Divi Feature Sneak Peek: Support Center

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Divi Feature Sneak Peek: Support Center
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An All New Accessible & Safe
Support Center is Coming to Divi!

We value your time and work, that’s why we’re constantly aiming to make your design and development process easier. One of the things that’ll bring you one step closer to having complete control over your projects is the upcoming Support Center.

We know that everyone needs help once in a while–even the most experienced professionals out there. Having good support at your disposal is a vital part of that process. Which is why we’ve placed help videos throughout Divi. And why we recently updated our support system to live chat instead of a forum. On top of all that, there are several amazing Divi communities out there with members who are willing to help out when you have questions or are struggling with tricky issues.

But we’re always looking to raise the bar.

Joining this rich pool of resources in the near future will be the all new Support Center, which will make our support and resources more useful and more accessible than ever before. Including a few new support features that we think you’ll really love.

What You Can Expect

Divi’s upcoming Support Center will make it quicker and easier than ever to get the support you need.

The Support Center, which will exist right in the backend of your WordPress website, will come with some exciting new features. Here’s what you can expect!

Secure Remote Support Access

Some things are best understood when seen with the eye. We’re planning on integrating remote support access in our Support Center that will help you show the exact issue you’re dealing with to our support staff in real-time. This will allow our support team to quickly act upon your issues and solve them faster than ever before.


Full System Status Control

Keeping track of what’s going on with your website behind the scenes can make a big difference. The System Status feature will allow you to see what might be causing problems on your Divi website. It will inform you if there are compatibility issues with your hosting environment, for instance, and it will give you an up-to-date view on how your website is doing.


Access Documentation & Resources Seamlessly

We want you to be able to access the necessary documentation and resources we offer without having to browse endlessly. With the new Support Center update, all the relevant resources you need will be within reach from within your website–giving you the user experience you deserve.

Divi Puts Your Experience First

Our focus will always be on improving your experience, even in ways you might not have imagined before!

Every feature that comes out plays an important role in your daily routine and growth as a designer (or business). We’re looking forward to seeing how the Support Center update will help the community take their work to the next level. Make sure you check back with us next week for more Divi awesomeness and let us know what you think of this upcoming update in the comment section!


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  1. The one thing I notice in all these posts is NO response from ET staff. Nick it’s your turn to chip in here and explain.

  2. Someone above opined that to see the support area, you have to be logged into Elegant Themes. Clients shouldn’t have your ET login, so they wouldn’t be able to access support directly. Right?

    Hope someone in ET/Divi can confirm that.

    +1 on the support forum. Or is Divi intending for the various FB groups to fill that need? And if so, will there be official ET/Divi folks monitoring those?

    • We already have various FB groups that do exist. I do not think the support forum ET has is going away anytime soon.

  3. Sounds like a nice feature but I would like to be able to disable the support option (chat, remote)on a per site or API key basis. Thank you.

  4. Will I be able to give my own clients remote support? It would be nice to get rid of team viewer!!

    • Actually Liz has a valid point supporting our own clients via remote support, this could be a 5 Star addon for lifetime members.

  5. So are ET going to be dealing directly with my clients?

  6. Amazing step forward DIVI Team, just whats needed

  7. Nice!

  8. The next feature I really would like see, is a bug free version of Divi – so that I don’t need support at all.

    • Not going to happen. We already had a bug fix version out this week.

      • I think Steffen was being ironic.

    • I think we’ll be waiting forever for nirvana when it comes to technology.

      I’d try a nice piece of fine art; painting or sculpture for a bit of zen. You don’t need to plug it in!

  9. Related Request: Feature Request / Voting System

    It would be great if the community could post feature requests (or refinements) and allow the community to upvote. At the moment such posts are often found in the Divi Support Forum which is both misplaced and makes it difficult to bring attention to great ideas and suggestions.

  10. “Live” chat. You keep using that word – I do not think it means what you think it means.

    • I don’t see the benefits either. Same waiting time with no search feature.

      • +1

  11. Realmente felíz y agradecido por el tema Divi y el SÚPER soporte que me han dado cada vez lo necesité, realmente agradecido de la calidad de sus productos y personal idóneo!

  12. I like this feature. It’s very SIMILAR to a WordPress company I’m subscribed with currently. But also this feature should have an on and off switch? A lot of us don’t want our clients contacting you guys for support. They need to be contacting us. I’m sure most will agree with me on this topic. We’re trying to run a business here.

    It’s even worse for me since I run a multisite. I really hope you guys would consider adding a multisite support to Divi regarding user roles. I don’t want my customers having full access to Divi. That’s not what they’re paying me for. I want them to come to me for answers. I want them to come to me for custom needs.

    Does Divi recognize new user roles? I was thinking of creating a new user role for my multisite so that it doesn’t affect my super admin user…I’m looking into using the popular User Role plugin from the repository?

    I don’t think you guys are ever going to consider adding multisite support for Divi…I’ve got big plans which involves a Divi with multisite support.

    As much as I want to be an exclusive Divi user, Beaver builder is looking like the better choice for my future projects.

    • +1

      • +1

  13. Looks great!! Very excited for this new update! But I hope I will have the option to manage access flexibly; i.e disable this for my clients’ sites (very IMPORTANT!) as well as the option to disable this for users in my own site (unless access is given to them).

    Hope you will take this into consideration during the development of your new support system! Thank you.

  14. First support request: Please please please add a way to remove the sidebar. Even setting a page up as full-width the sidebar is still taking up space in some cases. And if you happen to not select that option, it’s gone forever.

    You have a great middleware app for designing and building in WordPress, that’s for sure. But this “undocumented feature” is really annoying.

    • Tim, this is the CSS I use on my sites to remove the sidebar and the separator. As well as the selector to make the content area actually full-width. I think I stole this from Mak, if I remember right. Maybe it was Jason. 😉

      Sorry, had to use Pastebin because I couldn’t get the code to paste here. But there it is: https://pastebin.com/MkWxLRsU

  15. Have to join the other voices on this thread, must be able to disable this completely on client sites, otherwise it is actually a negative.
    Also as said above, please insure there is a proper workaround to remove the options prompt on the visual builder, not just for the fact I do not want on client sites, it actually starts to get annoying.
    While there is a lot of great innovations with Divi, I believe someone on the development team needs to shout stop ( or feel enabled to) when it comes to some of these features. Theme builder, header options etc are all much more important to most users than this.


      We are not here to connect our clients with Elegant Themes – we are trying to run businesses.

      On the same subject – hide the Pre Made Layouts. Client tinkering with these layouts is damaging to business, business relations and providing a completely unnecessary complication that only ET can resolve. Pre Made Layouts need to have a disable option that only the API holder can use.

      Please, get the most requested features out – no more bells, whistles or padding until they surface.

      ET say they are listening to users. Please prove it.

    • Our parents taught use to stop – look – listen

      I agree with Ian someone shout STOP.

  16. Thankfully I haven’t needed Divi support in quite awhile.

    Any chance of a (very large)ballpark ETA for Theme Builder, CPT Templates and Dynamic Data(with robust Conditional Display options)… Weeks?… Months? Thanks.

    • I’m also still waiting for an actual update..

  17. Hope they step up the chat support system very much. Also dealing with slow answer time.. A supporter just told me that they called it 24/7 support. But its really not..

    Hopefully in the future this will be better.

  18. Nice one. I have a small issue with a Divi’d page that keeps loading the three template choices when the visual builder is enabled. This is a prime candidate for Enable Remote Access so that ET support can have a poke around. The problem is a small bug that is not so bothersome as I can workaround it by canceling any of the options if chosen; the original Divi content is not effected.

    Sneak Peak Guy is getting smart. Despite Nick’s attempts to keep him locked up in a secret location, he has upped his game. We now know that he is somewhere in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

  19. Not the most exciting feature, but a nice one nonetheless. I think you should adjust the audio levels on your videos, though. The dialogue is rather quiet, and during the transitions, the music gets really loud.

    Some thoughts on what I would like to see added to the Divi Builder and Theme in the future:

    I hope that in the future, Divi will move away from the strict section→row (with preset columns)→module layout it uses right now. The layout system in Oxygen is vastly superior to what Divi has, in my opinion.

    And even ignoring Oxygen, Beaver Builder and Elementor both have more flexible layout systems than Divi, since they support nested rows. Divi only has the specialty sections, which can only go one level of nesting deep, and feel kind of hacky.

    I know that custom-width columns are coming in the future, but I hope Divi will eventually give you the ability to create layouts without any columns at all. CSS Flex and Grid can be used to create layouts where the HTML is cleaner and more semantic, rather than being cluttered with tons of nested divs.

    Speaking of semantic HTML, it would be really nice if you could change what HTML elements were used for any individual section, rows, or column. Instead of being stuck with the default div, you could change a section to use the HTML section element, or an aside element, or an article element, for example. Beaver Builder and Elementor both have this, and Oxygen is also getting this feature in its 2.1 update.

    I also hope Divi implements something like the class system in Oxygen. In a comment on a previous post, Nick said that a Global Presets feature will come in the future after Global Defaults, so I am hoping that turns out to be the Divi equivalent of the Oxygen class feature.

    It would be really nice if the Divi Theme had better support for Gutenberg by making the editor styles match the front-end. Themes are able to better support Gutenberg by applying styles to the blocks and editor to match what the front-end looks like:

    Additionally, supporting the new wide and full width alignment options added by Gutenberg would be really cool.

    Finally, here is my usual analysis of the Divi sneak peeks:

    The Elegant Themes team said that all the new Divi feature releases would be something previously shown in a sneak peek. That means that one of the following will be the next thing to be added:

    – Dynamic Content
    – Theme Builder
    – Hover Options
    – More Column Structures
    – Global Defaults
    – New Divi Builder Experience
    – Multi Select
    – Extend Styles
    – Support Center
    – Global Presets (not officially announced yet)

    The New Divi Builder Experience (back-end builder update) seems unlikely, since it is a fairly large change that they would really want to make sure is polished before release, and it was fairly recently announced. Then again, maybe enough time has passed and they will have finished it by next week.

    Notably, since the current back-end builder is not getting any feature updates, I wonder if the back-end builder replacement needs to happen before Dynamic Content can happen. Features like Extend Styles can be implemented in just the Visual Builder and not require any change to the back-end builder. However, something like Dynamic Content includes changes to how content is stored in a module and would probably require changes to the back-end builder UI. But why update the current back-end builder when you are about to replace it?

    It would not surprise me if the back-end builder overhaul ends up happening before Dynamic Content, and therefore also before Theme Builder, which requires Dynamic Content. In fact, More Column Structures and Hover Options may also be blocked by the back-end builder needing an overhaul first.

    Taking this into account, a revised list where features dependent on another are indented below that feature may look like this:

    – Global Defaults
    – – Global Presets (not yet officially announced)
    – New Divi Builder Experience
    – – Dynamic Content
    – – – Theme Builder
    – – Hover Options
    – – More Column Structures
    – Multi Select
    – Extend Styles
    – Support Center

    Out of the remaining features that are probably not blocked by the back-end builder overhaul, Multi Select seems like the most likely since it is relatively simple compared to Global Defaults, which is the only older sneak peek that would not involve having to modify the back-end builder.

    That said, it is possible that Global Defaults could happen next, though it has not been that long since it was announced.

    Extend Styles was the previous sneak peek, Support Center is obviously the latest, and Global Presets has not even been officially announced, so you can count those out.

    • Interesting what you say about the amount of nesting of divs. This has been commented on by somebody I know who doesn’t care for page builders.

      I agree more options for page structure such as flex and grid always useful. You can though apply classes to sections, rows and columns to get the required flex effect.

      Also the output of shortcodes to represent these divs? I am a fan of shortcodes for certain use cases but not for something like page structure. Why can’t divs be directly be output to the text tab as HTML.

      This bring me on to Gutenberg and how it implements the delineation of blocks with comment tags. Just as bad as shortcodes. Check out the mess it creates for a simple gallery in the code view. An unworkable situation for those who occasionally work in the code view/text tab.

      • I don’t see anything wrong with the Gallery block in the code view? The HTML is all perfectly semantic and valid. A gallery is semantically an unordered list of figures that happen to be images, and the HTML reflects that. There are actually no extra markup tags in that block, as far as I can tell. Everything is there for semantics. The “ul”, the “figure”s… it is all semantically correct.

        And unlike shortcodes, blocks usually already contain most of the markup that actually appears on the front-end; in the case of the Gallery block, I think that you could remove the comment delimiters and it would look the same on the front-end because it looks like nothing is added to markup of that particular block when the front-end version of the post is generated. (This is the case with pretty much every block that does not require dynamic server-side data like the Latest Posts block.) This is way better than shortcodes which usually have no fallback whatsoever. And also unlike shortcodes, unparsed comment delimiters do not appear on the front-end… because they’re HTML comments and are therefore never rendered.

        The only issue I can see is that there is no automatic formatting/indenting. That actually used to be a thing, but it had to be removed because it was causing conflicts with preserving content from the Classic Editor due to issues with the `autop` function in the Classic Editor that automatically inserts Paragraph tags to the front-end version of a post (which always annoyed me, personally). The solution was determined to be just not trying to auto-format the markup of blocks. You can still insert line breaks and spaces if you want to, though. (You could probably copy the content of a block and paste it in a formatter and then copy the formatted version back into the editor.)

        So I’m not really sure what you are getting at? You could even copy the markup of a Gallery block and paste it in a Custom HTML block if you really want to customize it. Perhaps most blocks should have an option to transform them into Custom HTML blocks? That seems like a nice feature, though it already sort of is a thing in the form of the UI for when a block becomes invalid: you can choose to “Keep as HTML”, which converts the block into a Custom HTML block and preserves the changes you have made to the block. The Custom HTML block even has nice syntax highlighting and some typing autocompletion.

        • I think that the following clarifies where some are having issues with the comment tags:


          Look a the screenshots linked and you will see why it is annoying when working in code view. The poster has a specific workflow that facilitates adding new images to a gallery with ids. Some of us have times where working purely in the the HTML view makes more sense.

          I have made the suggestion that if we had the option to hide/unhide the comments it would alleviate this problem. In fact Gutenberg is a perfect opportunity for the core team to make some long needed updates to that area of WordPress. Code Mirror was added recently and it would be helpful if it was developed more and pushed into more places other than the HTML block. Make it a more immersive IDE experience much like what you see on CodePen.

          Agree that autop thing was/is annoying.

          My query was mainly regarding which is the best approach and what ultimately happens with Divi in the long run. Will it need a big overhaul to conform to blocks? Will this be a painful and bug laden transition for users? If shortcodes are deprecated in the future are we left up the creek without a paddle with Divi using shortcodes?

          Just set up a gallery with a block and I am impressed in how it gets laid out neatly. I am looking at Gutenberg in the long term to see how well it gets honed and if it adds proper and full functionality to match or improve on what we currently have with the current editor. So far there are too many minuses against it and I am really surprised how the people behind it see that it is fit to be the default editor. It needs a lot more work.

  20. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I care for this new direction. I use the support forum all the time. I have been a member for several years but have only asked questions in the support forum 2 or 3 times. This is because 99.9% of the time I can solve the problem by reading forum posts.

    I actually feel that the support forum has been one of Elegant Themes most important sections.

    It would be great if the new system had an option that would post the conversation between user and ET staff to a forum (that would be locked). This would allow people like me to search topics and solve problems on our own. This could be a choice made by the end user.

    This is the first time I have commented on this blog. I just feel there are many people like me that use the support forum as a reference.

    • +1
      I fully agree.
      New chat is crap. Divi supported support forum was perfect. Why did you cancel it. Stupid and totally unproductive move.

    • Totally agree with Steve 99.9% of the time the forum has had the answer, and not being able to backtrack over chats is a major drawback. Unless of course we all start using the forums as a massive notepad to copy paste our chats which will dilute it’s usefulness going forwards.

      Or we use our own local system of keeping chat history which will in turn make the Divi Community Forum, not a community.

      Unless you have ET devs/support staff contributing to the forums answering/correcting threads the support chat is going to become overloaded answering simple questions/remote support. This in turn will lead too:
      1. unhappy support staff
      2. a high turn over of staff
      3. less in-house knowledge
      4. a pretty product that has no support

  21. When is the launch?

  22. I also like this feature to be disabled for my customers, although they might be administrator for their own site.

  23. I also hope i can disable this function for MY CUSTOMERS…

    • +1 to that.

  24. Looks good, just so it doesn’t slow the site down.

    • What happened to your site?

      • What?

  25. Uh…can this be blocked for other users and only available to Super Admin (ID: 1?). Or can I only have documentation for other users?

    Otherwise, I am not too happy about this.

    • +1

      • +1
        I’ll be looking for a way to disable it once it’s released.

    • I can agree on this though.

    • Might be some custom function that checks user role and hides the button if needed.

      Something like

      Or ET might make this feature available in “Role Editor”.

      • Yes! I agree with this!

      • oops, php code isn’t allowed here)

  26. This sounds great, how will it work with clients sites though?

  27. So does this mean that support chat is going to be proactive and we won’t be kept waiting days for a chat response, especially over a weekend. And when that response does happen that the person answering it has some knowledge.

    • I second Karl’s comment. The support forum allowed for other users to help answering the question, which stayed there open for the public both to help answer or to benefit from the solutions.

      The current “chat” (it is not really a chat) can take many hours and days to respond and if the answer is not helpful the issue can take many days to be resolved.

      Do not call that “chat”, when there is nobody on the other side to chat.
      It is actually a ticket system that you open and wait for a reply.

      • yep, I like forums, it becomes a help community of like minded people.
        it would be great to even arrange meetups

      • +1

        • Divi Chat sucks.
          You get reply from various people later on (this is not chat at all). The first persons to reply are not technically skilled at all. For instance asking me to explain why a CSS Id should be unique!!! Then the question is escalated to higher level with no follow-up.
          I do not understand why you removed the Divi supported forum that was very efficient and traceable. With “chat” the same question will be asked and replied one hundred times (and costs you 100 times the time it takes to answer it) and no one can take the benefit of the resolution. IMO stupid and totally unproductive move.

          Is it that Divi is so buggy and is generating so many tech questions that you are afraid people to see this?

      • These sound like good enhancements to be making to your support. Yesterday I had my first opportunity to use your “live chat” feature. While eventually I received a helpful response to my problem, the response came via email nearly 12 hours after I submitted my “live chat” request. I did not stay on the line that long, nor should any of your users be expected to. If you cannot properly staff your “live” chat, it needs to be more fully thought out from the user’s perspective. As a minimum you should be giving insight into how long we can expect to wait for our request to be answered.

        And I agree with both Karl and Sueli. The value of the support forum was in the ability to look for others’ similar issues. Your support documentation will never answer every question.

  28. Simply amazing honestly

  29. oh wow!!!

  30. nice features, but whats more nice is your animated keyboard and racing chair!

  31. So support forum is no longer a thing?
    Now all people have access to live support even without having a membership?

    • support forum is still there but not a place to get answers from ET staff. You need to be logged in to access live chat

      • Hopefully ALL support chats get logged into the forums somewhere? Looking up someone else’s solution was quick and easy via the forums. Now, ET will have to hire even more support staff to handle everyone as a chat! It doesn’t seem efficient.

  32. Love love love love!

  33. very awesome

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