How to Automatically Publish from WordPress to Instagram

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How to Automatically Publish from WordPress to Instagram

There are lots of people who post their Instagram pictures on WordPress. And there are a lot of plugins that let you incorporate your feed into your blog. But what if you want to go the other way? Going from WordPress to Instagram is maybe something you want to do, not only to increase your blog’s reach and get more life out of your content, but also to expand your social radius and the content you provide your followers on a totally different platform.

WordPress to Instagram? Really?

Yes, really. You might be thinking this is an odd move because WordPress is a blogging platform and Instagram is a photo sharing social network. However, over the past while, people have begun to post longer and longer content on Instagram. It has very much turned into a true microblogging platform in addition to the social network it began as.

And when they opened up the Instagram API to allow external services to post to user accounts, things really opened up.

And given that you are already creating content on your blog, you can absolutely have it perform double duty on Instagram. Best of all, it’s not hard to do. You just need a good plugin. We happen to know of some. How about that?

WP Instagram

About as simple as they come, WP Instagram combines the two things you’ll want to do: post from WordPress to Instagram and display your Instagram feed on your WordPress site.

Posting Automatically from WordPress to Instagram

WP Instagram is on the repo, so you can find it inside your admin dashboard or download it. Install, activate, enjoy. Well, not quite that, but it’s close.

You will have a new WP Instagram item in your admin sidebar. Click on it and put in your username and password. Once you hit save, you can log into other accounts.

Posting Automatically from WordPress to Instagram

You probably won’t have any issues with the Required Server Extensions for the plugin, but if anything comes back and says that you don’t have it, contact your host’s support. They will hook you up.

Now that you’re logged in, it’s time to do everyone’s favorite part of installing a new plugin: figuring out the settings!


Unlike a lot of plugin settings, you’re not going to have to deal with a whole lot of tweaking and poking and prodding to get this plugin to work right. The plugin gives you three sections to deal with General Settings, Post Format, and Post Types.

Under the General Settings area, you basically just need to decide if you want to automatically post to Instagram every single time you post anything. If this is checked, new posts will be pushed to Instagram. (Note: it says on post update in the plugin, but that does not mean every time you update an old post, your Instagram feed will get spammed. It’s only new posts. Whew.)

Posting Automatically from WordPress to Instagram

You also will want to check the box to use your post tags on Instagram, as they will be posted as hashtags. And that’s how content spreads. You can also decide below that if you want it to only update on certain kinds of post-types. Maybe you create a custom post type to exclusively be how you share to Insta. You’d just make sure it’s checked (and the initial automatic posting is off), and you are good to go.

Again, note that the settings page says you can post 2200 words to Instagram, and that isn’t the case. Instagram captions, hashtags included, can be a maximum of 2200 characters. So keep that in mind when including hashtags and post links.

The Post Interface

Inside your Add/Edit Post interface, your Publish metabox now has a WP Instagram setting, too. Even if you have turned on the option to publish every new post to Instagram, you can override that on a post-by-post basis here.

Additionally, you will have the option to write a separate caption to the Insta post in the text area. If you choose not to, the first 2200 characters of your content will be shared.

As for the image, it’s the featured image of the post. Since you’re likely using one already, it’s just a step you’d be taking anyway.

Posting Automatically from WordPress to Instagram

That’s it! When you publish your post, it gets shot off to Instagram, and your followers will get new-to-them content they wouldn’t have seen otherwise. At very little trouble on your end.

A Look at the Instagram Post

Posting Automatically from WordPress to Instagram

  1. The title of your post. This will be the part of your post that shows up in people’s feeds. The caption is only a hundred or so characters long.
  2. Any tags you use on the post will show up here, clickable.
  3. The post body. While the caption on an Instagram post is 2200 characters, those 2200 will not entirely be the post content. The title, tags, and link will take up part of them. The rest will be truncated.
  4. The link for the post itself. It will not be clickable, but it will be there for people to copy/paste. That is standard Instagram procedure. People are used to that.

One More Thing: The Widget

Posting Automatically from WordPress to Instagram

Don’t forget about the Instagram widget, too. Many people want to display their Instagram feed on their WordPress site, and WP Instagram makes it easy. You now have a widget under Appearance – Widgets called WP Instagram Post Widget. Drag it into any widgetized area on your site, and it will display a feed of clickable images from any Instagram account you specify.

Posting Automatically from WordPress to Instagram

You don’t have to log into the account, so you can highlight any friends or other accounts you like. When clicked, the image will take you to the Instagram webpage for that individual post.

Wrapping Up

Whether you want to post from WordPress to Instagram or simply display the feed from your profile (or someone else’s) on your site, the WP Instagram plugin will do it for you. It takes advantage of the updated Instagram API that allows external posting, so you may not have known this was possible because it was blocked from users for so long.

But now, we can share content across platforms easily and freely. Just write a post, set a featured image, and it’s posted in an Insta(nt).

What uses do you see for posting content from WordPress to Instagram?

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  1. Thank U for this great article.
    What plugin you recomand for wordpress to facebook ?

      • I’m having trouble getting “9. WP Facebook Auto Publish” to work.

        I’m not sure what I need to do….

        Thank you for any help.

        Cheers, Will.

        • Since Facebook changed recently, it is a nightmare! I can’t get the plugin I had for years working anymore. Very frustrating.

        • What’s the issue that it’s giving you, Will? And are you publishing to a public page, not a personal profile?

  2. Expected options. Instagram slowly takes on a more important role and it is logical to integrate these options into WP.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty crazy to me how important it can be. I read a feature in a local magazine about how a shop run by a local is done entirely using Instagram as a storefront. Not a website on its own. That is unfathomable to me.

      • Wait they use their IG account as their website? I’ve seen a lot of small businesses do this with their FB Pages. Most of the times its because They’re not educated enough about what having a website for their business can do for them.

  3. Excellent! Please provide the same functionality for Facebook and LinkedIn. I would like to publish once to my Divi-Wordpress web property (which I own) and syndicate to the social networks (owned by others). Thanks and keep the good stuff coming.

    • Precisely, well said thank you.

  4. Thank you for this, I didn’t know about the updated API. It would have been interesting to know how Instagram displays the images, i. e. are they cropped?

    • For me, they maintained their aspect ratio from the blog. They weren’t cropped to a square. Though you do have that option in the widget to only display square-cropped images.

  5. Interesting…Will that work with a video post as well?

    • I actually didn’t think about video while I was writing it, so I went back and tested it. It does not work with video for me, either as a video post or having a video in the body of the post itself.

      • The free version supports only image/text/tags, but pro version supports all formats, even story uploads. A very good plugin, thanks!

  6. Thanks for the info on this plugin.

    I have never used Instagram for my blog posts, but now I going to give it a try.

    • You and me, both. I had a friend ask me about this topic a few weeks ago, and I was like “…oh, wow. How did I never think of that?”

  7. Just because you can does not mean you should.

    • Agree with Paul. Right now I think getting images feed from instgram to WordPress looks more beneficial than posting blog links to instagram. Probably only some gallary posts can be published to instagram is better, not all posts.

      • You can set up a different post type to sent to Instagram with the plugin, so you can definitely be selective.

  8. My project for today was to figure out how to integrate WP and Instagram for a new project and then this was at the top of my inbox. Thank you for answering my question before I even asked it!

    • That’s what we’re here for! Glad to hear we helped. 🙂

  9. Great article. I will have to check it out. I am a life time member and love ET and all the resources and blogs they provide. I am very happy and love the support and the product you put out. With all that being said; of all the plugins out there that provide Instagram Posts and Feeds; I find it hard that this one (that has only about 1000 installs) is the one that you believe is the best solution. I have recently worked with several people who are on their way to being influencers in their given niche and worked extensively on their sites and have found a slew of other plugins that are much more robust than this one. Perhaps this maybe the simplest one to use and implement; however, I worry that you are supporting certain plugins with some vested interest outside of just organically coming by them.

    • We do our best to feature free plugins whenever possible. This ensures that anyone following the blog can quickly and easily follow along with our tutorials without having to pay for anything. We only feature premium products if they are our own (in which case our subscribers are likely to already own them) or if we don’t feel a free plugin can do an adequate job for the use case we’re demonstrating.

      • And 100% honest, I did come by this one organically. I had a friend ask me about a solution to this problem for his new site, and when I did a bit of research, this one was the one I liked the best in term so free offerings.

        There are some premium options out there, but like Nathan said, the free one does what a lot of people need.

    • Could you tell me which other add-ons publish from WordPres to Instagram

  10. Sometimes I think you guys are reading my mind, though I’m sure it’s luck, but everytime I ponder how to achieve a certain function on my site along comes an article like this one that addresses the need! Thank you! You guys rock!

    • It was in the latest Divi update. If you check the changelog, you’ll see `mine users’ thoughts for valuable content`. 😉

  11. I’ll try it out. Thx for the heads up.

  12. I try but, email to me with this message :

    No se puede iniciar sesión en Instagram!
    InstagramAPI\Response\LoginResponse: Challenge required

    • Do you happen to use 2FA on your Instagram account?

      • I gave that same message, even buy a proxy and did not work, I lasted two days in communication with the support of the plugin and found no solution.

        What is it 2FA

  13. My posts don’t use an actual ‘Featured Image.’

    Instead I put a Divi Image Module at the top of the post. Will this Instagram plugin include *that* image as part of my Instagram post?

    • Unfortunately, no. It has to be a featured image to work. From the ones I’ve tested, they all require featured instead of pulling the first image in a post.

      That said, if you can’t add a featured image without it messing up the format of the page, you can always target it with CSS and `display:none;`

    • I have come across this as well in our automatic posting to Facebook. I wish there was a Divi option to hide the featured image. Or better yet, to designate a Divi image or slider module image as the featured image of the post.

  14. Thank you!!! You’ve made my day!

  15. Thanks for this article. Installed it and placed the first post. Easy to do it.

  16. Just curious… do the links in comments work?? I know they do from your insta bio, but not sure about in posts in insta.

    • No, links in Instagram comments don’t work. That’s part of the platform itself, rather than the plugin. Some people choose to include them for copy/pasting purposes so folks can go there who really want to, but they aren’t clickable.

  17. Hi

    Great idea… but I can’t get the widget to connect properly and get an error despite having the correct username and password in the plugin. I am logged in to the Instagram account on the web with no problem.

    Any ideas?


    • From what I can tell, that’s a bad call on the API itself. And the best that I can figure out is that something may not be public. Is the account you’re trying to post to private?

  18. Thanks for this, and this is really good plugins for bloggers, Thanks for sharing this.

  19. Hello !

    I installed the plugin, all looks ok, but none of my posts appear on Instagram! Have I forgotten something? From what I understand, the posts are automatically transferred to Instagram? I thank you for your next answer.

    • Make sure that you have the settings updated where it is set to post automatically. I believe it is turned off by default. It should be the first option under Settings.

      • Because I had the same problem, and that’s what fixed it for me.

        • Hello,

          Yes everything is on green and the setting is on 😉 What it is can be ?

  20. Good article! Thank you for sharing an easy way to keep visual content fresh on our site.

    However: when I added the widget to an area on the site, I got this message: “User not logged in. Please call login() and then try again.” I’m definitely logged in, and I’ve verified that I’ve put the correct creds into the widget settings. Any suggestions to fix?

    • I posted this on another comment above:

      From what I can tell, that’s a bad call on the API itself. And the best that I can figure out is that something may not be public. Is the account you’re trying to post to private?

      • Thanks for your response! It’s not a private account. I did check the “authorized applications” area of our Instagram account, and it didn’t list WP as authorized…maybe?

  21. I get mine published fine except the Instagram content is the Divi builder tags:

    [et_pb_section bb_built=”1″ admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row” make_fullwidth=”off” use_custom_width=”off” width_unit=”on” use_custom_gutter=”off” padding_mobile=”off” allow_player_pause=”off” parallax=”off” parallax_method=”off” make_equal=”off” parallax_1=”off” parallax_method_1=”off” column_padding_mobile=”on” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat” background_size=”initial”

    Does this work with Divi Builder posts??

    • Eek. You’re totally right — it does produce the shortcodes instead of the rendered HTML. I can’t think of a way to override that since it’s taking the text from the editor box and displaying it. One thing you could do is create a Custom Post Type that you don’t use the Builder for that posts to IG.

  22. Good article, I will try later for next project. Thanks

  23. Didnt know you could even do this but its going to save me a lot of time. Great post, will have to give this a go. Thanks!

  24. It is undoubtedly a wonderful post to read. I am a blogger since 1.5 years and I never thought about this. It is one of the best ways to get the traffic on our blog posts through Instagram. Also, you need not to do anything. Just a single click and your post will automatically publish from WordPress to Instagram. This is amazing.

    It is really very helpful for all the bloggers. Without doing any effort, one can target a lot of traffic through Instagram. It doesn’t take so much time as well. I will surely give it a try on my blog.

    Is there any plugin for automatically publish posts on LinkedIn? If yes, then can you please recommend me the best plugins for sharing my blog posts on LinkedIn? It will be a great help for me. Thank you so much for sharing this informative article with us.

  25. Oh man! This is amazing.
    Thanks for your valuable article, It will help me a lot 🙂

  26. I am using Instagram feed, its premium plugin but consists all necessary features.

  27. This plugin does not work.

    At least not within EU and the GDPR privacy regime. I tried everything the author suggest, before trying another plugin – Blog2Social. WP Instagram Post & Widget doesn’t apply Instagrams procedure with confirmation code, hence it will never be approved to post on your account.

    When setting up Blog2Social it asked for the confirmation code, and it works.

    I’m sorry to say, but WP Instagram Post & Widget was a waste of time for me.

  28. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Does this also work if you have more than one pictures in your wp article?

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