Introducing Custom Field Integration For All Divi Email Providers Plus New GDPR Compliance Options

Last Updated on September 22, 2022 by 132 Comments

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Introducing Custom Field Integration For All Divi Email Providers Plus New GDPR Compliance Options
Blog / Theme Releases / Introducing Custom Field Integration For All Divi Email Providers Plus New GDPR Compliance Options
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Custom Field Integration And
GDPR Compliance Tools

Divi now supports the ability to create custom email optin forms, including complete integration with all Divi email providers. This makes it easy to add GDPR compliance checkboxes, as well as create custom list segmentation and email autoresponders.

Today we are excited to announce custom field integration for the Divi Email Optin Module and for Bloom. You can now add custom input fields of various types and collect new pieces of information from your email subscribers when they opt in to your list. This data can then be used for list segmentation and email automation, as well as for recording GDPR consent. Our products have also received several additional updates to help you more easily comply with the GDPR and other data privacy regulations. Our goal is to provide our customers with the tools they need to feel comfortable with the way they comply with the GDPR, but we don’t recommend rushing into using these options without first considering why you are using them. Ultimately it’s up to you, and it will depend on the way you are using the data you collect.

Custom Field Integration For
All Email Providers

Add custom fields to your email optin modules and collect additional information from your subscribers.

Automatic Custom Field Detection

Divi and Bloom support 20 different email providers. These are the providers you use to manage your email list and to send emails. Each service works differently, but all of them support the collection of custom data. This data is collected using custom fields – additional input fields that you add to your opt in form to collect more information from your subscribers.

Divi and Bloom are now fully integrated with all 20 email providers and will automatically detect when you create custom fields within the email provider’s system. When a custom field is added to a list, you will have the option to add that custom field to your opt in form. When a subscriber fills out your form, the information collected by your custom fields is saved to their subscriber profile. Several different input types are supported:

  • Text Input
  • Textarea Input
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Select Dropdowns

You can learn more about how to add custom fields to Divi in our latest documentation article.

Note: The new custom fields UI is currently only accessible in the Visual Builder.

Segment Your Lists Using Custom Fields

Using custom fields to collect additional information from your subscribers has a lot of uses. Perhaps the most important is list segmentation. Using the data you collect, you can organize your list into different groups and send different people different sets of emails based on their different interests. You can also use custom data sets to create email autoresponders that send customers automated emails based on the information they provide. For example, if someone signs up using a specific form with a specific custom field, you could set up an autoresponder to automatically send that person a freebie or a deal. This is where the power of email marketing really shines, and it’s only possible using custom fields!

New GDPR Compliance Options

Divi has new options that will help you comply with the GDPR, including compliant consent checkboxes and reduced data collection.

Consent Checkboxes

Some of our customers have expressed the desire to add mandatory consent checkboxes to all Divi forms that collect and transmit visitor information, such as the Email Optin Module and the Contact Form Module. While this probably isn’t necessary for most users, we want to make sure that everyone has the tools they need to feel comfortable with the way they are complying with the GDPR. Before rushing in and adding consent checkboxes everywhere, we encourage you to consider why you are adding them. In most cases, they probably aren’t necessary and there are many lawful baseis for collected data under the GDPR. In fact, ICO discourages the use of consent when possible since it is more burdensome on both the data collector and the user.

Regardless, fully compliant consent checkboxes are now available in Divi and Bloom thanks to the above mentioned Custom Fields Integration. This allows you to not only add consent checkboxes to your form, but also keep a record of consent for each form submission in your email provider’s subscriber records. This is a very important feature for those that wish to use consent as their form of lawful data collection, and something that many themes and plugins tend to overlook. This is the reason we went above and beyond with our email provider integration, to make sure that you are recording consent and not relying on a static checkbox.

Form Input Field Links

When adding custom checkbox fields to the Email Optin Module or the Contact Form module, you will now have the ability to attach links to the input label. For those that want to use checkboxes to record consent for their form submissions, these checkboxes will need to link to your website’s privacy policy. Adding such links is now quick and easy.

Reduced Data Collection

In order to make it easier for our customers to comply with the GDPR and other data privacy regulations, we have audited and reduced all of the data collection that Divi performs. This was pretty easy since Divi didn’t really collect any data on your visitors in the first place. The only exception was with the Divi Leads Split Testing System, which used IP Addresses to determine which visitors should be served which version of your split test. In the new version of Divi, IP Address recording has been removed, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Third Party Script Removal

Some of our customers have expressed concern about using third party scripts on their website. Divi uses Google Fonts to allow you to use custom fonts on your website. We also allow you to enter your Google API key to use Google Maps in the Divi Maps Module. Both of these integrations can now be disabled in the Divi Theme Options.

If you do not want to use Google Fonts, but you still want to use custom fonts on your website, don’t worry! Divi allows you to upload custom fonts in the Visual Builder. You can download your favorite fonts from Google Fonts and then upload and host them on your own website instead.

All of these great new updates are available today, so download Divi and take them for a spin. Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to check back next week for even more great Divi features coming your way.

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  1. I just started to read about all of this….I needs a drink.
    Anyways, being in Canada or USA or other area outside of EU. What if a person has a site only for a small region state/province/territory/Island? They don’t deal with clients from GDPR Compliant Countries/businesses? Can we make a site to block out all? Just sending info outside EU involves GDPR Compliant 2018 25th May rules.

    It sounds weird, but what if they the client(s) don’t agree with the GDPR in their area and shouldn’t consent to having connect to them in anyway?

  2. I successfully introduced the Custom Field in Bloom, but the value don’t get updated in mailchimp (radio button)

    • Hi, have you got any news or possible solutions about Mailchimp / radio buttons / custom fields issues? Same bug here… 🙁

  3. Will this be available any time soon in the back-end version of Divi? I’d love to be able to use the GDPR compliance aspect or feature but it does not seem to be available if I use the non Visual Editor or back-end editor. Can you please clarify? Thanks!

  4. adding this form plugin immediately produced errors. I am not understanding why everyone is thrilled with this post

    Is there a solution that does not require me going to an attorney?

  5. Thanks for this tutorial! Is it possible record user consent that sends a message via contact form?

  6. Everything looks good, except:

    I have a date entry field in MailChimp that must be selected with a calendar using a specific date format.

    I am able to add the field in my Bloom opt-in – however, it allows for any combination of alpha-numeric entries – so a user could type in their name instead of the date of interest. I have tried switching the field type but it won’t let me.

    Any help? Thanks!

  7. In Bloom widget i need to open the policy in a new tab. Ho can i do it? Thanks.

  8. It would be nice to have the divi features in the visual builder and the backend builder.

  9. Visual Builder only? Come on dude…

  10. I have repeated the process in bloom and I do not know how to make the link to the privacy policy in another tab. The pivacy policy page is open in the same page of popup and I lost it.

  11. Very nice. But also very, very late.

    Some information that you are planning this update would have been quite useful. Since you shared nothing at all about your plans regarding GDPR (updates of newsletter optin and contact form modules) and even the support had nothing to say here, last week I switched all my clients’ websites to other solutions – this was quite an effort. And this week I understand this was completely redundant? Interesting approach.

    I am a very big fan of Divi otherwise, but this is really strange. Please be more transparent regarding such important topics and inform users what they can expect.

  12. This is a good update.
    I have two Contact/optin form questions:

    1)Will you ever get a recaptcha feature added to them?
    2) will you ever introduce an option to add contact/optin form to a sidebar or footer widget?

  13. How to fix this problem, I use MailChimp email provider, When we try to enable CUSTOM FIELDS, it is showing like this: You have not defined any custom fields in your email provider account. Once you have defined some fields, click Update Lists button for appropriate account on the Email Accounts tab

  14. Great stuff- always excited to see your new updates and additions. Thank you!

  15. Thanks again!!! Great work guys!

  16. That’s awesome !
    But can we fill the fields with database values easily without having to make ajax scripts ?

  17. That’s awesome !
    But can we fill the fields with database values ?

  18. Divi continues to provide some of the best value of any service I use on a daily basis.

    One other tool I use for every website is Gravity Forms. As these updates keep coming you guys are getting closer and closer to being able to just replace GF all together, which is ideal.

    The one huge feature that I wish Divi had is an entries tab. Something to show all the entries from the form. This is helpful should the email not go through for whatever reason. 🙂 it’s a good backup.

    Are there any plans of adding that? There’s an $8plugin out there that does this, but the goal is less plugins. 😛

  19. Hi Nick

    First of all let me say: thank you for Divi!

    I have two simpel questions:

    1. It would possible to add the Euro icon to the icons collection? Many of us live and work in Europe so it would be great!

    2. Would ik possible to add a date picker (with different options if you can) the the form module?

    Thank you very much and best regards from The Netherlands


  20. Hi Nick, “Divi and Bloom support 20 different email providers.”

    Is Sendy going to be supported anytime soon? Currently we use Thrive Leads but really would prefer to be using anything Elegant Themes, as it’s soooo much easier to use. Anyhow, thanks for everything you’ve done so far!!

  21. I like the new features, but I would not sell this as a GDPR update. A GDPR update would allow us to load everything in an iFrame only after a second click. NO OTHER major THEME does this at the moment, so it would be another BIG selling point for Divi for users in the EU.
    I understand you’re ahead of the competition, but why not work on features that show you truly care and that will expand your lead even further?

    No one wants do _disable_ Google fonts. We want to have an option for the theme to download a font, store it locally on our server in a caching folder and then load it from there. With a few clicks… not manually download the font, add code to the style.css of our child theme. etc.

    A cookie banner that comes integrated with Divi would be great.
    With a further option to only load trackers (Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, etc.) after someone agreed to load 3rd party cookies.

    A Divi module option that allows us to only display what’s in the module after the user clicked. With a customizable message. That would allow us to embed videos and be in compliance with the GDPR.

    There are PLENTY of things you need to address as a website owner and contact forms are really the easiest thing to solve. I’ve been using Contact Form 7 forever and I still don’t see how Divi is superior as I also want to store the data in my database in case my e-mails stop working for whatever reason. Since Divi doesn’t have this option, I will stick with CF7.

    The update for the e-mail form is great and I’ll take it for a spin. Mostly, to test whether Bloom and the native Divi e-mail optin will FINALLY work correctly with Active Campaign or whether, after … 1,5 years after this was first reported, double opt in is still not working correctly for Active Campaign AND you can’t select form IDs for Active Campaign. Both of these reasons are complete deal breakers and make Divi (out of the box) a terrible choice for anyone who wants to work with Active Campaign.

    Sorry for all the bitching, but you have a number of feature requests that have not been addressed in forever and it doesn’t exactly feel like we’re being heard.
    I understand that GDPR compliance isn’t at the top of the list for you, but a working e-mail module that works with one of the major players for e-mail marketing can’t be too much to ask, can it?!…

  22. Is it possible to use conditional logic to send the message do different receivers?

  23. Hello Nick

    This is fine not to use google fonts, thank you.

    Could you add a mapping module not using ‘googlemaps’ ?

    A Open Street Map module on the same basis as the google module.


  24. What about Bloom ??? Nothing ???? No checkbox to consent ? I expect to see a new release before 05/25/18 but nothing ? Do you intend to put bloom GDPR friendly ??? Thanks for your answer.

    • These updates are available in Bloom too. It’s mentioned in the first sentence of this post.

      • Mailchimp have created GDPR compliant forms with additional fields for email consent. I’ve used the new forms and they are great, but …

        With Bloom when I select the option for custom fields, the response is: “You have not defined any custom fields in your email provider account. Once you have defined some fields, click Update Lists button for appropriate account on the Email Accounts tab”

        Yet the custom field is there!

        I assume this means I can’t use the default GDPR forms in mailchimp. This means I’ll have to design new forms so the custom fields get picked up.

        • same issue here, i’m assuming there is a simple fix or something we are missing

  25. Great stuff. Just would like to know if the optin form can now be done as an inline form.

  26. The people that seem to be freaking out the most about this whole GDPR thing are probably the same people that have already been respectful of privacy… And not doing shady things with data.

    The people doing careless and nefarious stuff aren’t going to care about “GDPR”… Rules and laws haven’t been able to stop spammers.

    Giant companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, the telecoms, ISPs, mobile providers, and apps are problem when it comes data and privacy! Not some “mom and pop” website like mine.

    The only way the EU can get the attention of those companies, is to threaten them with giant fines and to scare the crap out of everyone.

    I believe in privacy, but I also believe in “personal responsibility”. Maybe the EU should also punish people that don’t read terms and conditions and privacy policies when signing up for things like Facebook. Most people don’t know Instagram can use, and do anything it wants with your photos because they couldn’t be bothered to read the terms and conditions for using their free service.

    That’s why I agree with Nick that if your generally doing things the best you can within reason, you have nothing to worry about.

    And for the 5 people from the EU that signed up for my newsletter, you can find the opt-out link at the bottom of all my newsletters.

  27. Thank you!

  28. Thank you very much!

  29. Thank you for the GDPR update! But i miss some features and allow me to ask for those:

    – Do you plan to integrate a Goole Font Download Feature, to use Google Fonts from local?
    – What about Google Maps and Youtube / Vimeo etc. Any plans to create a 2-click solution?

    GDPR Best case:
    If you load a Page, all the network traffic comes ONLY from the Domain which is called. If there are elements from 3rd-party and the user allow to load (2-click) – everything is fine.

    • Divi already has the option to upload custom fonts, so you can download them from google an upload and host them on your website from within the Divi Builder.

      The video module also supports self hosted videos, so if you don’t want to load any third party scripts we suggest not using video hosting services like YouTube.

      • Upload a custom font doesn’t work for the default font you can set in the customizer. I have a 3 month old ticket for that here

        Also, downloading a Google font and upload it to Divi is an extra step we should not need to take. Divi could provide an option to automatically download the Google fonts that are used on the website in question. Avada does that.

        Then there is the maps module. It sends the visitors IP address to Google. The IP is considered personally identifiable information and you can’t share that without consent. And yes I know I could stop using the maps module, but maybe it’s time to work on an alternative, especially now Google want a credit card to use their maps api.

        @Carsten about video: Youtube has privacy option when you embed a video. If enabled, it embeds the video from the domain (but it sets a cookie as soon as the visitor plays the video).

        • @John-Pierre

          Thx, but only with iFrame i guess. If oEmbed is used, u do not have the option to select the privacy option. Correct?

          Google Maps and Youtube (+Vimeo) is nearly the same. 2-click would be perfect – or for maps of course OpenStreetMaps.

          • @Carsten, yes only with iframe unfortunately.

        • I really appreciate the update. However, it really, really, really came too late!

          Everyone had two years to make their software compliant. This last minute release as well as the unclear communication about it in the forums caused a lot of unnecessary insecurity.

          Frankly, it was the first time ever I was disappointed with ElegantThemes:

          Leaving your customers with no time to update their customers’ websites was not ‘elegant’ at all. And not knowing what precisely the update would bring made it even worse.

          Please learn from this make compliance with legal issues a higher priority in the future!

          As for @Carsten’s suggestion: I’ve bought this plugin, which does exactly what you would expect: Download Google fonts, store them locally on your server and make them available inside Divi:

          I suppose this will prove to be an unnecesarry buy as soon as @John-Pierr’s ticket is resolved and fonts can be uploaded globally in the customizer as well.

          To be honest, I would have rather given the 200(!) euros this has cost me to ElegantThemes, had you provided that solution earlier.

          The other issue concerning external scripts is solved by this plugin:

          It basically prevents the site from loading any external scripts until consent is given.

          Of course, it would be much easier to have a Divi option to “Display message of consent” above a video, maps, or code module that loads external scripts.

          Maybe this will be a future Divi feature, and yet another 200 Euros are spent in vain.

          Please don’t get me wrong, ET are still doing a great job in general! In this particular case, though, I would have really wished to see an earlier and more thorough understanding of client’s needs.

          This could have saved me some money and most of us some headaches for sure!

      • Thanks Nick,

        1) FONTS: Oups – seems i missed another cool Divi feature… Thank you for the hint. Nearby perfect. Maybe another IDEA (from Slider Revolution at latest Version) – they added Global Settings to download used Google Fonts instead of including them. Works in Background and is maybe a cool idea – not only for GDPR – also for performance.

        2) VIDEO: Yeah you’re right. But what to do, if i like to share your cool Videos on my blog? …OK, i try to use the Plugin “Embed videos and respect privacy” within Divi. Or maybe you also would like to take a look – perhaps there is a chance to have something like that in the Divi-Core in the future? Because: The 2-click solution is also a high efficient performance feature. No traffic from YT before you click the video thumb… Hmmm! xD

        However: I’m happy with Divi – thank you for a fantastic job!

      • I didn’t even know about that feature. Does that mean that you need to set the font on a “per module” basis or can you apply this setting globally like in the theme customizer?

  30. Learning about your customer’s pain points regarding web forms for GDRP compliance, you’ve quickly developed a solution for them. Cheers!

  31. A checkbox for comments to get “explicit consent” is not a requirement of the GDPR!

    Explicit consent is only required for sensitive data, like “personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, and the processing of genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person’s sex life or sexual orientation”.
    Source: Art. 9 GDPR

    For further information, search Google for: “When do you need to gain explicit consent?”

    • Hi There –
      Testing it – but cant figure out how to use the “hidden field” value.
      I cant choose it.
      using mailchimp . setup costum field. Any ideas?

  32. From the changelog:
    – Added a new (Cmd/Ctrl + R) keyboard shortcut for reset styles.

    Won’t that conflict with the browser refresh page shortcut?!

    • First thing that struck me when I read your comment ->  R = page reload

  33. Thank you so much! It’s amazing how fast yo react!

  34. Everythings great, but why you don’t add the support for Drip ( in your Email optin module and Bloom?

  35. I’d still like to see API’s attached to URL’s at the E.T. website admin panel so we can disable those websites for updates if need be (think contractual issues here) and also track which ones belong to what (think production sites here) as the API is hidden in the WP Admin panel and has no url reference to it at E.T. Still would like to be able to change the default “Project” CPT to something else or at least disable it so if you have CPT’s with another provider where you actually need to have a “Project” CPT then you don’t have to dig around to find out how to disable or rename the Divi “Project” CPT because you can’t have 2 with the same name… please 🙂

    Otherwise, thanks for another great addition…

  36. This was very important, the GDPR was more than a headache these days. Thanks so much!

  37. Everythings great, but why you still don’t add the support for Drip ( in your email optin module and Bloom???

    • Echoing this. Still no bone toss in Drip’s direction. >:|

  38. This is awesome. I like to use Bloom on non-Divi client sites though, will custom fields make it to bloom too?

    • I was wondering as well, because this video says it’s in bloom, but it’s not! :/

  39. Great addition, thanks!
    But is really consent needed for a simple contact form that only requires the sender’s email address?

    I read your comment here:
    “Before rushing in and adding consent checkboxes everywhere, we encourage you to consider why you are adding them. In most cases, they probably aren’t necessary and there are many lawful baseis for collected data under the GDPR.”

    but it would really be helpful to know whether this is needed or not in such cases. What are those “most cases”?

    I can see for instance that your own contact form here doesn’t use a consent checkbox. Is that correct?

    • Agree with you on that John.

      I was surprised by the line ‘In fact, ICO discourages the use of consent when possible since it is more burdensome on both the data collector and the user.’

      Perhaps I need to go and review both the GDPR and ICO sites once again to see what they say.

      Perhaps a statement in your privacy policy is enough…

      • Thanks guys but I see there is still a lot of confusion about that and and no real consensus.
        Nola: I also checked the ICO site before posting but there was nothing explicit about simple contact forms.

        I tend to agree with following comments, and I’ll NOT add a checkbox to my contact forms. At least for now, until something proves I’m doing it wrong…

        Timon’s remark is absolutely unbeatable and this alone is the strongest argument why you shouldn’t do anything:
        “Also a GDPR checkbox for a newsletter is completely useless, because you can’t prove if this type of consent really came from the owner of the email address!”

    • A checkbox for comments to get “explicit consent” is not a requirement of the GDPR!

      Also a GDPR checkbox for a newsletter is completely useless, because you can’t prove if this type of consent really came from the owner of the email address!

      Explicit consent is only required for sensitive data.

      Everybody falls for this because they don’t understand the legal difference between “consent” (regular consent) and “explicit consent”.

      For more details, search Google for: “When do you need to gain explicit consent?” and look at Article 9 of the GDPR with a list of what falls into the sensitive data category.

      No checkbox is required for newsletter opt-ins or contact forms. You just need to have a simple note that your privacy policy applies.

      For a newsletter you should have a note about your privacy policy in the opt-in confirmation email. Double opt-in is the requirement when it comes to the GDPR and newsletters.

    • The GDPR is not that explicit so at the moment everybody has a different opinion. Some say that a contact form needs a checkbox, other say they don’t.

      Personally I think they don’t. A contact form is an alternative to sending a normal email to an address that is shown next to the form and for a normal email you can’t have a checkbox either. It might be different if the details are saved in the WP database though, like you can do with caldera or CF7 Flamingo.

      All I do is add a link to the privacy policy on the contact page. Without checkbox.

      • IMHO you get the point !
        Because Divi contact form is not storing anything in database we are not able to register the explicit consent.
        I personally opt to use CF7+Flamingo and then use a checkbox, otherwise any checkbox in divi contact form (with is great) is not compliant “as is”

    • Hi john

      It depends why you are capturing the email address. If it’s for marketing purposes than it’s likely you do need a positive and unambiguous action from the User (if they are EU based).

      There are several legal basis for holding onto a customers data – such as needing it to complete a contract or having a legal need for it. Marketing won’t normally fall under other basis, so the only other basis to hold the personal data is consent.

      As an email address can be used to identify a specific person it is classified as personal data – so yes, even a simple email address would require consent.

      The ico website is a great resource if you’re confused. But the aim of including these opt-ins is to empower your Users and give them real choice (rather than it being a box ticking exercise). If you can find a creative way to get a positive action indicating consent – go for it! It doesn’t HAVE TO be a tick box.

  40. Hi Nick we tried to set deactivate Google Fonts but they still show up!

    • Did you try to clean the (website/browser) cache?

    • me too!

  41. Fantastic that you have finally released the GDPR update. Thank you!

    I have made my client’s MailChimp list GDPR compliant and changed the SignUp on that end to include a marketing preferences opt-in.

    However, when I try add a custom field on the Bloom Opt-in I get a message saying that:

    “You have not defined any custom fields in your email provider account. Once you have defined some fields, click Update Lists button for appropriate account on the Email Accounts tab”

    Do you know why the new standard MailChimp GDPR field is not showing up for Bloom?

    Thanks in advance!

  42. You are top Elegant Theme!

  43. Thanks, guys! It’s a very helpful feature. I’m using Active Campaign and it’d be great if we had more editing options.
    My consent fields look quite weird on my optin at the moment.

  44. Hello team!

    Now you have done a very good job! Thanks for the adjustments!

    If Bloom got another 2-click solution now, it would be perfect. As Bloom is currently, the plugin in the EU may no longer be used.

    Thank you for your efforts!

    • Monarch I mean!

      And I miss the checkbox for the comments 🙁

  45. Great work! That sounds amazing. I am going to check all this. I hope this field integration work with the GDPR fiels from MailChimp too.

    • 🙁 I just tried… And it doesn’t get the GDPR fields from Mailchimp.
      I guess that is because they (Mailchimp) still didn’t published those fields in their API or something… But I hope they make it soon and we can connect everything.

  46. Hey Nick, great addition! It really comes in just handy. One question: is there an easy way to implement a cookie warning with Divi? Maybe even with a way to disable cookies or specific scripts on the site? That seems to be still important according to gdpr interpretations around here. All the best to your team!

    • Yes that would be awesome. Saw your Divi cookie popup. That’s looks fantastic and I like the way of managing third party cookies. Please launch in Divi

  47. Great and thanks a lot.

    Regarding the GDPR policy and the feature around that, it would be fine for the future if ET would provide information of the functions coming up before the update. Like a kind of roadmap. It think, this would decrease the no of support tickets dramatically and would make your customers more happy.

    It would also be fine if Divi would automatically download selected google fonts in the backend of the builder so only the could be used after using the new Google Fonts Option in the settings… Maybe a good idea for a future update!

    Really again a great update! Thanks to you and your team!

    • Downloading the fonts in the background would be most useful

    • Yes yes and yes… a road map for the next 6-12 months would be great, as well as including a poll to ask what people would like to see done first on a list of possible upgrades or updates!

      • Well the teaser videos are as close to a roadmap as you are going to get.

      • +1000

  48. Thanks a lot 🙂

    What is with font awesome cdn? Can we also turn that off?

  49. Greatjob guys, thanks 🙂

  50. Thank you very much

    Although some claim that the GDPR hype is dramatized, this solution is the best way to sleep peacefully .. 😉

    What I am most pleased for you is that in the comments to this post is not written the usual, such as: “Thank you. Nice update, but ….”

    Keep it up Nick, keep up the design team. Because the last layout was the first layout, which you can directly use from my point of view.

    Greetings from Germany, reigning football world champion 😉

  51. Hi Nick,

    Thank you very much. Thank you team ET.

  52. You guys blow my mind. You really went above and beyond. Thank you for these new features.

  53. Thanks a lot

  54. Great job as always.

  55. Thanks a lot, Divi team! =)

  56. Although this is a mainly a GDPR update why no file upload field???

    • Plus date picker…

    • +1

  57. Well I already submitted a support ticket. Looked at the contact form module in the backend and the checkbox field did not have the new link icon. Switched over to the visual builder and it showed up.

    • It’s only available in visual builder as for now as Nick wrote earlier.

      • That is JUST stupid.

        • I agree, I got really confused and tried all sorts to make it show on the page builder and then switched to Visual (which I hardly use till have built the original page) and found it.
          What would it take for it to be available on the back end to please.

        • completely !

      • Why only Visual builder? It’s confusing!

  58. This is fantastic! I love the constant roll-outs of things we all need. Thank you ?

  59. Good timing. Are the custom fields for the email forms only, or can they be used elsewhere in the builder too?

    • Divi only has two form-based modules: the Email Optin module and the Contact Form module. They both support custom fields.

      • Hi Nick. Are there any plans to extend wp custom fields integration within Divi?

        • Would love that too. Love all the work you guys are doing.

  60. Thank you so much! That helps a lot!

  61. Great Stuff – on point and informative as ever!

  62. Great news Nick!

    The problem sometimes are our clients. Every client has a lawyer and every lawyer has a different opinion about GDPR. And then every client wants us to implement different things to prepare their website for this EU law because his lawyer said so.

    Thanks to the whole ET team for going beyond GDPR.
    And thank you in advance for what is about to come in the next weeks. Great features on the way 🙂

  63. Awesome

  64. Does this update fix the optin module so that it will accept single-step sign up or whatever it’s called. With Bloom, when someone joins the mailing list(MailChimp) they are automatically added to the list without having to reply to a confirmation email. Does the optin module now allow this also?

    • Not sure if that is broken, but I have the option to ‘Disable Double Optin’ within my Bloom settings. The setting is in the Setup menu on the Optin Form.

      • Yeah, that option is in Bloom but not the Email Optin Module. I had to switch my optin form from the Optin Module to Bloom after discovering that the Optin Module required verification emails. Until we can disable Double Optin inside the Email Optin Module, that module is pretty much dead to me. Too bad because it’s much easier to style the optin form with the Email Optin Module.

        Support said they would hopefully add this feature to the Email Optin Module in the next major release… so I was hoping this release would be it…

        William Ralloma (support):
        “Currently, Divi’s opt-in module is set to double opt-in and I’m afraid that can’t be changed for now. You can use Bloom to disable double opt-in. This has been a popular request of our Divi’s opt-in module. Hopefully, we will be able to create a flexible opt-in option in our next major update.”

        • Wow. It is crazy that some people are asking for single opt in. How is this a “feature”. It is a bug. I can enter ANY e-mail address and add a person I dislike to a newsletter he won’t like.
          How is that something you WANT to do on your website?

          I’m not a fan of the GDPR, I’m not a person that is going through great lenghts to protect my personal information, etc…. but I would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use single opt in..

  65. Another great step to make Divi the best theme of the world.

    Always good news from Elegant Themes.

  66. Thank you so much man, JUST IN TIME!

  67. Very nice, Nick. Thanks. Getting better all the time. Proud to be a relatively early adopter and lifer!

  68. YEAH!!

  69. Awesome, just what I was waiting for. Thank you.

  70. Hi Nick,

    Pheeew ! That one came late. But it came !
    I was working on one of my site with a divi form…
    Thanks for this update. Just in time.

  71. This is Really Amazing option. it will help A lot.

  72. Cool update! Sadly we are using Zoho Campaigns for Email Marketing. Any chance to add it to the supported providers list?
    Thanks in advance.

    • +1, I’m using Zoho too!

      • +1 Zoho please….

    • +1 … We also use Zoho (because of their integrated CRM, books, invoicing, projects, etc.) PLEASE add them to the supported list.

      • Yes!! ZOHO please!!!

  73. great , Thanks a lot for this new feature

  74. Fantastic! Thank you. Just what I have been waiting for.

  75. You guys are really on the ball which is pleasing to see. I like to check everything out first and that’s what I am currently doing. So far, I am VERY impressed and looking forward to becoming a customer soon.

    Thank you.

  76. This is awesome, Nick. I love that you made these features useful for lots of other things besides just GDPR! 🙂

    • Well done also. Bon travail!

  77. Thank you for this!

    • Thank you for this!
      Still waiting longingly for GDPR compliant monarch. That would be perfect!

      • Monarch is fully GDPR compliant the way it is right now. When you load a page with Monarch on it, facebook, twitter, etc. aren’t receiving any data. Only after you clicked on one of the sharing buttons, these services are receiving information. At that point, the visitor has made a conscious decision, so you’re good. What’s not OK is sending data to third parties without the visitor making that conscious choice.

        • Thanks for the hint 🙂 I checked the plugin source/network connections and this actually is true!

          Monarch will only display a “Like”-link on your website and fetch the count of current likes via PHP; this PHP call does not include details about the current visitor. So Facebook does not know who is visiting your website, until the visitor intentionally clicks the “Like” button.

          Thanks again Oliver

      • I agree, count me on this too! I am using Shariff now but would love to use Monarch if it becomes GDPR compliant.

      • Isn’t that gdpr compliant with this update?

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