Elegant Themes Support Is Getting Better. Introducing Live Chat Support For All Customers.

Last Updated on September 16, 2022 by 168 Comments

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Elegant Themes Support Is Getting Better. Introducing Live Chat Support For All Customers.
Blog / Theme Releases / Elegant Themes Support Is Getting Better. Introducing Live Chat Support For All Customers.
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Divi Support Is Getting
A Big Upgrade

We are greatly improving our support system and our support team to help provide faster and higher quality support to all of our customers.

Today we are excited to usher in a new era of support for the Elegant Themes community, one focused on personal connections, higher quality conversations and faster response times using a brand new medium. Today we are announcing new and improved Live Chat support for all of our customers.

A Better Support System,
Faster Response Times And
Higher Quality Conversations

Live Chat is now available for all customers, allowing us to better coordinate our team members and answer your questions quickly.

We Can Do Even Better

For the past 10 years, we have supported our community through a public support ticketing system known as the support forum. Over 30 full-time Divi experts work around the clock to help make sure you are having the best experience possible, and in the process have answered close to 2 million questions. It’s an absolutely huge effort and one that we really care about.

That being said, we know we can do better. What customers expect from us has changed, and the way support is given has evolved. It’s time for us to evolve too. Over the past 6 months we have been reworking our entire support system and training our team to use Live Chat to improve the quality of our support. Today, those efforts go live.

This is a very big and important change for us. When it comes to Elegant Themes support, we are treating this like a new beginning and we are striving to improve the quality of our support in every way. This is just the first of many important steps in the right direction.

Live Chat Support For Everyone

No matter where you are on ElegantThemes.com, you can now use the pink chat icon to reach not only our sales team, but our support team too. Using live chat, we are able to better coordinate our team and to connect with our customers more quickly. Live Chat works with email too, so you don’t need to hang around the website to get help. Everything about this new system is better and more efficient, and it will only improve with time.

The Old Support Forum Is Still Open

The old support system is still open, and the wealth of knowledge it contains will remain available and searchable. The new Live Chat system is also available, so if you ever need help, just hop on and say hello. We will be waiting. I hope you enjoy these improvements. Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to check back next week for even more great Divi features coming your way.

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  1. This new “chat” is horrible. It’s not any faster than the old system and the UI is horrible for this type of support.

  2. Takes over 5 hours or days to get a response. Not a fan of this system.

  3. Very good addition, but have to wait over 4 hours everytime I send a message. I don’t call this a live chat.

  4. First of all – I love Divi. But I really don’t like the new support system at all. With the old system I could go through old posts with the same problem and most of the time didn’t have to bother the support team at all. With the new system, it’s almost impossible to find similar problems which other customers also had.


  5. Almost one month since the “big announcement” of live chat support and little to no improvement.

    The new theme features keep rolling out weekly which sort of feels like our requests for better support are being totally ignored. Maybe you didn’t realize it could be perceived that way?

    Drag ‘n drop files to Visual Builder is indeed very cool, but when we are in the 11th hour of getting ready to debut a site debut and can’t get support for days, well then new features really don’t matter. Right?

    So, uh, when is Elegant hiring more chat agents? Or can we please go back to the tickets / forum?

  6. NEW CHAT SYSTEM SUCKS!!! just a chat interface hiding a normal email ticket system…which takes days to get replies from.

    As with my last comment feel free not to post this one to the public either..you chickens.

  7. The live chat initiative is good. It provides an alternative way for us to reach out to the support team. Though it is said to be 24/7, it is not responsive at times. It seems like the live team is unable to handle many requests at the same time. In this case, I suggest it’s either you increase the resources for the live chat if you decided to cut off the support team from the forum. Alternatively, provides two means for support – live chat (even if it’s not responsive) and the old forum (supported by your team).

    I understand Divi has a strong community. But no one in the community is answering the questions left in the forum. Honestly, I would prefer the old forum handled by your support team. At least we can refer back to the old tickets raised before.

  8. What a load of BS Nick. I swear you guys think you are so brilliant..you roll out new “features” that are barely tested and break things all the time…forcing us to go to the support forums for years which were staffed by English As a Second Language tier 1 support agents whose favorite response was “I’ll pass that on to the developers”

    NOW to top it all off..you announce some amazing new LIVE chat system only for us to find out that it is not a Chat rather an email support system in the guise of a chat box.

    At some point you are going to find out that you can’t keep jerking customers around..you will be left behind…and I feel that time is coming sooner than you think.

    I would be shocked if you had the courage to post this comment on your blog.

  9. totally useless

  10. This is definitely NOT “live” chat. It typically takes several hours to get an answer, I’ve found.

    True live chat gives you a response, more or less, instant. Or, at least, within a few minutes.

    Calling it “live” chat is mis-advertising.

    It’s a great idea. But the response times need to be greatly improved.

  11. Live chat links to this email address – hrpt54hy(at)intercom-mail(dot)com

    …is this right. How is everyone getting into a queue?

    I also have an unanswered question in the support tickets that’s been unanswered for a week and now way to ping or escalate it. Is that new? I thought you used to be able to add a new reply whenever, now you can only edit your first response.

    Lifetime member with ET but come on, don’t be that guy…WHY IS ET SILENT ABOUT THE SUPPORT PROBLEMS…ISSUE A STATEMENT

  12. I will agree with all the others that are complaining 12 hours waiting for support chat to responded. What a complete joke.

    Well Nick you pushed this like a new feature and to be honest I thought at last a quick solution to things

    How wrong was I and Nick so are you time to apologies for the fake news

  13. I have been tested this new update for a long time now. And i can say it’s very nice and mutch better then before! thanks divi

  14. I’m missing the advantages for users, much less ET.

    It seems senseless to overload the support team with increased chat inquiries, often addressing same/similar topics when ET could optimize the existing forum. Users could find their already-addressed concern & resolution within minutes… zero added work for ET Support.

    I see the forum is now ‘community’ as ET will not be replying.

    Rather disappointing. I hope ET reconsiders.


  15. Very disappointed with the “live” chat so far. Wait times are still long (sent a message at 4PM, got a response at…..1am the following day?) answered a little before 10am this morning, had another issue, still waiting for answers for any of them. Might as well change the chat support to an email system, because that’s essentially what this is. Even the small hosting provider I use, of all of two tech support agents is more responsive than this……

  16. Sorry to say my first experience has left me rather dissapointed.
    I have just spent four and a half hours trying to ask simple questions with a chap called Jack in Kolkata India, I was asking how to put some seperate spacing into the menu as a client wanted some social media icons put into a menu on one side then a large space and the rest of the menu to follow on normally, I put in a transparent PNG to give me space but thought there should be a better way than that.
    the conversation went back and forth with him showing me what I had already done.

    No doubt he can do well on Divi but there seems to have been a major language barrier.

  17. What the heck is everyone so happy about? I think this new support is AWFUL!


  19. Tried Chrome and got Live Chat. Have been waiting days for email response to “LIVE CHAT” email that others are seeing too.

    Finally got LIVE CHAT with Chrome because others don’t work. I logged back in today to see recommendations and the response is gone and nowhere to locate it like before. This is totally screwed up and my website has been screwed up for over a week waiting 5 days for help and now there’s nowhere to follow up.

    Nick, can ET pay me for lost business? I and my clients have never had problems with support and this is a flaming disaster!

    • Totally agree Mike we invest in a product to provide a service to our clients, and are let down by the service provider. How could lose us clients.

      I thought 12 hours was bad but 5 days

  20. This live chat is worthless. I’ve been waiting for 35 minutes for them to even see the question. I wait days for tickets to be replied to. I used to be an avid supporter but I’m losing faith in Divi. The more “enhancements” that are made, the slower the service and the more bugs I see in the theme. Please, please don’t make progress at the expense of reliability.

    • I agree. I’ve been waiting days for response to the “LIVE CHAT” ha ha Email! I finally got live chat and a response only to lose it when I logged in today to see what their response was. Further, I can’t find the response ticket. Very unhappy my Dkivi website has been down since last Divi update.

  21. Just tried it for first time. Waiting for response over one hour now 🙁

    • Ditto!

  22. It’s been days since my first “LIVE CHAT” that have resulted in emails and still no answer to my website not working since last Divi update.

    WHEN could I expect a response and help Nick? I’ve been a customer since 2012 and NEVER had such poor or non-existent support.

    • Hi Mike. It looks like your browser may have third party cookies and or javascript disabled. In this case, our chat system will not load.

      • All we get is some cryptic link to [email protected]. What’ sup with that? Long time customer as well.

      • Third party cookies cleared every day. Javascript is fully active.

    • My Javascript is always turned on and I clear my browser cache daily. I still cannot get any help from Support with emails previously sent.

      This is a terrible system when you cannot reach support as I have previously since September 2012. TERRIBLE. I’ve POSTED here and no response either.

    • HELLO . . . ANYONE HOME?

  23. This sounds great… thank you for this!

  24. I just used the live chat. Great! I got the help I needed in a short time. Thanks a lot!

  25. Well this is embarrassing…your live chat link and button are mail links to


    A pity because I could really use some assistance right now

    • It sounds like you might have Javascript turned off, which is required for our chat system to function. You might also want to try clearing your browser cache. It could also be a browser extension, like an ad blocker, preventing the chat from launching.

      • My Javascript is always turned on and I clear my browser cache daily. I still cannot get any help from Support with emails previously sent.

        This is a terrible system when you cannot reach support as I have previously since September 2012. TERRIBLE. I’ve POSTED here and no response either.

        • Couldn’t agree more. I get the same hrpt54hy9(at)intercom-mail.com when I click on live support. I’ve been waiting for support since July 13th. 3 tickets, multiple emails….crickets.

  26. Will we have support in Spanish?

    Tendremos soporte en español?

  27. Every time I click on live “””CHAT SUPPORT””” an email form pops up and you fill in your questions and should receive an answer?????? “Live Chat?” LOL

    Whatever happened to support tickets you could follow and respond back and forth? I don’t find a way to find my tickets past and . . . well, there is NO present!

    I’m still waiting on a live chat response!

    Nick, I’ve been a customer for years and this “better” idea seems to be lost on this old man and I’m certainly no Luddite!

  28. Thanks gracious for this! Possible to make this support LiveChat bot as WP plugin for the community?

  29. I used this yesterday. It was great. Got my issue fixed and I also found it incredibly easy and quick to use. I was able to just copy and paste what I was seeing straight into the chat. Very good. I was also able to leave and go back to the chat. Very good addition elegant themes. Thanks for all your hard work, the 2018 award surely goes to divi. ?

    • Actually would go even farther to say that over the last few weeks I’ve started using most of the new featuresand none of them disappoint. The new dividers are beautiful and have helped me with design. So easy and awesome to use. The layout packs are amazing and I love to see what’s new each week. Custom post types have just opened up my world with less plugins necessary. Your weekly live shows are also great and I tune in every time. Can’t wait for what’s next Divi and a sincere big thanks from me.

  30. I had high hopes for the chat support and am disappointed and frustrated! so far 1 out of 3 people is knowledgeable and had to leave his shift at a critical moment and I can’t get in touch w him and keep getting chat emails from someone who is clearly not reading my messages or very qualified and has used up time that could be better utilized.

    I’m an experienced WP person using Divi in the last year, love it, but had q’s on the Real Estate pack and the WPL plugin that comes w it. I did create a support ticket for it and hope that answers can be given in a timely manner.

  31. It’s a nice notice! Thanks so much.


  33. This is Great guys

  34. Thank you for this new feature.. Really needed this.

  35. Awesome as always ❤️

  36. What ?
    Great great news. Because the support forum is incredible slow.
    Example here: Asked help on forum, not one or two days but 8 days to have a answer. Can’t work like this.

    I hope this solution’ll be better and more quickly.

    Thank you.

  37. Even more awesomeness from DIVI and elegant themes.
    Thank you

  38. This is awesome! Good job!

  39. This is a great addition – impressed!

  40. To be fair, the DIVI community holds much of the answers to any queries anyway, so I would recommend joining some of the community groups out there…someone is always on hand to quickly help, but this will certainly add some reliability to why DIVI should be trusted.

  41. Live chat is a great idea if Support can see what we see, without waiting 24hrs for a response. And I get that there will be a Knowledge Base built from the chat, however as others have pointed out, the existing Q&A forum has been my ‘go-to’ for many Divi years and solved so many issues without having to open a ticket – so it would be perfect if you can leave the old forum posts archived for back reference in addition to building an extended FAQ – hope that’s possible, at least for a few months…

    • I agree! I have answered many of my support questions by referring to others’ past support questions. PLEASE make them available again and it would be great if new support chats were available to view 🙂

      • Oops. I see that the old forum is still available. Thanks for that. Would still like to see new support chats online, too.

    • Absolutely. Why in the world would you not want other users to be able to see the answers your techs have already provided? We solve many of our Divi questions this way without taxing your techs with the same question.

    • Not waiting 24 hours. 8 days for me !

  42. Great! That’s awesome. Thank you!

  43. Cool, that’s great to have a live chat option! Very interesting to be able to get someone to talk to within 5 minutes in stead of having to wait the usual 24~48 or even more hours for a support ticket to be picked up.

    What you did to make this possible. Support can’t give a first answer on new support tickets within 1 hour, how can they now answer within 5 minutes?

    I think you are going to get a lot more chat requests then support tickets because it’s easy and fast. At the moment a lot of customers ask for support in Facebook groups to get a quick answer and they don’t even bother to create tickets.

    Also a question, I often find myself searching through old tickets to find a solution that was previously given to me. Will that also be possible with chat support? Will those chat request be logged under my account in the support forum or in a new support system?

  44. Hey Divi, that’s major. Thanks for that. And looking forward where it all is heading.

  45. To the ET team and Nick himself. I wish you guys the best with this massive undertaking. As a dev I know what handling support requests via live chat means. You guys just upped the value of having a Divi subscription or lifetime membership once again. Keep up the great work

  46. I’ve wondered when you guys were going to add this service. Welcome ET!

    I was never a heavy user of the forum but chat support I do use.

    As I’ve said before ET has been one of my best investments ever when it comes to my digital marketing business. This is more added value to my investment.

    Keep up the great work ET Team!

  47. Thank you thank you ET …absolutely fantastic addition to your fantastic service and products.

  48. That’s awesome! Great work, guys!

  49. FYI, if i click on live chat get help button it opens up my email client (the button link is mailto:[email protected])

  50. I purchased a lifetime membership couple of years ago. Before that I just renew yearly. Using Divi and with their support is second to none. Happy to be a member.

    • +1

  51. Awesome! Thank you ET for the commitment to your customers, it’s much appreciated from someone new to all this like myself.

  52. it would be helpful when your support people can see what we see and nothing gets lots in the translation.

    a better system for our suggestions would also be great for users as well as the growth of divi.

    there are still some basics about divi that could be improved upon before getting too fancy!

    thanks nick for all you and your team do. i only use divi, for many years!

    • +1

      Have just posted a similar response. There appears to be too many basic things getting overlooked.

  53. No use talking. I just want a result 🙁

  54. Honestly, there was only one way it could go.

    • My biggest issues are these:

      (1) We should have the ability to enter a support key (from the plugin) while creating a ticket. I’ve said this SEVERAL times. I create a ticket, wait a couple days just to have someone say give them access, to wait another couple days for a response. You can easily elevate this roundabout. Live chat should fix this when available.

      (2) Its the plugins. VERY tired of hearing this. Be less Microsoft, blaming everything on 3rd party vendors and more Apple who either works with vendors or creates their own fixes.

      Even if you have to have an error log running to capture instances as they occur so you have full insight, that would be fine.

      Someone who NEVER works with WordPress aside from starting recently with Divi due to client request, I found discouraging.

  55. Awesome!!! You guys made an incredible job over the past two years and still find the way to surprise us.. The live chat is a huge improvement well done and thank you!

  56. This is awesome!

    Read that content is added to a knowledge base too. Brilliant!

    Was a forum advisor for many years (until recently) for a directory script – they used a similar method with approved users adding to the knowledge base once content was validated.

    Nice to see that customer support is top priority and this really makes the difference in such a competitive market for page builders.


  57. So exciting!!! Thanks guys

  58. THANK YOU!!! This is an awesome change and I greatly appreciate it.

  59. Been a member here for 7 years and one of the main reason’s I’ve stayed is because the support you provide is literally second to no other company I’ve every dealt with.
    You guys have been absolute lifesavers on so many occasions and it’s a service that you’d have every right to charge a premium for.
    Live Support is great, and I’ll definitely use it – but whatever you do, please don’t shut down the support forum. Nine times out of ten I don’t even have to ask a question because the answer is usually buried in there somewhere.
    In searching for answers I’ve also learned a lot of CSS myself, to the point where I’ve even posted a couple of answers myself!
    Thanks again for the fantastic service you provide.

  60. I was excited after watching the video about the new enhancement, but after waiting for an hour and talking to two individuals for no more than 3 mins, this is not what I expected. It’s very disappointing. Come on guys, you have to do better.

  61. WHAT THE $#@%…

    This is totally unexpected at the price point.

  62. Well, I logged into my account, launched the chat and was told it was not yet ready to give support 🙁


    • Sorry about that Buzz. It’s was a bug in the chat software that reassigned your chat to the wrong location. We are working out the kinks!


  64. Great news!

  65. excelente! parabéns!

  66. AWESOME !!!

  67. This is great.

  68. Very nice, even if we never asked support up to now, is good to know we can rely on chat when needed.

    So no new features to DIVI this week, I am sure the next will come something big. Cannot wait!

  69. Great idea. Hope this is helpful…

    11 minutes of wait so far.

    No idea how many people are ahead of me.

    No automated updates or sound notifications to remind me “Hey, remember that chat window you opened like 11 minutes ago and moved on with your life… it’s still active.”

    • Replies are sent via email, so feel free to step away after you ask your question if you are unable to wait a few minutes. You will be notified via email, you can reply via email or you can head back to elegantthemes.com to resume the chat.

      • Wait! Email? I thought this was chat? Sounds like we chat a question and get an emailed response. If we have another problem or the answer doesn’t work then we chat again and wait for an email? Or reply to the email and wait for an answer? This sounds much less impressive than your on camera description.Or am I reading your response incorrectly?

        • Yes, if you are chatting but you can’t continue the chat or you can’t wait a few minutes for a response, or if you have to leave the chat for any reason, our response will show up via email and you can continue the conversation. The point being, this system doesn’t force you to use the chat system, it’s an all in one solution.

          • A few minutes you are having a laugh the norm is a few hours

    • So after a long time we got support. But that tech said they had to escalate. Another tech came on and didn’t know the details so we repeated ourselves. Then they weren’t sure of if bug tracker had addressed our previous tickets. So we backed up, updated Divi, went through each issue AND NONE WERE RESOLVED!

      Seriously as an agency we need Divi to have less bugs and better support.

  70. Really appreciate this! Hope it speeds up the resolution time when issues arise for us all. VERY welcomed new addition to the continual Divi improvements. Keep up the great work Divi team!

  71. “…For All of our customers…”

    I feel honored !
    Thank You M. Cage..err…I mean M. Roach. ^_^

    A Nov, 2009 registered user.

  72. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I felt absolutely crushed, in fact betrayed, after recently buying the Divi Theme since it was immediately obvious that chat support was not available in the same manner it had been. Prior to buying Divi, chat personnel were always there in helping me understand the Divi and conclude it worthy of purchase. Once spending my money, all that great interaction fell away to forum searching.
    Frankly, every search on the forums I’ve performed to date, has been useless. Perhaps I’ve yet to understand how to ask my questions or state my problems. In just these few weeks, Divi has come very close to losing me as a customer despite the great advantages I see in Divi.
    Of course any learning curve might be slow, yet I have been unable to successfully build a single page due to glitches. I had begun to feel lost and hopeless.
    So thank you.

  73. Wow great news, that means faster support, thanks!

    Two questions:

    1) will I have access to my own chat sessions at a later moment? I often find myself searching through my old tickets to find a solution that has been given to me in the past.

    2) Next up for a feature request system where you can vote on outstanding requests? Something like Uservoice or Getresponse?


  74. Wonderful news from the elegant themes team! I started using Intercom a few weeks back and have been thoroughly impressed with it for the support and sales side of my web development and marketing business in Harrisonburg VA. So much so that I now recommend it to my clients.

    A great step forward from ET in supporting the developer and end user community!

  75. This sounds great…

  76. Nice Nicolas Cage placement. ??

    • Reference*

  77. Bravo bravo, bravo and many thanks !!!!!!

  78. WOAAHH…finally! congrats and thanks!! it’s awesome to have this kind of support!

    One question, why did you choose intercom instead of zendesk or other CRM system? i’m curious

  79. Great News. I just lauchned my new website with Divi and your support was very helpful on this project. Chat support is very nice but please still update your knowlege base to easily search for problems or topics.

  80. AWESOME I wondered if this would ever happen. I loved Woo’s live help chat so glad you are moving in this direction as well

  81. Finally. Great Jobs!

  82. That’s amazing and great to hear that you’re putting your customers first, before profits.

  83. I’ve been a member for years, and always thought your support was the BEST – often answering in under 15 minutes, until about a year ago when things went downhill.

    Nowadays, while its still some of the best theme support in the industry, there are often hours that pass, even 24+ between replies and that’s frustrating. To see you adding chat now leaves me hopeful, yet also wondering how you’ll manage not to let the forum support times slide even further?

    Regardless, THANK YOU for the new chat feature. I did see and use it already over a week ago, and it was fantastic…

  84. This is great, will surely be helpful!

    But please, update/FIX the forums! There’s a wealth of info within. The UI/UX of the forums is just awful.. which is hard to fathom from a company that creates such amazing UX in their product.

    I’ll spare the list here, please, just tweak it and make it as useful as it can be.

    • I agree – there’s a wealth of info in the forums but the search functionality is weak.

  85. I love Elegant Themes! 🙂

  86. Firstly, let me say I think this is great, but one of the best things about Divi support was the fact you could search the forum and find the answer to questions that others had already asked, without having to raise a ticket.
    It would be good if there was a way of recording live chat issues so we can all benefit. That way you don’t have to keep answering the same questions over and over.

    • There is, and we will be adding frequently asked questions to a knowledge base that will be available within the Live Chat system 🙂

      • FAQs aren’t necessarily as helpful as some of the answers to questions posted in the old forum. A lot of help I’ve needed in the past was found in what may have been regarded as “Infrequently Asked Questions” and my concern is that a query and reply that is asked by one person via chat won’t now be available to everyone.

        • I agree with Stuart. The “Old Forum” was very rich with information and ways to find it.

          By using the old Forum I opened a fraction of the tickets I would because I found the answers to my question there.

          The current chat is a step backwards.
          First, is not actually a chat because there is nobody there to answer a question.

          Once a question is posted, the answer is emailed several hours after it was posted.

          If the answer does not solve the issue, it starts a back and forth of emails that delays finding the solution and does not benefit anybody else.

  87. Great Job guys…

  88. Hooray! That is awesome! Thank you so much for adding this feature. Your product just keeps on getting better. =)

  89. Wow, that is HUGE, thanks Nick!

  90. I am so excited to read this. It is my hope that your support people will not be “script” driven but will talk to us like real human beings who are not totally clueless. I find support from hosting companies and many agencies so very frustrating when the support staff cannot get “off script.” Start with the assumption that everyone who comes to you for support is knowledgeable, and then dummy it down as needed, rather than starting with scripts that assume cluelessness.

    • Absolutely on target! I get so frustrated with chat kings answering questions I’m not asking and assuming I must be wrong. When we contact people for help, it’s because the problem we have does not to seem to be answered by the way things are “supposed” to work. Listening is essential; the ability for the chat supporter to paraphrase our problem and ask it back to us is paramount. Let’s give it a go.

  91. Love it!

    Do you think experienced members of the Divi community could possibly have the opportunity to help others for a small fee?

    Toolset.com does this and it is just another way for experienced developers to get a little money and also help each other out on projects.

    So, if a new user of Divi has a problem, rather than flooding your chat they could just have someone like me fix it for them for a small fee.

    I love that chat is available now!

    • This is not a bad idea… +1

    • Jared, build a website and advertise you charge a small fee to fix beginners support issues with Divi, you’d make a tone of money beginners would come flooding to pay you. It’s a great idea! lol

  92. This is great news, I hope issues will be resolved in a more timely manner. Also I won’t have to log into my elegant themes account to see status updates.

    Thanks guys!!

  93. Very good and big update. I really want to know how you guys gonna do that? On each hour i say several new forum topics. Support a half milion users. Very nice. Divi is gonna explode. WordPress would be named divi in the future☺. Good work guys.

    • Yep +1 for “DiviPress” 🙂

  94. That’s great. But, it’s been so long since I needed any support because you’re right on top of things and making so many improvements with Divi.

  95. Great support just got better. Thanks!

  96. Thanks for thinking about us. But forum style (a.k.a ‘old’ support system in your definiton) has a very important aspect: Common knowledge. So lots of questions and answers are gathered there. And we can search queries related to our topics. We would loose that with live chat.

    • Luckily that’s not the case with our Live Chat system. We will be adding frequently asked questions generated from chats into a searchable knowledge base that you can access right inside the chat system. Plus those help articles will be automatically suggested to you in certain situations 🙂

      • So this new knowledge and chat system will be integrated right into the Divi builder soon right 🙂 So that your support staf can see what the users problem is, and even fix it right away?

        • That would be cool

          • Ah I see where this is going!…… “Robotic AI” eventually is would turn into an AI System becoming virtual assistants.

  97. You guys really are the best. Divi for life!

    Thank you.


  99. That’s awesome! I’m almost looking forward to having a problem I can chat about 🙂


  101. Si tuviesen soporte en Español, seria Excelente

    • Pensaba postear lo mismo…jejejej

    • +1

      • +1

  102. A big improvement could be to open a feature request center where you publish the new features, incoming features and features requests, getting our feedback.

    I note you work hard in new features but maybe you aren’t hearing your customers, let the crowd to decide, give us the chance to help to make Divi better.

    BTW you can add a Like or Dislike button to vote for comments in every post, this way you can see most voted comments at the top or highlited and you can give more attention to our demands.

    • +1 (+1000) to this …yes please!!!

      I am loving DIVI and everything that the developers achieve with each upgrade and while I am loathe to criticise on any aspect, I find some very basic functionality sometimes getting overlooked which tends to add to frustration when using DIVI.

      While you guys (ET) have much to get your head around, maybe use us, your users, to help you catch some of the little things that appear to get missed? ….please

      One issue for me is that, as someone who’s not a big user of the Visual Builder, I tend to work more from WP admin area. There, the adjustment of options (for module/row/section) remains extremely ‘clunky’ in comparison to the improvements that have been added to the Visual Builder interface.

      2 things that come to mind are:
      – the collapsed main heading for each adjustment – in wp admin area we still have to scroll the WHOLE length of options to find what we need and..
      – there is no ‘search’ function in the wp-admin area while editing options for module/row/section, as there is in the VB interface.

      I fail to understand why the improvements on VB interface aren’t automatically introduced in the wp-admin area.

      Please please add these improvements to admin area also.

      • There is a feature update just for that a few days ago.

        • Thanks, but after updating to v3.11 I don’t see any of those changes added.

          Either I didn’t explain myself well or you have misinterpreted what I meant.

          Thanks anyway 🙂

    • Great idea in theory, however, not all members subscribe to the blog which is very active and fast paced for publishing new content, not all subscribers actually read every post, otherwise we wouldn’t get much work done! Therefore it would only be possible to get the opinion of the same few dedicated blog readers. 🙂 I subscribe but often don’t get time to read it all.

    • +1

  103. Excellent! this is a huge upgrade! and hard one. so thanks the best money invested for making websites, thanks Nick and Elegant Themes Team. you rock!

  104. I used ET Chameleon on the very first website I made several years ago and used several ET themes in the early years. The support I received from ET was phenomenal and a huge factor in my growth and development as a web designer. I noticed that the response time and even quality of responses had degraded recently and I thought, “Well, here we go. They got too big to adequately support their products.” Then you go and do this. Awesome. I use Divi exclusively now and it is helping my business grow in a major way. Thanks!

  105. The most important thing is that you correct the bugs as quickly as possible. For example, I can not use the latest version of DIVI/EXTRA because you have introduced a bug that makes it impossible to enable Visual Builder, if the Piwik/Matomo plugin (WP-Piwik) is installed and configured.
    This problem is already notified through tickets, I hope it is solved in the next version of EXTRA/DIVI.
    Continue with your wonderful work. 🙂
    Kind regards,

  106. I use Divi all the time, for years now. I’ve never had a question that the forum didn’t already have answered! Your customer support has been and continues to be awesome.

  107. Hello Divi Team,
    thank you very much for your great theme and first-class support. When entering WordPress in 2013, I used a theme that is produced in Austria but has a partial English interface and English support. It is very important to me that Divi is (almost) completely German. When I have time, I will transfer my website from Enfold to Divi, which I already use for some club websites (YMCA, Dart Sports Club).
    Greetings from Germany and thanks again!

  108. Thank you for the new feature.

    I was sort of hoping this would be a feature integrated in the DIVI builder that we could add to our web sites. I’m getting tired of having to use live chats from other sources.

    Thank you again!

    • +1

    • +1 for a chat system! website owners would find the simplicity of being able to chat live with their potential customers an awesome benefit.

    • Yes, I agree! That would be awesome!

  109. Wow! A big commitment for sure, but something that sets you apart from the competition! Way to go guys!

  110. Fantastic!

  111. I used it already and it was so useful. i got immediate help and was able to fix my issue quickly. Excellent!

  112. Wow, I love both, the new live chat and the old support forum will be still open, because is easy to found some frequents answers.
    The live chat will be only in english or too in other languages as Spanish or French?

    • Ne rêvons pas ?

  113. Finally! Thank you very much!! Very positive!

    (I’ve spent more than a week with the support forum last month to get a problem solved.)

  114. It doesn’t get any better than that…Live Chat! You answered this newbie’s prayers Thanks very much!

  115. Incredible!

  116. Love y’all forever!!

  117. This is awesome! I did find that the support forum ended up so overloaded that it took a while to get a response. This is a huge step up. Thanks ET

  118. WOW! Unbelievable! Great! So many things to ask.. Thank you, I hope it will work

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