This Month in WordPress — August 2015 Edition

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This Month in WordPress — August 2015 Edition

It seems a bit crazy to think that 2016 is just a few months away, and yet… here we are.

With Summer winding down in here in America, there’s a lot to look forward to — like the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks finally coming back when Fall gets here.

On a more serious note, though, this month has proved fruitful yet again in the world of WordPress. Below is our roundup of some of the best topics we stumbled on this month.

This Month in WordPress

The Twenty Sixteen Theme is Out. Have You Seen It?

The New Twenty Sixteen Theme

The New Twenty Sixteen Theme

It may be hard for all of us to grasp that 2015 is about to come to a close, but the folks behind WordPress have already jumped the gun and released the 2016 theme.

The theme was designed by Takashi Irie, and this is what he has to say about the theme:

Twenty Sixteen is a modernised approach of an ever-popular layout — a horizontal masthead and an optional right sidebar that works well with both blogs and websites. It has custom color options that allow you to make your own Twenty Sixteen. The theme was designed on a harmonious fluid grid with a mobile first approach. This means it looks great on any device.

I haven’t had the chance to dive into the new theme just yet, but I’m excited to see just what the theme really has to offer.

Call Me Billie: The New WP Update

WordPress 4.3 'Billie' Update

WordPress 4.3 ‘Billie’ Update

Of course, we can’t cover the news about WordPress this month without talking about the new WP 4.3 update that was released this month.

This major update to the CMS platform was named after jazz singer Billie Holiday (one of my all-time favorite singers ever) and made quite a few changes to the WordPress system we all know and love:

  • The ability to rearrange and update your menus in the WP Customizer.
  • Formatting shortcuts to help speed up the process of editing.
  • Easy site icon upload. (Finally!)
  • Improvements to password creation for new users on your site.

There are a few bugs that I’ve noticed since upgrading my sites to the 4.3 which have been a little frustrating, but other than that, I like how things are really starting to feel more streamlined and workflow friendly.

Drama with Envato

Seems like Envato is having some issues with more than one avid WordPress user.

Back on the 4th of the month, Kevin Muldoon posted on his blog that his account with Envato was shut down by the company without any word or warning.

This shut him out of access to updates to all the items that he purchased through the Theme Marketplace. In short, the issue was resolved (somewhat), and his account was opened up again. Kevin’s article gives some eye-opening insights on affiliate marketing and definitely worth the read.

But Envato’s name was brought up again in the later in the month regarding another issue regarding the Ultimatum Themes and the Visual Composer plugin by WP Bakery.

In his post, Onur (the Head of Development with The Ultimatum Theme) lists out a situation that is currently unfolding that was instigated via an email from a representative of WP Bakery regarding Ultimatum’s use of the plugin in their theme.

The post on their blog is rather interesting, and you’re free to add your thoughts about the situation.

Highlights from the Elegant Themes Blog

Other Great WordPress Related Articles from Around the Web

  • Grow Your Email List with These Top Content Upgrade Plugins | Lead Magnets and Content Upgrades not only add more value to your site, but they can also explode your conversion rate. Elna Cain lists some of the best plugins for your content upgrades on the WP Kube blog.
  • How to Create a Welcome Gate in WordPress |What the heck is a Welcome Gate? Good question. If you don’t know and you want to know, you can find out on the WP Beginner blog.
  • CoSchedule for WordPress. WOW, It’s Cool! | If you don’t know what CoSchedule is, then you’re about to get super happy. I just dug into this plugin and application, and I’m pretty sure I’m in love. It seems like Bob from BobWP feels the same way. Be sure to check out his review.
  • 75+ Stunning Examples of Elegant Themes’ Divi WordPress Theme in Action | Now here’s one to get real excited about. We all know that Divi can be used to create beautiful sites, but wouldn’t it be great to see some live examples of people running their blog with it? The guys over at WinningWP spent long hours trying to find just that, and they have over 75 examples that yu can take a look at right now.
  • WordPress Hosting: The Complete Resource Guide on How To Choose a Managed WordPress Host | To be honest, this is probably the most thorough (and complete) online resource that I’ve ever read on the topic of Managed Hosting. And it’s made even better by the fact that there are no affiliate links in the post at all. This one is a bit long but worth bookmarking and reading in your own time.

Articles about SEO, Social Media, and Online Marketing

Wrapping It Up

As always, we turn to you at this point in the post.

What blog post have you read this month that resonated with your soul and just kept your reading? Be sure to share in your comments below.

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  1. Onur’s post seems to be linking to the wrong place.

  2. Wow, Ariel – another bangin’ roundup.

    I missed Kevin’s post on the Envato shinanigans and there’s a few others I missed – my Pocket account is filling up fast 🙂

    Thanks for mentioning my post too, much appreciated!

  3. Great, the free 2016 wordpress theme is out. But I am a premium wordpress theme user.

  4. I always think something is missing on themes created by wp. How it looks like!

  5. @Ariel

    What is the key features in wordpress 4.3?


  6. Another ‘must read’ from the ET team!
    On the WordPress update, it seems to have turned off comments on web site pages by default. I’m using the phrase “web site pages” rather than 2blog posts” because I tend to make my site in pages, to get a structure, and i do like to offer comments options to site visitors.
    I may be wrong, but this may have happened to a lot more sites without people realising.
    One of the things I read some time ago is that you should always leave the WordPress default theme available on your site. That way, if you do something to break your theme (never happens, honest!) you can rename the themes folder to something obscure and your site will fall back to the WordPress default. Is this still true?

  7. @Ariel: Many thank for this overview, who needs RSS when you have this? 😉

    @Nick (or other willing ET blogger): Please do a post on the best way(s) to upgrade to Divi form an existing site.

    I’m currently using Nexus and would like to upgrade to Divi. There are a few ways to do it. But I get different answers on what’s best.

    I strongly believe many readers would be interested in such an article.

    Hope you will consider suggesting it during your next content meeting.

  8. you might wanna replace;
    A Sneak Peek At Divi 2.5, And An Update To The Divi Production Timeline

    with the actual release post of Divi 2.5 🙂

  9. Onur’s post is by all accounts connecting to the wrong place.

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