Login Designer: A Detailed Overview and Review

Last Updated on September 21, 2022 by 11 Comments

Login Designer: A Detailed Overview and Review
Blog / Tips & Tricks / Login Designer: A Detailed Overview and Review

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  1. Why use this when EG published their own from the Divi 100 series ages ago. I think it would be better if EG just finalized the development of their own login plugin as opposed to letting it rot on GitHub.

    • Kind of weird…
      I was thinking the same.

  2. Divi already has a login designer, was part of the Divi100… it’s still working ok… why this now? Divi 100 login has issues, why not mentioning it in this post?

  3. Great Concept, just didn’t work on any of my sites.

    I tried this on various hosting platforms and templates, all running WP 4.9.1 without success.

    On one platform, all the Settings would do is take me back to the WordPress Dashboard.

    On others I would get the Template modification screen, but could not modify anything. There were dots that I could click telling me what to do to modify the various content ares, but it never worked.

    Glad it works for some people, just nothing something that works for me.

    • You have to reach the plugin via Appearance -> Login Designer. If you go through the regular Appearance -> Customize or Divi -> Theme Customizer, it won’t show you the login screen. Works fine for me on WP with Divi.

    • It’s a relative New Plugin in the WP Repo. I’m sure the devs would appreciate if you would send a support ticket to help them iron out any bugs.

      Try disabling your security plugin.
      The Login Designer Plugin is working fine with Wordfence.

  4. I’m using the ElegantThemes Extra theme. I cannot get to the Login Designer options. All I see is promotions for Login Designer for Twitter and Facebook.

  5. Really good post, Never thought about this before however I will give this a go on our Divi Baby Boutique website.

    • Thanks Baby Boutique. Glad you found it helpful. 🙂

  6. I’ve actually tried the plugin and it’s good. Another alternative is Ultimate Branding by WPMU

    • Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

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