Full Control Over Product Pages

The WooCommerce Builder gives you full control over the design of your product pages. Now when you enable the Divi Builder on a WooCommerce product, it automatically transforms the standard product template into a collection of WooCommerce modules that can be fully customized within the builder. You have complete control over the entire product page and are free to utilize the full set of Divi modules and their many design settings. Product pages also come with new Sidebar and Fullwidth Page Template options.

16 New Fully Loaded WooCommerce Modules

This update ships with 16 new WooCommerce Modules that allow you to create and control any individual WooCommerce element anywhere on your website. Decide what shows up on your product listings, move things around and even mix WooCommerce modules with standard Divi modules to create just about anything. Since these new modules come with the full range of Divi design settings, they really unlock a new world of WooCommerce design possibilities.

Create Dynamic Product Listings Anywhere

The new WooCommerce modules can be used on individual product pages to display that product’s information in new ways, or they can be used on external pages to dynamically list product information for any product. This means you aren’t limited to product post types when it comes to building eCommerce websites with Divi.

WooCommerce Unleashed

The WooCommerce Builder plus 16 new WooCommerce Modules are available today, so download Divi and take them for a spin. Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to check back next week for even more great Divi features coming your way.

Premade Layouts

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  1. Oh man this is great news!!!!! Excited to start testing this out on some staging sites.

    • Incredible update! I know myself and the entire Divi community has eagerly been waiting for this update. I am also already trying out the new modules in a staging environment and am very pleased. This with the performance update that was earlier this week is a great step to Divi development! Great job Elegant Themes!!!

    • DUDE i bough like 10 DIVI WC builder licences!!!!
      ANd now its for free with DIVI. COOL!!!
      Finaly a big game changer!!!

  2. IM SO EXCITED. WHY DID YOU RELEASE THIS AT 9:30PM… i need to get up early!

  3. Keep doing the good work!!

    • How to create a tamplate of product, i mean when you create a new product, you will got a product in my new tamplate of basic product page.

    • This is a game changer for Divi!

  4. YES!!! Long awaited- but worth the wait!! Great job ET!! I’m assuming the weekly Divi layouts will start coming with custom WooCommerce product pages?

    Also, this update is just for creating single product pages, right? The theme builder update will unlock the ability to create WooCommerce product page templates?

    • Right now we only have the modules for the product pages.

      The theme builder update I think will include the ability to do product page templates.

      • Another great addition to the Divi arsenal of tools! Just wondering though, does the woocommerce builder extend to cart and check pages or just product pages?

      • Don’t just think. Do i A.S.A.P. 😉

    • Hey Tim, I am thinking the same thing, I would assume that the theme builder takes care of the layouts and the woo builder would be the creation of the page itself, however going by something like woo layout injector it used to do both, so creation of the the page and then assigning it to whatever you want, I see no point at all releasing the WooCommerce builder if all it does is allows you to tweak product pages, what about Archive pages, Custom Post Types, Shop page…. it did not show or mention anything about that, so I am a little worried.

      • +1

      • I think that comes with Theme Builder in the following weeks.

      • +1

      • This is total indispensable!

      • +1

  5. Woohoo!

    • I see what you did there! 🙂

  6. YES MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THX Nick !

    • Finally! ???

  7. Just wanted to say. Holy s#[email protected], The WooCommerce builder. Just WOW. Excuse me while I go clean up the mess of tears from every other builder on the market. Well done and kudos.

  8. Wow, thumbs up Nick.
    We love you (from Ghana)

  9. Amazing update. I was waiting for this update.

  10. Awesome! About time 🙂 Thank You Nick!

  11. Hi Nick, great job on something I think we can all agree was needed. My question is how well will the new Woo modules work if I’m still using the Classic Builder?

  12. Another fantastic update!

  13. In the words of Darth Vader…

    Impressive… Most impressive!

  14. In the words of Darth Vader…

    Impressive… Most impressive!

    • Will there be a tutorial on how to use each of the modules coming soon? I’m keen to learn how to add Woo Upsells to my site.

  15. To follow up, will this be expanded to shop and archive pages?

  16. To follow up, will this be expanded to shop and archive pages?

  17. Wow – that sounds like a game changer. I cannot wait to try it out tomorrow.


    @Nick Roach – ET support told me Way back after the sneak peak Of this, that productfilters should be a part Of this. Can you confirm, that is something dev team is working on? Or do we still have to use third party plug-ins for must have filters ?

    • Also curious about this. Would love to be able to have ajax filters work on shop and category pages. What solution are you using currently Danni?

    • Also curious about this. Would love to be able to have ajax filters work on shop and category pages. What solution are you using currently Danni?

  19. This is so beautiful, I think I’m crying.

  20. GREAT ? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  21. I blow my head off with this great update!

  22. Are you frickin’ kidding me? I think I just peed my pants a little. LOL! Can’t wait to try this out on my next e-comm site! So grateful to Elegant Themes, for making my life easier and my business better!

  23. ALL HAIL DIVI DEVELOPERS! This is going surely change the eCommerce Development on WordPress on all levels. Great work.

  24. Why was this not include in version 3.28 by delaying that release by just one day? Do you expect us to update website every day???

    You are like kids in a kindergarten. Stop this and grow up! We need stability as well as new features.

    A very pissed off life-time member, who is your customer even before Divi…

    • Thats very Harsh and Rude. If you are pissed off, you can wait for 2 week ane update your website 2 weeks later.no one asked you to do it today. They are giving too many things just for free which they never promised while buying, but some people like you can never be satisfied.

      • !

    • You’re a fool of a lifetime member, and I hope ET staff ignore your nonsense and carry on being fabulous.

      well done ET guys great work!

    • Dude, uncalled for. Who is behaving like a child? That would be you Mr. Sarumbear. Just because updates come out DOES NOT mean you have to immediately update (unless it’s a security update). Ccchhiilllllll.

    • OMFG! Give some people an amazing gift and instead of thanking you, they crap all over you. Incredible.

      On behalf of the sane majority, THANK YOU, Nick! This is a mind-blowing set of functionality that totally UNLOCKS Woo-Commerce!

    • Grow up man! Why do you do that? You want attention? You’ve had enough. Comments like yours are abusive, and imho, shouldn’t even be published.

    • Use a frickin multi-site update manager, wait to update until your next scheduled update sesh, and be constructive with criticism and nicer. Jeez.

  25. Will this allow us to edit the category display pages?

    • I’m wondering if it’s possible too… I hope we can configure category pages, otherwise it’s just a first step. Looking really nice though

    • +1 and also, allowing ajax filtering to work or having Divi custom filtering would be bueno.

  26. great work and wonderful .. love this update really .. so we will expect some layouts woocommerce in future .. great work team .. everyday i love divi more and more .. waiting for october update 😀 .. so what is the next 6 features 😀 ..

  27. Game Changer! I needed this last month. Trust me I will be using this moving forward.

  28. Yay!!! No more injector plugins! I will need to test and confirm that Divi’s WC approach is indeed faster than the overhead of a WC injector plugin, but this seems really promising!

    Cannot wait for the theme builder version of Divi to go live. At that point, I’ll feel Divi is “feature complete”.

    • +1

  29. Keep the Great Stuff Coming Elgant Themes! If you all are able to build options to customize cart, checkout, and account flows, then I will literally fall head over heels in love with Divi all over again! This is a MASSIVE first step, and I am so psyched to dive in, you guys rocked this! However, if you are able to help eCommerce store owners take complete control of their designs, and if I can customize the entire customer experience, then I truly have design freedom (which is what I hope y’all take on next). Great work nonetheless!

    • Totally butchered your name, Elegant Themes Team (sorry)!

  30. Outstanding! Can´t wait for my next Woo project.
    Thanks guys for this great feature!!! Love it!!!

    • By far one of the best and most wanted Divi updates!

      Please keep up with Woocommerce updates!
      We wanna customize every aspect of the customer journey (meaning, every page) with the simplicity and ease of Divi!

      Thanks ET. Every update makes me feel like I totally nailed my theme of choice.

  31. Amazing! Love it!
    Now integrated Divi-Menu builder and there won’t be anything even close to you.

  32. This is really awesome, guys! And I really love the demos!

  33. Wow unbelievable update, I have already bought Woocommerce builder, I hope the this one will replace it.

    Great work Nick

  34. That’s crazy, man!

  35. Divi is getting better and better everyday, keep up with the good work, ET, you guys are amazing!


    Wow, Divi is awesome and it just got BETTER!

    Thanks, Nick and the Elegant Themes Team!

  37. Fantastic !

  38. FINALLY!!!

    I was just having a discussion in the ET’s facebook page about this. They said this was close but I didn’t think it was today. I wasn’t holding my breath on this one. They finally did it!

    The Elementor fan boys/girls can’t boast about their woocommerce integration now.

    Last thing they talk shit about is the shortcodes that Divi leaves when you switch.

    I know you guys could’ve fixed that issue a long time ago. It’s a matter of priorities and wanting to keep divi users divi customers forever.

    That should be next on the agenda ET team AFTER the theme builder. You guys have enough users to do this.

    I don’t usually look forward to doing updates right away because it always breaks my site but I’m too excited for this.

    This update just took out Divi Kingdom business. I’ll still be using it though.

  39. Really great
    We had been waiting for that since …. 🙂
    Congratulations and thank you

  40. WOOOOMG!!!! Thanks so much, finally!!!

  41. Woooooooow only I say… Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    It’s amazing!! Thanks for this update ! It’s the better for this year. Only we need the theme builder and DIVI will perfect !!

    Thanks !!

  42. To be honest, this is the only reason I would reinstall your builder.

  43. I’ve been anxiously awaiting these features! I am wondering though if I can specify a product page layout that’s automatically selected when creating a new product so I don’t have to create one for each and every product individually?

    • That!! Otherwise it feels like all getting excited about nothing. I don’t want to start editing 2500 product pages right. No, that can’t be. Anyone knows how to use these cool new features with the template?

      • I agree, it’s fine if you only have a few products but a full store will be a nightmare to change.

  44. Well Nick Some Questions here:

    The teaser video for the Woocommerce update stated that the Woocommerce modules were going to get a special folder for them. That did not occur. Why??

    The Woo Layout Injector plugin has over 30 plus modules so we can deal with all the woocommerce pages the site has. Are we going to have a second Woocommerce update to deal with all those other modules?

    The Woo layout Injector plugin does allow for per page overrides of layouts along with a whole bunch of other override capabilities. Are we going to get that as a DIVI theme default as well?

    • +1

    • Hi Richard,
      Does the Woo layout injector plugin allow you to modify woocommerce search results pages with Divi?

  45. Can’t wait to dig into the WooCommerce Builder! Having this capability native to Divi is going to be a game changer for me.

  46. WOW!! Love it! Been waiting for this update for so long. Can’t wait to redesign the product pages of some of our sites.. yay! THANK YOU!

  47. Looks awesome, going to hugely improve the product display options 🙂

    Is this limited to single products? I manage multiple websites that have hundreds of products and not realistic to go and edit every product.
    Is it possible to create a template/layout that can be applied to all products?

    • This is a good question I would like to see answered.

      • Same here. I don’t really understand why everyone is so excited. If you have a website with more than a few products, this update does nothing for you. We need a template builder and a theme builder that have been promised for a long time but continue to not be delivered.

        • The Theme Builder is coming next 🙂

  48. You are the greatest Divi Team ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Thanks for your hard work, efforts and new features! Divi is the greatest! ?

  49. Very nice job Nick, pround of all the team

  50. This is a great step forward for Divi.

  51. You gotta be kidden me! I’m sitting here right now trying to build an online WooCommerce site and not knowing how to do it. Where’s the download, not seeing it in the Layout collection. And THANK YOU !!!!!!!

  52. this is absolutely INSANE!!! cant wait to try it out!!!

  53. Somebody pinch me…

  54. Fabulous work. Thank you for all the hard work

  55. Unstoppable!

  56. This is amazing!

  57. Excited! I’ve been stalking tou guys before :)) One thing: the quantity field. I see no plus or minus button, so do you just pit in the amount?
    (If not, and it is a standard woocomm solution: an up an down arrow in the quantity field is not of this era. Not mobile friendly – should be styled next to the quantity field)

    • I noticed the same thing, hopefully this is a bug, because on mobile Chrome you can not add more products by clicking, fix it please 🙂

  58. Now your’e talking!

  59. when you think that you are happy with the continuous improvements of the system, they find you with this magnificent surprise, DIVI you did it again

  60. When I received the news, I just looked at who made the most beautiful comment.

  61. So AWESOME! Thank you!


  63. Yes! Have been waiting for this!

    Need an ebook template

    Great work ET!

  64. Amazing! Some things are just worth waiting for. ?

  65. Utterly, Totally, AWESOME!!!!

  66. I am all giggly inside! Now maybe all those complaining yesterday after that awesome update can now take a breather. This is a game changer! Thank you for all that you do! ???

  67. Epic! Great work Elegant Themes team!

  68. Upon completion of this video I imagined Nick grabbing a football that was located just off camera and spiking it hard. =D

    Helluva job, folks. This is nothing short of incredible.

  69. Yessss long waited update 🙂

  70. Hmm, each product individually or can one also create templates?

  71. Awesome News!

  72. Amazing, what a pace!!
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s release 😉
    Theme Builder?

  73. Absolutely fantastic!

  74. Hell YES!!! Thank you!

  75. sexy woo pages.. running a charter tour business, i have been looking at making woo commerce look great for my tours so i can dump the booking systems, and run my own in house,

    this is going to be a huge leap foreward fo me

    Elegant Crew.. there is a plugin extension woo bookings .. will you plugin let me work monthly calanders etc into this ??

  76. Look at those modules!!!! How cool is that?! Totally worth the wait. Thank you ET for this heaven-sent product!

  77. This is awesome. I emailed asking when this was coming out yesterday and received the response that it would be out in the near to mid-term future. I guess it was near. Great work as usual and it couldn’t have been timed better.

    • @Pete West – This shows how their own support staff are not being kept in the loop, as Nick himself had posted in the Divi User FB Group a few days ago that it would be released this week, followed by the Theme builder by the end of this month, or beginning of Oct. at the very latest.

    • Hey there, That’s Totally promising theme
      But is it possible to remove that counter beside buy button? I have single products that’s not logical customers buy more than one.
      Did you plan something for it? I didn’t see so in your demos

  78. Nice work! Really loves using divi

  79. HOLY *****! DIVI YOU AWESOME!!!!

  80. Truly Amazing!

  81. Amazing update, thank you so much!

  82. Wonderful! Fantastic work guys!

  83. This is a great feature. What I’d love to see is how your design team plans out the layouts and then implements them. If they’re not available already, are we able to download these as sample layouts so that we can pull them apart to see how they’re structured? Always love seeing how others construct their pages. I particularly love your use of parallax effects on pages.

  84. Yes!!!! Game-changer! Thanks for all you do!

  85. Elegant Themes team … you rock!

  86. Awesome stuff – again!

    Now that this major hurdle has been delivered, PLEASE provide us the ability to customize the post/page layouts. It seems like this should have been a core feature for a ‘page builder’ and I know it has been discussed previously.

    Any status on this?

    Thanks for all you do!

    • The Theme Builder is coming next. Stay tuned.

  87. POw– Mindblowing! Thanks a million

  88. Yaasssss! I can’t wait to try it out!

  89. Congratulations to Elegant Themes on a ground breaking update. I must say that the ease of use that is focused on with Divi Builder is second to none. Great job again!

  90. Sensational. Great update!
    Looking forward to the menu builder

  91. OMG – this is amazing!!! I have been hanging out for this – THANK YOUUUUUUU ? ?

  92. Amazing update that was needed! While the Divi Community continues to hold our breath for the long awaited Header/Menu builder options, you are getting close to total domination.

  93. Fantastic! Are there any source layouts for these awesome examples???

  94. This is an amazing update! Thanks guys, can’t wait to try it out!

  95. I don’t know how you did it, but this is so awesome! Best thing yet!

  96. Excellent update! However, you did not say what happens on sites that DO NOT use WooCommerce. Do we still have the overhead and clutter of the Woo plugins? There are plenty of client sites that are not ecommerce sites, so this is a serious question.

    • These modules are only available when you install WooCommerce.


    Great Update!

    Love DIVI

  98. Hello Divo. Goodbye Elementor.

    I think Divi is in a higher level, “Adobe Class” style for web design.


    Congrat’s Elegant Themes team!!!

    And thanks!!!

    • In order for DIVI to be truly complete, it needs the Theme Builder, full Toolset support and the ability to use Gutenberg blocks or be included within gutenberg blocks, just as Elementor does.

      • Both of these features are coming soon 🙂

        • Just to be clear, one of the new updates will be access to blocks from within the builder? I like what I am hearing.

  99. WoWoW!
    raise the price but never sell out your company Nick!

  100. WOW! JUST WOW!

  101. Great work! Are the demos examples of re-worked WooCommerce product pages or are they actually WordPress pages with WooCommerce elements added?

    • They are product pages. However, both scenarios are achievable. In these exact cases they are product pages with woo modules set to “this product”, whereas on a regular page, you would have to set the woo modules to pul from a specific product id/name.

      • Thanks Kenny!

      • Is it possible to download the demos? And where?


      • Hi Kenny,

        I reproduced the watch product today on one of my test sites.

        The first hurdle I had to deal with was that the container div on every post type other than regular pages is restricted to width 80% and max-width 1080px. I have some boiler plate css in my child theme to which I add the post type i.e . single-product but I shouldn’t have to resort to this. If pages can stretch the container div to 100% width of the browser window when Divi builder is activated, then the same should happen for other post types.

        I have submitted several tickets on this over the years already.

  102. This is great – thank you for the continued updates!

  103. The best, best, best, best team ever and forever! Thank you guys!

  104. Finally! Now i can design my client’s websites with ecommerce Divi builder! Thanks you guys!

  105. Oh man wow. You guys are the best.

  106. Still no way to show a category based filter. All we need is a dropdown with names and images of categories IN THE FRONTEND FOR USERS TO USE and the shop should load that. too much to ask?

  107. This is so great. I am so happy happy happy Horay

    Well done and awesome work.

  108. Nice Addition and always stunning additions…. Keep it up, best of luck (y)

  109. Wow… Incredible

  110. Hi,
    Great work. Divi the best.

  111. Woopie! Been waiting for this. Fantastic news. Can’t wait to test it.

  112. Is it possible to add a search field where the visitor can search for products?

  113. Odd, but this caused an issue with me on my posts page. I have a Side-panel setup and after updating it forced the post section full width and the side-panel under the post, like the column structure was broken.
    As I don’t need WooCommerce for my site I rolled back, which fixed the problem right away. I will wait to update at a later stage with a newer release which hopefully has this issue sorted.

    • Sorry about that. We have a fix coming today.

      • Cheers for the quick update!

  114. Awesome! Thank You Nick!

  115. This is awesome!!!

  116. Thanks for the great update! However, what I was awaiting even more is the Divi Theme Builder, which was announced about 1.5 years ago:
    When will this one be released?

    I really wish the Divi Theme Options / Theme Builder to be prioritized, as, compared to the builder, the actual theme meanwhile is quite deprecated and the theme settings do not reflect all the amazing builder options at all (which I think they should). Up to now, I still use about ~90% custom css to style the header/footer areas, which, as a side effect, is massively time consuming…

    Thanks for prioritizing the Theme Builder now! ?

    • The Theme Builder is coming next. It was important to get several features out first, otherwise the Theme Builder would not have been useful. For example, without WooCommerce Modules the Theme Builder would have been useless for creating product templates.

  117. This is really good news!

  118. Wow! Thanks a lot for such an amazing feature update! That’s great.

  119. OMG!!! I had to watch representing video 3 times to finally believe this is happening… Amazing job ET!!!! The best product ever!

  120. WOW. Really, really impressive, Elegant Themes team.

    Can’t wait to try it out!

  121. I’m so happy 🙂 Thank you!

  122. 50% yay, 50% disappointed that I still can’t create a product page template. I don’t have time to manually design pages for all the products my clients add to their stores :'(

    but still 50% yay, so thanks for that 🙂

    • Stay tuned for the Theme Builder. It will allow you to create product templates and much more 🙂

      • Do you have an ETA on the Theme Builder?

        • 2-3 weeks.

      • Hi Nick!
        Can the WooCommerce search results pages be modified in the next Divi update?

  123. What a great update !! Thumbs up !

  124. Great!!! But how can we change all products at once using a template? If we hae 3.000 products have we change the template one by one?


    • That will be possible with the Theme Builder, which will be the next feature we release 🙂

  125. Hi,

    For those who do not use woocommerce, would it be possible to split css and js to have smaller files size ?

    Those a really big and this could speed download and execution time.

    • If you don’t have WooCommerce installed, these modules won’t load. The main CSS comes from WooCommerce too.

  126. Great Job Nick and ET team. Have some sites we get started using this on ASAP.

  127. Its AMAZING ,Divi community has eagerly been waiting for this update.

  128. Amazing! Love it!
    This is really awesome, guys! And I really love the demos!

    Thanks, Nick and the Elegant Themes Team!

  129. Divi lifetime subscription = the best thing money can buy in webdesign!

  130. Dear Nick, as a lifetime member of your website, I really appreciate everything you do for members. There are two things Divi theme needs. More options for header (or even a header builder) and more options for post modules. Wish best for all of you.

  131. Just doing a preliminary try out and this very very useful but what will really make this deal changer will be the theme update where we will be able to apply templates automatically to different parts of a site, products, custom post types etc. I am starting some sites in the near future where I hope this will be possible.

    I am currently using Toolset Views to fo this and it can be configured so that the uses doesn’t see any of the the Divi interface and controls on the backend post editor. They only see the the fields required for data entry. In other words there is no unnecessary clutter in the interface that might confuse and distract users how just need specific inputs. So many software developers make the mistake of designing for geeks and not for end users.

    Love the demo pages for inspiration. Looking forward to seeing these or others like them being available to jumpstart ideas.

  132. Hi Nick,
    first of all thank you very much for this important update.
    I’m testing the Woo Modules and I have created a test page within product images, titles and add to cart buttons.
    When I click the button, I’m redirected to the product page. Is it possible to avoid this redirect and continue shopping on my test page?

  133. Amazing!!!! Thank you guys…

    Is there scope for changing the checkout page?? The default WooCommerce one is clunky..


    • There will likely be a WooCommerce Modules v2 update after the Theme Builder is released that will add more modules. For now, unfortunately there are not checkout page elements available in the builder.

      • Not likely…. A 100000% must after the Theme Builder update. Granted I hope we can get all the functionality the Woo Layout Injector plugin as a default in DIVI.

  134. This is the best update EVER…… THANK YOU guys. Amazing, flexible, beautiful. Will this layout flexibility be available on product archives too?

  135. Happy to be part of the community! That’s GREAT news! Thanks to all involved!

  136. This is nice. Really nice. BUT, it doesn’t seem to solve the biggest problem. To edit the auto-generated template pages and the most important, set the layout for ALL products without changing every single one. Shops can have thousands of products and to change every existing product would be absolutely exhausting. To the point of “not doing it at all”.

    • That’s what the upcoming Theme Builder is for 🙂 That will be the next feature we release.

  137. WELL DONE!!!! This looks AMAZING!! Thank you!

    Thank you for this update.

  139. Amazing work guys! …two surprises in one week!!!
    And very big ones..

  140. This is great! Thank you so much!!!!

  141. This has arrived at just the right time! I have been working on a website that needs woocommerce!

    Timing or what!!

    Thanks guys

  142. Outstanding! Awesome info and right to the points.

  143. Really nice sample pages. Are the demo builds available?

  144. Anyone tried this??

  145. It’s looking very promising. 🙂

    I’d however appreciate an option to not load WooCommerce modules on a website. (And ideally make them an optional add-on for the entire theme.) Divi isn’t the smallest theme (in terms of bloat / webspace requirements) out there and 10% of the websites I create need WooCommerce. So this shouldn’t affect 100% of all Divi powered sites IMO.

    • Agree on this. This will only confuse some of my clients that suddenly will get a too bloated experience. The new WooC modues should only appear IF WooC is installed.

      • If you don’t have WooCommerce installed, you won’t see the modules and they won’t be loaded at all.

    • Same same… Most sites are not using or needing WooCommerce… Divi is already rather bloated… And even with the previous “update” improvements the “new” backend builder and the visual builder remain buggy and clunky, some of it reported again in this comment thread, as well as in multiple Divi FB groups…

      Cleaning up bugs, slowness and clunky behavior in the builders should be the first and highest priority, always…

    • They are only loaded when you have WooCommerce installed.

  146. Can I make a template layout that changes all product pages at once? If not, a well known 3rd party plugin is my go-to for existing shops.

  147. ?

  148. you guys are making me look really smart for choosing you years ago because you seemed like a company that would be around for a while and constantly update. Thank you for being excellent in this day and age of slack.

  149. You have NO IDEA how happy this update makes me! I spent a lot of time looking at underwhelming WooCommerce-friendly Divi child themes. There are some good ones out there, but they are expensive. I was beginning to think I might have to resort to a non-Divi theme for an e-com site I’m starting work on next week. This update comes JUST IN TIME! Thank you! Can’t wait to test drive the modules this weekend.

  150. Hi, nice job, any documentation for developers coming? I have some actions, hooks to display stuff inside Divi template for single product page and now everything is broken.

    For example I use custom badges for featured products with

    add_action( ‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’, ‘woocommerce_single_product_summary_function’ );

    and now it displays on different place in the template and can not be drag & dropped with visual builder.

    • I have the same problem.
      Is there a solution?

  151. Great, can we now filter products by category and price?

  152. this is what i have been waiting for – finally, i could show my creativity for all my ecommerce clients – thank you nick for bringing these to divi

  153. This is so great! Congratulations guys! This is fantastic, much more than we expected, I’m sure.
    And I can’t wait for the Theme Builder!

  154. Finally. This is the best!

  155. Yes yes yes!!!!!! wooooohooooo, oh yea, wow, man, man man this changes everything!!!!!! oh woweeeeee!!!!

  156. Very amazing job on releasing the WooCommerce builder. As soon as the theme builder exists i believe you reached a milestone that can set your product apart from all competitors.

    At the moment there are many competitors that are already offering theme and WooCommerce Builders since years, but the Divi-Theme is a more complete and robust experience compared to other themes. Just when it came to WooCommerce, Divi was sadly not an Option to consider.

    When Divi is now entering the WooCommerce Area, i believe that Divi can be used for almost all projects there are. That would be great for webdesigners to be able to rely on one product. Currently webdesigners will still have to use a set of products, because each product is good at one thing.

    As soon as Divi also dominates the WooCommerce Market, it will be one of the best products there are.

  157. Finally!!!
    I’m not crying, you are crying!

  158. WOW. You all are frickin amazing over there. Never cease to amaze me. Thank you.

  159. Great job guys, this was trully needed. Where can i load the product templates you showed us because there are not available in premade layouts?

    • It’s really great, this is the Divi news of the year !
      Congratulations for your work 🙂

  160. The theme is constantly giving issues to use. Now pages which don’t use DIVI page builder are giving major issues (images uploaded to wordpress block editor) give 404 errors.

    Secondly, your woocommerce features are not much use without good options. The woocommerce shop module needs to improve a lot. There is no way to display a filter for example. We would like to display a choice of categories above the shop module and user should be able to click on the category name and it should load the products below. This is an essential shopping experience clearly missing in Divi. Product page update was so un-neccesary as it was always possible to create a page and use the add to cart shortcode or add to cart link. What a waste of effort!

  161. Where are the download links for the product layouts used in this article?

    • We cannot offer these specific demos as downloads because we used licensed photography. However, we already have new posts coming out with demo layouts you can download–for free!

      • Awesome, thanks!

      • Hi, is theri any download for this layout out now ?
        maybe with dummy picture so we can learn how to set up these layout ? thanks

  162. I am as pleased by the release of the Woocommerce Builder as by reading all these enthusiastic comments and full of positive energy. You deserve these thanks Elegant Themes, because you do a huge job. And when I hear Nick announce us here that the Theme Builder will be available in a few weeks, I have thrills of excitement.

  163. Awesome update! I’m a lifetime member, do I need to update to get this?

  164. hey, would this work with Dokan Multi Vendor plugin? I hope it does.

  165. Can you create a design and have it be the global design for all products. This is good but absolutely useless if I have manually change the design on every product page.

    • I am wondering the same. I know you can create a layout but importing that to each product would be a slow painful activity.

  166. Wow. I didn’t think it possible that Divi could get better, but it became a LOT better. Thank you.

  167. Is it possible to implement the design on all the products ? Or do I have to manually change the design on all pages ?

  168. Finally, we can use Divi to create e-commerce stores. Thank you Elegant themes!

  169. DIVI became a LOT better.can we now filter products by category and price?

  170. I am so stoked about this! The very next item on my to do list is to build a story on my main author/designer site. woo hoo!

  171. Can I See Live Demo e-commerce stores ??

  172. That’s a great feautre. Really niche.
    But… How can I access to it? I’ve just updated my Divi right now, but there aren’t Woo modules.

  173. When are these demo added to the divi library?

  174. Is it possible to create a design for a product and standardize it to the rest of the products in the store? How should it be done?

    • same question 😉 !

  175. Great to work with Divi 4.0, Thank You. Expecting even more from it 😉 Webnoesys IT Solutions LLP Bangalore, India.

  176. Seems nice overall, but lacking several modules for Woocommerce. Especially archive and product loops. Seems we’re stuck with woo injector or WC builder a bit longer.

  177. NOT QUITE FINISHED JOB!!!! i hope this will not get erased.

    I have WC divi builder paid, and on category pages you get WOO ARCHIVE module.

    ON DIVI 4 you use shop module to create category products view.

    BIG PROBLEM – any sidebar filter IS NOT WORKING, and they left it like that.
    I spent 3 days migrating shop from that plugin to DIVI 4 and now BACK AGAIN!

    Well elegant themes and NICK I got to say this su**s!!!
    This is not finished.

    ALSO product search MODULE??? Nowhere.
    So i think this is only half done job.

    Some VERY IMPORTANT pieces in any shop are missing in you logic. So any advanced user will see that.

    What are you gona do about that?

    Missing product search
    Missing archive module
    filter by atributes not working if used theme builder

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