Divi Meetup Network Community Update: February 2020

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Divi Meetup Network Community Update: February 2020
Blog / Community / Divi Meetup Network Community Update: February 2020

Greetings Divi community! Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Leap Year! February has come and gone and spring is in the air! 🌷 The energy in the Divi Meetup Community has been ramping up too and we’ve got yet another monthly update to report. Check it out!

The Divi Nation Meetup Network by the Numbers

  • Total Members: 6,734
  • Total Groups: 57
  • Total Events Hosted: 451
  • Total RSVPs: 2,613
  • New Members (Last 90 Days): 1,561
  • New Groups (Last 60 Days): 6
  • New Group Pipeline: 6

If you have a passion to build your local Divi community, locate a group near you here or use the button below to apply to become a local organizer.


Let’s Welcome Our New Meetup Groups

Please give a warm welcome to our new hosts! February brought us two more Meetup groups, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to the hosts.

See below for introductions (in the host’s own words) and info on their next Meetups.

Divi Bangkok, Thailand

Mai of Divi Bangkok

Mai of Divi Bangkok

Meet the host, Mai van Oirschot:

Nice to meet you all! My name is Mai, and I am from Thailand. I have been doing web design/development since as work since I was 14. I worked for a web design/marketing agency for around 14 years before I started my own business.

During all the years I have seen technology evolve and seen trends come and go regarding web development. I started using WordPress since version 1. At that time I needed a CMS that was easy to use. In the jungle of CMS’ during that time WordPress really stood out for its ease of use!

Fast forward years later, after creating many custom themes, buying all kinds of different premium themes. I run a rather popular gaming website as a hobby project, and around 2010 we wanted a new theme for a redesign. I ran into Elegant Themes because of their “eGamer” theme. For what Elegant Themes offered even in 2010 was unheard of. There were only professional looking premium themes for such a low price! I didn’t hesitate a bit and took a subscription.

In 2012 I started my own business, and subscribed for Elegant Themes right away and decided to exclusively use Elegant Themes for my clients. I would choose a theme and modify it to my clients’ tastes. I also used the Convertible (predecessor of Divi Builder) theme quite a lot to build landing pages for my clients!

Not long after Divi launched I decided to use Divi as our dedicated theme. I was amazed by how versatile the builder was. I didn’t really believe in page builders at the time because most of them were so-so. The Divi Builder was the first builder that gave me a glimpse [of] the future of making websites in WordPress. As of today, I have realized over 100 projects in Divi.

Divi is just getting better and better with each feature update! You can do so much in Divi and have most of the options easily available that I would custom code in the past. It’s a lifesaver, not just for me but also for my B2B clients. Most of them are designers with little technical know-how to develop a site. Divi is an important part for them since I provide them with a platform where they can focus on design and creativity rather than the technical aspects. With features like the Theme Builder, Global Styles, and support for Dynamic Data, Divi is one of the most “easy to develop” builders out there!

I’m certain I am going to support Divi for many years to come and I cannot wait to see what else the future holds for Elegant Themes and Divi!

As you can read from my intro/bio, Divi is an important part of my life. I want to share what I have learned, and also learn new things from other users. I want to focus mostly on that you don’t need to know any programming to create a working website. The tagline of the meetup is “WordPress Power Users – No Code WordPress”.

I’ve been to a lot of WordPress meetups before and I think the “problem” of most WordPress meetups is that it’s very technical. Most of the time I see a lot of people who just want to learn about WordPress or have an issue on their own site they want an opinion on. If let’s say a meetup is about Hooks and Filters, it’s only gonna be technical talk and those people would sit and listen 2 hours to something they totally don’t understand. I intend for my meetups to be suitable for anyone, and everything explained in normal human language.

Other than that, there is no Divi meetup yet in Thailand, let alone in South East Asia, which baffles me! Thailand is one of the most popular countries for digital nomads, including a lot of web designers. That’s why organizing this meetup, especially in collaboration with Elegant Themes themselves, is something I really want to make happen.

Their first event was supposed to be held in conjunction with WordCamp Asia but had to be canceled. Be on the lookout for their first event scheduled this month!

Go to Divi Bangkok

Divi Dublin, Ireland

Peter of Divi Dublin

Peter of Divi Dublin

Meet the host, Peter Pudaite:

I’m a partner in a digital agency that focuses on the important things like design, usability & ROI, and less on databases & source code. I’ve been involved in offline and online marketing for over a decade for both B2C and B2B companies and in the last two years have been running my own agency. We discovered Divi a year back and have been using it on many projects as it allows us to focus on design and usability.

What can be achieved with Divi is only really limited by your imagination and the skills you acquire as you work on projects. A Divi Meetup would help anyone, including ourselves to gain inspiration and learn new skills, tips and tricks on using Divi better.

They’re up and at it with the next three events scheduled. Check them out!

Go to Divi Dublin

Updates from Existing Groups

This year we’ve implemented more opportunities for our Divi meetup organizers to engage with each other and with us, and it’s been a blast! Excitement is building and it’s noticeable. Let’s see how their February Divi meetups went!

Divi Chicago, Illinois, United States

Divi Chicago

Divi Chicago

From the Hosts, Joan Margau & Scott Winterroth:

The Divi Chicago Meetup Group is on the move! For their second meetup, co-organizer Scott Winterroth presented on how to use the new Divi Theme Builder to save time by creating dynamic templates and unique layouts for plugin generated pages like WooCommmerce and The Modern Events Calendar. Plus, members shared many tips and resources, which that type of value grew this group to 97. In March, co-organizer Joan Margau will present on how to leverage the many Divi Layout Packs for a quick and beautiful website with Divi.

You gotta check them out if you’re in the area!

Go to Divi Chicago

Divi Columbus, Ohio, USA

Divi Columbus

Divi Columbus

From the Host, Nathan B. Weller:

Divi Columbus met at a new branch of the public library this month and it was the perfect setup. They even had a new cafe right outside our meeting space! At this meeting, we went over Divi’s new position options; explaining the differences between Divi’s default static position, fixed position, relative position, and absolute position. And of course, we did some live demos, Q&A, and troubleshooting too.

Do check out this awesome and active Divi community!

Go to Divi Columbus

Divi Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Divi Dallas/Forth Worth

Divi Dallas/Forth Worth

From the Host, Jube Dankworth:

We had 7 folks show up, which was half the ones who RSVP’d. This was a good turn out considering it was cold and wet, and Texans don’t show up in cold and wet. It was a very upbeat and positive group. We have a new sponsor, a new location with great technical integration for presentations. We had a good discussion about the format for the meetings going forward. We also discussed the subjects they wanted [to be covered]. So I believe this year will be a great growing year.

Divi DFW just started and they already held their first event!

Go to Divi Dallas/Fort Worth

Divi Destin/30A in Florida, USA

Destin / 30A

Divi Destin / 30A

From the Host, Joy Todd:

We had three new members attend: Donna from Milton, Jacob Nelson from Crestview, and Sarah Coles who travels the US and works remotely. Also, I’d like to give a shoutout to Richard Thoms, from Fort Walton Beach, who has attended all of our meetings.

Our top topic was — discussing DIVI and how to use it since several members were new to DIVI. We answered questions such as info about Elegant Themes options, DIVI Themes, why use child themes and how to join DIVI. f you are in the Destin area on March 26th, please join us. If you are a member of the Fort Walton Beach Meetup WordPress Group, I invite you to join our group.

Special shoutout to our DIVI Destin / 30A member Allen Brooks who moved to Miami, you are very much missed. Have fun with your new DIVI South Florida group, come back and see us anytime.

If you’re a Divi user near Destin, Florida, be sure to join Joy’s group and get notified of their next event!

Go to Divi Destin / 30A

Divi Douala, Cameroon

Divi Douala

Divi Douala

Divi Douala

Divi Douala

From the Host, Francis FOKWA:

This month we met at the Institute of Computer Science in Central Africa (IAI) under the theme: Discover your Tech communities. The objective is to make WordPress and DIVI known in particular and especially the community that is built close to them for better sharing of know-how. The reception was satisfactory with good listening and curiosity disposition for the first-year computer science students. We plan to organize several meetings in the months to come when the demand is great with our new approach. May many professionals want to be there but not the time they say. Being interested in students finishing will give them professional practices already. The work continues nonetheless.

Divi Douala is making us proud! Get involved there!

Go to Divi Douala

Divi London, Ontario, Canada

Divi London Ontario

Divi London Ontario

From the Host, Heather Peel:

The Divi London, Ontario group had a very successful February meeting! Although there were only 6 of us, we were all actively using Divi and everyone who had RSVP’d to the Meetup actually came – I think this is the first time I’ve seen that happen! We had a presentation by one of our members on using the new Divi Theme Builder. Doug walked us through a start-to-finish setup of a new site with custom footer, header, and body. He also showed off the new scroll effects as a bonus.

What a great Divi community here in London, ON. Have you been?

Go to Divi London, ON

Divi New York City, USA

Divi NYC

Divi NYC

From the Host, Patty Rose:

Our February meeting was a Divi Q & A style which led to a great conversation on various topics around creating websites with Divi. We spoke, shared, and learned from one another about hosting options, ways to improve page load, best image optimization practices, and much more. As always, the business of Divi became part of the conversation as well with chats about networking opportunities and business solutions for Divi entrepreneurs.
There is so much to learn from this diverse group of both Divi Enthusiasts and Divi Professionals. Our March meeting is in the planning stages now. Come one, come all. We look forward to meeting you.

Divi NYC is having a blast. Have you been yet?

Go to Divi NYC

Divi Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Divi PHX

Divi Phoenix

From the Host, David Curtis:

The Phoenix community is super active with two meetups per month and we’d love for you to join us!

Go to Divi Phoenix

Divi Sacramento, California, USA

Divi Sacramento

Divi Sacramento

From the Host, Rosalinda Huck:

Divi Sacramento convened on Feb 13th and celebrated a little Divi love before Valentine’s Day with some sweet treats and teas! We had another round of project shares, where Meetup members discussed recent projects and offered some recommendations and tips. Our little troupe welcomes new people each time, many of whom are novice Divi users. We’ll continue to cover some basics next month, when we review both clear-cut and creative ways to use Divi modules.

Divi Sacramento just had their first meetup and would love for you to join in the fun!

Go to Divi Sacramento

Divi Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Divi Salt Lake City

Divi Salt Lake City

From the Host, Dustin Olsen:

In February, we learned about Divi Leads: When and how to use it. For a feature that has been around for a while, everyone who attended our meetup was thrilled to learn about this powerful feature. In March, we are doing a Divi Happiness Bar, addressing the specific questions you have about your own Divi website. Come join us!

Dustin is super dedicated to Divi SLC. Be sure the check it out.

Go to Divi Salt Lake City

Divi Seattle, Washington, USA

Divi Seattle

Divi Seattle

From the Hosts, Bradon Garley & Shane Griffiths:

Our Meetup in February was a show and tell event. It gave members the chance to showcase a Divi website that they’ve built. It was fun and engaging! We got to learn how our community uses Divi to achieve their creative and professional goals. One member is using Divi to transition their non-profit online magazine from an outdated platform to a modern web-based experience. Another member is using Divi to create a website to provide resources for Au Pairs and host families. A third website uses Divi to showcase the portfolio of a celebrity talent buyer. It was moving to see first-hand how Divi is empowering people to bootstrap their ideas and realize their vision. Our event concluded with an exchange of design and development advice to help members fine-tune their sites.

Divi Seattle beaming with community goodness. Do check it out.

Go to Divi Seattle

Divi Tampa, Florida, USA

Divi Tampa

Divi Tampa

From the Host, Steve Willingham:

We had a very nice Divi-Tampa meetup on February 19. We were able to provide desk seating for our group around a large screen TV monitor so members could display their Divi creations, discuss their work, and seek advice. We presented Nick’s latest video on Positioning and Animation and discussed the applicability to our sites. It also helped an attendee make a decision as to whether Divi was right for their website! Interestingly, later that week our facility was featured on the local Fox News and we were able to give a mention about the Divi Tampa group meeting there!

Tampa just got up and running! They have wonderful leadership. Be sure to join!

Go to Divi Tampa

Divi Valencia, Spain

Divi Valencia Meetup

Divi Valencia Meetup

From the Host, Celine de Castro:

Our largest turn out to date. The topic, DIVI 4.0 Theme Builder and how to use it. The attendees included Donna, who wanted to start up a blog, Daniel and Lola who are creating a how-to site about cycling, Ximo who wanted to see the differences between Divi and Elementor, and Pere and Alicia who are happily using Extra from Elegant Themes and are starting up some new sites using Divi.

Have you been to Divi Valencia yet?

Go to Divi Valencia

Want to Host Your Own Local Divi Network Meetup?

Great! We’re always on the lookout for people around the world who are passionate about Divi and building community and want to spread that enthusiasm to their local community. We take care of the monthly Meetup fees, and we provide all our hosts with tons of resources to help plan and promote their events, including help with finding a venue and coming up with topic ideas.

Starting a new Divi Meetup group is simple. Just apply by filling out this form or email [email protected]. Once the form is complete, we will work together to get your group launched and linked to our Meetup Network. Easy as that!

Not sure if there’s already a Divi Meetup Group in your area? Just head to our Meetup Network page to see a map of our current locations.

Global Divi Meetup Network

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1 Comment

  1. I’ve been a WordPress Meetup group organizer in Charlotte, NC since 2008. I’ve been a Divi designer since 2016. I’m interested in running Divi focused meetups within our WordPress group(in addition/separate from) our regular meetups there. I’m not so interested in setting up a new/separate meetup group on meetup.com for that. (I’ve run multiple meetup.com accounts and it takes a lot of time to do well.)

    We’ve got a lot of Divi users in the Charlotte area and within our WordPress Meetup group. I can understand why ET has setup the community guidelines to create unique groups. Wondering whom I might talk with to see if there’s an opportunity here. Finding meetup venues in the Charlotte area (growing fast) is not nearly as easy these days as it was a decade ago.

    On a separate note, we’re also preparing for our next WordCamp in Charlotte this fall. I’m in charge of coordinating sponsors and maybe there’s an opportunity here and or for a group or a sister event at a similar time, even if its just a Divi Meetup the day before or after WordCamp.

    As to meetup ideas, I’m personally very interested and working actively with Divi sites that use ACF and/or WooCommerce and Divi’s dynamic content and Theme Builder options. Would love to run some hands on working sessions with those interested doing this. (already planning some WordPress meetups on this topic, but it could be channeled through a Divi specific meetup too.)

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