New Video Tutorials Now Available

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New Video Tutorials Now Available
Blog / Resources / New Video Tutorials Now Available

As part of our ongoing effort to improve theme usability and heighten user experience, we have been developing a series of videos tutorials to help new customers better understand the many features that come with our themes. While the creation of these videos is an ongoing process, and we still have many more to make, I am pleased to announce that today, three new videos have been added to all of the theme readme files. These three videos explain some of our latest features: Page Templates, Shortcodes and Sample Data Importing. There are many more videos to come, so I hope everyone enjoys the few we have made so far. Be sure to let us know what you think. Were the videos easy to understand? Did they give enough in-depth information about each feature? How would you rate the production quality? Any ideas you have to improve these videos are appreciated!

Using Page Templates

Shortcodes Overview

Importing Sample Data


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  1. Nice, this is useful.

  2. Wow! Great stuff. The shortcodes offered will definitely speed up design time. Great to have such a nice tut to explain their use. Wonderful job!

  3. Very nice start, super quality video, sound and speed of information.

    Looking forward to more, like once you have a logon page…what then? Things like that.

  4. Excellent. Thanks very much. A very good voice over too!

    Happy New Year

  5. It is easy to understand. Thank you, very useful. I love your work Nick!

  6. Great job! thanks guys

  7. Very nice. A most welcome addition!

  8. Great quality, clear voice, good structured.
    Thank you!

  9. great videos and great support from a great team

  10. “The Voice”
    Well done!

  11. Hey the link

    is not working for me. Does this work for anyone else?

  12. Okay got it to work. How about a video showing the basics of updating your theme? The wrong and the right way of doing it ?

  13. Nice!

    But new Themes are more important imho.

  14. Excellent … More advanced subjects please!!

    Thanks ET!

  15. you just don’t know how much this is good. Thank for those videos. Bring many many more, from beginners to more advance.

    thank you very much.

    you rock.

  16. Fantastic videos,
    I will be able to send clients to this page instead of painstakingly teaching them how to use these features. Thank you for adding such a great resource.

    The sample data is a great move as these themes look so different with none added this just makes the starting point so much easier.

    The shortcodes add such a rich feature set also that it makes these themes so much richer in value from day 1.

    Looking forward to more videos if these are anything to go by I thing your market share will benefit immensely.

    Kind regards

  17. Very Nice Tuto, excellent quality.

  18. Love the videos Nick.
    I may never know what shortcodes are… but I’ll know how to use them.

    Very very helpful.

    Another great reason for using Elegant Themes

  19. In the Nova documentation, there is video about changing the logo. The narrator refers to a “Part 2” several times, but I can’t find that video anywhere. Can you tell me where it is? Also, may I suggest that in addition to putting the appropriate videos in each of the theme documentation files, that you include a “Videos” section on your website with all of the videos in one place? I had to search through your site to find this blog post, and even here there are only three videos.

    Hope this helps! Please get back to me via email on where I can find that Part 2 Video.


    • I’m with Rick on this one, where are all the video tutorials, I just signed up and got a theme, and want to add my own larger logo.

      Where’s part 2 for logos? Or just instructions?
      A site search box would be helpful!
      Or maybe even a sitemap.

      Biggest aggravation is in not being able to find stuff.

  20. this is gut awesome! you guys do a great jobs on the themes and I love them so much 🙂

  21. Nick
    The vids are fantastic but I’ve tried the shortcode boxes and contact form page template on a local site and the rendering in IE8 is very poor.

    Are there any plans to alter the stylesheet to include hacks for IE8?

  22. Guys… I just really played with the shortcode for the first time tonight and I’m blown away. You guys are absolutely wicked.

    I have you bookmarked and I’m back to your site DAILY to make sure I don’t miss a thing.

  23. You guys are knocking it out of the park. Couldn’t be more impressed how easy you’re making it. Now, if there were a shortcode for my RSS FEED instead of widget-ville ! ARGHHHHH. LOL.

  24. nice video tutorial it helped me a lot thumbs up and congrats admin waiting for more videos.

  25. Great vids. Would love to see more tutorials soon.

  26. están chidos los tuts


  27. I love your themes because its easy to use and has tutorial like this.

    I like the shortcodes overview.

  28. amazing stuff. Keep up the good work with the good looking themes.

    i was about to quit until i found these tutorials.

  29. These videos aren’t loading for me on the MBP

    • Not loading for me too, I can’t see the videos. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

      • Using the latest Chrome with the latest Adobe Flash Player on my MacBook Pro… just a blank spot where the videos are supposed to be. 🙁

  30. Sadly I cannot find any of these videos on here. The page opens fine but there is just blank space under each title ! I am really struggling with how to get started and need some support as this is all very new to me but I feel I am going round in circles and doing it blindfold !! How do I find out what to do ??!

  31. Simply superb mate. Glad that lately found it. Tnx..

  32. Video tutorial really useful and easy to understand.thanks

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