Download 100 Free Line-Style Icons

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Download 100 Free Line-Style Icons
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This free line-style icon set ships with a total of 100 different icons. This collection is a re-mastering and expansion on our previous Divi Icons. The new set has been re-created at a new size and line-weight, and 50 new icons have been added as well! The download package includes the vectored .AI and .SVG files, as well as 32px and 64px .PNGs. As always, these icons are completely free to use, and have been released under the GPL.

Update: These icons are now available as an icon font as well!

Download The Package


Using the Icons on Your WordPress Website.

This pack includes .PNG assets at two different, pixel perfect sizes that you can upload to any WordPress site. We have supplied them in only one color, but you can use the .AI and .SVG assets to fully customize them with any vector editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator. Here are a few examples of how they can be used with your Elegant Theme.




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  1. Can I ask what you used to create the DIVI video? Was it Adobe After Effects? Love the look…. thanks

  2. I love your icon set.

  3. Nice Set Of Icons! Really loving it.

  4. I’m in the process of re-doing my website, so I’m shopping around for icons and such. I downloaded these, but it looks like they’re only compatible with Mac. Is that correct?

  5. Whoever designed these beautiful icons is a god/goddess. Love you guyz at Elegant Themes. Cheers!

  6. hi, thank you for icons and font. I have one question regarding font, when I used this font for facebook, twitter icons, I found those icons blurry, I mean the image does not look very clear as it suppose to. Can you please verify if you see the same and is there any solution to this problem ?

  7. Thanks for free stuff 🙂 But I don’t know how to use line style icon.Waiting for your response.

  8. Hello:

    How to use these icons in Blurbs?

  9. All I see are image files… how do we go about adding these to the site with css?

  10. Great icons, and thanks for the freebie. Are you planning on adding navigational icons to the set? Arrows and menu icons would be awesome. Also it would be great to see a few more icons for viewing, expanding and previewing images/thumbnails.

  11. Just opened a new Divi site and used the icons.
    Really help to add interest to a page.

    Site is

  12. Thanks guys, love your style of design , downloaded and used it on my personal blog.

  13. Hi,
    In your live demos you use great animated icons. Any chance for a pack of animated icons? Even to buy them! They are awesome! 😉

  14. Good job, hanks for useful resources.

  15. I can’t express how impressed I am with Elegant Themes; this is the first website I have ever worked on and you guys make it so easy! Much appreciated! 🙂

  16. Thanks for the icon pack … always a pleasure to visit the Blog and find something so useful.

  17. Just awesome as always. You guys don’t stop to make my life better! Keep the excelent work!

  18. As always…THANKS!

  19. Nice icons,Thanks for the free sharing.

  20. Camera icon still have white background on lens. /png files/ I’m not sure it’s ok or not but when I colour overlay than middle circle of lens has gone.
    Anyway Thanks for the icons I like them!

    • Thanks for calling that out, Peter

      There were a lot more instances of that happening. The download link has been updated with a new set of corrected png files.

  21. Thanks! Really appreciated!

  22. As soon as I discovered Elegant Themes I knew it was right for me with it’s awesome templates.
    The support is awesome, Elgeant Themes templates are awesome,
    thanks for the new freebies

  23. Thanks for the icons! like them, because they’re flat and easy to use for all.

  24. Nice graphics, always handy 😉

    Keep up the good work guyz, we love it!

  25. Nice freebie. Thanks for creating and sharing it with us.

  26. Thanks a bunch! Cool stuff!

  27. Thanks Kenny and the whole Elegant Themes Team!

    You really understand what you are doing. Great themes, great designs, always up-to-date and most of all, you understand service.

    ET’s customer service and the forum is second to none. Whenever I’ve got a challenge and need help with a theme or customization it only takes a few hours, a lot of times only minutes and I got a response with a solution. This is so invaluable.

    Keep up the good work and really nice icons Kenny, you guys rock!!!

  28. It would be helpful to have a search function for the blog. And please ensure it relates strictly to the blog.


  29. thanks you for sharing!

  30. Hi Kenny,

    great job on the icons. I just wonder if its possible to consider a wider range – next time you get time and feel creative.

    For example, the four seasons (Earth, Air, Fire, Water). sunshine, rain and so forth.

    of particular interest to me right now are icons that have meaning to trades-people. hammers, spanners, pipes, taps, toilets, showers and so forth.

    these are just suggestions. Keep up the good work.

    Gotta love ET!



    • We always appreciate the suggestions, John 🙂 As we expand sets like these its always good to hear what people would like to see next.

  31. Kenny, these are great as usual! Thank you!

    I don’t want to sound greedy or unappreciative, but I would really love to see more of the Photoshop templates with smart objects that you guys have been providing! Those are awesome and love using them.

    Again, thank you for all your great freebies and articles on your blog!


    • Thanks for the suggestion, Kraymer. We will definitely put more of these on the To-Do-List.

      • You da man, Kenny!


  32. Thank you guys, but let me give you a tip: with so much free stuff (this one and the others previously released) I think you would set up a twitter share for every article/freebie.

    It would be much easier for us to spread the word and for you to get customers 😉

  33. A day will not pass without crawling elegant site, you know how to plug us in! Thanks for the icons!

  34. Good job guys! Thanks for such useful resources. Always looking forward to your updates. 🙂

  35. Heck yeah! That’s brilliant! Thanks again guys 🙂

  36. Hi Nick!

    This is very nice, well done! I used the first set and it was very good and well made. I loved it!
    I was wondering: do i have to navigate the whole blog to find all your freebies, or is there any page were you summarized all of them? Would be nice to have a page where people can easily find all the freebies to download the last version of them.


  37. Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful icon font! You’ve made my day. Again 🙂

  38. Thanks for the great gift.



    • Is there a forum for the Diva Theme? The theme doesn’t look so great on an iphone? How do we correct that? Help.

      • Hi Maureen,

        login to this site with your username & password and you will see a tab for “Support”.
        Choose the Divi section and you will find that is where the rest of us try and iron things out regarding this theme.

  39. Thanks to all the great designers here and <3 for the icons, Kenny Sing

  40. Great work ET & Kenny!
    You guys are incredible … I would say, with some conviction, that you guys could run for company of the year award.
    The resources & community focus that has grown even during my stay is brilliant. Life time member .. lucky me.
    I just wish I had more knowledge & more time to apply to my web life.
    Great Job! Thanks 😀

    • Thanks, Chris! There’s always time…and coffee 😉 Glad you have been enjoying the resources!

  41. wow.. I really mean wow! I’ve been surfing looking for nice icons since around 1hr. Just a second ago I receive the newsletter from you about the icon set.. isn’t it a wonderful “coincidence”? Of course I’m working with DIVI 😉 once again THAAANKK YOU!! 😀

    • Look no further, Van 🙂

      • Already using them and made one extra 😉 (Pinterest logo)

  42. Nice work Kenny!

  43. Great package Kenny. There’s some beautiful icons included in there.

    • Thanks, Kevin! Hopefully this set will continue to grow.

  44. Where did the time go? I sat down here at 9:30 and started looking through all of your blog posts…. free giveaways, how-to’s, general (amazing) information, and now it is 2:30 pm. I can’t say how blown away I am with Elegant Themes. Your customer support is so fast it’s like I asked a question to someone in the room. So happy I joined Elegant Themes as my first and only (I’m new to WordPress) theme site. I wish I could purchase an interior design elegant theme and put it on my house. It would look so much more modern and fresh. 🙂

    • I fully agree with Andi. Elegant Themes really rock! Fresh and really cool designs, useful plugins, hands down the best support in the business, and an unbeatable price. I wish the world was a little bit more “elegantthemesish”. Thanks for inspiring me do my work as beautiful as you do.

    • Andi — you picked the right company! I was new a year ago when I joined ET. I’m doing three different sites with three different templates. Good support all the time and most of the time excellent!

      If you are new to WordPress, it helps if you understand CSS and HTML.

      I started with an easier template, Memoir, and I’m glad I did. It helped me to “learn” without getting too overwhelmed. Just a suggestion.

    • haha, funny how that happens. Thanks for the kind words, Andi.

  45. Love what you guys are doing with Divi and all these great free resources.

    I put out a post about Divi and I can’t believe the response!

    Many thanks to Kenny and Nick and the team.

    • Thanks, Keith!

      More coming soon 🙂

      • These look great! Excuse my ignorance, but how do I use these on my pages? Are there instructions that I can refer to and download as reference?
        Thanks so much!

        • Did you ever figure this out? I have been searching to no avail.

      • Keep Singing Kenny … sounds great! 😀

      • Look forweard to them Kenny

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