The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 6 – Building a Divi Consultancy with Geno Quiroz

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The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 6 – Building a Divi Consultancy with Geno Quiroz
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In this episode of Divi Nation, the official Divi podcast, we sit down with Geno Quiroz. Geno is a Divi specialist who runs his own web agency, does white label Divi work for other agencies, and consults on a wide variety of Divi related web projects. We talk about what exactly a Divi Consultant is and how to succeed as one.

Divi Nation Episode 06: Building a Divi Consultancy with Geno Quiroz


I think it will be easy to see why Geno has been highly successful in building relationships within the Divi Community as well as capitalizing on those connections to expand his business. But just in case you’d like me to spell it out: he’s a really nice guy who knows exactly what he’s talking about. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did!

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This Week in WordPress 04

This Week in WordPress Geno Quiroz and I talk about how to use customer feedback to increase conversion rates, simple tips for delivering amazing customer support, and six effective pricing strategies for online businesses.

Building a Divi Consultancy with Geno Quiroz

In addition to diving into the nitty gritty details of what exactly it takes to succeed as a Divi Consultant Geno and I also talk about how he got his start in WordPress, when he began using Divi, why he’s stuck with it, and a few other interesting topics.

Divi Quick Tip 04: Adding Anchor Links to Divi Pages

In this Divi Quick Tip I show you how to add anchor links to Divi Pages using the CSS-ID field at the bottom of every Divi Module.

Production Notes

Yay! New gear! This week I was able to use two new pieces of gear. Well, with accessories it’s a bit more than that but for simplicity’s sake I’ll say it’s just two. The first being a new web cam and the second being a new mic.

I also spent a decent amount of time inside Adobe Audition this time around trying to find what will eventually become the sound of Divi Nation. As a result I think the audio quality of this episode is better than any previous episode, even though there’s still more work to be done in that department.

I’ve updated our gear list below to reflect these changes:

In the coming weeks there will be even more new gear being put to use. I was really happy with the improved audio and video quality the relatively small upgrades in this episode yielded us. My goal in the coming episodes (starting with episode 08; since most of episode 07 is already complete) is to mix in a wider variety of visuals.

Obviously there are a lot of ways I could go about that but my first visual change will be getting up from behind my desk and shooting various segments in different ways. After I establish a variety of lighting, camera set-ups, angles, etc. I will work on adding more graphics to the edit to liven up some of the longer segments.

As always, if you have any thoughts or questions concerning the production process of Divi Nation feel free to chat me up in the comments section. I’m always game to talk shop!

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  1. There is so much for a Divi NInja Apprentice to learn in this podcast – the most important things are DIVE IN! Get involved in the community and READ THE MANUAL! Thanks Nathan and Geno – priceless stuff in here.

    • Thanks Andrew 🙂

    • Thanks Andrew. Much appreciated from across the pond. 😀

  2. Awesome 🙂

    Geno has always been a great contributor to the Divi community.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you so much Nathan for this great podcast. I joined a couple of the Divi FB groups last month and I got to see first hand how helpful Gino is in these groups! Thanks Gino for delivering great tutorials and upskilling the Divi community!

    • Appreciate that Sabine. Please let us know if there is anything Divi related you’d like us to talk about or cover in a Divi Quick Tip. I’m more than happy to take requests.

  4. It’s interesting but Nathan can you keep in mind that some stranger are listening and you speak very very quickly. You are reading your tele prompter and it’s really hard too follow….
    Tried to do a little slowly. Thank you.

    • Thanks for the feedback Catherine. I’ll try to keep that in mind moving forward.

  5. And thank you as well Nathan. You are a pro and I was very excited about the topic you chose for this episode 😀

    • Always a pleasure to chat Geno 🙂

  6. I was at WordcampLA last weekend and frameworks and page builders came up several times.
    The comment that I frequently heard was that Divi uses short codes and it’s very difficult to switch themes once you start with Divi
    Genius, what would you say to that?

  7. I really enjoyed this podcast! Geno you are an encouragement. 🙂 You were the first person that reached out to me in the Divi group. I am grateful to be a part of this community.

    • We’re glad to have you. Thanks for listening/watching 🙂

  8. Well done, guys. Geno – you’re a credit to autodidacts everywhere.

    • Thanks Phil!

  9. Thank you for the great tutorial on “Adding Anchor Links to Divi Pages”, something I was hand coding and is much easier with your tip. I also appreciate the links for your gear list. I heard the iRig Mic HD was very good. Have you heard of that one or tried it?

    • Hi Sheri,

      I’m not sure what you’re planning on using the mic for specifically, but if it’s podcasting I would not recommend that mic. It may be ok and it’s certainly affordable, but one of the lessons I learned right away is the quality difference you get from a direct USB microphone and a traditional mic that uses a 3-pin XLR cable and an interface to connect to your computer. Personally, I’m using Focusrite’s Scarlett 2i2 interface and once I got it all configured I absolutely fell in love with it.

      If, however, you are set on the USB mic, I would recommend the Blu Yeti, Blu Yeti Pro, or the Rode Podcaster.



  10. Thanks for another great podcast! Great Anchor tip! And love the quieter background sound. It makes it so much easier to absorb these gems.

    • Thanks Karen, appreciate that.

  11. Another Most Awesome Show!

    Thanks Nathan and Geno, inspiring …


    John Malloy

    • Thanks John!

  12. And what happened to the plaid couch? I have the very same one! LOL!

    • Haha, it’s been banished! Served me well though.

  13. Another great podcast Nathan! These just keep getting better and better. I had to laugh about you getting the new couch, as I would look at the old one in the videos and think, ya, it looks a bit dated, but it’s probably very comfy and he doesn’t want to get rid of it. LOL!

    I really enjoyed seeing and listening to Geno as he seems like such a great guy. He provides so much inspiration to myself and others with his help and knowledge in the FB forums. I love to go through his website and read the tutorials, snippets and CSS tips, and, being somewhat new to WP, I have learned a great deal from what he shares with everyone.

    • Yeah, Geno’s great. I’m in the process of doing exactly what we talked about in this episode myself. Combing through the documentation, going through the latest style sheets and page templates. It’s a great education and no matter how experienced you are it will yield something valuable.

      Oh, and yeah, it WAS a good couch. One of the great mysteries of life: Why are the most comfy couches so ugly? We may never know :p

  14. Hello Nathan,

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your Divi Nation podcast, and really appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. I’ve been part of the Divi Nation for about a year and a half now and as a freelance designer who works alone I can’t tell you how much your podcast makes me feel like I’m part of a real and vibrant community.

    • Love hearing that Joe. That’s what it’s all about 🙂

  15. I’m so thrilled by these Podcasts. Not only are they extremely helpful but they’re really entertaining. I listen all the time while I’m driving and it’s a great way for me to continue to work at what I do and build my mental skill set while I pass the time.

    Keep up the great Podcasts, Elegant Themes!

    • Thanks Jeremy! I’ll keep working to make them better 🙂

  16. Couldn’t take my eye off the painting.

  17. Any idea when Extra, or anything else, will be released?

    Layouts for Divi? Anything whatsoever?

    • Very soon. Stay tuned. And thank you so much for waiting as long as you have 🙂

  18. Hey Nathan,

    I’ve been really loving this podcast! I mostly only use Divi for my personal sites (though my personal sites did lead me to getting a nice client project – which I proudly build with Divi!) While webdesign is not my primary job, this podcast has got me thinking a lot about searching for new clients!

    I also wanted to let you know that you have two messed up links under your ‘This Week In WordPress’ section. The ‘amazing customer support’ links to the Elegant Themes article (which is also a dead link), while the pricing stratagies link goes to the torquemag customer support article! Oh no!

    • Thanks Mike! So glad that you’re enjoying the show and finding inspiration to do more web design work. And thanks for pointing out the dead links, I’ll fix those.

  19. Nathan,

    This podcast made me think in the direction of Divi Consulting.
    But I have no experience other than having used Elegant Themes since 2010 and am a lifetime member of Elegant Themes. All my personal sites had a Divi Makeover.

    Is it really possible to start this way in a world full of already tech savvy website builders? My forte is helping people and I’m always on the phone answering Divi questions to one of my friends, helping her with her site.

    Or sending her a link one of the top coders in the ET Forum who can answer her question if I don’t know the answer. Another friend contacted me and wants me to build her site now. Is this how it starts and then takes off…

  20. take my eye off the painting.

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