Introducing Divi Teams! Invite Your Team And Give Them Access To Your Divi Services.

Posted on October 19, 2022 by 22 Comments

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Introducing Divi Teams! Invite Your Team And Give Them Access To Your Divi Services.
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Today we are excited to introduce Divi Teams, a new foundation that we will continue to build upon to improve collaboration and efficiency for Divi agencies and freelancers. Divi Teams allows you to invite people to be a part of your Elegant Themes account, and to control the permissions granted to each. You can give your team members access to your products and services such as Divi and our other themes and plugins (including the ability to generate and manage API Keys), Premium Support, and Divi Cloud so that your entire team can function effectively while building websites for your clients.

Each of your team members get their own account with their own username and password, along with the ability to manage the parts of their account (or the accounts of their fellow team members) that you give them access to.

As we continue to release new products and features, Divi Teams will play an ever-increasingly productive role in the way you build and manage Divi websites.

Collaborate With Your Team

Your team members inherit the full benefits of your Elegant Themes account, including premium support, Divi Cloud storage, the ability to create and manage API Keys, and access to downloads, all for a fraction of the cost of a normal membership. This allows teams to work together and properly delegate tasks without the account owning serving as a bottleneck. Your designers can access Divi and use Divi Cloud. Your developers can set up new websites and generate API keys. Your accountant can access billing records. Furthermore, everyone can contact our support team and access our support services. Note that support for products in the Divi Marketplace is still limited to the main account owner since support in the marketplace isn’t provided by our team.

Get Unlimited Divi Cloud Storage For All Team Members At No Additional Cost

For those who have purchased unlimited Divi Cloud storage, Divi Teams is a great feature and an incredible value. Each of your team members get their own Divi Cloud library authenticated with their own username and password. They also get unlimited cloud storage at no additional cost beyond the small price of their team seat. Instead of paying $185 per year to give someone their own Elegant Themes account and unlimited Divi Cloud storage, you can simply add them as a team member for as little as $1.50 per month. Plus, all your billing is consolidated into one account for easier management.

Divi Teams Sharing Coming Soon

Soon, you will be able to share Divi Cloud items amongst your team and control what your team members can do with each or your Divi Cloud libraries. You could even share custom layouts with clients as a way to provide extra value with your website package. So stay tuned for our Divi Cloud sharing update coming very soon!

Let Us Help Your Clients For You

Divi Teams can also be used for your clients as a way to grant them access to our support services. If you want to allow your clients to be more self-sufficient, inviting them to your team under the Client role is a great way to give them more freedom as part of your normal maintenance package. You can give your clients a better experience without having to pay full price for an additional membership, and you get to pass those savings on to them.

You as the account owner, along with anyone on your team with the appropriate permissions, can manage client accounts and their API Keys.

How To Use The Divi Teams Management System

Let’s take a closer look at how Divi Teams works. You will notice a new Team tab in your Elegant Themes account. Here you can see how many team seats you have available and a list of your active team members along with their roles and account statuses. Account owners, or team members with the appropriate permission, can use this portal to manage your team.

Purchasing Team Seats

Teams seats are very inexpensive. We wanted to make the cost associated with on-boarding new team members as affordable as possible while still subsidizing the cost associated with support, cloud storage and bandwidth. You can add team seats for $2 per month, or as little as $1.50 per month if you switch to a yearly billing cycle. It’s easy to add or remove seats at any time.

If you purchase team seats today, you can take advantage of our introductory pricing and get an even biggest discount. Get up to 40% off and purchase team seats for as little as $1.08. Purchase seats today and lock in 40% savings for life!

Inviting Members To Your Team

You, or anyone on your team with the team management permission, can invite new people to your team. Invitees will receive an email with instructions on how to confirm their account and join your team. Within the team table, you can see a list of all team members along with their account statuses. “Active” members have accepted their invite. “Pending” members are still pending activation. If a member is pending, team managers can choose to re-send their invite email or revoke their invitation.

Managing Members And Their Roles

Clicking the settings icon next to any team member will give you an overview of their account. You can view their account information, such as their name, email address and a list of their API Keys. You can also see a clear list of their permissions, along with an option to change their role.

Understanding Your Team Roles

Divi Teams comes with five default roles that cover most use cases, including:

  • Administrator – Administrators have all permissions enabled. They can do everything that you can do as the account owner. In addition to being able to manager their own account and access Divi services, they have the ability to view and manage the API Keys of all other team members and the ability add, remove and edit team members and team roles.
  • Manager – Managers have access to all Divi services. In addition, they have permission to manage your team. They can add new members, remove members, manage members and edit roles. They can also view and manage the API keys of all members on the team.
  • Designer – Designers can access all Divi services, giving them the ability to download Divi, create API keys and access support. They can view all team members, but they cannot manage team members or roles. They can manage and view the API keys for the entire team, but they cannot manage the API keys of the account owner.
  • Accountant – Accountants have access to all Divi services. In addition, they can access your billing tab, allowing them to view your invoices and billing details.
  • Client – Clients can access all Divi services. They can download Divi and our other products. They can use Divi Cloud. They can view and manage their API keys and contact our support team. Unlike other team members, they do not have access to the Team tab nor can they view or manage the API keys of other team members.

Adding New Roles With Custom Permissions

The default roles are available for your convenience, but you are not limited to these presets. Using the role editor, you can create your own roles with your own sets of permissions. Click the Edit User Roles button and then click Add New Role to create a custom role.

Divi Cloud Team Overview

If you open the Divi Cloud tab, you can see a list of your team members and the status of their Divi Cloud accounts, including how many items they have stored and whether or not they have exceeded their free storage limit. In the future, this will also serve as an interface to allow for Divi Cloud sharing between team members!

Start Building Your Divi Team Today

You can start building your team today. Head over to the Team Tab in the members area to purchase team seats, invite team members and manage their permissions. If you sign up today, you can take advantage of our introductory pricing and get up to 40% off your Divi Teams subscription! That means you get to add team members for close to $1 per month, and you get to keep that insanely cheap price forever!

This is just the start for Divi Teams. Now that we have a foundation for team management, custom roles, and permissions, the new features and services we release in the future can be easily integrated into this system so that Divi agencies and freelancers can build websites smarter and faster. tay tuned for more great Divi features coming soon, and don’t forget to follow and subscribe so that you can be the first to know when our next Divi feature is released. I always give a detailed look into each feature and it’s a great way to get up to speed before you update your website. If you are running your websites on Divi, these are posts you really don’t want to miss.

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  1. Looks cool! Congrats guys. Looking forward to seeing how this evolves in the future.

    PS. Congrats on obtaining the domain 🥳

  2. Another great addition to streamlining the workflow for collaborative projects. I may go and l’ont some bigger agencies that use Divi to get me onboard their team 😎

    While we have your ear Nick, anymore features for Divi as a builder. In terms of performance there was talk a while ago to transition away from the shortcode underpinnings to comment tags, something akin to what is done with the block editor.

    Also it would be nice to see some work done to the menu module so that its mobile menu has more design and layout styles and options, without having to resort to css and JS hacks. For example the mobile menu always drops down as a non-fullwidth column. Functional but not always visually appealing. I have tried out the Kadence theme and while it does use the older Customiser UI, it does provide a very flexible framework to afford any top header, three rows and multiple mobile menu styles. Also it would be nice to see some sort of progressive disclosure system to keep sub-menu items collapsed in the mobile menu and expanded when required.

    And, as usual more ways to present post/blog archives. I see a load of extra variants in the Extra theme, limited to where they can be used. Why not just roll them into Divi?

    • I have a big announcement video in the works where I will be going over all the big Divi 5.0 stuff we are working (and have been working on for the past year). I’ll be touching on our transition away from shortcodes in that video, so stay tuned.

      Long story short, we are and have been in the midst of a complete Divi Builder rewrite. The focus of Divi 5.0 is performance, stability, extendibility and scalability. That’s why you haven’t seen a lot of new Divi Builder features lately, but instead have seen new services like Divi Cloud and Divi Teams released. These are things we can develop outside of Divi while Divi 5.0 is in development.

      • You had me at performance! Is there a roadmap for these new features posted anywhere? It’d be great to know what features the Divi team are working on so I can plan accordingly and also keep my team in the loop.

      • Excellent News. Looking forward to it.

      • Can’t wait for the video about Divi 5.0, I’m so ready to move to the next level here!

      • Excellent news Nick! Looking forward to seeing a shortcode-free Divi.

        Meanwhile, is there still a bug fix update planned for Divi 4? We have a few bugs reported to support which were confirmed, months ago.

      • Looking forward to your video update on Divi 5.0 and what’s in store! I’m also glad that the main focus will be on performance.

      • Is there already an estimation date for Divi 5.0? 🙂

  3. This is an interesting approach. I do not believe that this is going to add a whole lot of value for my team, but I can see how it could benefit others that have English speaking clients. It’s a smart way to get more money out of agencies that feel like this is a fit, so good luck with the new feature.

    • This is just the start for Divi Teams 😀 We needed a foundation for team management before we could build more collaborate features and services (such as Divi Cloud sharing, which is almost ready). It’s going to become more and more useful over time as we develop more features that teams benefit from.

  4. This is really amazing. Great job, guys.

  5. That’s nice for just a very limited set of Divi users. Now on to enhance the existing modules please!

    – image module with square and masonry layout
    – social media module with custom icon option
    – person module with custom icon option
    – map module with custom pins and Open Street Map (to get rid if the Google api).
    – full width header fix for 2 buttons underneath each other on mobile
    – tag support for the blog/portfolio modules
    – blog module to support categories for custom post types (merge post & portfolio module functionality in a single module)
    – filterable portfolio for custom post types
    – caption support for image modules
    – a fix for the double loading issue (!)
    – a fix for WP Fastest Cache (remove line 65 to 86 of DoNotCachePage dot php)

    All of this has been requested by me and other users many times already. Support always says it has been added to the development queue but it seems like actual user request like this never come out of it.


    • +1

    • +1

    • Hey John. That’s the thing: ET doesn’t add any enhances to existing modules anymore. Why? Well for most of the things you mention, there is a solution on the marketplace already or will be. So on the one hand ET will get their commission by selling it and on the other hand they don’t want to upset the developers for adding something they already developed. So don’t expect any enhancements or modules ever again from divi that are built in. The community has requested important things (double loading, mobile menu, carousel, table, more filters, mobile stacking, working font weight etc.) hundreds of times. Always unheard.
      Its not their strategy. They keep developing divi cloud and teams to get more products making money. Sadly.

      • Yes Ben, I have expressed the exact same concern when they launched the market place. Although back then Nick said that there was no need to worry for that, they didn’t proof otherwise since then.

      • That’s not true. Please see my comment above about what we are working on. For transparency’s sake, the marketplace accounts for only ~2% of our revenue, and even that 2% is less profitable than the other 98%. It’s not a money maker for us at all yet, but it is a money maker for the creators in the marketplace who are dedicating their professional careers to building solutions for our customers, which we think is very important (just like you might consider Divi to be an important commercial piece of the broader WordPress ecosystem).

        Sacrificing 98% of our revenue for 2% is a terrible strategy and not something we would do. There are many products in the marketplace that have been initially cannibalized by our feature updates. The Divi Icon update made several icon extensions less relevant or obsolete. The Condition Options update made several extensions less relevant or obsolete. The WooCommerce Module update made several extensions less relevant or obsolete (just to list of some of our recent features).

        • Thanks for replying Nick,

          I really get that working on the foundation update is taking all the resources and I do hope (and think) its gonna be great.

          The marketplace being a moneymaker is maybe good for the creators, but its bad for all the long term divi lifetime members, because we have to pay for new features.

          If you want to push the 98% maybe it would be better to integrate stuff that is built in. So that you are not supporting a few hundred creators, but a few hundred thousand actual divi users. I mentioned not working font weights over three years ago to the support, which said it will be fixed. Nothing happened and its a pain in the ass since then. Missing (mobile) menu customization is a topic that is discussed in divi groups nearly every week and gets a lot of attention. Besides a lot of things mentioned by John, Users and me. Just a lot of small things that makes working with divi very complicated or very expensive when buying it from the marketplace.

          And one of your support chat members actually told me about the missing updates because you don’t want to offend the marketplace creators. Not my idea.

          The last six month have only been updates to Cloud and Teams with actual roadmaps to it. But this refers to a very small part of actual users. And conditions have been updated way over a year, is that still recent? Also besides WooCommerce, the icon module has been the only new regular module for divi since Launch.

          Please don’t get me wrong, I do LOVE Divi. Its my favorite Tool. But I just hope after the foundation update you are paying more attention to what the actual majority of divi users want instead of the marketplace creators.

          Thanks for listening, can’t wait for the update! Cheers

  6. Nick, this Divi Teams thing looks very good. Is there an approximate date forecast for Divi 5.0? Thank you very much.

  7. Thank you guys for continuing to improve Divi! Our web design company uses it to build every website we create. And we love it!

    I’m not sure where to make feature requests, so I’m leaving mine here:

    It would help so much to be able to set minimum and maximum font sizes. For example, I often use vw font sizes for titles, nav menus, and such, but I’m not able to set minimums to keep them from getting too small or maximums to keep them from getting too large.

    Thanks for considering!

  8. Can we please have white label Divi.

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