Divi 2.6 Has Arrived, Including New Modules, Header Styles And The New Responsive Editing System

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Divi 2.6 Has Arrived, Including New Modules, Header Styles And The New Responsive Editing System
Blog / Theme Releases / Divi 2.6 Has Arrived, Including New Modules, Header Styles And The New Responsive Editing System
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2016 is going to be an exciting year for Divi. We have so many amazing things planned, and we are happy to kick things off with the release of Divi 2.6. This new version of Divi comes with an updated Divi Builder, including new modules, improved modules and our new responsive editing controls. Divi’s theme options have also been expanded to include two brand new header styles and a completely re-designed Theme Options panel. That’s right, after 6 years of neglect, ePanel has finally been revamped to embody Divi’s clean and modern style. There is so much to explore in Divi 2.6, so let’s jump into the details!

Responsive Editing Controls

Perhaps the most exciting feature in Divi 2.6 is the Divi Builder’s new Responsive Editing controls, which allow you to assign different sizing and spacing values for each breakpoint.

Adjust Sizes For Individual Devices

Divi already looks great on every device thanks to its responsive design and fluid grid, but sometimes when you modify a module’s Advanced Design Settings, it can be difficult to make sure everything looks perfect on every device. That’s where the Divi Builder’s new responsive editing controls come in, giving you increased control over the sizing, spacing and visibility of modules on each responsive breakpoint.

Whenever you modify a module, row or section’s sizing or spacing, a new icon appears that, when clicked, activates the Divi Builder’s new responsive editing controls. These controls allow you to assign unique values for each breakpoint. For example, you can create a custom Fullwidth Header module with big and beautiful text that fills desktop screens, and at the same time you can reduce the size of that text on mobile devices to ensure that it’s readable no matter how your visitors are viewing your page.


Disable Elements On Individual Devices

In addition to being able to adjust sizes and spacing, you can also disable entire modules on particular devices as well. All modules, rows and sections now come with a new Disable On setting that allows you to disable the element on smartphones, tablets and/or desktop computers. Often times it is in your visitor’s best interest to strip down your website’s mobile version so that the small screen is not crowded with an excess of information. You can even duplicate modules, creating two different versions that are served to different visitors based on the size of their screen.


Divi’s New Header Styles

Divi now comes with 2 new header styles that can be selected via the Theme Customizer. The Slide-In and Full-Screen headers are both great additions to Divi’s already versatile header controls.

Slide-In Header

When the new Slide-In header is enabled, your primary and secondary links are consolidated and hidden within a classic hamburger menu. When clicked, your menu items slide in from the side of the screen. This new app-like style is becoming more and more popular in the mobile era. When combined with transparent header backgrounds and custom accent colors, you can easily give your Divi header a modern new look.


Full Screen Header

The Full-Screen menu also hides your primary and secondary navigation links until the hamburger menu icon is clicked. Your header is then presented in a beautiful full-screen style. You can easily customize the color, opacity and size of the menu and the links via the Theme Customizer. These two new header styles, when combined with Divi’s plethora of customizer controls, open up a whole new realm of possible header styles.


5 New Divi Builder Modules

Divi 2.6 comes with the newest version of the Divi Builder, including five brand new content modules. The more modules that the Divi Builder has available, the more layout opportunities present themselves and the more versatile Divi becomes. In Divi 2.6 we have expanded the Divi Builder’s arsenal of content elements.

Button Module

Several Divi Builder modules come with buttons. Sliders, Call To Actions, and Email Optins just to name a few. However, there has never been a way to add a stand-alone button to a Divi layout. The button module solves this problem by separating the Divi button into its own module. When combined with the module’s Advanced Design Settings, countless button styles can be created.


Post Slider Module

The Post Slider module works just like the standard Divi Builder Slider module, except that instead of building out your own slides, the content of the slider is populated by your featured blog posts. This is a great compliment to the Divi Builder Blog module, and it’s a great way to feature your favorite posts in either a standard or fullwidth section.


Comments Module

Comments are a standard part of every theme, and they typically appear at the bottom of your post below the entirety of your post content. We have taken this comment form and turned it into a Divi Builder module, which means you now have full control over where your comments are placed within your post content. It also gives you the new opportunity to customize the appearance of your comments via the Divi Builder’s advanced design settings and custom css options.


Search Module

Until now, the only way to add a search form to your website was using the standard WordPress search widget. However, this was limited to widget-ready areas such as the Divi sidebar and footer. We took this search form and turned it into a Divi Builder module, complete with new controls over search results and design.


Post Navigation Module

Post Navigation is another common part of most WordPress websites. Typically post navigation links appear at the bottom of each blog post, inviting your visitors to read your next and previous posts. We took these links and turned them into a module that can be placed anywhere within your Divi-built page. The module also comes with some great options, such as the ability to limit post links to posts within the same category as the post that is currently being viewed. This simple option greatly improves the relevancy of the post links being generated, increasing the probability that visitors will find the content engaging.

Improved Divi Builder Modules

Not only have we added new modules to the Divi Builder, we have also greatly improved some of the builder’s most popular modules. We realize that adding new modules isn’t the only way to make Divi more versatile. In Divi 2.6, we have listened to our customers’ most demanded feature requests and updated some of Divi’s most popular modules with a few improvements.

The Much Improved Contact Form Module

The Contact Form module has received the biggest update, with a complete overhaul of the module’s core functionality.


  • Custom Form Fields – The Contact module now supports custom input fields, making it a fully-functional form builder.
  • Honey-pot Spam Detection – Sometimes a captcha isn’t enough. They can also be frustrating for users. This is why we have added honey-pot spam detection to the contact form, which is a completely invisible, effective and unobtrusive method to detect spam bots.
  • Custom Message & Content Order – You can now adjust the content of the message that your contact form creates, including the ability to adjust the order of the field inputs using output variables.
  • Redirect URL’s – You can now assign a custom redirect URL. This will re-direct the user after a successful form submission.
  • Custom Success Message – You also now have the ability to adjust the success message that is displayed after a successful form submission.

Introducing Background Overlays

All slider modules now come with a background overlay option. When enabled, a semi-transparent background color is placed above the slide’s background image, but below the slide’s text content. This can be used to reduce the contrast and add color to your slide’s background image while at the same time improving the readability of your slide’s text.


Image Overlays For Image & Blog Modules

Both the Image and Blog modules now come with an image overlay option. When enabled, a customizable icon and background overlay color are placed over the image on hover.


Text Backgrounds For Sliders

All slider modules now come with a background overlay setting. When enabled, a semi-transparent background color is placed behind the text content of the slide. This helps ensure that your text will always be readable, no matter what photo is used in the background of the slide.


Improved CSS Editing Options

We have gone through and audited all of Divi’s Custom CSS options to make them easier to use and fill in missing options.

We have audited the full list of Divi modules to make sure there were no missing elements with the Custom CSS tab. Dozens of new CSS options have been added, making every single part of each module completely editable. We have also made these settings easier to use by adding the CSS Selector to each text field, making it clear exactly where your CSS is being added.


ePanel Get’s A New Look!

A lot has changed since ePanel was originally designed, and we are happy to finally update our theme options framework with a contemporary design that feels at home inside of Divi.

It has been a long time coming, but we are happy to announce that the original ePanel design (which has remain unchanged for 6 years) has finally been re-vamped to match Divi’s sleek and modern style. Our other Divi Builder theme, Extra, has also been update with this new design.


Improved Plugin Compatibility (Including BuddyPress)

Some structural changes have been made to Divi’s page template structure, improving compatibility with various plugins.

Various plugin compatibility issues (particularly issues involving BuddyPress) have been addressed. Ensuring compatibility with the most popular WordPress plugins is something that we will continue to focus on as Divi matures, so be sure to let us know if there are any problems that you would like us to fix by opening a suggestion in the support forums!


2016, The Year Of Divi

In the beginning of this article I said that 2016 is going to be an amazing year for Divi, and I meant it. We have some of our most ambitious updates planned for this year, and our entire team has regrouped and rallied behind the cause. We can’t wait to keep building what we know will continue to be the best WordPress theme on the planet, supported by the most amazing community on the internet 🙂 Stay tuned for more updates!
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  1. Hello,

    I’m new to Divi and what a great theme!
    I like the Full-Screen menu, is it possible to activate it only on Mobile?
    What I want is to switch the hamburger menu for Full-Screen menu!

    Thanks for any help I can get!

  2. Hey there, great release!

    Just one question: is there a way to increase mobile logo height with fixed navigation disabled? I use a portrait style (vertical) logo, and when I switch to mobile view it gets really too small!

  3. Exciting release. Divi is a theme builder providing services to WordPress Enterprise Web Content Management Solutions to design and develop beautiful and feature rich websites with ease. penning down the highlights of Divi 2.6 that makes it stand apart from other theme builders or even make it better then such builders available over other CMSs like Sitefinity, Umbraco and Joomla.
    The responsive theme builder is an absolute pleasure in 2.6 that allows developer to manually set the exact shape and size of a section. Better search option will enhance the usability of this theme. Designing tools like background overlay and text overlay are interesting. I have designed such themes in Umbraco and Sitefinity and found it very interesting especially to enhance user experience. The new epenal will have easy to use features and will help websites SEO. I am sure that compatibility with various plugins and inclusion of new templates would make Divi a better platform (yet to use them).

  4. I am totally new to WordPress. Can you tell me if you guys have uber menu ( mega menu) like version in elegant themes? Thanks

    • Yes you can create mega menus with Divi.

  5. My beloved and trustfull team at Elegant Themes, for more that I LOVE Divi, that I only use it for more than 2 years now ( and I deploy around 3 sites a month! ), I have a question that has nothing to do with it:

    How do you guys create this great animated Gifs on theses exemples above?

    I’ll be very happy to learn that!


  6. Hi, I am an avid Divi user and love the new update. However, I am having a problem with the blog post formatting. It seems to have been removed from the “screen options”. I ask because I created a custom blog but am only able to create the normal text blogs. THe option to make video, audio or other blog posts is not available.

    Also, I was able to create a a custom blog using the grid on one of my websites but have not been able to do it on my second website. I have done everything I did on the first website but it just doesn’t work on the second. Here is the firs website:


    Here is the second (which does not work):


    Thank you for your help!


    • Hi Roy, sorry you’re having that problem. We’re happy to help. To reach our support team simply create a ticket in our support forum here http://elegant themes.com/forum

  7. Hi,

    When using the new half page or full screen menu options, is it possible to incorporate the mega-menu feature? Especially when using the full screen menu to make all that dead space useful?

  8. I would definitely want to try this awesome wp themes soon. You guys are simply rocking.


  9. This is excellent. I am going to get it soon 😀

  10. I found a bug in Advance Design Settings, when we use custom style for button, the settings are saved but when we re-open the tab the selector are not positioned on the selected value, I mean if I set the border radius to 3px, I click on save button then I come back, the value is saved, I can see the result on the website but in the admin the cursor is still on 0 (far left of the slide).

    It would be also nice to be able to save somewhere the settings for a button, because when we use the them custom button on many slides it’s a big waste of time to set buttons one by one.

  11. Updates are good but no mention of load speed ,- has that been improved?

  12. Now Divi cPanel looks most appealing than its previous versions. Elegant themes team should enhance Divi Blog features likes their display style, at this time Divi blog layouts are not professional but that framework stuff is really cool 🙂 Love it.

  13. It’s a pitty (or should I say ‘missed chance’) that the new Post Slider module doesn’t work for projects. Or that there is no equivalent for projects.

  14. I really love the direction you guys are taking Divi. I’ll second everyone regarding a focus on more seamless integration woocommerce. I’ve been suggesting that for a while. I think that’s one of the big showstoppers for me. Your customers would likely make much more money from being able to deploy Divi as an e-commerce solution without the hangups, hence creating more demand for Divi. E-commerce and real estate customers dominate my projects because the payout (as well as demand) is higher. What I would love to see are product pages/layouts, maybe listing-type styles, and single-product modules! Thanks again for another impressive release Nick & team!

  15. I dont understand how you turn on the overlay on the image module?

    • Same – loved this in the demo – cant see an overlay setting in the image module?
      Please let us know the fix., thank you

  16. Hi
    I tried the Divi theme for the first time and I’m excited. Very good Job.
    But I have some Troubles adding modules. When I try nothing happens. Any idea what the cause of this can be?

    • Same here! Updated to 2.6.2 and any editing to any modules simply load the loader gif and nothing happens. I kinda also need this urgently as my client is going to view the site soon.

      • Hey Ethan, sorry you’re having that problem. The biggest issue we’ve had with this release has not actually been a Divi bug. It’s been a caching issue that looks like a Divi bug. Please clear your cache and if the problem persists head on over to our support forum here http://elegantthemes.com/forum

      • Hi Nathan
        Thanks for the video, this helps.
        But the Problem I have is that adding modules does not work anymore. With 2.5.9 everything works but with 2.6.1 when i try to add a module the mousepointer rotates infinitely, and nothing happens.

        • I found an error in the apache log:
          AH01328 line too long.
          I have Apache 2.4.10 running.
          Any idea?

          • Having same issue here. For me 2.6.1 worked great with no issues. Just updated to 2.6.2 and having issues adding any module to a standard row. I get the initial loading action but then it locks there with no option but to leave the page.

            Is there a legacy 2.6.1 for download? Have a deadline today. Please help. OG Divi user since it’s first release. Thanks!

  17. Is it possible to upgrade Chameleon in order to get these changes, to widen the fronter for example ang adjust the width to devices used?

    We want to be able to wide the fronter and take away the background sheet. Is it possible in Chameleon if we update it, or is it only on Divi?

    Love your work!

  18. Awesome Theme, thanks for this Update!

  19. I really like all of the great new features that are in this release. I especially like the new ePanel look and the responsive features.

  20. Background overlay is a great idea!!! Yes!!
    Although, I am having trouble getting it to work.
    I can’t seem to find any tutorials about it??
    Help please..


  21. Would be thrilled to win this!

  22. A new user….so still finding my way around.

    1st impression is that Divi has a lot of power hidden within the builder…but it’s difficult to find stuff….eg how do I create a button that looks like a button and not a flat shape?

    I’m also finding the page layout grid sooo “in your face” that it’s difficult to imagine what the underlying pages look like while you’re building them.

    But I’m sure I’ll get over the hump.

  23. Please in the contact module add a checkbox field for privacy terms acceptance.
    In Europe this field is required by law… your module; as it is now; can not be used, it would be great to solve this problem..


    • Good point.

  24. Please in the contact module add a checkbox field for privacy terms acceptance.
    In Europe this field is required by law… your module; as it is now; can not be used, it would be great to solve this problem..


  25. As Always.. looking awesome.

  26. Stoked on the mobile options for all aspects of the site, this will make things so much easier when building a site. Won’t have to worry about ugly mobile site out of the gate!

  27. Hello good article and very descriptive. I have a website with divi 2.5 and divi I upgraded to 2.6, the builder does not let me divi where the three horizontal lines, but if you let me clone, delete and other functions.

    What could be the problem? I disabled some plugins, but remains the same. I have the latest version of wordpress.

    Greetings and thanks.

    • Same trouble as you 🙁

  28. Divi 2.6 looks great!!

  29. love it!

  30. Divi keeps getting better and better.

  31. e-Panel got a new look! FTW!

  32. Just updated.. it’s awesome.. thanks..just one issue. Phone numbers don’t seem to respond off mobiles now I’ve updated to the latest version?

  33. Just updated. Getting very odd response from Divi Builder.
    I can add new modules, move modules, copy modules but I can’t edit modules! Even my previous existing ones.
    I was excited to hear about the comments module for pages. I added a comments module but it won’t save or allow me to edit any customizations. Any ideas?

  34. We’re sold on Divi and now build most of our websites using it. We got a rush job for a total custom website design/development job on a Monday and had it fully completed before the end-of-day Thursday. No. Really.

    Our only complaint is that the content box in the text module (and all others, too) to enter the actual text/media content is much too shallow which leads to endless scrolling up and down to perform content pouring and editing.

    But given Divi’s flexibility to make the design process very interactive, allowing us to refine the design as we move through the build process, makes up for that limitation.

    Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see Divi 2.7… and 3.0!

  35. Hello Nick!

    I just downloaded the new Divi 2.6.1 – looks promising! I noticed that the Divi Documentation is not updated yet, if it is soon, when would you anticipate this? Additionally, I can’t get the new Slide in Header and Full Screen Header to work – it simply just doesn’t do anything – perhaps I am missing something, if so please share! 🙂

    If there is tutorials coming soon as well, please be sure to advice!

    Thanks so much!

  36. What a massive update. Awesome 🙂

  37. Nicely done!

  38. I was expecting the live preview ‘ as you CSS ‘ , the main update in this upgrade! I think if you guys add that feature, Devi will be 10 times more fun to work with.

    thanks for the updates.

  39. Looking forward to it!

  40. Excellent! Great job guys.

  41. Where can I find documentation or videos showing where the SLIDE-IN HEADER configurations area??

      • Thank Nathan, but I can’t seem to find how to do this:

        When the new Slide-In header is enabled, your primary and secondary links are consolidated and hidden within a classic hamburger menu. When clicked, your menu items slide in from the side of the screen.

        • FOUND IT! It’s in the Theme Customizer. I didn’t read this part:

          Divi now comes with 2 new header styles that can be selected via the Theme Customizer. The Slide-In and Full-Screen headers are both great additions to Divi’s already versatile header controls.

  42. I would like to leave a suggestion. Is this the correct place?

    I would like to find options to make the page accessible for people with disabilities.

    For example:
    3 options of text size with icons on the top bar.
    The option to change to high contrast/Black and white screen.

    These are basics that most of the websites should have integrated to accomplish with the web accessibility standards.


  43. Nice Job!

  44. Looking forward to this new upgrade!

    I am already a member. Do I have to have a developer account to get the upgrade?

  45. This is an incredible update. Just finished a website with Divi 2.5, and all of the new features of 2.6 is exactly what I thought version 2.5 needed. The new ability to scale content for different viewports is extremely useful.

  46. I’m looking forward to try the new features. Divi is getting better with every new update. Thank you for your hard work.

  47. Nice work, becoming a great design platform.

  48. Do you have plans for the Blog module?

  49. Divi is the best theme on the market, we stopped using Joomla all together after purchasing a subscription to Elegant Themes.

    Greetings from South Africa

  50. Just keeps getting better and better, DIVI is truly becoming the only WordPress theme you’ll ever need 🙂

  51. I like the new features. I want this fantastic theme

  52. I am happy to see that the contact form got an update. I am still missing the possibility to add “radio options” which would make it just perfect for me.

  53. I am happy to see that the contact form got an update. What I am still missing is the possibility to add “radio options” which would make it just perfect for me.

  54. Looking good!

  55. Will Divi evolve to use WP REST api? Or is ET looking at developing a new theme built using REST?

  56. Great improvement!

  57. This is awesome!

  58. So Excited!

  59. I always works with Enfold, Avada, etc… but this new version of Divi its a good option

  60. oh man, I so want this!

  61. Amazing update! Nice work 🙂

  62. I’m curious to see all the new stuff when i upgrade a client’s site in the next few days.

  63. Is it possible to have dropdown fields with the new form builder module?

  64. So excited for this release. The new features look great – especially psyched about the overlay slider thingie. Can’t wait to upgrade!

  65. I love Divi theme and happy about the new update. I have few requests
    1) can the logo be spared from menu so that you can have different background for menu
    2) it will be nice to have more animation options
    3) it will be great to be able to add address, phone and call to action modules to header. Basicallp

  66. Good job guys! You really have made the one theme to rule them all!

  67. There’s no better theme than Divi. I’ve tried a few so I’m looking forward to the update.

  68. These are fantastic. Thank you for your work.

  69. Divi is the gift that keeps on giving.

  70. It keeps getting better 🙂

  71. I’m about to cry, I’m so happy :o)

  72. SO excited about these changes!! They look awesome and I can’t wait to use them! Especially the blog post slider and the responsive customization options!

  73. Three words for you and your team, not only for Divi, but your whole suite: Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

    I would have written “elegant” but that is already apparent in three areas: coding, admin. UI, creative direction.

    Thanks. Webdirexion LLC (a digital marketing agency) has been an Elegant Themes believer for several years, and not only have you not let us down — you have exceeded our expectations and progressively supassed our imagination.

    Feel free to use this in your testimonials. It’s the least we can do.

  74. I can’t wait to start using Divi 2.6!!!

  75. perhaps one of the best theme’s out there.

  76. Cool Search Module!

  77. Amazing theme!!

  78. One of the best updates yet!!

  79. I apologise for my terrible typos in my previous message.
    That will teach me to try typing on my phone….

  80. Great work on the update.

    One feature I would love is a hide default menu button in the options.
    when creating a custom menu it still tries to shoe the main menu.

    I know you can go in and stop pages from showing but when you go on mobiles or drag the edge of te window in the 3 lines still comes up.

    Or am I missing something really obvious?

  81. Love, love, love this theme! Divi rocks!

  82. I know I’m one of the hundreds of comments (and I’ve not even signed up for the competition!) but I just wanted to say thank you anyway 🙂

    I went for the one-time-fee option a couple of years ago, pre-Divi and it just keeps getting more and more amazing. Your timing on this crazy-good update couldn’t be better, either!

    I can’t wait to play with the new toys!! Will the 2016 updates include a card-style content display system a la Essential Grid? That’s pretty much the last design-orientated plugin I use that you’ve not made redundant 😉

    Keep it up guys! May The Force be with you, always,


  83. The new Post Slider Module is just what I needed right now. Great! I like the new mobile/responsive options too. Thanks!

  84. I just want DIVI and Monarch.
    awesome goodies from elegant themes team.
    Love it.

  85. The improvements are really exciting, good job guys!

  86. Divi..my favorite theme 🙂 My account expired..so here’s to hoping I get to win in the raffle 🙂

  87. Thank you Elegant Themes for the best WordPress Theme ever!

  88. Hi,

    As soon as I updated my client’s theme, a small input bar appeared underneath the message box of the contact form. I can not even remove it. I have seen some people having same problem but mine is not solved yet. Please help!

    • Ok problem solved. The input box disappeared now.

      Thank you for the amazing work you do.

  89. awesome. Will try to port my multi-author magazine type of blog on this.

  90. Nick,
    Thank you for the fabulous divi’s features

  91. Great updates.
    Great giveaway, thanks.

    Good luck to everyone.

  92. Love the Elegant themes I’m using but looks like it’s time to switch to Divi!

  93. Awesome, looking over the new features now and trying to decide how to make the best use of them!

  94. Love it 🙂 I am really happy about the new features. Thank you!!

  95. Great work guys…really hop eot see Optimizepress on the list of integrations that you are working on fixing!

  96. Looking forward to improving my site even more!

  97. Awesome work!!!

  98. Awesomeness!

  99. Fantastic! Can’t wait to try out all the new features. 🙂

  100. What are you using for your contest?

  101. Great work as always!
    Divi Rocks!

  102. So the best theme around just got better…again! Great work guys and gals.

  103. Awesome release guys!

    I think a cool option would be if I was able to choose the fullscreen and/or slide-in menu option for the “tablet/mobile” menus while using the regular visible menu items for the desktop menu.

    Thanks again!!!

  104. Thinking of switching over to Divi, with the discount it looks like I’ve timed it well!

  105. Wow this theme is getting better and better by the day! Well done! I’m really considering to buy this theme. Looks really promising. Anybody experience with custom post types within the divi theme? And is it possible to create templates? Thanks!!


  106. Hi Nick,

    I came across Divi last March. And I must say that using Divi was one of the wisest decisions in my life.

    I like the Westcoast-feeling of Divis Design. This has a special character that is cool, clean with a touch of friendliness of a 68 Hippie.

  107. Thank you for making web design so much easier than it used to be!

  108. Excellent Theme. Looks good!

  109. I’m excited ! DIVI is currently the best theme in the market. Iuse it since the start and it just gets better. Just great !!

  110. You guys are outdoing yourself every time!

  111. This is awesome!! I love Divi!

  112. Finally the Fullwidth Slider can display Posts! Wonderful feature!

  113. Just took it for test demo. This looks pretty awesome guys.

  114. Now that EXTRA comes alive, the focus is back on DIVI 🙂

  115. Build Tight integration with Woo commerce, Advanced Custom Fields and Gravity Forms. Then you will have a perfect product.

    Until then its really great to use Divi and I love the way it keeps getting better and better. But why not bite the bullet and make it perfect?

    Integrate tightly with:

    Woo Commerce
    Advanced Custom Fields
    Gravity Forms

    Then watch sales soar!!

  116. this looks a great improvement

  117. I’m fairly new to divi and this update has already improved on what is a brilliant theme. Keep up the good work Nick and the team 🙂

  118. Have been following Divi since the beginning, cool to see where it’s come!~

  119. Looking forward to taking this out for a spin!

  120. The best theme ever get even better

  121. I like the look of the comments module … time to play with the new features

  122. I love all the new changes…time to explore gotta go! =)

  123. Looking forward to Divi ng in to the latest update 🙂

  124. Really nice theme! Will use it for future projects! 🙂

  125. Great work guyz. DIvi Rox as always.

  126. Doooooooooooooope!

    I love the new features and modules and I looooooooooove the line item veto!

  127. Cool!

  128. These features sound great! May have to check it out!

  129. The new incarnation of Divi is wonderful! So many things added that we had been asking for. I can’t wait to start using it.

  130. Great work guys!!! Keep it up!!!

  131. I hope I win!!!! 🙂 I really really REALLY want a Divi license.

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    • Please make sure you have cleared your site’s cache. If problems persist, disable each plugin one by one to see if any of Themis causing problems.

      • This has been brought up in numerous support forums and each time your ET support say “it is a known issue and being worked on by the developer”….been the same answer for months.

        bottom line you have got to figure out to stop DIVI from stripping out page and line breaks from the visual editor…every time you save a module they disappear…leaving a giant block of text…happens in text modules as well as others.

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    • Oh yes please. Typekit integration as well!

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    PS ~ I’d love to win an upgrade! I’m a huge fan of your themes and tell all of my clients about Elegant Themes and what a great value you offer. 😉

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    My only wishlist item for Divi is a image gallery that doesn’t look like an afterthought… or something from 3 years ago. Not all images fit in the 4:3 format. Not everyone wants images all neat and orderly in rows of equal size and space.

    I can override css and get rid of spacing, but I can’t create a masonry-style image gallery without doing a lot more customizations than I feel I should have to do.

    Otherwise I love Divi. It likely is the last theme I’ll need for my site and all the other sites I create.

    Thanks for all that you do to keep things moving forward in the WP world!

    • Posting a comment because I really want more image gallery options for Divi too!

    • I totally agree. That IS my wish list.

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    Just one request about the contact form module; it would be awesome to be able to integrate that with an API for list management like MailChimp or AWebber. Maybe in v2.7?

    • You can use Bloom plugin that is included in ET membership.

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  361. I’ve worked with my child theme and change font size of the title of Fullwidth Slider by new your controls for every device. It works well for desktop and tablet, but in case of the phone, Web Developer in Firefox show me, that the style of Divi parent theme is more important than this setting (strikethrough line on the CSS inline declaration from Responsive Editing Controls, override by .et_pb_slide_description .et_pb_slide_title from Divi/style.css:14760 where this value is 20px). It’s great idea with REC, but today I need to work with my own declaration by media queries like before. The same problem occur when I switch on the Divi parent theme.
    Thank you Elegant Team for innovations 🙂
    Best wishes, Kris.

  362. Great works! Amazing!

    Just 2 small remark:

    > after the updated, I do not have the ‘Get wp shortlink’ button anymore under my post title. I was using it to generate wp.me shortlinks. It seems that the following method is not working anymore:
    add_action(‘init’, ‘my_custom_init’);
    function my_custom_init() {
    add_post_type_support( ‘product’, ‘shortlinks’ );

    > I also have some difficulties with publicize from jetpack. And neither for publicize (mainly interested for custom post types)

    Can you tell me if these problems are due to the update and how to fix them.

    Thank you by advance! And again, great job! And continue like this!

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    I’m not sure if this a bug, or if this version of divi is dependent on newer requirements on the host ?

  368. Hi, great update.

    Please stop forcing ‘designed by elegant themes’ footer with every update it’s insulting to have to manually remove it for the zillionth time.


    • I’m glad this bothers someone else. I think it’s despicable that we have to change it manually every upgrade. On FREE themes, I understand, but on premium themes there is no excuse. This really degrades the entire theme in my opinion and doesn’t reflect well on your company.

  369. Excellent news! I wanted the comments module in particular

    • It’s the time of graphic unification of posts and pages. No more comments below the sections. Just display: none via CSS for default WordPress comment piece of code and comment in the area of destination 🙂
      GR8 news!

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    Great job guys!

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    Congratulations for your great work.
    What would be great too, is to make translatable the entire theme’s admin panel.



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  382. Love the slide-in header if it was just a mobile option. Huge feature request allow us to have different nav bar options for each the desktop tablet and mobile. This would make the mobile site look way better than the drop down menu replaced with the slide-in header and allow us to keep the current menu design for the desktop.

    • I have to support this idea! If someone has a fix before Divi creates this feature please post a link!

    • +1 on this idea. If this needs a formal request, I’m happy to put one in. 😉 As much as I am LOVING the two new header options, it’s way more desirable to me, as well, to have Header Styles for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices. I’m honestly not a huge fan of the current responsive approach to the mobile menu that drops down. I’d love to have the Full Screen or Slide-In options. Otherwise, I LOVE this theme. 🙂

    • Differentiation between nav bar options on desktop, tablet and mobile is indeed a great idea! A lot of people like the idea of a different header on mobile, but don’t want to have the same style on desktop. I would love to combine the default menu on desktop with a slide-in header on mobile!

  383. I’m totally stoked about the customizable forms! Can’t wait to get to work with it!

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  388. In this post you say: “We are also celebrating Divi 2.6 with a 20% discount off all new accounts and account upgrades!”

    You shouldn’t say ALL when you cut out lifetime memberships – sorry, but this way people feel fooled!

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    Thanks for making Divi better, yet again!

    Hats off to you guys! You are the true craftsmen of your craft!

  401. Great additions. Especially happy with the post slider addition and the header formatting changes.

  402. Nice, but unfortunately the bugs with the full width header I reported over a month ago are still not fixed.
    * Vertical alignment in the middle in IE11 still doesn’t work, see forum ticket/topic 486933
    * Horizontal alignment in the center on mobile is still not correct, see forum ticket/topic 486940

    I just reopened both topics. Can you please get this fixed so I don’t need the custom css to fix this all the time?


  403. I like that the slider modules now come with a background overlay option.

  404. That looks great!

  405. You are amazing !!!

  406. Shame about the Contact Form Builder, was really looking forward to switching to that. It doesn’t include drop down, radio select, check boxes or file upload. I’ll stick to Contact Form 7 until you HOPEFULLY add these features.

  407. Wow! Excellent theme!!

  408. This is so fantastic! I’m installing 2.6 as I type!

  409. Good news, great job guys, congratulation!

  410. Hey Nick and Team, Divi 2.6 ROCKS! You guys have really outdone yourselves on this release, and it’s comforting to see your commitment to developing and improving your products. Bodes well for the future! 🙂

  411. Amazing work guys! Very happy for the new features – especially about buttons, forms and responsiveness control. Epic! One think I would like to ask you for: a module for ‘related posts’ on the blog – would be really useful!

  412. project navigation and option to enable/disable Divi gallery are the good inclusion.

  413. Yay for the updated contact form! My church’s site just went live yesterday after being hacked (who does that?) and brought back to live via Divi. I used a lot of forms and plugins in the old version and wanted to cut down…so I was and am elated to receive todays news. Great job team Elegant Themes!

  414. Once again you’re giving to us users the extra motivation of learning new valuable things, making things prettier (and, for many, more profitable), at the same time that you’re improving (and feeding :)) the whole divi business ecosystem.
    Congratulations. 🙂

  415. This has got to be the best theme and designer tool on the market! Thanks, guys. Keep up the great work.

  416. Looks promising :0

  417. This is awesome! I’d love to install Divi 2.6 on my website!

  418. Always getting better.

  419. As usual, great upgrade – thank you guys!

    It would be great if the blog posts slider will also be able to display custom post types.

    This is actually a more general request: it would be great if you will always treat CPT’s as blog posts in your features – most of the sites I currently build have several CPT’s defined, and seeing all the great features that normal blog posts get and not being able to use them on CPT’s is a bit of a drag 🙂

  420. Looks awesome! Can’t wait to test out all the new features!

  421. It’s just the new Divi Theme or the Divi plugin will have this functions as well?

  422. Great news!

  423. Thank you ET team!

  424. Divi 2.6 looks great! Thank you for updating the contact form!!

  425. Amazing! Was so looking forward to the features allowing me to tailor the mobile and tablet experience for my website.

    Divi is great however now its really perfect for the mobile experience


  426. Nice, awesome, superb, beautiful! =]

  427. hey guys — congratulations on a great update! just when I thought it couldn’t get any better Wham Bam! totally rocking !

    • do these changes apply to the Divi Builder plugin as well ?

  428. Nicely done, the button modules was something i’ve really wished for.

  429. Thanks for getting this done. Great job!

  430. Sounds great. Will test it soon.

  431. I’s great to see new features

  432. Hey Nick,

    2 things i’ve ran over using the update.

    1. Butto module – is it possible to update the Call to action Module so it behaves like the new Button module? Or even merge it into the Button module?

    2 contactform module – The new Contact module is great, but it would be a charm if you could the %%field_id%% option also in the subject field of the generated e-mail, so that you can see in the subject of your mail who wrote you, or which subject was written etc.
    It would be also helpful if you could implement a selection area, like you put text in the field and the user can choose them via drop down

  433. So many new features, and all of them so very helpful! Great work!

  434. “ePanel Get’s A New Look!”

    Darn I had spend weeks to alter the E-panel to look like it does now 🙁 I really wish big changes like this would be announced in advance.

    I now how to redo all the clients websites to disable my custom e-panel reskin.

    Other than that I’m pleased to say I’m happy with the changes that have been made for the first time since the release of DiVi.

  435. Great work guys!

  436. Great!

  437. Anyone getting errors like:

    Could not copy file. Divi/includes/builder/languages/ms_MY.po

    When they try to install?

  438. Awesome new features 😀 great work.

  439. Would it possible in the future, that all modules and the divi-theme are supporting molre languages in the interface?

    it would be helpful, if the divi theme would support more languages than english

  440. Lovely update
    In SEARCH MODULE how can I change the texte “search” by other language


  442. Hi Nick & Team,

    I haven’t done the upgrade yet and had a look, but I see no mention in your announcement of responsive images, or image size selection, in the various modules which use images.

    If it’s not there, am I crazy to hope it’s coming soon? This is the only fly in otherwise excellent ointment.

    I am surprised that I seem to be a lone voice crying in this particular wilderness.

    • I agree that Divi needs some serious image upgrades…

  443. I previously tried divi 2.0 and wasn’t completely satisfied but this update surely makes me want to give it a second spin. Good job!

  444. Hi ET team,

    Thanks for all!!!!
    All features are very usefull and I have to tell you thanks!
    Thanks very much!

  445. This is worth the wait. FYI “Divi ePanel Get’s a New Look” should be Gets.

  446. I absolutely love the new changes. The new settings page is so much better. Keep up the good work guys! Also a note: the uBlock plugin (used on Firefox) tends to block the module/section/row settings popup (that got me scared for a second).

  447. Great update. Divi is really my favorite Theme.

  448. And if you could add a file upload option to contact form builder, checkboxes and radio buttons – wooohaaaa, that would be the next step.

  449. Great job! You changed forever the way I build websites!

  450. Good stuff. Thank you.

  451. absolutely fantastic updates! thanks so much!

  452. Thanks for the awesome DIVI

  453. awesome! Can’t wait to try this out!

  454. I think Divi is a great theme, I can’t wait to try it’s new features!

  455. Hello, Nick/ET.
    I really like your direction with Divi and how its matriculating. One of my biggest concerns, however, is the parallax effect functionality and are there discussions to have it view as intended on mobile devices (ex. iPhones) as well. Being that several media outlets are now featuring parallax within their mobile content (ex. daily news, gossip, sports articles, etc.) — not to mention other websites being built with competing builders — I was wondering if this was at minimum “in the works” amid your collaborators and developers.


  456. Wow best update so far x_x

  457. Yes! And thank you!

  458. Hey guys, I really love the new features added to the Divi theme. I really hope to win one of the free membership’s so I can use Divi for my site! Keep up the great job.

  459. Thanks for the new features!
    Very appreciated the Text Backgrounds For Sliders and the ePanel new look.
    I’ll try them shortly

  460. Have you picked up the issue with the CONTACT FORM?

    I enter the Name, Email, Msg and Captcha when I press Enter it still says I must enter all the required field ?

    Any one else having this issue.

    Also how do one increase the size of the msg field?

  461. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Divi is THE benchmark.
    Excellent update guys, thank you so much!

  462. Nick,
    Thanks for another great update. Especially the gradient for sliders! Love it.
    Looking forward to additional email providers being added besides aweber and mailchimp, please add that to your list. Cheers!

  463. Thanks for the update, it looks great!!

  464. Thanks for the update, it looks great!!

  465. Excellente mise à jour !

  466. Great update, guys!
    The ability to create buttons without CTA module is what I have been waiting for. Also a special thank you for the ability to control the elements on mobile devices more flexible!

  467. Very impressed. Can’t wait to tryout the new improvements. THANK YOU!

  468. Great update! Lots of nice additions, especially, the header options. ePanel is looking sleek. 🙂

  469. Great update. I have re-joined and so far I am very impressed.

    So far the only question I have is, should the new device-type font size settings scale headings (i.e. H1, H2, H3) in the text module?

    So far I can only get the body text to honour the device-type settings.

    Thanks again!

  470. Awesome! Love the new updates. So far I have one suggestion, why’s the custom css box in the Theme Options so small (only three lines)? Would be great to see a bit more when adding custom css to the theme.

    Great work!

  471. I want it. Right now.

  472. Great themes. Simple, easy to use, and mainly quite beautiful.
    Keep up with the good work guys :).

  473. Thanks guys for the great work!
    I love to work with Divi!
    (Soon my own website will be created with Divi…)

  474. Thanks , great work with many interesting things , again 🙂

  475. Looks great, good work, any news on when some (or all) of these updates will also be applied to the ‘Extra’ theme?

    • just seen the ‘Extra’ 1.2 update has arrived and done exactly that, brilliant, thank you

  476. great features!

  477. Great news guys!

    Thanks for listening our clients wishes and ideas!


    P.S. Special thanks for a new ePanel.

    P.P.S. Cool idea with comments.

  478. Great update, especially the new ePanel is very cool.

  479. fantastic, another major version update. Looks like my investment to ET is a wise choice. Not sure if it’s implemented but I do hope we could create something like a testimonial/contact form/any other modules to tab/popup/slider.
    keep up the good works

  480. Wow – thank you! I can´t wait to check it out. And many hugs for the “button” module – that´s exactly what I need right now.

    The old and rusty ET Config Panel is gone? YES 🙂

    Keep on rockin!

  481. Fair few comments here, I use this at work and REALLY happy the button module is finally here, don’t have to mess about putting in my own divs with the elegant button classes.

    This shows how good this theme is when despite a few niggles it’s still really good… Keep up the good work guys…

  482. HI ET-TEAM,


    1.) “RESPONSIVE” you should also enable a fourth menu-type: “responsive menu” for tablets and phones AND “MOBILE REDIRECTION” which automatically “redirects” to a defined page (with a custom menu / responsive menu)

    2.) as in DIVI BOOSTER you should implement the option to FIX the HEIGHT of the SLIDERS … also ALIGNMENT of the SLIDER-TEXTs would be GREAT.

    3.) IMPROVEMENT OF LOCALIZATIONS: the German translation is still awful … if you want more customers in Germany (hogh potential market!) you should get a better translator, please!!!




  483. So great to see all those great features added constantly! Thank you!

  484. Loving the new modules and extra features thanks 🙂

  485. Great, the majority of the new adds were on my widhlist! Thank you very much! Divi became more than a theme 🙂

  486. That are very usable additions to an already quite fantastic theme. Nice work guys! Love to see the ePanel got some love, even thought its a back-end thing. And the refinement of the responsive settings are right on time. New and updated modules – a treat for all divi developers 😀 Thanks!

  487. Really looking forward to try the new features in the divi builder, its a major upgrade!

  488. Awesome! The much update anticipated of Divi. Great Job!

  489. Looks great guys – I have a few websites I could use this on

  490. Hi, how do we upgrade from a previous version of Divi?

  491. How do you make a footer in the new Divi update.

  492. So happy about the updates!

  493. Once Divi can handle post & category pages in a more useful way then everything else is just icing on the cake. I’ve seen many requests to add features from Extra to Divi or features from Divi to Extra…

    Address this important issue and boom…game over.

    Don’t get me wrong – all the new updates are great. But do this and watch the reaction….

    +1’s welcome…

  494. Divi 2.6 looks great, I like the frequent updates and the new features are making the divi page builder better and better. I think Elegant Themes is paying attention to the top players in the field like: Cornerstone, Beaver builder, Visual Composer. That’s good cause I want to see the good stuff from them made available into Divi.

    Tip: add a leave comment button or hidden form at the beginning of the comments section. I had to scroll forever to get to the leave a comment section – I almost gave up.

  495. Hooray! Looks like a great update. I’m especially looking forward to the new ePanel, and the button module (that one is greatly needed). But all the rest look great too.

    Thanks for all you do, ET team.

  496. There should be a pre-set option to make it so the header doesn’t shrink upon scrolling down 🙂

  497. Its time to upgrade to Divi 2.6 🙂

  498. Thanks for taking care of the ePanel thing!

    • Yeah! 😀

  499. An awesome functionality added in Divi 2.6. I like specially responsive devices adjustable layout and else.

  500. Great update. I have been using Divi for last 15 days and was feeling the need for header options, buttons and better contact form. Here they are. Wonderful.

    For future, you should think about how the product pages generated with woocommerce look? They look very bland compared to the colorful Divi pages. You need to do better job on integrating with woocommerce and getting similar look on product pages as well.

  501. Nice theme, nice ui.


  503. Elegant Themes has done a wonderful jog again. You guys are awesome. Please add the cover page slider in the next update.

  504. Is that Video supposed to play? For some reason it is not.

  505. So pleased. Trying out Divi for a client site and so far loving it. The form upgrade has arrived at the best possible time for me. So glad I don’t have to add a plugin for it now 🙂

  506. Nice upgrade! This eliminates a number of css settings that I had to use to hide modules on certain devices! Also, buttons, finally an easy way to create buttons without using the CTA module!

    • yes I love that! I had to add a CTA module and remove the surrounding text just to get the button on a page. I’ll be getting rid of it now 🙂

  507. Slick!

  508. what if there’s marketplace to buy or sell wp child themes based on divi? something like themeforest.com but focuses on divi as a platform.

    this will hugely boosts divi’s exposure and adoption rate for sure imo, and also wp designers/developers can benefit from such service addition. this will benefit clients as well since now they can not only purchase beautiful wp themes but also easily update it through divi.

  509. Great additions to this excellent theme. Waiting for much more.

  510. So many amazing new changes! I think I’m most looking forward to using the custom forms module!

  511. I like the new ePanel design of Divi 2.6.
    However I found that it conflicts with some css code of WP Lightbox 2 plugin (Version | By Syed Balkhi).
    The ePanel’s navigation menu shows blank entries when I activated WP Lightbox 2 plugin.

  512. Can’t wait to try it out.

  513. Looks great.

  514. Looks great.

  515. These changes are awesome refinements to the Divi brand. I love them and can’t wait to start using them. It’s hard to imagine WordPress without Divi. 🙂

  516. Finally Buddypress compatible with Divi…Great work…

  517. These updates are way exciting. Loving the new slide in full-screen headers, and the honeypot for comments.

  518. Divi just keeps on getting better and better. Truly the Theme to rule them all!

  519. Looks great! I’m still hoping to change my Divi blog over to Extra, but waiting for bugs to be ironed out and to figure out the best way to do it. In the meantime I will belaying with some of these new options! I’d love a blogpost on how to easily switch from Divi to Extra!

  520. Looks amazing!

  521. This is massive update! You guys are knocking us real good. Love every aspect of the update and thank God for refactoring the Contact form module!

    More grace, more genius.


  522. Not sure how I hadn’t seen Divi until today, but glad I found it. Very impressive.

  523. responsive setting for each devices is really what dev need.

    I wonder is DIVI work with Yoast SEO? anyone help please?

    Thanks in advanced

    • I tried it and it seems to work. Great update!!

  524. Looks like a big update! Love new buttons, search & comments options.

  525. Awesome to see the new updates,
    Here are some more you can plan
    1- front end builder
    2- more landing page templates

  526. Congratulations to Team Elegant Themes launch of Version 2.6 in this wonderful theme called Divi . One of the expected improvements more for me when was the module “Contact Form”. Yes there was a great evolution with the ability to edit fields, however hum module as essential in the custom construction sites still is limited. There fore and create the possible fields “input , email and text area”, the what ‘s frustrating because it can not be created with the field module as ” select, checkbox, radio, etc.”

    I hope a warning greater that consider a module and que a new update is released soon with os settings. Much still admiring the topic and again, congratulations to team.



    P.s.: excuse me writing is a translation from google. I am Brazilian and I do not speak English.

  527. I completely am falling in love with Divi!!! Thanks for the updates!

  528. Running into a contact form issue. There is a small input bar underneath the message box on all my contact forms. I have updated them all using the new module, still getting the same result with no option to delete it. HELP please.

    • Fixed It thanks….

  529. Nice updates, guys! This is one of the most complete wordpress theme.

  530. Rad. Thanks Nick and team!

  531. Awesome! This is really an awesome update! A lot of the stuff I’ve been asking for has been added. Good work!

  532. Wow! I don’t have the words! Thanks!!!

  533. Wow! Most of my wishes have just come true!


  534. It just gets better with every new update. Love Divi.

  535. Woot! I’ve been looking forward to several of these.

  536. Awesome New Updates !!!

    I am more than happy when using Divi and now they released the new awesome updates. Divi never ever let me down !!!

  537. Looking Forward to digging deeper.

  538. Finally an update to the built-in Contact Form! Thumbs up Elegant team.
    Next stop: Front-end editor like what Themify has? *drools*

    • Looks like that will be a version 3.0 DIVI / EXTRA thing

  539. You guys are my hero’s. I love all the new modules. But am especially excited about the form improvement. I feel like it’s my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one day. Thanks so much!!

  540. Great. Work. As. Always.

  541. Hey participating with this awesome theme!

  542. I can’t wait to see what else Divi offers, especially how well it works with plugins. So that those of us who are not web developers can focus on our biz and not worry about the backend so much.

  543. Fantastic! Everything I wanted. Take my money please.

  544. i <3 you even more… thank you for the stand alone button module – that is the best gift!!!

  545. Elegant Themes and Divi continue to amaze! One of the best investments of my life.

  546. Nice Update, nice new feature

  547. Very exciting updates. Love the addition of semi-transparent backgrounds!

  548. I’ve used Chameleon on a couple of sites I manage for a client, and I love it. But I’m soon about to do a modernisation of my own sites. These were built with themes from other vendors before I ever discovered Elegant Themes. They all have their ‘eccentricities’. What I love about Elegant is the logical and consistent coding, the standardised Shortcodes and Plugins available across all themes, and the fact that there are never unpleasant surprises.

    I was already inclined towards using previous versions of Divi for the reworking of my sites because of its creative flexibility, which seems to allow you to easily retain features of your original site’s branding characteristics. But the more I find out about Divi – and this update has convinced me even more – the more I can’t wait to get started on a job I have been putting off.

    Divi looks like a winner in every way.

  549. I’m super glad I found Elegant themes when I did many years ago. Never thought it would become this awesome!!! Thanks for the updates, just in time for a client’s website design =)

  550. Congrats!

  551. Really like the work done on custom CSS. Now I can pinpoint the area I am trying to tailor and make it easier to communicate to someone .

    Also the background overlay for the text area is really a welcome addition whe you need to make text more readible. Would like to see that feature in the full length header as well.

  552. Still no solution to the main reason why I don’t use Divi (yet) for anything other than small basic websites: There’s no way to set global defaults on existing content. For example: what if I want to change the default post layout for all new AND EXISTING posts. Divi builder needs a new module that pulls existing text/HTML content from the WordPress editor and then the ability to set the created layout as default for all existing and future posts. For example: Imagine creating a new layout in the library and then including a WordPress content module that includes the text & HTML from existing content, then setting that library layout as a new default for new and existing posts and being able to set it as a default post layout without having to edit every existing post. This would enable us to style exiting content and set new default layouts. I don’t understand why Divi doesn’t already have this. Currently it’s a nightmare to make a site with thousands of existing blog posts looks decent. I really don’t feel like editing over a thousand posts one by one every time I want to change something in the post layout. Until there is a solution to this issue, I can’t use Divi on my exiting projects. Please do something about this major flaw!

    • I agree with this idea David. Took me ages updating a site recently. Would be a great addition to Divi 2.7 .

  553. Perfect timing for the responsive controls!! Happy not to have to hand code all those media queries!!! Thank you!

  554. Thank you Divi Team for an awesome update… can’t wait to give it a whirl

  555. Is amazing , you guys always hit the updates . The update of the search bar and background for Slider are incredible . I am very happy to be a customer of Elegant Themes , thank you and keep this rhythm that will get to be the best on the planet .

  556. Now that we went to the new theme option panel could we add in an option to add in custom social media icons???

  557. Now that we went to the new theme option panel could we add in an option to add in custom social media icons???

  558. The new update broke my homepage layout. In fact, I can’t even edit it now.
    What is going on?

  559. fabulous updates as always. Thank you!

  560. Updating through the dashboard broke the builder. https://i.imgur.com/W70P0sh.png

    I had to download a fresh copy and manual upload via FTP to fix it.

  561. This looks really amazing! I can’t wait to install the update.

  562. Excellent update Elegant Themes team!

    Finally you added some important options people where asking for.

    I can only say every day i am happier with Divi!

    Thanks for the update and keep on making Divi better !


  563. Wow, great additions to the already goody goody divi. Hope to win the giveaway; )

  564. I am sure the changes are good and are going to make all the users (including me), happy.
    Haven’t seen it yet but if you give me more control over category, I’ll be even happier.
    Is it there ?

  565. Amazing!
    There are a lot of thing i want do to with Divi and now i can. Thanks for all ET team!

  566. Amazing!
    There are a lot of thing i want do to with Divi and now i can. Thanks for all ET team!

  567. This looks fantastic once again. Divi / WordPress has become my go to tool for non dynamic sites. And Foundation for dynamic sites – I think my Holy Grail for web design would be something like Divi that could be used for dynamic sites…

    The problem I have is that I can fairly readily do some cool stuff using Divi, that clients request in dynamic sites. I’m sure they could probably be done, but not with the ease and intuitiveness of Divi unfortunately.

  568. Awesome! As we are used to…

    I love the new contact form improvements and that Post Slider is something I was expecting you to add to Divi.

    Thanks Nick and Divi teammates

  569. I feel happy like a little boy playing with his new toy! Thanks ET

  570. Brilliant work – well done – love Divi

  571. This looks awesome. Looking forward to using it.

  572. This great theme just keeps getting better. I can get rid of a few CSS tweaks with this update (namely the slider overlays). Always nice when something you use regularly get easier to use.

    Thanks for keeping the updates coming and listening to everyone about what they like to see. I think that’s one of the things that really helps Divi stand out as the builder trend continues to open new doors for WordPress.

  573. Looking forward to using the upgrades

  574. Great Update!

    Is it 100% compatible with PHP 7?

    Is Monarch plugin also compatible with PHP 7? Is there any update in preparation for Monarch?

    Thank you

    • Good question! It’s a shame not to be able to find an answer!

  575. Awesome job guys! Thank you so much! =)

  576. Great to see Divi 2.6 is out!

  577. Congratulations. Will definitely check out the new version.

  578. This looks great, can’t wait to try it out 🙂

  579. Love the updates, one thing I would really like is an option in the divi panel to select site wide fonts and size (or at least size) so I don’t have to add any plugins or play with css, it makes such a big difference to the look of a site while making SEO work well.

  580. Great that we get custom field for the contact form. Would not mind seeing stuff like a calendar to select dates, check boxes, drop down select, etc…

  581. Hurray ! the Post Slider i was waiting for ^_^

    but i am going to play with the rest as well 😀

  582. Looking forward to checking out the new changes. Nice job 🙂

  583. I really love the new menu system. This is just what I’ve been waiting for!
    Thanks Elegant Themes! Also, I’m looking forward to have more layout for contact form but the current update for contact is really awesome by the way. Great Job!

  584. I really love the new menu system. This is just what I’ve been waiting for!
    Thanks Elegant Themes!

  585. This is a great update. Thank you elegantthemes.

  586. These are great enhancements, thank you!

  587. Loving the responsive editing controls, this will definitely decrease the time spent on page builds. Also am excited about the smaller edits, such as the stand-alone buttons!

  588. I’m excited about this new update. Came just in time. Going to use Divi 2.6 for my new site. Been waiting with bated breath for this. Congrats guys! Looks like another winning update.

  589. Divi is better than ever!
    Thanks for all new things in 2.6, it’s fun-tastic!

  590. Love the new tools. Every site built with Divi is so different, it’s truly one of the best blank canvas themes I’ve ever used. Keep up the amazing work.

  591. Perfect timing! Can’t wait to get in there and start a new site!

  592. I was just wishing for the different responsive modules earlier this morning. I have used them on other themes, but i am a lifetime access to the Elegant themes and am excited to get started with them. Are they available now?

  593. Yes – I would buy this just for the ePanel update! Oh wait, I already bought the lifetime package…(and you should too)

  594. Thank you for the BuddyPress support.

  595. This is the best version of Divi yet!!! I can’t wait to play around with it.

  596. An awesome theme just keeps getting better. Thanks for all of the great improvements!

  597. It’s time to start playing! Thanks Elegant Themes, Divi just keeps getting better & better.

  598. BRILLIANT!! You guys are the best and DIVI is the best wp theme out there

  599. Wow! Very impressive, love it all.

  600. Awesome!!!

  601. This is absolutely great, it’s time for me to upgrade my membership! Keep up the good work!

  602. It seems as if I am the only one running in to problems with this new update. Before the update everything was fine. As soon as I updated the theme, my divi builder lost all functionality. It won’t even open a module. I am trying to diagnose my plugins, but they were not an issue until the update. What is going on??? Somebody please help.

  603. Awesome updates!! Thank you for your great work!

  604. Very excited about the buttons module and individual update for responsive devices!! Way to go!

  605. I try other companies’ themes, but I always end up back here. The quality of the work your team does is just outstanding. Thanks for being so customer-centric!

  606. It’s my 1st favorite wp theme. I just love the update.

  607. Great work! I was waiting for the Responsive Editing Controls. This one solves all my problems!

  608. Nick – more fantastic features (especially love the contact form improvements).

    Any plans to give the option of displaying posts in random order? This would be incredibly useful where for instance displaying entries in a directory style site and you don’t want Acme Co always coming out first!

  609. Looks awesome! I’m especially happy about the post slider and the overlays!

  610. Very nice upgrade to the wonderful theme, nice work. Can’t wait to try out the new features and look forward to more exciting divi developments…

  611. in the search modle. how do you hide the ” Search for: ” in front of the search bar like in sample on this post

  612. Will the new modules transfer over to the Divi builder as well? Excellent work.

    • I do a new 1-25-2016 update for the divi builder.

  613. The best gets better. 2016 is going to be a fantastic year for Divi.

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    May be it’s just me, turned off all plugins, HELP!

    • Hi Derek,

      Sorry about that. We have identified this as what we think is an IE/Safari issue, and we should have a fix for it today.

      • Thanks Nick, I’ve just tried it in Firefox & it’s all there. I’ll just use that for now, (no one really likes IE anyway ha ha) BUT as always you guys come through, great job, with responses like this everyone should have a lifetime access account with you guys, you’ll always help whenever you can!

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    • Hi Jairo,

      We had a few reports of this, and they were all cache related. We saw specific issues with the WordFence plugin, which caches all admin files but fails to version them when the theme is updated. You should clear both your browser cache and your WordFence cache. It may be related to other caching plugins as well, so just clear it all to make sure the new Divi Builder files are being loaded.

      • Hi guys,

        Thanks for the info. I followed your instructions but I am afraid to tell you that it seems that this issue is not directly related to a cache problem. I identified that the behavior extinguishes with WPML diseabled and reappears when WPML is enabled. What have in common the two (or more) plugins you already detected that can be interfering with the popup setting window?

        Hoping this reflections can help you guys in your troubleshooting work.

        Best regards

        • I have the same problem, well in one of my site i have upgrade to 2.6, i don’t have the wpml plugin, but i have Event Manager. I’m going to check my other sites with Divi, they’re still in 2.5 but with Wpml.

    • I noticed that the behavior (settings button not working after upgrade to Divi 2.6) is ALSO present in FireFox 64bits – Internet Explorer v 11.63.10586.0 Update versions 11.0.26 – Opera 34.0.2036.50 – Google Chrome 48.0.2564.82 all running over Windows 10 Pro 64 bits English version 1511 OS Build 10586.63. I have a complete set of screen captures If you need them.

      • I could isolate the origin of the settings button bad functioning due a compatibility issue when WPML Multilingual CMS Version 3.3.5 is active. I was able to edit each and every module, using the settings button, when editing a page or post while the WPML plugin was disabled. As soon as you re enabled the WPML plugin, the settings button in DIVI 2.6 does not function. again.


        Jairo Torres\

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    • We had a few reports of this, and they were all cache related. We saw specific issues with the WordFence plugin, which caches all admin files but fails to version them when the theme is updated. You should clear both your browser cache and your WordFence cache. It may be related to other caching plugins as well, so just clear it all to make sure the new Divi Builder files are being loaded.

      • Whew! Turns out it was a browser cache issue.

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    • Randy, go through the ET “12 Days of Divi”, one of the days had portfolio downloads, and the masonry portfolio for photos is there, I just used it on a site and it’s beautiful.

    • One day Randy, one day… 😉

    • And I guess I’m still not!

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