The Top Places To Find WordPress News In 2014

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The Top Places To Find WordPress News In 2014

As a WordPress user, it pays to stay up to date with the latest WordPress news and developments. This will advise you about important WordPress security issues and new WordPress plugins and themes that have just been released.

You may be surprised to hear that there are not too many dedicated WordPress news websites. This is partly because it is difficult to make a WordPress news website profitable. I ran a WordPress blog myself for years and in comparison to plugin and theme related articles, news articles received very little traffic. One reason for this is that news becomes irrelevant very quickly.

Thankfully, there are still some good places to find out about important WordPress related news and events. In this article, I would like to share with you what I consider to be the best.

Official WordPress Blog

The official WordPress blog is the best place to find out about the latest stable and beta releases of WordPress. Each announcement post details what has been added to the new release of WordPress. The blog also occasionally publishes details of events such as WordCamp and other miscellaneous WordPress news.

Since WordPress introduced automatic updates in WordPress 3.7, there has been less of a need to visit the official WordPress blog to get information about new releases as everything can be updated automatically through the WordPress admin area. Though the blog remains the best place to find out what has been added to a new release of WordPress

Official WordPress Blog

The Official WordPress Blog is the best place to find out about new WordPress releases. have a blog too, however it mostly focuses on new themes and other related news. I recommend subscribing to the blog if you have a hosted website.

Matt Mullenweg

I was initially reluctant to include the personal blog of WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg in this list as Matt does not use his blog exclusively to publish WordPress related topics. You will find Matt sharing quotes, articles he has enjoyed reading, and business related news.

However, Matt does share WordPress related news and events too. What better way to get an insight into WordPress than listening to the man who is steering the ship πŸ™‚

Matt Mullenweg

The co-founder of WordPress shares his views on WordPress from time to time. is the place to catch up with the latest presentations from WordCamps around the world. They also share behind the scenes videos and interviews.

While is not the place to find out about news breaking events, it is the perfect place to listen to the views and ideas of important WordPress developers.

Thousands of hours of presentations can be viewed on

WP Tavern

Updated every day by popular WordPress blogger Jeff Chandler, WP Tavern has been the most consistent source of WordPress news since 2009 (for some reason their website logo says 2007).

It was purchased by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg in 2011, though this was not revealed until 2013. When the announcement was made, I voiced my opinion that the owners of WordPress should never own the most popular news blog as it is important for it to remain impartial website that is willing to be critical when necessary. I still believe that strongly, however there is no denying that they have done a fantastic job of updating WP Tavern. The blog is sometimes updated twice a day by Jeff and WordPress blogger Sarah Gooding.

WP Tavern is also home to the fantastic WordPress podcast WordPress Weekly. It goes live every Friday afternoon at 3 PM EST and features discussions with important WordPress developers and marketers. I recommend checking it out.

WP Tavern

WP Tavern is arguably the best source of WordPress news on the internet.

Post Status

Launched at the start of 2013 by WordPress enthusiast Brian Krogsgard, Post Status is a great news blog that is updated several times per week. To me, Post Status has a less newsy feel about it as they focus more on interviews and behind the scenes developments.

Post Status also publish articles on security issues and frequently write editorial pieces such as “Who is buying commercial WordPress themes?“. It’s a great news blog and I recommend subscribing.

Post Status

Post Status publishes news, views, interviews, and more.

Not to be confused with the ManageWP service or blog, is a community driven WordPress website where users submit WordPress news. Users also submit great tutorials, theme lists, plugin reviews, views, and more. It is one of the best places to read about WordPress news as if something important happens, users are bound to share the article on is a great way of discovering the latest and greatest WordPress news and articles.


WPMUDev publish a roundup on their website every day that they call “The WhiP” (Yes – the P is supposed to be big!). The roundups link to dozens of WordPress related news articles and resources. If you want to stay up to date with the latest WordPress news every day, I recommend subscribing to the WhiP newsletter. It is the quickest and most efficient way of catching up with WordPress news.


The WPMUDev WhiP offers a quick rundown of the latest WordPress news every day.

Index WP

The WordPress magazine Index WP has a news category that is updated a few times every week. Their news seems to focus more on WordPress related competitions and news of new products and themes from theme and plugin stores. I find their current three column website design overwhelming as it squashes all of the content to the left hand side of the page, however it is worth adding to your RSS reader.

Index WP

Index WP publishes theme and plugin related news every week.


Michelle Oznowicz’s Torque magazine was launched shortly after the demise of former WordPress news blog WPDaily. Thankfully, Torque purchased WPDaily, therefore the archives can be viewed on Torque. They continue to publish news on their website every week.


Torque is not a dedicated news blog, however it does share WordPress news every week.


When something big happens in the world of WordPress, people tweet about it. That is why Twitter is such a useful place to find out about WordPress related news and events.

Be sure to use an exact keyword when searching for something WordPress related. Searching for “WordPress” will provide thousands of results, however it will include anything WordPress related, including anyone who published an article on their blog. It is better to search using a specific phrase such as “WordPress Threat”, “WordPress Spam”, or “WordPress News”. That will help filter through more relevant results.


Twitter is a great way of checking WordPress news, but be sure to use a specific search term or you will be overwhelmed with results.

You can also find WordPress news through website development and internet marketing related discussion forums. However, forum members will usually find their WordPress news through one of the resources mentioned above, therefore it is better to go right to the source of the news.

I hope you have enjoyed this look at the top places to find WordPress news in 2014. If so, I encourage you to subscribe to Elegant Themes so that you get free updates of our latest articles.

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  1. Thanks Kevin for including the Tavern on this list. As for the 2007, that has to be one of the funniest goofs I’ve ever made. It’s probably been like that since we redesigned the site a few months ago. Ouch. It should say 2009, not 2007. I’ll be updating the image shortly.

  2. I love resource lists! Thanks for another great post :)!

  3. Disappointed you included IndexWP. The content on there is pretty dire!

  4. Kevin,

    I used to enjoy your contribution through You also omitted Oliver’s which competed with wpmods, he does a sterling job to keep everyone informed on the industry. I also find the weekly newsletter very addictive since the sources are spread across the wp community. My question to you Kevin, why not bounce back with a wp dedicated blog since you’re well informed on the industry?

  5. Good list Kevin, I wasn’t aware of the separate site so thanks for that. I would add the blog itself though as that has frequent quality posts and a mixture of the same kind of content as you mention some of the others having.

    In terms of WP news though, it’s got to be Jeff and Sarah at WPTavern and Brian and co at Post Status. Both are Must Reads in my feed.

    P.S. Great spot about the tavern’s 2007/2009 booboo!

  6. Thanks for including The WhiP! It’s our fun take on WordPress, but we pack it full of all the latest news, must-reads and tutorials so readers don’t have to spend time trawling through news sites and can get on with developing cool stuff and building awesome websites.

    The email edition is sent out every morning before it’s posted on the blog later in the day:

  7. Very good article Kevin!! But I think you miss many websites that also share valuable information for WordPress.

  8. Hi Kevin

    Glad to see on the list, thanks for including it! I guess it works, that’s where I found about this article πŸ™‚

  9. WPTavern is one of my favorite source. Thanks for sharing other resources.

  10. My website is also in wordpress and i love all news related to wordpress. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Great list. I really like WhiP as they manage to find interesting links every day.

    I started writing links to newsworthy WP stories for one site, and its a lot harder than it looks to find the content to link to. is a good weekly one too.

    Obviously there are a lot of other sites doing regular posts, but not all of them are publishing actual news as opposed to just product news.

  12. Just a thought, Nile of does a nice job of grabbing from around the community once a week, AND providing WordPress concepts, theories and tutorials, aside from her WordCamp Presentations. She provides other major topics, but blogging and WordPress have been the core for her. I’d recommend taking a closer look since she runs a huge and fast growing Facebook group that’s WP related.

    WP Tavern’s purchase, even though it was secret, it was really obvious who bought it from the getgo. Some of us have been around for years… we’re not dumb. lol

  13. Manage WP is just what I am looking for but only allows sign-up via social networks (something I don’t do). Pity.

  14. Good article, but you mentioned you “were reluctant to include the personal blog of WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg in this list as Matt does not use his blog exclusively to publish WordPress related topics.”
    Then I would suggest you include the Blog of Mike Little, the other co-founder of WordPress which do have WordPress related news.
    Allthough sometimes local, but still a good read.

  15. Thanks Kevin. I’ve been following a bunch of WordPress sites including the ones you listed, and have been wanting to aggregate them for easy checking.

    Finally found the time today to create “WordPress Newsboard” at Hope it comes in handy for folks πŸ™‚

    • Quick update: WordPress Newsboard at is currently aggregating from 50+ sites and experts. Still finding new ones I haven’t included yet… πŸ™‚

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