Introducing The Divi Builder Plugin 2.0, Now With The All New Visual Builder

Posted on March 15, 2017 by 143 Comments

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Introducing The Divi Builder Plugin 2.0, Now With The All New Visual Builder
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The Visual Builder Comes To The Divi Builder Plugin

We are excited to announce that the Divi 3.0 Visual Builder is now available in the latest version of the Divi Builder plugin, bringing visual front-end website building power to any WordPress website and any WordPress theme.

5 months ago we released our biggest Divi theme update yet, Divi 3.0, including the all new Visual Builder. The introduction of the Visual Builder was a revolutionary change for Divi, allowing users to design pages visually on the front end of their websites. Since its release we have been working incredibly hard to make the Visual Builder better, faster and more reliable. We have updated Divi 35 times since then. The Visual Builder of today is a far cry from what it was just a few months ago, and it’s only getting better. We have been putting the Divi Builder through some incredibly in-depth testing to ensure that the Visual Builder will work great with all of the most popular WordPress themes on the market. It’s through this testing that we were able to identify so many areas in need of improvement and fix them over the past few months. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

So after much testing and perfecting, we are super excited to release version 2.0 of the Divi Builder plugin, now with the all new Visual Builder. Say hello to the ultimate visual design tool for any WordPress website.

Take The Visual Builder For A Test Drive

Works With Any Theme

The Visual Builder is now available for any WordPress Theme. This means you can use any theme you want, or even switch to a different theme from Divi, without having to sacrifice any of Divi 3.0’s amazing functionality.

Now any WordPress theme can enjoy the power of instant visual WYSIWYG design. If you are using one of Elegant Themes’s many themes, but wish you had the power of Divi, now you can! Simply install the Divi Builder plugin and you can use the builder’s full suite of visual design tools to create stunning pages on any WordPress website.

Take The Visual Builder For A Test Drive

Enjoy The Power Of Instant Visual Web Design

The visual builder allows you to make changes to your website…on your actual website! Click into a paragraph and start typing. Highlight some text and adjust the fonts and styles. Drag an element and watch it move. Add new items from any of Divi’s 40+ content modules, adjust module settings, save and load items from the library and see everything happen instantly. No page refreshes, little to no Ajax loading bars and absolutely no need to “preview” your changes because everything is happening in real time on your page.

Instant Content

With the Visual Builder, you can build your website visually on the front end of your site. When you add something to your page it appears instantly. No page refreshes or loading bars, just instant gratification! The guesswork involved with designing in the back end is gone and there is no longer a need to preview your work as you design your page since everything is happening instantly right before your eyes.

Easy Inline Editing

The Visual Builder comes with its own text editor that makes inline editing enjoyable again. If you want to add some text to your page, just click and start typing! Want to change the font, size or color? Highlight some text and make the adjustments right on the page.

Drag, Drop & Duplicate

No builder would be complete without drag and drop, and this Visual Builder is no exception. It’s easy to arrange elements on your page by simply dragging them from one location and dropping them into another. You can cut, copy and paste elements too.

Draggable Padding

Now you can adjust the width, height and spacing between elements with a drag of the mouse. This is where the Visual Builder really shines, allowing you to make important design decisions in the best way possible: visually. Good white space is the cornerstone of every great design, but how would you know that your site is cluttered without looking at it? Design should not be done in the dark, and now it doesn’t have to be.

Divi Builder Sync, Auto Saves & Browser Backups

If you are still partial to the original Divi Builder, don’t worry. Divi Builder Sync allows you to use both the new Visual Builder and the original Divi Builder at the same time in different tabs! Add content to your page in the back end builder and then make visual adjustments in the Visual Builder. The Divi Builder will keep everything in sync while you design your page.

The Visual Builder also automatically saves your work and keeps backups of your changes in your browser just in case you forget to save, your browser crashes or your internet goes down. For WordPress professionals, there is nothing worse than having your precious time wasted due to technical errors. Now you can rest assured knowing that the Divi Builder has your back.

Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts

We have added an amazing list of keyboard shortcuts to the Visual Builder, allowing you to shave off hours of development time when building new sites with Divi. Pretty much every keyboard shortcut you would expect to work will work. Copy and paste, save and publish, zoom in and out, toggle through tabs and more. There are some more advanced shortcuts as well, such as: Copying and pasting styles, changing row widths, mirroring draggable padding, changing column structures, and adding new contents. These keyboard shortcuts, combined with the insane speed and visual nature of the new builder make for a perfect match of form and function.

Responsive Editing

Responsive editing is better than ever when using the Visual Builder. Once responsive editing has been enabled, the Visual Builder automatically displays the content as it would appear on a mobile device, allowing you to make adjustments with the necessary visual context.

Take The Visual Builder For A Test Drive

Now Better & Faster Than Ever

Over the past 5 months we have been hard at work improving the Visual Builder. We have added new features and made it faster and more reliable. The Divi Builder plugin is getting the best version of the Visual Builder yet!

We have been busy since the release of Divi 3.0. Our whole team has dedicated themselves to improving the Visual Builder, fixing bugs and adding great new features such as: Divi Builder Sync, Keyboard Shortcuts, Copy & Paste Styles, Auto Saves, Browser Backups, Failed Save Detection, Improved Performance and more. We have updated Divi 35 times and made hundreds of improvements. It’s really a joy to use the Visual Builder, and it’s only going to get better!

Take The Visual Builder For A Test Drive

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  1. Amazing!!!

  2. Thanks Nick!! This is great, although I can’t think of a reason to leave Divi 😉

  3. Great news!

    But… I’ve just updated in some websites and it haves the same problem with de WP Heartbeat inactive that you solved in Divi 3.0.36

    • Sorry to hear that Fernando. Everything is working great for us, and the Divi Builder plugin includes the fix for WP Engine and other sites that disable the WordPress heartbeat. You may just need to clear your browser and website cache.

  4. Awesome! This will be great for those of us who want to use other themes! I loved the trial of the Divi interface, but really just wanted to include it in my custom themes. Signing up for and sharing the giveway.

  5. I’m excited to try it!

  6. This is great! Can’t wait to use it ?

  7. Awesome!

  8. Love all things Divi!

  9. Awesome

  10. I wish I could be excited, but I don’t use the visual builder. I was pumped from all the hype and how the videos showed the builder in action. Reality has been different as it causes other issues for me. So for me, I’d rather have Divi without the visual builder. The only thing keeping me with Divi is most of my customer sites are Divi and my clients can’t afford to have me migrate their sites to something else.

    • You don’t have to use the Visual Builder. It does all the same stuff as the standard Divi Builder, the only difference is that you are editing in real time on the front end of your site. If you are having issues with the Visual Builder, please open a support ticket so that we can fix them for you. We aren’t aware of any critical problems.

      • Thanks Nick. I always open tickets when I need help. Support has been quick and stellar on all counts, with exception to the tickets I have opened that involve the Visual Builder. I didn’t get workable solutions so I finally closed those tickets as “resolved”. I’m not going to say more since this is probably not the best place to have that discussion. Overall, I do think you guys have a great product. There are no perfect theme builders, otherwise, everyone would use that one theme.

        • That is exactly my story as well. I have 2 issues that couldn’t be “resolved”, however as you say, nothing is perfect. This isn’t bad though 🙂


        • @Matt
          I had same problem. Great product but very bad support.

  11. Nick, you have made my day!

    I am so psyched to try this out!


    Goodbye thrive content builder plugin, HELLO DIVI BUILDER PLUGIN!!!!

  12. Great job ET! Not that I use any other themes than Divi at the moment, but happy to know if I need to, the Visual Builder is now in the plugin!

  13. Looks interesting! I definitely want to give it some time and tinker with the details.

  14. I hope to see Divi for now less distractive and more fluent in my workflow.

  15. I don’t get it. So, Divi 3.0 has become Divi 2.0, or…? There is no Divi 3.0 any more?
    What about the people who took lifetime access? Do they get a free upgrade to 2.0?

    • The Divi Builder plugin is a stand-alone version of the Divi Builder that you can use on any theme and any website. If you are a Lifetime member you get access to all of our themes and plugins.

      • Are all the updates in the Divi theme already?

  16. Really looking forward to giving this a shot. I personally have preferred the normal builder over the visual builder since it came out for some of the small performance issues and because I’m just easy to get set in my ways, but now I might actually utilize the visual builder!

    Thanks for all the hard work you guys are putting into this great product.

  17. Fantastic!!!!!!!

  18. Thank you for making it simple to edit any style in anyway I wish.

  19. Its awesome 🙂 Specially for other users who not use Divi Builder.

  20. Gram work and the visual builder greatly facilitates the design, seeing at all times the final result.
    Thank you

  21. Divi is great, I have been using it for the past months now. However, there is one thing that I want to point out, there isn’t a landscape mode for tablet and laptop size responsive editing, which I think is a must for creating a website. I often have to rely on media queries, which is quite a hassle. Anyways, stay awesome and keep improving. Sincerely, Thank You.

    • Yes I second that,,,we need landscape versions of phone and tablet. I usually resort to CSS hero to look at adjustments in these views. I find it more realiable and accurate than the dive phone and tablet views.

    • Ammm I don’t think that’s needed. The landscape mode of the tablet is the same as desktop and the landscape of the phone is the same as tablet (if that make sense lol).

  22. I LOVE Yall!!!!!!!! Divi 4 LIFE baby :o) !o!

  23. This is really cool!

  24. Again, take my money! Please! ;>)

  25. Awesome news! Looking forward to trying this out with our Divi Builder on the Maranatha theme.

  26. Great 🙂 A set of small additional plugins to give extra functionality would be also nice 🙂

  27. How does it work with bootstrap?

    • Divi wasn’t built on Bootstrap.

  28. Great news Nick and team and that 20% discount is very, very generous 🙂

  29. Great news
    Have always used Divi, I will now try the plugin

  30. This is amazing! Thank you for all of your great work. You make a creative’s job easier.

  31. How can you achieve the footer Call to action? that zooming animation looks pretty cool.

  32. Great. Will love to test it out.

  33. Is there any chance of making our own custom modules that will work on the visual builder as well?

  34. Divi has COMPLETELY changed my life, it has already opened up a world of new possibilities and new clients, and to think that the DIVI VISUAL builder can work on any wordpress theme – MIND BLOWN!!!! Thanks for everything guys – you are hero’s in my eyes!!

  35. This looks fantastic. Thanks for developing the plugin in addition to Divi 3.

  36. I´m really happy to hear this news! I think visual builder is a nice tool and now we have the chance to use it wherever we want. Thanks!

  37. Great news!

    I was not very happy with the previous version of the Visual Builder as i could not use it for all functionalities the back-end builder has. And also had performance issues.

    Now i hope this new version of the visual builder will be “as advertised” and up to my expectations, and will be able to forget all inconveniences associated with back-end editing.

    I am also curious to try it on non ET themes.

    Really appreciate your dedication to improve ET themes and plugins!

  38. Please explain how to update from Divi2.0
    Thanks for your great work!

  39. Day by day i love
    Divi theme more with this plugin released big problem has been solved

  40. I’m really excited about this update as well! Thanks for all the hardwork Nick and team!

  41. Realmente incrível! Eu montei um serviço para minha empresa baseado no DIVI e agora vou poder usar qualquer tema que eu quiser! Obrigado!

  42. Awesome plugin!!!

  43. You guys are too good! Keep on with these kinds of updates and awesome blog posts!
    Divi will always be my go to theme for all my website works

  44. Amazing update! Congrats Divi team!

  45. Awesome News! Thanks for the great work.

  46. Perfect! We could update our clients website that uses other elegant themes.

  47. I’m extremely disappointed with this update. After all these years, the Divi builder STILL does not have the ability to “break” though the page div, and make the content truly full width, when the theme has fixed width and not a 100% fluid design.

    For the record, most of the ET themes have a fixed width, and other descent page builders like Visual Composer and SiteOrigin have the ability to have a full width content no matter how your theme is built.

    As it is right now, the Divi builder is unusable, I had to delete it and use something more useful.

    • Glad to see this comment if only to know I’m not the only person that can’t rely on the Visual Builder. Either everyone who is excited are building simple sites with little to no customization, and perfectly sized images … or they are easily satisfied.

      However, at least for me, the original Divi Builder works pretty well. I haven’t seen any other builder that I think is as intuitive, so I’m curious what you found?

      • Hi Matt,

        We are talking about totally different things!

        I am not talking about the Visual Builder, but Visual Composer (a page builder plugin sold at Envato), which is many times better than any other page builder out there. If Divi ever wants to compete with it, and actually become better than it, which can be a reality very easily, it has to implement this feature, which as I said before, the Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, and even the WR Pagebuilder have the ability to break through the content Divs, when the theme has a fixed width.

    • @Nick, I noticed this in some themes though but when I used Astro Ajax powered theme, Divi Builder breaks through and make a awaseome fullwidth hence can create a beautiful fullwidth slider, fulllwidth tile image etc. What did Astro developer do that makes Divi Builder Plugin compatible with his ajax theme right on spot is what I don’t know. However, when I tred it with Newspapaper or Betheme, its frustrating so I don’t bother myself to use the builder on those themes. And mind you Newspaper, Betheme and Astro all used Visual Composer though bethem has her native builder. In all, I still love Divi, Divi Builder Plugin and Extra.

      Besides, my take on this update is other Elegant themes if the builder plugin can be use to edit the front look as well as make a fullwidth design like the Astro theme.

      • Hi bb,

        What the Astro Ajax powered theme’s developer did is the following: The theme is 100% fluid but added negative padding (or negative margins) to the content to look like a fixed theme. Now, you think that the Divi builder is breaking through the div, but it’s not – it seemly crossing over the negative padding values.

    • You can very easily make your theme container full width using a child theme and moving the theme template file there. The theme support or the ET support team can help you with that.
      I don’t think the Divi Builder should have this option, themes are not coded the same way and while this might work on some themes, a lot of themes will be broken due to this. I’m not 100% sure but I think Beaver Builder also doesn’t have this option, and any page builder shouldn’t! If you want it, you can code it for yourself it’s really easy. Just my thoughts.

      • You are correct Jamal, the Beaver Builder does not have it either. I disagree with you that a page builder should not have this option like the page builders I mentioned before. The simple question is why it shouldn’t have this option? Visual Composer and SiteOrigin have it !

        That said, if a page builder is not going to be FULLY compatible with every theme, it SHOULD be advertised that way, and not deceiving users that it is compatible with any theme, because the Divi builder is NOT 100% compatible with every theme, something that Visual Composer and SiteOrigin can say they are. And until that happens, Divi is amateurish at best.

  48. This is great! Thanks very much for all your hard work in releasing this! We’re super excited to used this!

  49. Hello ET Team!

    Great news!

    I just renewed one week ago. I wan to go for the lifetime subscription and take advantage of the 20% off and the – the 39$ already paid last week.

    How could I achieve that?

    Many thanks for replying me.

    • Hi Nuno! You can upgrade your membership plan for the difference in price at any time during your subscription from within your ET account dashboard. If you have any questions about upgrading, our Sales team is available via live chat 24 hours a day, 5 days a week 🙂


  50. Great! I can’t wait to test it!

  51. Congratulations Nick!!!

  52. Really excited about this, Nick! Thanks so much.

  53. Awesome news guys, I’m very happy when using the builder with Divi theme for my websites. Absolute stunning and easy to manage the content for beginners like myself.

  54. Now we only need to find a way of getting rid of those pesky VC notices on the themeforest themes

  55. Been waiting for this! Thank you 🙂

  56. Amazing update!

  57. Excellent update. Congratulation for ET Team. I’m really proud been ET member since 2010!

  58. Nice! I’m just wondering if the Divi Builder includes the A/B Testing functionality?

  59. Totally awesome. For guys like me who don’t know CSS or are a wiz at site building, this is absolutely perfect!

  60. Thanks – Great Work!

    One question – If we decide to go back to the normal WordPress editor on a particular page then we lose all the content. Is there a way around that without first having to copy and paste that to somewhere else?

  61. Great job folks! As always excellent work by the team. Thanks for giving us such great resources.

  62. amazing! wow!
    thank you elegant themes.

  63. This is truly amazing! The rest of the WP layout builders now have to play catch up!

  64. congratulations eleagant themes team!

    sir nick & team!

    i hope we can download all the video training/tutorials of divi theme 3.0 & divi builder 2.0 for offline viewing & fast-learning for non-techies like yours truly 🙂 thank you in advance & looking forward to it!

    thank you & keep rockin’!

  65. This is like the best WordPress plugin ever.. Visually stunning! You guys made web design so easy to a guy like me that doesn’t know a single line of code. I’m so grateful for you guys.. keep up the great work, don’t stop!

  66. That’s great news 🙂 By the way, How do you make the video header like this with Divi?

  67. Excellent job. to use in any wp theme is really amazing

  68. That´s great!!
    I would also find it very interesting if the Divi builder could be used for HTML websites without WordPress. For example, in conjunction with the Foundation Framework.

  69. One of the best WordPress accessories gets even better. Great effort guys!

  70. Hi, i tried to install Divi page builder on a website running Avada theme. Immediately as I turn the plugin on, the whole website crashes with falat error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_theme_file_path() in /nas/content/staging/nitronet/wp-content/plugins/divi-builder/divi-builder.php on line 74

    Just to warn everybody, try it first on a test wepage rather than on your live website.

    Any idea, why do I get this error? I tried to turn off the Avada fusion builder as well, but the problem still persists.

    I open a support ticket too, of course! Thank you.

    • Unfortunately, I didn’t read your post until it was too late. I’m actually running the divi theme and still returned the fatal error.

      I see this happened to you Adam on the 16th March and today is the 21st March. Perhaps Elegant themes you could sort out the problem so others are not caught out as well.

      I’ll also contact support if I can’t fix it myself.

      • I received the exact same issue.
        WP:version 3.8.19 (Cannot be updated at this point)
        Theme installed: Striking (older version)

        Does Divi Builder have a “minimum required version?”

    • I received the exact issue.

      I opened a support ticket but haven’t received any response yet.

      Are you able to fix the issue?

  71. I’m definitely planning to get Divi 3.0 to create my future clients websites. This is by far the best theme I’ve seen.

  72. I can only say one thing: A M A Z I N G
    Really happy to have purchased a lifetime subscription 🙂

    Thank you!

  73. Since the release of the visual builder I’m more confident to bring clients to Divi because they now can work as they do in other WYSIWYG platforms. Thanks for these updates!

  74. Another great advance in the DIVI ecosystem. 😉

  75. Amazing !

  76. Looks awesome, no more editing in one Tab and having to hit preview only to find it doesn’t look the same in the front end.

  77. Does the 20% upgrade count if your account has expired?

  78. Congratulations on the growth of the products and the community that supports them.

  79. Bonne nouvelle, merci ! Keep on !

  80. Always stunning and informative for creatives!!

  81. Awesome, I’ll hope a lifetime upgrade.
    Being a happy member for more than 5 years. 🙂

  82. Can’t wait to give the new Divi and the builder (especially!) a test drive.

  83. Great builder. Makes life so much easier!

  84. I love Visual Builder. Its single reason why I am thinking to Join. I have looked at demos and its fast, I mean really FAST!

  85. This is fantastic! Can’t wait to try this out!

  86. Congratulations! You are doing an incredible work! Thank you

  87. You guys rock 🙂

  88. D o
    I ntelligent
    V isions
    I nstantly

  89. It looks like it’s as good as the Divi theme. I’m eager to prove it.
    As always, fantastic ET work.

  90. I have installed the plugin but it completely tanked my site.

    The only thing visible on my site was a blank screen!! – no access to wp-admin either

    Removed the plugin via Filezilla and my site is fine.

    My site is behind Sharkgate a protection/cdn – could this be the issue?

    • Sorted – needed to update WP version

  91. Amazing.

  92. Amazing!!!

  93. Beautiful! Can’t wait to try it.

  94. Still can’t control columns number in blog grid layout. One of the biggest drawbacks for me.

  95. Elegant themes …. no competition 😉

  96. Perfect tool which allows even inexperienced users to create professional Web sites

  97. Fantastic!!!!!!!

  98. ITs Perfect solutions for every webpage

  99. yay!!!! DIVI FTW! Love it!

  100. Awesome update!!

  101. Quality looking theme and builder! Looking forward to giving it a go

  102. Waiting to try it 😉

  103. Nice work guys 🙂 I have used this plugin and the monarch plugin on a few websites and this one just got a whole lot better again! Keep it up!

  104. Hi Guys. Thanks for awesome theme. I still can’t figure out how to make tags visible in posts.

  105. This is so great!

  106. Is there way to pay with PayPal?

  107. Just shared and waiting.

    All the best. 🙂

  108. lets see if you are able to compete with bacround builders 🙂

  109. This is amazing! Many thanks.

  110. If I sign up for this offer, will I have access to divi 3.0?

  111. This should be great for the artists/visual learners amongst us??‍? Thanks!

  112. I currently have the Chamleon from Elegant Themes but I have been seriously thinking of switching to this one. It looks so easy!

  113. Looks great!

  114. Looking forward to trying your product. ?

  115. I simply love Divi, would love to get a copy of the new version.

  116. Great Work – again. Waiting for a project so I can give Extra a chance aswell 🙂

  117. So excited to start using it, looks amazing!

  118. Visual Builder is fantastic. The speed of execution is impressive. The user interface is simple and consistent.

  119. Can the plugin be used to make older non-responsive themes responsive?

  120. Does Divi 2.0 allow other WordPress Plug-ins, or I need to use only Divi modules?

  121. An incredible tool that allows to create webs of professional level without much effort.

  122. I’m not seeing the visual builder option when I installed the plugin (Using version 2.03). Does it have to be enabled somehow?

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