Introducing Divi AI Layout & Page Creation

Posted on April 18, 2024 by 14 Comments

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Introducing Divi AI Layout & Page Creation
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Today, we are excited to release Divi Layouts AI, an AI layout generator for Divi that can create entire pages from scratch using a simple prompt. Tell Divi AI about the page you want, and let it do the work.

Divi AI works as a team of autonomous agents, collaborating like a design agency to create your website. It’s a web designer, copywriter, and photographer in one.

Divi AI considers your prompt and information about your website to create the perfect page outline, then builds it and fills it with content and imagery, bringing it all to life in no time.

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Create Complete Pages With A Simple Prompt

It’s that easy. Tell Divi AI about the page you want it to create, along with some information about your business, and it will get to work building the page you envisioned.

Behind the scenes, Divi AI goes through a series of thought processes and implementation steps to create your page, just like a real web designer. It conceives an outline, turns it into a wireframe, customizes the wireframe by adjusting fonts and colors, fills the template with content based on the outline and your website information, and generates contextual images for each section matching your color scheme.

The result is a great-looking page that comes to life in just a minute or two and is generated to meet your specific needs.

And, of course, that’s not where the story ends because you can jump right into Divi’s design settings and Divi AI’s text, image, and code tools to refine the result or put your custom spin on things.

Unique Websites Built Just For You

The pages that Divi AI creates are unique. There is no placeholder text and no stock images. It constructs layouts, writes content, and designs certain elements based on your instructions and information about your website, utilizing Divi’s wide range of modules. You talk to it like a person, and it makes decisions like a professional web designer.

Divi AI works within Theme Builder Template areas and can generate unique headers, footers, and product templates. You can use Divi AI to develop your website from top to bottom.

If you like what the AI made for you, you can tell it to remember the fonts and colors it chose so that each time you generate a new page, it matches the rest of your site. And, if you want to take control and choose the design settings yourself, you can do that as well.

An AI For Beginners And Professionals

Divi AI is a solid way to get a website up and running in just a few minutes. It does the job for new users who want a website with a professional, clean design filled with well-written content and relevant sections.

For experienced Divi professionals, Divi AI is a great way to get creative juices flowing. Instead of staring at a blank page, give Divi AI some information about your client, their business, and what you are trying to accomplish with the page you’re creating, and let it get things started for you.

Divi AI jumpstarts your creative process and takes care of the busy work involved in research and wireframing.

Even if the layout Divi AI made isn’t exactly what you wanted, you can easily tweak the results, moving forward from a layout generated just for you instead of working backward from one of Divi’s pre-made layouts.

More AI Features Are On The Way

Everyone can try Divi AI for free, so update Divi and check it out yourself. You can purchase a Divi AI membership to unlock unlimited AI layout, text, image, and code generation for you and your entire team. If you are new to Divi, you can get a significant discount on Divi AI when you buy the Divi Pro bundle. If you are already a Divi customer, you can get the same great discount by logging in to your account and visiting the offers page.

Plus, we are just getting started with Divi’s AI features. We have new features right around the corner, such as AI section generation and entire AI website creation. We’ll also be working to make Divi AI more creative, allowing it to utilize more of Divi’s settings to create additional styles. As Divi AI gets more intelligent, it will improve at making the pages you envision.

Be sure to follow and subscribe so you don’t miss my future updates. I always give a detailed look into each new feature, so if you run your websites on Divi, you don’t want to miss these posts!

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  1. I just paid the membership and it doesn’t work. Simply I don´t see the option. How can I see the previous steps before the prompt window????

    • You can click the (+) button the page settings bar to create a new layout with AI. You’ll also see the option to use AI when creating a new page.

      • I do not see the option when I make a new page

  2. This is a very nice feature and soon we will be able to generate a whole site but for us webmaster it can be a waste of work. For my part, I imagine selling two types of sites: traditional sites where the client would only have access to certain AI, such as the generation of text and images, but not to the entire creation of pages or a site. Then other customers might have access to all the features. But for now I would like to favor leaving these functionalities only to us webmasters. You will tell me that there are divi roles, but my clients are often site administrators just like me, I use a plugin to hide certain sections from them.

    The other problem with AI is that we don’t create a license per site. All the sites we created have the same license. It happened to us that the customer left us without our license being able to be deleted. This means it can use the AI we pay for. We manage around a hundred sites, we would have to deactivate the license and reactivate one for each site, a huge job.

    I think that when you sell a service like AI it should be manageable from my account on ET, I should for each site that uses a license, be able to deactivate the license and even better, deactivate or activate certain functionalities of the AI, all without having to manage it in each site. This will allow us to decide which client has access to AI and which AI and thus be able to invoice the client according to the products we activate for them and without the fear that if they remove our access to their WordPress that we will become powerless.

    • I am 100% with you on this one. I want to use the AI as an assistant for my own development efforts, but I do not want my clients to have that access – I don’t need to provide them with an easy way to cancel my maintenance agreements or add-on pages and end up taking paid work away from me. And I have the same scenario, my clients are also Admins on the sites because they own the website, so limiting functionality to only Admins does not help at all. I wish it were a function that was added as a plugin that could be uninstalled after it’s used. Or as you mentioned, had some sort of dashboard function to turn on and off ability to access the AI tools on a per site basis.

  3. Wow, this is a game-changer for web design! Divi Layouts AI sounds incredible—I love the idea of having an AI-powered web designer, copywriter, and photographer all in one tool. The ability to generate custom layouts and content based on a simple prompt is impressive. Can’t wait to try it out! 🌟

  4. Hi, what happened to copy an existing page? Thank you!

    • As what you’ve seen, it was replaced with Build With AI. You can still clone an existing page by clicking on “Choose A Premade Layout” and then going to “Your Existing Page” in the Library. This is just one extra click.

  5. Divi has lost the plot. “Let’s jump on the AI bandwagon, yippee”.

    So you’ve been working on this… while us real, “loyal” (read stupid), Divi developers have been waiting HOW long for the PROMISED Divi 5?
    You obviously postponed Divi 5 to deliver Layouts AI. Well Foxtrot to your Layouts AI, I wouldn’t buy it out of spite for the way you treat your customers.

    Problem is, you got a lot of peeps who are pissed like me, and even more who can’t be bothered telling you.

    • Mark, you are damn right!!!

      Nobody need all these stupid AI features. Every announcement has ZERO comments, ZERO reactions from the real DIVI users .

      Badly spent time, money, and human resources.

    • Almost all of our resources are dedicated to Divi 5. It’s an ambitious project that has taken way too long. But I can assure you that it’s our primary focus.

      It’s clear that anything we announce, other than “Divi 5 Has Arrived!” feels like a slap in the face to those most eager for its release. We are working as hard as we can to finish it as soon as possible without impairing the finished product.

      When we embarked on the Divi 5 journey, I knew it would take a long time, and I decided to keep a small team off the project so that we could stay nimble. We hired more people to make that happen. I’m glad we have the resources to explore AI’s impact on web design. It will continue to be incredibly disruptive, and we’ll ensure Divi users aren’t left behind!

      I use AI every day to do so many things. It’s incredible. In my opinion, to say that exploring AI’s potential is “jumping on the bandwagon” is a disservice. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting better every day.

  6. HI,
    congrats for this exiting new module. I just gave it a try and it worked smoothly. The portraits of individual people sometimes don’t look realistic yet, but that’s a minor point. If I may suggest – it could be helpful if the Divi team or someone from the community could set up a prompt guide/manual to obtain better results. I’m really looking forward to the next versions of this. 😉

  7. I did the second of a two-part set of pages and the second one didn’t come close to the first one. It was intended to be a FAQ page. I gave it 15 FAQs and it only handled 9. Is there any way to regenerate the second page, which is a throw-away now? How do I get it to make a similar page, or make changes to the first page? It’s a nice resource, but there are things that need a lot of work to fix or remake.

  8. As usual a wonderful feature which I have signed up for! Only thing is I am really looking forward to being able to create the page (section by section) rather than having to either manually create sections to match the AI page or recreate the page. Other than that an amazing job!! Thanks.

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