Wix vs Hostinger: AI Website Builders Compared (2024)

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Wix vs Hostinger: AI Website Builders Compared (2024)
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You need a website if you want people to find you online. However, most smaller businesses lack the budget to hire an expert developer or the time to create a complete design. Thanks to the AI revolution, website design is as simple as describing it. In this realm, Wix and Hostinger Website Builder stand out as pioneers. In this post, we’ll compare these top AI website builders, Wix vs Hostinger!

Let’s get to it.

Wix vs Hostinger: Overview

Let’s take a look at Wix and Hostinger Website Builder. We’ll cover their backgrounds, approaches, and what users think about them.

What is Wix?

A screenshot of Wix's Homepage

Since its inception in 2006, Wix has become a trusted name in web design, with nearly 8 million sites globally using its services, according to BuiltWith.

Wix simplifies building a website with its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor and more than 900 ready-to-use templates that eliminate the need for complex coding. This enables you to create professional websites easily. Moreover, Wix offers an advanced editor, Editor X, and marketing tools to enhance your site’s visibility.

Community Reviews And Ratings

Wix’s ease of use, exceptional customer service, and versatility in crafting and handling websites have cemented its reputation as a top pick for newcomers and small businesses.

Are you interested in learning more about Wix? Our comprehensive review provides a detailed analysis!

Get Wix

What is Hostinger?

A screenshot of Hostinger Website Builder's home page

Hostinger, a reputable web hosting provider, has ventured into AI web design after acquiring Zyro. Boasting itself as the most affordable option, Hostinger Website Builder aims to be the go-to solution for small businesses. While the number of websites powered by Hostinger Website Builder (over 55K worldwide, according to BuiltWith) may not match Wix’s scale, it’s an impressive feat, considering its recent 2019 launch.

By offering a cost-effective AI web design platform tailored for small businesses, Hostinger is positioning itself at the forefront of this growing market.

Community Reviews And Ratings

People appreciate Hostinger’s user-friendly dashboard, exceptional customer service, affordable pricing, fast website load times, and easy team access, which makes it ideal for both new and experienced users.

Get Hostinger Website Builder

Wix vs Hostinger: Features

The features offered by a website builder can significantly impact your online presence and workflow. In this section, we’ll delve into the critical features of Wix vs Hostinger, examining their strengths, limitations, and suitability.

Wix Features

Wix offers various tools and features designed to make website building straightforward for everyone, regardless of their expertise. These include an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, numerous templates, and convenient eCommerce capabilities, which contribute to Wix’s broad popularity.


Wix provides more than 900 templates designed by professionals, with regular updates and new additions. These templates are optimized for computers and mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

You can explore Wix’s template library using preset filters or the search bar to find specific themes. The templates are categorized by different industries, such as Real Estate, Pets and animals, Portfolio and CV, and “Online Education.” Numerous filters help you narrow down your choices.

A screenshot of Wix's Templates

AI Builder

Wix’s AI website builder makes web development easy with its AI-driven platform. You start by answering questions about your business goals, and then the system offers several design options. This quick process lets you launch a personalized website that matches your preferences in no time.

Wix’s AI website builder is perfect if you lack design skills but want to showcase your blog, online store, or small business online. Although the design might not be as refined as the premade templates, it’s an efficient way to get your website up and running in just a few days.

A screenshot of Wix ADI's homepage

eCommerce Features

Choosing a Wix eCommerce plan above the Light plan lets you quickly set up an online store and start accepting payments. You can list up to 50,000 products and connect to popular marketplaces and social media. You can integrate Wix’s Point of Sale (POS) system in the USA and Canada via Wix Payments, which also offers 100+ payment methods for your store, but note the transaction fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents.

A screenshot of Wix's UI to add products

Wix offers various online store templates. You can display prices in multiple currencies and languages on the Business and Business Elite plans. You get robust shipping options, automatic sales tax calculation, product reviews management, and eGift cards.

Wix also has useful features like abandoned cart recovery, diverse payment options, and loyalty programs. For dropshipping, Wix supports Modalyst, with product limits depending on your plan: 25 on Core, 250 on Business, and unlimited on Business Elite. The app market offers additional dropshipping apps to expand your options.

Other Key Features

Wix also includes the following features:

  • Plenty of integrations and feature add-ons via Wix Apps
  • Built-in cookie consent tool
  • Live chat, phone, and email support
  • Inbuilt CRM and email marketing tools
  • Logo Maker

Hostinger Features

Hostinger offers a range of features tailored to various user needs. This section will explore the key features provided by Hostinger.


Hostinger currently offers about 150 templates, fewer than Wix’s 900+. However, this number is expected to grow as the platform develops. While Hostinger’s templates are somewhat basic and don’t match the design quality of Wix, you can still personalize some of them using AI.

Like Wix, you can filter these themes by industry through clickable options. However, unlike Wix, there isn’t a search function for templates. If you find a template you like, mark it with a heart to save it for later.

A screenshot of Hostinger Website Builder's templates

AI Builder

Hostinger’s Website Builder, similar to Wix, leverages AI to create layouts, content, and designs based on your input. You can easily customize your site using simple drag-and-drop tools. Hostinger claims this feature makes web creation easier by generating design ideas tailored to your needs after answering just three questions.

A screenshot of Hostinger Website Builder's AI welcome page

Additionally, you get extra features like a heatmap tool to see where visitors click. This tool is ideal if you need a quick and easy way to build a website, especially if you’re starting or running a small business.

eCommerce Features

Hostinger provides the tools to manage products, inventory, orders, and customer information. Adding new products in Hostinger’s site builder is simple. Enter essential details like the title, description, images, and price, and Hostinger will organize everything in your dashboard’s Products section.

A screenshot of Hostinger Website Builder's store manager

Hostinger supports over 20 payment gateways, including Stripe and PayPal, without charging additional transaction fees. However, compared to Wix’s eCommerce features, Hostinger falls short in several areas, such as POS system integration, gift cards, email marketing, tax calculations, and third-party integrations. Despite this, Hostinger remains one of the most affordable eCommerce solutions, especially if you’re starting and plan to sell on a micro to small scale.

Other Key Features

Other Key Features of Hostinger include:

  • AI Image Generator
  • AI Blog Generator
  • AI SEO Tools
  • Free Domain and Emails
Features🥇 Winner

Wix definitely takes the lead when it comes to features, especially those pertaining to eCommerce and marketing and 900+ beautifully designed templates. Its AI website builder really takes the cake as it asks and understands your needs very well with its detailed questionnaire.
Hostinger provides all the essential features required to design a basic website; however, it does lack many marketing features, thanks to its focus on simplicity and ease of use. Its templates are also basic and limited especially compared to Wix's collection.
Choose WixChoose Hostinger

Wix vs Hostinger: Learning Curve

In this section, we’ll compare the learning curves associated with Wix vs Hostinger, evaluating their user-friendliness, available features, and overall accessibility for users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Wix Ease of Use

In this section, we will break down the ease of use and overall Wix experience.

AI Wizard

After signing up, you’ll see a questionnaire. Answer the questions for personalized recommendations, or skip them by clicking “skip” at the bottom right corner. Next, you’ll encounter a page similar to Google Gemini and ChatGPT. Share your website idea, and Wix will suggest custom tools, images, and text. The questionnaire might take time as you’ll need to consider your answers.

A screenshot of Wix's ADI in action

Once completed, the system will create a site profile and recommend steps to follow. Let’s jump straight to designing your website. Click “Design Website,” and you’ll get two options: one where Wix plans your site and another where you choose and customize a template. Choose the first option to use Wix’s AI website builder.

Since you’ve already provided the necessary information, Wix will automatically create your website. If you want a different design, ask Wix’s AI website builder for a new one. If you’re satisfied with the design, click “Continue with this site.”

A screenshot of Wix's creating a website with ADI


Like many modern web design tools, Wix lets you drag and drop elements anywhere on your site, enabling you to create your website exactly how you want it visually. To modify any part of a page, click on it to bring up Wix’s customization options. Each element is marked, making it user-friendly without watching tutorial videos. The editor’s sidebar is easy to navigate, adding to the overall simplicity.

Customizing your site with Wix is easy. Just click on any part of the page to access various Wix settings. You can change backgrounds in different sections and adjust individual elements on the page. For example, you can edit text elements by changing the font size, color, highlight, link, and alignment. You can even use AI to generate and improve your existing text.

A screenshot of Wix's editor

One significant downside to the otherwise easy customization is the lack of control over margins and paddings unless you use coding. However, you can place elements wherever you like. Conveniently, if your design might not look right on smaller screens, Wix alerts you with sound and text notifications.

Overall Learning Curve

Wix makes it fairly easy for beginners to get started with its drag-and-drop interface and premade templates, so you can quickly design and maintain your website. However, when you start exploring more advanced features and customization options, you’ll find it takes more time and effort to understand and fully use the platform’s capabilities.

Hostinger Ease of Use

In this part, we’ll explore the ease of use and the all-encompassing experience Hostinger provides.

AI Wizard

After you sign up, you’ll be directed to a straightforward questionnaire, much like Wix. Here, you can provide details about your website by answering a few quick questions. The AI assistant will inquire about your website’s purpose and style. The brief questionnaire consists of three required questions and two optional ones about style and color schemes.

A screenshot of Hostinger Website Builder's AI wizard

Once you submit the questionnaire, your responses will be used to create design options, color schemes, image suggestions, and a basic content outline. You will also be provided a preview of a web page designed by Hostinger’s AI.

A screenshot of Hostinger Website Builder's generated website

Unfortunately, unlike Wix, you can’t generate a new website if you’re unsatisfied with the initial result. However, you can return to the AI wizard, tweak your descriptions, and try for a better outcome. You can also customize the website using its editor if you like the design. In regards to the AI wizard, Hostinger is definitely easier than Wix due to the drastically smaller number of questions and straightforward results. Let’s examine its editor’s ease of use.


The Hostinger Website Builder has a user interface strikingly similar to Wix. Like Wix, you can easily drag and drop any element onto the canvas, creating your website exactly how you want it to look visually. A helpful setup wizard also guides you through personalizing the AI-generated website systematically.

A screenshot of Hostinger Website Builder's editor

Customizing the existing elements on the page is a breeze. Click on a component, like some text, and you can change the font, color, weight, and layer order. However, the customization options and elements provided by Hostinger are somewhat limited, perhaps to keep things simple and essential for business owners. And just like Wix, you don’t get options to adjust padding or margins.

A screenshot of Hostinger Website Builder's Text Editor

On the screen’s left side is a thin sidebar that lets you navigate and adjust various aspects of your website, such as colors, navigation, and a quick launch bar for AI tools. Speaking of AI tools, you can leverage AI to optimize your workflow here. AI can generate text, blog posts, and images for you. Moreover, the “Ask AI” button at the bottom right allows you to ask questions about the builder if you’re stuck somewhere.

Overall Learning Curve

Hostinger’s AI website builder has a more straightforward learning curve than Wix’s. It leverages artificial intelligence to provide guided assistance and pre-designed templates, and its AI wizard isn’t as long or detailed as the latter. This approach aims to simplify the website creation process, making it more accessible and user-friendly for beginners compared to the traditional features Wix offers. However, the design it churns out isn’t as attractive due to its simplicity.

Ease of UseWhile Wix boasts better design elements, animations, and features, its ease of use, compared to Hostinger, is slightly less. Its editor might come across as a little clunky when compared to that of Hostinger.🥇 Winner

Hostinger is marginally easier to use than Wix, considering its simpler questionnaire and cleaner interface. However, the editor sticks to just the basic elements and lacks the advanced components and features that Wix might provide.
Choose WixChoose Hostinger

SEO & Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing tools are vital in driving traffic to your website. This section evaluates the SEO and marketing capabilities offered by Wix and Hostinger, helping you understand which platform provides better tools to boost your online visibility and attract potential customers.

Wix’s SEO and Marketing Tools

Wix offers a built-in SEO tool on your dashboard, the SEO wizard, which guides you through actions to improve your site’s SEO. You can connect tools like SEMRush and SE Ranking for keyword suggestions.

A screenshot of Wix's SEO checklist

The platform allows you to modify page descriptions and meta titles, add image descriptions, and set up 301 redirects. Integration with Google Analytics provides deeper SEO insights and helps identify areas for improvement. Although it’s more complex, you can also submit your site’s sitemap via the SEO wizard by linking it to Google Search Console (GSC) or manually.

Wix boasts impressive loading times, typically under 2 seconds, although speeds may vary. Plenty of other marketing features are available in the Wix App Store. Moreover, Wix’s versatile email designer is ideal for crafting various emails, including newsletters and transactional messages.

Wix email marketing

With all plans, you can send up to 200 emails monthly for free, with premium packages starting at $10 monthly for 500 emails. The email designer features premade templates and a drag-and-drop system similar to Wix’s website builder, making it user-friendly for email design.

Hostinger’s SEO and Marketing Tools

Hostinger’s AI SEO assistant is similar to the one offered by Wix on their Business Website Builder plan. The great thing about Hostinger is that it automatically generates meta titles and descriptions using potential keywords while it generates your website. This cuts the time needed to set up your site’s SEO in half, which is convenient. In our testing, we found that the automatically generated titles and descriptions were quite good.

A screenshot of Hostinger Website Builder's automatically generated SEO items

However, there’s one downside—it doesn’t have any integrations for researching and adding focus keywords, so you might have to use some elbow grease when doing that part. If you’re unsatisfied with the automatically generated content, you can click the “Generate new SEO info” button and add some information about your site, and it will regenerate everything for you.

A screenshot of Hostinger Website Builder's SEO wizard's information gathering process

While Hostinger lacks additional marketing tools like CRM or dedicated email marketing tools (which Wix offers), it provides up to 100 free email addresses for any plan. One distinguished feature of Hostinger is an AI heatmap tool. Using AI, it predicts how your potential visitors might interact with the website and suggests ways to optimize it for the best user experience.

A screenshot of Hostinger Website Builder's AI heatmap

SEO and Marketing🏳️ Draw

Wix offers many SEO and marketing features, such as an automated SEO wizard, numerous third-party integrations (through Wix Apps) for keyword research, and email marketing features that enhance your SEO and marketing efforts and make them effortless.
🏳️ Draw

Hostinger, like Wix, provides an automated SEO approach that uses AI to optimize your website for search engines. It might lose points when it comes to integrations and email marketing features, but it quickly makes up for them by choosing, adding, and optimizing meta titles and descriptions with focus keywords. Additionally, it generates a website and offers an AI heatmap tool that helps you optimize your website's conversion focus while you design it.
Choose WixChoose Hostinger

Wix vs Hostinger: Pricing

Pricing is often a crucial factor when choosing a website builder. In this section, we’ll compare the pricing plans offered by Wix and Hostinger, analyzing their features, limitations, and overall value for money.

Wix Pricing

Wix’s free plan features aren’t listed, so you’ll need to sign up and explore yourself. The primary limits we found were using their domain, removing branding, and adding products. Why don’t we check out their paid plans instead?

A screenshot of Wix's Pricing


Starting at $17/month, this plan allows you to add a custom domain and includes a free domain for the first year. Additionally, you can remove Wix branding. However, storage space is limited to just 2GB. This plan does not support eCommerce features. Marketing tools are also limited; for example, there is no live chat widget, and forms are restricted to 10 fields. The plan suits anyone looking to launch a basic website quickly without advanced features.


This $29/month plan includes all Light plan features sans limitations. You get 50GB storage, customer accounts, an events calendar, a site booster app (free for one year), 50 form fields per form, a site chat widget, and basic eCommerce – sell up to 50K products, abandoned cart recovery, discount management, etc. It’s ideal for launching an online store on a budget.


The Business Plan, which starts at $36/month, includes all Core Plan features but with higher limits – 100GB storage and 75 fields per form. It also supports automated sales tax calculations (up to 100 txn/month), 1,000 product reviews, advanced branded gift card management, advanced shipping tools, and selling in up to six currencies.

Business Elite

The Business Elite plan, starting at $159/month, caters to big e-stores needing more than the Business plan offers. Get all Business features, unlimited storage, better support, 100 form fields, automated tax calculation for 500 transactions, loyalty programs, 3,000 product reviews, and sell in up to 10 extra currencies.

Hostinger Pricing

Hostinger doesn’t have a free plan. However, it offers some of the most budget-friendly prices available. Here’s a breakdown of their pricing and what you get for your money:

A screenshot of Hostinger's pricing

Premium Website Builder

Starting at just $2.99 monthly, the Premium Website Builder includes a free domain for one year when you choose an annual subscription. You also get up to 100 email accounts, each with 1 GB of storage. The plan offers marketing tools like Google Analytics, AdSense, and Facebook Pixel integration. Additionally, the AI builder is part of the package. However, this plan does not include any eCommerce features. This plan is ideal if you want to launch a website within hours without a big budget.

Business Website Builder

The Business Website Builder plan, which starts at $3.99 per month, includes all features from the Premium Website Builder plan with eCommerce. It is ideal if you’re looking to launch an online store without the added complexity that usually comes with it. That’s not all; you also get access to an AI image generator, AI writer and blog post generator, AI heat mapping software, and AI SEO tools. Moreover, all sales made have no additional transactional fees. For just a dollar extra, this plan packs an absolute punch.

PricingWhile more expensive than Hostinger's, Wix's pricing is still worth the higher price tag due to its overall design, marketing, and eCommerce features. However, its pricing and features might not be suitable if you're looking to launch a website quickly without it being too fancy.🥇 Winner

Hostinger's pricing gives Wix a run for its money. Even its most expensive plan, including renewal prices, is more affordable than Wix's starting plans. It provides almost all of Wix's features, particularly the AI website builder and eCommerce features.
Choose WixChoose Hostinger

Wix vs Hostinger: Which One to Choose?

In this section, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of these two famous website builders, Wix and Hostinger, and determine which one is better suited for your specific needs, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user.

Choose Wix If…

…you want to create an attractive website once you get past its slight learning curve. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor and various pre-designed templates make it easy to create a professional-looking site quickly. Struggling to pick a template? That is no problem. Wix’s AI website builder can generate a website based on a few simple questions.

Wix is particularly strong in e-commerce, with built-in features for payment gateways, POS systems, and inventory management. Additionally, the platform offers extensive customization through the Wix App Market and includes robust blogging capabilities, making it suitable for most basic needs and justifying its comparatively higher pricing.

Pros Of Using Wix 👍🏾

  • You can begin at no cost and then choose to publish your website using a Wix subdomain.
  • Select from a wide array of nearly 1000 professionally designed templates tailored to meet your requirements.
  • Various marketing tools include an email designer, a CRM system, and other features.
  • Operating it is pretty straightforward — the learning curve is reasonable.

Cons Of Using Wix👎🏾

  • Storage and bandwidth limitations, especially in the starting plans.
  • There are no options to change the theme afterward.

Create A Website With Wix

Choose Hostinger If…

… you’re looking to launch a website quickly and aren’t focused on making it look fancy, Hostinger’s website builder can help you set up a basic site with essential marketing and eCommerce features on a tight budget.

However, as your business grows, you might find that Hostinger’s builder doesn’t meet all your needs. It lacks multiple payment methods, POS support, and various integrations, which could become a problem for a growing business.

Pros Of Using Hostinger 👍🏾

  • It has an even gentler learning curve than Wix
  • Affordable, even with eCommerce features
  • A ton of AI Marketing Features
  • No additional transaction fees

Cons Of Using Hostinger👎🏾

  • Higher renewal prices
  • Limited ready-made templates and payment gateway options

Create A Website With Hostinger

Features🥇 Winner

Wix excels in features, particularly in eCommerce and marketing, offering 900+ well-designed templates. Its AI website builder stands out by thoroughly understanding users' needs through a detailed questionnaire.
Hostinger offers all the necessary features for creating a simple website but lacks advanced marketing features due to its emphasis on user-friendly design. Its template selection is basic and less extensive than Wix's.
Ease of UseWhile Wix boasts better design elements, animations, and features, its ease of use, compared to Hostinger, is slightly less. Its editor might come across as a little clunky when compared to that of Hostinger. 🥇 Winner

Hostinger is slightly more user-friendly than Wix due to its simpler questionnaire and cleaner interface. However, Hostinger's editor offers only basic elements and lacks the advanced components and features that Wix provides.
SEO and Marketing🏳️ Draw

Wix provides various SEO and marketing tools, including an automated SEO wizard, third-party integrations for keyword research via Wix Apps, and email marketing features to boost your SEO and marketing strategies with ease.
🏳️ Draw

Hostinger and Wix both use AI to automate SEO and optimize websites for search engines. Hostinger may lack in integrations and email marketing features, but excels in selecting, adding, and optimizing meta titles and descriptions with focus keywords. It also provides a website builder and an AI heatmap tool to enhance conversion optimization during the design process.
PricingWix is pricier than Hostinger but worth it for its design, marketing, and eCommerce features. However, it may not be ideal if you need to launch a simple website quickly.🥇 Winner

Hostinger's pricing competes with Wix, offering more affordable plans, even their most expensive one. Hostinger includes almost all features that Wix offers, such as the AI website builder and eCommerce features.
Choose WixChoose Hostinger

Through this extensive Wix vs Hostinger comparison, it might be clear that both tools are very alike, and it’s only natural to be torn between both options. No need to worry. There are other great choices out there that might suit your needs. We’ve assembled an outstanding roundup of the top website builders for you to explore.

If you’ve already decided between Wix and Hostinger, we’re curious about your choice. Please share your choice and why you chose in the comments below. Our team and community look forward to your thoughts!


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