Introducing The Divi Theme Builder

The Divi Theme Builder is a fully-featured website templating system that allows you to use the Divi Builder to structure your website and edit any part of the Divi Theme including headers, footers, post templates, category templates and more. Each Theme Builder template consists of a custom Header, Footer and Body layout. These three areas can be built and customized using the Divi Builder and its full set of modules along with Dynamic Content.

Nothing Is Off Limits

When you create a new Theme Builder template, that custom design can be assigned to specific parts of your website. For example, you could create a template assigned to blog posts and use it to create a new custom structure and design for your blog. Once the template is assigned, every blog post on your website will be updated. You could create a new Theme Builder template and assign it to your category pages to create a custom blog feed, or you could create a global website template that updates your entire website’s header and footer. There are tons of new possibilities.

Fine Tuned Control

Theme Builder templates can be used to customize any individual part of your website by either assigning or excluding each template from different locations. Using assignments and exclusions gives you fined-tuned control over your website’s design. You can target large areas of your website such as entire post types and archives, or you can target specific locations like individual posts, pages and categories. Each can have its own custom header, footer and body layout.

Import & Export Theme Builder Packs

Theme Builder templates can also be imported and exported, including all header, footer and body layouts. Theme Builder exports are essentially “website packs.” Think of them like Divi Layout Packs, except for your overall website structure instead of individual page designs. Theme Builder packs remove the need for child themes and allow you to create pre-built theme templates that can be used on any website.

Custom Headers And Footers

Using the Theme Builder you can create custom headers and footers for any part of your website. You are no longer limited to Divi’s standard header but instead are given full control over your website’s header using the Divi Builder and its many modules. This update also comes with improvements to the Divi menu module, giving you more layout options, more control over its elements and of course full control over its design. You can create a global website header that affects your entire website and you can create custom headers and footers for any individual part your website too. Check out some custom headers we created to give you some inspiration!

Custom Footer Demo 1Custom Footer Demo 2Custom Footer Demo 3

Custom Header Demo 1Custom Header Demo 2Custom Header Demo 3

Site-Wide Post & Product Templates

The Theme Builder also allows you to create custom body templates that change the default structure of your posts, products or any other post type across your website. Instead of editing each post and product individually, you can use the Theme Builder to create a site-wide template. Dynamic content can be assigned to Divi modules within these templates to showcase the current post’s information, such as its title, content and featured image anywhere within your custom design, and you can use Divi’s WooCommerce Modules to create completely custom product templates. Edit them once and see your entire website change instantly. Check out some custom product templates we created to give you some inspiration!

Custom Product Demo 1Custom Product Demo 2Custom Product Demo 3

Custom Category Pages

The Theme Builder can also be used to create custom index page designs, including custom category feeds. You now have complete control over your website’s category designs and you can use the Divi blog module and its many design settings to customize those post feeds. The blog module also comes with some upgrades, including new post loop and post filtering options that give you even more control over your category templates. Check out some custom category templates we created to give you some inspiration!

Custom Category 1Custom Category 2Custom Category 3

...And Everything Else Too!

You can do more than just create category templates and post templates with the Theme Builder. You can create custom templates for absolutely anything. Search results, archives, tags, homepages, 404 pages and more. Using conditional logic, multiple parts of your website can be both included or excluded from each Theme Builder template. You have complete control. The beauty of the Theme Builder is that you aren’t restricted to using the Divi Theme’s basic structure but instead can create that structure yourself. Check out some custom 404 page templates we created to give you some inspiration!

Custom 404 Page Demo 1Custom 404 Page Demo 2Custom 404 Page Demo 3

The Enhanced Power Of Dynamic Content

The Divi Theme Builder isn’t just a powerful tool in its own right, it also augments some of Divi’s most important features. When editing Theme Builder templates, Divi’s Dynamic Content feature takes on a whole new meaning. Dynamic Content is what allows site-wide Theme Builder templates to function, dynamically pulling individual post content and applying it to the template you assigned to that post type. Since Dynamic Content can be used inside of the content areas of any module, you are free to use the full set of Divi modules to design your post templates.

For example, you could create a blog post template and use the Fullwidth Header module at the top of the post. The post title could be used as Dynamic Content within the module title and the post’s featured image could be used as the module’s background. Once this Theme Builder template is applied to your blog posts, all of your posts would assume this new structure and the post’s content would be displayed automatically!

Dynamic Content’s usefulness extends further than post templates. You can use Dynamic Content to display your website’s title or logo in a header template, to display a category title on a category page and more. When you make a Theme Builder template dynamic, it just works!

WooCommerce Modules Are Better Than Ever

When used inside of a Theme Builder template, WooCommerce modules take on a whole new meaning. Instead of designing your product pages one by one, you can now create a site-wide product template. A single product template controls the design of all your product pages at once!

When you create a site-wide product template using the Theme Builder, there is no need to customize your individual product pages. Simply input the product information, such as its price, description and images into the appropriate WooCommerce inputs and your product template will be populated automatically.

Site-Wide Design Control + Site-Wide Theme Building

When combined with Global Defaults, the Divi Theme Builder creates the perfect combination of site-wide design editing and site-wide template structuring. Using the Theme Builder, you can customize the structure of your entire website at once. While editing Theme Builder templates, you can also access the Global Defaults editor to customize your entire website’s design too. It’s amazing just how efficient building websites becomes when you take full advantage of these two features.

Theme Builder Demo #1

In this Divi 4.0 demo, we re-built the Elegant Themes website using Divi and the new Theme Builder. This theme builder pack includes a custom Header & Footer, Product Template, Blog Post Template, Category Template and 404 Page Template. Stay tuned to the blog over the next week because we will be giving away one of these free theme builder packs every day for the next six days!

Theme Builder Demo #2!

This theme builder pack includes a custom Header & Footer, Product Template, Blog Post Template, Category Template and 404 Page Template. Stay tuned to the blog over the next week because we will be giving away one of these free theme builder packs every day for the next six days!

Theme Builder Demo #3

This theme builder pack includes a custom Header & Footer, Product Template, Blog Post Template, Category Template and 404 Page Template. Stay tuned to the blog over the next week because we will be giving away one of these free theme builder packs every day for the next six days!

Theme Builder Demo #4

This theme builder pack includes a custom Header & Footer, Product Template, Blog Post Template, Category Template and 404 Page Template. Stay tuned to the blog over the next week because we will be giving away one of these free theme builder packs every day for the next six days!

Theme Builder Demo #5

This theme builder pack includes a custom Header & Footer, Product Template, Blog Post Template, Category Template and 404 Page Template. Stay tuned to the blog over the next week because we will be giving away one of these free theme builder packs every day for the next six days!

Theme Builder Demo #6

This theme builder pack includes a custom Header & Footer, Product Template, Blog Post Template, Category Template and 404 Page Template. Stay tuned to the blog over the next week because we will be giving away one of these free theme builder packs every day for the next six days!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Great job guys! cant wait to dig into this 🙂

    • I’m digging into it now and loving what I am seeing so far. So far I am loving the theme builder the most. I’m brainstorming all of the themes I am going to be able to build especially with the newest woocommerce features. Great job elegant themes!

    • Where can we download the theme builder packs shown in this blog?

  2. Good job everyone. I am excited to play around with Divi 4.0. Sooo Divi 5.0 will be website design with your mind?

  3. I was waiting Hardcore for this feature.
    I’m gonna test it out for the whole night.
    Thanks ET…

    • And now we only wait on some step by step manual on elegantthemes blog how create same nice main menu, as have website elegantthemes 🙂

  4. Yeah for DIVI 4.0 Nick!!!

    Now what is going to be included in the next six updates you say are coming out?

  5. who win th 15 mac pro

    • heheheh I asked the same

  6. Damn, the backup is taking so long and I can’t wait to try the new update!!! I’ll probably be the first to comment because everyone must be updating it already haha

    • Omg no sleep for tonight

  7. Tick ! Noice…

  8. Excellent !! The wait was worth it, a masterpiece! Congratulations ! Now DIVI has crossed any obstacle, there is no limit on the designs to create!

    • Good great job guys!
      The best builder ever!!!

  9. This is AWESOME, can’t wait to play with it! Thank YOU Divi TEAM!

    • It’s included in Extra and the Divi Builder plugin 🙂

      • great. yours Extra theme is the best Magazine theme i ever used plz give it due attention as well. i didn’t see a single mention in this post .

      • Please could you respond to my comment below?

      • HI Nick. Thanks for the new update. I’m currently using the Extra theme on my site. In your above reply to Rajeev above you say it’s included in Extra but I don’t see in my WordPress dashboard. How do I get the new Divi 4.0 and will it change my current Extra theme site in any way? Thanks Nick. P.S. Love what you guys are doing. Thank you

  10. Thanks I need this for a project I started a few hours gao

  11. I love it thank you all of you you r really amazing…

  12. Great! Thank You for All Divi Elegant Themes Team!!!

  13. This is Amazing guys! Well worth the wait!! These examples are incredible too!!

    Can’t wait to see the builder packs over the next 6 days!!! 🙂

  14. Thank you, guys, great work. I’m looking forward to play with it. Because, with this update working with DIVI should feel like playing.

    • Great job, looking great!
      Is there any promotion?

  15. The Theme Builder in Divi 4.0 is amazing and more proof that Nick and his team are brilliant! As a web developer, I am so glad I built my last 80+ websites using Divi. I can manage all them knowing only one product – Divi – yet design them to be unique and now the theme builder gives me easy power to modify site designs more quickly than ever before. Bravo!

  16. Congrats! 🙂

  17. Nice!

    • Can’t wait to test drive…

  18. Just want to say keep up the great job! Not only you guys pump out great updates (looking forward to learning DIVI 4.0), but your customer service is the best on the web! Thrilled that I got the lifetime license. Go DIVI!

  19. Looks really impressive! Great Work!

  20. Awesome

  21. So looking forward to this, really is a “game changer”! Thank you for all the hard work I know you put into this.

  22. Looks amazing! I can’t wait to start playing around with the new features.

    Will we be able to create WooCommerce category/shop pages with Divi 4.0?

  23. Awesome. Looking forward to using it

    • Amazing!!!

  24. Looking forward to this. Does the theme builder let us play with mobile headers and footers too?

  25. A huge thank you to Nick and the Elegant Themes team for all of the fantastic features included in Divi 4.0.

  26. Candidate Divi per un Oscar!

  27. Wohooo! is Christmas for me!

    please never sell out Nick!

  28. Must i upload it?? Or automatic update.. Greeaaaaat work

  29. Def a game changer. Now I don’t have to use all those extra plugins to achieve the same result. Keep it coming ET. Is mobile menu customizations available on this too? Similar to the Divi Engine Mobile Menu plugin?

    • Exactly that Malik!
      I always had to use extra plugins and do some custom code to do simple things like customising the woocommerce product template, the categories pages etc.
      Will test the new divi on my next project, I hope it will play well with acf as it’s the main tool to use wordpress as a (limited, but less than people think) framework.

      Would also be nice to have real responsive images, using the standard srcset etc, but maybe that has been fixed with this release.
      Tnxs divi team!

  30. very exciting news!

  31. going to be testing on a fresh project, on a demo server. good job

  32. Thanks ET Team, finally the most awaited feature is here. Was waiting for this to finish my couple of client websites. Thanks once again for considering our feature requirements.

  33. Lots of cool stuff. Am I silly though that more header and footer control is what I am most excited about?

  34. Downloading a new version and starting use in 3…..2…..1……

  35. Awesome! Can’t wait to “take it for spin” 😉

  36. I’m really excited about the theme builder and WooCommerce modules. Thanks for another great update!

    FYI – a few of the demo links above give 404 errors (nice 404 page BTW)

  37. It sounds amazing but I can’t immediately see how to use it – are there any how to videos produced yet? Coming soon? Will install in a test environment to get myself familiar with it.. Thank you!

    • Yep check the “Getting Started With Divi 4.0” section above. There is a full documentation article and a walkthrough video 🙂

      • can we use the demo builder layouts that you demonstrated to start with?

        • Stay tuned on the blog because we are releasing those Theme Builder packs over the next week 🙂

  38. Every time I reach a limitation of Divi (of which there are few), you out-do yourselves with such an amazing update! This is really exciting 🙂

  39. Excellent !! Thank you so much!!
    Love it

  40. Million thankx,

  41. Big job. Thank you Nick. Can’t wait to try it out!
    Next?… Drag and Drop with Pixel Perfect?… It will be FANTASTIC!!
    Kinds Regards

    • They already added something better… The transform tools.

    • Apoyo tu mensaje Michel!!!

  42. Great job guys! cant wait to dig into this, This is Awasome !!!!!!!!

  43. Good things come to those who wait!
    From what i see it was damn worth it. Thank you, great people of Divi!

  44. Great new, great work ET team! Congratulations! Can’t wait to test it 😀

  45. Amazing work, thank you.

  46. Well, first of all, congratulations on your launch. I will definitely test it and hopefully, I will spare some time on making tutorials about Divi 4. It really is a game-changer, especially in a competitive market.

  47. Nice one. Just testing on a local backup. Will be interesting to see how migrating my Toolset integrated templates for my custom types into the new theme builder will work. Hopefully the user experience will be much improved.

    I was hoping, on the off chance that there would be a little bit more integration with the block editor. Things like align-wide and full-width. And I have heard rumours of a way to integrate block into the Divi Builder, possibly through a block module, however that might work? And, a body module that takes the content of the back end editor that lets you embed it in a Divi layout. You can do this if you have Toolset Types with the post-body shortcode in a regular text module. This will cover getting content from the block editor into a Divi layout as well.

    I know it is a big day so I expect you all will need a break at ET before you take on any of my suggestions above : )

    • Just moved a template from Toolset to the new templating and it works like a dream. Just had to change one image to featured image dynamic. And all was good.

      And when you go to the back end no sight of the Divi builder, just the custom back end I configured with custom fields

      Very much appreciate this update. Off to explore all the other possibilities.

  48. I wait for updating and I will go изучть novelties in a subject. Thanks to Nick and Elegant Themes team

  49. Great job !
    Thanks a lot !

  50. That’s why it called elegant…

  51. Yay! It’s been a long time coming but it looks like you guys really put some thought into it and pulled it together.

    Just in time too since I have an 80-page website I need to redesign!

    Thanks to you and all your developers for making Divi such an excellent product.

  52. YES! SO excited for this! Thanks of ET for making tools I look forward to using!

  53. Wow, so much to try out and play with! Looks amazing.

  54. “Just upgraded to Divi 4.0, and it’s definitely a game-changer.” 😍
    And I witnessed history today. 👁😎

  55. Didn’t see any mention in the description or previous comments, have there been performance and speed updates built into this new Divi release?

  56. Nice update! Theme builder looks awesome!
    I’ve been trying it out and so far I found my first problem:
    Is there a way to separate your menu links? Could not find it 🙁

    By the way, who won the MacBook Pro? 😉


  57. So awesome! Well done Nick and ET dev team. I’m sure it was a long journey. There’s been so much hype and I’m super excited to try 4.0 out but I wonder what is next? Is there any kind of roadmap for the next releases?

  58. Divi has and continues to be one of the best things I have ever purchased. Not just for WordPress, but truly anything I have ever purchased. With each release, the product continues to get better and better. Now with this full template builder, there isn’t anything we can’t do with Divi.

    This is one feature I have been waiting forever for and I’m so glad it’s here.

    Thanks Nick and Team – great job!

  59. Who won the macbook pro?

  60. ….. 🙂 …… :0 ….. oh my.

  61. Divi community is growing and i am very excited about it.

  62. I am new to Divi by just a few days. Now I have access to a major upgrade of the product. I am looking forward to seeing what all this version will do for me and my clients. Once understood, this appears to be a much more flexible and easier to use approach. Thanks for a great looking product.

  63. Sweet. More customisation options is exactly what was required

  64. WOOHOO! Awesome sauce, thanks Elegant Themes, I’m stoked to be a loyal Divi member for over 3 years now and constantly seeing the upgrades, customizability, usability, and the support for it all is just phenomenal!

  65. First thing I noticed is that buttons in the full width slider disappear on rollover. Not cool. I’d strongly suggest that if you have multiple Divi sites, ONLY update to Divi 4.0 on your smallest site that doesn’t matter. You WILL have to go in and either fix module settings, or contact support and wait hours for a fix.

  66. I’m glad we finally have more control over the Header and Footer areas. Looking forward to when the Theme Builder’s Header can be “fixed” (with ability to fix on Desktop and/or Mobile). Also some sort of control over the sizing of items on scroll, as well as colors. Lastly, the ability to swap entire Headers on scroll and based on viewport width. I highly recommend looking at the Header Builder of the Impreza theme. It’s superb. It even allows items to be side-by-side (inline) without having to use Columns for everything.

    I’m also looking forward to the ability to vertically align modules within a column and/or row. I also find it a little silly that some of the Theme Options are still not being updated. It still has “Google+ Profile Url” as an option. Font Awesome Pro would also be ideal, instead of just ET icons.

    • Yes, this was the first thing I noticed with the header. No fix on scroll and no responsive options on the menu to switch to where the logo goes in relation to menu items.

      There is a workaround to the above. Add position fixed, width 200% and z-index 200 and that sort the fixing of the header. I was trying position sticky but couldn’t get that to work so if anyone knows the answer, that would be appreciated. For a different style on mobile duplicate the section or, menu module perhaps, make changes and then hide on desktop. Set the desktop hidden on tablet and phone. It works but may not be valid html and may add an extra hit to performance.

      • Position: stlcky; is related to its parent on other hand fixed is excluded from flow and is related to viewport

  67. Dear Nick Roach.
    Great builder, but again & again you ignore the most important function completely.

    As long as you don’t give us the possibility to choose in advance which Logical Resolutions we want to set for the mobile devices, you will never become the big one you want to be.

    Your strategy to only give us the possibility to style desktop, tablet and mobile phone via custom styling is rudimentary. Due to the new tablet and mobile phone display sizes, DIVI has long reached its limits with its concept. It’s simply NOT possible to style a website to look great on a Tablet Landscape view without the use of elaborate CSS codes. And I’m not even talking about the new Apple or Samsung Logical Resolutions.

    As a small example I take a bold headline. If this is set to 50px in desktop view and 30px in tablet view, DIVI takes over the 50px for tablet cross view, which looks really bad. 😫

    Take an example from the Revolution Slider. Although this has become much too complicated since the last update, the programmers have recognized the problem years ago and provide at least a fourth option where the NETBOOK-VIEW can be styled separately. I can also determine the display sizes and set my own priorities.

    Why is it so hard to make this feature available to us? Because with these possibilities, DIVI would really be the king of builders. At the moment, DIVI is just the most packed web design toy in the world.

    Nevertheless, all the best for you, your family and your company.


  68. And all new features into theme Divi 4.x, go into theme Extra?

    Exist still why use special theme Extra? Or now we can move on magazine website on Divi from Extra?

    Or you still fragment special features into Extra and Divi please? Big thanks for answer and give some conclusion.

    • If you need all the extra magazine functions and modules the Extra theme is still the only way to go.

  69. This is SO RAD!! Keep up the great work, I’ve been wanting this feature for a while now! I now want to go back in a few of my sites and re-do portions I couldn’t customize before. Thanks, Elegant Themes!!!

  70. When will we find the Divi tutorials in Spanish.
    Divi is an excellent tool, but I see that Latino clients are neglected.

    Nick, there is a large Spanish-speaking market that could attract 😉

  71. Big shout-out to Nick and the amazing ET team!
    I just registered a brand new domain to celebrate this launch. – I will try to incorporate all the new Divi 4.0 features into it.

  72. Hello. I just updated to version 4.0 and I’m having an issue where buttons disappear when I hover on slider or fullwith header modules.
    Also, responsive design is not working properly for me.
    Is anybody else having a similar issue?

    • Yes, i have the same problem

  73. Excellent work guys. I looked forward to something like that. I got to change Divi for elementor but only for a year as they evolved and today I tend my life lol.

    I loved this job. I am surprised and very excited about this great effort and work.

    Now. Do not forget to keep growing, launch new products and improvements. One I would like to see in Divi is the possibility of linking the Divi form with Zapier, it must be wonderful to say goodbye to ninja forms. and new products that I would love to see in the future.

    Booking plugin should be a wonderful deal in Extra and Divi.
    Event plugin

    Now I just want to enjoy this great change and new way of working in divi. Wonderful guys i’m very excited

  74. O man!!! Thanks Nick and whole elegant themes team.
    I’m really excited to try all new theme builder. My team has been waiting for this updates from year+ now and it’s finally here.
    I hope Divi soon comes out with nice organization of their layout sections in block format. Where we can select each section of the website from Divi layout sections. This is GAME CHANGER but having layout sections and catergorization will make DIVI Super great!!!!

  75. Nick, you mentioned post category /feed customizing. Does this mean that Divi on its own can no do everything that Extra used to? Can you please elaborate on any remaining differences and whether or not there are any benefits to converting a site from Extra to Divi ?

  76. Great.
    But where is the Google recaptcha module?
    All my customers are complaining about the spam that is coming from the Divi websites?

  77. I’m testing out the Theme Builder via a staging site, and I’m have issues where the navigation settings I have in the customizer disappear when I apply a new global header in the theme builder. I tried adding a full page menu bar in the theme builder, but it only gives the option to left align, center, or center with logo for the menu, which sucks because I really want it to right align like I have it via the theme customizer. Will a right align option be added back? Because I was super excited for this new theme builder, but if I can’t do something as simple as right align a menu navigation, I’m not sure I’m willing to mess with what I’ve done up until now if I’m not able to fully customize in the Theme Builder. Also – The global footer in the theme builder doesn’t seem to have the option to add widgets? Is that the case going forward? Because I tried to add a global footer, and all my widgets that I had assigned via the customizer went away.

  78. Great.
    But where is the Google r-e-c-a-p-t-c-h-a module?
    All my customers are complaining about the spam that is coming from the Divi websites?

  79. Great work. DIVI team is Exceptional in this niche of business, I have not seen anyone over delivering like them.

  80. Fantastic, I can’t wait to try it out.
    I had to use a 3rd party header plugin on my own site. Can DIVI 4 header editor do the same as what I did on my site? I’d like to use as little 3rd party plugins as possible.
    I’m specifically talking about;
    1. My hero background image showing from the top of the page. I.E. Not below the header/menu.
    2. My menu text is white initially. Then the menu changes to black text with a white background when I scroll down, with an animation to the menu background as I scroll down.
    3. Same for my CTA button.

    How I did it was, the 3rd party header plugin puts a different class into the Body tag, depending on if the page has been scrolled down or not. So I just added CSS to style the header based on this.

    Here’s a page what I’m talking about;

    Hopefully DIVI 4 can do this right out of the box?

    PS. Is there a release date for DIVI 5?

  81. Hey guys great work,

    Any chance you’re going to include the ability to have login / register pages?


    • When Nick said EVERYTHING can be styled, I would also assume he meant, CART, CHECKOUT, LOGIN, ACCOUNT pages also right Nick ? Do not forget those, they are just as important as an archive page.

  82. Fantastic, I can’t wait to try it out.
    I had to use a 3rd party header plugin on my own site. Can DIVI 4 header editor do the same as what I did on my site? I’d like to use as little 3rd party plugins as possible.
    I’m specifically talking about;
    1. My hero background image showing from the top of the page. I.E. Not below the header/menu.
    2. My menu text is white initially. Then the menu changes to black text with a white background when I scroll down, with an animation to the menu background as I scroll down.
    3. Same for my CTA button.

    How I did it was, the 3rd party header plugin puts a different class into the Body tag, depending on if the page has been scrolled down or not. So I just added CSS to style the header based on this.

    Hopefully DIVI 4 can do this right out of the box?

    PS. Is there a release date for DIVI 5?

  83. Congratulations I am a beginner in Divi and I already receive this gift! You are very professional.

  84. This is a great step forward. Digging into it now and love the flexibility. Hopefully more features such as including a dynamic content option for adding Category Description will be coming too.

  85. Hats off to the ET Team. I’m clapping for the ET Team right now.

    Now the shit talkers (elementor fan boys) can’t say nothing about the lack of theme builder.

    I didn’t really need the theme builder before but this is definitely a plus. I have a big project that involves Divi. My customers will definitely appreciate this. I’m actually excited to see what designs I come up.

    Next on the agenda you guys should tackle is the shortcode issue when a user deactivates the builder or theme. You guys already have such a strong core follower that it won’t affect anything. The shortcode stuff never bothered me. This is just for the shit talkers who cries about every gawd damn thing. The lot of them with or without a theme builder or the shortcode issue still can’t design a website to save their life.

    You guys need to push the marketing efforts to the next level and just make divi builder a free plugin to funnel everybody to the paid version. Nobody is really using the plugin like the theme, especially now with the release of the theme builder.

    Elementor’s free plugin strategy was a great marketing move. It’s the main reason why they surpassed ET in the first place. You guys need to do the same. The free market for lead generation is a gold mine! I’m doing the same thing but with a service.

    Anyway great job ET Team. I’m looking forward to giving this a whip!

  86. Yaayyy!!!! Divi now no doubt no. 1 in the Whole Wide World (WWW).. hehe

  87. Product category pages are a great thing – even better if there would be a possibility to at the product category description

  88. Honestly – well done! What a great job you have all done 🙂

    i wonder what people will complain about now haha!! oh wait i saw “eric” moaning about something which is actually easy to resolve manually. be happy eric for god sake, this is amazing!!

    by far the best in the business now, take a bow.

    one suggestion for an update – in the media page where all you rphotos are stored it would be great if there was like a tick or a signal to show which images are being used and which ones are not so you can delete the images that dont get used on your site. probably poor housekeeping by me but it would be helpful.

    anyways… brilliant job guys, i am over impressed 🙂
    thank you

    • Well i’m not complaining Divi 4 has huge potential, but must admin i’m disappointed, in my world it would have been nice with some very cool designs made by the designers, the ones thats made right looks like they where made in a hurry. Second the menu designer nothing about what could be made with it and nothing about how to use it with mobile. So i will wait patiently for Elegant Themes designers to show what can be done.

  89. Hey guys! nice work! a good step forward:)

    I updated one of my pages and I’m really happy to see all these new features! I have also to admit that some of them are very hard to figure it out, I have to int a lot and some of them I’m still trying to figure it out. I also notice that the support it’s still on the old version and the chat it’s useless. I have a list of things I can share with you to find out more.

  90. This is great! But we’re missing some Woo modules / Dynamic content for custom Account, Cart and Checkout pages. There also doesn’t seem to be an easy way to make custom vertical headers through the theme builder, not without a lot of manual css, anyway. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this. I’m looking forward to further updates!

  91. Really appreciate the header builder, no need for extra plugins.

  92. Wow ! I can not wait to try Divi 4.0. I really hope to see you reach to 1 million happy customers very soon !

  93. Awesome work Elegant Themes! 😍

    Transforming the page builder into a theme builder… Yeah! 🙌

    Saves some valuable time here and there.

    I’ll take it for a spin!

  94. wow I Love Divi so much

  95. For the header builder area can we minimize its size when scrolling down?

    And can we have the ability to hide certain rows on scroll?

    These are small items, BUTT critical I say for UX / UI.

    Nick, thank you. This is your legacy and it is awesome.

  97. awesome, can’t wait to try it!
    who win the mac book Pro?

  98. Love the new changes but is there a way to design the ‘sticky’ header when using the theme builder? Also is there anyway to make the header transparent and automatically ‘snap’ into the section after like the default header (when in transparent)? Thanks!

  99. great!!!

    • Stephen G. won the MacBook Pro, but there is a new iPad Pro giveaway you can enter 🙂

  100. Hi Nick and ET Team, I am happy that from what I have read, EVERYTHING is themeable, even Archive pages which I was afraid it would not do, as someone else mentioned, I hope it is possible to also theme the Login / Logout / Account / Cart / Checkout pages as well. I will have to give it a go and see how far you guys pushed with Divi 4.0.

    But from what I have read, it looks amazing. I would also assume that any sites now using TortiseIT’s older layout injectors is no longer needed right? What happens here in this case, does it migrate across, or is this a manual process and then you just deactivate and remove those plugins?

    Thanks for the hardwork now its time to get our hands dirty.

  101. Thank you Elegant Themes for taking Divi to a new level, you guys rock!! Investing in Divi has been so far the best decision I’ve made in my online business. Keep up the great work team and may you always be number 1!

  102. Fantastic! And works like a charm!!

  103. I wish these has an option of layer slider and slider revolution like avada theme.

  104. But you already know that you stole the sleep of thousands of users this night.
    Congratulations also from Germany
    great job !!!!!

    • However, I have 2 things that you should think again for the next updates.

      1. In the module selection, important modules such as text and image should come first. I do not think that an alphabetical listing is good.
      An alternative, the search engine is not really synonymous.

      2. The paging (Save / change page / activate builder again.) Again and again. This costs a lot of time and should be improved.

      Maybe you can take that at a meeting as a suggestion.

      But again great job guys! I only work with the Divi-builder for my customer websites

  105. Thanks for the amazing work!

  106. Color picker is broken? The opacity slider isn’t working.

  107. CONGRATULATIONS Team Elegant Themes.

    Any plan for some changes in Divi Form?
    Even if not radical, basic feature addition will help.
    e.g. allow me to change the *subject* of email I receive (which I get after form is submitted), capturing IP Address (location), adding/downloading form content to/from the database, etc.

  108. Thanks divi theme builder team.You are awesome and you have changes entire wordpress world

  109. Nice update! Except from the error I get when using a full width slider. I even can’t add a new one. When reporting it, it gets stuck. Is it possible to fix this?

  110. So excited about this update, finally we can create dedicated template for custom posts. I am going to use the new features immediately in some projects starting now.

  111. Awesome power 🚀 You guy’s rocks!

  112. Wow, trying to wrap my head around this one – this is HUUUGE!

  113. hello,

    how can i update to Divi 4.0?

  114. Congratulations for this update.
    And thank you for correcting the little bug of the global header and footer.
    You do an excellent job

  115. Thank your for this great update!

    One question: how is it possible now to use custom fields in a post layout?


    I sincerely believe this was the only thing kept Divi from being on top of all builders! Now is far away from the rest!

    I’ve used Elementor for a while because was bringing me this feature which it’s priceless when using WooCommerce, but designing/creating with Elementor was pretty painfull, the designing workflow that u have achieved in Divi is AWESOME, so I was waiting for u to add this feature to finaly leave Elementor once and for all!!! So, thanks ET Team!! I’m back for good!!


  117. it’s AMAZING. I’m so excited about divi theme builder. now I never use another theme to build my projects. thank you guys

  118. Great update, you now don’t have to use the plugin “Duplicate Post” in combination with Global Modules to get e.g. for blog posts the same structure again and again. You can work much cleaner in general. Let’s wait for the first reactions how good the performance is.

    Unfortunately you still ignore the lack of CSS design options. Even basic things for typography or buttons are not complete or don’t work well for the typical viewports (you didn’t even manage to style buttons the same for button modules or buttons in sliders :/ ). We’d better not talk about the site-wide module design options, they are miserable. Is this really so hard to implement?
    You still have to write hundreds of lines of CSS code even for small projects if you want to make your complete website look the same without playing around on hundreds of individual module settings on pages. This can help if you really want to style a module differently to the others but in general for me this has nothing to do with clean coding or webdesign. It feels more like a child playing around with a website the first time :/

    One thing I also would like to know: Am I the only one who has to wait even half a minute after the first backend page builder load to be able to click on anything? Why is this so slow? Testing on shared webhosting and also 4 Ghz 8 GB RAM dedicated server… same problems.

  119. Oooh la la ! Splendid ideas here, looking forward to getting underway with the new features 🙂

  120. this is theme builder that we’ll use for future

  121. Eeeep! So excited to take Divi 4.0 for a spin. Looks even better than I imagined. 🤩

  122. Several years ago, I paid lifetime subscription for elegant themes, bcs back then I had great feeling about Divi.
    It turns out this is the best investment I ever made.

    I applaud the new woocommerce modules, but I did not see new module for woocommerce categories, any plans we get this too in the future?

  123. Unfortunately the theme builder ist not loading at my sites 🙁
    I have installed Divi 4 on 3 websites on different servers.
    At none of these pages divi theme builder is loading – if you click “build global header / footer” it starts loading but nothing happens 🙁

    • +1

    • I had same. I used Safari. Try that.

  124. Cannot wait to test all the new featured on our WooCommerce Divi Website.

  125. This is a huge step ahead!! Grats!!!
    Next step would be to include all function (or even more) of the “WooCommerce Product Builder For Divi”.
    The Shop modul should be more customizable as well.

  126. This is great news – thank you!

  127. Great job congratulations. I’m glad I chose Divi for my work, my clients are happy with the services I offer and my work improves as a result. Regards

  128. I really hope that this includes the Ignore Displayed Posts option from Extra as this is far more useful than offsetting. Also to be able to set the length of the Excerpt / Content which is displayed.

  129. I like the flexibility the Theme Builder offers and am excited to play around with it!

    One suggestion, though. For the future updates, you should include the Fixed Navigation options in the header builder. Having to use CSS to make the header navigation fixed (which was an easily customizable feature available in the Theme Customizer) feels like a step backwards.

    But other than that suggestion, this looks awesome and really does add a whole new level to Divi website design!

  130. Hello elegant “Team”, a wonderful and powerful Divi 4.0 !

  131. Is there a way to make the header fixed?

  132. Congratulations, really a great job!
    Thank you

  133. Awesome.

    What about Performance improvements?

  134. Its great update but would be nice to make it work 🙁 After one hour of develiping footer I saved it. Looked nice. Then I added header and saved it. Checked on life view. Looks GREAT! And after saveing some modification to header FOOTER is GONE. Zero, NULL. Nowhere to find, no trace in library 🙁

  135. Great! Do you have plans to add more menu options like sticky menu and transparency and effects on scroll?

    • While this whole update is pretty incredible out-of-the-box, transparency, sticky, and transition effects on the header or footer would make this basically perfect.

  136. As of October 18th, Theme Builder does not render ACF fields. The Builder says “Your ‘ ‘ ACF Field Value Will Diplay Here” but it does not.

  137. Great Guys!!!! What you are doing is awesome!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up please!

  138. I built a simple theme and exported it. When I tried to upload and install it I received the following message:

    The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

    Any suggestions?

    Also, is there a way to turn off features in the builder? The sites I build run slow and the code seems to be bloated.

    • That means you are uploading the wrong type of file in the wrong location. When you export a Theme Builder pack, you will get a .json file. This file can then be importing into the Theme Builder, but it can’t be uploaded as a WordPress Theme.

  139. I was looking for an easy way to update 404 pages and was resigning myself to the fact that I had to build them myself to get exactly what I wanted, when I heard about Divi 4 release. I decided to wait and see what the new update could offer. I’m so glad I waited! Less than an hour after I updated I had my customized 404 built. It’s so easy!

    Thank you Divi Team!

  140. I was super excited and I am super excited for Divi 4.0 but honestly when I started to see what could be done for mobile I was disappointed! There is no way to choose if the mobile menu will open from the right or left, how it`s animation will be displayed (slowly, automatically, etc) or really anything to play around regarding how the mobile menu will look once open (no mega menu kind of function). I feel like this update really overlooked mobile a lot, although now we can change the mobile hamburguer color and mobile background and drop down colors more easily.

    I was really hoping we could get some control for how to style mobile menus but I guess this will have to wait until a new update! Good work anyway!

  141. Hi unfortunately it has killed part of my site that uses the code module where I add divs otherwise it is the javascript that was for the divs that is not working anymore. Has anybody else experienced this?

  142. Looks really good but was hoping for more after such a long wait… especially when it comes to displaying dynamic content.

    Why are we still stuck with a Blog module that is so restrictive? Why isn’t there a general purpose style-able Looping Section that would allow us to place as many sections(?)/rows/columns/modules as we’d like with as much dynamic data/custom fields as we’d like inside of it, then decide how we’d like that Looping Section looped on the page or within another section/row/column? This would allow for the flexible building of index pages etc as well as for building dynamic content lists and grids on individual pages. The Blog module restricts us to blog/post content such as author etc, but what if instead of a blog I want to display tourism destinations from a custom post type? When doing so, I might like to display a city, country, date, resort name etc etc which is all stored in custom fields. The Blog module can’t display that info. This means we still can’t truly design index, category etc pages or make dynamic content lists/grids because from what I understand, we’re limited to using the Blog module to display looped data. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Really, other modules should be replaced by or given advanced versions of more generic yet much more flexible looping alternatives also. For example the Post Slider module. It’s restrictive in both content and design. Why not just create a Looping Section container again where we can design our own slide inside using whatever layout and modules we like along with dynamic data. Separating the slider functionality from its contents seems win-win to me. The user gets a slider with the freedom to design slides any way they like and ET gets to just focus on the slider functionality itself instead of worrying about whether the design features they’ve added work for everyone.

    We also need robust Conditional Display options with multiple IF/ELSE statements on each section/row/module to control its visibility at the server level based on dynamic data, dates, custom regular expressions etc.

    I guess I’m torn between the worlds of Divi and Toolset. Divi has much better design tools but Toolset has much better dynamic data handling. I see Toolset is trying hard to get into the visual building space by tightly integrating with Gutenberg. Maybe that’s the future?

    Anyhoo, I hope Looping Sections and robust Conditional Display options make up 2 of the 6 new features you’re working on… and maybe more flexible sliders make up the 3rd.

  143. great!!!!!!!!!! really a great job!
    Thank you


    Best Regards and one more time THANK YOU Divi!

  144. This looks awesome and very user friendly!

  145. Hello,

    This is a dissappointment for me. I cannot edit my page now. When I click on Edit icon, nothing happens. Can I somehow switch back to the previous version of Divi?

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