15 Best Facebook Groups for WordPress Bloggers to Join

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15 Best Facebook Groups for WordPress Bloggers to Join
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Running a blog can be lonely. You may be writing for the public eye, but what makes your blog tick is just you or a small team that you’re a part of. Even the best of us sometimes run into challenges that we just don’t have the knowledge or experience to solve on our own.

You can do it alone, but Facebook groups offer a supportive community so you don’t have to. They are a great place to go with questions and conundrums. Not only that, but you can build friendships with other people facing the same struggles as you, give or seek recommendations for products and tools, and even spend some time mutually promoting each other’s work.

Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Here are fifteen great Facebook groups to join if you are a blogger using WordPress, whether you are just starting out or looking to grow your successful blog even further. These groups aren’t WordPress specific, however, as WordPress is the most popular blogging platform around today, there’s a very high chance most of the members of these Facebook groups for bloggers will be using WordPress.

While these Facebook groups for bloggers are listed in order of the number of members at the time of writing, don’t shy away from smaller groups, even those smaller than the groups shared in this post – closer knit groups are sometimes able to offer better visibility than the very large groups.

1. Blogging Boost

With over 21,000 members, Blogging Boost is the largest group on our list, and is very active.

The group offers a platform for supporting one another every day through Q&A threads and celebration threads. One day a week, the group allows self-promotion on the wall. There is a group Pinterest board and a Blogging Boost community on Google+ for additional reach. Also, there is a resource for finding or sharing guest posting opportunities within the group.

2. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

bloggers supporting bloggers

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers is a very active Facebook group with over 16,000 members. It is a great community for support and discussion, as well as sharing connections that may not be a great fit for you but could benefit someone else, such as a guest poster or a sponsorship offer from a brand.

This group has daily threads members can participate in to promote themselves and others. On Mondays, members can share a recent post. On Tuesdays, they can share a Facebook post they would like engagement on. There is a similar Twitter thread on Thursdays and an Instagram thread on Fridays. On Sundays, there is a coveted feature for “Blogger of the Week,” which group members can apply to be featured for.

3. The SITS Girls Facebook Group


The SITS Girls Facebook Group is another super active Facebook group. It is a collaboration between the blogging agency Massive Sway and The SITS (Secret is in the Sauce) Girls. It is an education-focused group determined to help its members learn best practices and build their reach as influencers. In turn, Massive Sway taps into the group’s nearly 15,000 members for brand partnership opportunities.

4. Bloggers United

Bloggers United

Bloggers United is a cross-promotion focused Facebook group with over 12,000 members. There are multiple promotional threads every single day, focused on growing engagement on different platforms, from Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram. There are also tips and knowledge threads, where members can ask questions and share their expertise on different subjects.

5. Inspired Bloggers Network


The Inspired Bloggers Network is the Facebook group associated with Inspired Bloggers University, and has over 11,000 members. This group is a great place to find collaboration opportunities with other bloggers and share brand contacts. Each day there is a new promotional thread for blog posts and social media engagement.

6. Blogging Newbs

Blogging Newbs

As the name suggests, Blogging Newbs welcomes new bloggers, but the 10,000+ members are all at different stages in their blogging careers. This means that they’ve been through many new blogging struggles and can help steer newbies through the process. The group offers a platform for collaboration, asking questions, and once a week in a special thread, self-promotion.

7. Boost Your Blog

Boost your Blog

Boost Your Blog boasts over 10,000 members and is more open format than the groups above. Instead of daily threads being posted to promote and engage with other users, there are occasional opportunities to share, and questions are welcome anytime on the wall.

8. Grow Your Blog

Grow your Blog

Grow Your Blog has over 8,000 members and is adding new ones all the time. Like many of the other blogging groups in this list, it offers daily sharing and self-promotion threads for all kinds of different social networks. There are also follow for follow threads and an ongoing open discussion.

9. The Blog Loft

Blog Loft

The Blog Loft, with over 7,000 users, is a great place for members to connect to share guest posting opportunities, offer advice, and promote their work. Members are welcome to post new threads to get feedback on their blogs.

10. Blogging 101

Blogging 101

With over 7,000 members, Blogging 101 is a great group for new bloggers to connect with others at the same stage and seek advice from those who have already been there. Each day of the week has a theme, from a motivational goals thread, to a collaboration thread, to a feedback thread.

11. Blog Beautiful

Facebook Groups for Bloggers - Blog Beautifu

Blog Beautiful is the Facebook offshoot of the blog Design Your Own Blog, and has a similar DIY design focus. Its 7,000 members make up a community that loves to provide feedback, help solve design problems, and offer up advice to take its members’ blogs to the next level.

12. GirlBoss Bloggers

Girl Boss Bloggers

GirlBoss Bloggers, with over 6,000 members, is a group for female bloggers to connect over their blogging goals and aspirations. From “Make It Happen Monday,” where members share their goals for the week, to “Flaunt It Friday,” a self-promotional thread, there are daily themes to keep discussion alive.

13. Awesome Bloggers

Awesome Bloggers

Awesome Bloggers brings together over 6,000 active members for mutual promotion. Each day of the week has a themed thread that members can join in on, sharing social media profiles or their blog. They then have 48 hours to engage with everyone else. These promotional threads are a great way to get a jolt of engagement on a Facebook update or Pinterest pin.

14. The Blogging Squad

Blogging Squad

With around 3,000 members, The Blogging Squad is a smaller group as far as this list goes, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable. In fact, in many ways, a smaller group is preferable, as there is a better chance you will start to recognize the members you interact with most frequently. Like other blogging groups, this one features daily promotion threads and offers a space to ask questions and connect with other members.

15. Bloggertunities


Bloggertunities is a group for swapping opportunities, such as guest posts, sponsored opportunities, and roundup features. With just 3,000 members it is a tightly-knit group for seeking advice and promoting your work.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are just getting started and need help setting up, or you’ve been blogging for years and are hoping to reach a broader audience, blogging Facebook groups are a great place to connect with others in the blogging community.

These fifteen groups are a great place to start finding and connecting with other bloggers, but this is by no means a complete list. As mentioned earlier, you may find you enjoy smaller groups best, where every person has more of a chance to have their voice heard. Or, you may prefer the hustle and bustle of bigger groups, where there is no way you will ever keep up with every conversation, but you’ll always have a wide assortment of threads to turn to.

Are you going to join any of these groups? Do you have experience as a member already? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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  1. Great list thanks for this I’m keen to work through and join them all!

  2. Thank you for including The Blog Loft in this list! It’s so great that there are so many amazing communities for bloggers to connect with each other.

  3. I really appreciate you including Blog Beautiful in your list Joe, it’s an honor to be mentioned alongside these amazing, supportive groups!

  4. A whole new world, for me!

  5. So sad that GirlBoss Bloggers was recently shut down by Facebook… 🙁 loved that group so much. Thank you for some ideas of other places to check out!

    • Why did they get shut down? I was also a member, I got great feedback and loved that group!! ?
      Great post about groups, thanks for sharing!!

  6. Joined some of them. I was already a member for some of them.

  7. Joined them all?

  8. Hi,

    What I noticed about most of these groups is that they do very generic things like “everyone share their blog post on Monday” and NONE of that stuff works.

    I’m in most of these groups and have participated in those things, and it doesn’t do anything for your blog.

    When I ask an admin what their site is, they either don’t have one or the site has like no traffic. Soooooo what’s up with that?

    I love that people group together, but these admins don’t really know what they’re doing and they’re basically telling people things that don’t work.

    Why, in one thread, did like 500 people post their “latest blog post” and they all say they checked each other out. So I posted mine, checked out like 15-20 ppl’s sites. You know how many clicks I got that day? 2. FREAKING TWO. I did it with one of my side blogs that I stopped working on years ago, so that’s how I know it was so bad.

    Some of the group owners aren’t very nice either. If they think you know too much (I’ve been blogging for like ten years, get paid to do it and know a lot from working FOR big site owners), they kick you out!

    I helped so many people, but once I said “ah, that doesn’t work” the group owners get mad and kick me out.

    Sorry for being so honest, but darn, I’ve had it with these group owners who don’t even have a successful blog, but they wanna tell people how to run theirs.

    No wonder people only get 50 clicks a day on their dang site. SHEESH!!!

    • Hi Jenn, I’m sorry you are having a bad experience in various blogging groups. Not every group is created just for promotion, many are support groups for when you need help with something related to your blog or business.

      I think it’s a little harsh to say admins have no idea what they are doing. I have a pretty successful blog and my group is pretty happy with what I (and the rest of the admins and group members) provide for them, which is mainly support and feedback on the specific topic of design.

      Like most groups, our group also has a weekly promotion thread, but that thread is mainly a courtesy to our members so that they have a place to promote their latest post as we do not allow them to promote any other day of the week. This is to keep the focus of the group on helping each other out and not just on self-promotion. As for people not reciprocating in those threads, since there is no way to enforce such a thing, how is it fault of the admins?

      As a group owner, I take great pride in providing a community of support and help for my members as much as possible and I know many other group owners feel the same way. Depending on what your goals for joining groups are, I hope you give some new groups a chance. 🙂

    • Good grief. Sheesh is right. There are a couple groups out there that reciprocation is not forced but expected… I enjoy participating in Blog Support Group. Keep up the great work.

  9. Thanks for that extensive list, although I might get lost in reading in these groups 😉 !

  10. I am going to join some of those awesome groups.

  11. Thanks for this terrific list, Joe. One of the areas where I struggle is figuring out how to prioritize my time. Between connecting with other bloggers, writing posts, keeping up with the technology, and working on my product offerings, it’s a real challenge. I run 3 separate blogs, covering 3 completely different topics. Perhaps one of these groups would offer some suggestions to help me improve in this area.

    • Hi Heather. Yes, promoting multiple blogs can be hard. If you join some of the those groups and take part in the promotional threads, you should get some help.

  12. Thank you for this – what a great article – I’ll look forward to checking these out. I have a very small group of small business owners who have WordPress blogs who are part of the WordPress Happy community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wordpresshappy/ and we share common challenges and I run regular short training and Q&A sessions.

    • Thanks Vicky, I will check out your group.

  13. Wow awesome curated list. I feel lonely theses days with my blog re-launch. I am going to check out some of these and get contributing like before.

    • Let us know how you get on Tamal.

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