WordPress Infographic 2013 – A Visual Representation of Matt’s “State of the Word”

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WordPress Infographic 2013 – A Visual Representation of Matt’s “State of the Word”
Blog / General News / WordPress Infographic 2013 – A Visual Representation of Matt’s “State of the Word”
Over the weekend, the Elegant Themes team went to WordCamp San Francisco where we watched Matt Mullenweg (the co-founder of WordPress) give his annual “State of the Word.” His presentation was packed full of juicy stats about how WordPress is used and consumed. We decided to aggregate these stats and do with them what we do best – design! The following infographic gives a visual representation of the state of WordPress in 2013 as it compares to previous years. WordPress Infographic 2013
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WordPress Stats For 2013

  • How We Use It – 69% of people using WordPress are using it as a fully-fledged CMS, as opposed to a simple blogging platform. This percentage is up 8% since 2011. 7% of people use WordPress as an application platform, which may prove to be a significant demographic in the coming years, and will be the focus on the WordPress 3.7 release.
  • Who Knows About It – Based on a survey done by WP Engine, it was found that 29% of people know what WordPress is. Matt states that he doesn’t know if this is a good or bad thing, but it does give us a benchmark for future years. Personally I find this statistic quite impressive considering only years ago it was hard to explain to anyone what I did for a living 🙂
  • Who Uses It – WordPress now powers 18.9% of the internet, up 2.2% from last year. Over the past 12 month, WordPress was downloaded a total of 46 million times. This is an exciting stat, and one that I am confident will grow.
  • Who Uses it (for a little while) – Based on signups on the WordPress.com platform, Automattic found that only 4% of newly created blogs actually experienced continued use, making for an attrition rate of 96%. This is perhaps the most interesting statistic that was revealed. What could be the reason for such a low usage rate? Is WordPress too difficult to use, or is running a website simply too much work for the average person to deal with?

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  1. Really amazing infographics! I love the design!!

  2. Nice infographic. Thanks for the information.

    I’ve had experience in setting up alternative CMS systems for web development, but after having used, and since switched solely, to WordPress, it’s cut down on development time.

    A lot less hassle to stick with the single platform, rather than fighting with code on multiple platforms.

  3. Interesting figures as WordPress is the platform of choice for our clients as there is plenty of free support and training available on Youtube etc. and it is such a flexible and well supported platform.

  4. Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Many thanks for supplying thiss info.

  5. Great Stuff!! Appericiate it!!

  6. Great infography shared on wordpress. wordpress getting stronger. I will definetly share this on my blog.

  7. Great infographic…i use wp, i love it

  8. Thanks Nick, Nice.
    Inspired me to some new color combo’s.


  9. Really great infographic. I remember WP 2.5 was the first one i used, we are now at 3.6 and looking forward for more awesomeness.

  10. Hello
    Nice infograph about WordPress.
    Thanks alot for this post

  11. Just btfl infographic…

  12. Great infographic, i’m a big fan of WordPress, i have abandoned Joomla in favor of WordPress in 2011.

  13. Lovely infographic, cant wait for the next WP release, some great features on the way.

  14. When I made the switch to wordpress I was a bit unsure about it, but i haven’t looked back! It’s been an awesome platform and i’m happy to see it continue to grow! Wohooo

  15. I love WordPress – except when I lost it and had to reconstruct everything. But whose fault was that? Well yes, mine (the stars were in alignment). And now I back up all the time.

    Thanks for this infographic. I love sharing them on my website. Although over 29% sounds high, I always think that EVERYONE has heard of WordPress, but this is not so. I love it and have been very happy with Elegant Themes as well.

  16. Excellent info-graphics, thanks a million!

  17. Great inforgraphic! It is really great to be the part of this awesome community!
    Yes I am also using WordPress most of the time for CMS for client projects.

  18. Thanks for providing useful information on WordPress. I really really like your infogaphics. Its covers almost all the information related to WordPress.

  19. I think the attrition rate makes sense. When I started blogging ~2003, nearly everyone else I knew from uni was blogging. Now only myself and about three others (out of around 20 or so) are still blogging. I think people anticipate having lots to say, but blogging is hard and people give up if they can’t update every day.

  20. Thank you very much for the infographic. Proud to love WordPress.
    Best Wishes from Barcelona!

  21. I’m always a big fan of WordPress. Been using it since 2008 and all I want to say is this platform is truly awesome! 🙂

  22. Finally, some has made an awesome infographic for #wcsf. Great job guys

    • Thanks Rudd!

  23. Great and useful infographic, Nick. Appreciate you putting this together.

    And what a beautiful typeface. Is that FF DIN Condensed?

    • Thanks Ralston. Yep, it’s Din.

      • Cool beans. Thanks, Nick.

  24. (Second try, please don’t “moderate” me off the comments…)

    As the article noted, there is a huge attrition rate among new WordPress web sites, probably by users not heavily into HTML or WP mechanics. Elegant Themes provides excellent, unique, cost-effective, fantastic, artistic templates and useful tools, but it would be helpful to part-time users (like me) whose site-building is only collateral to their main interests to have a module or plug-and-play model here that would allow offline building of themes.

    • Howard, I think I can shed some light on a few things.

      First off, the attrition rate refers to “signups on the WordPress.COM platform.” Many folks (like me) that use the WordPress.ORG platform also use Akismet or Gravatars. To obtain an Akismet key or to create a custom Gravatar requires a WordPress.COM account. I don’t use my WordPress.com account for any other purpose. Perhaps this might explain the attrition rate.

      Second, as you might already be aware, WordPress.com and WordPress.org are 2 different animals. The former is meant more for those that prefer not to get their hands dirty in the code and customization, the latter for those that do. I’ve implemented a couple of Elegant Themes, but I don’t think Elegant themes work on the WordPress.com platform, only on self-hosted WordPress.org sites.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  25. A great opportunity for me to point out a concern and request.

    As the article noted, there is a huge attrition rate among new WordPress web site startups. Most site users/builders are not HTML junkies or WP techies, but are folks necessarily using sites as a byproduct or tool of other business or hobby interests.

    I have been a member here for over a year and think the value and quality of the site products are exceptional. But I also have not had the time (or energy) to construct a single Elegant Theme site. Not until I complete a major publishing project…soon, I hope. It is not from total incompetence or being lazy, just priorities and learning curves and time.

    My point related to this site is that, despite the already useful tools available here, I would like to see a spoon-fed, idiots-are-us, plug-in module that truly allows users to populate an Elegant Theme completely offline for review and finalizing prior to publishing said web site. I realize that web site building for many of you is an art. For me, a tool.

  26. I use wordpress mostly as a CMS just because i love the project and all the plugins i can use. Works great for what i need.

  27. WordPress is great. I use WordPress for a number of client websites. But it is not always the best solution and I would urge all web designers to look at the other CMS’s out there. I currently use four different platforms for client’s websites – based on their requirements, budget, expectations, combined with what I think is going to best suit them.

  28. I swapped over from Joomla to WordPress and love it. Great infographics!

  29. Fabulous work and awesome infographic.

  30. Thanks for sharing! WordPress is cool !!

  31. It’s really good to see, Growing WP community 🙂

  32. Fantastic work. Really liked the infographic format of “State of WordPress 2013”.

  33. Thanks for sharing! WordPress for the win!

  34. Great infographic! Thanks for making it easier to share the WordPress love 😀

  35. Great work! Awesome to see the ‘State of the Word’ in infographic format — love it 🙂

  36. Good numbers shown by Matt.

    Nice infograph as well.

  37. Love the infographic and the stats are amazing.
    Is anybody not using WordPress?

  38. WordPress is growing, better than ever. It’s great to be a part of such a fantastic software.

    • Yes, and its good to see that most people are now using it as a CMS.

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