a lot for now (LOL)

    Great news for 2.4 and a month seems fair based on one of your comments above.

    • I would add, to separate Divi from the older themes and filed them in a “non Divi” section of the forum.
      Is not easy to find answers there.
      Thank you

  153. Wicked news Nick, thanx. I just signed a fiery new client who demanded Divi by name! If you need a secret agent ninja man to beta your pimped out 2.4, I promise I won’t pull a Snowden on you!

  154. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  155. Hi all,

    Looks great!!! I am looking forward to see it working.
    When will it be available?
    I would like to work with it.


  156. Will we be able to increase the number of columns beyond the current maximum of 4? I’d find this useful and I’m sure other would too. Good to see an imminent update btw, thanks.

    • I’d love to see this too

  157. Woah! Exactly what I needed. I’m currently using the team almost exclusively to the exception of the much touted X-Theme of which I purchased a single license but never really got around to use it. Now with the new Divi features why would I even want to consider anything else. If it does what the post says, then I’ll be a happy camper for a very long time. Thanks for the great work and having the courage to open and review the exhaustive body of coding work that went into Divi in order to make it even better. I’m all fidgety ๐Ÿ™‚

  158. This looks awesome! Any idea of when the release date will be?

  159. I can’t wait …… thanks a lot !

  160. Will it be easy to change the size of a full-width image/header – I e make the image 150 pixels high or 250 pixels high – to fit the needs of a specific image?

    or to do the same with a slider?

    The other thing I’d love to see it optional arrows at the bottom of sliders to show people that there is more content below. (or some sort of indicator). The siders are set so large, and look so pretty, that some people look on it as a splash page and don’t scroll down. I’ve gotten the from a number of customers.

    The other thing would be the ability to tweak the mobile responsie stuff. I know that the three bard is supposed to indicate a menu, but it is too new. select page doesn;t work – it should say Menu –> – or let me pick the word to describe it – like divi booster allows.

    Thanks – a great theme looking like it is going to get greater.

  161. I am happy to hear to great news about Divi. I had to purchase a plugin from an outside designer to get Divi to do some of the things that I think Divi should have been able to do originally.

    I hope that you make the text in the footer editable, if not I have a plugin to do that.

  162. Hi Nick,

    Will the new divi 2.4 have any changes to the the homepage slider features. I love working with the divi theme, my only criticism is the time taken over getting the full width sliders looking right and there fluidity. Would really like a bit more flexibility here. Other than that really excited about the new release. Great work!

    • I agree Danny. I would love for the full-width home page slider to be more editable in regards to being able to add and modify text on it. I would love to see something like the Revolution slider where you can easily edit and change text colors and to move the text position around easily.

  163. HGi
    I would love to learn a lot more about how to use Divi, child themes and how to customise Divi using CSS. Can you let me know where is the best place to go for in depth tutorials on doing this all with Divi?

  164. Hi Nick,

    Great to know that you and the team are constantly working on improving Divi & every aspect of Elegant Themes.

    Recently, I’ve been busy setting up a WordPress site for my company on DigitalOcean and while working on improving the speed of the site, noticed that Divi can be quite heavy (tested on tools.pingdom.com) in terms of number of requests made and the size of data retrieved. Will the CSS optimizations you’re referring to, help in this regard? I think it would be excellent if you and the ET team could look at the speed side of things and share your expertise on how we can improve load times on our Divi backed WordPress sites.

    Also, while I was searching for help with manipulating CSS in Divi, I stumbled across this blog and thought that If share it here so you can share your thoughts: If you use the Divi theme with WordPress, it better be forever – http://chrislema.com/divi-theme-forever/. The author was saying that once we’re invested in Divi, it’s not easy to move to another theme, specially those not from Elegant Themes. Your comments on this Nick?

    Thank you again for your hard work, as well as that of the ET team.

    Lifetime Member

    • That’s what the impending Divi Builder Plugin is for, and the new fluid grid. You will be able to easily move to a different theme and keep all of your Divi-builder pages intact.

      • Thanks for getting back to me Nick and good to know. Thanks again for all your efforts.

      • Great news about the plugin and using it with other themes in the future, Nick, but…

        Also really interested in the bloat and speed issues that @Sri is talking about, though. Any thoughts?

  165. Thanks Elegant Themes for keeping with the growing requests and putting us at the cutting edge of website building.

  166. Love Divi and look forward to the next release!

  167. this is music to my ears!!

  168. Just started using Divi for the first time last week and OMG – it’s everything I ever wanted! I’m so thrilled!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! So grateful for this gift!


  169. The advanced design settings is exactly what I was waiting for. Great news!

  170. Hi Nick just remembering my post from last year regarding divi 2.2, will this now be implemented? Please let me know, thank you!

    November 6, 2014
    Hi Nick,
    Thank you for this new and cool release, Elegantthemes rocks!
    Any idea when an administrator functionality will be implemented to the page builder in DIVI?
    I am talking about this: I donโ€™t specificaly wanโ€™t to hide the modules from clients, but on my point of view its very important to unable insertion of new columns sections, modules and rows, that way the client canโ€™t mess up the concept by mistake.
    Client should instead only be able to modify content, image, video, sound inside a fixed section.
    I am sure most of the freelancers will appreciate this feature very much and this will also incredibly increase your revenue as more freelancers would adhere to Elegantthemes.
    Thank you for your feedback in this post.

    • This is a really good point

  171. This sounds amazing! I just read the post about the future of the Divi builder and the Extra theme and just happened to check the blog. BOOM! This post.

    This comes at the perfect time, as I’m toying with the idea of returning to freelance web design and actually much prefer the ease of use of Divi compared to something like Visual Composer. Though very powerful, VC isn’t quite as obvious to a completely new user (i.e. a client). And I love Saved Layouts, which you’ll be improving to include rows, modules and sections. Excellent! If there was ever a front-end editing component to Divi, that would be fantastic. VC has it and I think it would allow WordPress developers to better compete with something like Squarespace, in terms of ease of end-user editing.

    But for now, I’m anxious to see what the advanced settings bring. I’m not terrible at CSS but Visual Composer’s settings make it much easier to customize than the current Divi does. And if the power of Divi could be added to posts…man! For a great example of post customization (layout and design) check out the Voice theme on Themeforest.

    Thanks for all the awesome work, ET. Looking forward to the upcoming months!

  172. This sounds amazing! I just read the post about the future of the Divi builder and the Extra theme and just happened to check the blog. BOOM! This post.

    This comes at the perfect time, as I’m toying with the idea of returning to freelance web design and actually much prefer the ease of use of Divi compared to something like Visual Composer. Though very powerful, VC isn’t quite as obvious to a completely new user (i.e. a client). And I love Saved Layouts, which you’ll be improving to include rows, modules and sections. Excellent! If there was ever a front-end editing component to Divi, that would be fantastic. VC has it and I think it would allow WordPress developers to better compete with something like Squarespace, in terms of ease of end-user editing.

    But for now, I’m anxious to see what the advanced settings bring. I’m not terrible at CSS but Visual Composer’s settings make it much easier to customize than the current Divi does. And if the power of Divi could be added to posts…man! For a great example of post customization (layout and design) check out the Voice theme on Themeforest.

    Thanks for all the awesome work, ET. Looking forward to the upcoming months!

  173. Great news!

  174. One word: Awesomesauce!

  175. You guys rock!

    I’m really excited looking forward to Extra! I really need that theme to update my travel website http://www.empfehlbar.de. It is still based on the beautiful, but non-responsive ET-theme instyle.

    Keep the momentum!

  176. Sounds great! Will 2.4 include a Gallery that allows for automated slide show?

  177. Well, I hope you add some post loops design settings like positioning image, title, description and meta info as and where one requires.

    Also would be interesting to have the ability of having different settings for the first child.

    (Look how loops are handled in ultimate shortcode plugin)

    Also if you could add the ability to include widgets, that would increase the flexibility to many folds and would be great.

  178. Hey Nick!

    Great job with Divi! Please consider the following

    1) Make a site wide customizer which enables the choosing of sidebar/no sidebar for Woocommerce products. Currently, I’ve shifted from Superstore –> Divi –> Getbowtied’s Shopkeeper –> Divi –> Super Store, due to Divi’s lack of ability to remove sidebars from product pages ๐Ÿ™

    Without the ability to wholesale adjust pages without sidebars, conversion rate drops ๐Ÿ™

    Here’s Neil Patel’s write up about sidebars

    2) Have the ability to remove the page title when we use a page builder. Currently, I find that if I’ve named the page as “Home”, it’ll end up showing the title when I assigned that page as the static page ๐Ÿ™

    3) Don’t remove the WooCommerce hooks, or give us an option. The biggest problems with non-woothemes themes are the lack of hooks that official Woocommerce extensions would use. This then negates the reason why we use woocommerce instead of some basic ecommerce system like Wix or something ๐Ÿ™

    Keep up the awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  179. Any chance we will be able to adjust the background color/image of individual modules? That has always been a want of mine. Seems everything else can be adjusted background wise except that.

  180. Any change you will integrate (advanced) styling/integration options in divi with for instance the contact form 7 plugin?

    I am really struggling to get a decent styled two column form in divi with this plugin. Getting the form into two columns isnt the issue but correctly add margin and padding to the form fields is. (especially the checkbox, radio and dropdown ones)

    Would be a nice ‘add on’ .. Can’t wait for the new update though, seems very cool !!

    keep up the good work.

  181. Nick – Love the library idea – I have Divi installed on more then 60 web sites and I reuse many of the same plug-ins and layouts etc… bypassing the .xml import will be a real time saver! thanks for all the new stuff!

  182. ^
    What they all said… : )

    Thank you!

  183. Please please please let there be an option to copy/duplicate a page, content and all!

    • You can already do that by using the Load Page Layout option.

  184. Rollover images please!

  185. Hi Nick,

    thanks for a great news!

    I think that Pagebuilder should be more open for developers.

    1. You need just give us an easy way to add it to any custom post types. Now we have to use some hacks in child themes.
    You started implementing it (I see a filter call for it) but this work was not finished.

    2. You should provide some open API to JS part of Pagebuilder so we will be able to customize it a little. For example to regenerate sections and modules from shortcodes I have to emulate a click on “Use Pagebuilder” button and then add and remove some classes… But I could do it with an simple call reInitialize() from your JS if it was public.

    3. I suggest to add “admin CSS” to the existed “admin label” – it will give us a possibility to customize a look of some modules in admin.

    Anyway, thanks for your great work!

  186. Looking Forward to this!! I just started implementing Divi, and am now going o migrate another site to it! Thank you elegant themes, have been using your themes for years!

  187. All my clients want DIVI! The flexibility offers so much and now it will be even better. Hoping there will be an easy way to add a Copyright and also add extra leading in the larger font sizes without having to make a child theme. Thanks, everyone.

  188. is good idea to include new models SLIDES

  189. Fantastic! Thank you.

  190. Very good news about Divi Nick.
    Will be available a default child theme?
    Will be finally retina compliant?
    Will be possible to show/hide/order parts of elements, based on width/device?
    Thanks in advance.


  191. Looks like a big upgrade. Thanks

  192. The Divi Library….. is that what might be “sections management” kinda thing? because that fix has been requested so many times! ๐Ÿ˜€

  193. This is fantastically awesome!

  194. Can’t wait to see the Divi Library in action! That feature looks very promising!

  195. Absolutely brilliant!! Following …

  196. Wow! This sounds so great. I’ve been using CSS Hero to do a huge amount of custom styling but can’t wait to have this all available right in Divi. Also, the library feature sounds fantastic. Being able to save and re-use rows, sections or modules will be really helpful.

    Thanks for the fantastic work!

  197. HI Nick, this sounds really good. I love Divi but I also really love Salient! I’d love to see things like the transparent header option that Salient has, the option for the header to take on different background colours as you scroll down. Also, Xtheme has a brilliant header bar that you can do a lot with. I love the optiion to start the site with the header across the bottom and then as you scroll it moves to the top of screen and fixes.
    My main issue with using Divi for my client sites is that the header limitations mean there is a danger of sites looking similar, whereas more flexibility on the header would truly allow different sites to be created.
    The same issue with the home slider, its single button and central text. Woudl be great to position text to left, right, and have more than one button as is the case with Salient.
    All this said, I still love Divi, you’re doing a great job and can’t wait for the update!

  198. I don’t agree with 1200 being too wide.

    For me it still seems narrow, we are entering a place in tech world that monitors have at least 1600 pixels wide and tablets having resolutions of 1920 wide and more, 1200 is about just perfect but having a 1400 option would be awesome, specially for desktop users.

    My magazine is strugling to put up more content that is absolutely wasted on the majority of our reader’s monitors because 1200 is all there is.

    It should tend to look for wider widths not trying to go back to the old 960, for christ sake it’s 2015.

  199. Hi Nick, this all sounds like great news! I do like the theme as it is versatile and look forward to the release of the update.

    Will it have the ability to change section spacing without adding extra css manually?

    Thanks for all your doing!

  200. Very nice!

  201. The comming DIVI version seems to be the best one. Congratulations!

    what about language translations?

    Will you allow for custom translation within Divi?
    The currect multi-language version is a night mare and downgrade for me (and not only for me as you might have noticed)

  202. Your frequent updates to your client base is what differentiates you from Thesis Theme. Also the fact that your theme will kill theirs off. It’s way easier to use and with the new updates looks like its going to be even easier to customize as we go along. As long as you keep making it better I will keep using it forever!

    Great Job!

  203. I know we appreciate using Divi on our site Mile 22 it has made updating very painless.

    Mile 22 Bags

  204. Very good news, cant wait!

    I would like to take this opportunity to comment on two possible improvements to DIVI
    modules in the back could better identify, rather than simply called “blurb” “image”, perhaps using a smaller typeface the possibility to explain what kind of content is in that place, it would be extremely useful in complex pages or simple pages even when we do not remember its content, such as when someone who did not build the site has taken on the task of modifying (one of our clients for example).
    in the same line of thought, it would be very very helpful if we could have an alert message when we accidentally click on the X to the right of a module and prevent accidental erasure.

    thanks a lot for your work!

  205. This is fantastically awesome!

    My only fear is if you’re waiting to release EXTRA before you release this, will we be waiting for a year? You announced EXTRA last year, or showed that sneak peak. I would have loved to use that theme in a website I’m re-building. Sadly, it’s not out still.

    I love ET and have purchased the lifetime membership because your themes are superb. I just get impatient ๐Ÿ™‚

    • agree

  206. I am really looking forward to this new release and hope it will deliver. I’ve started looking at other similar products and would much rather stay with you guys because I have invested in your products and have faith you genuinely listen to the feedback of your customers. Listen to our concerns, offer solutions to our headaches, support us in our business objectives and we will always buy from you.


  207. Something you really need consider adding that both my editors and me suggested doing is an ability to
    ENABLE and DISABLE a module or block just by ticking it, that would be awesome, since we have modules to announce videos on our site or reviews and we just use them for 2 days then they are gone, each time i need to announce something i need to construct the module all over again.

    It would be GODLIKE to be able to just DISABLE and ENABLE a module when you want it visible.

    • There is an easy way to do this. Create a css class named “hide” and add this code to Divi Options: .hide {display:none;}

      When you want to hide a module, just add “hide” to the css class field. When you ready to show it, delete the “hide”.

      This trick has been a great time saver for me.

    • I think is a great idea this one

    • good point

  208. Awesome job on this Nick! (And of course thanks to the Elegant Themes team too.)

    The websites I’m designing were just going through problems with Divi regarding the fixed pixel widths that I had to solve by modifying all the mobile @media sections of our Child Theme’s CSS.

    With Divi switching over to percentage based widths, this should make our lives MUCH easier. Thanks!

  209. This is pretty awesome. My only fear is if you’re waiting to release EXTRA before you release this, will we be waiting for a year? You announced EXTRA last year, or showed that sneak peak. I would have loved to use that theme in a website I’m re-building. Sadly, it’s not out still.

    I love ET and have purchased the lifetime membership because your themes are superb. I just get impatient ๐Ÿ™‚

  210. You mentioned that we will be able to customize the font, colour, etc for each section. Are the list of fonts going to be the same as what you’re offering now, or will more be added? Also, will it be easy for us to add fonts?


  211. Oh my. Can’t wait for this ! We are all super excited about the new Divi 2.4 !

    Keep up the great work – your team rocks !

  212. Looks like a big upgrade. Thanks, Nick!

    Just wondering – is there anywhere that will show at which width(s) certain elements will move around or disappear, based on screen size? Will there be a way to manually adjust those triggers without custom CSS?

  213. Divi is great and it sounds like its getting better and better, a few improvements that would help me…

    There is no provision for common or global elements. For example if I need a slider on every page with the same slides and I need to change one, I have to change it on every page. If we could have global elements that are the same on every instance then this would be a great improvement and time saver.

    The boxed width of 1200px is too wide for many. There are numerous forum requests of people struggling to make it narrower and never quite getting it right.

    To have a few options here of say 1200, 1000, 900, etc would be a great improvement. Sounds like the non-fixed fluid widths mentioned will help.

    More full width options would be great. Currently you cannot have a text block of full width.

    The divider: It would be great to have control over the spacing both above and below.

    Top bar: more control over the position of the items such as phone number and email on one side and social media icons on the right, etc.

    More blog layouts. The standard with the massive photo as the featured image takes up far too much space. An option of the old fashioned square featured images to the left or right used to work so well.

    I know its difficult to make it suit everyone, but for me these would make a great theme even better.

  214. I am very excited abouit Divi 2.4 it’s going to help so much with all the changes and make website design so much faster and easier. Looking forward to this coming out! You guys are awesome and thank you!

  215. Love it! Keep up the great work!

  216. Newbie here….about to redesign a current WP site and set it up using Divi 2.0. Will we be able to upgrade to 2.4 without any issues/costs? Is this just an update we will receive when ready or do we need to purchase this new/upgraded theme?

  217. This sneak peak is just the proof needed to show that Divi is the ultimate WordPress Theme. Can’t wait for it to be released!

  218. Can’t wait…gimme the good stuff !

  219. AWESOME! These are all features we’ve been looking forward to, glad to hear the updates are coming.

  220. Now I wonder more why I would bother using any other theme ever again!

  221. Will there be a way to create a single full-width section that expands to fit a browser window (kind of like how the Story them on Envato does)?

  222. Will there be a way to create a single full-width section that expands to fit a browser window (kind of like how the Story them on Envato does)?

  223. This feels like an early Christmas present! I love Divi! Can’t wait!

  224. So excited!!! I’ve used Divi on the last 10 site builds I’ve done, and each one is so unique and different. I LOVE this theme, but I usually have to make lots of CSS edits on a child theme. Looks like 2.4 will cut a lot of that out. Yay!

    Yep… totally stoked. Thanks, guys! The fact that you are making Divi even easier to use is like music to my ears. My clients love it, too, BTW. They can do things they’d never be able to do on their own. (‘Course it’s costing me money, I know, but I like happy clients. They always come back, right?) I really can’t wait to see this new version. Sounds amazing!

  225. Soooooo…any idea on time frame? release dates?

    This all sounds amazing, but without an idea of when it should come out, we really don’t have anything to look forward to.

  226. Will the page builder be useable on posts with this update?

  227. And it was just yesterday that I fnished converting our whole network to divi and then you go ahead and announce this.

    Nick you’re part responsable that I can’t sleep at night, thinking of all the thing I can do with Divi, for my projects and for my clients…

    I love & hate Elegants in equal measure.

    I did tried other templates but nothing compares to divi and when I was just thinking it could get some improvements, here it is ! you guys ROCK, you gotta know that.

  228. Magic on it’s way ๐Ÿ™‚

  229. This is great news! As an avid Divi user I can’t wait to see the library and special features. I like the sound of the plugin too. This will bring Divi’s advanced builder features to just about any theme.

    Thanks Nick for the update!

  230. Will it be something similar to Webflow?

  231. Can. Not. Wait!!! Love the theme and am so excited that you’re splitting out the Divi builder… I’ve had so many situations I could have used it. Hoping for a more flexible header option / layout as well!

  232. very good changes, no longer molest to technical support people with these things !!!

  233. A massively BIG thank you, to you Nick and to your amazing team. You’re proving – yet again – that Divi is the only theme we’ll ever need…

    The other ETs are way ahead of the competition too but Divi rocks!

    You’ve made website building fun again…no small feat ๐Ÿ™‚

  234. Thanks Nick & everyone at ET, this is awesome. I love Divi and I can hardly wait to get my hands on this update. Divi has seriously changed my life.

  235. Hi Nick,

    Been with ET since its early days and I seldom comment but have to say I am excited to see the new changes in Divi 2.4 coming soon. It’s become the backbone of our Design Studio.

    We recently used it for a buddypress project for a corporate using Divi and had to jump through hoops to try and make Divi compatible with Buddypress. We feel we have a sort of solution with this but not perfect. May I request you to please make Divi buddypress compatible as well while it is in development.

    Thanks Mate..

    Kind Regards,


    • Divi is kinda compatible with BuddyPress but not thorough because it lacks some Elegant styling touch and…whoops the buddypress commenting not working perfectly in activity streams in Divi 2.1 an that made jumped…

      • I’ve been working with the support team and we’ve figured out the workaround for the activity stream commenting. simply remove a few lines from custom.js file and it works. Flick me a message and I can send you the modified custom.js ๐Ÿ™‚

        I love Buddypress and I love Divi and I’d love to see a full support for both.

    • I agree with this request.

  236. Hello Nick,

    Sounds great. If you haven’t already thought of it, another extremely valuable feature would be the ability to update a saved layout and choose to automatically update any pages using that layout.

    This would make it possible to tweak a layout that is used by hundreds of pages without having to reload the newly modified layout manually from each page.

    Is this also in the works or a possibility?


    • That sounds great!

  237. Nick:
    Thanks for the update, can’t wait to see it. Any idea when you’ll have a build ready for us to work with?

    • Never mind, I see you answered this already… just a little excited about it! Keep up the good work!

  238. You MUST have read my mind! Thanks for listening – LOL!

  239. Looks great Nick!

    Any idea of an ETA for this?

  240. Looks great, can’t wait:)

  241. This is awesome and great news. Have you consider adding a child theme in the process instead of users creating one? I can’t wait for DIVI 2.4. Thank you for all

  242. Advanced Divi Builder Options would be awesome!
    Thanks Nick for such a great theme.

  243. Awesome, I’ll be patient since I really want this to be great and I assume rushing things is not always the best way to bring extremely good result like those you will produce ๐Ÿ˜‰

  244. I can’t wait to try it out but 2 questions:
    – Is it going to be compatible with the actual version?
    – Do you have a go live date? Beta testers required?

    • Upgrading will be seamless from Divi 2.3 to 2.4. If you have made extensive customizations via Child Theme, then it’s always a good idea to test these changes with the new version before updating.

  245. This is amazing guys!!! Congratulations!
    I had a lot of type face errors with the page builder recently (ajusting type with different sizes and when saving it all went back to a small size).
    As a designer I love the ways you can deal with DIVI, it is my favourite theme.

  246. This is my first post รฉver. Because: you guys keep on improving on such fantasic products you have already made. Thanks for all your work, its amazing.

  247. Nick,

    I must say I glad to hear of the progress, and I’m not going to ask when it will be done as I have learned surprises are better most times.

    I have been meaning to make a few comments though regarding what I see happening here with elegant themes.

    1. When I look at Monarch and Bloom I see a brighter, cleaner elegant
    themes system, though I haven’t been a long time customer I can still see
    it especially when I compare those plugins to the older set of plugins you

    2. With that brighter clean elegant themes I’d assume almost everything is
    getting overhauled and I suspect that’s what’s taking so long.

    3. I too have been affect by the delay and I had to purchase 3 themes over
    the last 2months simply because I was unable to learn CSS, build a site
    and get more familiar with DIVI (not that the learning curve is hard) it just
    takes time to do them all what I have learned though is that a lightweight
    theme is a must. When I say light weight I mean under 50MB and one
    that doesn’t include a ton of plugins to make it efficient.

    I made this comment to say I like what you guys do at elegant themes (you really try and help the developer) and that’s one reason I am sticking around that and the fact that a fluid like DIVI will be huge right now I am using a very simple but attractive theme for my site – http://joshuanetwork.tv and though it works well it lacks the flexibility that DIVI will provide. Keep the updates coming and also let me know how I can sign up to be a beta tester.

    • Beautiful site, Karlon!

      • Thanks man!

  248. This is great news. Love the Divi theme from every angle. Cannot wait to see the update.

  249. Looks Great,

    One thing I’d love to see is a header element. I know I can do it with text, but most of the other builders I use have a header element and I think it would be nice.

    Looking forward to the new version, thanks!

    • We are beefing up the Fullwidth Header module in 2.4, and you are going to be able to use it to create some awesome stuff!

      • Nick, a so much needed full-width text module if added, will help us create even more awesome stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • When you say header element can you give an example?!

  250. Sounds very exciting as always ! flexibility is what our society is asking of us more and more. And at the hour of google running another update of their engine (mobile friendly), it’s good to know we’ll be able to control the appearance of our designs, exactly how we want it to be viewed. Cheers !!!

  251. I hope it comes soon. I also hope that the nav bar will have a logo in the middle of the navigation option, not above but in the navigation. The amount of requests I get for that is ridiculous. More control over the fonts for the different H-tags, links and body text. Things that they already have in Canvas. I’d rather use Divi though.

    • This is something we plan on adding, but it wont make the cut for 2.4 I am afraid. But rest assured, it’s on our list of things to do!

      • This sounds great Nick. I would also love to have the option for creating different navigation menu styles in addition to the plain text style of Divi. The option of creating menus such as those on the “Envisioned,” “The Source” and “Magnificent” etc., themes, along with being able to customize the font, size and colors would be perfect as these are often client requests. Looking forward to what your company as in store for the future!

  252. Great changes. I always spend significant amount of time for changes in a child theme’s css. New Divi can speed up the process.
    But the most important question is, when Divi 2.4 will be available and how hard it will be to update websites from previous versions?

  253. Can’t wait!

    But will the new Divi be retina-ready? Once or twice have had to choose other themes that are, it’s the only drawback have ever found to Divi 2.

    • What do you mean? As long as your photos/images are high enough resolution then everything should look fine on retina. I do recommend using an SVG logo in your header instead of PNG.

      • SVG is denied by WordPress by default. A plugin must be used in order to upload SVG images.

  254. Sounds good. With you going towards more of a plugin, does this mean that Divi will now work and play well with other themes should someone decide to switch to a new look, or is the same adage of “If you use Divi, it better be forever”?

    • With the Divi Builder plugin, you can switch themes and all of your Divi-built pages will work great.

      • Hi Nick, does that mean using the Divi Builder plugin + older ET themes such as Elegant Estate, InReview etc – and still the websites will be responsive???? It’d sure be a killer ๐Ÿ™‚

        Keep up the awesome work you and team are doing. can’t wait for the release of Extra though ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • @iZen Digital,

          “…does that mean using the Divi Builder plugin + older ET themes such as Elegant Estate, InReview etc โ€“ and still the websites will be responsive????”

          my question exactly! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • ‘Setting the page builder free’ to use in any WordPress theme, for people learning and investing time in the Divi Page Builder, this really blows the doors wide open on the potential application of accumulated knowledge for future use. This takes Divi well outside the doors of Elegant Themes and has enormous potential if it is available to the entire community of WordPress. Incredible!

      • That’s the one thing that has stopped me from making people’s sites with Divi. This will change it all.

        Well in.

  255. Hi, this sounds super cool. The one think that I have always struggled with is the ability to custom made spaces. With other builders the open spaces is tight and you can then manipulate it by adding a spacer and changing the pixels. Holding thumbs for something similar. Great work, thanks

    • All spacing will be completely adjustable for every module, row and section ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Nick .. do we have an approximate ETA yet?

  256. Looks great! Is there any sort of expected release date?

    • Less than a month I would say, but I don’t love giving ETA’s since they are rarely accurate. We are doing our best to get this update rolled out soon, but we need to be very careful about how we make these updates due to the magnitude of the changes we are making. This isn’t something we want to rush.

      • Thanks. That is enough for me.

        Within a month is fantastic. But like you said, we want you to make sure it is fully finished and tested as best can be.

        Thanks again!

        • The problem with giving eta’s for software development is that it can be very hard to account for unexpected delays. Next some people will complain heavily if it goes over 3.9 weeks and post “I hate you forever” style messages

          It’s safe to say, “real soon now”, and “it’ll be done when it is done”

          In the meantime, I’ll just carry on with 2.2

  257. So good!

  258. Great Job
    All excited
    Bring it on!

  259. WHEN? Can’t wait!!! thanks for all your work

    • We are working hard to get this finished ASAP, however, we don’t want to rush this release due to the large scope of changes that are being made.

  260. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE full screen. As a photographer a full screen option is the direction we (photographers) are going. In fact I’m stuck between using an HTML5 fullscreen and just use Divi as a blog.

    However, if Divi was full screen (see intothedarkroom.com website options), my life would be great.

    Oh, did I mention that a full screen option would be awesome.

    • The site you posted is a cinch for Divi builder but I doubt if one can create this site here http://deefrentng.com/afrealsite without advance custom coding especially integrating that rotating words on a dark overly background. How I hope Divi will ship with these features b’cos I don’t wanna venture to tf all the time to get another WP multipurpose site for business and portfolio or even niche site but to use Divi builder.

      • I guess I was meaning a full screen gallery. Full “width” slider is easy. It’s the “full screen” slider that I was hoping for.

    • Divi already has some great full screen modules, and the “full screen” effect is already present when adding background images to sections. However, you will be pleased to know that we are expanding he “full screen” possibilities to a whole new level with Divi 2.4 due to some new row options we are adding.

      • Hi Nick,

        Thanks for yet another promising update!
        Just wanted to mention a suggestion on adding a full-width text module so we can use to insert our own custom html that will then be expanded full-width.
        I am currently using a standard text module, but have to change all the padding and margin CSS properties every time. It would just save a lot of time. Thank you!

      • I too want to echo the full screen option for us photographers. I know that the current Divi does full screen but I can not get it to do what I am looking for.

  261. I <3 YOU! I feel about you the way I used to feel about Apple, you have changed my world for something better than I could have even imagined, and you keep doing so over and over!

    • Thanks Anne-lise, we are happy to hear that ๐Ÿ™‚

  262. Can’t wait for this. Only problem is that I’ll have to rebuild my library of custom layouts ๐Ÿ™

    • All of your current layouts wont be lost, so you don’t have to worry about that. But you will have the opportunity to build new things in 2.4 ๐Ÿ™‚

      • When will this version be available?

  263. It would me so nice when the content area is faster visible. In small laptop screens it is so much scrolling before people can change a line of text

    And …
    It would be even better if these module settings are collapsable

    • You will be able to adjust spacing with much more ease in 2.4, which means you can reduce padding in rows and section to tighten things up a bit.

  264. All I can say is “cool, cool, cool.” You rock!
    And that’s what popped out of a 59 year old’s mouth who:
    ยปstarted with fortran back in high-school
    ยปwent to machine language at Melb. University in Australia where computers took up rooms and it was really important not to drop the deck of cards that was your really simple program
    ยปfirst published a book on one and a half 64k mac floppy disks in 1986
    ยปhas (on the side) wrestled with making apps for ios.

    So I really do appreciate what you are doing!
    Of course, I have detoured from the hard science since the early days and have been literally and figuratively all over the map re. fields of learning and practice.

    That just helps me love all the more what you are doing with Divi!

    PLUS just yesterday I was just wrestling with the logo and header spacing issues this update will address, so I love your timely! Keep up the fantastic work.

    • We see a lot of people struggling with nav menu customizations, and we are exciting to put those days behind us ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Same here ๐Ÿ™‚

      • This puts a smile on my face. Mobile menus is the one true draw back of divi theme. Thanks for all the hard work!

      • Nick, will we be able to do the same cool things you guys did with the menu from bloom and monarch web demos? (transparency and color on scroll? and hidden and appearing on scroll?)

  265. So what I’m hearing is that Extra isnt coming anytime soon…

    • Extra will be released shortly after Divi 2.4 and the Divi Builder plugin.

      • Also Nick is it safe to say that the unification of Extra and DIVI builder is a thing of the past, they are once again 2 separate entities?!

        • What I’ve understood is that Extra will be a theme using Divi builder, nobody has said that will come separately. Divi theme is another theme also using Divi builder as will do all future themes.

          I supose what is confusing u is the name Divi as part of the theme as the builder. I think the Divi builder shoud be called something like ET Builder, that would make more sense, otherwise gets a bit confusing because seems a part of Divi theme.

  266. Working on divi 2.4 will be more fun than work

  267. Hi guys, I LOVE DIVI AND I’M TELLING EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT IT! It’s the first and only website I’ve ever built, and after sorting out so much confusing information, I found you and it has been so easy since.

    AS for your new release, I’m super excited about Library. Just today I was wanting it for my testimonials, as I want to be able to repeat the same (populated) testimonial box on different pages, and presumably this will enable me to do that ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It sure will ๐Ÿ™‚

  268. Fantastic to hear. All the improvements are things that I have been wondering about as I very recently became a member and supporter of ET.
    Haven’t got around to transform our present site yet so any info on the release date would be great.
    Keep up the good work ET team.

  269. Nick,
    I have to say I am already impressed with Divi and am currently looking at redoing my own site with it. I have used Divi for 3 of my customers and they love their sites. Thanks for all your hard work that makes my job even easier.


  270. These improvements look very exciting. Are there any plans to add other menu styles to this new version? I think more design choices in this area would greatly improve divi.

    • I’d like widgetized menu items and tabbed/collapsible-expandable submenu.

    • We aren’t adding any new styles to the menu in 2.4, but the menu itself will be easier to customize.

      • Good to know. Thanks Nick!

        • Hi Nick,

          Do you mean that I will be able to mimic such a menu made by your customer Geno Quiroz, on that page ?

          (centered logo splitting menu bar in half)

          • The would be a wonderful thing to have for version 2.4

  271. Okay. I’m officially excited!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  272. Its sounds all good, hope it gives me more flexibility (some more color changing maybe)…

    Like everybody we can’t wait!…

    Will it be here tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰

  273. Your team is awesome. Keep up the great work! Thank you.

  274. Would you like to update your previous unresponsive themes to mobile responsive anytime soon? As it will be a great rescue for us, specially for those who have made highly customized them?

  275. I hope vertical spacing canbe adjusted. That was my only issue!

    • You will be able to adjust everything ๐Ÿ™‚

  276. Great to hear!

    I do have two questions I hope someone can answer.

    1. When this update rolls out, will it be a lot of work to update existing Divi websites? I don’t really feel like spending a day to install the builder plugin etc for every website I ever made.

    2. This is more of a suggestion… I would love it if we would be able to modify the Divi installation. Meaning that we can download different versions that, when updated, remain the same. For most websites I just don’t need all those extra functions that just cause the website to be slower. But it is a pain to manually delete all the code every time Divi updates.

    If you would like to contact me personally feel free to send me an email. Thanks in advance for answering my questions!

    • 1. The builder is not being taken out of Divi, we are simply setting the Divi Builder free as it’s own plugin as well. This means that if you ever decide to leave the Divi theme, you can install this plugin to keep all of your layouts and modules. It will also allow you to use the Divi builder in other themes.

      2. Interesting idea. We have thought about something like that, but more in the scope of limiting an installing for customers/end users. It’s something to think about for sure.

      • I love Randy’s suggestion, that would be a great addition to Divi!

      • Thanks for the quick response Nick.

        I think making the Divi Builder a plugin is a really smart step, well done with that.

        I understand my suggestion would mean a lot of work and a lot of changes, but when I think about my future of webdesigning I can easily see myself working with Divi for years and years.

        When I read posts about multipurpose themes the only negative thing people say is that it simply has too much functionalities that they just don’t need. This way you would tackle this problem which would give you a big advantage.

        Hope I could help, have a wonderful day and good luck with all the awesome stuff you guys are doing!

        • Definitely one of the downsides with frameworks like this that I always struggle with – code gets so bloated and sometimes feels like in the amount of time spent slimming it down and streamlining you could have just coded the thing yourself, which defeats the purpose of using a framework… : )

          Would be cool to make it modular so you only have to include what you’re actually going to use..,

          Well. We’re never satisfied, we want it all!! Haha

      • While you’re at it, why not have the download automatically create a child theme immediately and have all subsequent work take place in the child theme? That way your employees can save bunches of time not putting in the suggestion to create child themes every time they answer a question!

        • Great suggestion Randy!

        • Here! Here! Randy. You might have been kidding, but I’m not. I’ve often thought the child theme op should simply be part of the system, not a separately created thing to add to it. With themes and builders such as Divi, there’s just not all that much that’s too far out there to imagine. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Ditto!

        • I’ve been saying this, too. I messed up my headers/footers before reading that I should have had a child theme first!

        • Fully agree ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Nice suggestion.

  277. I am really excited about these new functions.

    I see a lot of people complaining on other posts, but if they want the usual themes club subscription, ET has plenty of competition (which is often more expensive and almost always way harder to work with but if all you care about are shiny new themes…).

    I am extremely satisfied with the new direction ET has chosen. Divi is an amazing WordPress theme and a fluid grid makes it almost perfect. I’ve built several unique websites using it. Keep up the good work.

    I was only 16 years old when I first subscribed to ET. Now I make websites to pay for my studies and travels. Best 20$ I ever spent. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  278. A great product evolving with even more amazing features. Calling Divi a ‘theme’ doesn’t seem to do it justice, it is so much more than what ‘themes’ are or have been in the past.

  279. As I said in the previous Divi post, hope that all this changes have been made with the developers users in mind.
    I hope for a simple way to add my own modules to the page builder and a simple way to extend the funcionality of the existing ones.

    • The Divi Builder as a framework has been extended quite a bit, making it easier to add custom modules. In the future, I foresee us writing up some documentation on this to allow people to create their own custom module packs. This is something we will explore more once the Divi Builder plugin has been released.

      • Greatest stride! This will be the greatest because it will spun more WP devs to create niche modules with Divi and not just portfolio sites! Thanks ET!

      • That’s great! I was wondering if that will be an option. Cool!

  280. These are fantastic I can wait! I feel like building sites for free I am so excited ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Jessica, that would be cool, can I be first, please?

  281. That sounds fantastic Nick!
    But just as others I am curious about what the effect of updating to 2.4 will be, knowing that I made some css-changes myself in the child theme…

  282. Hi!
    Great work!
    I would really like to see soon some builder modules capables to handle custom post types. It would be really helpfull.

  283. Wow!!!! Can’t hardly wait until you release the new Divi. I hope it can take down all the similar frameworks that are currently on the market. I love elegantthemes and Divi, so I’m really excited about the new theme.

  284. Fluid…. Great news ET, this is going to speed up the process of development and cut wasted hours out so much. Divi looks future proof.

  285. ETA? Can’t wait!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  286. When Can I get It?

  287. I sure hope there is much more flexibility for the header area. Everything else is perfect and really flexible just the header is hard to add more things like social icons or some kind image.

    • Yep the header/menu need a lot of flexibility but seems I saw some interesting view about making it easier in the coming update:) However, you can give Divi-booster plugin a shot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  288. When can I get IT!!!!!!!!!

  289. I need it now LoL

  290. This is why I remain a subscriber. Keep up the great work!

  291. Makes me even happier that I have a Lifetime Access subscription!

  292. I am very excited and almost can contain myself. (*smile*) Looks terrific and I’m sure my client’s will love the new update to Divi and the builder. Thanks for your excellent and continued work.


  293. Will the flexibility include that text editor in each module? It would be nice if the editing bar was fixed and the actual editing box would move like they updated in WordPress itself ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s the little things that help!

  294. YAY…..the set widths is indeed hard to work with…I hope we will be able to modify gutter widths easier between, rows, sections etc…I seem to be fixing the same problems for every divi site and copying css code from one to the other – have never been able to adjust column widths because you would need to adjust them in 7 different places, as soon as you set a width in custom css for a column, the responsive css breaks so I would be happy with this update

    • Amen to that. It’s a spectacular theme but I have to say I was shocked and appalled at all the fixed pixel widths set for everything… : /

      Can’t wait for fluid grid!!

    • Yep, all that will be customizable! Gutter widths, padding, etc.

      • I’ve called Divi the “scrolling theme” since I first started working with it, because the modules and sections often have too much padding and margins, thus you have to scroll to get to the content.

        This update will rock the theme world. A benefit to Elegant Theme’s Support will be a huge reduction in help tickets to modify the theme.

        My hat is off to you Nick!

  295. Looks really cool! Will there be more flexibility built in on how the logo is displayed (or hidden) in divi 2.4?

  296. Cool but… is this a week away? a month away? a year away? how much EXTRA time will it take for us to see it… ๐Ÿ™‚

  297. Can we please have an option to have a 960px wide site setting for Divi 2.4? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • In 2.4, you will be able to quickly adjust the max width of the Divi content area, to either extend or restrict it past it’s 1080 default size.

      • Thank you Nick, That means we can add our blog sidebar 300px for Google Adsense and other Ad Networks.

  298. Looks amazing!

    Can I still use the CSS already placed right now and an existing child theme I created?

    • It really depends what kind of modifications you have made. We are making the new version of Divi look exactly the same, with everything the same exact size. However, if you have a bunch of fixed widths defined in your Child Theme, then these are not going to be fluid like the re-build modules in Divi 2.4.

  299. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

  300. Oh my !… Now I’m gonna read the post ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  301. WOW! Sounds amazing! Give it to me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  302. Great theme and I couldn’t be happier that I accidentally stumbled across it a year or two ago! I look forward to the next generation!

  303. Gotta love Divi! Keep the updates coming guys.

  304. Am I dreaming ? I sure am ! This is going to be incredibly powerful and fun to create !! And I can almost see Extra coming along soon as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks a lot folks ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It wont be long now ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Any chance of a rough timeframe Nick please?

      • 1 moth? Really, nick…i’m using Lucid. I need to update my website! ๐Ÿ˜€

  305. Sounds so good. I can’t wait…

  306. I just about to start using Divi for the first time – whats the expected date – should I hang on for it?!

    • Angie , if you’re someone who is comfortable with making code changes, than waiting might make sense – but — if you are someone who is strictly a GUI blogger (like me) then do not wait one minute. While it sounds corny to say the fact is that DIVI -as it is now – has changed my life. I can actually make my site look the way it is in my head…..

  307. Great Customer Loyalty.

    Divi Rules!


  308. This sounds awesome, thanks for the update. Will there be any changes we should be prepared for in terms of module sizes, default colors etc? Will theer be any ID or class name changes or removals?

    • We are not removing or changing any classes, but we are removing a tone of unnecessary CSS since fixed widths are no longer required. What you should prepare are any areas where you defined a fixed width for a certain element. This fixed widths will likely still look ok on desktop, but as the grid adapts fluidly to the browser window your modified fixed-width elements will not.

      Luckily these fixed widths wont be necessary anymore, and you can likely just delete them from your child theme and let the parent theme handle the fluidity.

      • Sounds great, thanks for the reply. If I could push for a follow up question… I have posted in the theme suggestions, but I have yet to see any mention of this feature gain traction.

        I’m talking about the [protected] shortcode. It’s amazingly useful, but with the divi builder it becomes restricted to only the text module.

        Do you ever see this shortcode being worked into the fabric of divi module options?

  309. I love it already!

  310. Yeah, great news, but i need to update my website and I need Extra! Without Extra i can’t do anything.

    • I simply couldn’t wait for Extra. I’m using Themify’s “Magazine” theme on a site that’s in development and I love it!! (Looking forward to comparing it to Extra whenever Extra finally gets released.)

  311. Aww, I was hoping this was THE announcement for Extra! But ok, at least you mentioned Extra. I’m just SO anxious to get that theme.These updates will be some real nice goodies though!

    • I just checked out your site and really like it! Great job on the graphics too!

    • You guys sound great. I wish I could play like jazz guitar that! Working on it.

      — Jazz Fan

      • Thanks Gary Gordon and Steve Moreland ! I have another site with Divi for photo and video: http://www.crphotovideo.com ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Nice job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  312. Nick, great updates! Any update on when we can expect the front end builder?

    • The front end builder will be our main focus after Extra is released.

      • Any release date for extra and divi 2.4 ?


      • Nick, thank you for the upcoming changes to Divi. They sound fantastic. Will they include a faster loading experience? I love Divi, but I had to figure out how to get it from 28 seconds to load down to 1.4. It would be awesome if you guys build the new version to load quickly. Thank you so much and looking forward to the release.

        • I would love to know how you did that Sheri. Is it covered in one of the support forums by any chance?

          • I switched hosts a few months ago from Hostgator to wpengine. All my sites went from 4-5 seconds to under 1.5 secs to load. The newest is at .34 seconds measured on pingdom.

  313. This will be a welcomed addition – I’m really struggling with getting layout right for mobile …some aspects are not responsive and header image really stretched on mobile view

  314. Nick, you are making life just miserable for your competitors! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Congratulations. And thanks!

    • Gary,

      Great to see that you are also an ET client. You have a great website.

      — Steve

      • Thanks, Steve. I can’t imagine what anyone would ever need to do with a website that Divi wouldn’t do — easily and elegantly.

  315. I’m impressed. Now Git ‘R Done!

  316. “The first step on this exciting path is to re-imagine the Divi Builder to be more flexible than ever before. ”

    Can’t wait Nick and team – keep up the great work.

    • It would sound better to me like this :

      The first step on this exciting path WAS to re-imagine the Divi Builder to be more flexible than ever before.


  317. Thanks for the update Nick, these are always much appreciated! One question though: do you imagine still creating new (child) themes that leverage the Divi Builder down the road?

  318. This is very exciting! ET never ceases to impress. Keep up the great work guys!

    Is there an estimated delivery date?

  319. Wahoo! Any idea on a release date? Thanks!

  320. Sounds awesome, thanks for consistently making this theme even better!

  321. Looks great! Can’t wait!

  322. Great to hear these news. Here’s hope that we will be able to center the pictures in the image module (at last).

    Not wanting to be that guy, but will these new advanced settings mess with the custom CSS already in place???

    • Just add the class aligncenter to the image module

      • Hi Michael, How exactly you do the image centering in the image module??

        Your advice will be appreciated!!


        • Nevermind, I got it!!!!

          Thanks anyway!!!

      • Well that is embarrassingly easy as I had the same question and that fixed it….


      • exactly!

      • Yes please, enough of these pictures not centred ๐Ÿ™‚ please let us customise the height of the sliders as well!
        Thank you!!

        • Oh yes, definitely On your side regarding the height Birgit!

  323. Wonderful!

  324. seems great

    • yes! really great features!

    • Wow guys, you really working hard and I’m sure we all appreciate your work! I’m looking forward to The Divi Library, so please hurry up ๐Ÿ™‚

      Keep on the good work!
      A happy lifetime member

    • Oh man! I wish I could give you a hug.:>)

      • @Ed you hit it ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hands above the waist please ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I love you guys! Keep being awesome. Have a great day!

    • Awesomium!!! Loving the look of the DIVI improves … spiffing ol’ chaps.

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