8 Best WordPress AI Image Generators in 2024 (Compared)

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First Pick

Divi AI

Pricing: $18 per month
Standout Features: Powerful AI Image Generator, AI Text Generator, Code Generation Capability

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Second Pick

AI Engine

Pricing: $49 per year
Standout Features: Three Default Image Styles, Images SEO Optimization, Variety Image Iteration Options

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Third Pick

Elementor AI

Pricing: $2.99 per month
Standout Features: Advanced Image Editing Options, Generative Fill Feature, Extensive Image Creation Scope

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Blog / WordPress / 8 Best WordPress AI Image Generators in 2024 (Compared)

AI image generators allow you to create outstanding digital works of art. Bringing this technology into your next website project is possible by adding a WordPress AI image generator to your website. However, as this is a relatively new concept, where does one start looking for ways to bring advancements like stable diffusion and more to your site? In this post, we’ll help you find the best WordPress AI image generators to take your website images to a new level and make you more efficient. We’ll compare each, highlighting key features, costs, and more.

What is a WordPress AI Image Generator?

An AI image generator uses text prompts or templates to generate digital art with the power of AI. Most AI art generators can create computer-generated AI art in various styles, from line drawings to anime.

A WordPress AI image generator seeks to bring this functionality directly within the WordPress dashboard. Instead of using an external AI image generator like Jasper Art, Photosonic, or Midjourney to create images, you can use a WordPress AI image generator in your WordPress backend. Using a plugin directing in WordPress to generate art saves you time and keeps your website creation process streamlined. As such, it makes sense to seek the best WordPress AI generators for your next website build.

The Best WordPress AI Image Generators

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The best WordPress AI image generators seek to bring computer art creation directly to the WordPress user. Our brief list covers dedicated art creators to full-blown AI toolkits that bring more than just image generation to your website.

1. Divi AI


Divi AI is a mighty AI tool that supercharges the popular Divi WordPress theme. It can interpret the context of your entire website and use that understanding to generate content and images automatically. You won’t need websites like Shutterstock to search for stock images. With Divi AI, you can easily create the perfect image for your page within the Divi Builder. Divi AI allows you to produce creative images with many different image styles. Make digital paintings, 3D renderings, hand-drawn sketches, and more. Additionally, you can modify your existing images, changing their style with a single click!

Divi AI also includes a powerful AI text generator, giving you an all-in-one AI tool for images and copy. Furthermore, Divi AI’s roadmap includes code generation, entire layout creation, and image editing. This dynamic tool is undoubtedly one that you’d want to use for your WordPress website today.

Key Features of Divi AI:

  • AI image generator and text generator for WordPress
  • 12 image styles, three aspect ratios, and generates four images at a time
  • Instantly generate custom digital art with AI from within your page builder
  • Upscale your AI-generated art by 2x and 4x while maintaining a high-resolution
  • Resize your AI-generated images as well as your existing images
  • Transforms text prompts into digital art, creating relevant, on-brand images based on your web page content
  • Use reference images with AI to generate new creations
  • Set custom dimensions and control the aspect ratio of your digital art

Upscale images with Divi AI

Easily upscale your uploaded and AI-generated images with Divi AI. No longer will you need to open Photoshop or Canva to change the size of your images. Divi AI can increase the dimensions and resolution of your images while preserving their quality.

Best For:

Divi AI is the tool for you if you want a solid AI image-generation tool that allows you to have control over your images while you’re building your website. Its tight integration with the Divi page builder empowers you to create beautiful pages without worrying about finding the right images for your page layouts.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $18 per month; Requires a Divi membership which starts at $89 per year

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2. AI Engine

AI Engine, a powerful WordPress AI plugin

AI Engine is a robust WordPress AI plugin with various AI generation features. And it has an AI image generator that you can use right inside the WordPress editor. AI Engine’s image generator gives you a few style templates that you can use to create images for your blog posts and pages.

You can issue text prompts, in addition to or outside the style templates, to create unique images for your website. Furthermore, the AI engine makes using your generated images around your website easy. Consider using AI Engine on your website today for a practical AI image generator with copy and chatbot functionality.

Key Features of AI Engine:

  • Three default image style templates
  • Create and edit images with AI
  • Generate 1, 2, 3, 6, or 9 image iterations at a time
  • Download or add your generated images to the Media Library
  • Create image style templates from prompts and generated images

AI Engines ALT information and more

After you’ve created your images with AI Engine, you can set the title, caption, description, and alt text. Optimizing your images for SEO and accessibility is a great way to make your images and website usable for people who may interact with the internet differently.

Best For:

AI Engine is a good WordPress AI image generator for those who want to create a specific visual brand for their images. Additionally, if alt text and controlling the caption and titles of your digital images is essential, AI Engine does an excellent job covering all your image SEO bases.

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $49 per year.

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3. Elementor AI

Elementor AI

Elementor AI uses text prompts and styles to create images within the Elementor builder. Describe the type of image you want, and Elementor AI will be able to make it. Create visuals wherever they are within the Editor. Whether it’s the image widget, call-to-action widget, image widgets, background images, and more, Elementor AI can create eye-catching and uncommon digital images for our WordPress website. Furthermore, Elementor AI has powerful editing functionality, allowing you to edit your creations in the builder directly.

Key Features of Elementor AI:

  • Five image types, four image styles, and seven aspect ratios
  • Six editing options for generated images
  • Image upscaling and resizing
  • Use generative fill to add content to generated images
  • Create images from examples and upload images

Edit with Elementor AI

Elementor AI allows you to edit your newly generated images deeply. You have six options to improve your AI images, including removing the background, resizing, and ultimately replacing the background of your new image.

Best For:

Should you want to make extensive edits to your digital images without leaving the WordPress dashboard, Elementor AI does an excellent job of providing you with additional tools to edit your AI images.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $2.99 per month; requires an Elementor membership starting at $59 per year

Get Elementor AI

4. AI Power

AI Power, a complete AI pack for WordPress

AI Power is a WordPress plugin with a solid mix of AI tools, including an AI image generator. A standout feature of AI Power’s image generator is the sheer number of settings you can mix and match to create digital art. Set the color mode of your generated image, pick a style, take inspiration from famous artists, and more are just a few settings you can combine to create your digital art in WordPress. AI Power brings the whole gambit of what is possible when generating digital art to WordPress.

Key Features of AI Power:

  • Large selection of settings, including artist inspiration, lighting, composition, and more
  • It uses DALL-E and Stable Diffusion to generate images
  • Generate images using text prompts and over 12 different image customization options
  • Generate 1-10 images at a time
  • Add special effects to images like bokeh, blur, double exposure, and more

User generated images on your website's frontend with AI Power

AI Power’s image generator allows you to add a frontend image generator. Allow your users to create their art using either DALL-E or stable diffusion.

Best For:

Having the option of using DALL-E or stable diffusion for your image generation is a reason to consider using AI Power as your image generator. Furthermore, the extensive options it provides for creating digital art make it a good choice for those who want complete creative freedom over the art they create with AI.

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $7.99 per year

Get AI Power

5. AI Content Writing Assistant

AI Content Writing Assistant

AI Content Writing Assistant is focused on creating written content. However, it is also a good AI image generator for WordPress. This AI WordPress image generator gives you a myriad of presets and image experiments, allowing you to create one-of-a-kind digital art from within your WordPress dashboard. Furthermore, you can save your image creations in the WordPress Media Library directly. This means you can insert your visuals anywhere through your WordPress site. A strong AI content writer and image generator is a sure-fire way to enhance your WordPress website with AI.

Key Features of AI Content Writing Assistant:

  • Three image size options, 16 image presets, 26 image experiments
  • Generate a custom number of iterations
  • Custom image beautifier feature using stable diffusion
  • Directly save to Media Library

Image SEO with AI Assistant

As AI Content Writing Assistant is a predominately writing AI tool, it’s no surprise that it brings SEO capabilities to image generation. Its image generator allows you to assign SEO optimizations like title, alt text, and more to your generated images.

Best For:

Bloggers, content creators, and writers who want a strong AI writing assistant with image generation capabilities should use AI Content Writing Assistant.

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $3.33 per month

Get AI Content Writing Assistant

6. AiBud WP

AiBud WP, a WordPress AI image generator

AiBud WP, like many AI image generation plugins, is powered by Open AI. It uses text prompts to generate images from scratch in various styles. AiBud WP’s image generator provides you with a long list of settings that you can implement to create the perfect art piece for your posts and pages. You can choose the number of generated images, edit their metadata, and decide whether to add it directly to your Media Library or download said image to your hard drive.

Key Features of AiBud WP

  • Generate 1, 2, 3, 6, and 9 images at a time
  • 15+ options for image style, artist inspiration, photography style, and lighting
  • 3 sizes to choose from 256 x 256, 512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024
  • Choose generated image resolution from 720 to 4k

AiBud Image Generation in default builder

AiBud’s AI image generator can work directly from your page or post-editing screen. This plugin can generate images from your post content by enabling Image Suggestions. You’ll no longer need to search the internet for the perfect image for your post, as AiBud will scan your content and create a unique digital art piece to use as your featured image.

Best For:

If you write lots of content and want to save time looking for featured images for your blog posts, having AiBud as your WordPress AI image generator can significantly help your content creation process.

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $5 per month

Get AiBud WP

7. Bertha AI

Bertha AI, a WordPress copilot

Bertha AI is a streamlined AI tool for WordPress. Its image generator, Bertha Art, can be invoked from the WordPress dashboard or directly in your pages and posts. Unlike other AI image generators, Bertha Art can quickly create images where you write, making you an efficient blogger by saving time from exiting the text editor. Bertha Art’s interface is simple, giving you several options when creating custom digital images for your content.

Bertha Art lets you easily download and save your art to the Media Library or your computer. You can also upscale and resize your image directly in the Bertha Art interface. This WordPress AI image generator lets you set your newly created art to your featured image in one click. Berta Art is for you if you want an uncomplicated AI image generator for your WordPress blog.

Key Features of Bertha AI:

  • 15+ image artist inspiration, trends, styles, and substyles to use to generate your digital art
  • Three image orientation types: square, portrait, and landscape
  • Downloads your art in resolutions high enough to print (300 DPI+)
  • Improve with Bertha Art’s prompts with Bertha Genie

Bertha's community art

Bertha Art gives you access to its community library of images. You can search and add to their library or images, which can be used freely on and around your site. You can then save these images to your Media Library, download them, resize them, or use them as the foundation for an image prompt to create new works of art.

Best For:

Bertha AI is best for those who need assistance creating interesting prompts to make their computer-generated art. Bertha AI can help you come up with unique prompt variations, bringing you the best in digital art creation.

Pricing: Free, paid plans start at $20 per month

Get Bertha AI

8. Imajinn

Imajinn AI Image Generator for AI

Imajinn is a WordPress AI image generator that uses advanced AI to produce impeccable blog images within seconds. This AI image generator works seamlessly in the Block Editor, directly integrating state-of-the-art AI image generation into your WordPress website’s backend. This empowers you to craft captivating visuals for any subject, relying solely on your imagination. The Imajinn editor menu has an assortment of tools that you can use to edit your generated images.

You can also easily share your photos on Twitter while remaining within the WordPress Block Editor. As one of the few WordPress AI image generators that is block-enabled, Imaginn is a tool you should consider if you plan on building websites with Gutenberg in mind.

Key Features of Imajinn:

  • 15+ style presets and features, three different image orientations
  • Gutenberg compatible
  • Prompt Genie, which enables you to create custom prompts with assistance
  • Easily view past generations with the History feature

Imajinn AI editing tools

Imajinn creates custom digital art and gives you native tools to edit your artwork. Touch-ups, inpainting, resizing, and more are built-in features within the Imajinn image block. You don’t need to edit your new photos externally; you can do everything right within the Block Editor.

Best For:

If you are a fan of the Block Editor, Imajinn is the best WordPress AI image generator for you. Create, edit, and insert images swiftly with the perfect tool for your Gutenberg-powered website.

Pricing: You can try it for free. Plans start at $9 per month for 400 image generations.

Get Imajinn

Comparing the Best WordPress AI Image Generators

Our list of the best WordPress AI image generators is varied enough for you to find the right tool for your website. Whether you need precise customization options, a full AI suite of tools, or want native image editing, a plugin on our list can meet your needs.

Best WordPress AI Image Generator Price Comparison

Now that we have our list of the best WordPress AI image generators, let’s compare them based on price and see which ones we can use for free.

PluginPriceFree Option
🥇Divi AI$18 per monthVisit
🥈AI Engine$49 per year✔️Visit
🥉Elementor AI$2.99 per monthVisit
4AI Power$7.99 per month✔️Visit
5AI Content Writing Assistant$3.33 per month✔️Visit
6Ai Bud WP$5 per month✔️Visit
7Bertha AI$20 per month✔️Visit
8Imajinn$9 per month✔️Visit

What is the Best WordPress AI Image Generator?

Our list of the best WordPress AI image generators will help you navigate how to use AI to create works of ont in your WordPress website. Considered the top AI image generator, Divi AI is an intelligent image generator that gathers information from your content and applies that context to your images. Never again will you need to use stock images with Divi AI by your side. AI Engine may have many AI tools, from content to chat, but it maintains a solid feature set for its image generator.

Lastly, Elementor AI’s image editing features are very advanced, helping those who want pixel-perfect digital art to be able to optimize their images perfectly. All in all, WordPress is starting to have more image generators join its ranks. Hopefully, our list will help you find some new plugins you can test on your WordPress sites.

And if you’re looking for more WordPress AI plugins, check out all our articles featuring the best plugins to use in WordPress.

Featured image via alexdndz / shutterstock.com

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  1. I have bought and tested the divi image AI extensively and can just say its not good at all. Even the easiest things like: man cutting tree, kid in school, cat in animal shelter, woman with stomach pain, face acupuncture… The results are very bad. I have tried hundreds of times to get images of it for real projects, but in the end I have not used a single one. I cannot say anything about the other WordPress AIs, but the divi one is useless right now. I sincerely hope they will improve it in the near future, otherwise it is useless at this point.

  2. This post was exactly what I was looking for. You’ve answered all the questions I had on the subject and then some.

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