Yith WooCommerce: The Essential List of Plugins

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Yith WooCommerce: The Essential List of Plugins
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No one can deny the hold that WooCommerce has on the WordPress ecosystem. As a free ecommerce platform that’s relatively user-friendly, WooCommerce has earned its place at the top of the food chain. Because of that popularity, companies like Yith have been able create third-party extensions, addons, and plugins to enhance Woo’s already-stellar performance. We want to highlight some of the top Yith WooCommerce plugins that you can use to enhance your store starting today.

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1. Yith WooCommerce Wishlist

yith woocommerce wishlist

One of the best ways to retain users and customers is to offer them the option of a wishlist. The idea is simple. They see something they want, and they add it to a list to remember for later. They can (and likely will) return to your site later and purchase some of those items. And they can even send their wishlist to other people to purchase things for them. Yith’s WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is simple to install and set up and provides all the base functionality you need to retain those customers.

The premium upgrade is a bit pricey at $94 for a single site, but you get features such as being able to view individual users’ wishlists and look at popular items as well as send targeted emails to people based on particular products they have selected. That alone makes the upgrade worth it. Those kinds of features increase retention amounts by a lot.

Price: FREE (with $94 premium upgrade) | More information

2. Yith Infinite Scrolling

yith infinite scrolling

What’s better than a potential customer scrolling through your products? A potential customer scrolling through a never-ending list of your products. Well, never-ending being subjective to how many products you have in your store. But you get it. The Yith WooCommerce plugin for Infinite Scrolling does just that.

Pagination and load times cause people to bounce from stores and sites in droves. But this plugin can help reduce that. Combined with the wishlist plugin above, your customers will have a lot more reasons to stay on your site.

Price: FREE | More information

3. Review for Discounts

review for discounts

Offering discounts is a sure way to get people back to your store. Or even to show up in the first place. Using the Review for Discounts plugin, you will be able to entice your users not only to purchase from your store, but also to contribute to the site’s content and reputation, too.

The idea here is simple: they purchase a product from your store. After they get it/use it, they can leave a review on your site for it. You send them a discount on their next purchase. Repeat. Speaking from experience as a consumer, this strategy works. A lot. At $59.99 for a single-site license, you’ll make the purchase cost back in no time because of the additional (discounted) sales.

Price: $59.99 for a single site | More information

4. Yith WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

zoom magifier

In a lot of ways, Amazon has spoiled us all on features and effects to expect from online marketplaces. One of the smaller features that turns into a large one is the Zoom Magnifier. A simple mouse-over effect, but one with a large impact, a zoom magnifier gives your users and potential customers the ability to see in greater detail individual parts of your products. Instead of opening a larger version of the image, your users can highlight and get an even better look at a specific detail that matters to them. This is an important effect because a larger version of the thumbnail might still not show the detail a customer needs to decide on making a purchase. Installing this Yith WooCommerce Plugin takes that worry away immediately.

Price: FREE | More information

5. Points and Rewards

rewards and points

We’ve written about the idea of gamification before, and the heart of it is customer loyalty. That’s where the Yith WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin comes in. It’s a bit pricey at $129.99 for a single site, but user retention is the metric that you need to keep a successful ecommerce site going. If there’s one thing that social media has taught us, it’s that people love small dopamine hits. Earning points and being told they’re special is one of the top ways to do that.

With every purchase, a user can earn points that they can then later redeem for discounts or merch in your store. According to Yith, “47% of buyers completes the collection of points to get a discount coupon or a free product.” That kind of conversion rate is absurdly high for most kinds of marketing. With email marketing being 5.86% average conversion, this Yith WooCommerce plugin is a steal.

Price: $129.99 | More information

6. Ajax Product Filter


Without a filter, search results can be entirely overwhelming in a large store or a store with many variations of products. The Ajax Product Filter lets your users filter your products in real-time without having to wait on a new page to load or begin a new search. Site speed is a hugely important metric to to users, and if they can’t find what they want in your store quickly and easily, they’ll go elsewhere.

Price: FREE | More information

7. Ajax Search

ajax search

Like the product filter above, Yith’s WooCommerce Ajax Search provides real-time results for whatever your users type in. Unlike the browsing capability above, this plugin gives users the ability to specify what they want, down to the SKU in your inventory. You can let them search by category, tag, keyword, and the field autocompletes with results as they type, so even if they’re looking for 1 product, they get 6 more similar ones that might also interest them. As a plugin, it’s hard to beat because it not only offers a good user experience and genuinely useful feature, it also passively upsells and helps your store move more products.

Price:  $69.99 | More information

8. Yith WooCommerce Gift Cards

woocommerce gift cards

If you don’t offer gift cards to your WooCommerce store, you’re leaving money on the table. One of the simplest and easiest things to give someone, a gift card can be free money for you. A number of gift cards go unredeemed, meaning that someone could potentially pay you for a gift card that never gets redeemed. While that’s an outlier, it’s free money. On top of that, being able to just let people give you money for what amounts to store credit for them to give away means a quicker and easier shopping experience for them. This plugin basically makes everyone involved’s lives easier.

Price: FREE | More information

Wrapping Up with Yith WooCommerce

There are a lot more Yith WooCommerce plugins than this. These only skim the surface of what’s available out there; however, they also offer some of the most compelling ROI of any that we’ve found, too. Between functionality, user experience, retention, brand loyalty, and revenue increase, these plugins should supercharge your WooCommerce store.

What Yith plugins for WooCommerce do you use in your stores?

Article featured image by Pretty Vectors / shutterstock.com

Disclosure: If you purchase something after clicking links in the post, we may receive a commission. This helps us keep the free content and great resources flowing. Thank you for the support!


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  3. personally Use Yith Wishlist & Review for Discounts, Both are awesome.

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