Coming Soon: The Divi Builder Plugin

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Coming Soon: The Divi Builder Plugin
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Earlier this year, I wrote an article about our plans for the future. Here I talked about three big things we have been working on, and how their paths had become intertwined. Divi 2.4, The Divi Builder Plugin, and our future themes (such as Extra).

Earlier this month we released Divi 2.4. This update did a lot of things, but most importantly it laid the groundwork for a lively ecosystem of Divi products, and the first item on that list is the Divi Builder Plugin. This plugin will allow you to use the Divi Builder with any theme, and it will also make it easy to migrate posts and pages built with any theme powered by the Divi Builder! If you have built thousands of posts using Divi, and you decide to move to a new theme, simply install the Divi Builder plugin and everything will continue to work beautifully. If you are using a different theme, but you want more flexibility when building out your pages, then you will soon able to able to install the Divi Builder Plugin to unlock your theme’s true potential.


What Does This Mean For The Divi Theme?

Divi wont change. The Divi Theme will continue to include the Divi Builder packaged with it (just like it is now), as will our future multi-purpose themes. When you use Divi or any theme powered by the Divi Builder, you wont be forced to install any additional plugins.

The Divi Builder Plugin will will simply exist as a separate optional plugin. Thanks to Divi 2.4’s new fluid grid, and a complete re-factoring of the Divi Builder framework, the builder will now work better than ever in just about any situation.

So When Is It Going To Be Ready?

Soon, very soon. Most of the work on the Divi Builder Plugin has already been included in Divi 2.4, which was really a culmination of many months of development on both Divi and Extra. Right now we are focused on making Divi 2.4 perfect and helping our customers with the transition, and after that we will be packaging up the Divi Builder Plugin and releasing it into the wild. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things you create with it. Stay tuned πŸ™‚


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  1. Power of this is unreal for someone like me, who has extremely limited website building fundamental knowledge. Divi makes it easy…and now that I can use Divi Builder format with any theme? Woah.

  2. Hello,

    I want to know if it’s possible to create page and post from front end and not only from back-end ?


  3. We recommended et builder to a client a few months ago. How do we explain the difference in the new divi builder?

    • The Divi Theme has the Divi builder “baked-in”. The Divi Builder Plugin allows you to use the same builder as the theme with any WordPress theme.

  4. Any further information on release date folks – πŸ™‚

    • Very soon. I put a short announcement in tomorrow’s episode of Divi Nation about it.

      • Appreciate it Nathan – will check my youtube feed πŸ™‚ take care

  5. I love the Divi Builder but have a slew of sites that I want to use your other themes on. Please give us something more specific than soon. It was coming soon back on July 1 and that was 3 months ago.

    • +1

  6. Is the plugin being released this week?!?

  7. Or Today, I need it soon LOL πŸ˜€

  8. How about today? πŸ˜€

    • Sooooooooooooooon πŸ˜‰

      • Nathan, soon this week?

        • How sooooon? I’m in the middle of a site redesign and would love to use it!!! Tell Nick to release it πŸ™‚ lol

      • Nathan, soon this week?

  9. Do You feel the atmosphere today ?
    Smelling like a Divi plugin ?
    Right ?

  10. Without giving a specific date… Will the plugin be released within the next 30 days? Thanks!

  11. Any closer to releasing the Divi Builder Plugin?

    My prior query was never answered. Thanks!

  12. Sounds Great!!!
    Loving the idea of all plugins installed in one…
    Looking forward to using it

  13. Can’t wait! Already have clients lined up to use it with. BTW, 2.5.1 is awesome so far πŸ˜‰

  14. Hey Nick! I saw you posted this on AWP also – sounds really interesting, and a very much needed plugin for Divi users! This is the perfect response to Lema’s post about being married to Divi πŸ˜‰

    I am pretty new to Divi and I don’t have a lot of experience using DiviBuilder. I’m curious to know, technically and functionally, how will this plugin differ from the Page Builder plugin? Will there be compatibility between the two?

    Excited to see this released!

  15. Will this work with Advance Custom Fields too? or just the default post.

  16. I purchased another theme from another site to use on my site because I liked the magazine layout it included, but unfortunately it was extremely bulky and my pages would load really slow. I switched back to Divi but I am excited to here this being announced. I will definitely use Extra once it comes out! I’ll be upgrading to a lifetime membership soon enough.

  17. Any clue earliest this might arrive? Any chance in next month? Next 2 months? Wondering if worth waiting.

  18. I need this so I can stop buying licenses of Visual Composer!!

    • Exactly Robey… I did the math and figured I’d get so much more for my money. By the time I use VC and Ultimate Addons for VC ($50) together… A couple of websites and your up to Lifetime Membership here πŸ™‚

  19. I can’t wait!

  20. Please hurryyyyy!! I’m dying of anticipation <3

  21. Hi,

    It would be a good idea to allow users to give a name to each section and row. This way, content can be organised in a logical way.

    For example : you have a section “houses” and a row “houses in new york”. The secord could be called “houses in Europe” etc etc…


  22. Will you consider the option to modify the single post page, category, tag, and archive pages?
    Like i see on, the single post page is very narrow, i would like to create that with a left and a right sidebar.

  23. ONE QUESTION!!! …. When is EXTRA being released??? enough of the suspense!!! πŸ™‚

  24. This sounds great. A friend of mine recently had his site designed using the Divi theme. I’d never seen the page builder or theme in general before then but I’ve got to say I’m impressed. I added some pages his site without using it before, and it’s very intuitive.

  25. As long as Extra launches before 10/12/15, I guess we’re square… been paying for this subscription without having a theme I want to use. Seems like everything but Divi has largely been ignored lately. Had high hopes for Nexus.

  26. This will be great. Looking forward to it. Hopefully its really soon.

  27. Great news!

  28. This sounds even more amazing then I thought when you meantioned it earlier. I can’t wait for a blog series similar to the Divi 2.4 series giving examples of how the Divi Plugin can be used. Thanks for all your great work!

  29. You did not say any tentative date for the release. Do you have a guesstimate?

  30. I’m looking forward to the Divi Plugin. I recently tried Divi for the first time in early June. I found it easy to when updating my website from Headway theme to Divi. I’m converted most of my clients website to Divi and they love the results! Can’t wait for what’s coming next!!

  31. Hi Nick,

    Can we please get a list of known bugs for Divi, the fixes and a release date on what update they will be addressed.

    While this will take some work, it will in the long run greatly reduce the workload on your forum staff.

    It could be argued that the forum does that, but realistically it doesn’t. (Divi has nearly 90,000 posts to go through). Another problem is that older solutions (pre 2.4) no longer work with 2.4.

    Just make a sticky post or blog post with all known bugs and fixes and your subscribers will love you. If it is a blog post, we can also contribute and provide answers. Just like people do on the Facebook groups that are active. You have seen first hand how your community helps each other.

    At the moment there are bugs (hey, we all expected a few), but the amount of work your customers are doing to fix them, then for the latest update to address them can be heartbreaking.

    For instance, if there is a bug with a header, you go and check the list, see it will be updated later this week, you may decide you can work around it. If it won’t be rectified till next month you may decide to play with css and fix it now.



  32. I have to tell you the truth. I was disappointed with ET for the making us wait (and we’re still waiting) for EXTRA that I didn’t even renewed my susbcription… but after looking at a friend’s of mine website with the new divi, I subscribed one year again. Now I now why was taking so long (and still is) for EXTRA because… DIVI IS SIMPLY THE BEST THING EVER IN WORDPRESS DEVELOPERS.

    I will renew for the life subscription when EXTRA is out

    Thank you, ET… thank you Nick

  33. Nick, I’d like to reiterate a question that Dinesh asked as I too am a fan of and still use some of the older non-responsive ET Themes.

    Will there be a conflict when using the Builder Modules?


    • Sorry for the dupe – not sure how that happened

  34. Nick, I’d like to reiterate a question that Dinesh asked as I too am a fan of and still use some of the older non-responsive ET Themes.

    Will there be a conflict when using the Builder Modules, many of which are geared for responsiveness, in the older non-responsive themes?


  35. Well done guys, Divi was good, but with the plethora of additional features and stuff you’re rolling out it’s gone from good, to great, to downright essential awesomesauce.

    So much so, I wish that we could get this ported over to our in-house CMS.

  36. This is great news! I try use Divi for everything now because of the Divi builder. The other builder from Elegant Themes pales in comparison, so being able to use the Divi builder on everything is going to be huge.

  37. Awesome news!

    Just an idea while you’re developing it… would it be possible to offer the builder with a “compact view” option?

    I know the current trend in web is to decadent space use for clarity, but the back end of WordPress doesn’t afford much room for generous page builders and the amount of scrolling we go through can be quite disorientating, especially on small laptops or tablets.

  38. Hi if a divi plugin will work for all themes whats the use of lifetime subscription to elegant themes. I will be able to buy only plugin and use with any theme, but I dont understand, if divi plugin will work with other theme, whats the point of other theme, the other theme is irrelevant then. I dont get this point at all.

  39. I’m loving the new Divi but I do have one small request.

    When I’m editing text in a Divi Builder Text Module, I have to keep scrolling up and down to make alterations that require the use of the toolbar.

    I’m now using the Default Editor because the toolbar stays fixed at the top of the text editor and it’s much quicker to use.

    If there’s no way to lock the toolbar on Divi Builder now, could that feature be considered for a future upgrade?

    Thanks Nick and your amazing team for all your hard work which is much appreciated.

    • Love Divi and the flexibility it gives. However, I agree with this about the tool bar not staying on screen. It is a small niggle, but still annoying.

  40. Just got started with Divi myself but this looks like it could be a huge time saver! Hoping it works with some of the older themes I’m running for a few clients.

  41. Can we use Divi Builder Plugin with older themes like Vertex? (I really loved that theme)

  42. Hi, what is exactly the difference between the elegant page builder plugin and the new DIVI builder plugin.

    Will the DIVI builder plugin be compatible with non Elegant Themes themes.

    Thank You and keep up the great work, DIVI 2.4 is awesome.

  43. Nick,

    In regards to the plugin working on other themes that are not made by ET, which is gonna take precedence on the UI elements? Is it gonna look like ET or is it going to adopt the theme itself? What if a certain element isn’t supported by the theme? Will the builder include a default ET like css to work on general use elements?

  44. I read a critique of using Divi- with the main complaint being- you’d lose your content if you switched themes. This solves that.
    However- the reason for changing themes is usually that you can’t do something with your current theme. We’ve reworked about half a dozen sites with Divi- (the older version) and haven’t found an instance of where the theme was the problem… now, if only we could get a “better, smarter, client plugin”

  45. I like many others was all excited and frustrated with Extra not being released when initially announced but now everything makes complete sense. They absolutely had to stop in their tracks and think forward by focusing their energies on the Divi Builder as a base to future themes. The fact that we are going to be able to switch from theme to theme without losing the structure/content of our content is obviously a huge deal and will save us a ton of grief and frustration.

    I hope it’s obvious to the majority here that the ET crew is really focused on creating solid products that serves us all well. I’m feeling pretty confident that they kinda wish they hadn’t announced “Extra” when they did. Imagine you had kids and you really looked out for them and gave them all you could. One day you make an announcement that you building them the best tree house out back and OMG… they are sooooo excited!!! That’s all they can think about. You go to the tree and discover that there is a problem with the structure… moving forward with your promise now, means undoubtedly down the road, HUGE problems. The kids are far too young to understand, all they know is that you didn’t deliver.

    I’m so grateful that they made the decision to pause and focus on “strengthening the base” for all future themes. I’m sure it wasn’t the easiest decision because it meant not delivering on “Extra” when announced but in the long run it means that folks like myself (easily frustrated) can hold on to our sanity! πŸ™‚

    Please acknowledge that this team really does bust their butt on delivering amazing products and PLEASE acknowledge that the price point on these themes is truly friggen AWESOME! If you don’t think the value is here… please spend some time on Themeforest looking around.

    Anyhow… Divi is definitely amazing work and yes… it’s going to continue to evolve and I want to personally thank the crew for all the awesome work! Thank you for not delivering on “Extra” when initially intended to focus on the “foundation”. It’s obvious you guys know what you are doing!

    • I agree with your points, however, you seem to have been much more patient than what I have. I don’t think anyone here thinks that ET isn’t working hard, they should! When looking at how many subscribers they have now and all the sub-communities that has been created just because of Divi… ONE of a million WP themes..pressure is on and they need to deliver, which they do incredibly well when they do something!

      ET’s problem is communication. If the structure of the tree intended for your kids’ treehouse would force you to stop, you would tell them. None of us here are, and I quote “too young to understand”, we are paying customers having been promised a pre-mature product with very little follow-up to that promise. I absolutely love Divi, but the only reason I subscribed for another year was because the promise of Extra. I bet I’m not the only one. Hopefully ET learned from this and realised they’ve reached the Major Leagues of WP development, because their communication reflects the opposite. A simple ball park figure would have pleased most of us at the very start, or at least a blog post explaining why they had to pause it when they did. We would all have understood that it was for the best back then as well.

      However, that being said it now seems like they are taking the right steps at addressing it and hopefully we’ll get to finally play with Extra soon, but I’m not holding my breath for it… There’s no other WP developer I want to give my hard earned cash to more than ET, making me passionate about it, as many of us here are, but it is still a subscription-based product, meaning we automatically demand more information, especially when we don’t know if we have no idea wether to find something else for a client or wait a little bit longer.

      Sorry for being a little bit harsh here, don’t get me wrong ET, I love what you’re doing and hope that you keep on rocking the triple W’s for years and years to come! Just keep us informed as you do it πŸ™‚

    • Wow, you knocked it real good. No matter what happen, ET had being plain about this and I love they way the pause and refactor their theme building operations with Divi.


  46. Omg! I can’t wait anymore.

  47. Hi,

    we use your themes, that are wonderful.

    Can we know when the plugin will be released? Days, weeks or months?

    We are planning to renew our sites on August, so I’d love to know if we will can use the plugin on the old themes, or if we need to use the Divi theme.

    Many thanks,


  48. Well, I’m probably about to make a lot of new enemies with this, but I’ve been biting my tongue for days. No one was more excited than I was about this new release of Divi, but since working with it for several days I am overwhelmingly disappointed, frustrated and disillusioned with ET. My needs are very simple compared to most of what is discussed here, but all the problems I’ve been struggling with since joining ET have been completely ignored by this new Divi and after a week and a half I have several sites I’ve been working on and not one of them looks anything like how I want it to.

    So why with all these great customization options can I still not change the background color of the main content? Even worse is that hideous gray colored font used on everything but the titles in the sidebar and also for the meta data of posts and a few other places. I defy anyone to show me a single color that font color looks good on. (Looks good assumes readable.) Yes it looks better on white than anything else, but it’s not even a good color on white. It’s too pale to be easily readable. It’s a color designers like to look cool to other designers. It is not a color liked by people actually trying to read. Regardless, why can’t I change it? With all these options I should not even have to custom css it, I should be given the option to change it in the customizer. (Better still, get rid of it entirely. It’s a bad choice.) But, as of this point I have multiple support tickets trying to find a custom code to change this and not one successful solution. I have asked repeatedly what those pieces are called so I know what to refer to them as. They’re not called anything logical I can think of, and no one on the support team seems to know. They just keep giving me new code to try and none of it works. So far my luck with the new builder has been disheartening. I tell it what color I want the background on a module to be and it gives me some completely different random color that doesn’t match the code I specified, nor anything else in the theme. It’s like it picks some random blue or whatever and ignores all places where it is specified. What’s up with that? I tell it to use zero margins repeatedly, yet everywhere I end up with huge gaping margins that look terrible, especially with the wrong background color popping through. Why can’t I have a full width text or html section? Yes there’s full width code, but it adds a bunch of random stuff into it like blue backgrounds that clash with my coded font and ridiculously large margins I can’t get rid of. I have yet to create a single page I’m happy with.

    I thought when I heard about Divi 2.4 that finally I’d be able to make a nice looking page without constantly writing css code and having it not work correctly, and I was ready to upgrade from a developer to a permanent membership. Now I can’t imagine why I would even renew my current membership when it expires, and that is truly disappointing. Is there any chance ET is planning to address these very basic issues anytime soon? (Along with things like full width sliders that work without text? Seriously, how hard can that be?) Or is my time better spent looking for new themes rather than trying to make websites with this one?

    So I’m ready for all the boos and hisses. But seriously, does anyone really like that awful 666 gray font in the sidebar? Does the entire world only want websites with white backgrounds? Does the new Divi solve all the issues you had with the old one? Do these new modules all work as promised? And can anyone PLEASE tell me how to change that horrid gray font color that ruins the look of the sidebar? You will forever be my hero.

    • Hi Serena,

      I’m sorry to hear of the difficulties you are having while working with Divi. I am unable to locate your support tickets in the forum. If you could, please contact me via private message so that I can assist you. After logging into the forum, you can use this link to send a PM. Thanks!

    • I’ve made many changes to the sidebar background colors, sidebar title colors, and sidebar font colors. All of that is built into the Divi Builder. In any module, you can click on the little 3 line properties selector. Once there, you’ll see many options for customization, including Custom CSS that you can apply to any component. If you don’t want to keep adding that over and over for other sidebars, save it to your library so you can reuse it.

      Maybe the issue is you’re not familiar enough with the features available to you?

      • Thank you! This was more helpful than any answer I’ve ever gotten from support.

        • The thank you was for bkimbley. I’m used to seeing sidebar properties set as such, not as an individual module with it’s own settings.

      • Hi Serena,

        I thought you were kidding but it seems that you don’t.
        Here’s my thought : your theme has corrupted somehow.

        Go to > (menu) Appplications > WordPress > (menu) installers then pick the one that match your computer.

        Installing this is very easy. You should end up with WordPress running on your computer and your needs (muti-site is a good idea is your familiar with it).
        Install Divi 2.4 on it then try to customize it. You should be able to see any changes made.
        So go back to your site online and export it in .xml via Tools in WordPress admin and import it in your fresh local wordpress to see how it goes. If it’s ok, it means that you have a plugin or child theme messing with your code or a bad wordpress installation.

        Hope it will help.

        • Wow, so much typo on that post πŸ™ Sorry !

          “your theme was corrupted somehow.”

          “Go to > (menu) Applications > WordPress > (menu) installers then pick the one that match your computer and your needs (multi-site is a good idea if you’re familiar with it).”

          “Installing this is very easy. You should end up with WordPress running on your computer.”

          The multi-task guy πŸ˜€

  49. Divi modules API in the future? I create new modules building shortecodes in child themes. I think it’s cool to integrate modules in Divi editor.

  50. Hi , What is the difference between the DIVI builder plugin and the Elegant page builder plugin?

    Will the DIVI builder plugin be also compatible with other WordPress themes.

    Thank You for your blog it is excellent and most helpful.

  51. Hi,

    I’m planning a restyling of some of our business sites.

    It would be very handy to have a rough idea on the timing of release of the plugin: days, weeks or months?

    Thanks a lot.

  52. Are there plans for a visual composer to divi conversion plugin?

    • I highly doubt they would even do that. Even Visual Compose has add-on plugins so it would make things even harder to program.

  53. Will the plugin (and to some extent, Divi) will be able to support custom taxonomies and/or custom post type?

    Cause at the moment you’d have to essentially create the required functionality by copying Divi’s functions.php.

  54. When Extra comes out, with the Divi builder included in it, Elegant Themes will be the only company in the world to offer a complete solution for any kind of website design, both magazine style and standard one! We all look forward to that day, hopefully not so far! Congrats dudes! πŸ™‚

  55. Hi there,

    Great article! Will there be a possibility to use the builder also on Woocommerce?

    Have a nice day

  56. I’m on day 2 of a service ticket where ModSec rules have collided with Divi (it appears) and my host says that the issues lie solely with Divi and I have to get a fix from elegant themes… No one has responded to my posts, I’ve got paying clients wanting answers and if my best answer is a host switch?! I’m not feeling comfortable with this…

    Can I get some service please!?

    • If a rule is conflicting with Divi, then it can be disabled or modified. There are no pre-defined sets of mod security rules used by everyone, so it really depends what your host has set up on your particular server. They may be subscribing to a certain rule set, or it may be against their policy to change it if you are on a shared host. It’s hard to say, but Divi wont be able to bypass any of your rules.

  57. wow, I’m new to elegant themes, and since then I’m so happy customer, you guys keep on surprising me everytime i open my email, and now this, so glad that i found divi.

    Can’t wait for the Divi builder plugin.

  58. This is one of the many reasons I continue renewing my subscription.
    Keep up the good work!

  59. I’m looking forward to the Divi builder plugin.

    There are 2 things which would set up Divi builder for the future and make it more efficient and safer to use:

    1. Take out the use of shortcodes so that when it is uninstalled it doesn’t leave the content riddled with shortcodes. This is an important consideration on larger page sites. (If this is too hard then the next best thing would be a plugin export content process that removes the shortcodes and then leaves your pages clean)

    2. Move the Divi builder editing to the front end so we can view text changes live on the site as we make them.

    I have experienced both of these features on another builder plugin and it is the future! I’d love to see Divi builder have these 2 things as it would save time and transform Divi into an enterprise level tool.

    • A front end editor is supposed to come out. That might appear in DIVI 3.0.

  60. Will it be SEO friendly?
    I’m still unsure if websites built in Divi are easily crawled and understood by the googlebots.
    I’d love to be pointed to resources or an explanation of how Divi is search friendly. thanks

    • Sure, google can certainly understand layouts build with Divi. They are no different and anything else, comprised of valid and well structures HTML5 elements.

      • Nick, this is not entirely true. On all my sites built with Divi, I have Structured Data errors where Google says it’s missing hentry data like last updated and author. In reading the support forums, et support reps say this is a known issue and a fix will be coming, yet they’ve been saying that for years. More searching found that this has to be written into the theme, which is not there currently. When will this be implemented?

        • I have this too. Any ideas how to fix these Structured Data errors?

        • Structured data is a different issue entirely, and doesn’t have anything to do with the content built with Divi. You are probably referring to missing meta tags, and there are lots of plugins out there that can add these for you. We don’t think this should be part of the theme.

  61. ET talks about Divi’s fluid layout, which makes me wondering if the plugin will work best with fluid layouts, or it will have the ability to use the full screen width rows with fixed layouts the way SiteOrigin and WR Page builder do. Most page builders require a fluid layout to function to their fullest, and SiteOrigin and WR Page Builder are the exceptions – they work fantastically with any theme you throw at them,fluid or fixed.

    • Since layouts created with the Divi Builder are fluid, they will function in any size content area. That content area is define by the theme, so themes with more flexible content area options will give the builder more freedom.

  62. So will this Divi builder be able to be used with other Elegant Themes?

    • Yes….

  63. Great! Just Great! We are still basking under the wonderful creative genius(Divi.2.4). And you want to spoil us further with more goodies! Wow! Cant wait.

  64. I’m hoping the Builder plugin will also be a good way to gradually migrate an existing non-Divi site to the Divi theme. Migration steps would be: 1) Build new pages/posts with the Divi Builder plugin, 2) gradually migrate older pages/posts to the Divi Builder, 3) once this is all looking good, move to the Divi theme.

    Is that a sound migration plan?

  65. The only thing better than 2.4 is the blogging re the features and the how to. 2.4 is soo intuitive but there are things I would have missed because it is so rich.

    Lifetime member #thanksnick!


  66. Very good news! I don’t want to stick with Divi for every website I help building but it’s very difficult once you worked with Divi to use other themes and their page builders. So I keep using Divi which means all sites I help build look the same (in my opinion). I’m really curious how this is going to work out.

  67. Feature desperately needed in divi page builder – a small button in each section that you can press to preview the text in that module. I spend a ton of time flipping back from the page builder and the preview screen trying to figure out which section I’m looking for to edit.

    • Even better, it would be great if the builder moved to the front end so that editing text and adding columns etc happened while viewing the live site. This is the future.

  68. Hookayy, I think I missed the blog about Extra? Regardless, I’m excited about both!

  69. Awsome! On a side note are there any plans on the book for making the real estate theme responsive?

  70. When will we be able to use Divi Builder on categories?

    There should be a way to edit categories as pages with the builder.

  71. This is outstanding news!

  72. Amazing – what a great company! I’m a fan, period. But I’d love to know if ‘module customizations’ will live when the theme – or plugin – updates. Can you give a hint?


  73. Hey Nick, the only issue I have with the DIVI builder, (and every other shortcode building system), is the fact that if you stop using it, your site is a total and utter mess. Is there any way to build a restore process, that would put all the content into the native WordPress body field, removing the shortcodes, and replace the shortcodes with the HTML elements?

    Otherwise, using the page builder, is probably only going to be used on homepages and special pages.

    Your thoughts?

    • That’s one of the main purposes for this plugin. If you build your site with the Divi Theme, and then you switch themes, you could install the Divi Builder Plugin to retain all of your Divi layouts. This way the content wont be littered with unused shortcodes.

      There wont be functionality to strip out the shortcodes, as I don’t think that would be practical.

      Stripping down a page with a Slider, Call To Action and Contact Form, for example, would result in jumbled paragraphs of text that would make no sense together.

      • Hi Nick, thanks for your answer.

        I agree, a very simple page with a slider and a form doesn’t need stripping out shortcodes.

        But the bigger the site, the more of a hassle it would be to move away from Divi builder. Say we build a site with 100 pages using Divi builder. How would we convert that site away from the builder if we choose to in the future?

        As it stands, the only practical way would be to copy/paste every section of text into a new page. There has to be a better way and with 300,000 users this question will come up often I’m sure.

        This would only boost Divi’s popularity as I know of several potential customers who would use Divi only if it had this kind of exit strategy potential.

        • Divi, and the DiviBuilder, are made for designers who are building small sites, with limited time and budgets. A 100+ page site (what about a 1000 page site? 10,000 page site?) that needs customized layouts and lots of structured content probably needs more than the DiviBuilder; it needs IA and content strategy planning; adaptive content planning, the list is exhaustive really; I’m saying a 100 page site should probably get more custom attention than using a Divi builder, it should probably be using Custom Post types, fields and taxonomies as well; and a custom theme.
          A large site will likely require structured content outside of the builder (any builder) because keeping all your content in the builder has lots of limitations; what if you want to use a section of one page’s content to display on another page? on the homepage? It stores everything inside the_content() as one big blob of code and content. This is okay for lots of sites, and lots of people, in plenty of situations. But Divi, and the DiviBuilder, is not a solution for ALL websites or even MOST websites. It’s a quick solution for people who dont have the time, skill or budget to code these layouts themselves.

        • Divi, and the DiviBuilder, are made for designers who are building small sites, with limited time and budgets. A 100+ page site (what about a 1000 page site? 10,000 page site?) that needs customized layouts and lots of structured content probably needs more than the DiviBuilder; it needs IA and content strategy planning; adaptive content planning, the list is exhaustive really; I’m saying a 100 page site should probably get more custom attention than using a Divi builder, it should probably be using Custom Post types, fields and taxonomies as well; and a custom theme.

          A large site will likely require structured content outside of the builder (any builder) because keeping all your content in the builder has lots of limitations; what if you want to use a section of one page’s content to display on another page? on the homepage? It stores everything inside the_content() as one big blob of code and content. This is okay for lots of sites, and lots of people, in plenty of situations. But Divi, and the DiviBuilder, is not a solution for ALL websites or even MOST websites. It’s a quick solution for people who dont have the time, skill or budget to code these layouts themselves.

    • I would like an answer to this too?

    • I agree! I’d love to see Divi builder changed like some other builders so that it doesn’t use shortcodes. This way, when uninstalling it the content will be left clean without being riddled with shortcodes.

  74. Looking forward for the launch of Builder plugin, I hope it happens in a month or so. For a old site to move to a new theme has always been a hassle.

  75. Will the plugin include more layout options???? It would be very nice to have pages with six (6) or even eight (8) columns.

    When are you planning to release this plugin?

    I am a premium member. I must say that Divi 2.4 rocks. Can’t wait for the next updates or improments. You are the best.!!!!!!!!

    • The Divi Builder Plugin will always mirror the current features found in the Divi Theme, and any other theme powered by the Divi Builder Plugin. As the framework is updated, the whole family will benefit. At this time we are not adding new features to the plugin, but like I said, more updates to Divi are certainly on the way πŸ™‚

    • That is a DIVI 3.0 thing imo although you could hack in the extra columns very easy with the DIVI 2.4 theme it has been though a bunch of bug fixes as of late.

    • That is a DIVI 3.0 thing imo although you could hack in the extra columns very easy with the DIVI 2.4 theme it has been though a bunch of bug fixes as of late.

  76. I have read all the information that goes with the Divi 2.4 update–it sounds amazing!! I am a newbee to WordPress and the Divi builder. I am almost finished building my site–pretty basic, used only the Divi builder, nothing custom. I am totally impressed with what Divi has allowed me to create. Now I can’t wait to try all the new features on 2.4 but I’m scared I will lose any/all of what I worked so hard to build. I would love to hear feedback from anyone who has updated with the new Divi 2.4.
    I so appreciate any and all feedback.
    Patty :-))

    • If you have not customized the theme files, then upgrading to new versions of Divi will be seamless. The only time you need to be cautious is if you have created a robust child theme with many modifications. In such cases, it’s always a good idea to test your modifications before updating.

    • If you’re worried, create a clone of your website.

      Use WPclone, duplicator or another tool, make a clone of your website and test the upgrade there.

      Normally, if you have not modified any of the core files, i.e the header/footer and anything else without a child theme, the upgrade should be relatively seamless.

      If you have changed the footer and anything else, in the core files, they will obviously be rewritten.

      Many people on here have complained about this and it amuses me, because normally you would test it on a dev environment before prod.

      Even updating wordpress itself or plugins worries me.

      Good luck πŸ™‚

  77. Will the new plugin give me the same exact abilities that Divi has or is it limited somewhat. I’m currently using the Lucid theme. The plugin will save me a lot of time trying to duplicate my current page using Divi.

    • The Divi Builder Plugin will allow you to use the builder in whatever content area your theme provides. Do whatever content you would normally place inside of a post or page, that content could be created with the Divi Builder to expand the layout possibilities.

  78. Great News, but just because I want to have Extra released!, LOL, I don’t think about moving away DIVI so not much will change for me, instead, DIVI and EXTRA updates, and adding features will be the most attractive thing for me.

    Thank you!

  79. Amazing and Elegant! Hope it works with first your old classic themes and modern tf themes…

    Reall, can’t wait for extra.Thanks a million ET! πŸ™‚

  80. Hi Nick

    What is the timeframe for the release of Extra?
    One month…two year? Ballpark eta would be nice.

    I need a awesome looking theme like Extra for magazine style blog (link above). Currently I’m struggling to create something like that using Divi 2.4 page layouts.


    • MY easy guess is real soon after the DIVI plugin is released we will have an update post on the Extra theme. I still think it will come out this year, but I have no clue when it will show up.

      • i truly hope so Richard. Been holding off temptation to jump ship (for almost a year now) and get another theme somewhere else.

  81. Sounds great! Guess I will have to upgrade my account from Personal to Developer to have access to plugins.

    Anxious to see the Extra theme when released.

  82. Great job. My site is getting such good feedback since I switched to divi and my conversions are also improving…

  83. We can’t hardly wait for Extra!

    Congratulations for your job and good luck!

  84. hi
    if my site is using a version of divi prior to 2.4 if I update I may lose all my changes etc – so would it be better just to use the builder plugin instead??

    • You never lose any changes when updating Divi, unless you have modified the theme files. In this case, if you were to modify the plugin files, the results would be the same. I would suggest using a Child Theme, or using the customization features that already come with Divi. There are a lot of great ones in 2.4 πŸ™‚

      • We have developed many child themes with Divi as the parent. These have heavily customized CSS. The upgrade to Divi 2.4 breaks our styling customizations – we must redo our work. Will a Divi 2.3 version of the Divi Builder plugin be released?

        • yes – I am reading these raves on this blog and wondering if they are real, as most of the forums on the web where developers share info are in horror at what the latest update did to the child themes … I don’t see many mentions of this which leads me to wonder who all of the happy people are, and if they have built dozens of websites using child-themes, and if the roof over their heads depends on those themes working after this annoying update

          • Lois,
            I use Divi on my website and to be honest, I couldn’t be happier. I would suggest the lifetime membership as the products and updates are truly amazing. I can’t say enough good things about Elegant themes and Im a real life end user with no website education. Wish I had divi when I first built my blog after my developer ran off with $900 of my start up money!

  85. Hi, I don’t understand it. I have bought the lifetime access to use DIVI theme limiteless. In the future everyone can download the DIVI builder plugin for free. What products will be release for members only in the future?


    • The Divi Builder Plugin is part of the Elegant Themes membership. It’s not free.

      • I’m just curious here, what stops this plugin from being used by “non members” once it’s leaked……will you be enforcing the API on premium content to protect your assets and paying customers.

        • The plugin will be released no differently than the rest of our products.

  86. This theme has some real hard work behind it Thanks

    when Start reading more, need to figure out where to put new Header

  87. looking forward for it, well done!

  88. I love Divi and the new features, but Extra is still the elephant in the room nobody at ET wants to talk about. I know a lot of people, myself included, have been waiting eagerly for a great news/magazine style theme as flexible as Divi.

    I’m experimenting with the Divi builder with posts and it’s a huge help for some tasks. Keep up the great work!

  89. This is great, but I think it will be so much better with more module options. Some usual modules like timeline we don’t find on Divi and that’s sad.

    But thanks for the great theme and now de Divi Builder plugin \o/

    • We will certainly continue to update, improve and expand the Divi Builder.

      • How can get divi themes working on my wordpress

  90. Well, this will certainly take the wind out of a certain commentary about how you’ll never be able to leave Divi if you use it ;-}}}

  91. You guys have turned me into a Divi geek!

    • I became a Divi-enthusiast just recently, and I havenΒ΄t experienced my sudden geekiness about sth. in quite a long time now.

      These news are beyond amazing! <3 Oh the possibilities….

      Thank you for all your wonderful hard work!

  92. This means one thing; we’re one step closer to Extra! πŸ˜‰

    • Another customer here desperately in need of the Extra Theme!

      • Count me in Hitch!

  93. I am dying to test it on some of the older Elegant themes, like estate, or the review one.

    • and memoir, and magnificent …

  94. Hi, does “any” theme mean ANY theme even such “old” ones I got out of the …”forest” ? πŸ˜‰

    Or does it mean any of the Elegant-themes?

    Great work anyway!


    • Any theme, regardless of who made it πŸ™‚

      • yippieh yeah! AWESOME !!! <3

      • Will also work with any custom post type?

        Lot of people is asking about it in every post u publish but nobody answers…


  95. I noticed when I wanted to change the font in a text module, I had to make blind changes, save the module, update, and view before I could see the changes. When I do the same sort of thing with, let’s say, the header, I can see it change in real time. Can the module/text thing be done to see the change in real time?

    Also, when you say it will be easy to migrate posts and pages: how will that happen? And will there be a central depository for those things? Or will it be copy and paste?


    • I 2nd what Randy says… it would be awesome if we could see live the changes when we change font… rather than having to save first and then go and see and then come back, try again etc etc…

      Having said that, Divi has really really saved me a LOT of time and given me a result that only thousands of dollars spent on designer, developer etc could have otherwise given me…

      Thanks so much, you guys are really doing great…

    • There is no migration process. The Divi Builder is what you already see in Divi. When the new Divi Builder Plugin is installed, the option to “Use The Divi Builder” instead of the default post editor will appear, regardless of what theme you are using. If you have built out posts using the Divi Theme, and you want those shortcodes to continue to function when you switch to a different theme, then all you need to do is install the standalone plugin.

      • This is truly amazing news and will solve a few crucial decisions I was trying to make! Thank you!!

      • Hi Nick,

        Just wanted to know if we will be using the Divi Builder Plugin with other themes…..

        Like :
        Boutique, eStore & other themes which are not responsive…

        Will they also become responsive ?

    • I agree regarding changing the font, the inconsistency is not nice in this case.

  96. It looks promising . I can’t wait.

  97. Awesome news! Can’t wait for the divi builder plugin to be released. In the mean time we will continue working on our paltform that it’s almost entirely built using elegant themes products.

  98. Nick, thanks for letting know about Divi Builder’s future. It will unlock so many possibilities when it comes using it with other more specialised and specific themes. You and your team have done some terrific work over the past year!

  99. Nick,

    Sounds good to me. Thanks for your information.

  100. Nice. Does the plugin work with other post types, like for example course pages created using plugins like learndash?
    When are you planning to release the Extra plugin?

    • Hi,

      I find certain et themes to be quite limited in what I can do with them and
      has certain flaws that I need to correct in the Custom css field here and there.

      You wrote this post July the first that the plugin is basically ready and will be released very soon. I use the 13floor theme on a site and already in July I was in desperate need for a way to organize content on my pages.
      I just have no patience any longer since 13floor theme is so poor in functionality. If you are just waiting for an optimal moment to release it please consider to release it now instead. Very frustrated.

    • Yes! I would LOVE to be able to use the Divi Builder in LearnDash.

      • Hello,

        What’s happen today ?
        Is it possible to use learndash with divi ?

        Thanks for your reply

      • Sure, but actually it’s not easy.
        You can use page builder but the text module if you want to use the content for student and no student.
        It’s easier in this case to use only the editor and not tha page builder.

      • if divi builder integrates with learndash post types, It will be amazing.

    • I second that request/hope Joel – it would be great to have the power in learndash

    • Extra is not a plugin is a theme πŸ™‚

      • Pretty sure he know’s that, it is called sarcasm.

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