The 9 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress Bloggers in 2016

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The 9 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress Bloggers in 2016

If you’ve been writing for a while and have a lot of content on your blog, your readers have to dig through your archives to find your best content. The simple reality is they may not take the time to do that, and could leave before they find that amazing post which everyone else loved.

Give your readers a helping hand by highlighting your most popular posts. Guiding your readers (especially newer readers who are not familiar with your site) to your greatest hits can help keep them on your site longer. Luckily for you, there are lots of plugins to simplify the process of promoting those posts.

This article will review the best WordPress popular post plugins, looking at the pros and cons of each, as well as the most suitable scenarios for their use.

The 9 Best Popular Post Plugins

1. Jetpack by (Free)

The Jetpack plugin header.
We can’t start this list without looking at the elephant in the room. Jetpack by is installed on over 1,000,000 websites, and by default, those sites all have access to the Top Posts & Pages Widget – one of its many features. The Top Posts & Pages Widget can display either the most liked posts, or the posts with the most traffic in the previous 48 hours.

Jetpack comes with an Extra Sidebar Widgets feature that can be enabled under Jetpack > Settings in the WordPress admin. Once that is done, the widget will show up under Appearance > Widgets, and can be dragged onto any sidebar you choose. You can configure the widget to display up to ten items (which can be posts, pages, or media) as a text list, image list, or image grid.

The widget can be displayed in posts and pages by using a shortcode, which includes parameters to change the options. Additionally, if you are comfortable with code, it is possible to further customize the widget.

2. WordPress Popular Posts (Free)

WordPress Popular Posts plugin
Next on our list is the very popular WordPress Popular Posts plugin, which is installed on over 200,000 websites and has a 4.5-star satisfaction rating. “Easy to customize” and “easy to use” are the terms that get used most often for this plugin.

WordPress Popular Posts enables several widgets to be added, each with its own settings, which is especially useful given the range of options available. You can display popular posts within specified time ranges (e.g. last 24 hours or last seven days), including custom post types, and with or without thumbnails. Posts can be displayed based on number of comments, number of views, or average views per day.

If you don’t want to use the widget, a shortcode is available to insert the most popular posts within your site’s content. Alternatively, you can use the template tag to embed the most popular posts anywhere in your theme.

3. WP Tab Widget (Free)

WP Tab Widget plugin
WP Tab Widget provides you with a selection of tabs you can use in your sidebar. Over 80,000 websites have it installed, and a 4.8-star satisfaction rating suggests people are pretty happy with it. You can display any of the tabs offered by the widget, which are Popular posts, Recent posts, Comments, and Tags.

You can set the number of posts to display, whether to enable pagination, and what post information to display (post date, post thumbnail, comment count, and excerpt). You can also customize the CSS to better match your theme if required.

This plugin is designed to be very lightweight, loading content on demand, and has an built-in caching system.

4. Top 10 (Free)

Top 10 Popular Posts plugin
Next up, we have the Top 10 plugin, which counts the number of page views of your posts, pages, and custom post types, and enables you to display a list of the most popular ones. Over 30,000 websites have active installs of this plugin, and it has garnered a 4.6-star satisfaction rating.

Top 10 counts the page views on an hourly basis, which are then used to display the most popular posts for total counts, or over a custom period. The sidebar widgets are highly customizable, with options for the number of posts, the types of posts to include, the post information to display, and the time period.

This plugin has a wide of site-wide settings available, including categories to exclude posts, and the ability to add custom CSS styles. There is a shortcode available to insert the popular post list in posts and pages. The plugin can also be extended by developers through filters and actions.

5. WP Most Popular (Free)

WP Most Popular plugin

Simple configuration options make WP Most Popular easy to use.

This next plugin keeps things simple. WP Most Popular was designed to do nothing else besides rank your most popular blog posts by number of views, and display them in the sidebar or elsewhere in your theme. With over 10,000 active installs and a 4.9-star satisfaction rating, it seems to do that one thing well.

When you add the widget to a sidebar, you can configure the number of posts to display, the post type to list (regular posts, pages, or custom post types), the time range to include (all time or the past day, week, or month), and whether to display post thumbnails.

If you are comfortable with code or want to insert the list of popular posts somewhere else in your theme, you can add a custom function to your theme and use filters and actions to further customize the output.

6. Popular Widget (Free)

Popular Widget plugin
Similar to the WP Tab Widget, Popular Widget displays popular posts, recent comments, and tags in a tabbed widget. Over 10,000 active installs and a 4.6-star satisfaction rating make this plugin a popular choice.

The Popular Widget can display popular posts by most commented or most viewed, and the posts can be filtered by date range, author, or category. Display options for the widget include whether to display thumbnails, excerpts, and counts.

7. Post Hit Counter (Free)

Post Hit Counter plugin
The name and description for the Post Hit Counter plugin are very straightforward – it is a counter to track how many times your posts are viewed. Of course, it is in our list because it does more than just count – it also enables you to display a list of the most viewed posts. With over 5,000 active installs, it is not as popular as the others we have covered so far, but it has a 4.8-star satisfaction rating.

The sidebar widget is very straightforward and simply displays the most viewed posts (with or without the view counts and post dates). However, the plugin options also enable you to select which post types should be counted, and prevent specific user roles (such as admins) from triggering the hit counter.

What is useful with this plugin is that it adds a visible hit counter to the posts list table, the admin bar, and the post edit screen in the WordPress Admin. The most viewed posts are also displayed in a dashboard widget so you can keep an eye on them without diving deep into your site analytics.

8. Most and Least Read Posts Widgets (Free)

Most And Least Read Posts Widget plugin
This plugin provides an interesting twist on the popular post plugin by giving you a list of your least read posts as well. This could be a good way to help boost some of your less read posts. Most and Least Read Posts Widget is an easy to use plugin that tracks post hits, excluding those by popular web crawlers (like Google) and by admin users. It has over 3,000 active installs but only four reviews, so take the five-star rating with a grain of salt.

The plugin provides you with two widgets – one for most read posts and one for least read. When you add either widget to your sidebar, you can customize the number of posts displayed, whether to display the number of post views, and how far back in time to include posts. The plugin also offers a shortcode to be used in posts and pages, with all the same options available.

An interesting option enables you to exclude posts with specific words in the title. So if you have some non-narrative posts you usually identify with text in the title (such as [VIDEO]), you can keep those out of your ranking.

9. Super Post ($10)

Super Posts plugin

Customize the Super Post output using the widget options.

The final plugin on our list is also the only premium option we’ve included. With all the free options we’ve listed, why should you consider paying for a popular posts plugin? Well, Super Post does a whole lot more than just list your most popular posts, and with nearly 1,000 sales and a 4.3-star rating, it seems several site owners agree.

Super Post actually gives you a way to create post queries of various types. You can display posts from specific categories, tags or other taxonomies, and query specific post types. A shortcode editor enables you to add the query results to any post or page.

You can use the provided widget to display your most commented posts in the sidebar with or without thumbnails, excerpts, or comment counts. You can optionally add custom CSS to completely customize the appearance of the widget.

Choosing a Popular Post Plugin

We’ve given you a wide range of options, but not every popular post plugin will be right for you. The perfect plugin for your site will depend on the types of posts you have, how you prefer to rank the posts, and the amount of customizability you want.

For an easy to use option, you can’t go wrong with Jetpack (which may already be in use on your site). If you’re not a Jetpack user, WordPress Popular Posts and WP Most Popular are both solid alternatives that provide the additional option of a time range from which to select posts.

If you are a fan of sidebar tabs, both WP Tab Widget and Popular Widget will give you what you need. WP Tab Widget may be a better fit, though, if you want to customize the appearance of the widget through CSS. Popular Widget is more suited if you want to be able to filter the popular posts by date, author, or category.

If you want to work with custom post types, WordPress Popular Posts is a solid easy to use option. Top 10 can also work well, and provides much more flexibility and customization options. If you want complete control over the posts displayed in your listing, Super Post has got you covered with the ability to create custom queries.


Your readers – especially ones new to your site – don’t have time to dig through all your old posts to find those hidden gems you’re so proud of. You need to showcase the posts that have performed the best – whether through views or comments, for example.

Whether you’re looking for a simple widget you can drop in and not fiddle with, or one that you can tweak and customize, you should be able to find a suitable plugin above to showcase all your best content for your readers.

If you’ve used any of these popular post plugins we’d love to hear how they worked for you. Share your experiences and tips and tricks, and subscribe to the comments section below!

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  1. If you use JetPack for no other reason, use it for its Related Posts feature. It’s the best out there and, trust me, I’ve tried them all. Three large horizontal related post images and titles fit across the full width of your page, perfectly aligned with your blog text. As far as I’m concerned, you might as well omit a related posts feature altogether if you’re going to only show postage stamp-sized thumbnail related post images.

    • Thanks for your comment, Sharon! I think we can chalk up another happy Jetpack user!

    • Good point about related posts, Sharon! I love this feature on my website. Displaying large and properly aligned photos makes the related posts more appealing.

    • Good point! That’s been a frustration I’ve had with other options as well.

    • What else is JetPack used for? For some reason I haven’t been able to wrap my brain around what it does.

  2. I started using jetpack after going through your blogs. And its really helpful

  3. Thanks for share us!. I actually use Super Post plugin, and really have advanced options. Super recommended.

    • Thanks Alberto!

  4. Great article, I am actually looking for a widget post plugin that will show links back to posts from a specific category (and hopefully one that can be styled). It looks like SuperPost might do this, but it seems to include excerpt text from the post which I don’t want. Does anyone know of a plugin that will do this?

    • Thanks for the kind words, Tony! I don’t know of a plugin with that specific functionality, I’m afraid. It might be an idea to contact the developer of Super Post directly – I’m sure they would be able to tell you what the plugin can and cannot do.

  5. Hm. I’ve never been a fan of JetPack. I’ve always thought of it as bloatware. Maybe I need to give it another chance?

    • Definitely, Ted. Jetpack has lots to offer! Give it a try – the worst that can happen is you have to uninstall it!

  6. Advanced custom fields?

    • You can create related or popular post suggestions with Advanced Custom Fields?

  7. I believe 3 of the plugins from your list is used for same purpose and could have been avoided listing them:

    * WordPress Popular Posts (Free)
    * Top 10 (Free)
    * Post Hit Counter (Free)

    This is really confusing me which one to go with.
    I believe Top 10 css looks more better than others. So let me try it for now.

    • Hi Sagar,

      Sorry for the confusion. This post was intended to provide a list of several plugins that do *mostly* the same thing. So that people can choose which one out of the bunch is right for them.



  8. You can go wrong with JetPack if you are living in Europe as it does not comply with European law concerning data storage and security

    • I’m hearing more and more lately about the stricter European laws that some American made plugins are not living up to. I know we have had requests for added opt-in check boxes on our contact form module for the same reason.

      With those laws in mind, do you have a preferred plugin from the list above?

  9. Hi!
    i didn’t know JetPack and now i’m testing it in my blog news 🙂
    I think it will can be very useful!
    thank you very much!

  10. For me the big disadvantage of Jetpack by is that it really slows down the website, big time.

    I loved the plugin but can’t use it anymore. Why does it slow down the site? Do you have the same experience or is there a solution to speed it up?

    Hope you can help me!


  11. Wasn’t Jetpack bundled with WP for quite sometime, if not still. If that is the case your statistic about how many sites it is “installed” on really isn’t beneficial as far as that point goes. Maybe a statistic about how many sites have it activated/enabled and are using it would be more beneficial. Since I’m not a blogger I haven’t had the need for Jetpack yet and I find it mildly annoying that I need to disable and uninstall on several of the last sites I built.

    Great post about post plugins!

    • While I’ve not found Jetpack to be bundled with any recent version of WordPress, I appreciate it’s not for everyone. However, you may want to reconsider some of its functionality – like WordPress itself, it’s not just for bloggers anymore!

      Thanks for your comment!

  12. Glad this came out when it did. I was using a pretty great plugin called Special Recent Posts but just discovered it’s no longer being updated at all, so I will need to replace it.

    • Good stuff Lisa! Glad we came along at the right time!

  13. Very good post, Nice collections…!! I personally used WP Tab Widget.

  14. You have very technical stuff and it gives me information. Thank you

  15. Thanks for this list! I think I’ll try Jetpack for some of my sites and see how it works.

    • Good stuff, Anli – thanks for your comment!

  16. I wish I can use more plugins. I’m using 7 plugins already and I think my website will go slow if I’ll add another.

    Anyway this is a great list of usable plugins.

    Try this to my future niche website.

    • Marvin, seven plugins is quite low for some! Plugins versus site speed has been a debate for a while, but our advice is to try it on a test site to see if any nasties appear. Good luck!

  17. I normally use Jetpack for the stats tracking. I’ve seen how many features it has built into it, but always suspected that due to that, there were likely better standalone plugins that worked better.

    I’ll consider giving Jetpack a try for similar posts, as I’ve recently began designing a new site – and this is definitely something I need in it.

    • I think you should give their options a try, at least – the worst that can happen is you don’t like it, and deactivate that particular feature. You may surprise yourself, though!

  18. Really great list, but I would like to add my one favorite plugin named Popular Posts Bar Widget. Its a premium plugin and not my plugin, but its worth its price. The color combination looks really great and after installing it I have really seen some improvements in my page views per session.

  19. Another Great Share Ewer!

    Thank you for sharing this awesome collection of WordPress popular posts plugins.

  20. I literally cannot believe I missed this. This is really good stuff. I have to make sure I see your blog every single day. I really miss some good stuff Every single piece of advice you give for plug-ins is spot on. I’ve been a customer since 2012 and I can honestly say your blog has Improved dramatically in the past year and a half. Everything out here is now usable and applicable for me every day.

    • Thanks Mike! We do our best to provide immediately applicable information. Would be honored to have you as a daily reader 🙂

      If you ever have topic requests you can leave them here in the comments and I’ll make a note.

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