The 12 Days Of Divi Continue With The Complete Divi Icon Set

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The 12 Days Of Divi Continue With The Complete Divi Icon Set
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Hopefully you have had a chance to download our latest theme, Divi. As mentioned in the Theme Launch Post, we will be launching a Divi-related post on our blog every day for the next 12 Days of Divi. Be sure to tune in each day for the next twelve days to get your hands on tons of Divi-related tips and resources! If you havenโ€™t checked out Divi yet, then click the link below to view the release post with all the juicy details, and for your chance to win a free Lifetime Membership!


On The The Second Day Of Divi

For the Second Day of Divi we are releasing a set of 50 icons that go perfectly with Divi and ships with image sizes that are perfect for Diviโ€™s Blurb Module. These are the same icons that we created and used for the Divi Theme Demo, and we have expanded on the collection just for you! See below for the full set of icons and download the icon pack that includes PNG, SVG, and AI files for full customization.

Download The Icons

Using The Icons In Divi

Below are a few examples of how these can be used, and you can even see them in action on our live demo. These icons work great within our Blurbs module, which is what you see in the demo. For complete documentation about the Blurbs module, check out the entry in our Divi Documentation.

divi-icons-example-1 divi-icons-example-2

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  1. I love the Divi Icons. So you have a download of the standard older ones already in DIvi? I need to use the Headphones icon in a sidebar.

    Thanks for everything!

  2. Thank you for these icons.

    Can these be added to the standard set of icons shipped be Divi? So that they show up in the list of icons in the Blurb module configuration.

    If possible, I’d like to use these as true icons, so they can be styled as text.

  3. Thank you for these icons however how do you install them to Divi, I am having a hard time. Please advise.

    Thank you.

  4. Also confused by this pack. Is there a way to upload these so they show up when you click “Use Icon” or do they only work as uploaded images? Since the hard work is already done, why not roll these into the next release?


  5. So I’m using icons on my divi storefront and in all my browsers except for safari the icons used at the header for the phone number and email come out as squiggly boxes, my search icon comes out as a U or M and the arrows for my slider are numbers. but in safari they usually show up how they are supposed to… help! any advice??

  6. I’m either blind, confused or just new… But I can’t seem to find where you upload the icons to?!

  7. Divi is amazing and thank you for developing it. How/where do I upload this zip file? Thanks!

  8. My icons are not showing up when I deploy into Azure. Keeps showing up as blank squares or characters.

    • Sandy, did you open the ticket? I got the same problem, and it is VERY annoying… Any hint for me? Thanks!

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums so our team can assist you.

  9. I’ve just downloaded themes and tried to install as a plugin. Told that the file is empty. Are these icons available elsewhere?


  10. I was wondering if it was possible to add more icons using icomoon so I can have my own custom icons for my blurbs. I’m sure it is, but I wan to make sure I export the file from icomoon with the correct settings.

  11. Really Nice Icon set.

  12. Thx for this. Any more icons in the future?

  13. Please could you confirm when a social media link and icon for linked in will be available. My site is developed with Divi and I’ve just discovered there is no LinkedIn option. I’m not a developer, worked on the basis that this would be there and low and behold it’s not. I’m disappointed. Will one be made available?

  14. How do I add these to the theme after I download them?

  15. Hi. Looking for numerical icons for Divi. Want to use in a step by step diagram.
    Any clues?


  16. Thanks a lot Nick for sharing Divi icon set ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Today, all of a sudden the page builder stopped loading. When I try to edit a page done with the builder, or try to make a page using the builder, I see kind of a clock in a white circle.

    • Have you updated the theme to the latest version, 1.9? If so, please open a ticket in our support forums so that we can better assist you.

  18. Thank you guys for providing all goodies.Icons are really awesome and best for Divi theme.

  19. What about the GIF images that are used in the Divi preview? They look just like these icons but they’re animated. Those are sweet.

  20. Hi! How do I add the divi icons? Cheers

  21. Hi Nick
    I notice that on some of your pre formated pages that you use animated gifs.

    Any chance of a post on animated gifs and how to use them.

  22. Don’t understand… it’s not showing on my website =/

    I added it to the blurbs but it looks like transparent… they come transparent?

  23. Hi, I love the icons and intend to use them a lot, together with the divi theme.

    However, when using them on a dark background they seem to be a little vague, not like the example used in the corporate landing page template…

    I guess one has to recolour the Icons to white? Is there anyone who has done this and would like to share these white coloured icons? Would be very grateful as I’m not a Photoshop wizard….

    Thanks, Ron.

  24. very nice icons . Are you new icons will be ? update


  25. Love the icons!

  26. this was worth the waiting..icons are fantastic..i just love it..awesum..keep rocking with such nice icons…!!!

  27. The icons are a really nice touch to the Divi theme. Thanks for creating and sharing them. Appreciate how you included 2 sizes — the 120px size really sets it off!

  28. I love this template. your team is extremely talented. One question though. What was used to create the awesome introductory video for the divi release?

  29. Very handy…. Thanks… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. I love it. I must say that it is a fresh approach to iconography. Love those sleek lines and curves.

  31. Can I somehow design My own blurb icons?

    • You can use any images you like with the Blurb module. These are just an example of something that goes well with the design.

      • How?

  32. Hello,
    How do I change the height of a segment?

  33. Love the fresh icons, they’ll add a great touch to what I want to do ๐Ÿ˜‰
    THANK You!!!

  34. awesome theme. thanks for that one. the icon pack is great! love it.

  35. Thanks a million Nick Elegant. I’m enjoying my membership than ever before!

  36. Will restyle my site really soon.
    Just a question are going to release also a newsletter plug-in specific for DIVI?

  37. Thank you to the team for all goodies.

    I’ll start a new website for the sake of Divi and I have in my wishlist a little thing: a To-Top stylish button, or can I say a Divish one ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Thank you guys!
    You are simply the best! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Commentbecause when I walk into a module disappears what I wrote and it appears in all fields to modify:

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  40. I wish in the next 11 days we can see a “social module”, or at least a “twitter module”, to embed some tweets updates, or having a nice integrated way to share posts or contents. If it’s not in the next 11 days, at least in the future ๐Ÿ˜€

    Great job anyway, i love this Divi ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. Great Job! Amazing icons!

  42. Excellent work as usual.

  43. Wow, you are setting the standard so very high. Much appreciated … all the way from Africa

  44. Great!!
    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Wow, these icons are awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Thanks for the nice icons for Divi users. I loved it.

  47. Wow! I just finished a website, and then I saw Divi…. needless to say…. I’m scrapping the old site and and starting fresh with Divi! I am not going to get any sleep, but it’s gonna be soooooo worth it!!


    • Man!! I’ve been contemplating the same thing!! Love this theme. And the value is amazing!!

  48. This theme surely worth all the waiting!

    Amazing set of icons as well… Thanks for such a great post.

    We’ll be tuned for your future updates.

  49. This theme = early Christmas for a lot of us. Great job and great support!

  50. Wonderful icons! Many thanks for that ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m definitely going to rebuild my website with this great theme of yours before Christmas! Since we’re going to have 11 more days of Divi I’ll throw in a wishlist for :

    1. The source files of the very first animation on the homepage to make one of my own
    2. While we’re at it the .psd or .ai of the logo under the ‘Features’ section
    3. The image of this great spiral staircase you made for the video

  51. I’m loving Divi, but I’m confused about one thing. I can’t seem to find the custom CSS boxes in the modules, as mentioned in the quote below I copied from the theme details page:

    “You also have complete control over the appearance of your page elements with the custom CSS box built into each module.”

    • It has to be turned on. Watch the video tutorials to learn more.

      • Turned on where?

        • This explains it (from the forum):

          “This was actually not added to Divi yet. Sorry for the confusion. We will be adding this in the next version of the theme. “

          • What’s the ETA on the update?

  52. Thank you so much. The collection is impressive. I love these icons.
    Thanks again

  53. You guys is just awesome! Divi is the new RockStar! And is just the second day.

    Keep the excelent work!

  54. Thank you so much for sharing! These are fabulous and I cannot wait to start using them with my new theme ๐Ÿ˜€ … Divi of course!!!

  55. Can i quit my job already?

  56. You guys have outdone yourselves this time…

  57. Love the new theme and icons. I’d like to see you add a Linked In sharing option, as that is where I like to share professional resources, and you deserve the accolades!

  58. This is awesome! Thank you guys.

  59. Took Divi for a test run this morning. Sweet!

    Please ask Santa to create a Pre-designed page for an HTML Sitemap. Ho Ho Ho.

  60. Wow, more, more, more, please.

    Keep up working this great work.

  61. Love it. A fresh approach to iconography, I must say. Love those sleek lines and curves.

  62. I am so excited about this theme!!!

  63. Excellent, Thank you Nick, i start to use the Divi Et since yesterday

  64. Damn!
    You have made โ€‹โ€‹me want to change the theme of my site … ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Divi is amazing, I will update my current themes asap ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you very much for the great news!

  66. We want say only one thing… From Divi’s launch, We can not sleep a wink. Thanks for make this great job and make us ET lovers!

  67. You guys rock!

    You have really succeeded this time and I can’t wait to build my first website with Divi!

    Thank you!

  68. Wow! I was blown away yesterday when you released Divi, and today you surprised me again! Looking forward to the coming days…

  69. Great! I’m very happy with this theme.

  70. This theme is amazing!!!! Thank you so much for the great work.

  71. Thank you

  72. Here’s my second ‘thank you’ for the awesomeness that you guys bring!

    12 Days of Divi? I guess I’ll have at least 10 more ‘thank you’s to give in the coming days. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • If they keep sending our little gems like this, then yes another 10 thank you’s for me as well…

  73. Love. Love. Love. What else is there to say?

  74. Lovely, thanks a lot.

  75. Now that is something really awesome for me, Thanks!

    • The theme looks great but does not render well at all on Internet Explorer 8. Although, I don’t use that browser, it is the newest IE browser that any Windows XP computer can install. Even with Windows dropping support for XP next April I am afraid a lot of users will still use it as it the default on their system. It is a pain but I have to check every site I make to see how it looks in IE 8.

      I know my stats still show a lot of IE 8 users to my sites. Are you going to have a work around for this?

      • Wow! I was blown away yesterday when you released Divi, and today you surprised me again! Looking forward to the coming days

      • Well, one solution is to add a div at the top of the page that displays only if IE8 is being used. Have it display the message that the site looks best using FF or Chrome (since Win XP won’t be using IE 11 apparently).

        I did this for an all JS site from EG and it worked great. While some users may be inconvenienced, they’ll at least be encouraged to update their browser to more modern conventions.

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