Introducing Bloom 1.1, Now Supporting HubSpot, Emma, ActiveCampaign & SalesForce!

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Introducing Bloom 1.1, Now Supporting HubSpot, Emma, ActiveCampaign & SalesForce!
Blog / Theme Releases / Introducing Bloom 1.1, Now Supporting HubSpot, Emma, ActiveCampaign & SalesForce!

Since releasing Bloom earlier this year, we have had a lot of great feedback. What people have requested more than anything are additional integrations. There are a ton of great and emerging emailing marketing platforms out there, and we want to add them all! In fact, we have quite the list of requests, and we plan to tackle every single one. Today we are happy to announce Bloom 1.1, including new integrations for Emma, HubSpot, SalesForce and ActiveCampaign, as well as a brand new trigger method for pop-ups and fly-ins.


Bloom 1.1 now supports integration with Emma. We have a lot of customers using the Emma platform, so we are happy to announce that Bloom will now integrate seamlessly with their system. Just input your API Keys and your account number and you are good to go!



HubSpot is a sales and marketing software that has gained quite a bit of traction over the past couple years, and we have had a lot of customers asking for it to be integrated into Bloom. Bloom 1.1 now supports HubSpot integration, and you can quickly start growing your list to be used in their HubSpot Email Platform.



SalesForce is one of the dominant CRM platforms, and it’s a great way to organize your leads. Of course, before you organize your leads, you first need to generate them! That’s where Bloom comes in. Integration with SalesForce uses the web-to-lead API, and you can now use Bloom to collect leads and add them to your SalesForce account. This is one way that Bloom can be used for more than just email marketing. For example, using Bloom to create a “Request A Quote” form, and then integrating that form with SalesForce, is the perfect way to generate more leads for your web design business!


Active Campaign

In Bloom 1.1, you can now integrate your ActiveCampaign account and start building your list with their platform. ActiveCampaign has been our most requested integration since launching Bloom earlier this year, and we are happy to finally add it to the plugin. Authorizing your ActiveCampaign account is quite simple, and requires only your username and API key.


Now Supporting On-Click Triggers For Pop-Up & Fly-Ins!

In addition to 4 new integration types, Bloom 1.1 also introduces a brand new trigger method for Fly-Ins and Pop-Ups. Using the On Click Trigger, you can trigger opt-in forms to appear at the click of a button. Simply give your button or anchor link a particular CSS class or ID and Bloom will trigger your desired opt-in form automatically when that link is clicked!


What Else Should We Integrate?

We don’t plan to stop here, in fact, we are just getting warmed up! We would love to add as many integrations as possible, and ensure that all of our customers have the chance to use Bloom with their favorite email marketing platform. Are there any integrations missing that you need? Let us know in the comments so we can add them to our to-do list πŸ™‚

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  1. Does Bloom integrate natively with Zoho/

    • The new Microsoft 365 platform, outlook/contacts, Sharepoint, etc/ . it’s the no.1 reason I’m not happy on bloom. so much DOUBLE ENTRY or Import/Copy+paste etc. I have client portal on Sharepoint for document storage and but I have to copy every over again manually from MS to Bloom. It really takes out the wind.
      it’s a documented api, and MS supports the api strongly

      Also Link to ADOBE Document Cloud (for Adobe Sign Agreements Doc Retention and compliance)
      Do this please and it will change my life.


    • I’m afraid Bloom doesn’t natively integrate Zoho. However, you can still use it with Bloom by simply copy/pasting Zoho’s HTML form code into Bloom’s opt-ins πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Please add ConvertKit!

  3. Microsoft CRM Dynamics please?
    For a paid application you could do a lot more for settings and options.

  4. Good day Nick and rest of Teems,

    We live in Germany and use your love Elegant Themes.
    We can not connect thr “Email Opt-In” with the API of
    Click-tipp is popular in German language area and is based on Tag.

    Can you help us?

    Yvonne & Artur

  5. Idea. Could you get Blooms dashboard stats: to your WP dashboard? That would make Bloom experience more fun.

  6. ARPReach integration would be great!! πŸ˜‰

  7. Another Vote for ConvertKit

  8. Please provide support for Sendy, tons of people are using it and Sendy also provide API so I don’t think it would be that hard to make it happen.

  9. Convertkit integration would be amazing

  10. I’d like to vote for an integration with They have an API, and their approach to email lists with tags is very appealing to me.

  11. I want to request integration with They have a unique view of sorting contacts with tags as opposed to multiple lists, so the integration would most likely be very simple.

  12. Just ran into “Rapidology” a fork of the Bloom plugin. I was originally going to ask if Bloom was the original or not, but I found my answer on a Medium blog post ( by the co-founder at Leadpages. I guess I would take this fork as compliment, right?

  13. Would love to see ‘web to lead’ integration with Zoho CRM from Bloom!

  14. I understand the strong desire to integrate with other email vendors; indeed I myself would like to have Marketo added.

    But it would also be great to see Bloom extended with Membership capabilities. This doesn’t need (initially at least) to be a full blown membership app. Rather, more and more businesses want to protect content, pages, posts, videos etc. Essentially they want visitors to register (thus building the email list) but then not to have to do that every time they visit the site.

    This allows companies to create ‘behind the curtain’ value. It avoids visitors having to register to access each individual piece of content. And it means companies using Hubspot or other marketing automation applications can determine who their best prospects are i.e. the ones that keep coming back for protected content.

  15. It would be nice to see some sort of feature that kept the subscribe pop-ups from rearing their little faces to someone who is already subscribed. Yes, I understand that people clear their cookies at a frequent rate, but that is not a good reason not to have this feature in place.

    People are clearly aware of the fact that they will not have the same browsing experiences following clearing of their cookies. I do not think that they would be as irriated as a subscriber who kept seeing pop-ups.

  16. Please integrate the OSDI api.

  17. Insightly CRM is a must.

  18. Does Bloom integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

  19. I would love to see the ability to add more input fields to the form!

    I often need to collect people’s addresses on the form, and it’d be nice to be able to add those fields simply.

    I know there’s a manual workaround if you use MailChimp but I’m on Aweber and I haven’t figured out the workaround yet.

    • Yes to the additional fields. Part of our marketing mix includes an ancient technology known as mailing. We want our users to be able to also opt-in for a free subscription to a print magazine/catalog. I’d like to switch us from Ninja Popups, but that’s the stopper.

  20. Does Bloom have a feature to create two-step opt-ins like LeadPages’ LeadBoxes does as shown here ? If not, would it possible to add this feature in a future update? Thanks.

    • Oops! Sorry, I see the answer above now. Missed it first time through.

  21. my Bloom plugin is not working with divi ! any help ??!

  22. Would like to vote for integration with arpReach, as they have released a set of API for integration.

  23. I would love to see an integration with arpReach.

  24. Integration with 17Hats would be awesome!!!

    • I just finished watching a webinar and the person in chat didn’t know what Active Campaign was. I provided a link and they said that they do not integrate with this tool. Disappointing.. could you imagine a system that integrates 17 Hats and Active Campaign together. I think without an integration, a lot of work would be duplicated. Unless someone that is using both these apps has a work around?

  25. While I know that you can essentially drop in the HTML for Gravity Forms support, it would be a huge win to actually have integrations with some of the more popular WP form plugins. The HTML drop-in is just too clunky of a workflow.

  26. Insightly CRM.

  27. Add a tag to leads in Infusionsoft!

  28. Thank you for this update! You guys tackled the two big things missing from Bloom for my case: ActiveCampaign integration and On-Click pop up to allow 2-step opt-ins!

    The only things that would take the place of services like LeadPages and ClickFunnels for me now would be 1) lead magnet delivery. I can’t believe ESPs haven’t gotten the hint and found a way to allow custom opt-in delivery for one-off digital assets for multiple opt-in goodies! Aside from multiple lists, which I just refuse to do. 2) The “trick/gimmick” that LeadPages uses to pull an email address onto an opt-in form. Not sure how this works, but it’s very cool.

  29. I’d love to see the following options:

    – popup subscription form when a user/visitor leaves the site
    – automatic signup when someone registers on the site.

  30. Go Elegant themes go..really appreciating effort.

  31. I would love to have an option for a pop-up with a button to click to take you to a page or promotion without the sign up.

  32. I have a few requests:

    1) Ability to create platform-specific optins (e.g. desktop-only, mobile-only)

    2) Path specific optins (compatibility with WPML language paths to have English-only and French-only optins)

    3) GravityForms compatibility (in case you want to have a pop-up survey/questionaire) with control of dimensions of he optin pop-up.


  33. I would love love love the option to make the ‘close / x button ‘ not actually close the pop up, but minimize it.

    I would also love love love the option to have both bloom and monarch to support required options … for example: like this page now to continue reading.

  34. An integration with arpReach would be great

    • Jay Poole — Nick Roach says “Bloom already includes a blank template (within the plugin it’s referred to as HTML Integration, which basically means you get a blank content box where you can add your own content). So you can use the pop-ups and fly-ins to do just about anything :)” — would you not be able to use APRReach code here?

      I am looking at the Monarch plugin for sharing. Could justify cost not using PopUpAlly (sort of). Bottom line is Bloom and Monarch also have cool stats that are way more fun that GA. I miss SmartStats from the good old days. So, just saying, I have no way to see anything to know without buying.

      I use themify and am not about to change out because once videos are in full swing, as well as pro photography, we can keep going with the dev.

      My two concerns:
      1) How much does the js slow the site down when used with another theme? I already have membermouse and themify loading js first.
      2) When Nick says html integration, that says to me, APRReach works. This would solve all the landing page issues the IM guy is having. Built out your landing page links in ARP.

      Am I totally missing something? I’d love to spend my $$ and go. Got things to do, people to see, and my blog is waiting for me! πŸ™‚

  35. What about Get Response?? Since I am using Get Response only, I can’t use Bloom.

    • GetResponse was included into Bloom from the beginning, so you can use it πŸ™‚

  36. Will there be a tutorial for the on click trigger addition? Would love to link bloom to a call to action module but don’t quite get how to make it work at present.

    • I’d love a tutorial on how to use the on click trigger, too.

      Nick, is this new feature equivalent to something like LeadPages two-step email opt-in process with a light-box form from our email marketing service opening on a click (effectively keeping the person on the page)?

      • Yes! Two-step opt in, that’s exactly what I was trying and failing to do!

        • Charlotte, I haven’t heard anything from the Divi team about how to use the On Click process. Have you?

  37. Is there any integration with Ontraport coming up? That would be massive!

    • Ontraport is already supported by Bloom.

  38. For customers from germany it would be nice to have on board πŸ™‚

    Have a nice day
    JP Julpe

  39. Just want to +1 for adding to groups (I’m using MailChimp terminology here). I suspect this is hard because every integration will do it differently, buy being able to segment people on sign-up is a pretty essential feature for me.

  40. Hi Nick,

    These new features sound pretty darn sweet. May I ask is it because of the fork of Bloom?

    I recently wrote an article stating why I thought it was underhand and you will note the first comment in the post itself

    Does that mean that these new features were added by you or indeed LeadPages?

    • Hi Ben, these new features were added by our hardworking team of developers. Cheers!

      • Hey Dustin,

        Understood it’s just with the relatively unjust approach by a certain company forking your plugin and the comments made about sharing code I put two and two together and assumed (wrongly?) that this updated version may have had some additional input into it.

        What is the state of play now between you guys and LeadPages is it all good?

  41. hoping you could add mailerlite. thanks!

    • Yes, MyMail, please.

  42. And you can integrate Bloom PHPlist?

  43. awesome updates to Bloom!

    I second the suggestion to be able to redirect subscribers to a thank you page after signing up. With the ability to do so in a new tab too.

    The main feature I’d like to see is the ability to send a custom one time email to people who sign up that’s specific to that one optin form. This is a feature LeadPages use. They have you the ability to send a lead magnet as well but just being about to send an email would require less resources on your end and if we wanted to send a lead magnet in that email we can use cloud services like S3 for people to download whatever it is we’re giving away.

    If that feature was possible I’d probably cancel my LeadPages membership! You’d have their LeadBoxes feature and one time email to new subscribers feature included within Bloom!

    Keep up the awesome work Nick and the team!

  44. Thank you for integrating with EMMA! Now let’s add Marketo!

    • Integration with Marketo would allow many corporate businesses to use Divi for their web sites. I’d be delighted with a Bloom / Marketo integration.

      • Yes Marketo support would be amazing. I work with two enterprises that would love to use Bloom if it had Marketo integration.

  45. As per my post in the support forum:

    “Please make Bloom to have an option that redirects after a person subscribes to a url of our choice.

    Internet marketers are taught all over the web to send people to a thank you page or upsell page after a person subscribes. It’s common sense, and Elegant Themes practices this from their own optin.

    Sadly, I cannot build a marketing funnel on my websites. I am in the process of creating custom forms because Bloom lacks a fundamental part of the online marketing funnel.

    I am part of a group of over 1,000 internet marketers and people come to me for advice in regard to design. I have STOPPED recommending Elegant Themes plugins because of this.

    I design sites for various industries, and I do not recommend clients to Elegant Themes plugins.

    When talking with many internet marketers, they ALL express the need for redirects and how it helps build their business. Sadly, Elegant Themes understands this, but does not give the option to its own customers.

    Please don’t close this conversation until redirecting is a feature in Bloom. I have searched the forums, and found others have this same concern.

    You are losing the confidence of MANY internet marketers by not having this option.

    A Concerned Customer of 5+ Years 😐
    ~ Estevan Montoya”

  46. I am not able to make the “click” feature to work. Can you explain the css with an example?


    • It would be great to see an example of how to use the on click either here, or in the support area. If it’s currently there, I can’t seem to find it.

    • Hi,

      If you could, please open a support ticket in the forum so we can assist you with it. Thanks! πŸ™‚

      • I would also like to see an example of how you set up the click option.

  47. It would be great if you could integrate Express Email Marketing (Go Daddy software) see here

    Hundreds of thousand of people use this email software.

  48. Robly email marketing please. (

  49. Very nice opt-in form, I wish someday elegant themes will sell individual plugins and themes.

  50. I’ve just started using Bloom and I really like it. Sorry to hear that Exit intent won’t be in the pipeline because of patent issues, but I like the idea of the button trigger. If anyone has a website that is currently using a button trigger for a form, I’d like to see an example.

    Nick, you also mentioned that we can use the HTML integration to add content, and I’m assuming additional fields. I need to add a month/date field to Bloom…I have a birthday list and an anniversary list, so I’m hoping I can do that. I tried creating the form in Mailchimp and then copying/pasting the code into the text box of Divi, but it looks really bad.

    Thanks for all of the hard work you and your team do. I love Divi and am now starting to love Bloom too!

    • Hi Heather,

      Our support team would be happy to assist you with the HTML form style. Please open a support ticket in the forum and be sure to include the URL to a page where we can see the broken form. Cheers! πŸ™‚

  51. Great email plugin ET. Here’s my suggestion:
    Need to improve the user interface for putting an image for a background on both the header/text field and the form fields. This is to put a texture on the Bloom section. Thanks.

    • I would also love having an integration for ConvertKit

    • Same here,… I’m waiting for an ConvertKit integration to start with Bloom!

    • yes!!! please add convertkit!

    • +4 for ConvertKit…The number of sites I am using it on with clients….


    • A few months late to the party here, but I would also LOVE the option to integrate with ConvertKit.

    • Adding to the request for Convertkit.

    • ConvertKit would be great πŸ™‚ I too tried other ways to integrate, too time consuming right now.

    • Raising my hand for convertkit too!

    • Definitely ConvertKit. It’s ridicilously bad at integrating through HTML but to good of a system not to use.

    • I second the request for ConvertKit. (trying to integrate it with html is just horrendous and a waste of time).

  52. Please add Contactually. Thanks

  53. Another interesting one and off-WordPress, yet having a working API: arpReach

  54. New services are great and all but including an option to let you redirect users to a specific URL on form submit is probably the single biggest reason I’ve not been able to implement Bloom on more sites. Instead, still hand coding/styling the opt-in forms by hand.

    • I agree. I don’t know how people are collecting data for Google Analytics goals without it.

  55. Tell me about the hubspot integration. Does it integrate with smart lists? I’ve seen other plugins in the past that only integrate with the static lists, which is no good. Must integrate with the smart lists.

    • Hi Tyson,

      From HubSpot’s documentation:

      Smart Lists are lists that can only be edited by the contacts app – they are meant to update themselves when new contacts are created or are updated, meaning that you can’t manually add contacts to Smart Lists.

      The purpose of Bloom is to manually add new subscribers to your lists, which in the case of HubSpot means your Static Lists. I hope that helps. If you have further questions please open a ticket in the support forum and we’ll be happy to help πŸ™‚

  56. Sendy needs to be next.
    It’s the best inexpensive option that uses Amazon SES.
    Just $59 for the one time set-up, then
    send 10,000 emails for less than $1.

  57. While I follow your blog daily (excellent by the way) and I have a developer’s subscription to Elegant Themes, I have not looked at Bloom closely. Most of my work is involved with small businesses owned by older clients, and pure social media (personal blogging etc) does not feature largely in their plans, although that is changing. It is from this background that I make the following comments:

    Is it somehow possible to use Bloom for generating any sort of content in the popup boxes – i.e general announcements, adverts etc?

    Is there, or are there plans for, a blank template to allow the user to create original content?

    If so, is it possible (or have you thought about it) to use Divi to create the content? This would be brilliant (I’m to old to use “awesome”)

    Have you thought about extending Bloom’s functionality to landing pages?

    I am currently involved in building a marketing campaign for a client using landing pages accessed by bulk sms marketing, and reinforced by popup ads on the site. I am finding it difficult to source a plugin which does both of these things effectively. So far the best I have been able to come up with is something like – not bad, but it has it’s limitations.

    While there are plugins that will generate popups and lead lists, and plugins that will build landing pages, I believe there is a huge opportunity for a product that will do both effectively and also allow the user real flexibility in creating the content.

    Maybe this is a project you can think about when they extend the working day to 26 hours and the working week to 8 days!

    • Bloom already includes a blank template (within the plugin it’s referred to as HTML Integration, which basically means you get a blank content box where you can add your own content). So you can use the pop-ups and fly-ins to do just about anything πŸ™‚

      • Im not a developer and new to wordpress Nick – I have Bloom, but not sure where to find the blank template – which can be used as a landing page? I love the simplicity of Bloom. Can you add a hello bar template, and a footer bar template?

  58. It would be really great to have a survey option. Also, a “Choose the following reports you’d like to receive” option if some has multiple items of value to send.

  59. I think you need to add a toast messages system and an icon with notification in the menu, I know It sound like nothing to do with bloom but if I’ve to be open, I think that the bloom’s future is to become a web marketing suite for wordpress, and I think you must insert monarch in it, why did you make 2 plug in? Are web marketing stuff, a suite will be better.

    Sorry about my english

  60. Hi Nick,

    Love the fact that a button can now trigger the form. Thanks for adding that awesome feature.

    Have you added a way to link the form to a thank you page yet? I think that is a really big piece to add and you will have the perfect plugin.

    Thanks for all your hard and awesome work.

  61. I think you need to add a toast messages system and a icon with notification, I know I sound like nothing to do with bloom but if I’ve to be open, I think that the bloom’s future is to become a web marketing suite for wordpress, and I think to must insert monarch in it.

    Sorry about my english

  62. suiteCRM/sugarCRM full support in Bloom would be a big help for me. Addressable Form Capture & Posting with action options would help make it the perfect plugin.

  63. Podio would be a great addition to Bloom.

  64. YES! On-Click Triggers!!! Been waiting for that one, thank you SO MUCH, you guys are amazing!!

  65. It would be very interesting to have templates with a call to action button (e. g. a link) instead of an email optin. Great

    • I agree with Luc. Call to action button would be very useful!

  66. How about WPMU’s eNewsletter plugin? I think it’s using WordPress’ subscriber role by default.

  67. Was so hoping to see the ability to utilize shortcodes in the editor to allow for Contact 7 Form integration (or the option built right in to use Bloom as a contact form directly)! Maybe next round…

    • Absolutely. It’d be nice to add extra fields besides name and email.

      • agree with you more fields

  68. I would love to have a place to insert code to track signups.
    This is very convenient if you are paying for conversions and not impressions. That way the pixel can follow and track signups.

    • Good idea.

  69. Hello!
    There was a glitch in the previous version that send email addresses to infusionsoft as unmarketable. Do you know if this has been fixed in the new version?

    • Hi Michael,

      Yes, that issue has been fixed πŸ™‚

  70. How do we access the update? It wasn’t available in my WP dashboard.

  71. ZOHO CRM

    • Yes, Zoho Campaigns, please!

    • An integration with Zoho Campaigns (part of the Zoho CRM suite of products) would be fantastic. I love the Bloom plugin and all its options!

    • I’d love Zoho integration, too. Thank you guys for making incredible products. Seriously.

    • Yes Zoho CRM

  72. YES!!!!! Bloom 1.1 is out!!!

  73. MyMail integration please!
    The click to trigger is very nice! Bloom 1.0 was a Ferrari without wheels. Now with 1.1 we can ride it.


    • Yes, +1 for MyMail, please. Would be HUGE help.

  74. Thank you for the update!

    Going back to using Mailchimp – I would love it if Bloom would be able to connect to individual GROUPS – it’s an essential piece for me and without it I need to look at another solution. Hope it can make the next update.

    • Amen to that β€”Β Mailchimp groups is vital!

    • Yes guys, please please please add Mailchimp GROUPS support to Bloom.

      • Another vote for Mailchimp Groups!

    • Yes! Mailchip GROUP integration would solve a HUGE problem for me! Thanks for the consideration πŸ™‚

    • I second that – Mailchimp Groups is major requirement.

    • I’ve been asking for MailChimp Groups integration since release. It would truly make my life complete.

  75. Some great additions, thank you.

    I would like to join everyone else asking for Exit Intent trigger, it seems like a very effective method.

    • I second this. It’s a great last chance.

    • Hello, yes mailjet please.

  76. with Vtiger (opensource) πŸ˜‰

  77. plz implement automatic redirect to the thank you page after opt-in

  78. Did this new update happen to include the triggering of the “Welcome Email” in Constant Contact accounts?

    Not all accounts have Autoresponder in Constant Contact, so they offer a “Welcome Email” however I think that an API call must be made to trigger that Welcome email.

    Any chance this getting included if this was not in the latest release?


    • I am also waiting for autoresponder to work with constant contact.

  79. You should integrate a facebook like feature! That would be much appreciated!

  80. Good news!

    It is possible to integrate Bloom with MyMail (WordPress hosted newsletter plugin)?


    • +1

    • MyMail Update Please!! Thanks

      • +1 MyMail

  81. The on click triggers are a great addition. I’m looking forward to playing around with them.

  82. Yes, Sendy is a must!

  83. You can also ad SG autorepondeur.
    Please, ad a redirect option after optin and a two step optin.

    • Yes please, a redirect option is huge! Keep up the great work ; )

    • Second the redirect and two step optin.


    • I would love the option of having people be sent to a page I choose.

    • YesYes SG autorepondeur !

      • I second that ! That would be awesome.

    • Yup – agree.

      Needs to have a redirect to a page after optin.

      • That’s what we miss the most.

  84. Awesome update. Love Bloom and looking forward to continued updates to keep it getting better and better.

  85. OMG. Salesforce integration. Love you man!

  86. Great job Elegant Themes. I am super impressed on how quickly your team was able to respond and get this version out to us so quickly. I am also impressed that your team powered through the weekend and late nights to roll this out for us today.

    Another reason why I prefer to work exclusively with your products. I have not had better support from any other organization in any market or industry. Your support and is second to none and the benefits of this membership is unbelievable. Thanks again for all you guys do!!!

  87. Nice updates.. thanks

  88. Expected to support Active Campaign.


  89. Awesome! Would really love to see exit intent as a trigger option πŸ™‚ Thanks!

    • How about hovering out of a page? Technically the intention is not to exit the page but to access other windows/programs on the desktop. No patent infringement.

    • I seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth that!

    • A new version without exit indent? Oh no. With the custom html form option every email service can be integrated already. But really, which marketer can live without one of the best converting trigger???

      • There is a patent troll sitting on “exist intent” technology. I know, it’s ridiculous, but because of this it’s not something we can add to the plugin.

          • That’s the company that owns it, yes. If you are using a different opt-in plugin with exit intent, and they have not correctly licensed the patent, you are technically infringing. Anyway, I don’t think patents, licensed or not, belong inside of Open Source software and so we wont be exploring this as a potential feature.

            • This makes me unhappy πŸ™

              I understand ET can’t do much in this situation, however it is frustrating to see bloom limited by a patent troll.

              Current Options:
              Overpriced alternative with exit intent

              • As a new user of Bloom, I’m super excited that you guys are so active with updates. I too would love to see Exit Intent, and would like to understand more about why you can’t. I saw the patent google page, too.

                Is it owned by OptInMonster? If not, how are they able to use it in their product?


                • The patent belongs to Bounce Exchange Inc. (I know, I hadn’t heard of them either …) which means that everyone using exit intent right now (Optin Monster, PopUp Ally Pro, etc.) is infringing.

                  If these guys decide to enforce their patent claim we may, before long, not have any exit intent plugins to choose from. It’s crazy!

                  I wonder if anything could be done.

    • Me too for an exit intention trigger.

      • Totally agree on exit intent trigger.

        Also, I find that every time I visit my own site for editing, I get the Bloom email pop-up multiple times (even though I am already subscribed to my own site!)

    • Second that!

      • I third that!

        • I fourth that!

          • Yes, that would be great!

            Also like this button update. Thank You

            • I fifth that if possible without infringing on existing companies features ad I could then move fully over to Bloom!

              I would also love full screen option options.

  90. Awesome!!! The more the better.
    Great job with Bloom.

  91. Go team!

    • Yes, I second this request!

      • YES! Sendy has a useful API. It cannot be that difficult πŸ˜‰

        • I was just thinking about requesting Their pricing is right for me.

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