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Using Premade Layouts In Divi

Divi ships with tons of great premade layouts that you can use to jumpstart your design.

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Using Header & Navigation Options

Easily customize the look & feel, as well as the structure of your header.

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Using Divi’s Right Click Controls

Divi’s right click controls give you quick access to some new and commonly-used features.

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Using Divi’s Blank Page Template

Use the Blank Page template to create unique stand-alone landing pages.

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Using Divi Visibility Options

The Divi Visibility Options give you control over when elements are visible or hidden.

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Using Divi Transition Options

The Divi Transition Options allow you to control the transition duration, delay, and speed curve of any hover animations you have applied to an element.

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Using Divi Transform Options

Divi Transform Options are a set of powerful tools that allows you to manipulate your web design in stunning ways, creating depth and compelling visual effects.

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Using Divi Spacing Options

It’s easy to customize spacing in sections, rows, and modules with Divi’s Spacing Options.

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Using Divi Sizing Options

Divi Sizing Options make it easy to adjust the sizing of sections, rows, columns, and modules in Divi.

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Using Divi Section Dividers

Divi Section Dividers give you the ability to add creative shape transitions between different sections on your page.

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