Coming Soon: The Divi Podcast & YouTube Show

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Coming Soon: The Divi Podcast & YouTube Show
Blog / General News / Coming Soon: The Divi Podcast & YouTube Show

Today I am excited to announce that in the coming weeks we will be creating and launching an Elegant Themes Podcast & YouTube show. This as yet unnamed show (feel free to put any name suggestions you may have in the comments below) will focus on providing you–the Elegant Themes Community–with the knowledge, insights, and support you need to be successful with Divi and the growing ecosystem of Divi products that are coming down the line.

Taking Community to the Next Level

image via stmool //

image via stmool //

My first blog post for Elegant Themes was published in February of 2014. With just a few exceptions, I wrote at least one article a week on this blog until the beginning of July 2015. That works out to roughly 70 blog posts and a whole lot of interaction with the Elegant Themes community.

Here are a few things I’ve learned in the process:

This community loves to engage. I’ve written for a lot of blogs and the Elegant Themes blog has a wealth of community members who love to jump down in the comments and discuss the posts, ask questions, propose ideas, and encourage both the bloggers who are writing and the rest of the community who are commenting. This makes it a real privilege to blog here.

This community really cares about the products. Every time a sneak peak post or theme/plugin release post is published, this blog goes bonkers and the comments section lights up.

This community wants (and deserves) greater access to the behind the scenes action going on at Elegant Themes. Not only are posts about Divi products (their use, production, and releases) the most popular posts we publish, but they’re in far greater demand than we have been able to keep up with in the past.

This community gets things done. Seeing this community’s entrepreneurial spirit put a tool as empowering as Divi to use in their lives and businesses has been so much fun to watch and participate in that I’m ready to go deeper.

For all of these reasons and more, I began talking with Nick about what I could do to help take the Elegant Themes Community to the next level. I threw out some ideas and in the end we landed on a weekly show designed to serve, celebrate, and empower Divi users.

In the sections below I’ll show you how we plan to do that. And, of course, invite you to participate in the process every step of the way.

General Show Structure

image via zubarevid //

image via zubarevid //

For the most part this show is intended to be an interview/discussion driven podcast. Each episode will feature a guest host and a topic specific to that guest’s WordPress/Divi experience.

All of our guest hosts will be Divi community members and/or experts in creative or technical areas our community could benefit from. Such as web design, development, marketing, security, and more.

Due to the nature of podcasts and youtube shows, we are not locked in to a specific episode length–giving us the freedom to let great conversations run long and keep conversations that don’t need to be dragged out tight and interesting.

To augment these conversations and add a variety of Divi-related value, each episode will also include a few other segments.

Possible Segments

image via venimo //

image via venimo //

At the moment, I’m planning on these segments ranging in length from ~1-5 minutes depending on the circumstances. A few of them, such as “This Week in WordPress” and “Divi Quick Tip” are likely to become recurring bits that occur on every episode. The others will be spaced out accordingly, depending on the quality of content we have to share under that segment’s umbrella.

This Week in WordPress

The idea for this segment is pretty much exactly what you would expect. I’ll run through some of the biggest WordPress news of that week and then briefly discuss WordPress as a whole with whoever that episode’s guest host is.

I’m imagining this as a nice way to get the ball rolling and lead into a our deeper conversation later in the episode.

Divi Quick Tip

With the release of Divi 2.4+ there are so many amazing things you can do with the built in settings that I want to make sure we’re thoroughly educating the Elegant Themes Community on how to get the most out of them.

Divi Design Challenge

There are so many types of websites (and now blog post variations) that are possible with Divi, that I wanted to include a segment in the show that encourages the community to push their own boundaries and then have the opportunity to share their discoveries and accomplishments–and be celebrated for them!

There are a lot of potential design challenges that we might issue. Some examples include:

  • Best use of a full-screen header
  • Most effective landing page (with stats to prove it)
  • Best blog design
  • Best blog post using the Divi builder
  • Most creative use of custom CSS on a module
  • And many more

After a challenge is issued during the podcast, entries will be accepted via email. Once we’ve had a chance to review the entries and compare them to an objective set of criteria (which will be part of the prompt in the first place) we will announce the winners on the next podcast episode. And perhaps even write a special blog post featuring the results and best entries.

Divi Site Makeover

So many people are over-hauling their own websites or re-vamping client websites with Divi and achieving such stunning results that we thought it would be cool if we showed them off to the rest of the community. That’s why every once in a while we will have the Divi Site Makeover segment featured on the show and in similar fashion to the Design Challenge, feature the make-overs that wowed us the most.

Plugin Highlight

This segment is all about featuring plugins that work well with Divi and make the lives of Divi users better. As is the case with almost all of these segments, we will gladly accept recommendations, test them, and those that prove themselves to work well may be featured.

Elegant Themes Product Updates

This is a big one. Because this podcast/show has the potential to become the primary source for both community and useful information surrounding Divi and Divi products, it seems logical to me that it would also be a good place to keep the community more up-to-date on product developments than we’ve been able to on this blog in the past.

And more…

Ultimately, any segment that the community finds valuable (and which stays on point) is one that we’re interested in creating. So feel free to take to the comments below and share your thoughts on the segments described above as well as segment ideas you’d love to see us bring to life.

Putting the Pieces Together

image via venimo //

image via venimo //

Now that you know what all of the various pieces of the show look like separately, let me walk you through a possible episode that puts all of these pieces together:

Opening music and title graphics

Episode and guest introductions

Segment: This Week in WordPress

Brief discussion of WordPress news with guest host

Segment: Divi Quick Tip

Segment: Divi Design Challenge

Main Interview/Discussion Introduction

Main Interview/Discussion

Main Interview/Discussion Closing


Next Week on the Podcast teaser

Closing music and title graphics

As mentioned above, each episode may vary in length depending on the quality and duration of the main interview/discussion. I think something between 30 minutes and 1 hour is a good goal to shoot for, but ultimately we’ll have to see how it goes and what everyone does and does not like.

Personally though, and this is something I mentioned to Nick recently, I want this show to reflect the same values that have made Divi a success in the first place. Which is to present something ambitious; designed with care and polished to perfection; insanely useful; and a cut above the competition.

I realize that we will probably not hit all of these marks with the first episode, or even the first several episodes, but those are my goals and I think given enough time we can create something really special for this community.


image via Max Griboedov //

image via Max Griboedov //

Ok, so that’s the show–more or less–but how will you access it? This is one of my favorite aspects of our show concept so far: I’d like to release each episode in a variety of formats and in a variety of locations.

We’ll record each episode as a video show, but take care to make sure it works in audio format too. When released, you’ll be able to get each episode in the following formats:

  • An audio podcast
  • A video podcast
  • A YouTube Show
  • A native Facebook video
  • And as audio/video embedded in a blog post

You will also have access to individual segments and interviews/discussions via separate YouTube and Facebook videos. So if you end up being tight on time and just want a given week’s “Divi Quick Tip”, you know exactly where to go and can get just what you want.

Let’s Make Something Amazing Together

At the end of the day, this podcast is all about you. Every segment is designed to empower, celebrate, and enrich the lively and active community that makes Elegant Themes possible in the first place.

We’re going to be promoting your work, telling your stories, sharing your wisdom, and giving you unprecedented access to the information you need about the WordPress software that runs so many of our businesses and hobbies.

In the coming weeks I’ll be working hard to get our first show ready to share with all of you. I would love to read any and all thoughts, comments, and suggestions you may have in the comments below. I will read each and every one and take it all into account as we take this next step together.

Article thumbnail via venimo //


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  1. what a great news , Eleganthemes getting bigger day by day.
    i wish you the best

  2. What about : DiviMasters ?

  3. soooo excited! now im more convinced to upgrade my elegant themes subscription!

  4. I opted for Vini Divi Vici

  5. How about Divi-Nation?

  6. The Diviside Chat.

    (With homage to FDR)


  7. Nathan,

    This is timely and good news with Facebook’s just launched live video coming soon to your Facebook page.

    As a lifetime user of Elegant Themes starting out with Chameleon, Vertex… and then there was Divi.

    I am also a Copywriter and would suggest you don’t depart from the original name Divi or Elegant Themes. Sounds boring but a brand is a brand. It becomes known and recognized. What really gets people engaged is the information you offer.

    The content you provide needs to be…well, you already know that.

    People always ask me who built my site. When I tell them I did, they want me to build their site. Depending on what they want for their site, I can help them if it’s basic. If it’s more than basic I refer them to Elegant Themes.

    There are a ton of good designers. Designing and building a website is not my thing. Teaching, writing and helping people to figure out how to use a Divi WordPress Theme is.

    I have been using WordPress for 8 years and am self-taught with the help of Elegant Themes forum, those guys know their stuff.

    So, if you need a writer, an idea person, someone who uses and likes the Divi Theme and likes to write about it, contact me.

    • Thank you for your insight. I’m really glad you’ve found Divi so useful. Hopefully the show will help equip you to be even more “dangerous” with it and WordPress.

      I’m not sure what we’ll do, if anything, with Facebook live. But it certainly opens up a lot of fun possibilities!

  8. Oh! And, as far as show content, two particular subjects I would love to know more about is various ways DIVI can (or has been) set up as:


    – Clean, meaningful Parralax examples.

    ,,, along with step by step guides for both.

    • Great topic/segment suggestions! Will add them to the list 🙂

  9. This is an excellent idea. I know every commenter wants “more of this” and/or “less of that” but I find the diverse subject matter of the blog extremely well rounded and valuable. Now beefing up the DIVI info w/ visual (video) shows will be icing on the cake.

    Show Name Ideas:
    DIVI 360*
    (an all-around look at DIVI)


    (Starring DIVI developers and designers)

    (If I thought of “dupes” sorry, couldn’t read every comment)

    Thanks to the entire ET Team for offering soooo much information and support. Awesome!


    Dean V.
    Wildstlyez Website Design Studio

  10. Hi Nathan

    Glad to see the passion in what you all do at elegant themes. Without passion there is no success. Keep up the great work.

    My suggestion is D-vlog. D for divi and v for video and the log for blogging.

    • Thanks Johnny, we’re really excited to see where this leads 🙂

  11. Having run a weekly business radio program for a couple of years I’m very familiar with what you are aiming to achieve. One of the successful strategies for us was to upload our audio content to which then published our audio feed to iTunes. We had many iTunes subscribers who downloaded our shows so they could listen to them in the car/on the train on the way into work. You may also want to check out publishing your audio to Stitcher Radio as they stream their podcasts across many platforms, including car radios. Please feel free to contact me if I can help you with your show in any way.

    • Thanks Ian! I’ll look into audioboom and see if it’s a good fit for us 🙂

  12. All I can say is WOW!

    Dittos to Ryan Tomlinson’s comment about Stitcher. Not everyone uses an iPhone.

  13. Channel Name: Divious or DiviTubi

  14. Hi Nathan,

    I’m so excited to see Divi , I like the name that John suggested-“divi-diving” would be more appropriate to this podcast. Can’t wait anymore..Thank you for this article.

  15. Sounds good.its a great news.I am starting countdown.I hope show on YouTube will be awesome.

  16. only suggestion is, focus on the content quality, rather than anything else.

    I’ve always followed and loved Photoshop User TV and the original Photoshop Guys!

    it’s a great idea.. good luck

  17. Awesome!
    I am very excited for this.

    I hope you will publish through stitcher too for all of android users that don’t have itunes.

    Will def be watching on youtube as well though!

    • Good point about Stitcher. I’m not familiar with publishing through them yet but I’ll make sure we get that figured out.

  18. Who cares about all this guff and blow when Elegant Themes support is so ^&*( crappy?

  19. Awesome!! simply awesome, I can’t wait to see (and hear) what ElegantThemes team will create.
    My suggestion for the Divi section is “DIY – Divi It Yourself”
    And for the channel / podcast simply use the brand Elegant Theme Podcast, I think all the brand itself is GREAT!

  20. Such wonderful feedback you are receiving, Nathan. I am new to Divi, Elegant Themes and blogging and feel that I made a great choice with your company and this community.

    Names I resonated with: DiviNation and DiviCast. DiviNation is fun, thoughtful and provocative. DiviCast is concrete and descriptive.

    The feeling I am left with is: DiviLicious!
    I look forward to your podcast!!

    • Thanks Jen!

  21. Wow! I can’t wait. What a great idea.

  22. Call it Divination

  23. Such great news! The youtube show should be just called “Divideo”

  24. Sounds so good! I will be a member of this DIVINATION!

  25. Name: ETCast, ETLive

  26. Stunning!!! Can’t wait.

  27. Awesome! Can’t wait 🙂

  28. Good idea.

    Looking forward to seeing who you talk with.

  29. Fantastic guys!!!

  30. Finally a Podcast worth watching

  31. I love podcasts! I think this is a great idea.

    A podcast can be a great promotional tool, but it works best as a way to have a *relationship* with the community. To do this, you need to be authentic and genuine. And that starts with being open with the community about future plans and deadlines. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to see that happen a bit more often.

    • That’s the plan 🙂

  32. This sounds great! Already love the content that the team puts together so this will fit right in.

  33. Fantastic news really looking forward for this. My name suggestion is: The Elegant Creator.

  34. Really great idea.

    But still I feel that this could be limited at the level of issues and questions that arise when we start working on each new project on DIVI or any other Elegant theme. Few days back I was in the middle of project and was seeking for the help. I opened few tickets but help was not provided as fast as I was expecting, reason behind that is the overload of questions from community. We understand that it is very hard for few experts to answer all the questions quickly as expected. I am not complaining here about slow process of help.

    My suggestion is to start a community discussion board where everybody could help from each other in a short span of time and load on experts will also reduce. Hope that my suggestion will be taken seriously by Elegant Themes management.

    • I’m hoping to have an email address set up soon where people can submit their quick tip suggestions, their Divi stories, design challenges, and more. This will not be a support channel but it will be a place where I am able to find trends (such as: most people want to see how to do X) and create useful videos around those topics.

      I’m certain that this content will find its way into the Divi documentation and be readily linked to in the forums. Which, if you haven’t checked out, I highly recommend. Also, there is a great Divi centered facebook group that almost always provides quick responses and troubleshooting:

      • I did not find anything like quick help on this Facebook group. I am talking here about quick help and more creative ideas from community.

        • The Facebook group is an excellent place to get help. If you read some of the posts for help you will see a great community willing to help with timely responses.

          There is not a “quick help” area per se, but you will find a group of volunteers that are very supportive.

  35. The name Suggestion – Divine web

  36. Name: divi-diving

  37. divi-doo

    • Divi-tube or Divi-learn, DiviTubeVirsity haa any name the podcast will be awesome.

  38. divi-do

  39. This sounds fabulous. Dividio?
    It would great to see how you use Divi to present the actual episodes. So you build content, which is displayed on a divi site that gets better, changes or evolves with the episodes.

    • Really interesting concept! I think the plan right now is that we release the episodes via this blog (plus other outlets) but it may be cool to have an official Divi test site where the tutorials and tips presented in the show can be seen.

  40. Really solid idea. You guys are on your game and I love your product. My clients love my use of Divi. I’m a huge fan.

    Well done and look forward to the pod cast.

    Name – DiviDown


  41. Come on, you have to call the podcast “Divi Nation” — am I right?!

    Wikipedia: Divination (from Latin divinare “to foresee, to be inspired by a god”).

    • I was going to suggest Divi Direct, but I really like Divi Nation! 🙂

      I also want to say thank you for stepping up and serving the Divi Community. I really look forward to the Divi Show! 🙂

    • +1 for going to the Latin.

  42. Great concept. This really takes “adding value” to another level. Your commitment to the community you are serving is addictive. Our team is in the middle of revamping our own site using the Divi platform. And while doing so taking notes on how to add value to our visitors’ experience by including more effective content. Thanks Elegant Themes for raising the bar!

  43. This is an awesome idea. I would really subscribe. I always enjoy using the support forums & help videos. Being able to interact and watch current content feedback and discussion would be a huge bonus!

    • I think that was something we realized leading up to the idea of the show. We needed a vehicle for more Divi specific content that wouldn’t down out everything else. Making it its own thing allows us to create new Divi videos each and every week 🙂

  44. I prefer “Divi’d Up”

  45. All I can say is YES. Just YES to all of this. Divi is my new crack.

    • Except you only have to buy Divi once and it can make YOU a lot of money 😉

  46. Tom Grow beat ME to it: I was going to suggest “DiviUp” or “Divi It Up”
    “ElegantThemeVersity”? “Divi-University”

  47. Great ideas and I can’t wait to watch what you come up with. I’ve already watched every Divi tutorial I can find on YouTube, both from from Elegant Themes and others who are doing them. I’ve learned a lot, and look forward to learning even more!


    • Good to hear! And thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  48. First ever comment from a for-real noob. Plz keep us just-starting types in mind with a bit of ‘basics’ here and there.

    Many thanks!

    • We will definitely keep all skill levels in mind as we create content. I’d love for this show to be something that allows complete beginners quickly gain the knowledge and confidence they need to “level up” and do bigger and better things with Divi.

  49. I would probably like each video to be somewhere around ten to fifteen minutes at the max.

  50. Great ideas and will definitely listen to the podcast!

  51. Great idea. Its improve me my english ! Video with subtitle would be the best…
    Suggest : Elegant Live

  52. I’m excited! The makeover idea sounds like such fun.

    For the challenge please do a best Divi + another platform integration. We’ve done this with Magento but I’m guessing lots of people have done this with other platforms too.

    • We’re open to exploring everything Divi related. I’m hoping we can get a dedicated email address set up for these kinds of requests in the very near future.

  53. How about putting this off until EXTRA is ready!! You promised it would be ready months and months ago – wish you would have never mentioned you had this theme and that it would launch soon
    Expectations were very high – now just disappointment

    • This will in no way affect the work being done on EXTRA. Completely different people/teams working on each project.

  54. Name suggestion –


    And I want to make note that some way I disagree with the idea of naming the podcast as The Elegant Web, because for sure it would lose interest. By now, I think most of this comunity is engaged with Divi and are a kind of “Divi-lovers”.

  55. Our friend Randy Martin, (above), beat me to it.

    “The DiviCast” is a perfect name.

  56. Great news! I suggest something like DivIcast, DivIcom, DivItunes, DivIpod DivItube, Divionics, Divianation, Diviallics.
    Whatever the name will be , I am on.

    • Divionics sounds good to me!

    • Thanks!

      You’re like a pun diviner.

      (See what I did there?)

  57. Something on the gallery module would be good as there is little material on this.

    I presume that the podcasts will be video as we need to see something. Also, will we be able to access the podcasts at our leisure?

    • Every episode will be made available in a number of different formats–via iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, and on the blog. You will have access to full episodes and each individual segment as its own video so you can watch exactly what you want, when you want.

  58. How about the name ‘E PodTube’

  59. Awesome – I cannot wait 😉

  60. I spent more than 20 years in broadcast television as an award-winning producer director. And 25 years in my own design business doing commercials and videos, etc.

    Now, in my retirement, I have taught myself to do web design.

    I love video but I haven’t enough time in my life to commit to watching a telecast, even in podcast packaging. And what you are proposing is a television show.

    Why not use Divi to package it instead?

    Shoot the video as segments (I was a “PM Magazine” producer, director, and Executive Producer in Cleveland) with open and close bump music and graphics. Then showcase the segments in boxes on the screen. Let ME choose what I want to watch in the order I want to watch it. Chances are far greater that I’ll actually look at everything you do if it’s small chunks and I get to pick and choose.

    A television program exists in time — it has a beginning and end and is consecutive.

    My DiviCast exists in BOTH time and space — small chunks of time here and there and I get to choose.

    Content? I’ll leave that to you.

    Presentation? Consider using Divi as the package.

    BTW, when you’re done with these elements, they will be easy to archive in a library for all us Divitees.

    • I love what your saying, Randy. Divitees – great! It makes sense to use Divi.

    • Yeah I think it might not have been as clear as it could have been in the post, but what you’re saying is exactly what we’re planning.

      Each episode will be a full-length show. However, we will make all of the segments available as shorter videos so that people who are tight on time can watch just the parts that they are interested–when and where they have the time.

      By the way, awesome to hear of your production experience. I sort of cut my teeth in content at a new media studio and then focused on blogging in the years sense. This project has been a fun way to get back to my audio/video roots.

    • I second that.
      Plus, 1 hour can be too much to watch in a busy day (life). 30mn should be the length to aim or as Randy said make segments.

  61. How about “Divi’d Up” for a title? 🙂

    Looking forward to it!

  62. Can’t wait. DIVIne Inspiration

  63. Name suggestion –


  64. Hi,
    Great idea !
    Don’t wanna be a show stopper but I think Divi documentation should be deeply updated and consolidated first.
    When looking for some infos or examples, Divi 2.0 and 2.4 data are not on the same location. Some documentations are still about 2.0, without any details on 2.4.
    If I need infos about 2.4, I must go to blog “ressources” and look for 2.4 posts that link to 2.4 demos, examples, tip.

    • This would be a totally separate project from documentation. However, once more attention is given to that area, the short segment videos we create for the podcast/youtube show will make great supplementary content on those pages.

      • Thanks for clearing that Nathan.

  65. Tips and Challenges are great ideas. I would like to see more design for marketing focus on DIVI as opposed to just design. For example, Bloom is still very limited and landing pages/optin pages/squeeze pages are still lagging behind other platforms (e.g. Thrive, Instabuilder, Instapage, Clickfunnels). Great potential going forward though.

    • This is actually one of the topics of the first handful of episodes I’ve been planning.

  66. :: THE DIVI EYE ::

  67. As a marketer and fellow podcaster, welcome to the club! Podcasting is a great way to share information, even if it is not visual. I will go to the show notes for images and explanations. I recommend having a transcript of the show and if that’s out of the budget, have a time code so we know where to jump in to catch the detail we want.

    I like Rob’s suggestion: The Elegant Web. If you name it after Divi it may restrict you and since you plan to talk about plugins, business, etc I would address a broader audience.

    Good Luck!

    • Thanks for the welcome and the idea Janet.

  68. Hey ET Folks!

    Are you looking for guest speakers?

    I’d love to volunteer my enigmatic voice with your audience!!


    • I’m hoping we will have a dedicated email address up and running by the time the first episode debuts for community members to submit their stories and work to.

  69. Wow this is a fantastic idea! I’m so looking forward to seeing these episodes! I’ll definitely be interested in participating in those weekly challenges 🙂

    • Glad to hear it!

  70. Name: The Elegant Web

  71. This looks great…
    Suggestion is to keep over all videos short — in other words post segments as separate videos…

    As for title… others have come up with some great ones… but I’ll add one more… Divi Press

    (ok not so great maybe)…

    • Yes, all segments will be posted to YouTube (and possibly Facebook) as separate videos.

    • I ‘ll add my vote to Bob’s suggestion. I am highly unlikely to watch an hour long program. But would definitely watch segments that caught my interest. 10 minutes max. Not because I am not interested, but because I am short on time.

  72. “Don’t Shoot The Ele-Pod!”

  73. Excited about The Divi Cast Show 😛

    I’m working on Divi 2.4 for one project and 2 more in pipeline hope to get somewhere.


  74. Call it the DIVI-Sion

  75. I feel like such a nerd, but I’m definitely going to take the time to give this a serious look. Still looking forward to more from the best WordPress Themes site on the web.

    • Thanks for the interest!

  76. Great Idea! Why not call it DivVersity. It is abut, Divi and shows that it is variable and has some sort of ‘Divi University’ in it. Looking forward to the first episode. Carry on with your great work.

    • Great name !

    • great name, Diversatility might work too

  77. Great and brilliant idea! A cool names suggestions: ELEGANT SHOW, ELEGANT TUNE, ELEGANT VOX, MICROPHONE, RADIOPHONE, GRAMOVOX, GRAMOPHONE…

    Long live Elegant Themes!

  78. As a mild suggestion from a simple web designer, do change the wordpress comments with Disqus comments, they are far more enganing, allows a global profile and easy follow ups.

    WordPress comments doesn’t cut it anymore, keep up the good work, Divi is now my full-time tool for designing new websites.

    • Epoch by Postmattic may sound good in-lieu of Disqus…

    • I actually disagree Alex. I think that Disqus chases away a lot of people who want to participate and who do NOT want to join YET ANOTHER program. I find it intrusive (and yes I have an account). We all have a really good idea that WordPress will be around for years … who knows about Disqus and what happens if they pull the plug.

      OH and Disqus is another of those intrusive spy programs that follows you around when you’d prefer they wouldn’t. Do they tell you that ahead of time? NO.

  79. Will you be adding subtitles/captions? I’m deaf and would love to be able to watch.

    • Good question. I’m assuming that at first the captions will be the automatic captions that YouTube provides.

  80. Elegant Cast, and Elegenat Tube, would be my two suggestions

  81. Such exciting news, can’t wait for the podcast and YouTube show!

  82. “Divi-de and Conquer”!

  83. Blab would be a great format. I’m using it in my biz for training and livestream interviews. Would love to contribute. Looking forward to the show.

    • I’m unfamiliar with blab. Do you have a link or could you explain what that is?

  84. Podcast/You tube name – my first quick thought was “Elegant” Edification

  85. name – DiviYouDo

    • I like it!

  86. Nathan, this sounds like an awesome(ishly) good idea. Much need move. You have all our support.


    • thanks 🙂

  87. This is going to be an awesome tool… looking forward to seeing how that develops. 🙂 Audio format is great for certain topics but I’m very much keen on seeing videos/tips and tutorials etc. Awesome Nathan… I wish you the best of luck!

    • Video is definitely the primary medium here. However, I want to make sure each episode works for audio listeners to. When things MUST be viewed, we’ll include the relevant references/links in the show and show description.

  88. Great idea, looking forward to seeing how it turns out and trying to make some kind of contribution.

    • Thanks Robert. This will be a platform where anyone can submit their work and/or stories to be shared. I won’t necessarily be able to make a show with everyone but everyone is welcome to put themselves forward. Hopefully we’ll have a dedicated email account for that sort of thing set up by the time the first episode comes out.

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