The Countdown To Divi 3.0 And The Divi 100 Marathon Starts Today!

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The Countdown To Divi 3.0 And The Divi 100 Marathon Starts Today!
Blog / Theme Sneak Peeks / The Countdown To Divi 3.0 And The Divi 100 Marathon Starts Today!

Today we embark on a very special 100-day long journey filled with amazing Divi tips and tricks, free Divi library packs, Divi plugins and extensions, Divi child themes, Divi Nation podcast episodes and much more. Every single day, for 100 days in a row, we will be sharing a new and exciting free resource with the Divi community. But that’s not even the best part, because each day we will also get one step closer to Day 100, and on this day, the final day of this 100-day-long extravaganza, we will be releasing the most revolutionary version of Divi yet: Divi 3.0. If you aren’t excited yet, don’t worry, you will be, because throughout Divi 100 we will also be sharing Divi 3.0 sneak peeks and progress reports!

So What’s Coming In Divi 3.0?

Over the next few months we will be posting a lot more information about what you can expect from Divi 3.0. For now, I can tell you this: Divi 3.0 will launch with a completely new visual-editing experience that will forever change the way you build websites with the Divi Builder (for the better). We are on a mission to build the best front-end page builder for WordPress on the market. This new live editor will live right along side the current “backend” version of the builder, and the two experiences will be completely cohesive and interchangeable. If you are already a Divi user and have mastered the current Divi Builder interface, you will be able to jump right into the new builder with zero learning curve.


There are a lot of things that make this new visual editor exciting. When building your website with the visual editor, all of your changes will appear live on the page. You will be able to click, drag, drop and edit the page itself, instead of editing a block-based visual representation.

The visual editor will be super fast and responsive, and every change you make to the page will appear instantly. No page refreshes, little to no ajax loading bars, just instant manipulation of the page powered by React. We are really excited about using React to build what we think will be a builder that is significantly faster than any other visual editors available today. We are building it from the ground up to take full advantage of what the javascript framework has to offer.

This is a huge project, and it’s going to take some time to finish. Luckily, we have come up with a really fun way to pass the time: The Divi 100 Marathon!

100 Days Of Divi Awesomeness

It seems crazy, but we are committed. We have challenged ourselves to push the limits and produced some really great stuff for the Divi community…for 100 days in a row. This Divi 100 Marathon will act as the 100-day countdown to Divi 3.0, and along the way we will be sharing some really amazing resources. Here are just a few examples:

Divi Library Packs

Enhanced by the new portability system in Divi 2.7, Divi Library packs are now more versatile than ever. You can think of them like mini themes inside of Divi, including custom styles, encoded images, and even custom CSS. The more you build your library, the faster you will be able to tackle new client projects. During Divi 100, we will be posting a new layout pack every single week. Our lead designer Mario has been working hard on these packs, and they are looking really cool!


Divi Extensions

We will also be sharing various Divi enhancements in the form of extension plugins. These plugins can be installed along with Divi to add new features, and we have some great stuff planned. You can expect a new extension to be released every week as well!


Divi Nation Podcasts

The Divi Nation podcast will also continue at its normal time every Friday morning as part of the Divi 100 marathon. If you haven’t been tuning in to this weekly show, filled with incredibly useful Divi tips and tricks along with insightful interviews from the Divi and larger WordPress community, you have definitely been missing out.


Divi Tips & Tricks

Alongside all of these free resources, we will also be posting weekly Divi-related tips and tricks. Our writing team has been hard at work exploring every inch of Divi, and they have some great articles coming your way that will help you achieve a deeper understanding of what has become one of the most robust themes in the world.


And guess what? It all starts today! So without further ado, let the countdown begin 🙂


Divi 100 Day 1

The Countdown To Divi 3.0

This post is part of our Divi 100 marathon. Follow along as we post free Divi resources for 100 days in a row! This 100-day countdown will end with the game-changing release of Divi 3.0, including our brand new visual editor built from the ground up using React. Divi 3.0 will change the way you build websites with the Divi Builder forever!
Let the countdown begin.


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  1. Thank you for All. It will be nice to see all kinds of fonts when we have to choose. I just start with Divi and this is really a problem for me. I think it will be a big help to see them. Thank you ???

  2. Looking forward to the release of version 3. the previous versions sort of set a benchmark

  3. Guys you should use tags or some other way to organise the 100 Day giveaway, I’m trying to find a way to navigate this to see how I can go through every day’s giveaway but I’m finding it impossible to go through the list.

  4. I have an important question guys, Can we get free upgrade to DIVI 3.0 if we buy DIVI 2.7 now? Otherwise I have to wait until DIVI 3.0 will be released… but I already need it. thx for answers.

    • Yes if you buy Divi now you will get the upgrade to 3.0 in a few months at no extra charge.

      • Thx Nathan

  5. Wow! This sounds great. Can’t wait for divi themes 3.0 really awesome

  6. Are all these layout packs going to be included in the Divi 3.0 update, or do we have to download them all separately and build our own library based on our needs?

  7. Hi, are there any plans to add a Frontend User plugin in the new Divi (or ET)? So users can register on my blog and post a message themselves? There is not much available with a good consistent quality like your products…

  8. That seems really awesome

  9. That;s awesome!

    One Questions, Will this affect or we have to do redoing all work with current Divi Builder once we install 3.0 ? Or there will be no issues updating it from current version ?

  10. It souns really awesome, I am using version 2.0 of Divi with full RTL Support, is the version 3.0 will keep supporting RTL? hope so…


    • According to my experience, I cannot describe Divi 2 as having full RTL support. Fortunately it has good tech support – their support staff were able to solve most of the issues with custom CSS fixes. However, I know that any changes I need to do will require new approaches to their tech support. So I strengthen your request: I hope that Divi 3 will have full RTL support built into it from the ground up; without need for custom CSS fixes.

  11. Hi,

    Please guys add settings to set the height for the Image Slider module. This is a must.

  12. Way to make WordPress truly useful, at anyone’s reach and a real personalized experience depending on your imagination/need/purpose.
    Great job guys. Can’t wait…

  13. These updates will apply to the theme EXTRA ?

  14. Dear ET / Divi team…
    This upgrade sounds great… really looking forwards to it! Every day I’m waiting for the ET blog to send me a new Divi 100 update. They are all great!

    What I was wondering… will there come some kind of build in Glossary in the near future?

    These days for the larger knowledge blogs, a glossary with tooltip descriptions etc is ideal.

    It would be great to have such a thing in Divi build in! Adding a list of keywords, adding content to it… every page of post containing such words will get a link with a tooltip… and link to an overall glossary index page.

    Sure there are glossary plugins, but they don’t fit in the design / look & feel of Divi…

    Keep up the great work,

  15. Looks great!
    Will you also extend Divi functionality? I mean for example blog sorting option (by dates, names… etc) or blog filtering.

  16. Will Divi 3.0 sit inside wordpress cms or be a frontend editor?

    • Divi 3.0 will be a front end editor. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks very soon.

  17. Looking forward to Divi 3.0!

  18. Thanks alot guys
    Your effort is amazing

  19. Widget(not sidebar) module coming to 3.0?

  20. Divi is a great product I always recommend it to my customers and students. I am looking forward to this hundred days. Thanks and Thanks again!

  21. Its very cool that the front-end editor in Divi 3.0 will be using React.

  22. I would love to see more animations. Not just for images. Sections, text, video, everything. The ability to choose from options of how a section comes in to the page would be awesome.

  23. Great Job!Divi is one of the best themes already.
    Is there any possible to include Revolution Slider?Just like setting the wings on the tiger.

  24. Dear Nick & team,

    This sounds great 🙂 I use Divi for all my WP sites and even on client sites so you know I’m a fan.

    My only concern is that when I test my Divi WP websites on sites like and, I notice that the Divi related CSS styles and scripts have a big impact on the load times. Unless I haven’t configured something correctly or making some silly mistake (which if anyone could point out would be awesome), I really hope you and the team consider front-end website speed/performance in the lead up to Divi 3. I know I wouldn’t be the only one who would benefit from this.

    Cache plugins, CDN’s and other optimisations can only do so much and go so far.

    Thank you again for creating such a great tool.

    Best regards,

    • Divi is indeed quite a bit of a resource hog and tends to shamble behind other themes in terms of performance.
      The sad thing is, I have yet to see Nick Roach or any of the ET team address the issues directly, instead people are always just referred to articles on how to use MORE plugins and add-ons (Caching plugins, minifying and CDN’s as you mentioned; which, while not bad in themselves, do not address the real issues that exist with the theme itself) and the core issues are always avoided.

      Divi is a powerful theme, there is no doubt about it, but for those of you/us who are serious about web development and understand how much page speed and performance is a critical factor in the world of Search Engine Ranking algorithms, It might be a better idea to look elsewhere, at least until Nick and his Team can address these issues directly and begin to open up some dialogue on what is being done (if any) to improve it.

      It doesn’t matter how awesome looking, or fancy, or how many bells and whistles you can hang on your website to attract visitors. If it doesn’t load FAST then people will look elsewhere.

      Time to step up your game ET, get this code streamlined and concentrate a bit more on improving the user experience and a bit less on all the fancy dressing.

  25. Please add the ability to have more than 4 columns. As many as 12 would be awesome!

  26. Looking forward to it.

  27. Wow, this is awesome.
    Great job guys, this will be amazing.

  28. Well I’m disappointed by this announcement. The site builder (and not the page builder) could use some love too. The menu system is still subpar and could use improvements:
    * Accordion-style mobile menu
    * Use different kinds of menus for mobile and desktop
    * Full vertical menu (e.g. submenus exapnded in the menu column) for desktop
    * Etc.

    Also, it seems that longstanding bugs never get fixed (search icon on its own row on the horizontal menu in desktop view, Monarch Ajax calls, etc.)

    • agreed, as well as the logo sizing and the featured image size on the blogs. I’ve got a huge folder full of snippets to modify the theme. Maybe all of these annoyances will be addressed by the end of the 100 days 🙂

  29. How exciting! Will you be focused exclusively on the front-end builder for this upgrade, or will you by any chance also be adding a few much-needed tweaks to the Divi-builder, like the huge need for slider height settings (for those of us wanting to use hero images with no text)?

  30. Wow! I’m again blown away with the leaps forward. Finally something in WP that can also get attention away from squarespace for those extra visual clients.

    Question… willll visual builder show the whole page or just the content area being edited? Many of my clients want to see how it looks with all the elements, not just the conent area.

  31. Yeah, Divi 3.0 will be a game changer. UI looks really awesome, and countdown too looks great. The Divi 100 Marathon is an amazing way to share resources with Divi Community.

  32. Hi Nick,

    It’s great that DIVI 3 is built from the ground using React, in my opinion it is going to change the user experience of building website.It’s a great news.

  33. I can’t import this. I’ve deactivated all my plug-ins, but there’s no import button in my divi library.

  34. You guys are amazing.
    Some points:
    • I have had great support whenever I needed it.
    • Your products are beautifully thought out and sublimely simple!
    • Your pricing is generous and accessible – I recommend you to everyone I can.
    • Your ability to communicate effectively is superb – You provide such excellent documentation that I can’t deal with any other theme documentation anymore – just don’t have the patience!
    • You have built a family of users who love your work and your products.
    Thank you for this!
    Cant wait for Divi 3.0. Every good wish.

  35. Yeah!!
    We want the possibility of 5,6,7,8 columns on DIVI !!

  36. It would be awesome if the builder would work in custom posts!!!! That way we don’t have to count on third party plugins that don’t work well lately with the newer releases of DIVI.

  37. Hello,
    I am a customer very recent and all freshly come Divi 3.0 will be released, God really exists WOW 😉

  38. I stumbled upon this disconcerting blog post by Chris Lema – Divi Theme Forever – what do you all think about his take on Divi? By the way, I bought the LIFETIME option, regardless so I guess I am in it for LIFE, still ….

    • Should you choose to switch themes all you would need to do to keep everything displaying properly is install our Divi Builder Plugin. You wouldn’t even have to continue to use it. Just have it installed.

      • There was a discussion about a tool to remove Divi’s shortcodes if we ever would want to switch away from Divi (not that I want to :-)). What’s the status for this?

        • Unless you are using Divi builder for all your blog posts too, you probably won’t have that may pages that use Divi builder. So you can just cut and paste the text before uninstalling divi / divi builder. Same applies to any builder. Would be nice if the short codes could just disappear though!

  39. SUPER HAPPY! But just make sure the Divi update doesn’t break my websites. Last update messed up my website massively it took down all my images.

    Can’t wait for the new update tho, looks like divi heard it’s clients Halelulla!

    Thanks Nick!

  40. Love Divi, I’m hoping 3.0 will include a vertical centering button for modules, column and sections. That would be a wish come true.

  41. This is perfect!! I love the idea of the visual builder! Thank you! Can’t wait to start with the plugins!!

  42. My timing could’nt have been better. Forced to join Elegent Themes as a new customer bcos one of my clients had problem with his divi theme as his old web master dumped him midway. I am just getting a feeling that I have just landed into Alladin’s cave of Treasures 😉

    • Sort of like having gold bars thrust into your pockets

  43. Looking forward to the 100 days

  44. Used Extra to build our tech blog, It’s incredible. Just regretting not getting the unlimited/forever subscription 🙂

  45. This is awesomely awesome!

  46. Exciting, Always look forward to Divi Updates!

  47. Hey there — I am a HUGE fan of Divi and use it across several sites. On one in particular, there seems to be some stability issues with it not allowing me to edit existing pages. I’ve gotten rid of every plugin and can’t seem to find any issues. So hoping that Divi 3.0 will bring not only more design functionality, but also stability. Keep up the good work!

  48. Amazing 🙂

  49. YES!! I really wanted to see some of those layouts. I love to design myself but you guys really make some nice templates. Keep it up! Ill continue to make Divi tutorials on youtube!

  50. Great work here. Question. IS everything your producing . i,e the kits and extension suitable for Extra too?

    • The layout packs all work with Extra & the Divi Builder Plugin as well. Our “Divi Extensions” will be for the Divi theme only.

  51. looks great….but….100 days!!!!

    {and I just started revamping my site}

  52. A Front End Builder! Amazing!

  53. What about ajax basket update in woocommerce?

  54. Excited to experience some real game changing stuff ahead..!!

  55. As long as it’s not slow like Visual Composer…

    • The speed different will be substantial between VC and the new Divi visual editor. Basically instant vs not instant 🙂

  56. Awesome – Divi is excellent, and I have only just discovered the various child themes and plugins that exist for it. It’s the Divi Framework!

  57. This is awesome.. looking forward to the daily goodies, and the ultimate Divi!

  58. Sounds awesome. How about also adding the masonry blog format to Divi.

    • Divi has a masonry blog format. When editing your blog module settings, change the Layout to “Grid.”

  59. This is great! So excited about the news and tips. Let’s start!

  60. Ah well! Perhaps it´s now time not to use divi just for customers but also for the own blog! 😀
    To this point I didn’t because of SEO issues (source code isn’t that optimized) – but hey! The features are killer! Will have a close look the next 100 days 🙂

    Kepp up your work!

  61. I can’t wait :-). I look forward to updating some of my websites.

  62. Work with Divi will be more easy (if it possible)

  63. Great News!! Divi is the best, I love it… Good luck with your new release!!

  64. Hey Nick,
    As usual great news and amazing content coming from Divi 🙂
    My question is : are they going to be stronger option when it comes to the header ?
    Eg. Easy way to customize the mobile menu (hamburger color, the way the menu slide in etc.)
    Or display an image banner above the menu ?

  65. This is amazing! I’m using divi on my site ( and I just simply love every bit of it. Looking forward to the live editor, i truely believe that will change most people’s experience with wordpress forever.

    Well Done Elegent Themes!

    Keep it up!!

  66. Congratulations Sir Nick Roach and to the Elegant Themes team!

    I (and many of us) would like to specifically know about the pricing of the soon-to-be-updated Divi theme and Divi builder? We all know that the current competition, specifically those who offer front-end builders, charge really high monthly recurring fees. That’s very taxing to most of us — newbies and advance users. I am anxious that the Elegant Themes team will do the same to its customers including lifetime-access customers — lifetime-access for themes and plugins but not for the new Divi front-end builder. I hope I am wrong.

    The heart of the Elegant Themes team is offering their valuable and quality products at an affordable price. It has been the main reason why I (and hundreds of thousands plus more) purchased your products. Where else can we find that heart? The Elegant Themes team has it. I hope that heart towards its customer does not change.

    We all know that the Divi 3.0 theme and the Divi front-end builder will be WOW products of the Elegant Themes team — no doubt about it. But please update and honestly inform us about the pricing.

    Thank you and more power!

    Jason Lumines
    Very happy Developer Access (soon-to-be Lifetime Access)

    • We wont be increasing our prices any time soon. We have no plans to increase our pries at all.

      • Wow! Thank you Sir Nick Roach 🙂 that’s good news to everyone!

  67. Spankin

  68. The only thing that makes me nervous is the drag and drop front-end editor. I just finished helping build a site for a client who wanted to use WIX, which is supposed to be all “helpful” and “easy” because of their drag and drop interface, but I ended up HATING the program. Mainly because there was no clean way to line everything up and keep the content consist from page to page. Forget about mobile responsiveness – that part of their program is a nightmare. I found the entire program really, really messy and frustrating.

    So I’d rather be able to code from the back end editor with the modules. I feel like there’s much more control over all the content and its stylings. So long as you don’t do away with that control, I’m okay. But if Divi Builder becomes a drag and drop program in any way like WIX, that is not a good idea at all. I’m begging you right now not to do it.

  69. Hi Nick
    I’ve just invested in Divi so not yet started to use it, but looking forwards to it. Can I ask if you can make a recommendation for building a membership option and an online course platform to run with the Divi theme?
    My courses are video courses. Thank you, Tracey

    • Exactly what Tracey Hurst commented on is what I’m looking for in Divi.  Are there any case studies of websites used Divi to create Online Courses and Memberships.  I look to have video, audio, checklists, short-cut sheets and other materials for my clients and/or students to access.  I look forward to your response.

  70. Please make the divi module editing section work better in IOS. The floating edit section plays havoc with the virtual keyboard and Smart Keyboard of the iPad Pro. Cut paste changing simple links is a nightmare.
    I love Divi but I’m increasingly mobile and my only solution is when I can’t do something on iOS I have to use the parallels app to access my desktop remotely. I’m not trying to do anything fancy except update, add/change links,images.

  71. Woohoo!!! I was telling my other partners that I will take a break from getting web projects…hmm??? If I do that, I will miss the 100 days daily updates. But then again, when I come back…something AWESOME TO LOOK FORWARD TO…!!!!!

    Thanks Nick and the rest of ET Team for all the hard work you put into all of this.

  72. makes me curious :),
    may need additional facilities/function for slide module

  73. Now THIS is something to get excited about. As it is now, almost all of our websites are built with DIVI. And it just keeps getting better. Thank you Nick and the elegant themes team.

  74. Wow. Fantastics
    You Rocks

  75. super excited! This theme changed the web! OUTSTANDING is not even comparable 🙂

  76. Fanstastic Work! Absolutely love the direction you are going in.

    Will these new changes affect the Extra theme?
    Is the Extra theme still going to be side by side with Divi moving forward, or is Divi going to strive ahead on its own?

    Is your focus for one Theme to do everything?

    Thanks Chris

    • Yep, the new visual editor is part of the Divi Builder framework, which is included in Divi, Extra and the Divi Builder plugin. So they will all get the new builder at once.

      • I have a huge site based on Extra, does that mean I’ll get the new features there too? I have another couple sites based on Divi, so not worried about them – just the Extra-site. It’s taken me months to build it, and it’s always a WIP. I’m not a coder, which is why I went with your themes – they do make my life so much easier. 🙂

  77. alright! Can’t wait for the upgrade!

  78. Thanks Nick… Awesome!!!

  79. Great news!

    I have a question and a suggestion.

    Question: what is the best way or plugin to improve search in Divi?

    Tip: It would be awesome you guys make a plugin that enhances the search options.


  80. Looking forward to it!!!

  81. Custom modal windows and touch responsive sliders/carousals? Pleeeeeease… 🙂

  82. Make Divi plugin compatible with Divi Theme. I have had the plugin clash with the theme but needed it due to the shortcodes when using AppPresser Theme for mobile App that or code in compatibility for AppPresser.

  83. More great stuff from the Divi team! This is our “go to” theme and it never disappoints. Thanks for keeping up the great work!

  84. I’m so excited for the front end builder. Gives X theme a run for their money. 🙂

  85. How good is it to start the day (7:30am in Australia) with news like this!
    Coffee, and ET makes a great start to my day 🙂

  86. I’m really looking forward to Divi 3. Thanks! The one thing Divi 2 is missing for us is the inability to use the Builder on events created by The Events Calendar, which uses custom post types. If you can extend the Builder functionality to custom post/page types, it would make things much easier and more uniform.

  87. ¡Genial! Nick

    Salu2 y Gracias

  88. You guys are awesome. Not only Divi theme is great, your support is also great. Thanks…keep it up.

    Is there a way to add the following in the update:

    1. Have a “Tables” module.
    2. Blank line html code is being stripped by wordpress. Can this issue be fixed?

  89. Are there any plans to add event functionality to Divi sometime soon? Is there an easy way to do it now?

    • We don’t have any immediate plans to add an Event system to Divi, but it’s definitely something we might look into. Perhaps in the form of a Divi extension.

      • So extensions mean that the the base theme is not going to get super bloated with code and modules??

        • Correct. Extensions will be packaged as separate plugins.

  90. This is unique, this is awesome!! and now I’m now inspired to grow my tech teaching class to kids from Office to Web… wait… from Office to Divi framework. Thanks to all ET team.

  91. Love you guys!

  92. Wow can’t wait! The front end builder is going to be game changing for clients to be able to make changes to their website without having to go into the Divi Builder, which seems to scare many clients.

  93. If you are on the mission the be the best with the page builder, then a lot of great options of the #1 page builder at this moment (Visual Composrr) will be included?!?!

    • Our focus with this release isn’t so much adding new features, it’s more about approaching the building process from an entirely new angle. The framework we are using for our visual editor will be significantly faster than VC, and easier to use (at least in our opinion anyway 🙂 ).

      • Hi, Nick,

        In previous posts of yours you mentioned that you are planning to add new Fulscreen modules, and sections to the builder.
        I totally agree with Mitch about the new modules, and Woocommerce/Blog layouts.

        Can we expect something in these directions?


      • Hi i actually didnt think the divi builder needed a new way of designing in the first place, however its cool that your doing it, focusing on what is built at the moment and putting it on steroids i think is most important, eg new modules, powerful layouts. Better woocommerce layouts, the blog and woo are the ones lacking the most. Anyway i hope these are taken into account.

  94. Excellent! You know how to excite designers! We’re all giddy like a bunch of hyped-up Labrador puppies!

  95. fantastic news, this is going to take Divi to the next level

  96. Sounds amazing, my only question is will it play nicely with previous versions.

    • It sure will!

  97. Awesome can’t wait to see the new features on an already great builder. I as well would like to see an option to have the header and footer populate automatically to all pages/posts.

    Thanks again….very pleased with my purchase!

  98. Oh my stars, that visual editor – React? WOW!!! That will be amazing! Please can we have an extension or short code to add an cloaked email address to the upper ribbon, where the phone number goes?

    Many thanks. You guys are THE BEST!!

  99. 99 modules of Divi on the wall, 99 modules of Divi…..

  100. Is there a simple yet elegant tutorial with easy step-by-step instructions who to create a membership site for my online course the I want to set up on Divi? Please show me where I can get video, etc.? As you probably can tell I’m not a techie-chick. Thanks, I’ll be looking for a purposefully response in a timely manner.

    • Hey Casaundra, you can install a plugin like “Simple Membership” . Members are “users” and you can add content only available for paid users… create levels, etc. I’m using it on my own Divi site and it works great.

  101. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

  102. I can’t wait 100 days. So I’m building a Time Machine that will fast forward 100 days in which I’ll update to the new Divi 3.0. I estimate the Time Machine will only take me 99.9 days to complete. In that time, I’ll only have to flip the switch and zap, ping, bing, bam, be transported to the day of release without having to wait 100 days. My idea is pure Genius and has no flaws. 😉

    • Time travel is the perfect alternative to a situation such as this! I see no flaws in your plan, either, and look forward to your next comment here after you have hopped forward and then come back to tell us all about it. 🙂

  103. As a super early Elegant Themes subscriber, I’m obviously a fan. I can’t wait to see the new materials coming. Sounds awesome. Thanks!

  104. I hope divi 3.0 or a plugin will improve woocommerce integration !

  105. WOOT!

  106. Can’t wait!! Very excited about this.

  107. Hi,

    Things you plan sound really great!

    We have a few questions about DIVI 3.0:
    1. Will the new release include new modules, and possibilities such as more flexibility to edit headers, footer, new fullscreen sections etc.
    2. Will the release include more flexibility and built-in options to woocommerce – for example builder for the products, options to enable/disable catalog mode, options to add baners to categories and so on.


  108. Sounds amazing ! 97 days to wait (according to the timer) will be hard to manage.

    I don’t know if we’re talking about the same thing, but React JS is from Facebook and is said to be still in beta version. So any day a major update would be painful !
    How do You approach this fact ?

  109. Can’t wait for the new divi 3!…

    But 100 days is a long time ;P

    • We are going to release so much cool stuff during Divi 100, you might never want it to end!

      • Curious to know — how will we find out these things day to day? Do we have to make a special effort to visit the ET web site each day, or will we be notified via email or what? Just don’t want to miss anything!

        • If you are on our mailing list, then you will get an email each day detailing the new resource!

  110. I am a regular user, not a developer or designer. I have been using Extra and it seems like in the tutorials they said something like… if you have been using Divi, Extra should be familiar because Extra is Divi. Will these changes apply to Extra? I really love the category builder. Can you do that with Divi? Will these two themes be combined or something? Should I just start learning Divi now and not worry about Extra? I’m confused. I want to learn one theme and get a good grasp/understanding of it.

  111. Super excited about Divi 3.0. The count down has begun and already it’s super cool.

  112. I love it! I’m having so much fun creating with Divi!

  113. hot damn

  114. This is a brilliant news. We can’t wait for new release.

  115. Love it! Hoping that more blog post list and layout options are part of the upgrade – without having to mess with php files and the like [such as putting the title & meta above the image; and making the title in the blog title module actually clickable to that post].

  116. How did you style your countdown on this page to resemble a digital clock?

  117. A front end? It’s amazing! Especially for customers of websites. 98 days… Grazieeee!

  118. I’m new to Divi, though have signed up for the lifetime option and plan to use it on several personal, as well as professional, web sites. I’m still learning, but I’m always up for bigger-bigger-better-better. I hope the forms options will improve — that is a direct obstacle for me with one of my potential clients, the fact that we can only create contact forms vs. one where people can fill out options about her available services they may need. But overall, I’m thrilled — thrilled that I found Divi in the first place, and thrilled to see so many people here who are enthusiastically endorsing it — which just means I made the right choice when I went the Divi route!

    I, like others, am a little concerned as to whether our already-created sites will work via the new Divi — and I haven’t seen a definitive response from the developers as yet. I’d like to know — will we NEED to upgrade the Divi plug-in in our sites, or will we NEED to leave the old one in to avoid breaking the site? The work I’m doing now is REAL work, for clients, and I don’t need to do all this work — I certainly can’t wait 100 days to begin — and then have the sites break and have to start again. So some guidance on this and how it works or how the new version will or won’t integrate, would certainly be appreciated. I’d like to continue designing with some degree of peace of mind for the next 100 days. So, as another person above said, PLEASE REPLY on this subject, and thanks much! And thanks for a lovely product. 🙂

    • Updating to Divi 3.0 will be smooth, and will not affect anything you have already build. The new building experiencing is an alternative to the current backend building interface, but the content being built is exactly the same.

      • Still not clear on if we will need to replace the current Divi plug-in in any sites already existing when the next iteration of Divi is released. I think I get that you are going to continue to support both versions and that there will still be a choice of which to use. Is that correct? I kind of sounds like Divi 3.0 is a different animal altogether. I have one client web site that is quite extensive and which may still be in progress at 100 days. Will it be possible to start with the current Divi product and then switch midstream to 3.0, within the same web site? Will earlier pages get damaged, or will it just be a matter of choosing one or the other version of Divi on any one page? This new release would be so helpful, I think, for this particular client, but the timing is off for me; I can’t wait that long, but if the design is still somewhat under way, I’d like to know if I can switch over or if only one version of Divi can be in a web site at a time, etc. Sorry if these are convoluted questions; not exactly sure how to word them. If you could answer them specifically and not assume I know more than I do, that would be nice. 🙂

        • There is no reason to wait. Divi 3.0 wont change anything about what is being built. All of our modules, and the base structure of the builder is not changing. We are simply building a new interface to control those elements. You can use the current backend builder for fast prototyping, or switch over the Visual Module to see your changes appear live.

          • Thanks much. 🙂 This is very promising, especially for designers who really aren’t programmers. That’s why I went with Divi to start with. Now you’re taking it to the next level, and that’s something to look forward to. I think I found Divi at just the right time! 🙂

            • Oh, just to be clear, will the new 3.0 still be free to lifetime members? Or is that an exception?

              • Yep, anyone with an active membership will have access to Divi 3.0

  119. Will there be a beta?

    • Yep, there will definitely be a beta. Hopefully ~3 weeks before launch.

      • Will the beta be up for everyone during said ~3 weeks? If not, how can I ensure my team can get access?! We’re very excited about the launch and want to be able to plan and prepare as much as possible before.

  120. Great advance for Divi cause theme like X have live builder from more than one year ago. Only will be updated to others competitors. Great news!!

    • There are a lot of great builders out there, but we are planning to blow the competition out of the water!

  121. Great news!

    Divi 3.0 should have mandatory:

    – Custom 404 not found page!
    – Membership plugin available(business time).
    – Restrict content plugin(restrict pages/posts/categories)

    This 3 aspects missing from Divi to become the complete theme ever.

    • Thanks for the suggestions Marius. I think that a membership system or CRM would be better served as a standalone plugin. In fact, there are already a few great membership plugins out there that should work well with Divi 🙂

  122. Thank you! This this is very exciting. This is icing on top of the cake 😀

  123. We will wait for next 99 days to get new one

  124. Sounds great! Hope it’s compatible with sites in the current version for easy upgrades. Also hope there are some functional improvements in the slider, and native support of font awesome and other social icons without having to do CSS or a plugin. Also, additional menu options would be helpful. Thanks!

    • Yep, it will be a smooth upgrade from Divi 2.7 to 3.0. Don’t worry 🙂

  125. Hello Nick,

    OnePager is first page builder for WP built with React FYI

  126. Very exciting!
    I love and use the role editor with clients, authors, and blog contributors. It would be amazing for non-administrative users to add posts to specified categories on the front end. Will this be possible? If so it would be the perfect tool for creating online student forums. I’m very excited to experience the new feaures!

    • At least currently that is

  127. Wowsa, dreams do come true! I’ve been wishing for “3.0” for a long time as I’m, quite frankly, tired of not seeing what I’m designing in real-time as I build out sites.

    Accolades to your exceptionally dedicated team. You’ve got lots of skills!

    It will be a great fall!…

  128. Looks quite promising. I’m already excited for all the things to come. The idea of ‘100 Days Of Divi Awesomeness’ is just plain awesome!

    • We found a way to make waiting fun 😉

  129. this is pure awesomeness 😀

  130. Wow! Finally, a designer can be a DESIGNER! I can’t wait.

  131. Cannot wait!

  132. VERY EXCITING! I don’t know if you have time to read through all the excited divi user comments, haha, but just in case I thought I’d add my 2 cents 🙂

    I am curious if we will be able to install Divi 3.0 onto our existing website without hurting anything – that is the one major Divi limitation so far – no jumping between themes to check out something new (very smart business model lol) No worries tho, I love Divi and probably wouldn’t blog without it.

    I would LOVE to see a module that allows a visual drop down menu (like what currently exists on

    I would also be so excited to have a little more control over the header area / navigation in general. I hate the fact that the navigation bar needs to be above my header, since the Divi header is so limited I just have a header image that I have created and uploaded as an image module. Having the navigation below this would really look great!

    Looking so forward to seeing what comes next!

  133. The relentless pursuit of excellence and improvement is what makes you guys worthy Champions of your game. Being the best doesn’t stop you working to get better. Wonderful attitude.

  134. Hi, I want to purchase a license, developer or lifetime access. If I purchase a license it is possible to remove footer copyright information/credit info?

    Looking for a quick response.

    S Ahmed

    • You can do that now on the current Divi, Ahmed.

    • You need to edit the php either way.. unless I’m missing somthing.

  135. Hopefully the module customizer gets an upgrade too. Most modules have a dozen advanced settings while the customizer for the same module only has a few. And usually not the once I need. So I keep on ending up designing a module, and saving it to the library when I am happy. Only to find out later that I want another change, and then I have to hunt down all instances again.

    And a lot of small wishes for most of the modules to give them just that little bit extra power.

  136. You sure know how to get a girl excited!

  137. Fantastic guys. I use Divi on the majority of my projects these days. It is fast and simple to use. Thanks for giving us Divi.

  138. “the two experiences will be completely cohesive and interchangeable.”

    Thanks! Looking forward to all the library packs and extensions!

    • Out first layout pack launches tomorrow!

  139. Good news!

    Divi is today one of the best themes on the market, with version 3 it must be the king!

  140. Everything is looking sharp and fine but PLEASE! do some work on the Blog side of Divi. It lacks functionality or a good look, it is so standard.

    I know Divi’s main purpose is not blogging but it would add a thousand of value if it were prettier or more useful out of the box.

    • We have an extension that will be released as part of the Divi 100 Marathon that will offer a new blog layout for Divi. Be sure to follow along!

  141. Looks like Divi 3.0 is going to be a game changer!

    • Thanks Pierre, we think so too!

  142. I have been using Divi for over two years exclusively on all website projects and it has dramatically changed the way and the speed at which websites are designed. The live editor (been a rumor for a while) is without a doubt a MAJOR evolution in Divi and the WordPress platform as a whole. Thank you and cheers!

  143. Always on Top!

  144. Ability to edit the footer links is all I want…..

    It’s the #1 thing everyone wants. I hope you realize it before one of your competitors builds a better mousetrap and siphons your members away.

  145. What a way to start the day with this great news! I have added my own countdown timer on my desktop just for the fun of it. That’s how much I love Divi!
    Thank you guys!

  146. Exited and the timer count is too loooong to wait!!!

    • Luckily we found a way to making waiting fun. Be sure to following along for the Divi 100 marathon. The stuff we have in store is going to surprise you!

  147. Yes! I fell in love with Divi a while back and used it to build out a few sites for myself, but never for any clients. Most of the clients I work with are not comfortable at all with technology and the current builder was just too intimidating for them. I ended up switching to the Genesis framework and Beaver Builder for their sites specifically for the front end builder. My clients love being able to click on what they want to change without hunting for it in the back end page builder. I loved the latest options for Divi for marketing (A/B testing) and now with Divi 3.0 I’ll finally get to roll that option out to new clients! (The A/B testing options will be available for editing on the visual builder, right?)

    Can’t wait to sink my teeth into Divi 3.0!

  148. The only thing about DIVI I wish it had was a builder for the header. To add different things in the header area. That would make DIVI complete for me!!

  149. Será emocionante, ya lo quiero ver :3

  150. WOW – that sounds really great. Can’t wait to see this in action. I love to work with the DIVI theme and it is getting better and better. Thank You ET 😉

  151. 100 days!
    I’m stand by for this!

    Thank you divi.

    You are my as in the design web

  152. I just had a heart attack from all this excitement…see you in court! lol

  153. I am so looking forward for this!!! 😀

  154. Exciting indeed, I’ll be checking in every day!

    The front end editor would make it so much easier to for my co-workers to update content. Although there’s a small change this comment is read, here’s my christmas wishlist for Divi.

    1. Have the same awesome image-in-menu-options as with “Extra”.
    2. Have a Divi specific Mobile App to update content using the new front-end editor. Maybe even the back-end!

    (Number two is for next Christmas 😉

  155. Oh wow, I cannot say how excited I am! Whoop! go Elegant Themes. I am the biggest divi fan. 🙂 thanks guys xx

  156. If there was one thing about Divi that I thought needed an overhaul, it was the editor, so I’m really glad to see this, Nick. I’m sure everyone will also appreciate that you’ll be leaving the old editor in place, too. I’m looking forward to seeing it, and to continued years of further innovation…

  157. Fantastico!

  158. Awesome!!!

  159. Can you download the library packs Mario is creating?

    • Yep, we are releasing a new pack every week as part of the Divi 100 marathon, so be sure to follow along!

      • Can I download them from Dribbble ?

        • No they will only be available for download here on the blog.

  160. Not only is the upcoming release exciting, but seeing all the activity here solidifies the longevity of this awesome theme! Can’t wait to roll out the front-end editor to some of my clients.

  161. I fell into so much excitement just reading the introduction to this blog that i scrolled all the way down here to leave this comment!! ET is the absolute best in everything they do !!! Cannot wait for 3.0. Actually more excited about this than I ever am for xmas or birthdays lol!

    Keep up the amazing work team. I will continue to support you until AI completely takes over website design and developent 😀

  162. Please add support for custom post types like learndash custom posts.
    Thanks In Advance

    • Well Sharif I would take a look at the newly released premium CPT Layout Injector plugin for DIVI. That just might work for your learndash posts.

  163. I hope we are getting building a page module that was missed from most of the WordPress website builder.

    Ready to go pages related to different section like – Contact US (variations) and not the full themes.

    • We have a lot of great Divi Layout Packs on the way. Be sure to follow along for lots of great free resources during the Divi 100 marathon.

  164. Not happy at all. Once my clients find out about this new version, I won’t have a job at all:)))).
    They’ll manage pages by themselves…

  165. Exciting!

  166. Love Divi! Am excited to see all of the new improvements. Thanks for your innovative WP themes and vision.

  167. Freu mich total, arbeite sehr gerne mit diesem Theme.
    Danke und tolle Idee mit den 100 Tagen 🙂

  168. Exciting.
    I see Divi all the time when visiting websites. Divi is becoming a WordPress standard.
    Thanks for the great support as well on the forums.

  169. And my love for Divi just grows and grows.

    Awesome work as always.

  170. *drool* Can’t wait!! You guys are awesome!

  171. I have been using so many different website design tools, and the DIVI is amongst best.
    I am so excited to use the new version 🙂

  172. Good news! Good luck!

  173. Looking forward to all that!






  175. Olá Nick…

    Aqui é o Luizkarlos [ São Paulo / Brasil ].

    Saúdo a você, bem como também a toda esse Equipe Maravilhosa e Elegante!

    Certamente uma excelente noticia [ FANTÁSTICO ] eu já estou em contagem regressiva.

    Desde já, Muitíssimo Obrigado e Sucesso.


    Hello Nick …

    Here is the Luizkarlos [ São Paulo / Brazil ].

    I greet you, and also to the whole team this Wonderful and Elegant!

    Certainly a great news [ FANTASTIC ] I’m already counting down.

    Already, Thank you very much and Success.

  176. Great Stuff – anxiously looking forward to it!

  177. The front end editor sound like a great value. Will surely make users life easier.

  178. Nick, you and your imcredible team keep bringing more & more value! Insane!! Excited about the next 100 days… Genius!! ?

  179. Thanks, Divi Team for all that you do!

  180. Wow! You guys are truly an inspiration. For a “one-man-show” web designer servicing a dozen or so clients, you make me look good!

    Thanks for all your hard work and I feel privileged to be part of this 100 day journey 🙂

  181. Great job kicking this off! I’ve been using Divi for all the websites I develop the past while, and I’m really excited to see what you’ve got coming (both the 100 tips AND the new release)

  182. We are excited, they will be 100 long days waiting for such good results

  183. Wow! Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks guys

  184. It seems like you’ve taken everything you could ever want to have to build a Website from the front end and just packaged it up in Divi. You guys do all the hard work… and we look like we did it. Thank you!

    One thing I would like to suggest: how about a plugin designed exclusively by Elegant Themes to use for comments. There are so many plugins but it’s difficult to figure out the compatibility with Themes and some play nicely with Divi and some don’t. Just as you created Monarch and Bloom maybe you can do a plugin for comments that blends in with Divi and other ET Themes.

    As you can see I am not a developer just a user but I love using Divi.

  185. More than Divi 3.0 I’m eager for the extensions that will enhance the divi theme.

  186. Let The Games Begin!!

  187. THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE ROCK!!!


  188. Looks great, will the new extensions be part of the current licences?

    • Everything released during our Divi 100 marathon will be free 🙂

  189. Dudes, here’s to you knocking it out of the park, AGAIN!

    I wasn;t sure how this could get any better, but in true ET fashion, you’ve opened out eyes a little wider, to a new, exciting range of possibilities.

    Best of luck with your development roadmap, I’ll be watching, waiting, frothing!

  190. Yes, yes, yes! LOVE.

  191. 100 days of WOW !
    Excellent… 🙂

  192. Thank you Nick & Divi team for something “cool” to look forward to in our hot houston summer! The Divi journey keeps getting more & more rewarding and inspiring. Thanks!

  193. It’s hard for me to take all this in–already being your biggest fan…and now we get more?

    (shakes head)


  194. Great news and masterly concept! I keep fingers crossed to see new Divi as soon as possible!

  195. Waow very cool Divi 3.0 !!
    I have been waiting this front-end editor for a long time and i think it will revolutionize how to create and design a quality website with WordPress.
    Thanks a lot !

  196. Divi 3.0 looks incredible! I was wondering when a frontend page builder was on the way, this will amazing. The library packs look really cool also, can’t wait for this!

  197. Awesome!!!

  198. Awaiting?, may be our next web!!!!

  199. Very exciting, really looking forward to Divi 3.0. Looks like it could be a bit of CSS Hero in there built into Divi, but better……I hope anyway.

  200. I can not wait, 99 days seems too far away lol I wasted money on BeTheme before discovering Divi and could not believe how much was offered for the same price. For SEO’s building a PBN network there is no better option for theme variations. I’ve turn my graphic designer on to Divi and he’s now implementing more and more for his clients because the ease and clean interface. Thank you for continuing to improve an already stellar theme!

  201. Hi, Nick

    Wow, I will stay tuned to receive all the new tips and tricks released by you guys.

    All the best for the Divi 3.0.

    Regards 🙂

  202. Love what you’ve done with Divi. You guys have been right on top of new features. It is really making WordPress a major contender against the expensive systems.

  203. I think an excellent project, in itself Divi is already a benchmark for builders Themes, now it will be much more! Very good work.

  204. AWESOME!

    P.S. *without further ado


    • Whoops, thanks Terry. I fixed the typo.

  205. Wow! Divi, as is, is simply amazing, hard to believe you guys are upping the game like this.

    ET rules!

  206. SUPER excited to try the front-end visual editor!
    I’ve gotten a little hooked on this and can’t wait to see all the Divi awesomeness on the front end.

    if we use the actual version of divi, will divi 3 works on the website made with the previous divi WITHOUT STARTING ALL AGAIN TO ZERO ????? Because I’m fed up with this kind of upgrades where you are obliged to start all again. Please reply !!!!

    • Don’t worry, upgrading to Divi 3.0 will be a smooth transition. We are not changing anything drastic, just adding something new that will work right alongside the current builder. It’s just a new way to build, but the stuff you are building is the same. You don’t have to worry about your Child Themes breaking, or your current layouts changing.

  208. Exciting! Can’t wait for the release of the new version!!!

  209. Can’t wait!

  210. Cool 😉

  211. One word : Wow !!!

    if we use the actual version of divi, will divi 3 works on the website made with the previous divi?????

    • Yep, you can use either version of the builder. It’s up to you! The upgrade to Divi 3.0 will be smooth and wont affect anything you have already built.

  213. Fantastic!

  214. Congratulations. This all sounds very exciting. I’m a lifetime member and build sites for clients then continue to host and manage them.

    When I first started in WP I used Headway 1.5. Their upgrades left be behind at v3 with dozens of sites stuck in v2. Then I moved on to Pagelines just when DMS came out. I have sites in v1 and v2. In both cases there was no way to EASILY and seamlessly continue upgrading client sites w/o requiring some makeover work that clients are not interested in paying for. So I would only start new sites in the new version. The problem with that is I now have to manage sites in so many different iterations of each theme and be careful not to upgrade accidentally to a version that will break a site!

    All that is to say I seriously hope and pray your Divi v3 will allow us to upgrade existing sites to it without risk or needing to start over! THANK YOU for a GREAT tool.

    • Don’t worry, upgrading to Divi 3.0 should be very smooth. We are not changing anything that will affect your current site. We are simply introducing a new way to work with your builder content 🙂

      • BRAVO! That is so wonderful to hear! Thank you.

      • Hi, I want to purchase a license, developer or lifetime access. Basically I will use divi theme to create clients websites. If I purchase a license it is possible to remove footer copyright information/credit info of Elegant Themes and use mine?

        Looking for a quick response.

        S Ahmed

  215. Excited 🙂

  216. Pow! Bang! Boom! Team ET is killin’ it again. Looking forward to everything. Curious… Can you identify the fonts used in your sample layouts in the post? Thanks and Thanks! You guys are appreciated!

  217. Nick, this is amazing. Thanks so much!

  218. GREAT news – I’m really looking forward to DIVI 3.0. With all the promised features I won’t touch another WordPress framework anymore 🙂

  219. This is awesome news! The best decision I ever made was to go with Divi to design my own website and client websites! Keep up the great work!

  220. Sounds great.

    Because you said the “Divi Builder,” I’m assuming that the frontend editor will work with the Divi plugin as well as the Divi theme. Is that right?

    • Yep, and Extra too. Everything that is currently powered by the Divi Builder framework will be upgraded to support the new visual editor.

  221. This is incredibly exciting! I knew the day I clicked and became a lifetime member was the best business decision I had made to date – and it’s proving to still be!

    One request I have is a lot more flexibility and customization when it comes to the header/navigation of Divi. I still feel like I’m boxed in and would love to easily be able to make changes and have the site stand apart from every other site with a nav bar across the top of the site. I can’t wait to see all the things that Divi3 has to offer!

    Keep up the great work! Your support forum is the BEST I have ever seen. Your products continue to improve with each update. You have a winning team!

  222. I’m impressed and excited. Can wait to see how this “ Special 100-day long journey” will end.

  223. Good news indeed!

    Hope the new DIVI includes better contact forms (edit, options, columns, responses, etc), image hovers, menu hovers and transitions, …!! 😉

    Keep the good work!

    PD: tic-tac! tic-tac!

    • Love your suggestions! One thing I’d love to see in the Divi Contact Form would be the ability to have drop down menu of choices and depending on what choice they pick determines the department that receives that email.

      • great&usefull suggest!

  224. Hi there,

    This is really exciting. 100 days… I can’t wait that long ha ha.
    No no … it’s great idea to have the 100 day build up. Awesome. And thank you.

    Divi theme… Can you tell me, will the new Divi theme have hooks and filters – like we have in other frameworks… So we can REALLY call Divi a framework for example. I stopped using Divi theme about a year ago and switched to Genesis and GeneratePress – because of hooks / filters.
    It feels like Divi is great for designers, but less so for developers.

    Divi builder – This I am very excited about. I use both Divi builder and Beaver Builder…tried the rest too, and IMHO Divi Builder & Beaver Builder are heads above the rest. Both have certain benefits over the other which I based my choice upon project by project, I think this competition can only be an excellent thing for us the users of these fantastic tools.

    And the Divi nation podcast…It’s awesome. Thank you.


    • This is something we plan to work on after 3.0. Right now we have 3.1 planned as our “developer update,” where we will be creating developer documentation and improving extensibility within the framework.

      • If you disable Beaver Builder after you built a page, all the text and images content will go back into the WordPress editor. Divi currently does not. Like Paul I use Genesis. If you disable Divi, the website is a mess.

      • Awesome – thanks Nick…

  225. Did not realize that an update was on the way. I’ve been using Elegant Themes for a few years now, but tried Divi a few times before and couldn’t get comfortable with it. Only about 6 weeks ago did I finally start using it and rehabbing my existing sites with it. I very much look forward to seeing what 3.0 has to offer!

  226. I’m super, super excited, Nick! I’m relatively new to WordPress, and am doing this just for myself as I work out my market, etc. I do love design, though, and so with each improvement you make, it gets closer and closer to what I actually need it to be. The visual editor sounds like what I’ve been wishing for since I jumped onboard last year.

    Coincidentally, just this morning, I planned on asking if/when you’d make the font styles themselves (and not just the name of the font) show when choosing fonts other than the default, if you know what I mean. Right now, it’s a sort of dropbox, where the name of each font is actually in the same font, whereas, on a mac, for example, each font name uses that font so you can quickly ignore the ones that don’t interest you.

    Will this be addressed with Divi 3? (sounds like the visual editor might do this).

    Thanks again. Counting down from 100…

    • The visual editor will address this, since all changes you make will appear instantly 🙂

      • Amazing!

        Additional fonts would also be good Nick

    • What a great suggestion! I know that it’s super annoying trying to jump between the names of fonts on Google Fonts or word processors and then try and find a match in Divi that works. Now you just have to change the font, update, refresh, change the font, update, refresh, etc. until you find the one that works.

  227. Looks like 100 days of pure excitement. This kind of information, update aside, will be received with what I expect to be a joyous thunder. I’m not a coder, not a CSS person. But the stuff I can create with DIVI is amazing. No wonder people with a little experience are doing such great stuff

  228. Great news guys! This time we will get the pt_PT language file? Oh i’ve been asking for this support so much longer, i know that we are not the major client number… but we count and i’ve been with some troubles because divi don’t have the pt_PT language and many websites i make are using WPML for translation… not good without the pt_PT guys, it’s time to fix this.

    • Along the same line, the nl_NL translations look like machine translations and they are really bad in the Divi builder. Please hire a professional translation service or introduce an option where the community can help translating.

      I have a ticket since December 2015 about bad (completely incorrect) translations. The support guy said that there will be an option for community translation but it still isn’t there. Nor are these wrong translations fixed.

  229. ok, so today is day one… of 100… so what is free today?

  230. Sounds awesome. Any chance as lifetime customers we could get an upgrade to the Elegant support ticket system? The support token never works, multiple agents helping on the same ticket means repeating ourselves a lot, you only get email notification on the first notification (nothing afterwards), many times whne posting it says it fails to get a secure connection and your support post is lost. Divi is so incredible it seems like a few simple tweaks to the support system are well within your abilities. Thanks for all the improvements to this amazing theme platform.

    • IMHO, What do you need support for? Divi is easy to use! I learned from the Documentation, hint, hint, and also the Russian man, Yuri, I thinkhe on YouTube has a 2 hour video on Divi. Check it out.

    • Ah, so I am not the only one not receiving more then one notification. I have a long standing ticket for this. Once a while I give it a nudge so support pays attention at this again.
      I don’t like a forum style support system and think with the number of customers it’s time to get a real support system. Same thing for tracking user requests, that also doesn’t work well with this forum system.

      • AGREE!!!

    • YAAAAAAAAS please

  231. I co-host The Next 100 Days Podcast and am also an avid Divi/Elegant Themes fan. Converted my co-host too! We’d love to interview you or one of your team on the 100 day plan leading up to Divi 3.0.

  232. Superb guys … As a DIVI user since day one, I can’t wait for the release of 3.0 !

  233. Dizzying, to say the least. I’m in awe just thinking about it all, let alone having to produce it.

  234. Bought Divi a while ago. Best theme ever. Happy to see you’re pushing the value of my dollars further. Good luck guys.

  235. Looks fantastic!!

  236. Hola Nick, I would love to know more about the creative process of Mario, the pack are amazing, can he share some of the tips and tricks? Thank you ET!

    • Sounds like we need to have Mario on the Divi Nation Podcast 🙂

      • +1!

        • Yes ?

  237. :-O :-O :-O
    *** nocomments — just plain: :-O ***

  238. Really excited about the new front end editor. This will be a huge bonus for my clients 🙂

  239. Great news Nick!

    Please don’t forget to design few more blog’s / archives / tags / author templates.

    Clients often ask for something new and fresh looking with elegant animation.

    And a lot of Divi users ask for new designs.

    Many thanks!


    P.S. It will be great if you add more woocomerce (standart for online stores) features and designs.

    • More WooCommerce features and designs would be super amazing!

      • Check out the premium Woo Layout Injector plugin for DIVI. That will more than please you for now.

  240. Can’t wait

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  242. And I thought it was good already!

  243. Elegant Themes is in a class by itself. Your themes and your support staff have saved my career, not to mention making work fun again. So you all so very much.

  244. This is a tremendous leap for Divi and will help me to take my own business way forward. I’ve been waiting so long for this. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. You’re doing a great job guys.
    Thank you so much!

  245. Holyyyyy cowwww!!! Thats going to be dope and super awesome. Try make it to 50 days guys. Instead of 100. Thats too long lol. But the live editor feature is something we all been wanting and waiting for. Hurryyyyyyy up guys, the clock is ticking.

  246. Great news, Nick!

  247. Wow, it will be fantastic!

  248. Nick, you and your team are among my favorite things on the Internet. Watching where you’ve been and where you’re going — such as Divi 3.0 — is so much fun.

  249. What i expect this update
    – mini-blog module that work like recent post with thumbnail
    – option to edit footer instead to edit footer.php

    • Making changes right to the footer would be a great feature!

  250. I’m really looking forward to this and how you have found ways to add more functions to an amazing Divi

  251. Awesome!

  252. I just cannot wait, I am very excited about this 3.0 version. I am even more excited about it than Shenmue III’s release! 😀

    Still, is there a place where we could post suggestions? Thanks for your great work and see you tomorrow for the second day waiting Divi 3.

    • For me it’s more of a toss up between Divi 3.0 and No Man’s Sky 😉

  253. Will it backward compatible with divi 2.7 stylesheet. Currently, I have custom style sheet base on divi module class.

  254. DIVI 3.0 will improve woocommerce integration Nick?
    Great Job, I Love DIVI!

  255. Awesome..can’t wait

  256. Really looking forward to this development Nick!
    Good luck chaps 🙂

  257. Looking forward! Smart move to build excitement around Divi 3.0 release.

  258. This is WAY TOO COOL! Keep it up ET.

  259. Sweeeet! Thanks Nick for the update, vision and hard work. 🙂

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    Thanks and you guys are awesome….

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  262. That’s fantastic news! Looking toward it! Will there be more default providers added in the Divi Optin module as well? That really missing for the perfect intergration of a form.

  263. Hi Nick!

    Awesome like always! Can’t wait for this amazing release!


  264. First comment!
    This is awesome, 100 days seem to be quite far ahead, but will Divi library all be free downloads? Then that would be absolutely awesome!

    • Yep, all Divi 100 resources will be free. Be sure to follow along!

  265. Great news guys, I’m using Divi on all my projects so I can’t wait!

  266. Love it Nick!

    Looking forward to seeing what’s going to appear in my inbox over the next 100 days and really looking forward the release of DIVI 3.0 and the new Visual Editor.

    Thanks Guys You Rock!

  267. This is going to be epic!

  268. I just learned WordPress and DIVI a month ago. I’m a chiropractor. I built a new website with DIVI for my practice,which I’m really proud of. It allows me to put my personal, creative touch into my message. We launch in two weeks. DIVI is so much fun. I love receiving the tips in my email and I do watch the Friday podcast. DIVI 3.0 looks fantastic and I can’t wait to dive in. Thank you Elegant Themes for providing such a wonderful product and kind service!

    • Dear Dr. Khalsa,
      I use Divi for my pool maintenance website, and it rocks!

  269. Will those gems work with Extra Theme. Please say Yes

  270. Hi! Your make our work beautifull. We spect Divi 3.0 like start point of a new stage at communication methods. Thanks for your hard work and, very important, for putting launching date!

  271. Looks good Nick. Thank you for all the hard work.

  272. 100 Days Of Divi Awesomeness!?!?!?!!??!?!?!!??!?!?!


  273. Wow, can’t wait the updates look brilliant and the resources will be the usual ‘go-to’ for references.

    Happy days 😉

  274. Looking forward to see what surprises you have for us

  275. Thanks for your news about Divi. I’m very curious of what is coming the next few days.

  276. Hello! Good idea and development. But, add more documentation to work! And please, add more demo layouts!

    • Divi 100 will feature dozens of free Divi Layout Packs, so be sure to follow along!

  277. Wow. I’m surprised, but I’m not surprised. WYSIWYG editing is the one area where Divi could be improved greatly, because novice users do struggle a little bit with the abstract layer of the Page Builder. It will be an amazing engineering achievement to pull this off. This will have a huge, huge impact when released. You guys are killing it. I’m very excited about Divi 3.0, and I can’t wait to use it!

  278. Awesome. Can’t wait..:)

    Would LOVE it if the new DIVI can have a full width photo slider in which I upload a bunch of photos to it and they will be automatically resized to fit the screen.

  279. Never been more proud to be a lifetime customer of Elegant Themes. Bring it on!

  280. Great! We want more Divi library packs please…

    • You are going to love tomorrow’s post 😉

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    Can not wait for it!
    I want a 50 percent discount 😉

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  288. I want to congratulate you and the entire team for this great work. Every day a dream! , Nick, please, don’t forget to put the possibility of check boxes on the forms!
    Thanks, thanks, thanks,!! I will count the days!

  289. looking forward to the new visual editor.

  290. Hey Nick,
    Could I join you make few great knowledgeable, fun reading articles?

  291. I’m excited!

  292. Wow! cant wait thanks Nick!

  293. Nick:

    Here’s hoping that you and the team will also work on “page-common” elements like the header and footer. Now, with the evolution of the page builder, frankly the theme is weak in its abilities to format the header and footer. (In fact, the great bulk of footer functionality still comes from the WP widgets).

    Thank you.

  294. Guys, this is going to be the greatest builder ever!

    I can’t Wait!

  295. Yeah!!

  296. Looks cool, Nick! I’m not a customer (yet) but the front-end editor can be a real game-changer.

  297. Damn, you guys are awesome! I’ll be hooked for the next 100 days 🙂

    Looking forward to Divi 3.0!

  298. Cool!!!! I really, REALLY hope some things that have been discussed in the comments across the blog and web are taken into consideration. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what the new editor and capabilities of the library packs are.

  299. That’s great!

  300. Looks very exciting for Divi developers like me. I like the way you guys are making it a fun journey. Can’t wait!

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  306. Please please PLEASE add swipeable scrolling sections as a row type!

  307. Hope this summer comes and goes quickly!


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  309. Sounds fantastic!
    The new editing system sounds /looks brillant!
    I really like the idea to have more options for the blog posts 🙂
    Thank you for working so hard to continue to develop Divi.

  310. It sounds very promising.
    Thanks for the continuous improvements to Divi.. and for the upcoming … everything.

  311. So stoked about this release & what an awesome idea with the countdown! Can’t wait to see what’s in store.

  312. I am so excited for 3.0 Nick. I can see myself wireframing on the back end and adding the text and final touches on the front end.

    I am starting a blog (in French) to write about making websites, since the competition is almost non-existent in Québec, and you can be sure that I will recommend Divi like crazy. I am using it to make beautiful, responsive articles and I live it.

    The funny thing is that I was starting myself a 90 days challenge writing 1000 words six days out of seven for this blog. Guess I am gonna wait a little more before going live! 😉

  313. You made my day <3

  314. Hi Nick,

    This sounds incredible!! ??

    The Divi extensions sound awesome…very excited! Will these be extensions or plugins and will they be maintained/compatible with Divi 3.0?

    Will the current Divi version be actively developed still?

    Wow, this is soooo exciting!!!

    Go Nick and Elegant team!!!! ?

    (P.S. Please fix the crazy amount of Ajax calls in Monarch which makes an awesome plugin not very useable)

    Best wishes,


    • They may be actual pluigns. At over the past couple of weeks we have THE KEY third party plugins for DIVI and Extra.

      Plugins for Custom Post Types along with the woocomerce page builder. Now the product page can have 3 or four columns..

  315. Wow, soooo looking forward to this… Including the 100 days up to it. Can’t wait for all the resources and the ultimate: the release of 3.0!

  316. Awesome really looking forward to Divi 3.0, the release sound like it will be around a day or two before WordCamp Cape Town.

  317. The layouts on dribbble by Mario are inspiring, can’t wait to dive in! I’m curious to see how the live editor turns out, I’ve never used one before :/ Been with ET for a while and I trust you 😉

  318. already loving the anticipation… looking forward to 3.0 and other resources. Thank you Nick, my journey with Divi is life changing so far, couldn’t be more thankful.

  319. Hi Nick,

    it’s an incredible news,

    Divi needs to be more and easier to use for people who have no experience in web design.

    Do not forget: add a sequence of user guides to help with step by step.

    I love ET= Divi 🙂


    • Dear Luigi, I don’t know web design at all, I can’t even take a good picture of something. I use the Divi layouts and a color pallette. Divi to me is super intuitive.

      • I would like to get into website making but have no experience i.e. I am a total novice. Do you recommend I start with WordPress and Divi?

        • Start and stay with WordPress and Divi !!!
          The Elegant Themes Team has more in store for the Divi group of products.

          I haven’t come across a better product!

          I highly recommend and endorse the Divi group of products.

  320. WOWW!!!

  321. Hi I am really looking forward to the front end editor for my clients – I do a lot of school websites and whilst the admin end of the Divi Builder is a beautiful thing it is intimidating for non technical clients – who just want to be able to quickly edit a typo or add a sentence to an existing page. My latest site has 220 pages of information all built using the Divi builder and I so wish this was here right now so I for one will be following the progress of this release very closely.

    Once again thank you for taking Divi, Extra and the Builder to incredible heights!

  322. It’s going to be a long 100 days, but well worth the wait. Blow our minds Nick.

  323. Is it smooth/easy to migrate from Divi 2.7 website to Divi 3.x?
    Or need to build again from stretch?

    • Best Question of the day

    • I’ll second, errr, ‘third’ this question. At least the smooth migration part. 😉

    • Yep, no worries there! It will be a completely smooth upgrade. The new editor will not affect the current Divi CSS, nor will it change anything with the core builder framework. It’s a completely new thing that will work right alongside the current features.

      • EXCELLENT! That was my question too — I always use child-themes just in case but it’s so good to know it will be smooth!

      • Awesome news there. Danke Nick!

        • Hi Nick,
          Is the new DIvi going to offer a call to action/ button option at the very top of the header, instead of phone and email? Seems like a great place to offer a built in hello bar.

          Btw, I was about to quit WordPress until a friend suggested your themes!


    • I’m not completed tech savvy so this is my question too.

    • my question too.

    • Good question.

  324. Sounds super exciting Nick, why stop at the worlds best front end builder? Let’s take Divi to the world’s best WordPress theme period! Keep up the great work.

  325. Wow! So exciting 🙂
    Thank you Nick.

  326. And we are excited. 🙂

  327. Wow, can wait to see all new stuff available! 🙂 So Divi 3.0 will be available around 15 of September? Well school days are back! 😀

  328. Excellent news!

  329. “We are on a mission to build the best front-end page builder for WordPress on the market.”

    I’ve gone weak at the knees!

    • lol no doubt, Keith.

  330. great news, looking forward to the front end page builder, which was the only thing i was missing, would not surprise me that divi will become the leader in page builder

  331. Man, I knew this was gonna be EPIC!!!

  332. How exciting!! You guys are always blowing my mind. There aren’t enough expletives in the world to convey the intensity of my joy. LOL.

  333. 100 days is too long to wait!

  334. I can’t wait!

  335. Woohoo!

  336. Ooooooooh! Rubs hands together gleefully

  337. Very excited for Divi 3.0; can’t wait to see more!

  338. This is awesome ! can’t wait !!

  339. Are you going to please kill off Extra, and create a Category Builder Extension for Divi?

    • God I wish that were happening.

      All Extra has done is split features between two themes that should have just happened to the Divi Builder itself. This is a constant headache for me.

    • Love DIVI and all of your continued development ! Looking forward to the future! Thanks for all the hard work!

      But I agree… Some clarification on the future of the EXTRA theme would be helpful. I Love what you did with Extra, but it seems like the functionality could just be added to Divi, and just focus on creating ONE super flexible theme… Just use check boxes to enable or disable needed features.

      I too am looking at starting a website using EXTRA, [Love the Magazine Style] but with DIVI 3.0 coming is that a mistake?

      Will Divi supersede all Extra development?
      Will Divi 3.0 have the Extra functionality?
      Will the Divi Builder Plugin be updated concurrently to keep Extra rolling.
      Will Extra be phased out?
      Are Divi & Extra headed in different directions?

      As current decisions will be affected by the upcoming development, any information regarding Extra would be helpful…

      Thanks for any info @NickRoach & Thanks for the great work!

      • Yep. Could also do with this information. To start new sites with Extra or hold off for Divi 3.0….?

      • Great questions asked here, I’m also very interested in the answers.

        Combining Divi and Extra would be ideal. I find my self always wanting parts of both.

        Besides all that, what a cool way to build up to 3.0 sounds like quite the undertaking, already loving it. Thanks

    • Aww, but I’m using Extra for my friend’s author site. It’s very helpful with content-heavy sites in my opinion.

      • Extra just needs a mobile styling option – somehow that got left out

    • No need to kill extra, but yes please, add the category builder to Divi!

    • I am not so sure that is going to happen.. In a perfect world the DIVI Builder plugin would have been released at the same time as DIVI.

      Then the category builder would have been released and Extra as a child theme just for the look alone.

      • This is an interesting comment. I’m looking to update my site/blog and tossing up between the different features between DIVI and EXTRA. I’m leaning towards Extra for the additional functionality and adding plugins for some of the Divi features that are not included with Extra. For example I love that Divi is full width and hate that Extra is only boxed (for example). I’ve never used either template so studying both options carefully before choosing between them. I agree with this suggestion that if they were combined into one theme with all functionality that would be ideal, but on the other hand I’m not loving the idea of ‘killing off’ a theme Im most likley about to purchase! 😛

        • I am in the midst of using Extra for the first time over DIVI because I was under the impression is was an improvement.
          I am building 100 page child theme off of it. Should I stop right now in my tracks and begin anew with DIVI?

          ugh, all of the Extra documentation refers to the DIVI builder anyway – so why have it, and why did I use it 🙁

          • Please tell me these improvements will go to the “brand new” Extra theme as well

      • Is it even worth using Extra anymore? I am starting a new site and was going to use Extra, now I’m thinking I may just wait for Divi 3.0? Any thoughts?

        • Extra is a good theme! but I would expect it to arrive Divi 3.0.

        • If you need all the special modules that EXTRA has that can be used for the front page.

  340. Wow, amazing! 100 days seems like a while, but with all these amazing resources coming our way, it’s going to fly by. Can’t wait!! 🙂 #100daysofdivi

  341. Fantastic news about Divi 3 and regarding the blog posts, I’d love to read the fluid width and height advice (vw, vh) blog sooner rather than later 😉
    Bring it on, 100 day and counting 😀

  342. The frontend editor sounds very exciting and should make editing very quick, especially when the results can be seen instantly.

    Looking forward to seeing the resources made available during the 100 days.

    Great work guys.

  343. Amazing!

  344. 🙂
    Good luck with what is going to be a busy, yet exciting 100 days ahead…

  345. wow sounds cool, layouts look very clean.

  346. What an awesome way to promote Divi! It looks like it will be fun and useful.

  347. Now, that’s exciting.

    • Its definitely the best looking and promising upgrade. But i only wish it would be a responsive editor that works on tablets, so we design websites on the go; current DIVI is not a responsive editor. Though it makes responsive websites but we forgot designers who design these awesome websites, who cant design on mobiles and tablets. When that is done, i will call it a RESPONSIVE website designed and design both responsively. I hope React is a good way to go and get a responsive editor.

      Waiting to see what it will be and hope i will be able get out of my office…. and design websites anywhere i am.

      Thats what will make my life too RESPONSIVE!!! ha ha ha…. hope so…

    • so I have looked and looked and cannot locate your day 1 of 100 freebie…

      • This IS the day 1 post you commented on. I don’t think they intend to give a “freebie” every day. Sometimes it will be a podcast, or a tip or trick, etc.

    • Just in time when I just finished throwing my landing page together with a free workplace nutrition guide…
      Looks like I will have to stick with this page for 100 days until the awesomeness arrives 🙂
      I will do 100 burpees to celebrate!

      • Kristina, you will end up in very good shape!

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