The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 01 — Successful Solopreneurship with Eileen Lonergan

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The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 01 — Successful Solopreneurship with Eileen Lonergan
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Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast and YouTube show–Divi Nation! We’ve successfully taken our concept and created something that I think has a lot of potential (in addition to being a pretty good show in and of itself).

I was really encouraged and inspired by the response to our announcement post a few weeks ago. And, as promised, we took every comment and suggestion into consideration. Resulting not only in the show’s name but also in things like adding Android’s Stitcher to the distribution mix.

Speaking of which, we’ve got quite the digital smorgasbord of options for you below. You can view our show in its entirety via the video embed in the section directly below. Or you can listen to it via the audio embed.

You can also like our Facebook page or subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch both the show or its individual segments at your convenience.

In the coming days you will also be able to subscribe to our iTunes and Stitcher feeds. The only reason they’re not immediately available is because we have to generate an RSS feed first and this blog post is how we’re doing that.

So, without further delay, here is the first episode of Divi Nation, the official Divi podcast. Enjoy!

Divi Nation Episode 01: Successful Solopreneurship with Eileen Lonergan


In our first episode of Divi Nation you’ll hear the story of Eileen Lonergan. The journey she took from a career in marketing and advertising to becoming a one person web services business powered by WordPress and Divi. We also talk about the elements of successful solopreneurship and the lessons she has learned both on her own and through the process of creating the Divi Theme Users Facebook Group and co-founding Elegant Marketplace.

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Divi Quick Tip 01: How to Create a Blog Post Template with the Divi Builder

In our recent blog post series covering the release and new features of Divi 2.4, Nick authored two great posts about blogging with the builder. The first post, Building Beautiful Blog Posts with the Divi Builder, is all about exploring the new possibilities opened by the Divi Builder as a blogging tool. The second post, Creating Global Blog Post Titles, shows how it is possible to use the new Post Title global module to create a unique yet consistent design across all of your blog post titles.

But many readers wanted to know: is it possible to use these same new features to build a sort of standard blog post template for future Divi Builder posts? The answer, is yes. And this video will show you how.

Recommended Non-Divi Related Resources:

Elegant Themes Product Updates: New Features in Divi 2.5 Release

Production Notes

For those who are interested in the ongoing behind the scenes development and production process of Divi Nation, I’ve decided to compose short recaps of the production process for each episode. These notes are a bit off the cuff and so if you have a question regarding the production process that I do not cover, feel free to ask it in the comments section below.

Ok, where to begin? How about tools?


We used the following tools to create every element of Divi Nation:

Due to the quality limitations of my iMac’s built-in camera, we’re looking into getting a better camera. Something that can shoot in 1080p. I’m also on the hunt for a higher quality Skype recorder. The best my current one can do is 720p. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it gets better than that for Skype recordings. If anyone knows of a program for getting 1080p Skype call recordings on a mac, please let me know in the comments below.

And as much as I’m sure everyone enjoyed looking at my mismatched apartment in the background (I’m more into books than furniture) some proper lights and a backdrop or two are on the way as well. I’ll probably shoot my segments with a black background and interviews with a white so that there’s a modicum of visual balance when we go into split screen mode. Or perhaps I’ll use a green screen on the interviews and composite in a branded background of some kind. I’m sure I’ll experiment when the time comes.


It’s been a while since I had to buckle down and do a serious edit in a serious editing suite. Not to mention my past experience with editing was almost exclusively in Final Cut Pro or Avid. So there was a bit of a learning curve and some rusty skills to refine during the process of creating this first episode with Adobe Premiere.

Thankfully though whenever I hit a wall or forgot a setting or knew what I wanted to do just not how to do it, the documentation and tutorial library over at Adobe was fantastic. And the few times they didn’t provide exactly what I needed YouTube could be relied on to have some pretty good advice.

The one thing we didn’t use on this episode that we are using from now on is a transcription service (such as When editing videos longer than a few minutes, especially when there is a lot of dialogue, a timestamped transcript is absolutely necessary.

I spent hours and hours watching and re-watching various clips of the over hour and twenty minute conversation I had with Eileen in order to make the edits I made. However, with a timestamped transcript I could have (and am in fact doing for the next episodes) read through a word document, highlighted the soundbites I’m interested in and then jump straight to them in the editor. No watching, scrubbing, or re-watching required. Something from my documentary days that I completely forgot about until I desperately needed it.

Oh, and for the music I used Free Music Archive. However, as Nick later pointed out to me, it’s problematic to use those sites for projects like ours because you can never know for certain if the content uploader is the content creator. So for future episodes we will be using sites like Envato’s Audio Jungle instead.


All in all I’m pretty happy with this first episode. It works as a proof of concept. And the plan moving forward is to basically treat the production process as an iterative development process. Making improvements with each release.

The improvements in episode two are mostly in my own workflow. Production value will more or less be the same, but by getting a proper transcript ahead of editing and having warmed up with this episode, I expect the whole process of editing and publishing episode two to be much shorter and much smoother. Allowing me to (hopefully) get an episode or two ahead over the next month or so. Aside from segments like This Week in WordPress of course.

To do that though, I could really use your help. I have a short list, perhaps 10 names total, of potential guest hosts. I also have a limited list of Divi Quick Tip ideas. These are two major components of every episode and instead of guessing what you all want to watch/hear I’d much rather just ask you.

So, if you have suggestions for any of the following, please drop them in the comments or use the big button below:

  • Potential Guest Hosts
  • Episode Topics
  • Divi Quick Tips

Wrapping Up

Well that about does it for this post. I hope you all enjoyed the first episode of Divi Nation, the official Divi podcast. I know that throughout the post I asked for specific input in the comments section but please also feel free to give general thoughts, suggestions, or encouragement as you see fit. This show is for all of us and I’m excited to keep after it–making Divi Nation a little better each week.

Want To Star In The Show?

We are looking for Divi enthusiasts to co-host Divi Nation each week. If you are interested in sharing your experience with the Divi community, be sure to submit your application below so that we can get in touch! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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  1. Guys, you absolutely nailed it! Nathan, I particularly liked the kind of questions that you asked Eileen. You are a good host, just felt natural listening to you. Tough it’s an hour long video which I didn’t mind at all spending my time for I enjoyed every moment of it. Great work, Nathan! Keep it up!

  2. GREAT. GREAT. This is a brilliant idea and the ONE HOUR IS a PERFECT allotment of time!! Though I have not checked all the options for downloading, if you don’t offer the conversion to MP3, it is a simple matter to find a converter software for those of us who wish to carry along an MP3 version of your program while we drive, workout, or take a dog for a daily walk. That might satisfy some of those who are complaining about one hour being too long…but then there is always a million needs in an audience and not all can be satisfied. But even in the existing video format, taking 1 hour is a small price to pay. Consider that in corporations, those who attend a seminar do so for 2 or 3 days at a crack and pay thousands of dollars and those who attend updated training courses often do so for more than half a day. If we can’t find the time to listen to valuable mentors occasionally for one hour, then the problem rests not with the production, but with ourselves. I will certainly continue to make the time to watch, listen and learn…and I’m one who has not a minute to spare in my daily routine. Taking the time, or converting to MP3 as a carry-along, is absolutely worth it. Your idea is great. I anxiously look forward to more interviews.

    P.S.: As a member of Elegant Themes, I call upon your experts from time to time, (as “Asteroid8”), and am so impressed with your site, your ideas, your blogs…I always recommend your site to everyone who inquires of me. Thanks…keep up the GREAT WORK. Yours truly, KEN, (Asteroid8).

  3. Hey great first episode, does anyone have a link for the photo editing online software Eileen mentioned. I think she called it Camba but I could not find it, guessing I might be spelling it wrong :/

  4. Bloody Brilliant!
    I learnt so much from this video/chat/interview.

  5. I’m very sorry posting this comment on the completely wrong blog post as it is about your “Bloom Plugin” but im having difficulties working around this issue, it looked like Nathan Weller has been actively responding here unlike the way older bloom blog post I found, Please respond 🙂

    This plugin, Bloom, would be absolutely perfect if it wasn’t missing one very important feature that i’m sure ton of others would like to see updated as well.

    I would so much love to use this beautiful bloom plugin on my multiple Divi sites but all of my MailChimp Signup forms have custom required fields that that help me organize my campaigns and email lists.

    Please add
    – Additional Form Field Options
    – Required Form Field Options
    – Custom Form Field Options
    – Hints to explain Form Field Options
    – etc.. to allow use of custom signup forms via linked MailChimp Account

    The current state of the plugin only allows 3 fields “First name, Last name, Email”.
    Also an issue I have spotted is it still allows you to link a MailChimp list with custom required form fields options then when you use the plugin it only has the 3 current default fields allowed, then when you fill out each field then click subscribe it will pop up with this error message “(custom required field XX made on the MailChimp side) must be provided – Please enter a value”. At this point there is no longer any clickable buttons for you to go back nor is there the ability to add those custom fields so your only option is to exit and not subscribe.

  6. PRIMO takeaway was the brief mention that you can add extra social icons/links via Divi Booster!!

    And the rest was great too – flowed very well.

  7. Nathan and Eileen, thank you. Excellent first podcast – entertaining, informative and … Nathan, your sofa and the complementary pillows? #Justsaying !!! Love the bike in the background too. Hey, could you deal me a square and tell me the photo plugin you referenced from David Blackwell. I’m searching all over the place, without success.

    • Ha! sofa and pillows…I know! I’m not exactly creating an elegant apartment. But it’s full of books and art which are what I love most. And my fiance, so those are my priorities 🙂

      As far as the plugin goes, I think you’re referring to David Blackmon’s Divi Footer Editor plugin. Not photo plugin. You can find it at

  8. Would be great if you can provide the option to download the quicktip library module so we can import it to our own blog to play around with.

    • That’s a great idea Mark. I would love to do that. However, I need to get faster at producing each episode before I can do a lot of extras.

      The good news is that I’m working on episode two and three now. I’ve refined my workflow quite a bit and could have time for this in the very near future 🙂

  9. Love the Divi theme, and love the idea of a podcast, however, I do have a couple of comments if you want them (you’re getting them anyway!)…

    I don’t need a podcast which tells me (frequently) how great Divi is – I’ve already bought into it. Can I suggest having a limit of 10 mentions of the name ‘Divi’ per show? Otherwise this feels like too much of an advert for me to listen regularly.

    I’d prefer a podcast informing me about how people are pushing their business, pushing their builds, or extending their projects with plugins. Also, business tips – I’m guessing most people watching this are freelancers/small business owners and the self employed.

    Ok, that’s it. Looking forward to the next post 🙂


    • Hey Mark,

      You bring up a lot of good points. I think as things progress we’ll see less “Divi is so great talk” and more “here’s how we’re solving the problem X with Divi”. I think for the first few episodes as we start establishing the voice and feel of the show people (myself included) may accidentally fall into Divi cheerleading because that’s the common thing that unites us. It’s surprisingly natural to do when trying to connect with another person. But as I get better at guiding the conversation and preparing our guest hosts I think that element of the show will mature.



  10. Love the quick tips Nathan. This is something I’ve really been hoping for. Can’t wait to see what you have coming up over the coming weeks/months.

    Good luck with the show 🙂

  11. Enjoyed this episode! Looking forward to future episodes as well! Keep up the good work!

  12. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Can’t wait for the next episode, THANK YOU!!!

    • THANK YOU, for tuning in 🙂 So glad you liked the show! And nice website, btw. Built with Divi?

      • Thanks for the compliment 🙂 It’s created with iThemes’ Builder. I’m now in the midst of reforming the website with Divi. Divi is really a great companion and helper in the course of the ‘solo brainstorming’ sessions for the reconstruction work.

        Enjoyed the show so much and love the tempo of the presentation. I’ve watched the second time and will re-watch it until the the second episode is available.


  13. Great interview, tips & ideas! Thanks for adding this to the arsenal of learning for those of us using Divi!

  14. This video is restricted. Try signing in with a Google Apps account.

    why is that?

    • That’s odd. Not sure why it would be restricted. We’ve opened everything up on our end.

  15. Awesome Nathan and Eileen. Really enjoyed the show, watched every frame of this. Great discussion, good points raises and overall a homely environment. Kudos. And Eileen did a great job.. love to listen to her.. Look forward to David’s next.

  16. I enjoyed the Podcast very much, thanks Nathan and Eileen for sharing.

    Greetings from Thailand,


  17. I’m in the middle ground right now. I’m loving the theme and the whole concept of Divi – hence bought in. I’m excited about the possibilities and potential development, but in reality find myself a little underwhelmed by certain aspects of Divi Builder.

    The design, look and feel of the builder itself are great. Can’t fault. The initial navigation and ability to add page layouts is completely intuitive.

    Having worked with many other page builders, including for example Visual Composer, I am finding Divi builder a wee bit lacking in what I consider to be fairly essential features for a page builder, for example the ability to be able to select an element, and with simple clicks, change it’s width from say 1/1 to 1/4. Features like being able to add an arrow to section requires CSS coding in Divi Builder – just a click of a button in others. The list goes on.

    As a theme, I don’t quite understand why it doesn’t ship with a Child theme? Instead we move from the beauty of the Divi Builder to the clunky Divi theme ePanel that is anything but intuitive and where we have to deal with pasting CSS changes into a tiny panel at the foot of the interface, where even on my 27″mac, I can see only 10 lines of code. Most every theme I have ever acquired has a modern beautifully designed theme settings panel, intuitive, where every aspect of the theme can be customised at the click of buttons.

    I’m sold on Divi as a theme and would dearly love to move over to it completely, for all my projects and would love to be involved in moving it towards being the best option out there. Just not sure how I can influence development. So much is right about Divi. But simple things like going to General Settings, then Typography, and discovering I cannot change All Headings Font sizes, line Height, Font, Colour…is frustrating, and coding CSS is time consuming and error prone – unless you’re a CSS expert, which if we were, we wouldn’t be here!

    So please, how can I help?…or must I just wait and see.

    • I’m in agreement with Chris H re: the frustrating parts of some things not being in the same place and clunky boxes mixed in with some really good design. I know the best rule of business is get the product as good as you can as quick as you can and get it to market and THEN make it perfect, so I’m waiting for the fixes to come. And with the mix of folks you have here with ideas, ET will have tons of input. But I would like things fixed NOW.

      I am astounded when your help folks have to give me a bit of CSS coding to fix something simple. Also, I don’t really code so I’m unsure of inserting that. I don’t know if that qualifies as “modifying the theme” or not.

      I admit I haven’t looked but is there a TOC for the segments of the podcast such that I can select sections to watch?

      • I’ll have to see if creating a more detail table of contents with timestamps is feasible. I mean, it is doable, but with my production deadlines it might not be something I have the time to put together for each and every episode. That’s why we’ve separated out things into separate segment videos.

        • This could be useful in podcasts, and BTW, I did enjoy it!, but I feel a suggestions forum would be a better idea, so that we all as web designers and developers can put suggestions to you and you can update plans/completion etc.

          I know you have a suggestion forum within elegant themes support forum, but I feel it somehow gets lost. Perhaps a Divi Nation forum specifically targeted to improve features?

          Webydo have one called ‘Vote’, where new feature request are posted and the developers keep everyone up-to-speed with what’s happening. It’s all about who wants to participate in making the builder the best it can be. see

          For me, Webydo is a fantastic builder, but is way behind WordPress in term of resources/plugins and functionality to make it viable for web designers and developers. I will honestly admit that I believe Divi has amazing potential, and could be the major player in the WP world. But it’s a difficult commitment to make when there’s so many ‘standard’ features to be included.

          I have just installed a child theme using the Divi Children plugin. Many apsects of it are amazing. It has however caused me problems already, where changing the theme screenshot and calling it version 1.1 (was interested to see how it handled that) it lost the content in my footer! It changed my menus selections, which I accepted on first installation as ‘normal’, but changing the screengrab should change Nav selection? What’s that about.

          I on your side, sounds like I’m not, but I do love Divi. Just want to see the basics working well.

  18. Love the name and am excited to watch/listen to all the content you’ll be creating for this podcast. Great job Elegant Themes/Divi team!

  19. Great idea to get this started! Great name too….looking forward to more to come 🙂

  20. This was such a wonderful show. I loved it.

  21. Great job Nathan and Eileen, you guys are naturals! Love the format of the show and I look forward to many great things to come. Don’t we have the greatest job in the world? I mean where else do we get to meet and work with a more diverse group of people on a regular basis. Kudos to the inaugural episode of Divi Nation!

    • Thanks David! Working on your episode right now 🙂

  22. I’m not a fan of a bunch of talking heads not really doing anything… I would rather see more tutorials showing us examples on creating things from the ground up using DIVI. The production of these video’s using quicktime is not good and I and/or we get very bored very fast and loose interest.

    • Thanks for the feedback Paul. We’ll be working on improving the production quality with each episode. But in the end, it may not be for everyone.

      • Nathan, I appreciate your hard work and dedication to the wordpress & divi people though. I would just like to see more customization tutorials on advanced CSS and customization in divi. I know Nick as posted tutorials on DIVI, but they’re just the basics. I would like to see something like recreating a theme from scratch top to bottom. Similar to a tutorial.

        • This sounds like a great idea Paul. Would be great work to through lots of tips over time that eventually build up to creating a whole site.

      • Nathan, I appreciate your hard work and dedication to the wordpress & divi people though. I would just like to see more customization tutorials on advanced CSS and customization in divi. I know Nick as posted tutorials on DIVI, but they’re just the basics. I would like to see something like recreating a theme from scratch top to bottom. Similar to a tutorial.

        • I’m working with a community member SJ James who does tutorials like this. He will be a guest host in a couple episodes. So maybe that will be more your speed.

  23. I’m excited about the first episode. I think an hour is fine, as I listen to all my podcasts while working out.

    Does anybody know of a good Skype recorder for windows? I saw ecamm on the list, but alas it is only for mac’s. I have used “HotRecorder” in the past, but it is giving me problem now.

    Thanks in advance for any recording suggestions!

  24. Awesome podcast!!

    Before launching the new DIVI update PLEASE PLEASE!! Consider adding the option to add overlay color backgrounds to sections settings.

    Sometimes I want to use backgrouns images and videos in section settings but i have to edit the video or image using adobe tools just to achieve an overlay effect so the row content can be seen more clear

    Right now only with the fullwidth header module this effect can be achieved but there are other scenarios where it will be a perfect fit to use overlay transparent backgrounds to standard sections

    Hope this can be considered and inplemented in the next update it is really worth and beneficial


  25. Great job, Nathan. Looking forward to my interview and the post production notes are super helpful. Very slick! I better up my game.

    • I’m looking forward to it too!

  26. Thanks for this – good start. Enjoyed your discussion and listening to you both, helping reminded me of some of the basics. Plus l have picked up a few new tips and resources.

    One point to mention is you delivered news about 2.5 – whereas the interview was well paced, this was a little rushed and could have been delivered at the slower pace to digest what you were saying. But small point compared to what else was delivered.

    Keep them coming.

    • That’s a really good point. I recorded the segments separately from the interview/discussion and in the future I’ll have to keep in mind that general pace of the show going into and coming out of whatever segment I’m recording at the time.

      • I liked the speed of the update being faster than the rest of the interview. Short, concise, informative.

        • I thought the pace on each was perfect, also. And I really like that they were split into separate videos to make it easy to refer back to the tips segment without having to search through the whole interview to find it. Very user friendly! 😉

  27. Great podcast, one of the few I’ve ever watched till the end! (although I used pause a couple of times 😉

    The one thing that might be useful to have is all the tools/plugins the guest speaker is mentioning have them in a list (there are some here, but I miss some too)

    Keep up the good work!

    • Great suggestion! I’ll try to make sure that happens moving forward.

  28. Great job both Nathan and Eileen!
    I never have time (or rather patience) for podcasts, but I watched every second of it!
    Questions asked were very interesting and answers were very useful.
    I have landed many times on Eileen’s blog finding answers to my questions, so it was good to hear about her experiences.

    I like the format, with DIVI tips intervals and especially the fact that the tips segment is also posted separately making it easier to go back to them later.

    • +1

    • Thanks for the feedback Sueli!

  29. Nicely done, Nathan and Eileen. Looked and sounded great.

  30. I generally not the type to put something down…but I feel the hour-long is way to much…full of great info…Nathan you should try to be a lil more fun and not so monotoned with your speeches. Sorry but I rather tell you straight up rather then beat around the bush.

    • Thanks Keith, I’ll see what I can do 🙂

      • Have a different opinion on that Nathan. Pls don’t be the clown next time! 🙂 We see too many of those online. I thought it was very professional (and I also didn’t mind the background by the way).

        • Don’t worry, I won’t clown it up. However, I will try to review my script/notes more beforehand so that I can sound more natural and conversational. I think with practice it’ll just naturally get better.

        • To me, your tone was fine and the background was fine. The information was what was important and I got some good tips. I look forward to more good tips.

  31. Great show. Look forward to seeing the next one!

  32. Love the lawyer comments. Everyone I know says the same thing about working with lawyers. Great info. Thanks

    • That got a big amen on my end too Craig! 🙂

  33. Great job, Nathan and Eileen! I’m very much a beginner at all this, so I learned a lot and was very encouraged. Really enjoyed the podcast – congrats!!

  34. An excellent podcast to watch! Informative and brilliant. Thank you so much!

  35. Nice Start…

    It would be interesting if you could incorporate more insights and tips referencing the technical aspects of DIVI… a little less on background of guest and other idle chit-chat, with more substance directed toward applications thereof… e.g.,

    Possibly more on lessons learned regarding shortcuts and specific graphic and text interface design concepts. Having additional ‘to the point’ considerations on DIVI ‘use’ elements would also be greatly appreciated.

    Even discussions surrounding areas of bugs and how to work-around them, until the next version contains such issues… Don’t be afraid to address items that have been noted in the Forum as problem areas, by which you could address with proper fixes and insightful tips.


    • Thanks Michael, I think those are really good points. I’ll try to work more of those questions into the mix. It’ll be interesting to see how co-ordinating that will work out with potential guest hosts but I’m sure we can figure something out 😉

  36. Super helpful screencast! Great start to what is sure to be a great addition to the community. Thank you both!

  37. WOW! I listened to this on my phone (via bluetooth) whilst driving home from a 7 hour round trip today. It really was a great listen, maybe I am biased but that Eileen person really knows her stuff!

    And..Nathan, great interview – thanks for starting this process, it really is a great way to introduce people to the many ways of working with WordPress and more importantly DIVI!

  38. Thank you for creating a new space to grow a DIVI community. I especially enjoyed the introductory expression about what “success” means to Nathan. As a software trainer, integrator solopreneur since 1982 beginning with Apple II, I have enjoyed the multiple and sustainable benefits of working from a home office.

    WordPress and Elegant Themes, now DIVI, have certainly helped me to continue my home based business, for which I am grateful. I look forward to interacting with the DIVI Nation.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Bill. I really look forward to getting to know the Divi Nation a bit better with each show 🙂

  39. As far as the quick tip goes, wouldn’t it be more efficient to break out the individual modules and save them to the Divi Library in a new category called something like “Blog Post Building Blocks” to be able to easily access later as you build the post? Because with a full template I feel like you’d be doing a lot of deleting and moving around since not all blog posts will have the exact same flow. Just a thought! It’s probably just a preference thing. A great tip nonetheless!

    • Yeah the mechanics of it work the same. For some your method might be what they prefer. Thanks for the added perspective!

  40. Congratulations and I wish you a successful podcast season ☺

  41. This is great! Thanks Nathan for your vision, and putting this together for the community!! I’m excited for future episodes as well 🙂

  42. Great! Also a Spanish Channel please!

  43. I think it would be nice to have videos 15-20 minutes. An hour is a challenge to find to listen to this.

    • You can enjoy the smaller segments in that case, which we can find separated from the main video in this post.

      • Thanks for breaking those out.

  44. I’m overwhelmed.
    I just can’t commit an hour or more of time to sit and listen.
    To anything.
    I MAY get around to it.
    I may not.
    But it IS my choice.
    Just saying.

    • As you say Randy, totally your choice. I think our goal at the moment is to provide those who do have the time and desire to dive into something longer and more in-depth than our normal content the ability to do that. Those who would rather not can simply enjoy the shorter form content we’re creating in tandem.

      • Hi I am loving your divi nation podcasts! An idea to all those who say they don’t have time to listen to each episode – put your headphones on and go for an hour walk. You are getting a great balance then! Exercise plus learning! What I do! 🙂

        • Thank you 🙂

      • I have no desire to listen to another podcast that does not help me to get a better theme from you.

        I have the desire to get what I am paying for…More features and better themes. Elegant Themes appears to have run off the rails and is jumping around willy-nilly doing whatever they want with the money I send them every year.

        Ellen did a great job, but what does this have to do with creating better themes?

        • Dear Paul, first of all, keep you manners (don’t you think?). Second of all, if you think this is all “willy-nilly” I think you are not really following what is happening with Elegant Themes and you are not really up to date. They are putting their money where their mouth is and you should now if you really follow what is going on. Or did you just really have a bad day? 🙂 Last but not least, “the money you send them every year” sounds a bit dramatic… As a longterm client of Elegant Themes I know it is worth every penny and their price is the best in the business. You can always go somewhere else but you and I know you would have to pay more every year. Now, I am not particularly picking on you, because I know things can get frustrating now and then, but I thought to react, because your comment seems a bit off. ET is not the source of your problems and you make it sound that way. That is not correct and I wanted to mention it.

      • I must say Nathan, I had no problem watching for an hour and that is quite something. Like Randy and Karen already mention, I am not the type to sit down for an hour, but I must say that I enjoyed every single second of the podcast and saw every second of it, for the simple reason it is not only informative, it is great to get the data in the format you used (and Eileen’s story telling was awesome as well), so I really don’t care if they are an hour long. Kudos to both of you. And as I mentioned in the FB group, Nick Roach is a must see of course in one of your episodes. I would love to know more about his personal motives. I love the guy and what he is doing, but we know so little about him (because I guess the guy is quite humble). Anyway, I’m a fan of the podcast and wanted to let the others know I had fun watching it all the way to the end.

        • Thanks Jacobus, I really appreciate that.

    • I totally agree. An hour is way to much time. 15-20 minutes is doable.

  45. Great interview Eileen, lots of helpful advice and info! Thanks for the Divi Footer Editor plugin shout out as well!

  46. Great episode! Full of great information. Thanks for continuing to provide such value!

    Looking forward to future episodes!

  47. First season launched ! Great news !

  48. Thank you Nathan and Divi Nation for having me as the first guest. Chatting with Nathan is like meeting a long time friend for a coffee. I am grateful to Elegant Themes for helping me to grow both professionally and personally. You all are the best.

    • What was the web-based design resource you mentioned? I can’t seem to find it.

      • I believe it is Canva (

        Another option is Lucidpress. It’s a little different in terms of functionality, but it produces similar results. I’m personally old school and a fan of Photoshop and friends, though. 🙂

        • That’s it… Canva!
          Thanks Dustin.

          Paulino, I am familiar with GIMP.
          We were trying to figure out what service she had mentioned.

      • I have the same question.
        Was it GIMP? (not sure)

        • GIMP is a image editor over the GPL license, it means a free software with the same capabilities.

          You should be try it.

  49. Great!! a long wait but finally here. Congrats!! and I wish all ET team a great success.

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