15 Best Fancy Fonts for Your Next Special Occasion

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15 Best Fancy Fonts for Your Next Special Occasion
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Whether you’re designing a wedding website or putting together an announcement for an annual business dinner, finding the right font for your special occasion can be difficult. Many fonts sacrifice readability for extra flourishes, while others just don’t stand out.

To help you in your search, we’ll highlight 15 fancy fonts you can download to your WordPress site. Each will provide a unique look for your posts and pages, yet still follows design best practices.

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1. Rottarity Feminine

An example of the Rottarity Feminine font.

First up, this light and pretty script features elegant swashes and is adaptable for several uses. Ideal for invitations and greeting cards, Rottarity Feminine adds class to your content without being overwhelming.

You can download Rottarity Feminine free for personal use, although you’ll need a license if you wish to use it commercially.

2. Harbour

An example of the Harbour font.

A calligraphy look gives the impression that a lot of time has been invested in your content, making fonts such as Harbour feel like high-end options. This font is also a little more angular than some of the other entries on this list, setting it apart from the many rounded scripts that are available.

You can download Harbour free for personal use, or use it commercially with a license.

3. Bellanie Script

An example of the Ballanie font.

Sometimes you want a font that matches the tone of your event, but doesn’t completely steal the show. Bellanie Script is a font that uses subtle swashes and long tails to produce a quieter charm. Therefore, it’s a strong choice for giving your content a unique touch without overwhelming its message.

You can purchase this font for $16, or access it with a subscription.

4. Frosty Sky

An example of the Frosty Sky font.

This handwritten font lends a personal touch to titles and headings. Its sweeping capital letters make bold statements, and are designed to impress.

Frosty Sky can be purchased for $15, or accessed with a subscription.

5. Citrus

An example of the Citrus font.

This stunning script prides itself on a look of elegance. Citrus offers rounded characters that are very attractive, yet are still highly legible (unlike many other ‘loopy’ scripts).

You can purchase Citrus for $15, or access it via a subscription.

6. Monalisa

An example of the Monalisa font.

If you’re looking for a compact script, you may want to try Monalisa. Its narrow characters won’t take up too much space on the page, but the letters aren’t so thin that they’ll make your text difficult to decipher.

Monalisa is free for personal use, and a commercial license can be obtained for $5.

7. Marchy Script

An example of the Marchy Script font.

For a more playful tone, you can try out Marchy Script. With a dancing baseline and lightly curved stems, this font makes for fun headings and titles that attract the visitor’s eye.

This font is free for personal use, but requires a $25 license for commercial use.

8. Rose of Baltimore

An example of the Rose of Baltimore font.

This beautiful script enables you to incorporate plenty of white space into your design. Deemed “romantic” by its designer, Rose of Baltimore is perfect for anyone wanting to provide their site with a sense of warmth and familiarity.

You can use Rose of Baltimore for free, but you’ll need a license for commercial use. There are several license options available, starting at $39.

9. Gaby

An example of the Gaby font.

Swashes embellished with small round details make this otherwise simple font stand out. Gaby is fancy without being pushy about it, letting your content do most of the talking.

A free demo version of Gaby is available, or you can purchase a license for commercial use.

10. Galiano

An example of the Galiano font.

The Galiano font features large, looping ascenders and descenders, which are sure to catch your audience’s eye. Another option that makes smart use of white space, Galiano is ideal for promoting luxurious formal events.

That being said, this option does come with a hefty price tag. The regular version of Galiano costs $49, or you can purchase the twelve-font Galiano family for $160.

11. PF Champion Script Pro

An example of the PF Champion Script Pro font.

If you want to go all out and really capture everyone’s attention, the ornate PF Champion Script Pro can get the job done. With its lavish swashes and a regal air, this font is both striking and memorable.

You’ll need a decent budget if you want to use PF Champion Script Pro, however, as the license starts at $125.

12. Qaskin

An example of the Qaskin font.

Wonderfully elegant and easy to read, Qaskin is an excellent choice for any occasion. This classy script feels fresh and inviting, but at the same time it won’t draw attention away from the rest of your site’s content.

Qaskin is free for personal use, or you can pick up a commercial license.

13. Some Weatz

An example of the Some Weatz font.

Created by the same designer behind Qaskin, Some Weatz is a lovely handwritten font that works particularly well for invitations. Its capital letters feature large swashes, resulting in an elegant feel.

You can download Some Weatz for personal use for free, or purchase a commercial license.

14. Inkland

An example of the Inkland font.

This whimsical, calligraphic font is fresh and fun. Inkland doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it will stand out as unique without overshadowing your site’s other text.

This font can be downloaded free for personal use, or you can get a commercial license.

15. Asian Skyline

An example of the Asian Skyline font.

Last but not least, Asian Skyline is a beautiful font with a hand-painted look. Perfect for any creative or art-centric event, this font works well in titles and on invitations.

Asian Skyline is free for personal use, or you can purchase a license for $15 to use it commercially.


A fancy font can set the tone for your event, whether it is personal or business-related. However, there’s no sense in adding eye-catching swirls and loops if your titles become unreadable. Striking the right balance between style and practicality is what will draw people in to read more.

While curling scripts give off a luxurious feel, simpler decorative flourishes can look just as elegant when used well. Whether you want to make a bold statement with PF Champion Script Pro, or go a more subtle route with a font like Bellanie Script or Asian Skyline, there’s an appropriately fancy font for every special occasion.

Do you have a question about how to choose the best fancy font for your website? If so, leave it in the comments section below!

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  1. Can you share some more? These are really great!
    Thanks mate.

  2. They look good, but don’t over use them. Favorites reader’s font are Arial for the web and Verdana for email.

  3. Thanks ..

    • No problem!

  4. I’m just gonna comment here, I usually LOVE elegant themes blog posts. Think they’re great for web developers and incredibly helpful.

    But lately they seem to have taken a bit of a turn into a more “personal” blog, posting content that seems less relevant, and honestly, this post I was expecting to find at least one font free for commercial use, ie: like all of google fonts… But this seems more like an affiliate marketing post, which seems a bit disappointing and doesn’t really seem helpful or true to your community.

    So this is just a comment, that will probably be moderated out, but hopefully you guys will return back to your web dev/community origins and provide more helpful content.


    • Like you, I’ve also noticed a change in the content being published here. However, I would defend it.

      I think much of what has been posted lately fits into a neat little box and hits (more or less) on target. Elegant Themes knows their audience is made up of developers, designers, freelancers, and (by extension) business operators.

      Having that in mind, there is a common theme to everything they have been posting lately: what are the needs of our audience and how can we help them grow?

      This post is super helpful for a designer looking to take their creation to the next level. Are the fonts free? Nope. Because it costs money to be a professional. Access to those special fonts, images, and layouts is exactly what makes a professional designer stand out from the noise of generic themes and free-to-everyone fonts.

      PS: none of the links above are affiliate links

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