Biteable for Video Marketers: An Overview and Review

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Biteable for Video Marketers: An Overview and Review
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There’s a lot of chatter about video marketing – you need it, your brand has to have it, you will totally fail without it. For some brands, though, video is more of a nicety than a necessity. You’d like to create videos, but you don’t have the budget or the skills; maybe you don’t have either.

Biteable may be the user-friendly solution you’ve been looking for.

Biteable video marketing

Benefits of Biteable

Geared toward the beginner video content creator and marketer, Biteable is ideal for brands that need simple videos either because they’re getting off the ground and have a small budget or because that’s just the type of videos they need. Some brands may never hire a cinematographer or video creation expert, but they still want to get into some aspect of video marketing. Either way, Biteable is much less costly than professional video creation services.

Here’s how you can use Biteable:

Biteable video marketing

Biteable Features

  • Instant video templates for a fast start
  • Upload your own clips and photos, then enhance them with animations and effects
  • You can also use your own audio and music
  • Built-in library with more than 85,000 Shutterstock clips and Biteable studio animations
  • Add your logo and brand colors to your videos
  • No watermark with paid plans
  • Share and download your videos

Biteable Pricing

Biteable’s pricing page is a little confusing because of this part toward the top:

Biteable video marketing

I don’t know what is “usually” $79 per month – a Biteable plan that isn’t listed? It’s not Shutterstock that usually costs $79 per month, according to their pricing page. I have no idea – I think it’s just odd wording, so let’s skip it and go over the available plans.

Starter Plan

  • $29 per month or $20 per month with annual billing for $240
  • Best for personal use and new brands
  • Create one video per month

Pro Plan

  • $49 per month or $29 per month with annual billing for $348
  • Best for businesses of all sizes
  • Create three videos per month

Unlimited Plan

  • $99 per month or $49 per month with annual billing for $588
  • Best for content creators and marketers
  • Create unlimited videos

Reseller Plan

  • $399 per month or $199 per month with annual billing for $2,388
  • Best for agencies
  • Create unlimited videos
  • Third-party reseller rights

You can try Biteable for free, no credit card required. However, with the free trial you can’t access premium content, upload your own footage or download or share your videos, and your videos won’t be in HD. The free trial is really just to see if you like using the platform.

Biteable will give you a full refund within 14 days if you’re not satisfied.

From here on out, I’m going to show you what it’s like to create a video with Biteable.

Signing Up for Biteable

Here’s what the signup page looks like:

Biteable video marketing

After entering my info and creating a password, I get this message:

Biteable video marketing

Next, Biteable asks about why I want to create videos (they let you skip this if you want):

Biteable video marketing

Biteable video marketing

Biteable video marketing

I select “Small Business,” fill in all of the sharing options (other than YouTube, because I don’t have a channel), choose “Marketing and Communications” as my industry and write “Freelance Writer” as the job title. I then check the “I manage social channels for my company” box and click “Get Started.”

Choosing a Template

These are the templates that auto-populate for me:

Biteable video marketing

I’m not crazy about these, so I want to search for my own. That search bar at the top changes the “what” as you change the “why.” For example, if you choose “share,” the options become:

Biteable video marketing

Here are the other selections:

Biteable video marketing

Biteable video marketing

Biteable video marketing

I choose “explain” and “my business.” These are the templates I get:

Biteable video marketing

I don’t like these, so I choose the “Start from Scratch” option at the top-right of the page:

Biteable video marketing

Creating a Video

I’m brought to this screen, where I name my video:

Biteable video marketing

Choosing Scenes

I’m then brought to the Scene Categories page where I can pick scenes for my video. I can choose from “Animation” or “Footage” or choose to upload my own. While the footage is searchable, the animations are not.

Here are some of the Animation choices:

Biteable video marketing

And here are some of the Footage choices:

Biteable video marketing

There’s premium footage, too, which you can access if you have an upgraded account:

Biteable video marketing

As you look through the different scene collections, you can hit the heart icon to save a scene to your “Favorites,” which you can access on the left side of the Scene Categories page.

Insider Tip: If you have an idea of what you want your video to be beforehand, go through the animations and select your favorites. Then, you’ll just have to pull scenes from the “Favorites” collection instead of having to flip through various animation collections every time you want to add a scene. Even better is if you can storyboard your video ahead of time, even in the most simplistic way.

I choose the bear animation collection, and I’m brought to a screen where I can pick a scene for the video:

Biteable video marketing

When I hover over a scene, I can see a preview of the in-color animation:

Biteable video marketing

Insider Tip: Make sure to watch the preview to the end – you won’t be able to see it again until you’re done with your video.

I choose a scene, and this is the next page I’m brought to (note that you start in “Timeline”):

Biteable video marketing

Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, you can’t actually preview the entire scene in action after you’ve added it to your video. The “Timeline” preview just shows you a still of the animation along with your text.

If you want to delete this video, click the up arrow on the top-right of the scene thumbnail, along the bottom of the page:

Biteable video marketing

You can also replace the scene with a different one by choosing “Switch Scene.” If you’ve entered text already, it’ll still be there when you choose the new scene – you’ll just have to update it to see it in the preview.

Anatomy of the Scene Page

On the top-left, you can see how long your video is as you add and remove scenes:

Biteable video marketing

The “Content” box on the left has space for your text and font options. As you fill it in, you can’t preview the video in real-time – you have to fill it in, then click “Save and Preview” and wait a few seconds for it to update. This will quickly become tedious, which is another reason why storyboarding ahead of time is a good idea.

It looks like my text is too long – it’s partly behind the bear – even though I’m within the word limit in the text box:

Biteable video marketing

I shorten the text and change the font, which allows all the text to be visible. I then choose “Add Scene” at the bottom. You can add a scene from the same collection or from a different one.


There aren’t a lot of font options, but there are a few different styles to choose from:

Biteable video marketing

The most frustrating part of Biteable has to do with the fonts. There’s an “apply all” option, but you still have to go through each scene individually to update the preview. Sometimes, and for no apparent reason, it just doesn’t update at all.

You’ll go crazy with the fonts and updating the previews, so I suggest not worrying about the fonts until the end. Add your scenes and text to the video, then at the end go scene-by-scene to adjust and update the font, and to make any small changes as needed if the layout ends up looking strange.


If you click on “Timing” to the right of content, you’ll see an option to use a shortened version of the same scene.

Biteable video marketing

When I check the box for the second scene, it shortens the total video duration by two seconds. Unfortunately, you can’t see what the shortened version looks in the “Timeline” stage, and sometimes it’s too short, so you have to go back and un-check the box.

Finalizing the Video

I’ve added nine scenes to my video, so I’m ready to move on to the next phase: color. You can choose from their color palettes or you can set custom colors.

Biteable video marketing

Biteable video marketing

After you choose your colors, you can go back to “Timeline” to preview them, but you’ll have to update each scene.

Next is “Audio,” and there are a lot of options. You can also upload your own track. Here are just a few of their tracks:

Biteable video marketing

Once you’re done with your audio, you build your video. You can watch my video here.

Biteable Pros and Cons

Overall, Biteable is a laidback, fun service to use. It’s injected with personality, making it youthful instead of stuffy:

Biteable video marketing

Biteable video marketing

There are plenty of professional graphics to choose from, too – Biteable itself is on the playful side, but you can certainly create businesslike videos if that’s what your brand calls for.

I have a few gripes with Biteable, though.

  • I’d like to search the animations for something specific. You can only see four examples on the front of each collection, so you have to click into each one to explore them.
  • You can’t change the font size, and some fonts show up pretty small:
  • Biteable video marketing

  • Some fonts create odd spacing. Look at the smaller sentence in the next example – I don’t know why it automatically aligns to the right.
  • Biteable video marketing

  • Every time you make a change to a scene, you have to click “Save and Preview” to update it and see the changes. It takes a few seconds to finish updating, and even though that doesn’t sound like a lot of time to wait, it gets tedious if you have to add a lot of scenes and/or make a bunch of small tweaks, especially if you want to test out different fonts.

Final Thoughts

It may seem like Biteable has more cons than pros, but in reality it’s just that the cons are specific and the pros are more general (and therefore less wordy).

Biteable is certainly not as quick-fire as “make a video on your 30-minute lunch break,” especially since previewing every scene and building the video takes a while. It’s kind of how people say, “That website update will be super quick,” and then it’s three days later and you’re sick from dehydration. There are a lot of little tweaks to make to the scenes, and every single one requires a lot of time for previewing and updating the video build.

All in all, though, I actually loved using Biteable – it’s perfect for its intended audience, i.e., beginner video creators who need something simple, not advanced. The animations are cute and varied, there’s plenty of stock footage to search through, and with an upgraded account you can get rid of the watermark. Give yourself time to spend with Biteable so the waiting periods don’t become stressful – its biggest flaw is that it can be tedious, but other than that it does exactly what you want it to.

Interested in posting your videos to Instagram? Check out this post about using videos on Instagram for higher engagement and a better ROI.


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  1. Very poor value amongst the many better and cheaper options.
    You must be living under a rock or getting some sort of kickback Lindsay?

    • Neither! Just reviewing a tool that a lot of people use 🙂

  2. I was creating video content online before it was a thing. Video is cool but an over the top, waaaaaaaay overpriced tool like this is not cool at all. I would NEVER pay these prices for what is being offered. Not worth it!

  3. Thanks for sharing.

  4. If representing your business means mostly stock footage and animation templates, then you’re not really saying much about it, are you? Strikes me as even worse than dumb web page templates that everyone looks at and recognizes as a template they’ve seen 100x before and defines how you represent your business rather than the other way around. All you need is that cheery ukulele stock music, that 1000 videos use, in the background and you’re all set! ?

    • Thanks for your comment, Louis, and I totally get your opinion. For some types of businesses, even “silly” animated videos are worthwhile – and for some people who are more skilled at video creation, more professional videos can be created, too.

  5. One video per month = $29 per month. Is it a joke?

    • If you’re using this service to market your business then ideally you’ll be getting a lot more value out of your videos than just $29. If you were to hire someone to make a video for you, you’re likely looking at hundreds if not thousands of dollars per video depending on scope.

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