Tips For Creating Memorable Logos

Posted on January 30, 2015 by in Tips & Tricks | 47 comments

Tips For Creating Memorable Logos
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  1. This is fabulous Jacqueline

    I’ve never tried to produce a logo but after reading this, I’m all fired up to give it a try.

  2. Great post Jacqueline! The logos are the soul of our enterprise. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Excellent article, Jacqueline.

    I hope more people will now understand that logo design is one of the toughest forms of design!

  4. Great post !

  5. Great job Jacqueline!

    I’ve seen some of this before, but all together a one nice post.

  6. Great ideas for using colors in logos. Thanks!

  7. I had never heard the bite/byte from the Apple apple explanation before. To me it was a bite from the apple of the tree of knowledge…


    If I could add one suggestion: Hire a professional.

    Yes you can build your own house but should you?

    • I agree with Ernest. This was a very interesting review of corporate logos but I’m not confident it is a thorough guide on how to create your own. In my opinion, you need a good designer teamed up with a brand strategist. If you don’t have good guidance in the thinking behind who you are as a company, it will never come through in your design.

  8. Good article. It certainly reinforces my dealing s with my clients that it is a good idea to have a logo to identify and reinforce your brand.

  9. Excellent Article Lot of food for thought.

  10. Great post! One small point – on the discussion about the Google logo – green is a primary colour, it’s yellow that’s the secondary (made by mixing red & green).

    • Green is a primary color in light, not in pigment.

      • True, but in pigment (or subtractive) primaries, the other 2 are cyan and magenta, not red and blue. By saying red and blue the article says it’s using additive primaries, hence the third would be green.

  11. A bit over the top in places. IKEA is blue and yellow because those are the Swedish national colors, and it is a Swedish company. Goodyear Tire and Rubber is named after its founder, Charles Goodyear. Chiquita’s lady remembers Carmen Miranda, and the NBC peacock the network’s pride in delivering color broadcasting

  12. Logo design, done properly, is a very time consuming thing to do. I tell my clients “If you have a $500 company, you need a $500 logo”.

    There are so many bad, bad logos out there.

    Road signs – specifically those of the warning variety as opposed to the informational kind – are yellow and black because black on a fully saturated yellow field is the highest contrast combination perceived by the human eye.

  13. Fantastic!,

    Just when I’m struggling in to create my own brand as an independant consultant and not a consultancy firm, this article came to me as a the missing piece in the puzzle to see why I was not happy with my first scratches.

  14. This is by far one of the best articles I’ve read in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and shared as well.

  15. Thank you Jacqueline, I got more ideas to make my own logo and for my clients..

  16. Nice article – so the first thing to do is to change elegant theme’s logo cause it is not a good one, sorry…. too much text, old fashioned font …. not elegant to be honest….

    • I disagree.. I actually really like the Elegant Themes logo. It’s simple and fresh and the * looks great by itself (like on their Twitter profile pic)

  17. Great post! Very informative. The girl scout green hair also make up a 4 leaf clover : )

  18. The Apple logo represents the forbidden fruit from the “Tree of Knowledge” in the Biblical creation story of Adam and Eve. That is what I heard.

  19. A very interesting article about logos. Thanks for that.
    Since I’m Swedish so I have to tell you about what the name IKEA has to do with the furnitures and what the name comes from. The founder of IKEA was Ingvar (I) Kamprad (K) and he was growing up on the farm Elmtaryd (E) in Agunnaryd (A) here in Sweden.

  20. Simply awesome article, Thank you Jacqueline!! Really love it

  21. The Apple logo initially was not an apple – It was a stone like slab with a ribbon on the top and bottom of it. Then in 1997 a rainbow coloured apple was adopted. It them went to blue and then on to black in 1998.

    Since then it has used 2 different tonalities of grey / chrome.

    A white logo on grey equipment is also used very often.

    By just mentioning the black only logo you have over simplified the Apple situation as it is not the full current usage of their logo.

    They currently use the white, black and grey versions depending on the product, app or store front being offered/used.

    Great logos do not need to be word/text based – the 3 pointed star of Mercedes Benz, the green bot of Android, the bunny ear playboy logo are good examples. They follow the same rules – simple, distinct, impactful and highly memorable.

    All in all a great article on the core aspects of logo design. Much to be learned here.

  22. Thank you Jacqueline, I enjoyed reading the article as well as the comments. All of this had given me some inspiration for one of my current projects.

    I would be interested to know of cleverly designed law firm logos. Take a look at the 4a Law logo combined the 4 and the A…

  23. Jacqueline,

    Thank you for such a wonderful post on logo design.
    It really is an interesting field to explore for us web designers.
    The logo examples you have chosen really make this post interesting to read.


  24. GREAT post! When clients try to pour everything they are about into a new logo design, I am going to direct them to this article. Thank you so much.

  25. Great distillation of information. I think I’ll make this required reading for new clients 🙂

  26. Wonderful article! It pointed out many things I never thought of before when it came to logos. Now I need to put these tips to work!

  27. I’m a lapsed graphic designer just got back into the business.

    Logo design is a specialist subject. I did a refresher course on all about logo design. It was inspiring because the teacher is brilliant and a designer. The name of the teacher is Tara Roskell and her course is called How to design a logo – A Beginners Course.

    I receive no commission for this course and I have no affiliation with this person. I am sharing it because it is packed with excellent information and many, many examples which will benefit the novice as well as the experienced designer. Her presentation all the while is so professional I can’t fault it. This is me a designer making such a song and dance about this course. I was bowled over by her in depth approach. It is truly a comprehensive course and you will come away understanding what logos are all about and how to create your own identity with a logo.

  28. You’ve given me much food for thought, Jacqueline and a sense of validation. When I was working with the designers for my website 3 years ago, I was focused on the logo which I created myself using the sense of message that I wanted which was then polished up by the designer. I specifically told them that the colors of the website should be purple and black.

    Not much thought went into it other than the fact that I liked purple and black. Other than that, I had not thought of color psychology. Was it my intuition or subconscious mind that was telling me that these 2 colors and my logo would convey my message?

  29. This was an excellent article; it stood out from many other good articles on this blog. Well done, I liked the insights. 🙂

  30. Great post! Thank you for putting this together.

  31. Great information, definitely it will help me and others to chose or create a great logo for business. thanks a lot .

  32. Wow! Fascinating information. As a freelance designer I used to submit lots of sketches, revisions on the black/white aspect of the design first, after which colors comes later. I haven’t thought much about colors psychology then until now. This is great! Thanks Jacqueline

  33. It makes sense. I’m gonna redesign my logo. Thank you.

  34. Awesome, and very useful like everything done by ElegantThemes team.
    Thanks a lot!

  35. Excellent article. Enjoyed it. Entertaining as well as ‘educational’. So important to get that ‘spark’ of inspiration… and, as in so many other parts of life: ‘less is often more’ ! Never noticed the ‘earphones’ in the Beats logo before – and I will NEVER look at a McDonalds sign in the same way again!

  36. Thanks.Its really helpful……Jacqueline Thomas….

  37. I’ve noticed the Goodwill logo in the large G has a third hidden message. A person’s head with their single arm giving or receiving in a goodwill gesture.

  38. Logos are generally designed to promote a particular company, institute or brand. While designing a logo try to find out the best color combinations. Color combination is an important part of our logo design. While choosing color of the logo match with the theme of the company e.g. for a particular environmental organization mostly green color is preferred which represents the coolness of leaves. This color is generally associated with nature, good health etc.

  39. wonderful tips again from Elegant themes.. i will consider these tips to create my new logo thanks..

  40. Great article! Creating a logo that is relevant to your industry will help you have a greater impact on your consumers.

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