How to Create Contextual Social Fly-In’s with Monarch

Posted on December 20, 2017 by in Resources | 6 comments

How to Create Contextual Social Fly-In’s with Monarch
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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, B.J.!

    The example incentive of getting a gift card is definitely a good one, and it leads me to a related question: how can we track the post/page to where one’s content was shared (so that one can select the random winner, for instance)?

    I know Monarch features a dashboard that tracks the number of times something was shared per social network, but how about finding out where it was shared, and/or by whom, specifically?

    Thanks again for your good work, and any additional feedback you can provide on this.

    • I’d like to know this, too. Where can I check who shared my blog post when I’ll be selecting a winner?

  2. For a complete newbie like myself, a short screen capture video to help me better understand what it is and how to pop it in, would have augmented the article very nicely.

    How easy would it be to still add in a “how to” accompanying video?

  3. and when Divi and monarh will fully support vk, odnoklasniki, This is very lacking

  4. Hey #monarchrocks team,

    What a coincidence.. yesterday I was reading an old blog about this plugin. Still wondering, do you have plans adding Whatsapp for mobile?? You would make a lot of people happy….

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Awesome. Thanks for this nice article.

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