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20 Stunning Background Images To Use In Your WordPress Website, For Free!

Posted on September 18 by in Freebie Of The Week | 140 comments

20 Stunning Background Images To Use In Your WordPress Website, For Free!

Ever stuck without the right photo for a blog post or a parallax background, but don’t want to use a flat color? It’s common for our users to struggle with finding great imagery to use in our themes, so we’ve designed a set of 1920px by 1080px images that will solve that very problem. Take a look at how they can be used in our themes, download them below, and use them anywhere for anything. These images are released as Open Source under the GPL (GNU General Public License) 2.0. Enjoy!

Download The Package

Preview The Complete Set

This set of background images includes 12 different background textures and multiple color variations for a total of 20 unique looks. Below is a small preview of each design. Click the thumbnails to see complete image.


Examples Of Backgrounds In Our Themes

Almost all of our themes incorporate a possible background image of some kind. Whether it be the main background image of the website, the background image of a slider on the homepage, or just a nice texture for a post thumbnail, these images can be incorporate for wonderful results. Here are some examples of how these images might be used in our themes:



  1. Cool backgrounds, i will try to use it in one of my themes.
    thank you

  2. You guys are the best. That is all.

  3. Fantastic!! Thank you

  4. You guys deliver once again. – Thanks!

  5. Wow, they´re great – thanks for providing these and thanks for this license – much appreciated!

  6. Thanks guys. The second one will be perfect for a website I am doing right now. Love your work.

  7. These are really nice. Thanks!

  8. They are looking great ;)

    Thanks for sharing…

  9. I’m so happy I found you! Best investment ever!

  10. Thank you, these are great! We appreciate all the free goodies. I agree with Sonia, this is the best investment ever!

  11. What a beautiful gift to share! Love ‘em

  12. REALLY great! Thanks!

  13. Awesome, Thanks for variety. I appreciate it, and I know my customers will too.

  14. Those are gorgeous! I love your themes, but it’s these small “how can we make it easier to make your site look gorgeous?” touches that really make you stand out. You guys are so thoughtful!

  15. Thanks alot. These will be great to use and adapt as well.

  16. Awwww nice! This will come in handy. Thank you guys.

  17. Thanks – they’re awesome!

  18. Just in time for my re-design!

  19. As always, you’re the best!!! Thanks!

  20. This is why I love Elegant Themes! Thanks!

  21. You are wonderful people!

  22. Thanks, Guys! I’m always on the prowl for different bg images to add to my collection! Love the patterns and colors and can’t wait to play with these!

  23. Some of these backgrounds have huge filesizes. Won’t these really slow our website’s down — especially for mobile users?

    • Just reduce the image using a tool such as Photoshop or the free Microsoft image resizer. All you need for display is 72 dpi and reducing a file to this will greatly reduce the file size. All that would be negatively affected would be print quality and you aren’t printing thd background.

  24. Awesome! I’m sure these can come in handy for something. You guys rock!

  25. These are great, thanks!

  26. These are awesome! Thank you so much, y’all are my favorite!

  27. I really like and appreciate the direction you guys are heading. Between the design contest , PSD and background downloads, you are inspiring some great ideas on this end. Thanks.

  28. Very nice! It is nice to be spoiled.

  29. Nice of you to provide them open source. Maybe members could get access to original PSD files? :)

  30. Already using one. Gorgeous.

  31. These are so awesome. Can’t wait to use some of these! Thanks for the great templates and resources.

  32. As always ET, you keep delivering excellent, top notch work. Bravo!!!

  33. Elegant Themes is the best premium theme service out there. I’ve been saying it for years, but I’ll be saying it louder!

  34. Thanks, excellent pack

  35. Elegant Themes is the best investment I’ve made in WordPress themes and I’ve bought a lot of “developer” theme packages from other vendors.

    Bonuses like these backgounds are more icing on the cake.

    Thank you so much.

  36. Great, very pretty design.

    Thanks a lot.

  37. Nice backgrounds, thanks. Hey, the 3 sample home pages you show – one is Chameleon, what are the other 2?

    • Harmony and Fusion :)

  38. great thank you for these! very useful :-)

  39. Thanks for offering these! They are awesome!

  40. Fantastic..and Thank you so much for sharing such fabulous backgrounds for free! Keep Rocking Team..You are the best!!!

  41. Great stuff Nick! You’re making it a whole lot easier for me to decide to renew my subscription. 8-)

  42. Awesome!! Appreciate your thoughtfulness very much…
    Keep up the good work!

  43. Great! Thanks!

  44. Awesome tricks Nick!!! Thanks for share, such excellent designs.

  45. wow, this was so very nice of you guys. I didn’t even know you had a weekly giveaway and I’ve been getting your stuff for over a year now.

    Thank you very much!!
    blessed be,
    ~elaine ossipov.

  46. Thanks guys. They really look great.
    Will let you know where I used them…

  47. Wow, this is such a wonderful assortment to be giving away.

    When did you start having weekly giveaways?

  48. There is a reason I gladly pay to stay in subscription. Even though this is free, this should be an indication of what this company can do. Worth every cent!


  49. I’m loving it but have a suggestion that would help with the large file size problem that all the images with textures have:

    Why not break the images up into two (or maybe three) layers? The under layer would be the illuminated gradient (like #4) which is <50Kb. The over layer would be the texture pattern which is small (a few Kb in a .png file) if you allow it to simply be a repeating pattern.

    You can then leverage CSS's ability to have multiple background images as described here: http://css-tricks.com/stacking-order-of-multiple-backgrounds/

    That would get most of these images down under 50 or 60Kb and even add to the flexibility of the package.

    All in all, though, THANKS!

    • These images are intended to be used as Featured Images in WordPress, which do not support repeating backgrounds. They are also re-sized and cropped, so the initial size of the image doesn’t matter so much. Furthermore, even though some have patterns, the images itself is not repeatable due to the varying values throughout the image.

      If you plan on using the image as a background for the entire website, then you can simply size down the images in Photoshop before you use them. I think it’s better to provide the largest resolution in the package so that they can be sized down to whatever size you find necessary. You can’t size things up :)

      • What I should write in my site if I use an image of these?

  50. Awesome design…

    Download it…fabulous…

  51. Thanks, ET. These’ll come in handy!

  52. Beautiful – thanks so much!

  53. Great WALLPAPERS for me, thanks! ;)

  54. I actually just used one of these backgrounds on a new website I’m building right now. Great timing! Thanks for giving so much.

  55. Very Nice looking set of backgrounds! I’m not a huge fan of many patterns but these are nice! thank you!

  56. Really nice work, I might think about using one of these on my new website.


  57. These are beautiful backgrounds, Thanks for sharing!

  58. Great! I was just looking for some backgroungs! Just in time! Thank you.

  59. Gorgeous work with great colors and attention to detail. Thank you very much!

  60. Hi
    very excellent
    Good luck

  61. Absolutely phantastic, thanks

  62. Thank you very much!

  63. Awesome, recently EE posted many design-related stuffs, and I love them all. Keep them coming.

  64. Oh my god these are gorgeous! Nice collection you found there, love the one with the violet touch :) instant download :D

  65. Awesome background. Already downloaded it one for my beloved blog. Thanks so much.

  66. Hi,

    What I should write in my site if I use an image of these? Furthermore should I upload a GPL V2 License together? I am a bit confused. Thanks!

  67. These are fantastic – thank you!

  68. wow! fantastic i really like these .

  69. I just found this while doing a search for backgrounds. I missed it when it was originally posted. I was happy to find it here at my favorite theme developer’s blog!

  70. Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  71. This is really amazing. I have download the all package. Thanks for share.

  72. Man, these are some awesome backgrounds … thanks so much ;)

  73. Thank you so much for this. I am so thankful that this is available.

  74. this is just…I even have no premium resources to be this good like your backgrounds here. Thank you for sharing this for free. Instead of having 9999999999+ average backgrounds I can really rely on those – look beautifull, good job !

  75. Thank you for the beautiful images

  76. Thank you Very much …..these all the Background are just awesome………..
    I download all the package..

  77. Thnx elegant for this nice backgrounds! :)

  78. Super! Thanks

  79. Thank you so much! It’s amazing :)

  80. I have to say only one thing….Thanks..!!

  81. Love em, thanks so much… completely love your comment look, such as the soft buttons and the whole theme of the site! :)

  82. Wow, pure quality! Beautiful work. Thank you!!

  83. Awesome! Thank you very much, is very useful

  84. A good background for my website!

  85. Sweet collection, this would look nice on any site background.

  86. really nice collection keep it up thanks for sharing

  87. Thx a ton… I am a noob designing my own site and this was really helpful!!

  88. Thanks for posting these background images. Downloaded and hope to use these images in my next project very soon.

  89. Excellent. Just what I needed for a quick coming soon job I am doing. Thanks man.

  90. beautiful :)

  91. Thank you!!!

  92. Can i use this with my wordpress custombackground?

  93. What a beautiful gift to share! Love ‘em

  94. great designs! thanks!

  95. I am loving them all. Keep ‘em coming.

  96. This is such a public service. Thank you!

  97. Nice pack of backgrounds, I’m going to use this for my themes background. Thank you for sharing.

  98. Lovely!! Thank you so much!

  99. Sweet Backgrounds. Thanks.

  100. Finally, some free to use backgrounds. Very much appreciated. Thanks so much :) [Sharing Is Caring] {SPREAD THE WORD}

  101. What is the name of the social media slider on the left side of this page and how do I get something like this on my site?

  102. Thanks For Sharing..

  103. wow* I like all backgrounds images and themes. Thanks Admin.. :)

  104. Wow, thank you. Awesome backgrouund image.

  105. for the noob designer … could you help explain how to use divi and get the example you list above, where the image goes to the top of the page and goes behind the menu and logo. thanks

  106. Dude, many thanks for these LOVELY web backgrounds! I’m about to put them to gooood use. You rock!!

  107. Very Nice looking set of backgrounds! I’m not a huge fan of many patterns but these are nice! thank you

  108. Awesome backgrouund image. Thanks you

  109. Thanks for this great package!

  110. As usual, your products are marvelous!

  111. Awesome! Where i can find the single tile? So i can use it in repeat mode in less bytes.

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